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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on world news now, clashes and division at the president's rally. >> as supporters and protesters faced off outside the arena. inside, the president defended his handling of charlottesville, recounting portions of his responses to the violence and criticizing the media's coverage. and secretary of state rex tillerson is now trying to clarify america's position on afghanistan and north korea. with the president seemingly doubling down in phoenix that he should have used harsher words for kim jong un. and major downpours triggered deadly floods in the center of the country. a family taking to the
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a neighbor rolls up to bring them to safety when the police could not. and rock on, brother. it's time to honor all your dexterity-challenged disciples of rock. you've got the feeling, but you can't play a lick. it's okay, you can still tread with the best of them at the world air guitar championship. it's what we love on this wednesday, august3rd. ♪ up, down, turn around from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you know, the funny thing is, it kind of sounds like we're rocking out to this jazz tune when the beat changes. >> no air guitar to the intro. >> no air guitar, but we can swim with the best of them. we are going to the breaking news in phoenix. tear gas deployed on demonstrators to president trump's speech. >> the cops responded with
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gas to clear the area. and you can see some people were also dowsing their faces with water to get some of that tear gas off. >> one guy was actually shot with a rubber bullet on live tv there in phoenix. this is what preceded it, a nearly 90-minute speech by the president aimed at rallying his base. he defended his response to charlottesville and hinted at an eventual pardon for the local sheriff there. the president of criticized senators for failing to repeal obamacare. >> abc's donya baucus joins us live this morning. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: what we know right now, police have just removed the last protesters from this area. and for the most part, during the day, the protests here were largely peaceful. but it was after that rally ended that things got violent with police saying that people started throwing rocks and
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bottle t bottles at them. >> we condemn in the strong els possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. that's me speaking. >> reporter: president trump defending the way he handled sharletsville, where he seemed to equate self-pro graemed nazis to protesters. >> then i said racism is evil. did they report that i said that racism is evil? you know why? because they are very dishonest people. >> reporter: instead, lashing out at the press, despite criticism from members of his own party. he also renewed his push to repeal obamacare and hinted at a pardon of joe arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling in his roundups of immigrants. >> i'll make a prediction. i think he's going to be just fine, okay? but i won't do it tonight,
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because i don't want to cause any trove, controversy, is that? >> reporter: after the rally, supporters and protesters coming face-to-face. >> started getting shot out by rubber bullets and pepper spray. >> reporter: the president ignores a call to cancel the rally. >> the president blew it after charlottesville, i mean, it ras really a failure of moral leadership. >> reporter: again, things turning violent after the rally ended, with police saying people were throwing rocks and bottles at them and they had to respond with tear gas and pepper spray, that with the police just removing the last of the protesters. >> the president was talking about the crowd, saying there weren't that many outside. i saw photos where it appeared there were people on top of garages, all over the place before it turned violent. what was it like? >> reporter:
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so i'm not sure what the president is referring to. now granted, there were plenty of trump supporters also standing outside surround being the convention center, waiting to go inside. but if you walk just a couple blocks away from the convention center, that's where you saw hundreds, maybe thousands of protesters standing outside, of course, coming face-to-face, having verbal altercations with some of the trump supporters. >> the police were obviously worried. what seemed to be the trigger point that turned this from a peaceful protest into a violent one? and i just wonder, what was it like from your vantage point? >> reporter: you know, that is a good question, we were pretty far. for our safety, we were pretty far from the crowds here, but it seemed everything was peaceful. you did hear chanting while the rally was going on. but it was after the trump supporters started coming out of the rally, that's when things turned violent. now i must say during the day, the tension was
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between trump supporters and those protesters. but you didn't think that it was going to turn violent. you know, they were exchanging words. we heard there were some minor scuffles, but nothing too major. i do believe it was after that rally when people started coming out, probably a little fire the up, maybe from the president's speech that they came out, and words were exchanged between protesters and things became violent e >> it kind of turned, but it does appear as if calm has returned to the streets of phoenix where the president is spending the night. donya, thank you. we're going to turn to the relationship with mitch mcconnell. it is reportedly on extremely shaky ground. according to the "new york times," the two haven't spoken to each other in weeks and it says mcconnell has privately shoenl uncertainty that the president will be able to save his presidency. they refer to a phone call that turned into a profane shouting
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president of bungling the obamacare repeal debate. and there's no official word about how many more americans will be joining the fight, but the first new troop deployments could take place within days. secretary of state rex tillerson raised some eyebrows when he mentioned the possibility of not winning in afghanistan. >> this entire effort is intended to put pressure on the taliban to have the taliban understand you will not win a battlefield victory. we may not win one, but neither will you. so at some point, we have to come to the negotiating table and find a way to bring this to an end. >> tillerson said the u.s. could also consider sanctions or other steps against pakistan if it doesn't crackdown on the taliban, and he praised north korean leader kim jong un for showing restraint on the use of nuclear weapons. tillerson said the u.s. could
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open a die loalog with north ko. north korea mocked the president as a quote, mad guy. after meeting with iraqi government leaders in baghdad, mattis said isis is on the run. he also expressed confidence that u.s.-backed iraq eye fori will finish off militants. but warned that the fight i wouldn't -- won't be over anytime soon. back at home. protesters pressed for the removal of a statue which honors students who fought for the confederacy. there were sentension moments a two people were arrested first respond otheers handl more than 60 calls for water rescues. more than nine inches of rain fell in the area. the area has gotten nearly three
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july. a family of seven was trapped on the roof of the house for hours and their calls to 911 went unanswered. >> we woke up around 4:30. it was already too late to take anything out. it was already up to our ankles. then an hour passed. it was going up to our knees. then like around 8:00, it was all the way up here. >> terrifying circumstances there. they were finally rescued by private citizens in a military-style truck. there's no rain in the forecast for the kansas city area for the next few days. the storm system is now moving to the northeast. they have a little break in the rain. let's turn our focus to an interesting case. police have taken orange ecstasy pills that apparently look like the president's head. the drugs and the cash were discovered saturday in a car about 50 miles from the dutch border. could be
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the 51-year-old driver and 17-year-old son are now under arrest. just when you think the stories can't get more bizarre. >> there's an orange donald trump appearance. >> i thought the donald trump chicken was going to be the end of this. donald trump ecstasy, that, i did not see coming. coming up, the new options for saving on your wireless bill. >> the nation's largest carrier is rolling out new packages, but you'll only save if you know how you and your family like to use those devices. when we come back, the father of natalee holloway and the private investigation that may find out what happened to her. we'll look at the shocking new discovery in the case. >> and you can follow us on facebook and twitter. you're watching abc "world news now." it supports your heart, joints, brain, and eyes. and is absorbed by your body three times better.
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these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. ♪ we're back with what could be a new lead in the mysterious disappearance of natalee
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aruba in 2005. >> after more than a decade of false leads and dashed hopes, her father hopes he helped uncover new evidence, human remains. juju chang spoke with him. >> reporter: for 12 years, natalee holloway's disappearance has remained an unsolved mystery. the 18-year-old went missing on a high school graduation trip to aruba. now natalee's father dave says his 18-month investigation with david ward has yielded a break through, thanks to an informant, finding what they say are human remains. >> i already conditioned myself that this was not real and i was literally shocked. that they were human remains. >> reporter: the informant led you to these remains. >> that's correct. along with the person that was friends with joran van der sloot. >> reporter: holloway was a fresh faced 18-year-old with a scholarship lined up, for
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frozen in time in that senior portrait. >> she was a goal setter and knew exactly what she was going to do in life. >> reporter: she a very bright future. >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: van der sloot, the man seen with her before she disappeared. the man is now serving time in a peruvian jail for the murder of another woman. >> little did they know, they were up against the whole aruban government. there's never closure when your loved one is murdered, okay? i know that. but at least they would know that they have her remains and she could be buried. >> reporter: natalee's father says he won't give up on finding the truth and getting justice for his daughter. so what is it that you're hoping to get out of revisiting it? >> well, it's my daughter, and we want to find out what happened. it's like this. are you going to sit on your wallet and stay home and worry
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with medical bills and chest pains and not sleeping at night, or are you going to get up and go and do it? >> reporter: try to find answer. >> try to find answers. >> reporter: the controversial discovery, part of the six-part series on the oxygen channel. the series chronicles holloway's quest to find those answers and includes witness speaking out for the first time. >> i remember sieg natalee in a white car, driving away. the window was rolled down so we could see it was her in the back of the car. may my impression was, oh, great, she found a ride back to the hotel. that's the last time i believe i saw her. >> reporter: natalee's father says it may take weeks for those crucial remains to be tested for a possible match to natalee. if it is positive, where do you put that in your mind? in your is that right >> it will be the end of a
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long journey. but. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> cannot imagine what it's like pour that family. >> after all this time. coming up, the wife of steve mnuchin in hot water after an instagram photo, that one, created a firestorm, we'll tell you what she's saying now. but first, a new round of wireless wars as several of the largest carriers unveil new unlimited plans. we'll tell you how to cash in. you're watching "world news now." thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, burnt-on gravy? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade.
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♪ call me ♪ on the line, ♪ call me, call me any, anytime ♪ >> the line's long in the atl, as thousands waited for their chance to appear on the new "american idol." abc's reviving the show that launched the careers of stars such as kelly clarkson, carrie underwood. they're hoping to get the call to go to hollywood eventually. >> shall we go? me, me, me, me, me, me, me. >> new episodes will hit abc early next year. >> all right, now over to your money and a new round in the wireless wars, as the nation's largest carrier unveils several new unlimited data plans. >> here's abc's rebecca jarvis on how to save on your own
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>> reporter: big changes coming from the nation's largest wireless carrier. after unveiling a new $80 unlimited plan earlier this year, verizon replacing it with new plans, including go unlimited, starting at $75 per line. it can slow your connection when the network is busy. and $85 per line called beyond unlimited. verizon joining at&t who offers data plans. with so many plans, how do you find the right one? don't stream a lot of video? you could save big opting for a cheaper plan. and consider moving the entire family to a single plan. this could save hundreds of dollars every month. finally, consider signing up for auto pay and paperless
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many carriers will shave a few dollars off your bill each month if you opt in. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> you know what? i'm curious about something. is it data or data? >> i say data. >> it's date-a. >> it's online. >> it's in line. a lot of people will be waiting in line today for the second-largest lottery jackpot to get their tickets for this, tonight's powerball, which is now up to $700 million. >> oh, is that all? so no one has matched all six numbers in the powerball lottery since early june. they would win $443 million before taxes. so good luck out there, everybody. >> be sure to get in line for your tickets. >> you might want to study up some data on win
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showing you don't have a shot at winning, but good luck anyway. oh, he's already got his. there you go. >> that's it? okay, forget it, don't even play. jack's going to win. now we know.
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hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. ♪ it is time for your mix, and we have big, big news that actually comes from right here in new york. the iconic plaza hotel, the first place the beatles stayed at, kevin mcallister, where this due fu dufus crashed. it is apparently up for sale. they saw the video of me jumping on the bid. so $500 million for this. it was opened in 1907, a 18-story, look at those views. they don't know how much it will actually sell for, but
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street journal" suggests it would be about 560. so if you win the lot owto. >> you could almost, almost afford to buy it. over to the air guitar world championships that are going on starting today. >> air guitar. >> so the event is held in finland. and to qualify, there's actually a whole ranking system. you have nationals then you have to go to japan, russia, france, you name it. anyway, check this guy out. this is the defending champion, i believe. >> he's definitely rocking out. so it's not just about, you know, that. >> i think we can do this. >> all right, jack, you be the judge. who wins out of this competition. what are we going to go with for music. the mix music? yeah. >> that's a l
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♪ ♪ tell me all the things i want to hear ♪ ♪ that's what i like about you ♪ >> whoa, i'm dizzy. it's out there, you have hair. look at that. [ laughter ] >> don't hurt yourself. >> what her hair looks like. her hair's been teased. >> you have to sacrifice. >> you have to sacrifice for the art. >> right, jack? >> so justin trudeau. >> that's awesome. >> he's been immortalized. >> he has a monument? >> a statue? >> butter. that is justin and two pandas. >> what in the world? >> yeah. >> it was
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moment of true ddeau with panda. round
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this morning on "world news now." president trump taking aim at a familiar foe during his campaign rally, the media, by repeating select phrases and leaving the controversial ones out. and overnight, the clashes on the streets of downtown phoenix, as we go live there next. also brake overnight, the navy announces high-level staffing changes in the wake of the latest deadly crash at sea. we have the latest. and new this half hour, social justice in sports. >> with a rally set for colin kaepernick, more and more are protesting against racial inequality. including the league's first white player to join


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