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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police say the gunman killed himself as they forced the way to the hotel room. sam sweeney is tracking this developing story. >> 10:07 p.m. in las vegas. 22,000 concert goers cheer on the headliner jason aldean at a country music festival. a minute later chaos ensued. 10:08 bullets rain down on the crowd. at first many thought it was fire works. >> we ran. we ran. i wasn't sure if it was bullet s until when we paused the friend was like, the guy next to us got shot. >> in a minute the vegas police moved in. no one had any idea where the bullets were coming from. >> casualties. multiple casualties. >> the crowds had nowhere to take cover. bodies piled up. meanwhile, the 64-year-old gunman continues to fire in the open concert venue. police say he had 17
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two on tripods but it took minutes to find him. >> mandalay bay halfway up. i see the shots coming from mandalay bay. >> more than ten minutes pass before the s.w.a.t. team gets to the 32nd floor. at the concert it looks like a war vone. the bullets don't stop. >> people started to drop around. a lot of dead bodies. a lot of people were piling on top of whoever, bleeding or not. >> i'm running out of blankets here. >> more than 500 injured. some by bullets. overs in stampede. nine minutes in the shooting a sobering command from police. >> we can't worry about victims. we need to stop the shooter before he has more victims. anyone with eyes on the shooter? >> they used explosives on the 32nd floor hotel room but the gunman already killed himself. >> right now there is still no known motive. we do know the shooter had been staying in that hotel for three days. the
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planned but his brother says there were no warnings and no sign of mental illness. in the newsroom, sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: president trump oversaw moment of silence and mike pence at the white house. that is shortly after he delivered this message. president trump: it was an act of pure evil. our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence. we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fe low citizens, it's our love that defines us today. jonathan: the president now is planning to meet with survivors and first responders on wednesday in las vegas. michelle: happening right now we are monitoring a news conference that has just begun in las vegas. we are carrying that news conference in the entirety on newschannel8. we will bring you new developments that come from it. first, though, we are learning mo
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including one from our area. tom roussey is live in martinsburg west virginia with that angle of the story tonight. >> a sad day. >> people in martinsburg area began learning the news on facebook this morning. denise with her family is well known here died in the las vegas shooting. she had been enjoying the country music festival with her husband tony. the facebook photo was posted at the concert earlier sunday. the twitter picture was posted a half hour before the shooting began. those in martinsburg and denise's nearby hometown of hedgesville were stunned to learn there was a victim from here. >> shocking. i was heart breaking. like i said, everybody travels. you never know anywhere you go. anytime you take your family anywhere, things can happen. heartbreaking. >> family members tell us denise's husband tony plans to fly back in a few days. denise reportedly died in his
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put his flag at half staff in memory of device. according to the facebook page her hometown was hedgesville which is close, outside of martinsburg here but she was living here when tragedy happened. reporting live in martinsburg, i'm tom roussey. abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. we just got in the newsroom the death toll has gone up. 59 people confirmed dead from last night's massacre. details are continuing to emerge about the man police identified a the gunman in this. stephen paddock, 64 years old. appears to have no ties to any international terrorism organization or groups. no known criminal record. in fact, his brother says he was a multimillionaire real estate investor. police say they recovered 17 firearms from a mandalay bay hotel in the room that paddock killed himself ending the rampage. police have raided paddock's home. what is unknown is where he got weapons
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to carry out such an attack. his brother is baffled. >> was he particularly hyped up about politics nothing. >> or anything? >> nothing. no religious affiliation. no political affiliation. he just hung out. where the hell did he get the machine guns? he had no machine guns. i moved his house. there were no machine guns. jonathan: salt lake city gun store owner says he did sell paddock a shotgun but it would not have had the range for this kind of shooting. a few minutes, the item will take a closer look at the complex process of legally buying a machine gun. michelle: the challenges of securing a large outdoor event are different than stop an attack on enclosed venue like an arena. buildings and structures overlooking gathering are now of particular concern to law enforcement. events with multiple points of entry and a lot of people are considered a soft
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place like the white house with control access a hard target. we are just days away from one of the biggest country festivals in our area. the wnzq fallfest. attendees and organizers say security is on their minneapolis. you bet after what happened this morning it's on the mind of the police as well. you continuing coverage of the massacre ahead. i-team will look at the legal and the financial hurtles that have to be cleared to buy a fully automatic weapon. we are monitoring sources from las vegas. nancy chen has an update in minutes. >> we have an update on the forecast. closer to home it's quiet but we are getting ready to heat back up. we talk about the mid-80's in a bit.
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michelle: today marks 15 year since the beginning of three weeks of terror. of gunshots. tore through a craft store window followed by james martin shot to death outside the shoppers in wheaton. the next day five people were killed. by the time the two were caught ten people
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muhammad was executed and malvo's life sentence upheld last month. jonathan: the 2012 attacks in benghazi killed four people including ambassador chris stevens and this comes three years after they captured ahmed abu khattala. michelle: new at 6:00, a woman coming forward to say she was assaulted at massage envy in woodmore town center. she is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. three women accused a massage therapist of abuse. jonathan: coming coming up we look at how difficult or easy is it to buy a fully automatic
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nancy: update on breaking news in las vegas. sheriff department saying in the last ten minutes 59 people are now confirmed dead with 527 injured. after a gunman opened fire at the music festival late night. as we speak, s.w.a.t. team also about to reach home in northern nevada that belonged to the gunman stephen paddock who passed away. law enforcement saying that in another one of his homes in nevada they found in excess of 18 additional firearms. some explosives and several rounds of ammunition. we will deep you updated as the developments come in the newsroom. but now back to you. michelle: thank you for the update. the shots rang out in las vegas it was unmistakable sound. rapid fire from a machine gun. [gunfire] minutes ago investigators revealing the shooter had 17 guns in the hotel room.
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of weapons were recovered or how the gunman acquired them. how the i-team wanted to know how do you legally buy a machine gun? nathan baca looked into this and he joins us with what he found. >> the las vegas police department has not announced how paddock got his gun. but he used a fully automatic weapon. there are legal ways to obtain fully automatic gun. through the national firearms act or n.f.a. n.f.a. firearm dealers sell working machine guns for prices in thetengs of thousands of dollars. it takes an a.t.f. background check to pass and waiting period of up to five months. $200 tax stamp and the automatic weapon must be built before 1986. >> if you had the licensing to buy the weapon, i would be shocked if
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to do with buying automatic weapon legally. >> equipment is legal in some circumstances. most legal versions modify the firearm stock to simulate full automatic and raging the fire range. the san francisco field office is assisting the metropolitan police department. "7 on your side" got a rare look inside the national tracing center in martinsburg, west virginia, a few years ago. a a.t.f. still uses micro film and paper records to track down firearm owners. prohibited by law to have searchable data base. each time a gun is used in a crime, the a.t.f. employees hit the phone to track down dealers and owners looking for a gun's history.
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they are running a trace on paddock's weapon. there are illegal ways including the black market to get fully out matted machine gun -- automatted machine gun. jonathan: calling at it dark day for the country, mark kelly called on congress to act in the way of the latest massacre. he was joined by gabrielle giffords who still bears the effects of the mass shooting that took place in 2011. >> the nation is counting on you. >> this is not normal. it's not inevitable. this is an epidemic that needs to be cured. >> he urged congress to investigate gun violence as a public health crisis. he called for the policies to prevent people from accessible
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michelle: this is the abc7 team following the shooting all day long. any update they learn they will bring it to you tonight. we have special coverage from las vegas tonight at 6:30 on "world news tonight." jonathan: now to the crisis playing out in the caribbean. jonathan: the governor said half a million barrels of diesel fuel and million of gasoline should arrive this week. president trump is going to visit prex tomorrow. >> the tropics are quiet and it's quiet here weather wise as well. we have high pressure in control. this is the sunset in half an hour. what it means this ev
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way to the upper 50's by 79:00. not as dramatic as last night but it's cool. 55 in d.c. get ready for a cool morning. you will have the sunshine that will warm us up quickly. in the morning sunrise is 7:06. tomorrow it doesn't get better than what we have in store. 71 around 12:00 noon. 73 by 2:00. everyone warmer than today. it's 76 for the high tomorrow. sunny skies that are sticking around with a light breeze around the area. the five-day temperature trend. tomorrow is 76. by wednesda
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and the mid-80's for the end of the workweek. now it does set us up for nice weather for the baseball game. cubs will come to town and the temperatures are 77 degrees for the first pitch. very similar weather for saturday. the highs top out in the 80's. but it should make for comfortable everythings. the -- comfortable evenings. it's 76 degrees so that's almost ten degrees above normal. we have a few extra clouds working to the second half of the week. extra cloud cover sticks around for the weekend. you will see it as we get to sunday. by columbus day is the next chance of wet weather. predominantly this is in and out of the model guidance. it's not banging on the rain -- banking on the rain. if you are planting or trying to reseed the lawn you will have to get out a sprinkleer to give help to that yourself.
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up to feel more like summer by the end of the week. michelle: a big football night. jonathan: a huge test for the guys. not only are they kansas city on the road but this is one of the loudest stadiums. erin hawksworth is in an empty stadium so it's quiet but it won't be for long. erin: that is right. i am looking toward to hearing how loud it will get. redskins defense has been dominant so far this season. i'll break it down by the numbers coming up
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you erin: with so many new pieces on the redskins it's impressive how quickly they have come together. they are ranked fifth defensively and they need help as they can get because the only undefeated team in the nfl, the cance city chiefs. so far the redskins have been holding opponents to 62 yards on the ground, the second fewest in league. the redskins run defense will have its hand full tonight with the chiefs running back kareem hunt with four rushing touchdowns. it's not just hunt. kelce and smith are all big threats. >> they do a lot to the starting wide receivers. the quarterback does a good job getting them the
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>> the backs are phenomenal. >> they are a big play team. if we can melodically move the ball down the field we'll have success. we have to eliminate the big plays with hunt and kelce and smith and comely, all of them. erin: so stay with us all night. first the pre-game show countdown to kickoff at 8:00. watch the redskins at chiefs on abc7. followed by the news. stick around for the post game special after that. so this will be a very tough test for the redskins defense because not only do chiefs have the top rated running back in the league but they also have the top rated quarterback. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. it should be fun. michelle: the final check. weather looks nice there. from what i hear, very nice. josh: it is. we will hang on to this. tomorrow morning morning is a cy stt
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to mid-70's. you need a jocket to get the kids to school but you have to remind them to bring it home tomorrow. we have numbers to warm up. mid80's for the end of the week and that will be comfortable weather for game friday and saturday. we will work our way to next week and the temperatures will start to cool back down. michelle: all right. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. they are live from las vegas. jonathan: as we start to learn who the victims are we leave you with images of some of the 589 people lost -- 59 people lost in the morning's attack in las vegas. ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight, we are on the scene, the massacre here in las vegas. the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. the gunman firing down at thousands who were gathered at an outdoor convert, from his hotel room on the 32nd floor. the crowd erupting into mass panic. some diving for cover. others running for their lives. and tonight, the staggering new toll. at least 59 killed, more than 500 wounded. and tonight, right here, the audio, at s.w.a.t. teams move in, surrounding the suspect's hotel door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> police discovering an arsenal of weapons. the shooter taking his own life. a 64-year-old living in a retirement community outside las


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