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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> the minute i heard the screams was also the minute i got hit. kimberly: chaos on the streets of charlottesville described by the victims that were hit by the speeding car. community is coming together to condemn violence.
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now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: the scene in charlottesville yesterday was chaotic. killed when a man rammed a car into a crowd come injuring 19 others, and two virginia state troopers died. tonight, a message of cohesiveness and condolences. jeff goldberg is live in charlottesville with a strong showing of solidarity. jeff? a quiet and peaceful sville, thecharlotte police making their presence known all over town. the cornerding at where the car plowed into the crowd of onlookers. the memorial for heather horace has grown -- the memorial grows
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with each hour, the songs got louder, the crowd bigger, the hopes heightened as charlottesville came together to heyer.2-year-old heather saturdays with heyer when she was killed as the car rammed into the group of people. >> imagine a car running at you at 60 miles per hour. jeff: the crash broke his ankle. >> this should not be happening. jeff: the driver of the vehicle, fields from ohio, has been charged with murder. earlier today, unite the right organizer jason kessler tried holding a press conference at
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but was shouted down by protesters. the authorities had to shield him and escort him to safety, with police snipers keeping close watch nearby. this morning at mount zion baptist church, virginia governor terry mcauliffe delivering a message to white nationalists. >> we deplore your hatred and bigotry, and shame on you. >> there are not supposed to be bodies lying in the streets. jeff: tonight, a wide range of emotions. >> it is frustrating. jeff: and a commitment to solidarity. >> a tragic thing happened, and we need to rise up against that. jeff: of the 19 people injured in this crash, the uva medical system says that 10 are in good condition and nine have been discharged from the hospital. is due in court
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jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: jeff, thank you for showing us the scene. all over the country, people are coming together in the wake of violence. rallies and vigils have been held across the country and across the dmv is a sign of support. >> go home. you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. cold blooded by white supremacy extremists. kimberly: they are taking a stand against hate. one started in front of the white house. demonstrators marched to the statue of a confederate officer in the district in northwest, where cheryl conner is live. a small crowd gathered their earlier. yeah, kimberly, several people walked about a mile to the statue of confederate general pike, next to d.c. police headquarters. they told us that th
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supremacy. called the crowd amazing on short notice. several hundred people gathered in lafayette park, the white house as a backdrop, holding a vigil following the violence interludes phil i-- in charlottesville. theyn and her husband said are thinking about the future of their five-year-old daughter. >> if we don't try to fix it now, in the future it could be a danger. cheryl: several groups gathered, including black lives matter and a diverse crowd held signs that go away" and "united against hate." open itows you how truly is
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every day. the crowd walked 17 blocks to the statue of confederate general albert pike, denouncing symptoms of white supremacy. >> we will not stand for any remnants of hatred. cheryl: this was one of several vigils in d.c. today. calls fromseveral the microphone for all people, all races to speak up against racism. live in northwest, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: we have a live look right now of a vigil going on at the white house. about 25 people are gathered, standing up to the violence from charlottesville. we are hearing from the mother of the woman who was killed of the street. worked-old heather heyer
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and had a second job as a waitress. friends and family said she was standing up for what she believed in. >> heather's life was not about hate. ran myung man who daughter down mistakenly believed that hate would change the world. kimberly: some call in the chaos feel lucky to be alive. 19-year-old counter protester said she did not have time to run from the speeding car before being knocked to the ground. >> the minute that i heard the screams is also the minute that i got hit. kimberly: 35 people were injured in that crash. new tonight, the wife of a virginia man who was tossed to the ground when the car rammed into the professors is speaking out. he is still in the hospital and she says he has a long road to recovery. >> he was lying on the ground next we woman who was lying on the ground, and they were so close that
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head and they were doing cpr on her and he could feel every time they did the compressions. kimberly: they had to get several stitches. today was also his 40th birthday. while responding to the clashes in charlottesville, virginia state police helicopter crashed in abermarle county. the two officers were both killed. st would have been bates' 41 birthday today. and video into our newsroom from sky track 7 come over the scene of the crash today. this is just about seven miles outside of the city. it crashed through the trees, and the wreckage is still there, crime scene tape also visible. the ntsb is still investigating what caused the crash.
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response to saturday's events have not gone far enough. >> i would not have recommended that statement. it needed to be much harsher as it related to the white supremacist. all this white supremacist him, white nationalism, call it evil and let the country and world hear it. it is something that has to come from the oval office. kimberly: the white house is defending the president's response when the president said there is hatred, violence, and bigotry on many sides. >> that includes white supremacist and neo-nazis. i know it is clear in his mind. kimberly: tomorrow the president will make a brief return to washington before heading to trump tower. events unfolded charlottesville, stay with abc seven for the latest. for updates anytime, go to our website, don't get used to today's
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forecast, sunny and beautiful. changes are on the way. meteorologist josh knight is timing them. josh: sunday, for the day off, still very nice this evening. if you are lucky you may see a meteor go across the sky, perseid still going on. a great night at the national harbor, just have to deal with the city lights. switching over, the big picture, led high pressure control today. this is tracking to the coast. as it does come it makes room for cloudier conditions and the chance of showers. right now we don't see either of those things on the map. through the overnight, clouds build. futurecast tomorrow morning, starting to get the white color, but not much in the way of rain. marvelnce of showers to he areas further to the west and southwest. the chance later in the afternoon for a spot a
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not out of the question. more of the day come it just looks like it wants to rain. through the afternoon, low 80's, cloudier skies. you might get a quick shower, but that should be about it. the chance of rain looks better tuesday, even more so later into the week. coming up, we will take you through the week so that you can see when the rain should be moving in. new information about a double stabbing outside of an arlington theater. tonight we know that both women are expected to survive. the police say they were stabbed during a fight outside of the amc theater and courthouse. we are also getting our first look at the woman accused. officers quickly arrested the woman after a good samaritan made a flying tackle and held her down until the police arrived. tonight we are learning the identity of the man whose body was found in an anne arundel county marina. the maryland national resources police said they
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demarzo in the marina. the investigation into how he died continues. coming up next, in the midst of the chaos in charlottesville, a touching moment. how the crowds honor the fallen. a health care shakeup in virginia. which provider will not be an
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last 44 hours,e we have seen some terrible scenes, but here is one that broke our hearts. troopers walking down main street to thunderous applause and cheers. when breaking happens, count on abc 7. sign up for text alerts to get the latest news at your fingertips at tune in tomorrow for the latest from charlottesville. a 7 on your side consumer
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customers in virginia. shieldblue cross blue will stop selling plans under obamacare next year. they blame volatility in the market and uncertainty in washington. impactision will not people who get their insurance through their employer. two u.s. service members died in northern iraq. the pentagon said that five others were hurt during combat operations. the military is not saying what happened, but they saved the deaths were not because of enemy contact. the names of those killed have not yet been released. uck ultimately stops with me. i have taken responsibility to fix it. kimberly: new orleans mayor said the city is working nonstop to repair and modernize its
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drainage system as the height of hurricane season arrives. last night, 10 inches of rain fell in the city in just 24 hours, overwhelming the drainage system. unfortunately, we are not done with our rain just yet, a mixed bag this week. josh: exactly, a chance of showers, especially towards the end of the week. not too bad getting started, just not quite as picture-perfect as today. again, as we go through the afternoon, the skies cleared out nice for us. butnow turning into a cool comfortable night, down to about 66 degrees right now. it will be from the low 60's to about 70 closer to d.c. silicon vrable night, not too muggy, but the humidity begins to increase tomorrow.
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morning. that takes us to about 9:30. most of the rain really staying further to the west. favoring west virginia, western maryland, not too much moving into the d.c. area tomorrow. just a slim chance of showers. fast monday night into tuesday, that is when the chance becomes a little better. the monday morning commute, not a problem. in fact we probably start with sunshine. the tuesday morning commute is where we may have a few showers. heading into tuesday afternoon, sunshine moves back in, heating things up. it chance of a few more thunderstorms popping up tuesday afternoon. the chances are slim. most of the day monday and tuesday will be dry, but something to watch for. 8morrow, about 73 degrees at a.m., the clouds build in closer to lunchtime. not a lot of sunshine. that means the tempera
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of us. the shower chance, not a great shot, but something to watch for. in the second half of the week, that is when the heat moves in. not that far above what's normal this time of year, but back to about 90 degrees. after a most week of below-average temperatures, that will feel warm. the latest from the tropics, we this tropicale storm, but it's going right between the u.s. coastline and bermuda and will not be a problem, staying out to sea. 45 upper hour wind. the latest guidance has a getting up to a category one hurricane before it moves out. this system not a problem for the coastline. just showing where it is. through the next couple days, 84, slim home, 83 top chances of rain tomorrow, slightly better shot tuesday.
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when we get the bigger chances of thunderstorms, back to about 90 degrees. looking forward to solar eclipse monday, tracking a chance of thunderstorms. keeping a very close watch on the forecast. kimberly: almost a very scary bedtime story. exhale.ats fans can just breathe a little bit. crisis averted. the nats and bryce harper dodging a serious bullet. sports is coming up. i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by a local toyota dealers. scott: maybe d.c. sports teams are not cursed after all. a little good news, the injury thatyce harper not as is anybody fear. heoe
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tendon damage in his left knee. he does have a significant own peru's that will keep him out indefinitely. the injury happened in the first inning last night. -- he has a significant bone bruise. harper plans to be very smart with this injury. bryce: there's not really a recovery timetable. if i feel good, i will go. if i don't feel good, we will say. i will push you to the limit, that's how i've always been. it's a big one to me, so definitely team accolades and stuff like that come in front of my own. the nets dropped a game one of the twin bill, going for the split tonight. bottom three, daniel murphy showing opposite field power. deep drive to
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his 20th of the season. this went to extras. kendrick, howie drills 12 left center field, grand slam. the nationals win the night cap, 6-2. join us in about 10 minutes for abc 7 "sports sunday." tim murray will join me in the studio to discuss bryce harper and the redskins. all the fun starts at 11:35.] tonight, d.c. united fell to real salt lake. they are without a win since june 21. they need some points. eclipse: up next, solar glasses are selling out fast, but you want to watch out for fakes.
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kimberly: happening this week, the first round of talks for the north american free trade agreement. representatives will be in washington starting wednesday. the president has long been unhappy about nafta since the deal -- saying the deal has been unfair to the u.s. and a 7 on your side
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