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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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michelle: a local college campus in mourning tonight. a 19-year-old plunges to his death. take he took a hallucinogenic drug. the serious warning from george mason university. plus -- >>
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she was my sister. kimberly: an emotional might as prince george's county high school remembers a student found murdered hundreds of miles from home. and then -- >> nine years ago, nothing? kimberly: it was only a matter of time until the cameras caught up to o.j. simpson. what else he had to say hours after being released from prison. 11:00, on 7 news at your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. a troubling investigation at a local college. a george mason university student dead, other students telling the police he had taken a hallucinogenic drug and plunged to his death. then i come a serious warning from college leaders. melissa dipane is live in fairfax county with the latest. the students gathered to remember the student? melissa: they
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about 100 of them gathered to remember this young man. students toe want know the substance is still out it, yound if you have are asked to contact the police because you could be in danger. there is medical amnesty on this campus, so you will not get into trouble. tookolice say the student the hallucinogenic drug and ran out of a fit story window at the potomac heights residence hall. students gathered to remember this young man who we understand was in a fraternity. no name has been released. grief counselors will be made available for students. melissa dipane, abc 7 news. kimberly: also at 11:00, an emotional night at a prince george's county high school. friends and family came together to remember ashanti billie, a 19-year-old gr
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was found dead after she was missing in the norfolk area. q mccray was there as they paid tribute to her memory. q: you will notice the crowd behind me. easily more than 100 students, current and former, who all had class with ashanti billie. tonight during the vigil, they are honoring and celebrating her life, saying prayers, then released balloons into the night sky. the 19-year-old went missing september 18. according to authorities, she drove to work and disappeared. that is when fbi agents found her body in charlotte friday. disturbing news that rocked the campus here. >> she was one of those people who was there, and she was a lot of support. she was my sister. >> for the person who did
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i don't have much to say, but they'll figure out what's coming to them. q: every student here received a ribbon just like this one to one or billie's life. -- to honor billie's life. the investigation continues tonight. that is the latest in prince george's county. q mccray, abc 7 news. kimberly: turning now to the crisis in the caribbean, hundreds of the northwest hit the pavement to help those impacted by the devastation of hurricane maria. a 5k race raising money for immediate needs. the $25 registration fee added a quick way with -- added up quickly with nearly 500 participants. >> is devastating and heartbreaking to know that people -- it is devastating and harpring, and to know that people care here is important.
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was organized by friends for puerto rico, who half formed a task force to help those impacted by hurricane maria. nearly two weeks after the storm hit puerto rico, the governor said that aid is slowly moving in and being distributed, but more is needed. president trump again today said we have done a great job with the most impossible situation in puerto rico. also responding to what he called politically motivated "ingrates." the white house is under fire for its delayed relief efforts in harsh words. do you see me on top of the truck? you see me giving food to the people? is somebody doing something for me, or am i doing it myself? 10,000 federal workers, you are sitting. tonight the vice president is backing a president trump and what he calls his leadership in puerto
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expected to visit the island tuesday. a live look outside on capitol hill. meteorologist josh knight has a look at the forecast. it will be a little chilly tomorrow morning. absolutely, a lot of us getting started early in the morning, close to 60 degrees right now. that will be down into the 50's by the morning. some places already in the low 40's. clear sky studded allowing the temperature to drop quickly. tomorrow morning, low 50's d.c., but that is only one of these spots where it is that mild. 45fairfax, 42 manassas, germantown. getting the kids to the bus stop, have the jacket ready to go. we do warm up quickly, noontime about 70 degrees. 74 by 5:0
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as we work our way later into the week, 80's back in the forecast. we talk about that and time it out coming up in about 10 minutes. kimberly: for the first time in nearly a decade, o.j. simpson is a free man. the former nfl star was released from prison overnight. he was paroled after serving nine years on a robbery conviction. a nevada parole officer says he plans to live at home in the las vegas area for the foreseeable future. just hours after walking out of jail, the cameras caught up with him. here is what he had to say. >> juice, juice, how does it feel to be out? reporter: o.j. simpson speaking for the first time as a free man. >> are y'all stalking me? >> where are you headed? >> none of your business. reporter: cameras catching the infamous football star off guard. prison officials
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simpson's sunday morning release a secret, letting him go eight minutes after midnight. -issue still in his prison denim when he signed his parole papers. when asked what was next come he asked for privacy. >> i've been in nowhere, usa, the last nine years doing nothing. nothing has changed in my life. nothing's changed. police, can i have a bright -- please, can i have a break? reporter: he was in prison after being found guilty of robbery at a las vegas casino. his attorney said he would be near his children. an update after a student was hit and killed in college park. 18-year-old maria fisher from lancaster, pennsylvania, was hit near the university of maryland campus on route one and campus drive early this morning. now e
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isis says the man who attacked two women at a train station in france was it soldier. the police and he stabbed the -- atat the transition the train station, killing both. he was thing killed by the police. important step forward for survivors of sexual assault. new laws now in place in maryland to help them get justice. reunion, and not a dry eye in sight. all caught on camera. and a look at the white house, lit up in pink tonight. that is in honor of breast cancer awareness mon
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it is the first of the month and new laws are in effect in maryland. it are geared towards helping victims of sexual assault. melissa dipane filed this report. >> they want to know if they come forward there are laws that will help them. melissa:
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director of the maryland coalition against sexual assault. the new batch of laws will help sex o abuse victims. means no e know -- no bill means that a victim does not have to physically resist to be prosecuted. >> over 40% of women involved were where the survivor said no, she was crying and saying please stop, but they do not fight back because they were scared to. those cases were not prosecuted. those victims are still out there. now we can go after them. melissa: another expense the statute of limitations on civil sex abuse cases, meaning they have until their 30th birthday to file civil damages against a perpetrator -- 38th birthday. >> it is a huge step forward. some victims are still living with a perpetrator at age 25 all cap
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also maryland is requiring laboratories to hang for 25x assault evidence years and broadening the definition of child abuse. kimberly: there are a few other new loss. amber's law gives court's the ability to order a gps monitoring for violent sex offenders. there also cracking down on companies that try to inflate prices on essential generic drugs. and there are new protections in place for whistleblowers to safeguard employees or report their boss doing something illegal. find a new list of loss taking effect today on our website, he left congress after pleading guilty to felony tax evasion, but now michael grimm wants to head back to capitol hill. inmm from new york resigned 2014. today he announced he is
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in his campaign announcement he told supporters he wants to return to washington to "have our presidents back." i hope you got to go outside today. it was a gorgeous day. josh: lots of sunshine, light breeze. we have a couple more days that look a lot like today. then the temperatures go back up. we just have to get through the chilly mornings. after that looking good. today we are talking about clear skies pretty much all day. a quick time lapse, barely a cloud in the sky. the temperatures made it up to about 70 degrees. now the clear skies allow the temperatures to drop quickly and easily. some areas lows in for the west of town down to about 40 degrees. downtown hanging in the low 50's. either way, still a chilly start in the morning. a few of us could wake up in the 30's, specifically towards
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across the area starting off around 48. by 8:00 we are near 50. sunrise about 7:04, but as we work our way into the afternoon, closer to launch, that is when things feel nice. mostly sunny for the afternoon, about 72 by 1:00 am 73 degrees by 2:00. a light breeze come a few degrees warmer than today, feeling nice. the high temperature topping off around 74 for d.c. further south, fredericksburg 75, same and culpeper, 76 frederick. that number puts us right on average this time of year, hanging onto the sunshine. not too hot tomorrow, a really comfortable weather pattern for every thing after school, cross-country, football practice, not bad. 4:00. later into the evening, down into the mid-60's. if you are out in the
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we do not cool off quite as quickly as tonight. just a few degrees milder for a bit longer. through the day tomorrow, 74. 76 tuesday, working back to 80 friday. thursday, things look really nice, let's of sunshine earlier the week, then a few clouds later in the week. moves through thursday, bringing a few clouds, but looking to stay dry, great weather friday to get the nationals going again. into the weekend, a few more clout stick around with another system moving through, but not really bringing rain. at this point we could probably use rain. unfortunately, the next decent shot of showers hold off until next monday. looking like a dry weight, -- looking like a dry week, but a pretty weak. kimberly: speaking of the nats, if you do the stanky
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for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by a local toyota dealers. status isx scherzer's not clear. he confirmed today he suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth inning against the pirates saturday. asking about the status of game one of the alds against the cubs come he said he did not know. in mri shows a hamstring tweak. first, tonight, against the pirates. gio gonzalez looking for his 16th win of the season. not happening.
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line, bases-loaded, ouch. three pirates score. 4-0 pittsburgh. the play of the day as far as nationals fans were concerned, sanchez into the gap. bryce harper, tearing around the bases, all the way from first to score. i would say his knee looks good. nats lose 11-8. next up, game one of the nlds against the cubs friday night. and all forget about washington's "road to the championship," the first installment right after the newscast tonight. another prime time battle for the redskins for the second straight season, this time on the road against the chiefs. lifetimeins are 1-8 against the chiefs and have never won at arrowhead stadium. he gets ridiculously loud, not imagine the chiefs are undefeated there. says thengener
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happened in the past. what's happened in the past at arrowhead, the only thing we have to do is prepare for kansas city. that's the only thing that needs to be said. robert: ravens hosting the steelers. alex collins, the starting running back for baltimore. fumble. that proves costly. the steelers turn the fumble into points. bell punches in, 13-0 pittsburgh. still in the second, ben roethlisberger back to pass, waiting, finding junior smith schuster, 11 yard touchdown pass. the steelers win 26-9. panthers-patriots in foxborough. , 23d quarter, cam newton have in 16 panthers. fourth
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goal, tom brady with the one yard score. the patriots tie the game. four seconds left on the clock. ganor redskin greaaham kicks it through and wins the game for the panthers. final day of the presidents cup, the u.s. needing just one point to clinch. the match of the day. on the 11th, that was a birdie. usa does it. that means usa wins its seventh straight presidents cup. congrats to america. gano, i do notr. think that game was going to end that way. the pats usually pull it out. still to come, have your tissues ready? an 11-year-old gets the surprise of a lifetime.
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kimberly: if you are wondering why the white house is pink tonight, it is an honor of breast cancer awareness month. the first lady tweeted about this tonight. a sixth grader in pennsylvania got the surprise of a lifetime.
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in germany came home early and surprised him at his school. >> hey, damon! >> david! kimberly: i thought it was his dad when we were talking about the story. wrote an essayon about his brother. he was reading it to the class when his hero walked in. they had not seen each other in two years. >> he's always been there for me my entire life. no matter what, we've always been happy. >> he's got me, and i love him to death. kimberly: aw. so special. damon even got the day off from school to spend time with his family. now a touching photo from puerto rico, d.c. police sergeant raul mendes reunited with his dad for
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hurricane maria it is hometown. d.c. police between at this photo and got lots of likes. and this touches so close to home for mpd officers. about 10 of them took vacations to go to the island and help with rescue efforts.
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i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. kimberly: it was a picture-perfect day to get outside tonight. we spent the morning at the fall for fairfax kids fest. the annual two-day festival was free and fun. and there is josh knight with a cup of joe. josh: it was beautiful and the crowd was wonderful. everybody had a chance to spin the wheel, check out the storm trak. the


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