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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. adrianna: right now, the search for a woman, her five-year-old son and nine year old county -- nine-year-old cousin. findesperate plea to help them. >> the sheriff's office is calling this a very peculiar case. the mother, her young son and little cousin were heading to leesburg after visiting family
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night. but they never made it. it has now been two days since 27-year-old courtney ashe, her five-year-old son, cameron martin, and nine-year-old cousin, jaylen sills-russell, have gone missing. they were reported missing sunday. loved ones and police have been canvassing the area for possible routes she might have taken. the sheriff is not sure if heavy rain may have been a factor, but he is asking drivers to keep an eye out for a tire marks on the road or anything suspicious. there are no custody issues here, but courtney's uncle has put out a desperate plea for help. >> i just don't know. haven't been sleeping. >> if there is anything out there that anybody has seen between ashburn and leesburg, where we last a suspect she was, please let us know.
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driving a 2002 blue ford taurus. the sheriff's office plans to put a helicopter in the air this afternoon to continue a search. anyone with information on where these three people may be is urged to contact the loudoun county police office. noon, police in d.c. are searching for the man seen here. thursday happened last on 17th street just before 4:00 a.m. the man was wearing a ski mask, but police are hoping someone may still recognize him. there is a reward up to $1000 if you provide information leading to an arrest. it was a violent weekend in the district. theeople were shot just in last 24 hours, two killed. police addressed the violence earlier today on "good morning washington."
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the shootings is petty disputes. we have had significant reduction this year of violent crime. we continue to work on reducing violent crime in our city. i think we are going to have a successful year. also this morning, a d.c. police vehicle was wrecked after a violent collision. an officer rear-ended and new bird driver just before 5:00 a.m. while respond -- an uber driver just before 5:00 a.m. while responding to a call. still no word on what caused the crash. now for the latest from the white house. after a whirlwind week, donald trump is off to a fresh start with a new chief of staff. this morning, the president took to twitter, shooting down suggestions that
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there is chaos at the white house. megan hughes reports. megan: donald trump hoping to set the there is reset button, g in a new chief of staff. homeland security general secretary -- homeland security secretary john kelly replacing iebus, diving right into the administration's with a cabinet meeting with attorney general jeff sessions, whom trump recently called embattled and weak. the president this morning saying no white house chaos, repeating that message to his cabinet. mr. trump: we were discussing before the meeting how well we are doing. we have the highest stock market in history. megan: in addition to leaks, public infighting, and a major health care defeat, the white policylso faces foreign challenges in north korea and
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americans in russia because in half. -- that american staff in russia be cut in half. despite the president stating today we are doing very well, americans in the latest abc news-washington post poll gave the president a record low approval rating. megan his, abc news, washington. today, president trump will present his first medal of honor to a vietnam war hero who risked his life on nine separate serving as ale medic in vietnam. that ceremony will be held later this afternoon. maryland state's attorney angela brooks has declared her candidacy to be
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a formal announcement is expected later on this morning. the current county executive is running for governor. , the besttoday players from around the world are ready to go toe to toe at the citi open in d.c. a preview of all the action. >> we are inside the william fitzgerald center at rock creek park. a 49 year tradition kicks off today as the citi open starts. there is some, activity and practice going on with the guys here. grandstand behind us is the backside of stadium court. it is a fun complex with a lot of tennis and it all gets going today. some of the names that have come through, andrea agassi,
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arthur at, juan martin del potro , john isner. >> i come every year. and now i am playing in it. reporter: two. what are you feeling right now? >> i am back solely excited and pumped. -- i am absolutely excited and pumped. reporter: do you know when you are playing? >> about 5:00, 5:30 p.m. reporter: if you are planning to come down and watch some great tennis over the next two weeks, keep in mind, you are not allowed to bring in coolers, cans, baskets, bottles, and most food. you are allowed to bring in one unopened bottle of water and a single serving package of food, like potato chips. the tournament runs until august 6. should bethe weather perfect for tennis today.
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clear skies and sunshine. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at your forecast. looking good. humidity levels will be low. right now, 84 degrees at reagan national airport. dew point is 61, so that makes it feel like 84. tomorrow, temperatures pick up a bit. let's talk numbers. a gentle northerly breeze across the region. new and tying temperatures, 85 in warrington, annapolis at 84. 80 in quantico. 80 in easton. forecast, a slow ramp up in temperatures. most areas will stay below average all day with a combination of dry air and bright sunshine. looking good. we want to talk about the numbers tomorrow morning. manassas, 63. ashton hill, 67. 65 in
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probably 70 in downtown washington. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, we start in the lower 70's, climb to the upper 80's. humidity levels should be comfortable. tropical storm emily may briefly weaken as it moves inland across florida, but expected to gain a little strength tomorrow during the day. it should stay offshore and eventually had eased over the open atlantic. we will talk about the next 10 -- head east over the open atlantic. we will talk about the next 10 days in eight or nine minutes. in paradisevacation turned into a nightmare for a dcf attorney who was shot. michael jones was shot -- d.c. attorney who was shot. at ael jones was shot rental home. he was found tied up with his shoelaces. another american was shot on the same island.
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adrianna: jones was taken to a hospital in south florida, where he is listed in stable condition. turks and caicos police say crime on the island is increasing but it is not tied to american tourism. vacations, the outer banks turned into a ghost town power find out how long it will stay that way. plus, australian air force on high alert after a foiled plot. what officials are watching closely. m what had new jersey governor chris christie -- and what had new jersey governor chris christie face to face with a fan at a baseball game? but first, a check on traffic. >> pre-quiet for the most part -- pretty quiet for the most
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from the screen. do be aware of occasional slowdowns. northwest d.c., the underpass is open again. the circle was closed all through the weekend for high water. traffic can get through their much easier on the 16th street corridor. quantico, not too bad looking northbound. a lot of volume southbound. we will see that in stafford toward theing screen. down toward fredericksburg, things even out a little bit. we do have occasional volume spots down and in toward fredericksburg. prince williams parkway a little heavy in spots. for the volume northbound ride as well. both ways feeling extra volume. we will be back
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announcer: you are watching abc seven news at new -- on your side. details: chilling new on the terror arrests in australia. apparently custody, after planning to release a toxic gas on a plane. we check on the latest from london. reporter: this morning, airports australia on high alert after a plot to take down a plane is foiled. >> this was a major joint counterterrorism operation to disrupt a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. reporter: five sydney
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raided by police, four men arrested. they are yet to be charged. details scarce, but one local newspaper with chilling details. a toxic gas possibly being prepared to kill or immobilize everyone on board. sources telling abc news american intelligence officials are closely monitoring the case because of suspected to allegedons between the parties and isis. american authorities say they are assisting australian investigators and have taken extraordinary steps to protect flights bound for the united states. adrianna: check out this picture out of france. this airport worker caught punching a man who was holding a baby. the incident came after man's flight was delayed for 11 hours. officials with
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say the man who threw the punch was not an airline employee. governor chris christie back in the spotlight, caught on camera this weekend just inches away from a man's hee, confronting him after was heckled at a cubs-brewers baseball game. >> he was going up the stairs. i yelled his name. he was already quite a bit past me and i told him that he sucked. i called him a hypocrite because i thought it needed to be said. he was kind of kneeing me, making contact like, do you want to do something, start something here? christie called him "a big shot," before walking away. the governor has been taking a lot of heat after he and his family were seen lounging on a public beach that he had closed to everyone else for the fourth of july weekend. now to the outer
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banks. the popular vacation destination turned into a ghost town after a massive power outage and it stayed that way for longer than expected. the north carolina power company says it could take one-two weeks to get the power back on. thousands of people were forced to evacuate after a contractor drove a steel casing through the island's main supply -- main power supply. this couple put on quite the live concert in fredericksburg this weekend. check out their moves. , they are having a ball. everyone else is sitting and chilling. they put their dancing shoes on. i like it. doug: just keep moving, right? adrianna: absolutely. nicet was a cool weekend, to be outside after all the rain passed. doug: saturday night cleared up and yesterday was gorgeous.
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week. a little higher temperatures, a couple thunderstorm chances, but nothing extreme. we have had enough of that. adrianna: yes, we have. harbor, cloudless skies, very comfortable conditions. dew points are low, so that means humidity levels are comfortable as well. 84 in manassas. fredericksburg, 80 three. same in culpeper. 81 in hagerstown. combine that with humidity levels and it feels like 84 degrees. nice and comfortable with a breeze out of the north, about 87. we will continue with sunshine and a northerly breeze as well. off,ight, things will cool 68-72 by morning with light winds. suburban areas by morning probably in the low to mid 60's just before sunrise. that's
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all things considered, for the citi open. we will see temperatures hold in the upper 80's to the lower 90's. not so much thursday, maybe again on friday. no big extremes. we are not going to be dealing with upper 90's or major storm systems. any thunderstorm this time of year could produce strong wind and heavy downpours. that's all we have in the forecast for you now. 80 eight. you will feel it. it might feel like 90. thunderstorm chances on saturday. probably the best chance for storms as a cool front comes in, 85 for a high. this coming sunday it is going to look and feel very much like yesterday did. nice with some storminess. let's check out the next 10 days and see if there are any big swings. temperatures about
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on thursday. upper 80's friday. shower and thunderstorm chances saturday. it sunday looks be full. by next wednesday, back in the mid 80's. there is a shift in the overall weather pattern across the mid-atlantic states. average to below average temperatures versus the ones we had most of the summer which zoomed way above average. i will take it. adrianna: i agree, but why is it always raining on the weekends? doug: i don't know. it's a plot. it seems to always work out that way. adrianna: coming up, a doctor on double duty. find out how this
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story outa developing of boston where jury selection is starting in a top chef extortion trial. linsey davis has the story. >> please pack your knives and go. >> padma lakshmi is used to placing chefs on the chopping block, but now she is dealing with heat outside the kitchen in a federal court. the model and tv show host is expected to testify in a trial of 14 teamsters accused of thempting to extort production company because it is nonunion. she told the fbi she felt threatened, describing the situation is volatile and tense.
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window was down and he leaned in to her face and said something intimidating like, "look what we have here," and "i will smash your face." say some time that morning, tires of at least nine vehicles belonging to the production company were smashed. the defendants, who padma laxmi described as fat guys with beer guts who look like smokers, have all pleaded not guilty. >> the brazen nature of their actions, the way that they carried out their intimidation tactics in front of so many people makes a persuasive case for the prosecutors. adrianna: wow. at
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an incredible story out of kentucky. dr. amanda hess was ready to give birth to her second daughter when she heard one of her former patients screaming in the same hospital. that woman was going into labor and her on-call doctor had not arrived yet. dr. hess went into action, delivering that baby as her own contractions began. 12 hours later, dr. hess gave birth. doug:
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low humidity, plenty of sunshine. z2e2bz z1a2z
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y2e2by y1a2y
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>> hey everyone, thanks for joining us for whiz kids week. we've got some of america's best young students here today. they may know their way around a final exam, but they've never been tested quite like this. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ welcome to whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] today's whiz kid was the arkansas state quiz bowl mvp not once, but twice, and got a perfect score on the english portion of the act. he's 14 years old. from springdale, arkansas, please welcome sojas wagle. [cheers and applause]


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