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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 30, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> good morning america. this morning tom price resigns. the health and human services secretary stepping down under pressure over his chartered flights on the tax payer dime. >> he's a good man, but i'm disappointed. >> other cabinet secretaries coming under prosecute. >> suffering in puerto rico. cargo containers filled with supplies just sitting at port. residents struggling to get fuel. >> you don't know when somebody is going to shoot you for gas. >> car 120. >> dangerous treks for food and water as the white house
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criticism the federal response is falling short. >> new video the night seattle see hawks star michael bennett had a confrontation with cops in las vegas. police insisting there was no excessive force or any racial profiling. does this video back them up? >> where will he go? o.j. simpson's parole days away. reportedly wanting to call florida home. why the attorney general does not want him coming to her state. can the state squeeze o.j. out? >> good morning everybody let's get right to our top stories. the crisis facing donald trump on this saturday morning. >> overnight the president asked for and received the resignation of his heah
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intense scrutiny of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on charter flights. >> now the head of the veteran's affairs department facing hard questions. >> meantime president trump taking heat over his response to hurricane maria as puerto rico continues to struggle to get critical aid. >> after one administration official called the relief effort a good news story the mayor of san juan called it a people are dying story. >> we have. we'll get to puerto rico. we start with david wright. >> good morning paula and dan. the high flying cabinet secretary is now permanently grounded as the president was not too happy with tom price's frequent flyer status. the question now has a dprents been set. >> reporter: this
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secretary tom price's wings are clipped. snapshots like these didn't exactly endear him to his colleagues at health and human services whose budget he was proposing to slash. price had flown to europe on official business with his wife aboard a plush gulf stream five operated by the u.s. military one of dozens of chartered trips that cost the tax payers more than one million and ultimately cost price his job. >> i'm disappointed in him, but he's a good man. >> reporter: so trump's budget director fired off this memo reminding agency heads they should recognize we are public servants any penny we spend comes from the tax payers. price is the highest rank trump official to turn in his beige. >> clearly we got -- we weren't sensitive to the tax
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is why i've taken the actions i've taken. >> reporter: at least five trump secretaries have come under scrutiny among them steve mnuchin. they flew to fort knox, a trip that coincided with the eclipse. david shul ken and his wife flew a government jet to london where they took time out for some sight seeing and even scored tickets to women bell don. the white house is now going to require that all chartered flights for executive branch officials who don't have a plane assigned to them will have to be approved by the chief of staff. >> talk about the series of departures. rundown the list of us. this is the latest in a number of high profile exits from the
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>> the revolving door has been spinling. at least 20 officials have been fired or resigned. six top officials tom price, steve bannon, anthony scaramucci, reince priebus, sean spicer and general michael flynn. >> that is a large and possibly growing list. david thanks for reporting. now to the other crisis facing president trump he's defending the relief effort from puerto rico as one official comes under fire for calling the incident a good news story. >> the general sent by the administration says more help is needed. gloria riviera is covering the story. >> good morning, dan. more than 4,600 military personnel in puerto rico. the defense department said they will send more as the white house pushing back over criticism it failed to grasp the severi o
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>> reporter: this morning the president and his team in charge of helping puerto rico are fighting criticism that the federal response is falling short and out of touch amid new calls for help. >> this is not a response that's demon tra tv of our power and wealth. i'm tired of the president always talking about how much it's going to cost. it's costing lives. >> referee: criticism erupting when elaine duke made this claim. >> i am very satisfied. it's really a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths. >> reporter: the backlash playing out live on national television. >> this is not a good news story. it's a people are dying story. >> reporter: duke backed off friday saying situation is not sat factory but. >> we are getting there. >> reporter: at the white house jon karl pressed the president
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>> was elaine duke wrong to say puerto rico was a good news story. >> i haven't heard what she said. we have done an incredible job considering there's absolutely nothing to work with. >> reporter: now reports of a disconnect to the administration's response. the storm falling wednesday, september 20th. the president leaving for his golf course the next day. "the washington post" citing a senior administration official saying trump spoke briefly to duke about puerto rico on friday not again until tuesday after seeing pictures of delve station. during that time the president turning his attention to the nfl and the protest, the fight over health care. trump will travel to puerto rico on tuesday. that is almost two weeks after the hurricane hit. dan,
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>> gloria thank you. let's get a situation from the ground on puerto rico. >> some town unreachable because of bridges and road. alex perez takes a look at the struggle to get aid where it's needed most. alex, good morning. >> good morning paula. supplies, goods, gas are arriving here. the big problem is distribution. the longer it takes the more dangerous it becomes for people. >> reporter: this morning the desperate race to distribute supplies far from over. three star general jeffrey buchanan leading efforts. >> you've suffered a tremendous devastation and we're there with you. this recovery is going to take a very long time. >> reporter: fema already distributing more than 700 relief loads including
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10,000 cargo containers filled with supplying sitting at port. very few drivers to get them moving. >> there's no way we can move this cargo without trucks and there's no way that trucks can move this cargo without diesel. >> reporter: ten days after the hurricane with gas and generator robberies rising residents still struggling to get fuel. >> it's desperation and emotional. it's about survival. you don't know when somebody is going to shoot you for gas. >> reporter: some people told me they've been in line four hours. we'll start at the front one, two, three, four -- this is number 50. car 120. this line keeps going and going and going. for hard hit rural areas the
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families forced to make a trek across water after a bridge collapsed with only a wire to hold on to. >> so altogether some 10,000 federal, military personnel on the ground trying to get help to people. >> thanks alex. those lines for gas unbelieva e unbelievable. we want to bring in rob marciano who was in puerto rico when the storm hit. rob, you witnessed the storm firsthand and the aftermath. so much devastation from irma and now another front is moving in. >> it's not a hurricane. the next few days heavier rain. the radar in puerto rico was blown away by maria. they'll have a hard time tracking some of these storms. >> based on your experience why is it so hard to get supplies to people who need it right now. >> you saw in alex's report. the containers in the port are
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commercial. they need to get their drivers, truck. still after a week in my opinion it's way too slow. you need heavy equipment and fuel trucks. that is a military operation. we all want to help. this is a ceo and he saw a report about a nursing home in need. he loaded up his corporate jet and went. it's still a week to get clearance. the airport is barely operational. the scope is remarkable. the entire island affected. not just power. running water and sanitation issues. people lilt rally forging for food. at the moment this is a desperate situation the likes of which the u.s. has never seen. >> let me pick up on that point. these are american citizens. >> they are. >> 3.5 million of them. >> rob thank you. for more on all this bring in matthew dowd in
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the president has been taking a lot of heat for the relief effort. is it fair? did he drop the ball here? >> like a quarterback you're only as good as your last game. for a president you're only as good as how you handled the last crisis. he handled irma and harvey well. he hasn't handled this well. he's had a drop in the last week in his poll numbers. he's not handled it well. in many respects this has become his katrina like for bush. >> as gloria reported the president will be visiting puerto rico on tuesday roughly two weeks after maria touched down. is this a chance for a fresh start? >> i think it's problematic. when george w. bush tried to respond after his bad handling of katrina and go there a number of
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problematic for the president. my guess is he'll go there and speak compassionately but it won't help him politically. >> let's talk about the former health and human services secretary hom price and those expensive flights. did the president after all of those drain the swamp cheers have no choice but to let him go? >> well he had no choice ultimately. the problem is there's a lot of other fish caught in this net. that's very problematic. he let him go but i think ultimately tom price's problem wasn't the planes. it was that health care failed and that was supposed to be his part of this. it's very problematic for the rest of his presidency. ultimately patient zero in this is the president. the president has to set a tone in how he handles this and how he handles his expenses. >> you mentioned the other fish in the nets. the white house this week i want to read these
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authorized few yer flights than the obama administration. 77 versus 94. does some of these seem partisan. >> shocks there would be be partisan ship in washington d.c. when you look at the data, donald trump ran on draining the swamp. other presidents didn't do that. i think ultimate it's on him to fix this. going back again donald trump has to fix his own problems in this. donald trump has now spent more on travel to his own country clubs and own facilities than president obama spent in eight years. it has to start with the president. >> matthew dowd our quarterback. >> or our patient zero. >> thanks matt. >> thanks. >> we want to move to the disturbing situation in cuba. american tourists warned against
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it comes as the state department is slashing embassy staff in havana following mist rous attacks. >> stephanie ramos is here. >> the state department cutting staff in cuba by 60%. cuba is not okay with it but said they'll cooperate. >> reporter: the united states is telling more than half its staff in cuba to come home. the u.s. warning americans not to visit the island. >> if the citizens don't like us visiting it's a good option. >> reporter: the decision came friday in response to mist rous attacks. investigators say sonic devices may have been used to release sound waves causing harm. >> we can confirm at least 16 u.s. government employees members of our embassy community experienced some kind
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symptoms. >> reporter: the state department detailing the symptoms including ear complaints. dizziness, cognitive issues. secretary of state rex tillerson announced the decision saying undill the government of cuba can insure our safety our embassy will be reduced to emergency personnel nel in order to minimize the number of diplomats at risk of harm. cuba opened their doors to officials to investigate and found nothing. >> some very bad things happening in cuba. >> the state department has made clear it doesn't blame cuba for the attacks and will not order cuban diplomats to leave washington. guys this is scarey. authorities still don't know exactly who is responsible for those attacks. it could be the cuban government or another country.
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let's get it back to rob with another look at the forecast. >> i mentioned that wave heading towards puerto rico. one towards florida as well. the one over puerto rico getting some heavy rains. we got this flash flood watch through tomorrow night and obviously two, 3 inches of rain all that's needed. upper low here. here's the center of what's trying to become a tropical cyclone. i don't think it's going to happen. heavy rain and wind here the next few days. we could see rain fall amounts of maybe 5 inches in places like jacksonville which got flooded badly there. not much in the way of rain across parts of the northeast. cooler fall like the saturdayon morning with temperatures in the
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if you are headed out to the kids fest and fairfax county, a little breezy. notice our daytime high, upper 60's to low 70's. plenty of great sunshine this afternoon. if you're heading out to nationals park tonight, it will be clear and quiet. less wind, but running on the cool side. >> hasn't felt like fall. tomorrow is october 1st. paula faris getting a head start on breast cancer awareness month. >> i am getting a jump. >> it's so hot. you know it's my favorite shirt. >> you want to borrow it sometime? >> sure. >> we missed both of you last weekend but especially you, ron. >> good morning to all of you this lovely group. we're going to begin if colorado where re
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shooter led to a lock down at the u.s. air force academy. officials searching the dorms declaring it a false alarm. on friday the superintendent issued a stern warning about racism after four black cadette candidates that said go home. in tennessee authorities discovered what may be a key piece of evidence in that deadly church shooting last sunday. police say the suspect had a note in his carmen shunning revenge for the charleston, south carolina lie in a church members. one woman killed and six others wounded in sunday's attack. in georgia a manhunt is over for a suspect killing one police officer. police say seth sprang her opened fired during a traffic stop killing a mother and
7:20 am
year veteran of the force. a second police officer survived. in wisconsin the second of two young girls accused of stabbing a classmate has reached a employee deal. morgan guiser will plead guilty due to mental i amness. her codefendant also pleaded guilty citing mental illness. the nba reminding players and coaches they're expected to stand during the national anthem. the league sending a memo out to all 30 teams late friday suggesting alternate ways to address the protest and saying the teams don't have the discretion to waive the rule. team u.s.a. competing in the wheelchair games at the invictus games had a surprise guest.
7:21 am
is the former president of the united states, president obama along with former vice president joe biden. mr. biden meeting the team before they played. the group taking a seat next to britain's prince hair who watched the u.s. beat france. 28-6. >> very impressive. [ speaking french ] >> his french is pretty good. >> we beat france. >> dr. ron claiborne thank you. >> coming up on "gma" newly released video showing the confrontation between police and michael bennett. what the police department is saying about the encounter. new body cam footage. >> o.j. simpson's release from prison. reports he's setting his sights on florida.
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, it looks like a perfect afternoon to get outside. nationals game coming up tonight under clear skies. notice those temperatures by the time you had home in the upper 50's. take a look at these wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning, we are talking 40's, low 40's for many of us. back towards fed -- frederick. i think you will need the jacket if you're heading out sunday morning. your extendedt forecast, showing bright sunshine continuing for the early half of the week area temperatures are going -- week. we are back to the 80's on thursday, that is when a front is expected to move through.
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>> welcome back to "gma." tom price resigning. overnight president trump asked for and received the resignation of his health and human services tom price after intense scrutiny over hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on private jets. >> goaling investigating what role its services may have played in russia's meddling in the election. facebook, twitter and google have all been invited to testify at cong
7:31 am
people around the world recognizing yom kippur. the holiday is marked with fasting, prayer and asking for aye tonement. to all our jewish friends today we want to say -- >> well said. >> i love it sparked conversation about the old testament. >> the other thing you can say i remember from hee brew school s is -- i think it's happy holiday. >> you better be right. you'll hear it on twitter. >> probably from the other kids i went to hebrew school with. >> coming up this morning the fight to keep o.j. simpson out of florida once he's paroled which could come as soon as tomorrow. they're fighting it in fla in a. we'll start with las vegas police department releasing new video with their encounter with michael bennett.
7:32 am
claimed he was racially profiled and handcuffed. ron has more. >> the video is dramatic. the vegas police say it backed their version of what happened. the officers did what they had to do. bennett lawyers say it shows nothing that contradicts what they say happened and bennett's words he was singled out for being a black man. >> they're coming to get you. >> reporter: this morning new police body cam video showing the frantic moments for michael bennett that said made him fear for his life. the confrontation first seen here in this footage ben net claiming racial profilinprofili. las vegas police doubling down on their original statement there was no excessive use of
7:33 am
both officers involved will not be charged. >> i believe they acted appropriately. >> reporter: the surveillance video from inside the casino playing a major role in the investigation. officers telling everyone to stay where they were and noticed bennett hunkering down and headed for the exit. after yelling at him to stop he continued to run. >> as he exited that doorway he leaped over the railing. it was showing he had purpose in his attempt to flee. >> we don't disagree. the conduct was purposeful. michael was trying to get away. they thought there had been gunshots. >> reporter: earlier this month bennett opening up with his side of the story. >> everybody started to panic. we saw police and swat. everybody assumed there was something going on that was crazy and everybody is on the ground crawling people asking what are we going to do.
7:34 am
we started trying to get away. >> reporter: the las vegas police department denies racial disclim nation. >> it was not about race as most of the patrons were the same race as mr. bennett. >> the sheriff said the officers did what they were trained to do. he also said bennett did nothing wrong. there were no charges filed. the lawyer saying he's considering filing a lawsuit. >> possibly not over. >> almost certainly. >> another look at the weather. >> out west dramatic video of a fire happening in the wine country near santa barbara. a 500 acre fire. 100 people were told to get out of there. look how close the fire is burning. slight wind shift took it away. they brought in all force there. we have a fire weather watch for the is a kre men to valley and the smoke from t
7:35 am
lingering across the coastal mountains. heavy rain across new mexico and this system will be roll sbog the plains and we might see severe weather today and tomorrow more so tomorrow across nebraska. that's going to push this autumn chill out and rain falling in new england including boston 46 degrees. the warm air is coming back mid week. temperatures in the 80s again the chicago. that's not fall like. that will be >> waking up on this saturday morning. temperatures pretty close to average for this time of year. if you are headed out to the kids fast and fairfax county, temperatures topping out in the upper 60's and low 70's. >> this weatherer report brought to you by united health care.
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>> o.j. simpson is expected to walk out of prison in the coming days. where he'll go is sparking controversy. >> his lawyer saying simpson wants to spend his days in florida. >> good morning dan and paula. florida top enforcement officer was clear and direct. she doesn't want o.j. simpson stepping 1 foot in the state laying it out in a letter. >> reporter: this morning florida's attorney general is pushing to keep o.j. simpson out of her state. simpson was granted
7:41 am
july after nearly a decade in a nevada prison. >> i don't think any inmate ever represented better than i. >> reporter: simpson wants to spend his parole in florida near his children. >> all he wants to do is spend time with his family and friends and his kids and play golf. >> reporter: the move would require an agreement between nevada and florida an already established relationship that has to be followed. >> typically you wouldn't have an attorney general weighing in to accept or not accept an adult off fender. >> reporter: she wrote to the defendantment of corrections our state should not become a country club for a convicted criminal. the state's department of corrections has the authority to stop simpson only if an investigation finds he doesn
7:42 am
meet certain criteria. >> florida will conduct the investigation and based on everything we know at this point they're likely to accept his request for a transfer. >> reporter: simpson's attorney said the paperwork to get him to florida hasn't been filed but the hall of famer knows what he wants. >> he wants to eat seafood and steak and enjoy the simple things. >> simpson is eligible to walk out tomorrow but likely not until next week. if the attorney general loses her battle she said he should be held to the strictest of provisions according to law. >> coming up on "gma" how to save money on your next vacation. isn't it great to think about vacation. the sites you need to know about in our weekend download.
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>> we're going to take you away on this weeg end download. when it comes to travel, new ways to save. joining us is judy brown with more on how to trim those coastcoassts. >> millions are using honey to plug in on-line. you can save $30 per night. you earn honey keys that gives you discount. it's >> up to $30 a night? >> on average. >> a lot of people hunt for
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phones. >> right. the mobile app boxed is getting in on the game too. they use it to shop for nonperishable items and using that mentality of bulk buying to pass on to travel. 45% off. >> how about that. what about if we want to think outside the box. >> think about trusted house they just launched in the u.s. in exchange for pet sittings a yearly membership fee. >> you can stay for free at somebody else's house if you agree to take care of their pet. >> all over the world. if you're a pet lover it's a great way to take a vacation. >> great advice, genevieve. we'll be right back with luke bryan's big
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>> you can stay here, ron. >> what are y'all doing? >> back into your chair, ron. >> we're going to take a selfie. >> for some reason you have a jar of tomato sauce and -- >> ketchup. >> sorry. pop news is getting off to a weird start. >> let me just start here. >> do you want some tomato sauce? >> it's ketchup. let's talk about the new album from michael jackson fans to add to their collection called "michael jackson scream" it features sojs like thriller and dirty diana. ron do you remember those songs?
7:53 am
>> fans can launch this reality experience. all you have to do is have your phone and the shazam app. >> shazam. >> musical images and crows flying. in addition a single is available for download and streaming featuring an official remix of "thriller." halloween is coming up. >> you're on tv, man. >> rob marciano dancing like no one is watching. >> you might have an encore performance. >> everybody is going to be watching "american idol." . >> of course. >> the judge's table is complete. luke bryan joining katy perry. take a look at his big announcement on twitter. >> i'm excited and proud to announce i'll be one of the three judges on abc's "american idol." i will be joined with the
7:54 am
beautiful ms. katy perry and my hero mr. lionel ritchie and my fellow georgia boy ryan seacrest. >> all right. all right. you heard it right. lionel ritchie on board too saying he can't wait. perry just as ready as they are. she feels like dancing on the ceiling. >> nice. >> that's a lionel ritchie song. >> she also tweeted she's ready to kick the dust up which is a luke bryan tune. when i think about lionel i think of sesame street and the song all night long. >> i think of the commodores. >> what is your favorite luke bryan song? >> he has a song called rain is a good thing. >> what are the lyrics? >> sing it. >> rain makes corn. corn makes whiskey whiskey makes
7:55 am
my girl -- you can finish it. >> thank you rob marciano. you're in rare form today. >> this is rob marciano's final day here at "gma." >> lionel richie katy perry and luke bryan will be on "gma" on wednesday. we'll all tune in. >> we gotta go. we have to give a shout out the empire state building lit to commemorate "20/20" looking back on four decades of wide ranging stories. they said they felt fortunate to cover those stories. the building lit up blue and white. >> they have not been on the show for 40 years. >> no. the show has been around for 40 years. we're all having breakfast now. if you wondered if hangry was real it's an obvious yes. there's science behind it. the
7:56 am
feel when you don't eat our blood sugar drops. >> anybody that has a 2-year-old at home knows about being hangry. >> is she indicating we're cranky. >> no, not at all. >> thank you. rob great to know you. we'll see you tomorrow on "gma." >> from abc 7 news, this is a good morning washington up. good saturday morning, here's a look outside in bethesda, maryland. a beautiful start to the weekend. books are already out on the green. it is a good day for a round of golf.
7:57 am
degrees. still in the low 50's for winchester. hagerstowns -- around 59 the d.c. metro. it is a little greasy. notice our wind speeds in the teens. peak wind gust this afternoon right around 25 miles per hour. if you're heading out to the kids festival, it is perfect for that. temperatures reaching a daytime high of 69 degrees. up tomorrow morning, it is a chilly start to our sunday. many of us starting out tomorrow morning in the 40's. we will be in the low 40's for the d.c. metro desk low 50's for the d.c. metro. -- low 50's the d.c. metro. notice our temperatures reaching around 71 degrees. a few degrees below average for this time of year. certainly a cool start.
7:58 am
going to continue into next week. take a look at monday and tuesday. nothing but sunshine, so lots of opportunities to head out and enjoy. talk temperatures, because we are going to be rather cool until monday. by tuesday, temperatures bump up into the mid to upper 70's. thursday and friday we are in the 80's area a slight chance for a spotty showers thursday night due to a front desk in the 80's. a slight chance -- in the 80's. a slight chance for a spotty showers thursday night due to a fr
7:59 am
8:00 am
announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." transporting large animals is always a challenging job. whether it's moving them to better feeding grounds... i don't know. it happened so daggum fast, i don't know what happened. helping them repopulate their native habitat... you get chills when see that. jim: you do. jack: or returning them back home. wow, look at that. today, five moving stories about moving big animals.


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