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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 30, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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i'm glad team rubicon is here to help them out. these rescues are critical. harvey has already claimed lives, one victim, police sergeant perez who went missing trying to drive to work. >> we find him and once our dive team got there it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. >> reporter: and the death toll is expected to rise as many people are still missing. six of rick sal da var's family members, the youngest 6 years old and great grandparents were trapped in their van and swept away by floodwaters. rescuers using every measure possible to reach the displaced. i'm rob marciano in kirkwood, texas. >> and nearly 17,000 are warking up in shelters. >> the convention hall at nrg center which includes a stadium where the houston texans play. >> the city's main convention center was supposed to take in 5,000 evacuees.
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>> and another large shelter, however, did not open until after some controversy. abc's victor oquendo has the story. good morning. >> reporter: kendis and diane, ever since the lakewood church started accepting donations they have not stopped coming in. take a look at this mountain of baby supplies behind my. beyond that a mountain of towels and pillows. and clothes on the other side. and here that little signup desk. that's all volunteers. they have not stopped coming in either. they've had to tell volunteers to come back to work later shifts. now this move comes one day after the famous pastor here, joel osteen came under fire facing fierce criticism. he kept his doors closed while other places of worship around houston opened theirs. on thursday, they posted it was inaccessible due to severe flooding and later sharing these photos. but locals started posting these images, appearing to show the area around the church was not
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saying i care deeply about our fellow houstonians. lakewood's open. the donations are continuing to pour in. the church says anyone seeking refuge can stay here as long as they need. >> thank you. in the meantime, the president is planning to return to texas on saturday after make being a brief visit to corpus christi and austin. >> the president and first lady gathered at a local firehouse. he praised the response to harvey so far and predicted the disaster would be handled better than ever before. >> i want to thank you for coming out. we're going to get you back and operating immediately. thank you, everybody. what a ground, what a turnout. this is historic. it's epic. what happened, but you know what? it happened in texas. and texas can handle anything. thank you all, folks. thank you. thank you.
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>> the president proceeding to wrap himself in the texas flag. i did not mention any flood victims at all. and critics accuse him of not showing any empathy. greg abbott disagreed, saying the president showed compassion when he watched footage of the flooding. he plans to meet with evacuees in texas on saturday. and one impact of harvey is being felt around the nation. gas prices are rising. the floods shut down 15% of the country's refining capacity. and in the meantime, hundreds of people have complained to the texas attorney general about price gouging. among the worst, a store charging $99 for a case of water. >> we've seen that happen in the past. governments trying to crackdown on that. unfortunately, some people try to take advantage of these situations. all right, when we c
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stories happening. we've seen so many water rescues in houston. but in connecticut, a man pulled from a fire eye wreck. >> and we'll take a look at the toll of the storm by comparing some images of what houston and the surrounding areas looked like before the storm hit. some of these images are amazing. incredible. you're watching "world news now." if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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rain is falling along the louian
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with a flash flood emergency in effect for counties and parishes on both sides of that line. >> we expect the storm to move northeast pretty quickly, missing new orleans entirely and weakening as it moves into mississippi and tennessee over the next couple days. meanwhile, the city of chicago is abandoning a proposed deal with the trump administration on police reforms. the illinois attorney general is suing the city. and the move has the full support of rahm emmanuel. the city had been working on a deal with the justice department that did not include a court role. but the president and his administration claim they are not interested in real reform. hundreds gather to honor the victims of a deadly library shooting. two were killed four were injured but are expected to make a full recovery. a
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student remains in custody facing murder and assault charges. and to a football player who passed away after collapsing during plaqractice. nicolas blakely died monday night. he was on the sidelines saying he wasn't feeling well. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. a police report says blakely appeared to suffer a seizure. and here some heroism caught on camera. this happened in hamden, connecticut. a firefighter rushing in to pull a man from a burning vehicle, but he wasn't wearing any of his gear at the time. tom perezino was off duty. the man saved is expected to be physically okay. >> right place tfor that to happen if it's going to. even amid all the devastation, there a
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we're whaback with our continuing coverage of harvey. but we want to bring you back to the story of the weeks family. we met them before harvey made landfall, and we were there when they saw what was left of their home. >> and that was really tough for many of the family members. and now we're there again. but this time we're sharing a little moment of joy. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: for the weeks family, the hurricane came a precious few days before another arrival. we first met them on friday. danielle was nine months
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pregnant. like tens of thousands of residents that night she was rattled. >> but we're just hoping for the best. >> reporter: and what about your home? >> we actually live in an rv. we're pretty worried that we won't have a home to go back to. >> reporter: by saturday, it was safe to go outside. so the weeks piled into their truck, determined to find out what happened to their home. >> trying to check on our home. >> we have an active search and rescue going on right now. no one's allowed in until after we get that taken care of. >> reporter: but authorities would allow us as members of the press past that roadblock to see the mind-numbing wreckage. oh, my god. that's the trailer park. every trailer gutted, ripped open. contents strewn on the soggy turf. it took a few minutes, but eventually, we found the weeks' home, or at least what was left of it. this is the worst that they could have hoped
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asked us to show them the video. are you okay to see this? >> the worst part is seeing all high kids' stuff on the ground. >> reporter: the closer they looked, the sharper the pain. >> there's a musical toy right there. and that was in the house. >> that's baby's blanket that i was making for her. >> beautiful. >> she is. >> reporter: a little jolt of joy. >> that's okay. >> reporter: laurel lynn weeks, born 7 pounds, 12 ounces and 20 1/2 inches tall. >> oh, my god, she's beautiful. >> reporter:
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snoozing. >> they got her out and instantly started crying. it was a great moment. >> reporter: the best cry you ever heard, huh? >> yes. yes. she's definitely got some lungs on her. >> reporter: still pale and in pain from the c-section, she says they will return to port aransas. it is still surrounded by destruction, but this time they'll go back with something even more precious in their arms. you guys have weathered the worst nightmare. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: but now you have this. >> yes. >> reporter: what's that like? >> definitely a blessing that came out of everything. >> she made it safe. she held through the storm. she's a blessing. she is. >> reporter: i'm matt gutman, in corpus christi, texas. >> and she's a beauty right there. a cutie. >> quite amazing to see the journey this family has been through in just the few days. >> it's stressful to have a
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but losing your entire home at the same time. >> earlier this week we showed you the story of erma rodriguez who was also giving birth during the hurricane. guess what she named her baby? harvey. >> good memories about harvey.
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because this scent lasts up to 12 weeks, which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks! ♪ this is an interesting picture that was posted by state representative there in texas. whitecaps on interstate 10. that's a main east-west artery between houston and new orleans. that was once a road and now looking very much like an ocean there. can you belie
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and we have been struck by so many images coming out of southeast texas. we wanted to show you some of the before and after images that have caught our attention. they are hard to believe that you're looking at the same areas. take a look. this is downtown houston. the shot from a high rise apartment there. and when you take a look at the after, it's nearly unrecognizable. you see all of those roadways just completely covered in water. the buffalo bayou overflowing, taking over downtown houston. these were shot by a resident there from his apartment. >> and you see them side by siderite there. actually i've jogged along that trail on the buffalo bayou. it's an impressive trail. >> all you can see are the tops of the trees and the buildings. >> another interesting image from a busy overpass. look at that. a mack truck, a beautiful approach to the downtown area there. those are overpasses. >> and a beautiful skyline a
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pretty high up there. try to find your exit. take a look at that mack truck that's barely visible in the background. and we show you there the side by side. >> you can see the fog blocking out the skyline as well. taking a look at tidwell road. one of the main staging grounds for that recovery effort. this is a northeast region of houston, and a part where the cajun navy has been using it as a main artery. but water everywhere. take a look at, you see the gas station pumps almost completely submerged in water. >> and it's that image that you see on the right that has been on so many newspapers. it is one of those that has really d really defined this disaster beyond the folks in the nursing home. and then there's a shark shot. no, mockingbird lane, actually in the west part of houston. take a look there, all right,
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>> that's a residential neighborhood. they're trying to guide people. because the streets are not
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." the death toll is rising in texas. >> rain is tapering off, but the floodwaters remain at historic levels across houston and many parts of texas. more residents, though, pulled to safety. many people still stranded on roadways as reservoirs keep spilling over into neighborhoods. first responders and volunteers banding together in what is no doubt a marathon effort. >> meanwhile, shelters across the area are expanding as evacuees stream in overnight. more large capacity venues are opening up, including joel osteen's megachurch after facing some initial criticism. the red cross is standing by to


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