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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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thick black smoke. alison: the firefight ending just a couple of hours ago. this took over on social media. everybody could see it. in fact, the smoke could be seen from national airport at one point. nancy: it also shut down traffic near logan circle for quite a while. jonathan: this is on q street northwest. stephen tschida is there with more of the video and the story behind it. it is starting to calm down out there, though, stephen. alison: yeah, it is. stephen: the residents are going back in to grab a few possessions and then getting out. if we look up toward the upper floors, you can see right up there. that is the source of the flames and smoke which filled the sky. apparently a loud explosion at the source of the fire. so powerful, it echoed across the logan circle neighborhood. residents a block away say their houses shook. >> i heardt
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stephen: firefighters responded in minutes focusing on the roof where the fire and the smoke raged. they got it under control but not before water and smoke inflicted heavy damage to much of the building. >> you never prepare for this. i'll find friends to stay with. stephen: we have just learned that the cause of the fire has been determined to be electrical in nature. indeed, the explosions apparently propane tanks up on the roof in an area where they do some grilling. now all the people got out and we have just learned all of the pets did get out safely. there was one missing but we learned moments ago her owner did find that cat in the building. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: all right. alison: thank you for that. new at 4:00, a mother charged after police say she left her three small children localed in
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car. inside it reached a sweltering 150 degrees. this happened near columbia pike. jeff goldberg has more on how the police found and rescued the kids. jess this happened at 2:00 -- jeff: this happened 2:00 in the afternoon on tuesday in this parking lot. in the office park in falls church. the woman now in jail was working at a paralegal in a law office there. another man in the area noticed the three children inside the vehicle. he saw them and he called 911. here now is the woman who is in jail as we speak. 26-year-old alexa faulkison. facing three charges, felony cruelty to a child. three counts, rather. fairfax county police say the officers arrived at that time on tuesday. they found three kids ages 5, 6, 7 suffering from heat exhaustion inside the vehicle where the temperature inside was as high as 150 degrees. we saw the s.u.v. you
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at faulkison's hope in annandale, you can see a hole taped up in the window. one of the children tried to punch the hole to get air in the vehicle. they were inside 45 minutes. when police arrived, they were taken to the hospital and they were checked out. they are doing okay. according to the police, faulkison brought the children to work with her and didn't want to bring them inside. her boss, a lawyer, says she is a legals say tant who started working here six weeks ago and she -- legal assistant and who started working here six weeks ago. she is constantly in and out of her car for work. >> her babysitting fell through and i think she thought she could keep them in the car as she went back and forth to work. she a good employee and this is uncharacteristic of her. jeff: faulkison does remain in jail in fairfax county on no bond. after the incident child protective services
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children in the custody of their stepfather at the home in annandale. we had an vacs -- an interaction with the individual and we have that at 5:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. in the wake of the las vegas vegas, the n.r.a. has come out saying the so-called "bump stocks" that allow the semi-automatic rifle to fire more like a fully automatic machine gun should be the subject of "additional regulations." they want the a.t.f. to examine if they comply with current law. the investigation does continue. marci gonzalez has more now from las vegas. marci: a chilling view from the scene where 58 innocent people were murdered at the country music festival as they question whether the gunman who shot down at his victim from the hotel window may have tried to target other large events. in august he booked hotel rooms in chicago with a view of the lollapalooza festival and searched for rooms
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>> because it's an ongoing investigation i won't speak to it more than that. marci: officials confirming he went to the room in the las vegas condo overlooking a music festival a week before the massacre. investigators now say paddock may not have acted alone. >> he had to have help at some point. >> his girlfriend marilou danley now a person of interest. she is cooperating with the f.b.i. and said she knew nothing about the plans but now an official briefed on the investigation said paddock was seen with a different woman in the days leading up to the attack. they are trying to figure out who she is and whether she knows anything about what led to the rampage that left 487 people injured. among them jesus campos, the security guard and the first to approachpadpad's hotel room. the gun -- approach paddock's hotel room and the funman shooting -- goneman shooting him through the door. 150 ot
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marci gonzalez, abc7 news. nancy: the moment that singer brian hopkins and the fans at the music festival huddled together in a freezer in the massacre. he like many others heard the popping and thought someone was setting off firecrackers. jonathan: the university of nevada las vegas football team will be wearing special helmets saturday. they are all black and they have a pink ribbon, pink and red ribbon on the helmet in honor of the victims from the massacre. that decal is the red ribbon with las vegas on it. they will hand stickers to the fans with the same ribbon. nancy: a man reuniting with the therapy dog. he chased down hundreds of tips that he received. after all of that he spotted her last night in a field not far from the mandalay bay resort. >> w
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were talking. i jumped over the fence. she was running from people. as soon as i called her, i kneeled down and she ran straight to me and jumped in my arms. nancy: he has been living out of the trucks in the hopes of this moment happening. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage from las vegas. at the bottom of the hour we will delve deeper in gun debate and the n.r.a. stunning new stance when it comes to the rapid fire gun modifications. meantime, the cool start and the finishes for the day shouldn't fool you. in the day, the temperatures have been climbing into the 80's. it is well above average. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin with the forecast. it similars like a hint of summer hanging on. steve: absolutely it feels like august around the d.m.v. look at the temperatures out there. 79 at reagan national airport. cooler there due to the southerly winds over the cooler waters to the potomac. 81 in ma
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79 in dale city. stormwatch7 satellite and radar, a few showers, garrett, algany and washington counties -- allegany and washington counties. hardly any impact in the area moving through the everything hours. for the evening the temperatures fall through the 70's and in the 60's. coming up in a few minutes, i will tell you where to look to find the full harvest moon tonight. plus update on the playoffs forecast for tomorrow evening and saturday. that and more with update on now tropical storm nate in a few minutes. >> see you then. thank you. alexandria man accused of threatening to kill black students at howard university is due in court for the first time this afternoon. federal prosecutors say john rust posted online threats to howard students in november 2015. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted. after several attacks on drivers, t
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representing the drivers is speaking up again. this happened moments ago. our tim barber with the late-breaking demands to try to protect the drivers. tim? tim: they want metro to improve safety and they want it now. they have the six list of demands they just told us about. some of the workers told me they had been assaulted themselves. some of them had a gun shoved in their face. this is a few of the demands they want. they want to increase police presence of the uniformed officers. they want to relocate the fare boxes so there is a decrease interaction between the driver and the people on the bus. they want to increase the penalties against assault. there have been a couple assaults in the last few weeks. one person had a cup of urine thrown on them, one had a gun shoved in their face and a third person the other day was arrested for throwing a can at a metro driver. these are some of the demands. here is what they had to say a few moments ago.
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on the buses. these are problems throughout the maintenance department, the rail and throughout the system. we have reasonable responsible requests for wmata to be proactive instead of reacting to the incident out here. tim: i asked the union officials how they propose to pay for the changes and they didn't have an answer for that. they just said there is no price tag on safety. i reached out to the metro officials a few moments ago and said as soon as we get a response from them, we will let you know. reporting live from northeast washington, tim barber, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. coming up at 4:00, a daring spacewalk. we will show you what astronauts were adding to the space station today. nancy: "7 on your side" consumer alert to pass along. the reason mits -- mitsubishi recalling tens of thousands of cars with takata air bags two years after they were replaced. the potentially deadly miak
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donations have been pouring in throughout the day today for hurricane victims in puerto rico. i'm amy aubert with that story coming up. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. nancy: well, that clip is going to cost cam newton. there is nothing funny about the reaction pouring in to the star quarterback comments yesterday. more on th
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nancy: just as mike pence spoke at the meeting of the revised space council, two astronauts replacing part of the space station robotic arm. taking part in spacewalk was the falls church native. this was his first spacewalk and back. two additional spacewalks are planned in the coming weeks. jonathan: "7 on your side" consumer alert. mitsubishi recalling 66,000 cars because of the takata air bags inflators inside them. this is a new problem. the second time the lancer evolution models need to be brought in. the second time. originally they were called in 2015 but the same takata parts were used. to see if your car has the parts that need to be replaced go to you can see the item reports on takata searching "sudden impact." that was the investigation talking about the replacements were going to have problems as
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>> funchess seems to rel lay embrace the physicality of the routes and get extra yards. >> it is funny to hear a female talk about routes. funny. alison: a lot of people are talking about this. quarterback cam newton is getting criticism for the comments. nancy: they were directed at the female sports reporter and he has lost one sponsorship. jonathan: he said it's funny listening to a female. if an athlete cannot figure out mens and women cover all type of sports. sad really. are you still a fan of this guy? go to to weigh in. lindsey mastis is joining us now. social media blew up after this. lindsey: yeah. it is continuing, too. people are commenting, commenting and commenting. he is one of the celebrity spokesman for the dannon oikos
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they rereesed a statement on twit -- they released a statement on twitter -- the female reporter spoke out on twitter and she writes -- i don't think it's funny to be a female talking about routes. it's my job. not everyone is offended by the comments. "this is ridiculous, i'm a woman and i'm not offended at all. i don't believe he meant it negatively." and "this is the equivalent when a guy finds a woman knows something about a car engine. it's funny and endearing. stop reaching." some think it's condescending. the comments keep coming. nancy: i think the condescending part hits on something. if you don't feel like it goes so far to being sexist it comes across as
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nancy: it's not just cam newton directing vitriol. it's something women deal with every day. jonathan: women have been in the locker room for years. athletes figure it out. he needs her more than she needs him. his star will fade. she is going to keep writing for years to come. athletes should keep it in mind. don't diss people who has the job to inflate the egos. nancy: very passionate, jonathan. jonathan: just saying. alison: moving on. abc7 tracking the tropics. what was tropical depression 16 is now a tropical storm nate. spinning off the central america coast before making landfall over nicaragua. nancy: this is in costa rica and damaging floods there. the storm knocked out power to many people out there. all the schools were closed today. reminder we are still very much in hurricane season. jonathan: in the
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need of help after hurricane maria hit that island last month. nancy: abc7 and newschannel8 trying to help. but here is the thing. we need your help. alison: amy aubert is live in hyattsville where we are teaming up with wonderful organizations to spend supplies to puerto rico. hi, amy. amy: hi, guys. it's been busy and steady all day today. i want you to take a look at the donations they have coming in. there is a number of fundraisers and charities looking to help out the victims in puerto rico. out here we are collecting donations that could be useful. for the american kidney fund this is all about raising and distributing money specifically for dialysis patients to keep their treatment going. the american kidney fund says for dialysis patients it's a matter of life and death. >> you simply can't go weeks without dialysis treatment. dialysis is a lif-s
4:19 pm
amy: tamara says the situation in puerto rico is improving but for 5,600 dialysis patients still living there, it's all about relying on generator power to get the needed treatments. >> i think what the dialysis clinic workers are doing in puerto rico is heroic. they care for these patients. they are working extremely long hours. they are doing everything they can to make sure that they are able to get fuel to the clinics. amy: so far the american kidney fund raised $340,000 to help hurricane victims. they have already distributed $450,000 to dialysis patients impacted. >> grants that we were able to give patients are really life-saving. they mane so much to the -- they mean so much to the patients. amy: they are used to replace any medication lost in flooding, transportation to dialysis centers and other basic needs. >> our heart goose out -- our hear
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it's difficult to imagine being in a situation where you have lost everything. ames -- amy: there is more information at the website. we'll be at the megamart in hyattsville until 6:00. for now we'll send it back to the studio for steve rudin with a look at the forecast. steve: nice weather out there for the rest of the evening. if you have time, another hour and a half or so to head to megamart. they knead your help -- they need your help. the skies are beautiful and blue. a few, a thin layer of clouds out there. nothing to hamper a moon rise this evening. 84 at dulles. 79 reagan national. 86 in culpeper. it's cooler, a lot cooler off to the west of us. look at oakland, maryland. 59 degrees. forecast moving through the evening hours and into the early overnight. looking at the temperatures by 7:00. st
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here is that harvest moon. that arrives at 7:04. then we look for the temperatures by 9:00 around 75 degrees. it will cool down to the lower 70's by 11:00 tonight in town. as mentioned the harvest moon look to the sky. i promise you won't miss it. starting at 7:00 to around 7:15. it will be huge. great viewing around the national mall with the monuments out there. orange to red hue on on the moon. garrett, allegany and washington county moving to the panhandle of west virginia. the rain will miss the d.c. metro moving through the overnight hours but the next best chance of rain will come later this weekend and into early next week. the trop injuries, this is tropical storm nate. winds at 40 miles per hour. it will intensify as it moves over warmer waters in the next couple of days. it is making
4:22 pm
orleans to the panhandle of florida in the day on sunday. after that it will lose its steam. we will look for area of low pressure that will remain and it could bring us much-needed rain to the area sunday night to monday and tuesday. depending on the track we may look at the potential for severe storms around here by late monday night and in the day on tuesday. wakeup temperatures tomorrow are in the upper 50's to the lower 60's. the future cast looks like this. nice day for friday. nice way to end the school and work week. baseball tomorrow night at nats park. playoffs begin. highs tomorrow around 85 degrees. for the game, both games. temperatures in the 70's a nice mix of sun and clouds early on for the day on saturday. overall it will stay dry around here. a quick look at the ten-day outlook. temperatures will cool down moving in the end of next week when highs are only in the upper 60's. jonathan: thanks. the n.r.a.'s stance on the rapid fire modification
4:23 pm
semi-automatic guns might surprise you. the gun debate takes a major shift. that's coming up at 4:30. brases how this phone number led to an ethics complaint on the pri
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alison: ethics concerns have been raised by some member of the prince george county school board. they have
4:26 pm
an issue. bradley has the story -- brad bell has the story. brad: it's all about this phone number. hot line set up by a private independent firm brought in by the state to investigate allegations of grade fixing. several members wrote to the governor demanding an investigation. governor hogan agrees it was a good idea. the state board of education hired an outside con tracker to do an audit of the prince george's county school system. jump ahead to september. when that private company doing the audit announced a hotline for teachers to call with allegations and tips. the school board members who brought the original complaint were unhappy because they felt the tip line was not shared widely enough among teachers and then when they
4:27 pm
list serves. that is the reason today two of them are filing an ethics complaint against the board chair. >> we were elected to communicate with constituents. on an issue like this, the public hot line, the community able to can tact the investigators. we have a right to share the information. >> there is no law or policy that gives them the authority to stop that type of publication moving forward. >> back live, this is that hotline number. you can see it. 833-535-6103. this is the number again set up so that people in the prince george's county school community can call in with tips or information they may have about possibility grades were fixed to boost graduation rates. the ethics complaint was filed
4:28 pm
i checked with the school board and they have not seen the complaint so they can't comment specifically on it. the past week the issue has been festering and the school board says they are cooperating fully with the investigation. this monday, monday of this week, they did share this number on their school system list serves. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. the n.r.a. says there should be regulations on one type of semi-automatic gun modification. potential momentous shift in the nation's gun control debate next. lindsey: plus, i will show you how scammers are tricking companies how to wire them tens of thousands of dollars. i'll show you what to look out for. alison: new at 5:00, what a health company is trying to do to stop the opioid epidemic when i join you back at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: as you know by now the gun debate is front and center of capitol hill. the main focus is talk of banning the bump stocks. device the gunman used to make if rifles act like fully out matted machines.
4:32 pm
machines. nancy: this could be a debate in gun control. >> 58 people were gunned down by one shooter in las vegas. the conversation about gun control even been joined by the n.r.a. in an unexpected statement, the n.r.a. believes devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. referring to the controversy bump stocks. the las vegas gunman had 12 rifles modified with the attachments allowing his rifles to act like an automatic weapon like a machine gun. the gun store owner in reno says his store is almost entirely sold out. >> a lot of people have been calling in to buy those because they are sured they will be outlawed. >> the bump stock are legal and cost around $100. >> the goal is to stop the devices causing so much destruction. >> republican
4:33 pm
introduce a bipartisan bill in the house. >> we have to act now. we are not going away. we have to pass something. >> this is far from unanimous. >> i don't think the 80 or the 90 million americans who have exercised the second amendment rights to own a gun should be punished for the act of one evil person. >> today white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the president is open to have a conversation about bump stocks but for now the main focus is on the country. michelle: an appeal to the supreme court could have had potentially sweeping effects across the nation, we have more coming up at 5:00. jonathan: we will move to the weather center to talk to steve what is
4:34 pm
steve: this is great. over near the bay. the people put the boats out. great evening. no one out there. quiet. jonathan: perfect to sit out there and fish. steve: in to one -- no one bothers you. it will stay that way for the next hour, hour and a half. we have a full harvest moon. 7:04 tonight. a big moon. it will look nice behind the monument. it's the same at reagan national airport. it will keep our temperatures are dropping quickly. here is what is going on in the outdoor dining forecast. 82 at 5:00 p.m. late dinner or maybe just going out for dessert the temperatures are around 75. you should have no problems viewing the moon moving through the early evening hours. between 7:00 to 7:30. that is a great time to view it when it looks really big. the wakeup temperatures tomorrow are in the 60's. around 65 degrees in
4:35 pm
61 at dale city. la plata at 59. coming up, talking about the weekend. army ten-miler. we will give you an update on what is now tropical storm nate. more in a few minutes. jonathan: we will see you then. we know you would never knowingly give money directly to a scammer. nancy: absolutely. but some criminals are getting away of tens of thousands with an easy trick. michelle: lindsey mastis has what to look out for. lindsey: this is called "spear fishing." one of the popular ways scammers use it is target employees with access to company finances. landa is the founder and the c.e.o. of onty number networks, i.t. company. he said scammers if i wered out when he went on vacation and send an e-mail to the c.o.o. they wanted $19,000 wired immediately. >> my c.e.o. is a clever dude. he says sure, where can i call
4:36 pm
he already knew it was a scam. lindsey: scammers tried targeting his customers as well. >> we had a client whose c.f.o. was asked to wire $180,000 in an account. the only reason that she didn't do it because the very end of the day, she wrote him back and said i'll do it tomorrow. the e-mail bounced. what was the saving grace. lindsey: now bounced e-mails are rare and the examples are getting away with it. >> the attacks in the past three years cost companies over $3 billion. lindsey: what can you do to make sure you are not scammed? they recommend requiring verbal concept before wiring any money. he says companies should require two people sign off on wire transfers and look for inconsistencies. >> the e-mail sent to my c.o.o. they put kind regards and my name. i never inside my e-mails
4:37 pm
lindsey: if you or someone calls for scam, call the bank immediately. in some cases the wire transfer can be stopped if caught quickly. most of the time, once the money is gone it's gone for good. nancy: thank you. archaeologists believe they discovered the remains of who inspired st. nicholas fired -- final home beneath a church in turkey. he served for bishop now a town on the turkish-mediterranean coast. archaeologists at the time were looking for entrance in the temple. that is when they found evidence of st. nick known for the generosity. jonathan: we know how the rest of the story is. he is in the north poem with the elves -- north pole with the elves. >> and rudolph. michelle: and comet. don't
4:38 pm
nancy: coming up, how dangerous a quick glance to your dash can be while driving. jonathan: plus the crook who cooks up a crime. i'm not kidding. caught on camera! what he leaves behind will surprise you. is it a mess? a tip? or a new recipe? the answer when we come bac
4:39 pm
ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored is ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs., but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy
4:40 pm
ed doesn't stand for education.
4:41 pm
michelle: watch this. caught on video. this break-in at a restaurant is one for the books. watch what happens here. the crook works up an appetite. video shows him wandering around the kitchen, putting on gloves, rummaging through the fridge and cooking up under the cover of darkness. while the food was cooking he breaks open a cash rodge center and pockets $100. >> -- cash register and pockets $100. >> he worked like a pro. he knew food safety skill. he would change gloves frequently after handling an object. michelle: you can't make this up. despite taking the $100 he leaves a buck in the tip jar. little generous while taking at the same time. jonathan: who is he cooking for? michelle: i don't know. maybe to go. jonathan: not working. 19 acts hope they will
4:42 pm
hall of fame. nine nominees. radio head, rage against the machine. judas priest are the new ones to the least. jon bon jovi and the cars are repeat nominees. the list on nancy: a man giving away money to $100 bills and hopes it will spur others to do something positive. he dubbed it the do the next good thing project. >> the only thing i want in return for $100 is to be kind to people today. >> i will give you $100 for no other reason than just to give it to you. 100% serious. nancy: he hopes to have the money handed out over the next year. he is giving it away to everyone and anyone. he says the death of his sister and the world events spurred him to help others. michelle: very generous.
4:43 pm
you have seen the video. a jumbo jet engine falling apart crossing the atlantic. days after this, the pieces were just found. we will tell you where. >> it's on fire. it could have been with my kid on it. jonathan: yeah, because that is a tonka truck that kids ride. i did burst into flames. more on the video and the warning from the family coming up next. >> the impact an executive order might have on jewish families in maryland. that story sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology
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4:45 pm
♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
4:46 pm
nancy: update to must-see video now. french investigators found engine parts that broke off air france jumbo jet. this is mid-flight when los angeles and paris. look at that there. the pilots managed to keep the plane in the air for an hour before making an emergency landing in new finland. the broken engine parts were found in a wasteland of denmark's greenland territory. scary to see there. jonathan: very scary. imagine being a passenger. how about this? a warning going out for families after a toy truck as you can see here caught fire. the florida family said
4:47 pm
truck and it burst into flames. recall this year involved acceleration medal sticking but not fires. they say the fire started when her husband moved the truck. >> he kept putting it out with the hose. it kept catching on fire. the wheels just kept running. jonathan: no one was hurt in the fire. dynacraft that makes the truck said it will reimburse the family. nancy: montgomery county public schools may have to end long-standing tradition observing two major jewish holidays due to a decision in annapolis. kevin lewis is live in potomac with the details. kevin? kevin: hey, nancy. the decision will impact 160,000 students here in montgomery county. including at winston churchill high school. the calendar finagling is due to governor larry hogan 2016 executive order which requires all pu
4:48 pm
after labor day and released by june 15. in the window, the schools must hold class for at least 180 days. this move ought to generate a longer summer vacation season in and around ocean city. the montgomery county board of education is currently looking at five options for next school year's calendar which based on the option would include shortening spring break, eliminating professional days for teachers and holding classes on yom kippur and rashid. >> -- and rosh hashanah. >> i am jewish but that is my option. if they want to have schools in the day if my kids can make it up, i don't have a problem with that. >> they need a balance. for some people the holidays are important. we need to respect them. but it's more about finng
4:49 pm
balances. kevin: they are gathering public input to go into next tuesday's board of education meeting. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. now to an important report on distracted driving and the infotainment systems that are used to send text and tune the radio. nancy: they are actually pulling your eyes off the road. michelle: as ryan hughes reports, even a quick glance is a dangerous amount of time. ryan: a.a.a. reveals the new level of distraction in some of the newest cars on the market. >> tune a.m. 830. ryan: we are talking about the voice-base or the touch screen technology for calling, texting, changing the radio station and navigating. >> command. >> find address. >> seek address in the united states. ryan: according to the foundation of traffic safety the drivers are taking their hands of
4:50 pm
hands off the we'll for possibly dangerous parted of time. they found using the g.p.s. navigation is the postdistracting taking an average of 40 seconds to put in an address. the car would have traveled the length of four football fields. >> some out toe makers improved the -- auto makers improved the system to add new bells and whistles that drive up the demand the drivers experience behind the wheel and interacting with the technology. ryan: a.a.a. says 40% of the drivers in d.c. admit to being distracted using this technology. taking your eyes off the road for two second doubles your chance for a crash. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. nancy: the most popular netflix streaming options are getting a price hike. it allows you to run two devices at once will cost $11 instead of $10. for the ultra h.d. 4k
4:51 pm
that is $14 instead of $12. netflix will e-mail affected users in two weeks. that is most of the 53 million subscribers. they will have 30 days to take actions. the choice is accept the rate, change plans or cancel your service. nancy: breaking news at 4:00 michelle: pennsylvania congressman tim murphy resigning from congress. he has long been antiabortion, held that position for quite some time but he told his mistress she should get an abortion. the eight-term republican said last night he was retiring but that has now changed to resignation effective october 21. jonathan: turn back to the weather situation. for us this really has been perfect. steve: it is so nice out there. toasty warm. more humidity today. we will build on that for the weekend. finally much needed rain around here late sunday into monday and tuesday. look at the temperatures. you can see where it is raining. cooler. 59 in
4:52 pm
73 in cumberland. 84 in dulles. 82 in manassas. the reason reagan on the schooler side is 79. winds over the south from the cooler water of the potomac. the charities are not -- the temperatures are not as warm at the airport. garrett, algany, washington county is not going to amount to a lot. looking to stay drive through the overnight hours. we have an 5:00 p.m. update of tropical storm nate. winds gusts are at 50. the latest track shows it intensifying over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico to become a category one hurricane. before making landfall somewhere saturday to sunday morning and it could be around the new orleans area. we will keep you updated on this. the remnants will likely bring us much-needed rain across the area late sunday to monday and tuesday. wakeup temperatures tomorrow are upper 50's. lower 60's. the day planner looks like th.
4:53 pm
the day tomorrow. i will take you out with a look at the forecast for baseball. first game tomorrow night for playoffs. temperatures at 7:30 for the first pitch are 70's. saturday the game starts earlier at 5:30 with the temperatures then in the 70s. looking good for the first half of the upcoming weekend. jonathan: thank you. "7 on your side" this afternoon for a good cause. we are raising donations for folks in puerto rico who desperately need the help. in fact, there are two areas to donate the goods. they are at the megamart in alexandria and hyattsville. amy aubert is joining us now from hyattsville. we have now partnered with a good group for this. we partnered partnered with thec national law enforcement association. amy? amy: that is exactly right. take a look at this. donations continue to pour in throughout the day today. i want to take you on a little walk so you can get a better sense of what we have
4:54 pm
today. take a look over here. there are two trucks. two trucks are sitting here. they are filling up. you can see people donating, bringing cases of water as we are out here right now. they are collecting most wanted items. diapers, bug spray, baby formula, first aid kit, trash bag, hand sanitizer, water, soap. anything that the people in puerto rico could really use. they do have a tractor trailer full of items over here. that is where they are collecting all the donations. for now we are going to be out here until 6:00 tonight collecting the donations. for now we will send it back to michelle. michelle: amy, thank you very much. next on abc7 -- >> where does it fit in the new white house, oval office. >> i love it. michelle: the final season of
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
michelle: this is "scandal's" final season. how will it end? kidd o'shea has the scoop. >> when we come back she is in the 100th day of being president. olivia pope is the chief
4:58 pm
she is running her father's former spy organization. then katie is quinn. it's almost a new game. or a new, it's changing of the guard. >> all new chess pieces. >> right. >> so we are still doing it. >> stuff is being redecorated still and things are being established. things like where does mali's liquor fit in the new white house office. >> she doesn't have to hide the hooch in her closet anymore. i imagine the characters will get into all sort of new territory. michelle: the line-up is back tonight -- larry: a shift in attitude tonight from the national rifle association in the wake of the las
4:59 pm
group called on the federal government to review where the bump stock used to convert semi-automatic weapon to fully automated weapons should be subject to further regulation. the white house and the top congressional republicans say they agree. larry: that is after abc7 learned the gunman in las vegas stephen paddock booked a room in chicago overlooking the lollapalooza music festival in august. police say in their city they are beefing up security for this weekend's marathon. alison: omar jimenez has the latest in the investigation. omar: as the authorities slowly piece together the timeline and events around the shooting in las vegas, disturbs new details on the killer and the arsenal. officials say the gunman had 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in his car in the hotel parking lot. it's possible he was preparing to flee after the attack but ultimately took his own life. >> he was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape at that point. his concern was personal concern versus w
5:00 pm
occurring below it. omar: the shooter's suicide means they are left to piece together the motive through evidence and interviews including conversations with his girlfriend marilou danley. authorities say she is cooperating with investigators since she arrived in los angeles from the philippines on tuesday. speaking on her behalf, her attorney said she had no idea the shooter was planning the attack that left 58 people dead. >> it never occurred to me in any way whatsoever he was planning violence against anyone. >> keep your head down. go. omar: police have a clearer picture in the timing of the attack and the response. >> it's from the mandalay bay. omar: shots rang out from the 32nd floor from the mandalay bay hotel for ten minutes between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. by 10:20, the police cleared the scene in a massive effort by police and the first responders. >> it's amazing the amount of work. the hospital, dedication, the doctors and the nurses and the staff at th


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