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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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divided nation now gone in baltimore. crews worked in the dark of night to take down civil war monuments hours after the city leaders ordered them removed. baltimore is the latest city taking a stand in the debate over the monument. some consider history and others consider reminders of hatred. maryland bureau chief brad bell are in baltimore. the statues are gone but the debate continues. brad: yeah. we have been hearing it all day long. this is where the statue that honored robert e. lee and stonewall jackson stood. the paper machete sculpture is up there now. there was graffiti but it's been washed off. not long ago someone wrote "honor history" on the base. it's the diversity of the opinion and the passion we are hearing here. >> a steady stream of people come where the massive
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and robert e. lee stood for 69 years. university professor lawrence jackson with his son nathaniel. >> i want to verify it with my own eyes. >> i think it's just a statue. i'm glad they are gone. we live in a liberty city again. >> wanda duncan took pictures with her kids. >> we think it's good to take down any symbol that represents hatred and inequality. >> the mayor of baltimore gave the order quietly yesterday. after midnight contractors fanned out across the city to remove baltimore's four monuments to the confederacy. the mayor wanted the job done before daybreak. it wasn't. the sun came up. not everybody was pleased. >> crying and wanting the statues removed. what are you going to do? where are they going to stop? is jefferson memorial coming down next? washington monument coming
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down? >> we know the four statues in baltimore were removed and put on trucks before sunrise today and taken away. when the mayor of baltimore were asked where they were, she would not say, she said she only wanted them out of the city and hopes by now they are out of the city. no decision has been made on what will happen to the statues. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. >> you know this battle over civil war monuments extends to deep south. birmingham's mayor ordered a monument there be covered. the city is exploring legal options to remove it. michelle: in tampa, florida, around-the-clock guard formed on a confederate monument outside the courthouse. sons of the confederate veterans organized the watch. groups threatened to damage it. one call ald monument is headstone to his grandfather. county leaders ordered the memorial removed last month. alison: in florida, a supporter of richard spencer white nationalists group is
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florida. it's because the school denied the school request to rent a space on campus next month. the supporter says he signed an agreement with the school and is contacting his lawyer. he has won a $30,000 lawsuit against auburn university in a similar case. michelle: the president dissolved two economic panels after a wave of resignation in response to handling the deadly violence in charlottesville. the fallout reached the united nations. >> i do not comment on what presidents say. i affirm principles. as i mentioned yesterday it's poise inning the society -- poisoning the society. michelle: meanwhile, mike pence is ending his south american trip a day early. pence two defended the president multiple times in his trip will return to washington tomorrow. >> they tried t
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to shut her up. well, guess what? you just magnified her. alison: a celebration of life amidst the mourning today in charlottesville. more than a thousand people turned out to remember hire hire hire, the woman -- heather heyer, the woman killed while protesting against the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. q mccray was there today and is live in charlottesville. q mccray, a lot of calls for peace today. but people aren't letting down their guard. casino it's been a long day. that is for sure. a long day of mourning as well as celebration. there were so many people out here today that the paramounted theater behind me couldn't accommodate the crowd. standing room only to listen to a grieving mother and father. >> i want this to spread. i don't want this to die. >> heather heyer's memorial service was a celebration of life. her mother told today's crowd the mother was an victimmist that wanted equality for all. >> we just need to stop this stuff
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>> police say a car driven by the white nationalists james fields jr. slammed into a crowd of people including 32-year-old heather heyer. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe addressed the violence and the big tri after the service. >> now it is time for healing. it's time for reconciliation. >> senator kaine also addressed the media. >> we put away the evils and the wrongs of the past. we are moving ahead. >> more than 1,000 people filled the paramount theater. most entered as strangers and left if they had known her for a lifetime. >> it's really enlightening. uplifting to see somebody like heather who took it upon herself to fight racism. >> one of the things i was impressed with is heather's mother who is incredibly direct and clear and powerful. you can see where she got it. q: heather's mom was who everyone was talking about after the service today. she told the crowd she wants her daughter remembered as fun loving, intellen
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courageous. in charlottesville, i'm q mccray, newsom. michelle: today's service is the latest show of unity in charlottesville. a city trying to come together in the wake of tragedy. >> ♪ lean on me ♪ when you're not strong ♪ i'll be your friend michelle: this was the scene last night as the charlottesville school teachers prepare to return to school. the message is simple. they want to stand united in love. alison: the demonstrations of solidarity extend along the atlantic ocean. this protest in the shadow of berlin brandenburg gate. michelle: we want to get to breaking news from montgomery county where a pedestrian was struck on southbound new hampshire avenue. this is at north hampton drive in silver spring. you are looking at live pictures via skytrak7. traffic is being diverted
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scene. no word on the person's condition. we are five days now from the solar eclipse. how do you take a picture of it without damaging your phone? we went to the experts to find out. alison: that phone in your hand right now can help protect you from bank card skimmers. we'll explain how next at "abc7 news at 6:00". doug: it will stay warm and muggy through wednesday evening with the temperatures falling to 80 tonight. we look ahead at the weekend and the next ten days still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: convicted d.c. schneider lee boyd malvo will not get a new sentence. after ruling that the life sentence for juveniles is unconstitutional, his attorney argued that the sentence should be thrown out but a montgomery county judge disagrees. >> however you analyze it, mr. malvo loses and the season tense given in 2006 were upheld as legal, constitutional and fully in compliance with maryland law. michelle: today's ruling found the judge who oversaw malvo's original case handed down discretionary, not a mandatory sentence of six life terms in prison for the 2002 killing spree. now a cri
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video. prince george's county police releasing a video. it shows two men driving up a car repair shop in capitol heights. they pull a gun and rob a man sitting outside. watch what happens here. a second person goes to check on all the commotion and that person gets robbed, too. this happened june 13. if you recognize the men or that car, give police a call. alison: now an alert in prince george's county where police responded to a rash of bank card skimmers. in the past week they found skimmers at the a.t.m. inside five different 7-eleven stores. all on a major road including prince william parkway, dale boulevard and minnieville road. we have signs to help you detect the skimmers. you should tug on the card reader and look for broken security seals before you swipe your card. use your phone's blue tooth. skimmers use wireless technology so i
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shows a random blue tooth signal in use don't swipe your card. instead tell pleas or call police -- tell employees or call police. michelle: coming up at 6:00, how can you protect your eyes and snap your picture without damaging your phone or camera? alison: a man saves a 63-year-old woman from a burning car. that is despite reaching retirement age himself during the bill
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michelle: caught on video a dramatic end to chaotic chase in los angeles. you see the car seriously damaged there after hitting several vehicles. the driver gets out and begins yelling at officers. that is when one fires a bean bag in the man's stomach making him immediately drop and surrender. the man wasn't seriously hurt. just a painful bruise. alison: a man is hailed a hero after pulling a woman from this burning car right here in maine. she was 63 years old. she was trapped after her car slammed into a tree. that is when 82-year-old joe
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parent went into action. >> there was a lot of smoke going up my nose. i couldn't breathe. i couldn't really see her good. that is how thick the smoke was. i couldn't see. i could feel her shoulders. i knew it was a lady. i told her, "i'm going to get you of the of here." he and others pulled her from the car. he spent decades rescuing skiers from the sides of mountains. wow! michelle: he has had lots of practice. an update now to the 4-20 day rally. an arrest outside the capitol. prosecutors dropped charges against the organizer who was arrest for giving away marijuana near the capitol. he claims he was on d.c. property which would make the giveaway legal. but he still faces charges for smoking pot on public property. >> spraying begins tonight in prince george's county after a trapped mosquito tested po
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it will target one-mile radius around 34th avenue in hyattsville. you should stay inside. close your windows for about 30 minutes after the spray trucks go through your neighborhood. bees and any organic plants should be protected. the spraying will begin at 7:30. michelle: everyone will be looking to the sky on monds for the solar eclipse. is it safe to take a picture of it? meteorologist josh knight explains what you need to know before snapping the historic shot. josh: when it comes to watching next week's solar eclipse there are safe options. what about when it comes to capturing it? according to pro photo the store has been busy as people get ready. >> we sold out of a solar filters. it's an event that people are excited about. josh: there is bad and good news. >> the cell phone is not going to photograph the sun like you want it to. it's not one of those professional phot
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capture part of the eclipse. the solar flare will take on the image of the sun. this is a a picture. next monday look like more like a recent moon. >> something like this will adjust the density. so if you are looking through you can see how it changes. >> cameras you can stack the filters like these to block more light but it's still not safe to look through it. >> you do not want to look through your camera with the neutral density filter on. it has to be a solar filter to protect your eyes. >> she suggests to focus on things around you. shadows from the eclipse. sun on the ground and people watching nearby. >> if you don't have fancy equipment you can use your iphone to take a picture but be careful and make sure you are not looking up at the sun the same time. i won't fry your sensor but if your sensor is exposed longer like on a video, you could run into problems. meteorologist josh k
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abc7 and newschannel8 will be with you through the eclipse. i'll have live coverage monday from coast to coast on the sister station newschannel8 and alison: everybody is so used to immediately taking a picture and taking a video. hopefully people will research ahead of time and not hurt themselves. doug: the little pictures with the phones and everything else won't match up with the pros are doing. watch it on tv and peek outside if you want to and look at the special glasses. enjoy that. big event. it's all good. the question is it's encouraging for sky conditions on monday. that is good. the primer here. the eclipse is 1:17 p.m. in the metro area. it will take until 2:42 when it reaches the maximum. that is an 81% of the sun surface eclipsed by the 12:00 noon. casting it earthward. then it
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by 4:00, 4:01 it's total moving on by. the shadow of moon is crossing the earth at 1600 miles per hour. three times faster than commercial jets fly. that is whizzing by pretty quick. two, two and a half minutes, somewhere in there is the longest you will find anywhere in the country. it may be less than that. 2:38. lifetime experience for many. me included. 90 degrees is the story, feels like in washington. 92 in leesburg. fredericksburg. 96 in annapolis. 92 at the patuxent naval air station. as we get through the evening, the sun will set at 8:01. stay partly sunny. muggy. we get through the night and feel mugginess even more. temperatures are in the upper 70's for the nighttime hours and early morning to wake up to 72 or 74 degree reading in the city. by tomorrow afternoon, showers are a possibility. warm front approaching from
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the west on friday. we will get a couple of chances of showers, isolated thunder tomorrow afternoon and everything. early friday it looks like muggy. breezy, too. hot. it will approach 90 with the late afternoon evening showers and thunderstorms moving ahead in the cold front. improve the weather over the weekend. tonight 75. for the warm spot in town. 87 tomorrow. 90 friday. but will feel several degrees warmer because of the moisture looking to the weekend we can't rule out isolated stray storm on saturday. otherwise plenty of sunshine. 88. still muggy. touch less humid. take mention of any rain out of the sunday forecast. should be nice outside. 88 degrees. jek tepidded outlook. search for cooler day -- extended outlook search forral cooer days. but we have to wait past the eclipse. showers tuesday and wednesday with another cold front and settles down thursday and friday and next weekend with sunshine and less humid weat
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michelle: thank you. i wonder the eclipse could be a sign that things will look upper the local teams. sha we can say it is. robert: let's do that. redskins are trying to keep everyone healthy. it's
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robert: the redskins still trying to nurse a few guys to health preparing for the second preseason game against the packers. gillett sidelined today as was jordan reed with a toe injury. doctson in full gear but isolated nursing a hamstring injury. will he be ready saturday? jay gruden? >> my plan is to listen to the trainers to see when he can go full speed. we'll see how much more he can do tomorrow and make a decision on saturday. robert: baseball. nats-angels. good guys didn't waste time getting on the board. zimmerman crushes one deep to left center field. the first 438 feet out. number 28. move to the sixth inning, 2-1 nats. calhoun get ace hold of one. 3-2 angels after that and the
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they are headed to san diego for four-game series with the padres starting tomorrow. abc7 is the home for the ravens preseason. see the ravens in miami against the dolphins tomorrow night. coverage begins at 6:30. you can see that on abc7 and newschannel8. finally, the mystics are in action tonight against the sparks. they could clinch a playoff berth with a win. >> nice. michelle: rooting for them. robert: we are. fingers crossed. alison: doug, final weather word with you. doug: the heat and the humidity is returning to take up residents longer. tomorrow hits 87. feel warmer. muggy and look for chances of the afternoon thunderstorms. tonight at 11:00 brian van de graaff in for steve. talk about the timing of the storms and the strength for the next several days, looking at the weekend and ellipse outlook here and other part of the country. it's exciting. all the countdown, countdown. getting closer. alison: it will be great. michelle: the buildup is wonderful. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. alison: we hope you will join us at 11:00.
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tonight, president trump dealing with a ceo exodus. several ceos bailing on the president's business councils after his leadership on charlottesville. as the number mountded the president now saying he has disbanded the councils and tonight the president's chief of staff. was the white house blindsided by his most recent comments? also the hurricane along the american coastline turning deadly. the warnings up at this hour. the flight crew sickened. the third time in a week. jetblue crews falling ill. the airline on what it blames this time. the explosion on an american highway. the big rig crash erupting into flames. and the medical headline to


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