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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jonathan: president trump met today with the survivors and those that were injured. the las vegas police releasing the body camera footage showing the officers racing to confront the gunman. police say the gunfire lasted for nine minutes with the accused gunman stephen paddock killing himself as the swat team members moved in. president trump: words cannot describe bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans defied death. jonathan: the f.b.i. is questioning paddock's girlfriend who he sent to the philippines a few weeks before the shooting. they want to get a sense of what was going through his mind before the ram pain. michelle: family, friends and
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a woman critically injured in the shooting. tonight we are learning more about tina frost's long road to recovery and how the family of a west virginia victim is coping. kevin lewis is in the newsroom with the latest. kevin: tina frost is an accountant with ernst and young. this is as everyone prays for a miracle. thousands of raining bullets, some 2,400 miles away, shattering two local lives. >> tina went in surgery before she had been identified. >> amy works with tina frost's mother. frost an anne arundel high school grad now working as an accountant in san diego hit in the forehead and brain. she is currently in a coma at a vegas hospital. >> went in and then through her right eye. so it came this direction. >> it was not-second burst.
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cnn anderson cooper about his wife denise killed by gunfire. >> the couple married 32 years call martinsburg west virginia home. >> what were you, were you able to talk to her at the end? >> i immediately knew that the status, she was unconscious from the time she was struck. >> a good kid. >> and they claim frost is showing slight signs of progress including less reliance on a vent late -- ventilatoror. her family by her side. >> there is the assumption of some sort of brain damage but there is no way to know right now. >> tony says he plans on staying in las vegas until he can come home with his wife's body.
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>> we have continued coverage. there are fears of possible copycat and one-on-one with the trauma surgeon who trained the las vegas doctors for disaster days before the gunfire began. jonathan: turning to the crisis in the caribbean. two weeks after hurricane maria ravaged puerto rico, 5% of the entire island has electricity. 5%. the department of defense says only 12% has cell phone service. the white house will request $25 billion disaster aid for puerto rico, texas and florida. late this afternoon ten d.c. police officers returning home after days of being on the ground helping
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maria's aftermath. i understand one met up with the thomly members while working. sam: there were probably more than one but they all had a connection to puerto rico. some had been police officers in puerto rico. they left a week ago today and they came back tired. but happy they went. flown down and back by the d.c. national guard they arrived home to a waiting press corps and the boss. peter newsham greeted them at joint base andrews. ten officers worked in puerto rico before joining m.b.d. >> what will happen with my st
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you have no stuff. it's sad back home. >> sergeant mendez found his father and they followed social media. finding people at the request of relatives in the d.c. area. >> we broke up in three teams and they searched the island. in the everything at 10:30 or 11:00 we were debriefed. >> the idea of the going came from the officers. he said he and the d.c. national guard adopted it because it was a good idea. >> a huge sense of relief to see them back here safe. you know, unharmed. >> they are tired as you might imagine. >> the chief said they were considered on duty but they were in puerto rico.
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on the street of d.c. reporting live from joint base andrews i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. you can help the victims of hurricane maria. tomorrow abc7 and the hispanic national law enforcement association will be collecting supplies all day at megamart in hyattsville and alexandria. supplies needed range will first aid kits and batteries to diapers and baby food. michelle: not guilty is the verdict hand down in the retrial for a man accused of killing a caterer at a fairfax county wedding. jurors found kempton bonds not guilty in the death of tyonne johns. cell phone video shows chaotic moments before the stabbing last year. at a park in chantilly. bonds was managing property at the time. defense attorneys say he was bullied by guests. he claims he stabbed johns in self-defense but johns' friends and family disagree. >> what i said happened is what happened. the r
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the truth is what came out. the verdict reflects that. >> this whole damn country is sad. 12 white people couldn't find the young man guilty of a crime he committed in malice is sad. >> the first trial in july ended in a hung jury. >> possible out of the world explanation for growing wildfire to the north. >> how the terrified buck got in the store and how shoppers protected themselves. >> tropics are heating up again and it will bring us much-needed rain.
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michelle: must-see video. a deer in a dress shop. the frighted and the injured buck ran through an open door and it spent more than an hour rampaging through the door. guess what? there were people inside. they were desperately hiding behind the racks and in dressing rooms. >> the deer was traveling back and forth. knocking into things and running into the mirrors. >> wildlife workers trappingize the deer which ended up having to be put down. >> poor
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jonathan: fire investigators investigating whether extraterrestrial encounter may have been responsible for a wildfire. meteor was seen before the fire. and the official cause is still under investigation. coming up for us, the story behind a person two stole a show becoming the me noily man at a congressional hearing today. see him? michelle: we see him. the message left when a vandal struck a monument inside a national park. jonathan: first, we continue to remember victims of the tragedy in las vegas. ♪
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jonathan: new video showing the moment a bomb went off in a chelsea neighborhood last year. remember this? more than 30 people were hurt as a result. you can see the man accused of planting the bomb in the video. authorities say he is the one dragging the two bags with
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only one went off. >> the national park service cleaning up the vandalism at the manassas battlefield. someone slashed paint over the statue of confederate general stonewall jackson and spray painted the word "dead" on the base. anyone who saw anything suspicious to give the police a call. jonathan: back to las vegas and the massacre that took place there sunday night. two hours ago president trump was meeting with survivors, first responders and doctors. all now tied together by the awful attack. it's the fourth time in a month the president has been called upon as commander and comforter in chief. abc7's political chief correspondent scott thuman takes a look at the role that good or bad can forever change a presidency. >> i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. scott: there are moments who
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how a commander-in-chief becomes con seemer-in-chief. the hug -- consoleer-in-chief to help the nation heal. for president trump tragedies have come quickly. president trump: a very, very sad day for me personally. scott: there are moments that supporters say he has risen to the occasion and critics say he tossed sensitivity aside. >> you can never compare donald trump to those other presidents. mr. is nothing about trump like the other presidents. >> political professor says the capacity to comfort often define how presidents are perceived. >> think of ronald reagan when the barracks in lebanon were blown up by terrorists. george h.w. bush oozed human decency in a way he was a great comforter. bill clinton really does feel people's pain. >> polls reflect it.
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hovering around 50. but after giving the bull horn speech saw the surge almost immediately to 90. >> it's got to seem genuine. if you are a comforter in chief you have to be a genuine comforter in chief. it's not like you are hugging somebody and looking at the wristwatch. scott: for trump, there are tests he likely unfortunate will face again. scott thuman, abc7 news. michelle: breaking news new. word that the girlfriend of the suspected las vegas gunman knew nothing of the attack beforehand. her attorney saying that after she underwent hours of f.b.i. questioning. the horrific mass shooting in vegas is once again reigniting the debate over gun control. today on the capitol steps representatives nancy pelosi and john lewis and gabrielle giffords locking arms calling for stricter gun laws. >> now is the time to come together. be
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democrats, republicans, everyone. we must never stop fighting. michelle: lawmakers across the country are having debates about gun control. some say stricter laws are needed. others say violent attacks are a mental health issue not a gun issue. jonathan: there was levity today in the background of a very tense and heated capitol hill hearing. take a look. congress was grilling the c.e.o. of equifax over the massive data breach when people began spotting what looked like the monopoly man, you get it. he turns out that rich uncle penny bags as he is known is amanda warner. she tweeted the image with a get out of jail free card. she works for advocacy group and protesting laws she believes the financial institutions to hurt customers with few repercussions. steve: looking outside now. 25 minutes until sunset. bay bridge, not a
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sky. it will stay that way through the evening hour. temperatures are looking great. 73 in winchester. the same at national airport. show what is going on this evening if you have outdoor plans. the temperatures slowly fall through the 60's. 8:00 tonight at 65 degrees. lower 60's by 9:00 and 10:00, we look for mainly clear skies overnight. temperatures range lower 50's. lower 60's closer to downtown d.c. winds out of the south at 2 to 5. not worry about fog early in the morning. waking up thursday morning a light jacket early on. grab sunglasses. temperatures around 57. 56 in upper marlboro. annapolis at 61 degrees. show what is going on with the future cast. part of the area will see chance of showers come late tomorrow afternoon in the everything hours. concentrated across western maryland, garrett, allegany and washington counties. it's not going to amount to a
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immediate metro it will stay dry moving through the day tomorrow and the day on friday. the day planner tomorrow shows high of 85. added clouds later in the day. baseball, playoffs, friday everything in the 70's for the first game. the second game on saturday in the 70's. partly sunny skies. then the next best chance for the showers showers will come le sunday and monday. the reason could be what is tropical depression number 16. winds at 35 miles per hour. wind gusts at 45. this is tracking toward the northwest at 7. this is expected to intensify moving over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico to a category one hurricane. it could make landfall as early as sunday afternoon. along the gulf coast. after that it will move inland and become area of low pressure. that is what will bring us wet weather late sunday and
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monday. even tuesday. we have a two and a half inch deficit at the reagan national airport. after the playoffs the temperatures cool down to sunday at 80. columbus day, wet weather and wet weather on tuesday. the temperatures fall in 70's. end of next week, highs in the upper 60's. robert: game one is almost here. fans are ready for it. there is a pep rally tonight. josh knight is li
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robert: fans are getting ready for friday. nats hosting the chicago cubs in round one of the playoffs. it's a party tonight. josh knight is live with a preview of a rally going on. what's up, josh? josh: this is a lot of fun. pep rally but with a twist. you can see there are people waiting outside ready to come in. the gates open in five or ten minutes from now. once they get in, they will get a raffle ticket for all sort of raffles. food trucks, beer and wipe ready to go -- beer and win ready to go. the most exciting thing is a zombie run. people will go inside and they have to save nats players. not the actual nats players but between that and trick or treating with the kids,
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time. gates will open. coming up in an hour i can go through the zombie run and save as many nats players as i can to make sure we are set to go for friday. everybody is pumped about tonight and even more so for friday ready to take on the cubs. robert: yes, we are. fans can cheer all they want but the nats don't fare well in the first round of the playoffs. a very talented team. jayson werth thinks this is the squad to do it. >> if you look across the team it's hard to find weaknesses. we improved the bench and the bullpen. starting pitching is good. the line-up is balanced. this is our best team. >> as talented as we have had and the most balanced roster we have had. a team that has the most playoff experience. a tea
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robert: earlier today the g.m. mike rizzo confirmed scherzer will fix in the series but stephen strasburg may pitch for game one. i'm cool with that. jonathan: it would be nice if they swept the cubs and got through the first round to get the monkey off their back. robot: but that will never happen. >> it's perfect. robert: it's not impone. -- impossible. you're right. steve: this is our year. we're ready. robert: yes. steve: nice weather today and in the day tomorrow. forecast friday everything it's 70's. mid-80's for the afternoon. cooling down to 70's by the game time. late chance of rain sunday, and tuesday thanks to tropical depression 16 named nte
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tonight, several breaking headlines as we come on the air. the massacre in las vegas. police body cams showing officers responding. and what we've just learned tonight about the gunman. he checked into multiple hotels on the eve of the shooting. all with a view of the concert. also, the gunman's girlfriend, back in the u.s. tonight being questioned by the fbi. pushed in a wheelchair through the airport. what has she revealed? did she know anything? our team standing by. president trump here in las vegas. what he said about the survivors. the wounds he saw first-hand. and what the president is now saying about gun control. a major new tropical system closing in on the american coast. potentially bringing hurricane winds. the possible paths from the


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