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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 1, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a new bombshell report stemming from donald trump jr.'s meeting with russian officials. did president trump personally dictate his son's statement on the meeting which turned out to be misleading? plus new reaction after the white house communications director director was fired. live in washington. a possible security breach at the country's largest navy base. investigators involved in an hour's long search for a scuba diver? what did they find? venezuela's opposition leader is taken from his home in the middle of the night. his wife releasing the surveillance video just moments ago. and chris christie is telling his side of the story after getting in the face of a
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him off. a good tuesday morning. we begin with the shake-up at the white house. the communications director forced out just days after taking the job. >> anthony scaramucci was reportedly escorted from the white house grounds. his 11-day tenure coming to an abrupt end as general john kelly is sworn in as chief of staff. >> scaramucci is the fifth senior aide to resign in just six months into the trump presidency. three of them including press secretary sean spicer and chief of staff reince priebus stepped down in just the last week and a half. >> the president tweeting a great day at the white house. abc's kenneth moton is following the developments including the president's role in crafting that russia meeting statement. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the mooch is out after he rubbed a number of white house staffers the wrong way. it
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doing of the president's new chief of staff who wanted a clean slate day one. west wing chaos. the trump white house now dealing with the ousting of communications director anthony scaramucci. >> i love the president. >> reporter: the wealthy wall street financier lasting 11 days and they were rocky. day one, bad blood between scaramucci and now ex-chief of staff reince priebus and the profanity laced tirade to a reporter calling priebus a paranoid successphrenic. >> he felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: president trump hoping to turn the page with this new chief of staff, former homeland security secretary john kelly. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staff, one of the great ever. >> reporter: his next crisis may be a new revelation
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junior's meeting. first reported by "the washington post" confirmed by abc news, sources say president trump personally dictated a misleading statement his son gave in response to the meeting. something the trump team denied last month. >> the president didn't sign off on anything. he was coming back from the g20. >> reporter: don junior's original statement said the meeting was not a campaign issue at the time. we now know the president's son took the sit-down because he thought he would receive damaging information about hillary clinton. the post also reports some advisers are worried that president trump's actions could put him in legal jeopardy and trouble. don junior's attorney had no comment about this new report but the president's legal team says it's misinformed and not true. >> one person who maybe is relieved because he's now no longer in the hot seat is jeff sessions. now we're now learning that democrats are trying to save his job. what's going on there? >> reporter: so washington. he
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involving russia but democrats are worried president trump will use his executive pow story replace the ag with no senate confirmation by making an appointment during the august recess so senate democratic leaders say they'll pull whatever procedural trick in the book to make sure it doesn't happen. >> there's been all this talk about sessions going to dhs. see how that plays out. the white house is defending the president's recent comments to an audience of police officers in new york. the president told those officers they shouldn't be too nice when arresting suspects. critics say the president is encouraging police brutality. but his press secretary suggested the remarks should not have been taken seriously. >> was the president joking when he say this or did he check his remarks out with the international association of police chiefs or maybe the attorney general? >> i believe he was making a joke at the time. >> well, police chiefs across the country condemned the president's comments. they say he's sending the
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message as they try to improve relations with the communities they serve. in virginia reports of a security breach at the largest naval base led to a search. authorities thought a scuba diver made it past a barrier at the naval station in norfolk, virginia. 13 piers were closed during the search involving boats and helicopters. after 12 hours no one has been found. the base is home to the most advanced aircraft carrier. breaking news out of venezuela. the wife of the opposition leader says her husband has been taken from their home by force coming just days after lopez spoke with vice president pence about political unrest in his country and one day after a divisive vote that handed the country's socialist president almost unlimited powers. lopez was on house arrest convicted of leading anti-government protests three years ago that led to the deaths of 43 people. bac
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what's left of tropical storm emily, now a tropical depression. it is dumping rain across south florida as it moves towards and into the atlantic. all tropical storm warnings across the state have expired and most of the flood watches have been dropped as well about 31 counties are still under a state of emergency and total of 8 inches of rain are still possible in some locations by the time the storm is through. now here's a look at the rest of today's forecast. >> good morning, emily downgraded to a tropical depression overnight, will strengthen to a tropical storm as soon as she clears florida bringing rain and thunderstorms across portions of miami. keep in mind as thee tracks toward the north expecting her to pass myrtle beach by 2:00 a.m. wednesday, cape hatteras 2:00 p.m. wednesday and moving out to sea and towards bermuda at 2:00 p.m. on
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paul williams with your forecast. the olympic dilemma involving los angeles and paris is finally solved. >> los angeles will host the games in 2028 and leave the olympic games for paris. both wanted the earlier games. the international olympic committee left it up to the two sides to figure it out on their own. the 2028 games will be the third in los angeles. it also hosted the 1932 and 1984 games. >> like parents dealing with bickering children. you figure it out. the airline crew credited with averting disaster. the search under way after a couple disappeared while hiking. we have the latest clues and how the weather is slowing the search. >> this wasn't the case of bumper cars but looked like i
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cars lamb slamming into one another. the road rage caught on camera.
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a california man is now facing multiple charges after this bizarre incident at a busy los angeles intersection. watch as the driver plows into the car in front of him, hitting that car repeatedly and then speeds off but police say he wasn't finished. in total he hit five parked cars before police finally caught up with him. a new york jury resumes deliberations in the fraud trial for martin shkreli. he is best known for boosting the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%. now he's on trial for his conduct as a hedge
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federal prosecutors say he looted his drug company to pay back investors in the failed hedge fund that he ran. his attorneys say it's not true. also in the new york area a united airlines flight encountered a close call with a drone playing out over newark international airport. the plane carrying 249 passenger as riving from switzerland and at one point that drone was who are than 1,000 feet in the air. the plane landed safely. the faa and new jersey state police are investigating that incident. a quick thinking cabin crew managed to avert what could have been a major in-flight incident after a cell phone battery burst into flames on a flight. abc's adrienne bankert with how it played out. >> reporter: investigators sorting through how a lithium battery pack or mobile phone caught fight inside an overhead bin on a packed international flight. the crew noticing smoke shortly after meal service on board a sri lankan airlines jet extinguishing the fire. >>
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standard manufacturing the standard for those batteries. they can be made anywhere by anyone and never know what you get. the cheap they are the less well built they are and higher the risk. >> reporter: the faa reported at least 18 incidents involving those batteries on airplanes or in airports. the faa recently conducting new tests on lithium-ion batteries which can smoke and explode like this. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. and hbo is facing a major cyberattack that could have repercussions for fans of "game of thrones." hackers bragged about stealing programming material including some scripts for episodes that have not aired yet. those hackers are now threatening to release some of those episodes. >> so the ultimate in spoiler alerts right there. all right. when we come back a smashed nose and windshield that you can barely see through. how a pilot lan
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an inmate on the run after that mass jail breakoutin alabama. >> sunday a dozen inmates got out of the walker county jail near birmingham by using peanut butter. the sheriff said they used it to trick a new employee. that worker opened an outside door believing it was a jail cell. 11 of the escapees were recaptured monday. >> that might sound crazy but they're crazy like a fox. it was a human error. i'm not going to make any excuses. that caused it to happen. >> 24-year-old bradley kilpatrick is the inmate that is still on the loose. multiple law enforcement agencies are searching for him. he was in jail on drug charges. a massive search is under way for a young couple who vanished in southern california in triple-digit heat. rachel wen and her husband boyfriend have not been seen since friday. their car found near
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joshua tree national park. the heat is so intense some volunteers to be air-lifted out of the park. the ukrainian pilot has been rewarded for an emergency landing in severe hail. the plane had just taken off on a trip to turkey from cyprus thursday when it was hit by egg-sized hail. the stones shattered the jet's windshield and disabled its out to pilot. when it landed the 126 people on board burst into applause. the pilot received ukraine's order for courage. >> so does that mean it's not going to make its next flight? probably not. chris christie is speaking out about his latest baseball encounter as we told you yesterday. he went face-to-face with a fan at a game. he says the fan took things just too far. the insults came from both sides with christie eventually yelling in the other man's face. the governor appearing on cnn says he has no regrets. >> public officials are public servants but they're not meant to be public punching
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anybody to stand up and swear at you and curse you out. i've gone through this before on the boardwalk and other places and always had the same response, i'll ignore it when it first happens but if you persist then you'll get a reaction. >> the other man says fans had been heckling christie when he decided he would join in. he claims the governor made physical contact with him before calling him a big shot. and then walking off. time now for some sports meaning not things that are happening in the stand, right? that includes a no-hitter broken up in the ninth. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett. hitting leadoff. >> i hope he understands how this drill works. here we go. gio gonzalez grew up near the marlins ballpark pitching for the nationals. good friends with jose fernandez. the late marlins pitcher who would be have be
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with a 1-0 lead. pulls gonzalez who gets a standing ovation. stanton there and nods over at gonzalez. eight innings, one hit, five ks, nothing earned. stanton hits into a double play and that's your ball game. shawn doolittle gets that out and the nationals win it, 1-0. yankees taking on the tigers. aaron judge in a bit of a slump. update, slump is over. that's his 34th of the season retakes the major league lead. yankees score 5-1 worried maybe he used up all his home runs at the derby. sixth inning, fly ball, jim adusey, snaps that back in. fan thought he had a souvenir but he got the out. frazier tipped his cap to him. yankees win it, 7-3. they've won 9 of 11. also this before
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angeles will get the 2028 olympic games, paris appears headed for 2024. >> i'll be attending neither of those. >> back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> so enthusiastic. >> the olympic spirit. up next in "the pulse," 14 years after the steve bartman incident, the cubs are extending an olive branch to the most infamous baseball fan ever. the queen and her cocktails. a former chef is spilling the beans about what the queen likes to drink and how much. ndering ic toothbrush really cleans... ...better than a manual, and my hygienist says it does. but... ...they're not all the same. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and... ...oral-b crossaction is clinically proven to... ...remove more plaque than sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b! the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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cubs a shot at the world series. but now chicago's 108-year championship drought is over, let bygones be bygone, the club decided bartman will receive a world series ring. >> bartman issued a statement saying he is moved sincerely grateful and not worthy of this honor. he, of course, is a huge cubs fan that whole situation was so devastating for him so it's nice to see -- >> been in hiding ever since. come out. next, a surprising revelation about the queen of england that proves that she's probably a lot of fun at mees. >> according to her former chef, queen elizabeth typically has to up to four cocktails per day. she starts off the day with a gin and dubonnet before lunch. with lunch for her it's usually a glass of wine with her fish and vegetables and for good measure she'll finish lunch with a dry gin martini. >> the 91-year-old finishes off the day with a glass
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pace yourself during the day. >> i like it. >> no wonder she doesn't have a mimosa or bloody mary for breakfast. >> should we get started? the queen does it. a schoolteacher in indianapolis turned her wedding class into a class project. >> mariel keller invited 20 of her kindergartner and first grade students to serve as her flower girls and ring bearers. >> the day went off without a hitch. there was also a cupcake ceremony for the kids after the kellers said their vows.thanks up with good morning washington. it's the first day of august, and get ready for a gorgeous day in our area. your forecast is just moments away. but first-- a quick look at this morning's top stories. less than 2 weeks after taking the job-- anthony scaramucci has resigned as the white house communications director. his abrupt removal comes just 10 days af
4:25 am
to replace former press secretary sean spicer. the volatile spokesman, also known as "the mooch", made waves last week after going on a profanity laced tirade about several members of the president's staff. good morning washington. toss to veronica seasonably warm around 90 next few days slight rise in humidity this week isolated t-storm chances today: mostly sunny to partly sunny, isolated pm t-shower can't be ruled out (20%), warm highs: upper 80s winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy lows: 66-74 winds: light wednesday: partly cloudy, isolated pm thunderstorms 30% highs: around 90 winds: south 5-8 mph
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an update on the russia situation
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and a report by the washington post that president trump dictated his son's statement about his meeting with a russian lawyer. according to the post - white house advisers fear the explanation, which has been corrected several times, puts the president in legal trouble. the june 20-16 meeting was organized to discuss potentially damaging information from the russian government about hillary clinton. 7 on your side consumer news now- and a warning about a jury scam in arlington county. someone calls -- claiming to be with the arlington county sheriff's office. they say you failed to go to jury duty - and can be arrested unless you pay a fine. it's a scam. and authorities say they would not ask for money over the phone. a health alert in prince george's county. crews will be out today in communities from lanham woods to chestnut ridge-- spraying for mosquitoes. this comes after a mosquito caught in a trap tested positive for west nile virus. no human cases
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reported- but you're reminded to take precautions to prevent bites. officials sprayed for mosquitoes in new carrollton last night. the start of the school year is just around the corner. and that means parents are digging deeper nto their pockets. according to the national retail federation "back to school" spending will top 83 billion dollars across the country. families with k-through-12 students are expected to spend an average 687-dollars. it gets worse after that. families with college students will spend an average of 969-dollars. shopping experts suggest parents look for deals online-- especially when it comes to textbooks and electronics. it's xx and we're just getting it's xx and we're just getting started. right now at 4:xx its the story washington is talking about this morning. communications director anthony scaramucci - out- aft
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this morning the fall-out and what "you" have to say about it. good morning washington. seasonably warm around 90 next few days slight rise in humidity this week isolated t-storm chances today: mostly sunny to partly sunny, isolated pm t-shower can't be ruled out (20%), warm highs: upper 80s winds: nw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy lows: 66-74 winds: light wednesday: partly cloudy, isolated pm thunderstorms 30% highs: around 90 winds: south 5-8 mph
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happening now-- for the second time in two weeks--


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