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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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[gunfire] fully automatic fire from position. take cover. >> we need to stop the shooter >> it kept going and going. president trump: it was an act of pure evil. [gunfire] jonathan: right now, anger, grief and confusion after the deadly massacre in las vegas overnight. nancy: it happened on the famous trip at an och-air music festival. alison: 58 people are dead and another 500 are wounded after a man started shooting in the crowd. the man was up on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. just down from the open air venue. by the time police got to him, he was dead. but they found nearly a dozen guns inside of his room. jonathan: we do have team coverage of the las vegas massacre this afternoon. we start with omar jimenez in las vegas. omar?
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omar: [no audio] nancy: we'll get to omar in a moment. in the meantime, with at least 58 people killed the mass shooting in vegas is the deadliest in modern u.s. history. the second deadliest shooting in the country happened june of last year when omar mateen killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando. jonathan: 32 people were killed in the virginia tech shooting that was april 2007. december 2012, 27 people killed at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut, many children. nancy: 23 died in the fifth deadliest shooting in the nation's history in october of 1991. that was in texas. killeen, texas. omar jimenez has more from vegas. omar: deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. >> the guy in front of us ten feet up goes down. the guy to
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three feet over goes down. omar: what should have been a night of fun turned into a night of terror. >> somebody started running saying, "oh, my gosh, he shot, he shot." people were getting shot. you are seeing as you were hearing the shots going off, you were hearing them hit the ground. >> there was a guy who was shot in his back. he was still running. omar: bullets rained down from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort to a crowd of 22,000. >> we had to cross the field where the people were getting shot. every time we heard shots we would hit the ground and just stay there until they would stop for 30, 45 seconds. then we would run as fast as he could. we just thought well were going to die. i thought the shooting would
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never end. omar: shot but grateful to be alive. >> it's the largest mass shooting on our grounds. omar: in las vegas omar jimenez, abc7 news. alison: well, we are just starting to learn about some of the victims in the las vegas massacre. one of them is from martinsburg, west virginia. tom roussey is there live as the friends are remembering her today. tom? tom: you know, alison, las vegas is more than 2,000 miles from here so a lot of people shocked to learn there is a victim from here in martinsburg. this flag at half-staff in her memory. this is a twitter post from the victim. i am told she posted this picture on twitter a halve hour, a little less, before the shooting started. she was there in las vegas with her husband tony who did
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a lot of folks around up to can't believe somebody from so far away was a victim in this tragedy. she had been to the concert with her husband several times before. looking at her social media pages it was obvious she was excited to be there for it. she was a big country music fan. this is hitting a lot of folks hard here getting reaction around town. a lot of people don't know about it yet but it is tarting to hit facebook a lot -- starting to hit facebook and sharing what happened. a lot of people are praying for the family. i talked to her family briefly. they didn't want to say much publicly. they say at this point they want to grieve privately. they say they need everyone's prayers right now. denise of the martinsburg, west virginia area here, was killed in that shooting and her husband did survive. according to the folks here, she died in his arms. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: so awful, tom. thank you. people from all across the
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at that festival. so if you are still looking to find a loved one call 866-535-5654. >> he bought the machine guns and he did this. it was him who did this. jonathan: that is stephen paddock's brother talking about the deadly shooting that police said his brother carried out in las vegas. stephanie ramos picks up the coverage with what we know about the shooter. stephanie: this is the man police say opened fire on more than 20,000 people at a country music concert on the las vegas strip. >> shots fired from mandalay bay. stephanie: 10:08 local time last night, police say 64-year-old stephen paddock used a tool to break holes in the window of his hotel room on the 32nd floor. from there, police say paddock sprayed his targets with bullets. people frantically running, trying to take
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police say they found an arsenal in paddock's room. a combination of 20 rifles and handguns locked and loaded. >> this is an individual described as a lone wolf. i don't know how it could have been prevented. >> no connection with an international terrorist group. stephanie: eric says his brother showed no sign of distress or mental illness and had no political affiliation. >> i couldn't more dumbfounded. >> paddock described as avid gambler who had a girlfriend, 62-year-old marilou danley. his i.d. in the hotel room. authorities tracked her down outside the country but says she is not considered accomplice. authorities say paddock killed himself in the hotel room. among those killed was an off-duty police officer at the concert. today, people waiting for hours to donate blood to help the hundreds of victims who are now fighting for their lives. here in washington, president trump offered somber words expressing un
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bible scriptures, 48 hours after what many felt were some of the most divisive days of his presidency. the staff says he plans to visit las vegas this wednesday after a stop in puerto rico. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. nancy: police were at the concert minutes after the shooting. sam sweeney joins us from the live desk with some of the transmission from the police scanners as everything unfolded. sam? sam: 22,000 people were in the audience. music was blasting when the first shots started. you can imagine it was pure chaos. you can hear the chaos in the police radio transmission. >> coming up upstairs. mandalay bay. upstairs in mandalay bay. halfway up. i see the shots coming from mandalay bay. halfway up. sam: the first shots rang out at around 10:08 las vegas time. at first it was thought they were fireworks. the crowd quickly learned it's shots but no one knows where they are coming from. >> we have
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we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> can you tell me where it's coming from? >> from mandalay bay. sam: four minutes in while the shots continue to rain down, police run toward the danger to help. >> we have multiple casualties. medical check. multiple casualties. sam four and a half minutes passed. bodies everywhere. police trying to figure out where the shots are coming from. >> we have a rifle deployed. mandalay bay. we are trying to see where the shots are coming from. if anyone can advise us they are coming from mandalay bay. >> it sounds like mandalay bay. we can't tell. >> six and a half minutes passed, the gunman still firing on the innocent. police close in but can't stop him. >> mandalay bay on the 31st floor. hear fire coming from one floor below us. >> we are running out of blankets. sam: nine minutes go by as the first responders dodge bullets and scoop up victims. a
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police. >> we can't worry about victims. we need to stop the shooter before there is more victims. anybody has eyes on the shooter? >> the victim call continues. >> multiple victims. shots fired at the medical tent. we have one shot in the head. >> the chaos continued until well after midnight when the police finally announced the shooter was down. police say he killed himself before the s.w.a.t. team breached the door. at least one off-duty police officer was killed. but despite all of this chaos, officials across the country are praising those first responders for textbook response in an extremely difficult situation. at the live life, sam sween -- t the "live desk," sam sweeney. alison: no question. the festival was surrounded by tall buildings and down from mandalay bay. we have height restrictions here in d.c. it's similar to those buildings around nationals park. stephen tschida live in northwest d.c. where there are plenty of parades and festivals and we are talking today about some of the concerns
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stephen: we spoke with several representatives of security companies. no unwith would tell us about specific steps they take to prevent an incident like we saw in las vegas. however, the people who attend those festivals and protests and the demonstrations like we have seen in front of the trump hotels tell us they feel somewhat protected because of the city's architecture. washington, d.c. is a city of gathering places. but few other than nats stadium sit in the shadow of taller buildings. >> i think that is a dangerous area. if you are going to launch an attack, go to high ground. stephen: this is location for massive marches and street festivals and it's among the most heavily police places on the planet. >> i have noticed there is a lot of police presence here. stephen: the unique characteristics of the nation's capital likely would filter an attack such as a mass shooting from on high in las vegas. no building here can surpass th
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the closest thing to a 32nd floor is across the potomac in virginia. a distance which could make pinpointing a target in d.c. difficult. >> you just keep living. or they win. whether they are terrorists or sick, still, you just can't let it get to you. stephen: that is a sentiment a number of people shared. but with the incident of the terrorist attacks and the mass shootings in the united states, it's something which does weigh on their minds. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. still ahead in this hour we are talking to some people just back from las vegas and the festival about what happened there. [inaudible] >> the crisis in the caribbean. what is happening on the ground in puerto rico more than a week after hurricane maria
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>> things are quiet in the tropics and quiet close to home. we will take a closer look at what happens this week as the temperatures start to warm back up. sam: i'm sam ford at the martin luther king memorial where faith leaders came together today to lament las vegas. that story is next. jonathan: as we head to break a look at some of the images as people came rushing to the aid of others during the massacre last night in vegas. we will hear more from las vegas. that is coming up for us at 4:30.
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy
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ed doesn't stand for education.
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nancy: welcome back. this year is 60 years since dr. martin luther king wrote the essay nonviolence and racial justice. after last night's shooting in las vegas a group of religious leaders gathered at the m.l.k. memorial in d.c. to stop about ways to stop the violence. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is at the memorial to explain. sam? sam: the groups that came together represented representee knights of columbus, black and white evangelicals to follow martin luther king's message of nonviolence. they don't know the las vegas shooter motive but they involve hate and not love. they celebrated 60 years of
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nonviolence and racial justice in which he said to retaliate with hate and bitterness would do nothing but intensify the hate in the world. >> the people of hate believe the neighbors are brothers and sisters. they have to act like it and set an example. >> preach love for your fellow man. in the shooter had embraced just that doctrine the shooting would not have occurred because he would have had love for people he shot. sam: the same spirit of violence that motivated the shooter in las vegas motivates many of the young men who shoot each other down in america cities. a belief that the only way to resolve problems is through violence. reporting live from the martin luther king memorial, i'm sam ford abc7 news. alison: thank you.
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talk about our weather around here and how things are shaping up. jonathan: it has been idyllic around here. perfect. josh: you think of fall and this is what you hope for. we will stay right on the track. a little warmer as we go throughout the next few days. a brief return to summer feel. not in the mornings. those will stay cool. especially tomorrow morning. a lot like this one. maybe not quite as cool. we started off in the 30s in a few areas this morning. tomorrow morning hopefully we will be in the 40's. i did want to -- show you the time lapse quickly here. we work our way back this is a pretty day. barely a cloud in the sky at nats park. that is how it stayed most of the day. how it will look for tomorrow as well. temperatures again sneaking up a couple of degrees warmer. we are at 73 degrees in d.c. it feels like 73 for leesburg. 76 in culpeper. one of the warmer spots. by the water, hanging on to around 71. right on target for what is consid
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average or normal for this time of the year. it's a nice day to get out for a walk or jog. mild and dry. dew points are down and not too humid. only thing to watch out for if you put it off later in the evening, down to the 50's as we get closer to 9:00. so again, we will cool quickly. 45 to 55 degrees for us overnight. so again, another chilly one. heading to tomorrow morning. going to need jackets ready to go for the kids at the bus stop. we work through the morning hours we are warming fast. up to 70 degrees by 11:00. what it means is think about the layers again. start off with the chilly morning and feeling better to around lunchtime. the high tomorrow is close to 76 degrees. hanging on to the mostly sunny skies all day long. highs around the area. we will get a few spots that are cooler. annapolis is closer to 72. 73 in andrews. 73 for winchester. 74 in luray. the warming trend does continue to the end of the
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for our baseball game. playoffs starting for you on friday. with that we have the temperatures that are in the 70's. we are dry and comfortable and looking good throughout the week. hitting 84, though, thursday and friday. ten degrees above average. this weekend around 80 degrees. the cooler weather works our way to the middle of next week. but you will notice a lot of dry weather. we will talk about what it means for us and where we sit as far as the rain totals in a bit. friends say he is kind and brilliant. why is he headed to prison for decades? i'll explain ahead. alison: we are continuing to cover the las vegas massacre with more stories from people who escaped the shooting. >> we've seen things that we will never unsee but we are fortunate to be talking to you today.
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michelle: breaking news from the "live desk." multiple reports saying legendary rock star tom petty died at the age of 66. he was rushed to the hospital sunday night in his malibu home in cardiac arrest. he was the lead singer of the heartbreakers and his career spans decades. he rose to fame in the
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he was inducted in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2002. we'll have more on the life of tom petty throughout the hour and the next newscast. alison: thank you very much for that. we have new developments about a young father described as a narcissist and a monster. he shook his newborn son to death in a crime fit last summer. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis was in court as the judge handed down the sentence today. >> i was in utter shock. kevin: lauren says she will never forgive her ex-boyfriend austin ahimbisibwe. last june the 23-year-old violently shook his 5-month-old son hudson to death inside the germantown apartment building. >> he had a history of violence and drug abuse. rather than call someone to help him when his child began to cry, he chose to physically abuse that child with a constellation of injuries. as they were read off in
4:24 pm
>> in court, austin ahimbisibwe's former high school teachers seen here spoke about his respectful, cheerful, go-getter attitude. the killer himself stating, "i want to apologize directly to you, hudson. daddy is sorry for his look of compos sure." >> he's a coward. kevin: grasping on a metal box containing his grandson's ashes he called ahimbisibwe a self-preservationist. >> he is not remorseful. he is just fearful about what is going to happen. kevin: so the judge handed down 30-year prison sentence. ahimbisibwe claims he will start a foundation in his son's honor, take college courses and master multiple languages while locked up. at circuit court in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: a mother pleading guilty in the death of her
4:25 pm
to involuntary manslaughter saying the child's father punched him to death last year and then they say they both drove the body to parkdale high school and buried him in a shallow grave. the father pleaded guilty last year. nancy: coming up at 4:00 -- >> we were in a tower up on top. everyone says hit the floor. everyone is literally laying on top of each other. trying to get out of the way. nancy: we'll have more on what happened in las vegas including what people are doing. they are lining up to help in the wake of the deadly massacre. jonathan: also ahead for us this afternoon, a preview of president trump's trip to puerto rico as hurricane victims say they are still fighting for the help they desperately need. alison: when i join you back at 5:00, it may be a life altering act of generosity. the donation to d.c. public and charter schools and what it means for students. that is
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. [gunfire] nancy: people are ducking for cover as the shots range out at a music festival in las vegas. this afternoon, nearly 60 people are dead. more than 500 others
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we are hearing remarkable stories of survival. >> we had to cross the field where people were being shot. we heard shots we hit the ground and we'd stay there until the shots would stop for 30, 45 seconds. then we would run as fast as we could. nancy: this afternoon the gunman is dead but questions were left behind. lana: lana: -- lana zak joining us from las vegas. we talk about stephen paddock 27 shooter, have they figured out what motivated him to do this? lana: they are still very much in an active investigation phase. good afternoon, nancy. here in las vegas, they are looking at every possible angle. at this point they see no ties to international terror groups and he was not previously known to las vegas offici
4:30 pm
really, at this moment his motive remains an incomprehensible mystery. nancy: you talk about such a somber mood in las vegas. what have you seen in your experience so far there today? lana: every person i have encountered was touched by this. there were 22,000 people right here on the vegas strip who gathered for an evening of music and relaxation. everybody seems to have known at least somebody who was there or was affected. so everybody is doing everything they can to keep their hearts and minds on the people who are still recovering. and remembering those that were lost. nancy: absolutely. very, very tough weeks and months ahead for those in las vegas. i imagine that the scene of where this all happened will take quite some time to process everything that is there. lana: that is righ
4:31 pm
biggest questions that law enforcement officials had was about the guns that the killer used that they found in his hotel room there on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. when you hear the gunshots, it doesn't sound like a semi-automatic weapon. it sounds like a fully automatic weapon. they are trying to piece through where they received the firearms that they had in the possession. we know that one local gun shoppe says they did in fact sell him legally some weapons. they don't know if any of those were used in this attack. they also share their grief for the nation and the victims in las vegas. nancy: lana zak joining us from las vegas. thank you. jonathan: every time you see the video it breaks your heart. i want to show you video of the crowds lining up to help. the word went out that blood was needed. lines stretching around
4:32 pm
donate blood in las vegas. there are reports of five-hour wait at some places. people are waiting every minute of it. several centers are set up in the city where the public can donate blood to help the shooting victims. michelle: from the sound of gunfire to scenes of people running for their lives we are talk concert goers who had the phones recording as everything unfolded in las vegas. lindsey mastis picks up the team coverage with a look at the powerful images and the reaction on social media. lindsey: much of the images are very graphic. this video shows people hunkering down while the gunfire is going off and making a run it in the intermittent moments when the gunman is not shooting. what is chilling is hearing people scream and hearing gunfire. jason aldean was on the stage when this broke out and he released a statement that says in part it's been beyond horrific and it hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone. he was co
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what should have been a fun night. some people are waiting word for how the loved ones are. this person says prayers please for my fiancée's nephew. we can't get in such with him. he lives there and some people are getting sad news the loved ones passed away. this man lost his life. he was at the music festival celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary with his new wife. people are coming out to help. this the scene, the line outside the blood bank, a five-hour wait. the county is asking people to make, to call and schedule when they will get the blood drawn so they don't have to wait as long. back to you. nancy: remarkable scene. people headed for nearby mccarran airport in las vegas that forced the facility to close. suzanne kennedy reports that early this morning the airport reopened and flights left. some bound for our area.
4:34 pm
back to dulles international airport for the travelers trying to leave las vegas overnight. they arrived at the airport just after dawn and learned the extent of what has happened as they were trying to take off. 26-year-old julia lily had been at the concert on friday night. the d.c. resident had friends who were there when the shooting took place. all survived. some were injured. >> people thought it was fireworks peopled are fleeing, running into the airport. running away. dropping to the ground. running. >> more than 100 people were on board frontier flight 1148. the first to arrive at dulles since the shooting. they were delayed leaving mccarran airport because of what was happening at the concert venue. >> they made everybody get off the plane. something went wrong. >> gill was in las vegas for a wedding. an event now overshadowed by the
4:35 pm
>> i can not believe something like this is possible. the guy killed 50 people. 50 people firing automatic weapon into a crowd. it's insane. i don't have words for it. >> dozens of flights into and out of las vegas were impacted overnight for the people who arrived here this morning. they were exhausted. some were stressed out. but all clearly flood to be back home. at dulles international airport, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. nancy: stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the las vegas massacre. at 4:45, we are getting reaction from some local lawmakers. jonathan: change gears and turn to something nicer. we will talk about the weather situation. we talked earlier, too. horrible hurricane season. nothing turning in the tropics now. >> we get a break now. you go to the page where they have things circled, watching this and watching that. for now a nice blue background. it's quiet. jonathan: we like that. josh: exactly! taking a look from the
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picture. the sun shining all the way around. temperatures in the 70's. jonathan: beautiful. >> take a look and switch over here to the national harbor. the same story but a different place. like to show the water off on days like this. we have the numbers hanging around 73 degrees for us. began and a beautiful afternoon. here is a look from above. high pressure. basically centered exactly where we need it to bring us the light breezes, a lot of sunshine. ultimately just a really pretty day. that is stretching all the way up from maine to the carolinas as well. what it means keep in mind the sunset is 10 before 7:00. it will cool quickly. down to 62 by 8:00. 59 at 9:00. keep in mind the farther outside of town you live the temperatures will tumble more quickly. so if you are out this evening you are going to want a jacket. we are hanging on to the dry weather for the next few days. it looks like the next real chance of rain is not until next week.
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pick up an inch and a half of rain. that is way behind now we are two inches behind. no drop concerns yet but it's something we'll be monitoring. we look at the weekend in ten minutes. nancy: here is what is left of a massive tree that fell two years ago, threatening a little girl's life. hear from the teacher who saved her and the prestigious award he is receiving because of the bravery. that is coming up in "spotlight on education." michelle: a major demolition in new york city. this bridge falling after eight decades. how the future will look different. nancy: calls for help tonight after the massacre in las vegas. >> our people want to do something and they are healthy, then please donate blood. we will have plenty of bags available. always call a hospital if you are unsure where to go. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson.
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dated. can't handle the traffic. michelle: i drove over that a few months ago. jonathan: you won't go over it again. michelle: not anymore. now an abandoned sea otter pup that is getting a lot of attention and a lot of care. more than he could want. here is why. named after the alaskan town where he was found. he is two months old and treated at marine mammal rehabilitation facility. he is making progress. he can't be released in the wild. he will likely be transferred to a zoo or aquarium once he is older. a lot of 0oh's and ahh's. nancy: cutie. jonathan: they lie on their back. they sit on their back, they just sit there. that's what i do on a la-z-boy. nancy: adorable. this is a big night for the football fan
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chiefs. you can watch them here on abc7. "dancing with the stars" as a result is delayed and will air tomorrow at 1:05 a.m. set the d.v.r.'s. "the good doctor" airs wednesday at 1:35 a.m. and both are available on delayed basis at jonathan: if you stay up really late, you are happy. or wise, d.v.r. time. still ahead for us at 4:00, making a personal plea. how puerto rico is preparing to welcome president trump when the tours, when he tours the island tomorrow. >> following the deadly shooting in las vegas. virginia's two u.s. senators speaking out to abc7 news expressing sadness and frustration. hear from them coming up. >> there is a lot to learn from this. this is a cowardly despicable act. i'm very
4:43 pm
there is not much we can do but we can learn.
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4:46 pm
in puerto rico millions are struggling with limited access to water, power and fuel. president trump is going to visit tuesday. >> we are going to see the first responders, the military, fema and frankly most importantly we will be seeing the people of puerto rico. amazing what is done in a short period of time in puerto rico. >> on the ground, residents are struggling. the officials say only 5% of the island has electricity. less than half has clean drinking water. thousands are in shelter. there are some signs of improvement.
4:47 pm
time at gas stations decreased d from six to seven to less than one hour. >> we expect more fuel and diesel to be coming in the next couple of days. >> over the weekend the president took to twitter to criticize the mayor of san juan after she pleaded for help and expressed frustration at the federal response. some puerto ricans focused on their own recovery are disappointed the tweets. >> the trump is wrong to criticize the mayor. the mayor is reacting to a situation in puerto rico. unless you are here you don't know what is going on. i see him reacting. he likes to play the twitter game. jonathan: president trump says he will head to las vegas on wednesday. about two hours ago he took part in a moment of silence for the victim of last night's massacre. jeff goldberg at the "live desk" with reaction from some of the local law
4:48 pm
virginia long been supporters of the gun control legislation. often citing the experience with virginia tech. the it shooting there as an example as a need for action. this morning, both seem to be shaking their heads in sadness and frustration. before taking the staple today at a northern virginia chamber of commerce lunchen in falls church, mark warner and tim kaine both democrats, both expressing deep sympathy for the victims of the las vegas shooting. >> heartbreak for those affected. it was an act of pure evil. >> conveying a sense of helplessness. >> somehow, you know, the officials sending thought and prayers don't seem to be adequate at this point. >> senator warren saying more information is needed before commenting on this shooting, he believes the fact that another mass shooting happened in america should compel the members of congress to consider gun control measures like universal background checks or
4:49 pm
of people with mental illnesses. >> it just feels that we have gone through this so many times. yet nothing moves us to action. >> sickening. sickening. these keep happening again and again. we don't seem to have the political will to make any significant changes to reduce chances they will. >> senator kaine and warner are on the same page when it comes to gun control legislation, cammed dates running for governor are not. their reactions to the las vegas shooting and how they believe the shooting should impact the debate over guns in virginia. that is coming up at 5:30. live in the newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: i'm larry smith in the satellite center. we'll have continuing coverage of las vegas massacre. the message from the fallfest organizers don't be afraid. inside preparations for the
4:50 pm
half hour from now a live donation to the d.c. public and charter schools. we will let you mow who is behind the multimillion dollar gift. that's coming up at 5:00. nancy: every day kayous acts go unnoticed but that is not the case for a teacher from waldorf. in today's "spotlight on education," kellye lynn tells us about the heroic deed that led to prestigious award for the high school instructor. medal his great grand mother received many years ago. >> don't draw anything here. but boom! >> most of the days northbound high manufacturing teacher spent with the students are like this one. >> this is hidden. >> july 9, 2015, was no ordinary day. >> we fired up a barbecue grill by the tree. >> add a picnic in accokeek, everything was going smoothly until --
4:51 pm
i sue a five-foot long -- i saw a five-foot long crack. then it cracked and popped again. i saw the crack get larger. i went into alarm mode. i cleared the whel picnic ground. >> everyone sent for a 6-year-old girl named ashley who despite calls to get out of the way was frozen at the top of the sliding board. >> i went over there and i grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off. i grabbed her and boom, within seconds the 80-foot long branch fell down. >> they told the substitutes what happened in the park that day but never expected to receiver a prestigious award. the same award his grandfather received in the 1920's. decades ago a carnegie medal went to his great grandfather for an act of bravery in 1924. tragically, he died saving a young boy from a group of horses and a run-away wagon. >> are you a hero? >> no. i just reacted to a situation. i'm thankful nobody got hu
4:52 pm
thank you for saving my life. >> in waldorf, kellye lynn, abc7 news. nancy: in addition to a certificate and a medal he received $5,000 cash prize from the carnegie commission recognizing act of heroism in the united states since 1904. jonathan: wonderful. congratulations. michelle: but let's talk about the weather. it's gorgeous out there. jonathan: we need this nice weather after the day we have had. josh: this is the thing that you step outside and get a fresh of breath air. it will stay that way for a lot this week. you can see for get-away not looking at the issues. at least from the top of the building in rosslyn. as we throughout the everything, only thing you deal with is sun glare and then weather, not an issue for the drive. we are dropping off in the 60s and then the 50's throughout the
4:53 pm
if you are out later have the jacket ready to go. talk about the weekend. we have a lot going on. on saturday, taste of bethesda happening from 1:00 to 4:00. looking for clouds and comfortable temperatures. topping out to the upper 70's, tastes of 60 restaurants. the weekend we hit close to 80 on saturday and sunday. by that time the average or the normal high is around 71. so again we are getting back on the plus side after cool days, a few days that have been chilly. tomorrow morning still cool. talk about the wakeup temperatures coming up in a bit. for now, back to you. michelle: thank you. next at 4:00, the downside of an extended warranty for your car so you don't waste your money. jonathan: but first now a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington" for you. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," stay with us for new information on the las
4:54 pm
we give you detail on the shooter. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurhuh. with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico can help with way more than car insurance. boats, homes, motorcycles... even umbrella coverage. this guy's gonna wish he brought his umbrella. fire at will! how'd you know the guy's name is will? yeah? it's an expression, ya know? fire at will? you never heard of that? oh, there goes will! bye, will! that's not his name! take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. michelle, tepidded warranty on cars are good to have but they come with a down side. john matarese explain what is to look out f
4:57 pm
john: if you buy a new car, salesman almost always pitches an extended warranty. they can be a good idea but one man discovered a catch with the plan. they don't last as long as you think. josh recently found a great deal on a 3-year-old gently used honda civic. >> i love the car. only 19,000 miles on it. >> the salesman suggested he buy a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty. >> everything that the original warn i can covers and then some. told me it was good for seven years. >> so he paid $1200 for seven years and 100,000 miles of hassle-free coverage. when honda mailed him the paperwork he said uh-oh. >> only good from the year that the car was original purchased. so it only lasted four years. >> this is a common complaint with extended warranties on used cars.
4:58 pm
there is confusion on when the warranty started. >> he said he was specific and he wanted coverage for six years of the loan. >> he said we'll offer you this and it covers the term of the loan. >> many manufacturer's extended warranties, not just honda, start from the original in-service date and expire at 100,000 miles. we spoke to the g.m. at the honda dealer who said the salesman may not have explained honda care which led to a misunderstanding. however, after the dealer learned we were getting involved, he agreed to add another year free. josh said it's good but not what he thinks he was promised. >> get all the dates in writing so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. [gunfire] >> fully automatic fire from elevated position. take cover. >> we need to stop the shooter before he has more victims.
4:59 pm
>> my brother did this. it makes no sense. >> it was an october of pure evil. [gunfire] larry: right now at 5:00, the las vegas massacre, what we know. at least 58 people are dead. >> everyone is telling to us run, run as fast as you can. alison: the gunman is dead. larry: the president will head there wednesday. abc7 following the story since coming on the air overnight. alison: team coverage continues now from the "live desk" to las vegas. the investigation and what we are learning about the gunman. larry: let's begin with sam sweeney now and a time lien of the shooting last -- timeline of the shooting last night. >> 10:08 p.m., 22,000 concert goers cheering as headliner jason aldean takes the stage. then the
5:00 pm
689 the first few seconds, many people thought the shots were fireworks. part of the show. but then chaos ensued. people ducked, scrambled, trying to figure out where the bullets were coming from. nowhere to hide. in seconds, bodies litter the ground. >> we have multiple casualties. multiple casualties. >> less than a minute after the shooting start, police move in. >> upstairs at mandalay bay. upstairs at mandalay bay. halfway up. i have seen the shots coming from mandalay bay. >> but still, no one knows where inside the mandalay bay the shooter is. the 64-year-old gunman reloads and keeps firing. >> people just started dropping around us. a lot of dead bodies. a lot of people were piling on top of whoever. even as they are pleading or not. >> the shooting lasts more than ten minutes. more than 500 people are down. >> i'm running out of blankets. >> nine minutes after the shots rang out,


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