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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. a fire shutting down foxhall road. we are live. state of emergency in the gulf coast. tropical storm nate makes its way north. autria: hockey returns. talk thisports friday. let's get you to the ball field with scott abraham and suzanne kennedy. : good morning. suzanne: i have been counting down.
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the nats on the chicago cubs. this is the marquee series of this first round matchup. great team, the nats, a great team. great series. suzanne: a lot of people in town looking forward to tonight. it will be a great day. lots of energy out here. the ballpark opens at 5:30. excited to be back for postseason baseball. scott: 40,000 people will be rocking and rolling. the forecast will be nice. and doesn't get any better than this. low humidity, dry, a few clouds. we are dealing with
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conditions today. eileen whelan will be there in a couple of minutes. sunshine slips away through the weekend, especially late saturday. we will get some rain. a cooler pattern will set up next week. 79 degrees by noon. out the door, very mild. the high today, 84 degrees. we will have more in a few. julie: in maryland, checking out the ride out of beltsville, starting to see the slow go southbound 95 south of 212. a crash involving a tractor-trailer is keeping you on the brakes. stick with bw parkway as an alternate. foxhall at reservoir road, all lanes blocked. ryan hughes telling
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is getting by. ryan, any more changes? ryan: within the last 15 seconds, the last fire truck rolled out and both directions are open here. early morning fire broke out before 3:00 this morning. started in the basement area and spread to the first floor. this is 1600 block of foxhall road. there is a dental office where the fire likely started. fire fighters had a hard time getting control of this because there was not an easy way in. an accidental fire. they believe it was started by something electrical. the two people living in the house, they made it out safely. there are no reports of injuries.
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it was closed for a little more than two hours. just opening up now as we get into the thick of the early morning commute. also breaking now, and arson investigation in prince george's county. four kids set what appears to be a couch on fire. they took off running when police arrived. no one was injured. latest in a long and painful investigation in las vegas. stephen paddock may have scouted out other locations in chicago and boston. he may have been planning other attacks, maybe even a car bombing. at ailled 58 people oa country music festival. investigators have not landed on a motive yet. people in west virginia
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road take me home ♪ ♪ larry: a vigil was held last night. on the football field of her alma mater. put out are no words to there what she did. she lived to the fullest. the pain weighing heavily on hearts. loved ones telling us she will life tobered for living the fullest. her attending were classmates. ned to go to vegas with her. work out.ot her husband was not injured in
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a maryland woman was wounded in the shooting. a spokesna frost was able to take a few breaths on her own. she is in a, after suffering losing and i.nd roy simmons the third turned himself in to police. grabbed ieges she was simmons during a program. we spoke to his father who says he is a good person. sln is msn, and until proven guilty, he remains innocent. he is a perfect sln. son.o and -- autria:
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detectives are stanng. they are asking the public to come forward if they know of any more incidents involving simmons. a 10th grader, eric, told his coach he was having trouble breathing. he was rushed to the hospital and he died. studentswas held after said he would have wanted it that way. a training exercise getting underway in frederick, maryland. the police department is holding an active threat drill. expect to see police and officials. it is only a training exercise. larry: trump tweeting about ralph northam fighting for gangs in sanctuary cities and closing with "vote ed gillespie."
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campaign in north virginia. stop at ake a homecoming game in alexandria. election day is november 7. the nobel peace prize winner announced. that is coming up. tropical storm moving north. the rain on the way to our area. we are counting down to first pitch. just over 13 hours to go.
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veronica: we don't have to worry about low temperatures and being cool. we are starting out mild. temperatures top out 15 degrees above average. we don't have many days like this left. ample ns
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we will pick up clouds tomorrow. let me show you your future weather. tomorrow, spotty showers. locust dale could see spotty showers. sunday, like this. maybe sprinkles to start out around i-95. there comes the rain, starting at 2:00, 3:00. during the afternoon on sunday, we will pick up the rain. we will talk about this system, nate, what it means for us. thee: we are going to enjoy dry pavement. we have had a slow ride. sky track 7 above the crash. is where we have accident activity. the chopper is over the scene. squeezed by to the rights. use the bw parkway as the work around. , about half an hour drive.
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i am back in the next 10 minutes and will let you know if you are looking good coming out of oxon hill. let me take you to the ballpark with scott abraham's. .cott: team coverage continues game one between the nats and the cubs. want some inspirational stories for a change? you gotta check out the american dream. saturdays, 1pm, newschannel8
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und chicken which is nice because i've got better things to do.s as mine, andre, i need a longer straw! introducing mcdonald's buttermilk crispy tenders. juicy, and made with 100% white meat. announcer: you are watching good morning washington, on your side. this year nobel peace prize has been awarded to international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. they draw attention to the consequences of any use of nuclear weapons, specifically they promote the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. autria:
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is timely. thank you. happening now, florida, texas, and a hurricane. nate is strengthening as it moves towards the gulf coast. it is already proving deadly. deadft at least 20 people in central america. people on the gulf coast are preparing. a state of emergency has been declared for 29 florida counties in the city of new orleans. is expected toit make landfall on sunday as a category 1. larry: thank you for the donations. teamrday, the abc 7 collected supplies at a local megamart. clothing and food will be shipped to puerto rico. everyone who contributed.
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autria: we are getting ready for the playoffs. abraham scoping out the good seats for first pitch. scott says it is quiet now, but this place will be packed with 40,000 fans around 7:00, 7:30 of game one. this is the marquee series of the first round playoff matches here in major league baseball. park.t all week at nats talked to dusty baker earlier this week and he said this is a different type of group.
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this teams ngry to get to a playoff series. stephen strasburg is pitching phenom only. -- phenomenally. >> you trust in the guy next to you. that is huge for us. hopefully the fans will be there with us. >> this will be the second post-career start for stephen strasburg. let's head over to suzanne kennedy. suzanne: everyone is excited.
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the chief marketing officer for the washington nationals, this is where -- >> part will start out when the fans walk in the gates. >> they are going to get this, sponsored by coca-cola. hasy time stephen strasburg a strikeout, they will hold it up, shake it. suzanne: you want to make sure everyone gets down here in a timely fashion. ofthere are a number different gates. walk around the park. you might find a different way in. suzanne:
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for postseason. >> we have new menu items. if you download our ballpark app, you can find different menus and where they are at the park. -- in place. don't bring any bags larger than 16 x 16 x 8. want to bringu water, it has to be factory sealed. if you are packing your bags, 16 8.6 x no larger. autria:
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things are looking great for first pitch. veronica: in the early morning sky, a rare full moon. .his is what was tweeted the full moon is closest to the beginning of fall. you will be able to check the moon out as it rises close to sunset. that is why it looks so awesome. great weather if we are heading to the game. we are going to stay dry. throughout the weekend, as you just a tropical system. it may become a hurricane. wa
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early sunday morning with wind about 80 miles per hour. what i like about this system, it will be a fast mover. around new orleans and gulfport before it moves inland, they .ould have a lot of wind the rain here locally, we get most of it sunday. -- monday. next week, the lower 70's. 95 south in beltsville has some trouble. a 16 minute ride from 32. there is an accident. to avoid the delay, stick with the bw
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on 395, a 13 minute commute. some tro
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: en 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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us to class.takes kidd: thousands will head to haunted houses. i was curious to know what it takes to scare someone. we went to nottingham elementary school to find out. halloween is kind of a scary time. scare yourgoing to parents, how do you scare somebody? >> you could go in the room, if there is a hiding place, you could
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it would be so scary. kidd: what are words you could ?se >> you could jump out and say something scary. >> you could have a blow horn behind you. kidd: how else do you scare somebody? pretend, if you had a book with squeaky sounds, you could push the buttons and it would make squeaky sounds. >> good morning, washington. she really thought that response through. autria: their
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imaginations. awesome. thanks. larry: we are getting you pumped up for hockey season. a live
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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. foxhall road reopening the past few minutes after flames chased a home -- a family from their home in washington. ryan: the fire causing
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foxhall road was shut downabout. it reopened a short time ago. a couple of minutes ago, this area was blocked off. look at the damage the fire did. heavy flames consumed the basement and spread to the first floor of the home in the 1600 block of foxhall road. there is an in-house dental office, that is where this fire likely started. the windows and walls are charred and blowed out -- and blown out. the people who lived here were able to escape. there are no injuries. this fire has been ruled accidental. they believe it was caused by something electrical. foxhall road reopening at the top of the hour. good news for the thick of this commute. julie:
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traffic volume has improved a bit. it was light this moi don't thia delay in this area. a crash has been cleared to the shoulder. 66, a -- matt right out of manassas. maryland, watch for fire and rescue. that is our traffic watch. i am back in the next 10 minutes. we will let you know if it is go or slow. mother nature is no longer throwing us curveballs. fabulous it will be a night for the washington nationals. mild out there. 67 is the temperature at nats park. we are going to have an hourly forecast.
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this morning, 55 to 65. we should hit mid 70's by 11:00. closer to 80 degrees by noon. this will be the last day we have pretty weather. we are tracking rain for the weekend. we will have the travel weather in a couple of minutes. autria: we will see you then. the playoffs kicking off tonight at nats park. and welive on the field will check in with suzanne and got in a few minutes. larry: hockey is also returning tomorrow night. is lacing up the skates at the ice complex. john: we are feeling the natti
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rocking the red. tomorrow, we bring it home. this is your giveaway, game one giveaway, tomorrow night at capital one arena. talk to adam, he is the in-arena host. there are new players on the team, a new hashtag. here, #allsee it caps. we are living this season out loud. there is a red carpet event, very fancy. >> we are calling at rock the red carpet.
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arriving one at a time. we would love to see our fans come out. a couple of hours early. a great chance to see your players. great activities. john: we are going to grab the sticks here. do you want to shoot into the small net or the big one? >> i need to shoot into the big one. john: i didn't do too bad. go ahead. let's see how he does. he nailed it. that is good form. mesiss.t is a look out. i will go big one and we shoot and score.
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tomorrow at capital one arena at evan :00. larry: we will talk to you soon. this morning, an apology of cam newton. >> if you took offense to what i said, i sincerely apologize. onry: he posted that video twitter. during a news conference, he porter, at a female re saying it was funny to hear about her talking about passing routes. the panthers have not said much. the commentsled wrong. melanie: this is a story out of hollywood. is accused ofin sexually harassing women for decades. the new york times published an expose detaili
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accusations. he tried to convince several actresses to give him a massage or watch him shower in exchange for career advancement. he has called the times story reckless reporting. forcing anpkin spice evacuation at a baltimore high school. after crews were called several people fell ill to an unknown odor. it was coming from a punk and spice plug-in air freshener. two adults and two students were taken to the hospital after the smell made them nauseous. --ry: shocked over for us , we have your tickets.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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eileen: it feels like summer time. does not feel like october, baseball weather. 67 degrees this morning. you can see the grounds crew has the fans blowing, trying to allow the paint to dry. final preparations before the big game. we could not have asked for better weather. our temperature, 78 degrees, well above our daytime high. there are a mild. we will see partly cloudy skies. as you head home, temperatures are mild. you will
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muggy factor. the humidity is on the high side. with raing changes, returning. julie wright, gearing up for a big game later tonight. metro stays open until 1:00. that should serve you well. southbound 95, a 14 minute commute. eastbound 66 out of manassas, the crash pulled over to the shoulder. -- whiskey bottom road, follow police action to get by. i will be back and update the ride in germantown.
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. the column before the storm. i am scott
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against the cubs. suzanne: this is one of the giveaways they will have. they hope to see a lot of these in the stands. lots of strikeouts by stephen strasburg. is getting the start in game one. a lot to look forward to. maybe max scherzer in game three. suzanne: it is nice to see the injured players back in the rotation. we are locked and loaded going into game one. scott says in a couple of minutes, my favorite part of the show, we are going to do food tasting. the nationals will be serving them up during game one. maybe we will save you some to bring you back to the studio. you have to be good, though.
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you in a few. tropical storm nate hammering central america. autria: it is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. melanie has the preparations that are underway now. melanie: nate has left at least 20 dead in nicaragua and the costa rica. it has pounded central america with heavy rain, causing flash flooding and mudslides. some areas could get up to 30 inches of rainfall through tonight. people on the gulf coast preparing a state of emergency -- people on the gulf coast preparing. a state of emergency has been issued for 29 counties in florida and the city of new orleans. storm impacting the oil industry. exxon and shell have shut down some facilities.
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off-line. nate could reach hurricane status tomorrow afternoon. watching it very closely. larry: thousands coming together a fallengas to honor hero. he served in the army and was off duty when bullets started to fly. while helping others, he was killed by gunfire. >> he demanded respect. about -- some things there was something about the way he carried himself. larry: another vigil to remember a west virginia woman. the concert the past three years. friends and family gathered on the football field of her alma mater. autria: we follow
6:49 am
the investigation. stephen paddock may have scouted chicago andons in boston. he may have been planning other attacks, possibly a car bombing. he killed 58 people on sunday. many injured remain in the hospital. investigators have not landed on a motive. larry: a worker and potomac accrues -- accused of inappropriately touching a child. he faces charges related to an inch that last year, in which a girl alleges she was grabbed by simmons. we spoke to roy simmons' father who says he is a good person. innocent until until then,y, and he remains in a set. he would never do what he is accused of doing. he has won numerous awards
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with his work with children. jewish holidays and spring breaks at risk as montgomery county leaders try to craft a new calendar. this is because of the new rule that extends vacation until after labor day. schools have to get in 180 days of class. they will discuss it more at the school board meeting. governor hogan says it is outrageous they would consider cutting religious holidays and should cut union service days. fixing inleged grade the spotlight for prince george's county schools. a firm has set up a tip line. reports surfaced over the summer. had to our website for more. larry: we are counting down to the
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first night at nats part. our team is already out there. let's go to scott and suzanne. are going to get your taste buds salivating. look at this spread we have, getting you ready for first pitch. petersons now, david -- dave peterson. post season means bring out the special menu. things we a lot of are playing around with. footarted with a two sausage you can take that can bring back to your seat for three or four people to share. our districttzels, duo. muncher.oughnut pork
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of these items, what would be your go to? >> i would go with the half --.ed we are featuring it on the postseason. suzanne: most people may have a beer, but this is unique to the playoffs. ciders is our apple curveball. it is smeared off vodka, apple -- it is vodka and apple cider. we go for the local. scott: are the nats going to win? >> definitely. scott: a lot of
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come to the ballpark and try at all. today is the five-star day? veronica: yes. i like to rate things. if you are going to get out this weekend, we are going to drop powered a star rating down to two. rating downday star to two. it is about the rain coming down on sunday. we are talking about this system, nate. it could become a hurricane. out the door, 60 to 65 degrees. kids will love this. a little muggy today. 67 at 10:00 a.m.. you are looking at some of the cloud cover. morerow, we pick up clouds. it wil
6:54 am
humid. a bit of a warm breeze blowing your way for tomorrow. rain, itk about the could be any time on monday. tuesday, it is during the afternoon hours. a chance of a few showers, but good running weather. there is a look at your 10 day forecast. we will have more on how much rain we could get as nate comes into the area. much cooler this time next week. of elseouthbound 95 out will and now the beltway to manassas. lanes are open. a stall car was reported on southbound kenilworth avenue. a slow ride towards pennsylvania avenue. we have been talking about the cubs-ns.
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at 5:30. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes i will update the ride on 270. arry: we are giving away pair of tickets for the fall fest at jiffy lube live. call for your pair of tickets. seven caller wins. out forler perry was his movie "boo 2." clowns?going on with kidd: no clowns. >>
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walking dead films on yourkidd: lot. were there any prop sharing? >> they come in with all of their own stuff. them sectioned off in this area because i don't want to drive through there at night and the a bunch of demons walking back-and-forth. kidd: out of everything you do, what is your favorite part? >> the people, seeing them laugh. that makes me feel good. kidd: how long does it take to become madea? about 18 years. kidd: for the movie. >> about 18 years. no, for her,
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half, maybe two hours. that causedappened him to reprimand me before the interview started? look at this. nice to meet you. >> why weren't you here? kidd: he was the only person on the red carpet. that happens, you step out of the way for the person who does the interview before you. i stepped out. the next reporter didn't know you were supposed to wait. we got skipped. a really
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"good morning america," state of emergency. the gulf coast bracing for a new hurricane. louisiana to florida on alert as tropical storm nate marches north. residents already evacuating. the storm turning deadly pounding central america and the gulf coast facing up to a foot of rain, flash floods and eight-foot storm surge. the shooter's secret life. new details about the gunman, what he was doing in the final hours before the vegas massacre and new clues inside that hotel room and why authorities now think chicago and boston were also in his sights. blockbuster allegations. harvey weinstein, the movie mogul behind some of hollywood's biggest hits accused o


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