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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 3, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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voters from january turning on him. more than 60% do not believe the president is honest, and 71% don't think he's level-headed. hfrnlt a pioneer of hip-hop has been charged with murder in new york. nathaniel glover known as kidd creole is accused of stabbing a man to death. they say he argued with john jolly before allegedly stabbing him. it's not clear what started the argument. and a woman found guilty in a controversial texting suicide trial faces sentencing today. she is accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide in dozens of text messages. she was 17 when conrad roy was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2014. she faces up to 20 years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter conviction. more than 150 firefighters ar
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fire. it forced uc berkley to shut down its campus. it's burning in the oakland hills. most of the trees in the area are eucalyptus, because of their oil are extremely combustible. and many of us don't hesitate to buckle up inle front seat. but there's apparently a false sense of security when we sit in the back. a new survey shows adults are far less likely to wear seat belts in a uber, taxi or the back seat of any vehicle. but experts warn that unbelted passengers in the rear can fly forward injuring themselves and those in the front seat. drivers are twice as likely to be killed in a crash when the person behind them is not wearing a seat belt. that's good to know. >> never heard that. >> i don't do that often, i will admit. take a close look at this tollbooth accident. this is at the golden gate bridge. the rv crashed into a toll plaza. they suffered only minor inju
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scene. so the doughnut boy has struck again. this time in new hampshire. >> 9-year-old tyler carriage calls himself the doughnut boy, because he's on a mission. the florida native has embarked on a six-week road trip to thank police officers across the country. yesterday morning he delivered coffee and donuts to police officers in new hampshire. he even brought biscuits for the ky police dog. >> he has delivered more than 22,000 donuts to police stations across the country. that's a great move. >> not for news anchors? >> we have to get some police officers in here in order to bait tyler to come and finally deliver us some donuts. >> yes, tyler. >> yes, please. all right, coming up, the college athlete forced to choose between playing football or making a little money with his ju youtube channel. which did he pick? and
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why fans are spending their vacation on location. but first, here's a look at today's high temperatures in different locations across the country. "world news now" weather, brought to you by flex seal.
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sa boba
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>> and rial madrid hitting first there. then the all-stars struck back. the score stayed 1-1, riveting until real madrid successfully hit their penalty kick. final score, 4-2, real madrid. >> you want to try that one again? >> okay. one more, real madrid. >> the transfer of a brazilian soccer player to a french club is about to set a staggering record. paris stgermain is paying neymar who is considered one of the best in the word. >> the best. >> he says he's ready to move on after four successful seasons but many are just shocked at the amount of money on the table here. >> he's great at
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has been forced to choose between two things he loves the most. his popular youtube channel or his team. >> he picked youtube, which means he's now losing his eligibility to play. t.j. holmes has the story. >> reporter: he's the college football player better known for his plays off the field. >> oh, man, do i have something special for y'all today. >> reporter: donald della hayes passion, giving his subscribers a behind the scenes look as a placekicker for florida. but last month, ucf and the ncaa gave him an ultimatum. be on the team or keep his football-centered youtube channel for which he's made more than $4,000. the gravity of the situation, the subject of one of his recent videos. >> i've been having to make the hardest choice in my whole entire life. it just rips my heart apart. one half loves football. one half loves making videos. >> reporter: he chose youtube
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in ineligible to play. >> i'm a young man having fun in his spare time making videos to inspire others and i get deemed ineligible to continue playing college sports because of it. >> reporter: the ruling is likely to strip him of his scholarship which would make him unable to pay for school. >> i'm not letting any of this ruin my. god closes some doors, maybe some others will open. it's about time to head down the road i guess. >> the biggest thing was collecting money for the videos. the school offered him the opportunity to continue making videos, just not getting paid for them. >> so he's making $4,000 making videos, but the scholarship is worth probably tens of thousands of dollars, maybe someday he'll be able to make it into the league, nfl. "game of thrones" is a huge money-maker, and it's not just hbo cashing in. >>
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business. we are getting a tour of the seven kingdoms. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ i ruled the world ♪ imagine that ♪ i'd free all my ♪ ♪ if i ruled the world >> so. >> it's about traveling the world. and touring the seven kingdoms apparently is big business as "game of thrones" fans flock to the actual filming locations. >> okay. so no spoilers here, right? i thought there were six kingdoms when they first started the show. nick watt headed to
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northern ireland to check it out. >> reporter: winterfell castle last seen on hbo's "game of thrones" and in real life. not quite so alluring in person. >> they've taken this image, copied and pasted it and stuck it on the other side. >> reporter: cgi. no matter, the fans of arguably the greatest television show ever made, this is like a pilgrimage to the principal location, northern ireland. >> this is where it all began, the very opening sequence of "game of thrones" was filmed here. >> reporter: just one of many tours milking the connection. and you can see it all from the dark hedges to the iron islands. this is changing the society in this once restive province. >> people come along and they say, are
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you a protestant. now so many people involved in "game of thrones" you're more likely to be stopped and asked if you're a lamester. >> reporter: it is worth $260 million plus to northern ireland in production and tourism. lights, camera, travel. tv and film tourism is booming worldwide. destination number one, new zealand, far away and oh, so filmy. want to fly over a "lord of the rings" set, be their gist. it's more than a $1 billion a year business. employing 14,000 locals, and brings in many more tourists. avatar was filmed down here, so was "lord of the rings." but it's the hobbit trilogy alone that has given the number one reason for coming by 18% of people. >> just one of the
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transformations of los angeles. >> reporter: this is chase mcneill, leads location tours here in los angeles, home of the movies. what is it that makes people want to come and see the place where a movie was shown? >> i think it's the curiosity of how the sausage is made many they're wondering, how did the magician craft this experience for people. >> reporter: chase says he can't of stop taking in movies. >> they want more access to that fiction. >> reporter: back in winterfell, i mean northern ireland, will film sets and clips, pyramids of giza, maybe not, but. >> anybody who has not seen "game of thrones"? there is a bus stop we usually put them off here and they can walk back to the city. >> reporte
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"nightline." >> who would travel there because their favorite tv show was there. >> it's the shame stairs. you know where i went on my honeymoon? new zealand.
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it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits ♪ >> interesting. milo with a top five book. little league, as you know is packed with small kids with big dreams, and this one 11-year-old is certainly one of those. >> he's a small kid making a big impact. here's erik johnson. >> go to the base and listen to the coach, got it? >> reporter: at first blush, scanning the dugout of the apple sox, there is one player, a ball
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lack of a better word, different. >> what? >> reporter: but that's our word, not his. we use it only because we don't know any better. his teammates are better than that. >> he seems like everybody else. >> reporter: for the record, aden harris, the littlest leaguer has a form of dwarfism. he's 42 inches tall. more importantly, he has a big heart overflowing with joy. >> he's an aggressive, always wanting to get in the game. >> reporter: the things standing in aden's way never seem to stop him. but on the way to little league immortality, he's had some help. >> i was safe! >> no play fair and strive to win. >> reporter: when he said he wanted to play ball, they said they'd make it happen. he plays against kids younger
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the league reached out to every team in the league to make sure it was okay, and everybody said "let the kid play." and on the first night we saw him play, >> go, go, go, go, go! >> reporter: he ripped the best base hit of his life. all you need to know about aden harris was plastered all over his face standing there at first base. ah, the glory of it all. [cheers and applause] >> two outs! players on third! >> reporter: so no matter what happens down the line for the rest of his life, aden harris will know what it feels like to hit a ball on the screws. to bear down on the mound with a full count. >> there it is, there it is. >> reporter: to be a ball player. >> oh, my gosh. that is amazing. our thanks to comeau there. >> great for him and great for the kids who get to play with him. >> just that burst of energy, to have that on the field. >> i loved his expression in the
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>> congrats to aden. that's the
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this morning on "world news now," with a new sheriff in town, jeff sessions gets to stay in the saddle. >> after weeks of getting slammed by the president, the new white house chief of staff, john kelly assures sessions that his job as attorney general is safe. this as sessions' department of justice looks to take on the issue of affirmative action. we have details ahead. >> and a new republican-led effort to reform immigration is rolled out by the trump administration aiming to cut immigration by half and move english speakers to the front of the line. this as the president mentions high-profile phone calls that actually never happened. mt and it's a video tough to watch, but everyone is surprisingly okay. an officer's dash cam


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