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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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happy to share those details in a little bit. >> this is oppressive and hot. we knew it was coming. some folks are taking it better than others. tourists we are talking to here. the locals have an issue with it. a jug of cold water. this is beard to give away water bottle when your mug is on it but hey. that's the way it works. stephen tschida joins us to show us how others are dealing with the heat. >> we found children frolicking in the nice cool water. >> the sun
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laser but it didn't stop those who must get a workout in outdoors. >> appreciate the water. we need a breeze. >> it's more elf -- elusive. washingtonians are used to this but for tourists it prompted major preparation for folks like this guy. >> 90 at hope is cooler than here. >> umbrellas came out to provide protection. there were a lot of folks hydrating aiming to beat the heat. but not everyone is hopeing for a cool spell. christian wouldn't mind an extended heat waver since he makes money on days like today. >> this is pretty good. it's pretty good. once it's 100
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be better. >> doesn't that look refreshing there in that nice cool water? i wish i could jump in with them. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. larry: thank you. larry: on the national mall handing out water. we had a local walk by. he took a water and instead of drinking it, he poured it over his head. if you want to stay ahead of the weather, it comes to your cell phone. go to the website at you know to bring water and dress light. we are here until 6:30. nancy: i'm "live desk" at, i'm nancy chen. monday a 1-year-old was
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and the little boy is out of the hospital. in this video you can see that two people shooting at each other. if you know anything about the shooting or the people, call the police. larry: today sean urbanski was indicted in the murder of lieutenant richard collins. the prosecutors say it was not a hate crime. brad ball is here to explain why. >> the students made ajumps about what the motive was in this case. but here they operate by different rules. the state attorney said ze can make a strong case for a murder. there is evidence this is a hate crime. it happened onth
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of maryland campus in the early morning hours of may 20. richard collins iii was stabbed to death. short time later they arrested sean urbanski as he sot on a nearby bench with a bloody knife in his pocket. the projects say they have a strong case but the motive is a mystery. >> why is something we all want to know. >> based on a seemingly facebook group that is racist the police announced that the f.b.i. was assisting, to determine if this was a hate crime. but so far, the prosecutors say no evidence of the hate turned up. today's indictment is for murder alone.
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something that it is not but it doesn't sit comfortably with me. >> obviously it's a hate crime. brad: the f.b.i. is still looking into multiple electronic devices belonging to sean urbanski. the state attorney says if something turns up, charges could be added. >> this family deserves to know why this happened to their son. it is important to get it right. >> the state attorney is stressing she is charging for murder and push for sentence of life without parole. we will stay on the case and let you know if developments come in. >> new information after a man accused of killing a caterer took the stand in his own defense. jeff goldberg is live in fairfax where kempton bonds is still on the stand right now. jeff?
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examination by the prosecution that is implying that he added fuel to the tense situation. he asked him why he pulled out a pocket knife to stab tyonne johns. he responded, "i had to use it because he was trying to kill me." moments before that the jurors heard cell phone recordings from the phone of the incident. >> you stabbed me! >> police, police, police! >> that is bonds yelling for police after we heard tyonne johns reacting to being stabbed by bonds who is charge with murder. tyonne johns was a cater last august 6 in chantilly where kempton bonds am toer fairfax county parks employee was managing the property
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night. they say that kempton bonds disrupted the party, turns off the music and it led to a dispute over the folding chairs. he says he was physically attacked by tyonne johns and zet, "she had her armed more my neck. i couldn't breathe. i opened the knife and i stabbed her to get her off of me." at that point the friend and family of tyonne johns overcome with the emotions and some crying and i had to leave the courtroom. they were emotional at the moment. we expect closing arguments to happen on monday. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you, jeff. police in pennsylvania are digging to find more remains of the grave where 19-year-old dean finocchiaro's body was found. he is one of four men that went missing last weeki
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maggie rulli has more on the latest on the investigation now developing. maggie? maggie: investigators have been working nonstop through the intense heat and now rain. the authorities are saying they have found multiple human remains. the cadaver dogs leading them to a common graver. >> they are down 12 foot deep in a hole getting deeper by the minute. >> police identified the remains of at least one of the missing men. 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. still missing is thomas meo, mark sturgis and jimi tar patrick, they disappeared last week. >> we will notice he is gone. i don't know if we are ready for that. >> the investigators have been working around the clock in shifts. dealing with the intense heat and dust. zeroing in on the grave after
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painstakingly searching the farm. >> the form owner's son cosmo dinardo is labeled a person of interest. dinardo has an arrest record, history of mental illness and he has been well known to police since he was 14. he posted bail and then police arrested dinardo again after he tried to sell a car belonging to one of the missing men. he sebeing held on $5 million all cash bail -- he is being held on a $5 million all cash bail. the police remain active here. they are searching a common graver. they are establishing a time line to figure out if dinardo and the four young men were connected in anyway. maggie rulli, abc7 news. larry: when do we expect to hear more from the district attorn
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we have been hearing them at 11:00 and 3:00 p.m. nearly every day since this began but today the 3:00 p.m. presser was canceled. this morning i was at the 11:00 a.m. news conference and he alluded to having more information than he was able to tell us now. that led to us believe police know something and they are just waiting to tell us about it. nothing yet. we are going to stay soon we should know more. larry: leave it at that. alison: on the hill. they have found that the budget proposal won't come close to balancing the budget in ten years. the c.b.o. says the plan would result in $720 billion deficit. the c.b.o. analysis projects $1.9% increase in g.d.p. congress is largely ignoring the white house proposal. the more than $61 million americans who receive social security
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checks increase in january. this is largest adjustment in years. beneficiaries will see increase of $28 a month. larry: right now president trump and the first lady are eating dinner with the french counterparts at the eiffel tower. earlier they hosted the first couple at the presidential palace. then they held a news conference to defend the meeting between his son donald jr. and russian lawyer who she said had damaging information about hillary clinton. alison: this is just in the newsroom now. in the last hour, med star hospital center announced that congressman steve scalise under went another surgery today. this with to manage deep tissue infection. he is in fair condition and he was one of the five people shot in the alexandria ballpark a bush last month. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the new plan is out. we are getting reaction to the latest version of the g.o.p. he
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in my new speakership orientation ceremony. alison: then a little later the issue that is making the rounds on the web that speaker ryan is promising to tackle inside the capitol. larry: but first the i-team shows how easy it is to find out which vehicles are at the top of thieves' lists when they set out to steal. >> backyard fireworks like this turned out to be a life changer for a maryland 14-year-old who lost three fingers. now he is speaking out for the first time. this is an interview you don't your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory.
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larry: the consumer alert about the vehicle stolen most often in the u.s. the 1997 honda accord and the 1998 honda civics are at the top of the list. everything else in the top ten made after 2000. the 2006 ford pickup, the 2004 chevy pickup and the 2016 toyota camry round out the top five. alison: now, a 14-year-old district heights boy recovering after a july 4 fireworks accident which blew off three of his fingers. now he is speaking out for the first time. as richard reeve reports the young man has a very important
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youngsters that you will see only on 7. >> it happened right here. turner and some friends were playing with fireworks at this very spot. one of them went off near his hand. and now he is missing three fingers. his right hand is wrapped in bandages. more bandages where his shirt caught on fire. nine days after a backyard firework went off near his right hand, he has holes in his memory. he can't remember if he was throwing it away or someone tossed it at him. somehow the flames on the shirt were put out. they want the hand to heal before considering prosthetics fingers. that is important because he had dreams to play basketball with the nba. the parents are livid with the unidentified man who they say gave their son a fireworks. one still found unexploded in his pockets.
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been allowed allowed in their h. the fire marshal's office investigates he is trying to stay positive. >> it had to be in the air. if it with unit, it could been worse. i could be dead right now. >> there are so many challenges for him. he has to learn to write again. he hopes to play basketball. but he has his family and his faith. coming up at 6:00, what he and his family have to say about the kids playing with fireworks like this. larry: dangerous. that is awful. alison: well, time to talk about the weather. we knew today would be the toughest day. doug: the numbers are less important. this has felt like 103 and 105 all day long. that is what it feels like now. this afternoon it feels like 105 degrees. we will call the steve
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coverage outside. fitzing and carving ice. steve: i love it. it's warm out here. with the breeze blowing it feels better. have you seen what we have been doing for the past hour or so? cool ice scroller hered sculptor here -- sculpture here. normally this would last four or five or six hours? >> typically. >> but today? >> shorter. today is half the amount. what is the most difficult thing carved out of ice? >> the capitol buildings. buildings are intricate things. steve: really cool. thank you for coming out. we love this. a lot of folks some by and they want to touch it and feel it. i can see why. this is hot but it's v
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values. any way you look at it when you have the heat indention values above $100. you want to hang out inside. this is hotter south of us and cooler to the west. we have had cloud cover and showers. now we will head back inside where we have relief from the heat and the humidity on the way. take time. doug, you are talking about a cold front. this is the story looking lifer at national harbor. it looks nice enough. unless you are in the walkway where it feels like so 5. there is no rain in the metro area. but the storms on the eastern shore now. the numbers we came nowhere close to the records today. we missed
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the records. the dew point is the mid-to-upper 70's so it feels intense. this will head to delaware. there are showers trying to form but not much at all. later tonight there are showers out west that hold together we will see them. the weather action northeast. tomorrow a fresh line will develop. that is a line that could produce the thunderstorms here and possibly severe tomorrow afternoon. it's still 90 at 7:00. 86 at 9:00. with the partly cloudy skies. muggy and hazy. it will feel like the 90's tonight. tomorrow, hot and humid again, mid-90's. but mid-to-late afternoon the showers and the storms. the storm prediction center placed a large part of the
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area in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. there are scattered and thunderstorms south. according to this model. but the chances will continue until tomorrow night. then in the weekend, seasonably hot. around 90 both days. there is less humid and a ton of sun. looks good. at the beaches 87 in sunshine on saturday. 84 on sunday. that is delightful. around the metro for ten days we will stay around average monday, tuesday. cooling off on friday. then around average. alison: i love when the timing helps. doug: break for the weekend. larry: tinder is coming to the aid of a couple who can't get the schedules to mesh. alison: then later what the folks put together that took a lot longer tha
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lapse. larry: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 -- alison: now veronica johnson with a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." veronica: all right. thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- >> we are keeping a close eye on this blasters heatwave. the threat of thunderstorms and when severe weather could hit. >> plus, a warning about a slick craigslist scam targeting lovers of the great outdoors that cost could you thousands. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 on "good morning wash
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larry: house speaker paul ryan is looking at modernizing the dress code after a reporter was told she couldn't come in, in a sleeveless dress. right now women are barred from going sleeveless in the speaker's lobby and men are required to wear jackets and ties. alison: senate republicans revised healthcare bill allowed for cheaper insurance plans with future benefits but the attempt to bring conservatives on board could drive away moderates. >> the republican reboot of repeal and repair. >> we have a responsibility to help before obama care comes crashing down.
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>> the new bill has $45 billion for opioid and other substance abuse treatment and recovery. $70 billion for the states to be granted at the discretion of the administration and health and human services. roll back of the remaining taxes of the healthcare savings accounts so people can use the money toward the premiums. but it still defunds planned parenthood and requires older americans to pay higher percentage of the income on premiums and allow states to apply for the waivers to opt out of obamacare regulations. democrats pounced. >> why did they move forward on severe cuts to medicaid? why did they cut taxes for special interest? why did you send
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pocket costs skyrocketing. >> they made the bill worse. even meaner. >> ten republicans oppose the bill. rand paul of kentucky and susan collins of maine said they will vote no on version two. if it passes it has to be reconciled by the house before being sent to president trump's desk. they have shortened the recess to push it through. alison: charlie gard's parents arrived at a london courthouse hopeful of the chances and stormed out not long after. the judge gave the couple two days to submit evidence on viability of having the infant undergo experimental treatment in the u.s. the son charlie suffers from rare genetic condition that left him with brain damage and unable to breathe on his own. u.k. doctors believe it's in
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removed from life support. larry: and stores trying to compete with th
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias. it's an oppressive day. it's the hottest day this season. if you haven't been able to get outside i don't know that i'd rush you to experience it. it's hot and humid and in the triple digits. folks are getting out. we have seen a lot of tourists out and about. we are playing the role of lifesaver. we are the hydration police. we are giving folks water bottles as they come by. especially folks that are out and about. they forget to grab a water bottle. that is not something you want to do. you need to stay hydrated. this is a good reminder for everybody when we get back to the warmer temperatures. dress light. stay hydrated. most importantly, if you drive around with your dog in the car, a lot of folks do, do not leave your dog in a hot car. melissa dipane joining us from fairfax. even on a day like this. even with the warnings out there, people still make that mistake. melissa: that is right, jonathan. they do. they do make that
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example an 85-degree day outside. it can got of the in car fast. if you roll up the windows in a few minutes it's 120 in the car. that is not good for anyone. j.m. holden keeps an eye out and she patrols parking lot in the shopping centers to make sure no pets are left in cars. >> we are called out and we go check on them. a lot of times is only a few minutes. everybody says it's only been five minutes when they get to the vehicle. they usually don't realize that dogs do so much worse in heat than people.
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help. >> it doesn't help a lot. you will get a breeze in there, if there is enough of a breeze, but the sun reflects through the glass. it just makes the heat even more. >> she is checking the neighborhoods and feeling phone calls from residents to make sure that pets aren't left out in the heat for too long. >> wi can't see the animal that is in immediate danger to the life, health or safety. if the animal is not in distress yet, generally so he doesn't end up being in distress when it's so hot we put in air conditioning. >> now if the animal control officers find your dog in distress they can call you with failure to provide duties as an owner which means you haven't provided proper food, water or shelter. in fairfax, melissa dipane, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. gu developmentses a the state of north dakota tries to get help
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administration denied the governor's request for major disaster declaration. the governor hoping to recover $38 million it spent to police the protesters who camped out for month. larry: corey stewart is running for for office in virginia. the prince george's board of supervisors chairman announced the campaign on facebook live this morning. >> i am going to run the most vicious, ruthless campaign to dethrone tim kaine from the united states senate. larry: the republicans say they are considering a run include former presidential canaled date carly fiorina and radio talk show host laura ingram. alison: all right. switching gears now. a lot of buzz over the last season of "saturday night live." today was more than the critics taking notice. marci gonzalez reports that the show leads the pack of this year's emny
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nominations. >> helped by the headline making performances. s.n.l. tying for the most emmy nominations this year. they are pitching in to keep hbo at the top with more nomination than any other network with 110. netflix followed with 91 nods including for three of the seven shows in the outstanding drama series category. if >> i know exactly what they need. >> the stars of the show nominated in the best drama acting category. kevin spacey up indianapolis five other actors including two from "this is us." robin right competing against stars including viola davis of "how to get away with murder." >> finally get to be me. >> and elizabeth moss of hulu 's handmade tale. >> going in everyone knew it would be a crazy year of wild cards. "game of
5:36 pm
ineligible. so it opened up so many categories. >> in the comedy categories, "modern family" and "black offish" for outstanding comedy series. "black-ish" stars vying for wins for acting. >> i'm so happy for you. >> i'm happy for you. >> we find out the winner september 17. the 69th annual emmy award show will be in l.a. hosted by stephen colbert. in los angeles, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. alison: all right. that should be a lot of fun. now check out this picture. this is great. right there is donnie wahlberg with the staff at a waffle house in charlotte. he said they gave him a royal treatment and he tried to return the favor. he left $2,000 tip on $80 tab and he gave a waitress tickets and backstage
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kids on the block concert for her and her mom. he spent $80 at the waffle house. he was eating a lot. larry: a lot of food. a look at the many characters of harrison ford, hans solo and indiana enjoys celebrates his 75th birthday today. -- indiana jones celebrates his 75th birthday today. >> a woman's purse is a first for me. >> coming up, how long the owner of the purse was waitinger that catch. >> then ahead at 6:00, a home blown off the foundation. moment that left a mother in tears. as they surveyed t
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steve: is it hot enough for you? the heat advisory continues for a good chunk of the d.m.v. feels like temperatures now of
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at reagan national airport. we'll see the heat index values fall through the evening hours. the dimples is tomorrow we'll see cold -- the difference is tomorrow we'll see a cold front that may bring thunderstorms. saturday is better. not as humidity. daytime highs in the upper 80's. by sunday we will climb back to the lower 90's. next week the 90s in the forecast and middle 90's next
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alison: this is a massive blue whale skeleton. it moves to the exhibit after renovation. the museum is 136 years old. this is incredible. it will reopen to the public sometime tomorrow. larry: that is really cool. alison: isn't it? larry: yeah. alison: a new study is
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rising sea poses to the virginia's coast. larry: the cities could like 30% of the land as soon as 2045. nearly 20% of virginia beach could be flooded by 2080. curbing greenhouse gases could lessen the impact. alison: a south korea woman reunited with a purse that she lost 25 year ago. april bolt lost a purse when she docked her boat at a marina. the other day a fisherman reeled it in and tracked her down after seeing her name on credit cards. she had long since canceled the cards. but she still recalls her despair when she loss her purse. >> i was crying. it would be work to cancel the credit card and the license. my boy was 15 months old and the pictures were in there. alison: wow! she plans to keep her son's photos. even though they er
5:43 pm
in fact she plans to keep the entire purse a time capsule. >> they are not even open anytime >> you know she never thought she'd see it again. larry: still ahead here, good luck pinning this guy down. virginia, spain, hungerry and england. the team play -- hungary and england. the team player traveled the world in pursuit of a dream. >> clothing store anthropologie is now serving food. the fight against online retail whe
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larry: breaking news for bucks county, pennsylvania, where the man in jail connected to the authorities of the four mensh connected to the disappearance of four men told the police where the bodies were located. the police found other remains on the farm but have not identified them. the police arrested 19-year-old cosmo dinardo whose family owns the farm after they say he tried to sell a car belonging to one of the missing men. stay with abc7 for latest on the story. alison: back locally now. the crews have cleaned up vandalism. cabin john regional park at potomac. walter johnso
5:47 pm
painting and setting a small fire in one of the dugouts there. the field is named after the legendary d.c. sports writer. larry: take a look at this. demolition continuing at a building destroyed by fire. the damage was $40 million. this is what it looked like in april. the fire across the street from the university of maryland. alison: the house reached a bipartisan agreement to expand college aid for veterans. this is the most significant change to the post-9/11 g.i. bill in a decade. it removes 15-year time limit for vets to use money for college and increases the money available for the national guard and the reserve troops to use for the education. larry: love this story. tinder is helping two college students finally meet in person. here is the deal. the dating site says they both go to kent state and have been messaging e
5:48 pm
app for three years but they have never met. on the same campus. alison: c'mon! larry: one of them posted about it on twitter last week, tinder noticed. on monday they reached out to offer to send them on a first date. they decided to go maui. twitter said yes! is a long they don't take -- so long they don't take two years to pack the bags. alison: isn't that funny larry: great. hilarious. alison: if you have that much interest in messages someone that long wouldn't you want to meet them. larry: they are right down the street. but it paid off. what many consider is priceless piece going up for a price. they will honor off the lunar test in the first moon landing. this is to mark the 48th anniversary of the moon landing. alison: update to
5:49 pm
earlier in the week. up close shots of jupiter. captured by the juneau space probe. the famous spot is a giant storm larger than earth itself. alison: blind blowing. larry: a lot of work. alison: the heat -- doug: the heat index value is over 104 degrees. let's tell you about the heat advisory. more than two hours to go through the metro. southeast and knot east. they are getting relief for thunderstorms at this hour.
5:50 pm
the heat index. feels like 105 in washington and fredericksburg. it feels like 103 in culpeper. 102 in leesburg. 95 degrees in frederick. 87 in annapolis. the storm went through earlier that crossed over the bay on the eastern shore cooled them down temporarily. the air temperatures in the everything will slop -- drop in the 80's but the humidity levels stay high. for the next three or four hours remain in the it -- 90's. warm and humid night. we are well away from that.
5:51 pm
by hind them we see improvement in the humidity levels over the weekend. the highs and range to the mid-90's. improvement over today in the area with the less humidity coming over the weekend. seven-day outlook will show highs of 89 on saturday. 91 on sunday. sunshine and no rain. lower humidity. it will feel typical for summer around here. the average temperatures are warmer in early next week. the middle of the week thursday is the warmest day. kind of stay around the 90-degree mark close to average as we head to the middle and the end of july. that is latest. larry, allison and robert. your turn? alison: thank you. robert: otto porter's turn to make a lot of money. a large amount of money. it will make him the highest
5:52 pm
this is true! how many goals would you score in a full soccer season? ten or 20 if you're really good. try 46. >> this year there is so much pressure. >> we won and we were just relieved and very happy. >> forward jacob was a huge part of the team's success. helped them capture the soccer championship two years ago.
5:53 pm
he went to play in spain. >> every aspect of my game improved. it's so much faster. everything has to be a step ahead and translated back to this year. >> they believe in me on and off the field. >> congratulations, jason. you are this week's team player. >> yeah. get bored in the states, go to spain. >> yeah. play soccer. >> why not? no biggie.
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alison: tonight we know what store is replacing barnes & noble on bethesda row? what lengths will anthropologie go through to keep customers coming through the door? kevin lewis has a look a
5:57 pm
kevin? kevin: this announcement came as a big surprise as many thought the space would be filled with nike or under armour store. but make no mistake the new anthropologie is like one you have never seen before. >> i a -- i do a lot of shopping from the box store. >> i only go to return online shopping. >> the internet giants like amazon are chipping away at the brick and mortar retailers. prompting a new trend of experienced based shopping. take bethesda barnes & nobles soon to be replaced by a woman's clothing store anthropologie. but unlike most, this anthropologie would house full scale restaurant, bridal gown section, beauty boutique and a shoe salon. >> i like it. kevin: terry calls it savvy.
5:58 pm
rather than just products to shop and shop the best price for online, it's the way that retail has to go. kevin: r.e.i. recently opened an interactive store along rockville pike. starbucks is now constructing massive roastry cafe tasting rooms. there is one already in seattle. >> i'm old school. kevin: some say traditional retail never dies. >> i try my best to do the brick and mortar. that is because that is where you have employees. kevin: so barnes & noble will close the door for good after the christmas rush. then after sweeping renovations that on on on steroids if you will, will open in the fall of 2018. live in downtown bethesda, i'm kevin lewis. abc7
5:59 pm
michelle: now at 6:00 -- >> part of my head, my shoulder. it could have been worse. michelle: a 14-year-old still optimistic despite losing three fingers to a fireworks explosion. only on 7, the goal he says he is not giving up on. and the stranger that has this family livid. >> it's very hard for me to see him devastated by losing my kid's best friend. michelle: the painful toll after a family home is blown off its foundation. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> here we are on the hottest day of the year. turning to ice to keep cold. this was two hours ago. ice sculpture working on 350-pound block of ice outside the studio. then an hour
6:00 pm
done and melting underway on the sweltering penguin. fast forward to right now and you can see the penguin will soon be a puddle. all of that is part of living in the nation's capital. it is july. we have team coverage of the summer swelter led by jonathan elias on the national mall. jonathan? jonathan: how are you doing? it was oppressive day. now the clouds moved in front of the sun and it feels like we are standing under a shade tree. it's wonderful. when the clouds move away and the sun moves out it's oppressive. triple digits is what it feels like. we have a cooler filled with water. we are handing folks water if they don't have one. don't underestimate this heat. this is a game they are playing in the blue shirts. it's kickball. they have a league out here. on t


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