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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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alison: but the mugginess remains. it's like the dead of summer. alison: it's down right uncomfortable. nancy: will it change today or tomorrow? steve rudin has the forecast. steve: a tiny improvement on the way. let me set the queen for you. yesterday the low at reagan international was 75 degrees. the average high for this time of year is 72. so it was warm and humid. it will stay that way at least as we move through the overnight hours. 85 degrees at reagan national airport at this hour. 87 in warrenton. the same at quantico. the feels like temperature are very, very summer like. it's 95 in quantico. feels like 93 in reagan national. cooler to the west of us. winchester feels like 83 degrees. for this evening if you are going to be outside, make sure you stay well hydrated. after the sun sets at 6:38 this everything the temperatures will slowly fall.
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middle 70's by 8:00 and 9:00. coming up, we have changes on the way. yet another chance of much-needed rain around the d.m.v. i will time that out and we'll look to the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. alison: thank you. if you have to step away from the tv you can download the abc7 weather app. get instant updates based on your location. it's available on google play and the app store. nancy: breaking news now as northern california wine country continues to burn. 1,500 homes and businesses scorched with tens of thousands of people forced to seek safer ground. amy aubert has the emergency just declared. amy: northern california wine country up in flames. >> this fire is explosive. amy: napa, sonoma and yuma county under threat. multiple fast
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their way across eight northern counties. >> this is my neighborhood. in flames. completely in flames. [crying] amy: more than 50,000 acres are burning. entire neighborhoods are destroyed with more under threat. >> let's go! >> i just saw flames up on the hill behind my house. i don't know if i will have a home when i go home. amy: the numbers are only expected to get worse. >> we are all in a state of devastation now. amy: the fires are advancing rapidly due to strong winds and dry conditions with some at 0% containment. >> it's literally move people out of the path of the fire. fighting the fire at that time was not possible due to the intensity and how rapidly the fire was spreading. amy: the fire jumped highway and has burned through
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mandatory evacuations have been issued as firefighters try to get a handle on the numerous wildfires. >> this is an all-hands-on-deck response and we'll be here for the long haul. amy: in santa rosa, abc7 news. alison: tuberculosis has been found at a high school. but it was last year. and just now parents at henry a. wise jr. high school are being notified. brad bell has more. brad? brad: they are telling us that the cases at the high school were active last year. they were told about the potential for t.b. at the beginning of this year but that the tests just now confirmed it. they are making it public. what we have learned is that there were two people in the school. they will not tell us
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faculty or some part of the school family. but two people in this school system that had active cases of tuberculosis last school year. we're being told by sources one of those people is no longer here at the school. both of them are being treated. the school system is telling us that even though they are informing the community, it's really not something to worry about. >> there is no further risk to exposure. we were notified of two individuals who may have had tuberculosis last school year. and then we worked with the health department to confirm that. so two confirmed cases. more information coming from the health department on screening and other information related to t.b. brad: so you heard what he said. more information is coming. now school disss
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while ago. i spoke to a young man. too young to give us concept to speak on camera without parental permission but he told us he had not heard about this. that that information hadn't be shared. today is a holiday and we are told that the health department is going to gear up on this matter tomorrow. the important point is we are being assured by the school system based on the information they are geting from the health department that there is no longer a risk at the school. but out of an abundance of caution they will be doing screening, making screening available. we'll more at 5:00. brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: we will see you then. thank you. investigators in loudoun county looking into an attempted sexual assault case. a woman telling police she was attacked around 1:30 sunday morning near waterview plaza. police say she punched the man and got away but unfortunately, so did he. right now there is not a description of that man.
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jonathan: yeah. that is not something that you see every day. a wild ride on the baltimore county school bus. it's all caught on camera. the man there demanding that the driver stop the bus and let him get on. right? q mccray is at the "live desk" with what happened leading up to this moment. how did he end up on the front bumper? q: this is crazy. it's a story you have to see to believe. this happened outside of baltimore. the man takes matters in his own hands before risking his own life. this is doran. police say he is hanging on the hood because he is mad at one of the kids on the bus. >> allegedly a bottle was thrown from the bus toward the vehicle. at that point the driver of the vehicle got out of his vehicle. q: he started to bang on the bus door. >> at that point the school bus driver concerned for his safety and the children and the students
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want to open the door. so the man went around to the front of the bus and stood in front of the bus as it began to move forward. q: he jumps on the front bumper and the rest is caught on video. he is clinging to the hood for dear life and yelling at the driver to stop. >> get off the bus! good. >> the bus driver stated he was headed toward the police station because he needed help from the police. but it was resolved prior to that. there was an officer in the area that intervened quickly. q: the man was arrested but not until after he was taken on the ride of his life. according to online court records, doran is facing several charges including disturbing the peace and destruction of property. from the "live desk," i'm q mccray, abc7 news. alison: wow! that is unbelievable video, q. thank you. it cost estimated $243,000 to
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to the colts game yesterday. he flew from las vegas to indianapolis for the game against the san francisco 49ers. he left early for a political event in california. he and the president, though, say pence left early because several players took a knee in the national anthem. meanwhile, back in las vegas last night, the lights on the famous strip where the massacre happened a week ago dimmed for about ten minutes. a gunman, of course, opened fire on the music festival from the room in the mandalay bay hotel killing 58 and injuring more than 500 people. jonathan: we have an update now. we know a soldier from maryland is one of the service members injured in the training accident that took place at fort jackson in south carolina. with the soldiers were killed. jackson was among six hurt in the accident. they are only saying it involved a military vehicle and a troop formation. president trump now is planning an executive order to allow you to buy health insurance from policies
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this is a move that follows several failed efforts in congress to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the hope is this will create competition and bring down the premiums. president trump could sign this order as early as next week. nancy: the president's move on immigration would tie together several of the campaign promises like a border wall and a green card overhaul as a plan to solve the end of daca. that is a program allowing undocumented immigrants brought here as children to stay. serena marshall has reaction on the hill. serena: president trump hoping to strike a deal on immigration. ready to trade with democrats to project the so-called "dreamers." >> he said he is open to a deal, open to figure out a way to have a broader immigration policy that certainly addresses daca.
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dozen point list, border security, including his promised wall. along with hiring 10,000 more immigration officers. overhauling the country green card system, limiting chain migration to spouses and minor children. and a crackdown on unaccompanied minors entering the country. last month when the president announced the end of the dreamer program that shielded 800,000 young immigrants from deportation he suggested he was eager for a deal. president trump: i have a love for these people. hopefully now congress will help them and do it properly. serena: then came the dinner with the democratic leaders he calls "chuck and nancy" where it looked like they had struck a deal. president trump: we are looking to allow people the stay here. >> we have reached an understanding on the issue. we have to work out the details. we are not for the wall. we will never be for the wall. serena: at the time president trump agreed. >> we'll do the wall
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>> but then they responded the administration can't be serious for a compromise because the list goes far beyond what isable -- what is reasonable. what is unclear is if this a must-have deal or just the start of negotiations. nancy: we have new e-mail to shed light on the meeting between donald trump jr. and russian lawyer promising dirt on hillary clinton. this e-mail was released by the same lawyer. it was sent that morning to a music promoter who helped arrange the get-together. this includes references on 2012 law that imposed sanctions on wealthy russians. while those who arranged the meeting said that was the primary topic. other e-mails mentioned information damaging to the clinton campaign. jonathan: coming up here for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- on this columbus day, the debate whether the world traveler should be honored or marked as a masked murder. nancy: fire erupted on that plane abo
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transpacific flight. what was the reason for it bursting to flames is next. >> it's harvest time. we have had three straight weeks of drought. how it affects area growers, we'll explain in a report coming up. alison: dove trying to wash the hands of this controversy. the ad that went viral. the backlash and an apology you have to see to believe. that's next.
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jonathan: about ready to take a flight overseas and then you look out the window and you see that. that will get your full attention. this is at hong kong. the flight to l.a. canceled after loading equipment caught fire while preparing to move cargo in the belly of the plane. one person on the ground was hurt. it was believed to be a mechanical issue that triggered the fire. boarding hadn't started yet so there were no passengers on board. the operator of the cargo lift is said to be okay but they had to postpone things until they figured it all out. nancy: my goodness. take a look at this. you may have seen it already. dove is apologizing now for the three-second facebook post. nancy: some believes the ad implies that dark skin can be washed away with soap. as you might imagine a lot of people are sounding off about this ad on social media. lindsey mastis has the reaction that she has seen. lindsey: there is a lot of outrage. a lot of people on both sides of the issue. here is the original.
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three women with different ethnicities. dove took this ad down and they said the short video is that dove body wash is for every woman and be celebration of diversity. we got it wrong." one of the response is, "you got it way wrong." and you think my brown skin is dirt? this apology is weak. many people are angry but some feel differently. this person says, "as someone who works in advertising i get the intent. the execution needed work." some think the criticism is overblown. this woman writes i thought it was great after seeing it in the entirety." this is not the first time dove had to apologize for racially insensitive ad. they had to apology for body wash. >> isn't there a vetting
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process? >> that is what everyone is asking. who approved the ad? who saw it ahead of time? alison: what about the fact we are talking to it today? negative publicity is publicity. >> some people are saying that but a lot of people are saying they won't buy if product again and one person went so far to show putting it down the drain. nancy: not the reaction they were hoping for. nancy: thank you. now we have a "7 on your side" consumer alert. and wal-mart is trying to make the return process a little bit easier when it comes to online purchases. you will start that through the store's app next month. after that you bring items to the store. you scan a bar code at the express lanes and they claim the in-store return will take half a minute. nancy: all right. jonathan: there you go. if you got outside, a little of this stuff. the rain was coming down. but it felt like a sauna. someone pouring water on the rocks.
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nancy: so uncomfortable. many are happy to see the rain. it's been weeks since we have gotten some. alison: richard reeve shows us the timing of the croud the last few weeks was lucky for area farmers. >> berryville, virginia, three weeks of drought. how is it affecting things down here? not like you'd expect. welcome to the farm. 600 acres of corn, soy beans and pumpkins grow here. pasture land for 80 cows. the drought literally five weeks without rain came at a lucky time for wade. it's harvest time now. most crops matured. in july most growers worried about too much rain. in fact, some crops like pumpkins had to be replanted. it was too wet. farming just like in lifetiming is everything. >> we had drought say back in the end of june, through july. it would be a serious matter then. it wou
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yield in half. maybe more than that. >> so despite the ups and downs of the weather, this will be a middle of the road year. of course, they won't know exactly what has happened until they have the cash on hand for the crops. in berryville, virginia, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: fun to see the pumpkins out there. jonathan: yeah. alison: we went to shenandoah. it's beautiful. a little color. steve: another two weeks. then for us around the immediate metro area, it will start to ramp up. my goodness, so warm. jonathan: humid! steve: i want to show you rehoboth beach, delaware. a few people are enjoying themselves. the clouds come around all day long. another warm day tomorrow. but not as oppressive as it is now. 85 degrees at the reagan national airport. 86 at dulles international airport. head to the west. it's 70 at
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dew point levels, we don't normally show you these in the middle of october. 75 degrees. the measure of moisture in the air will help give us feels like temperature. look at this. 93 degrees for feels like out there now. upper 90's. close to 100 in leesburg. it is hot. humid. it is going to be slow go for the evening for those of you with outdoor activities planned and the kids at the after-school practice. take it easy as we move through the late afternoon hours and into early this everything. take a look it at the temperatures. commute cast. no problem for drivers. may see stray shower. i don't anticipate seeing a lot out there. the temperatures slowly fall in the lower 80's and the 70's. the only shower that i can find, moving to western montgomery county. once again, not going to amount to a lot. if you see a straight shower across the area, it will last a half hour
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nothing heavy and nothing expected to become severe. area of fog overnight, 64 to 702 is the temperature range. waking up tuesday is warm and soupy. the temperatures are around 70 in the district, upper 60's around the capital beltway. farther to the west of us, middleburg in the middle 60's. day planner tomorrow. 80 to 85. nice mix of sun and clouds but i can't rule out a chance for a stray shower or two. chances are ten to 15%. most of you are not going to see anything at all moving through the day tomorrow. better chances for rain in the afternoon. wednesday and it may bring us heavier rain in the day and into wednesday night and early, early thursday morning. take a look at the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. once we get through the unsettled weather wednesday and thursday. isolated shower on friday. weekend looks fantastic. 78 to 82 saturday and sunday. a chance for showers on monday. back in the 60's by the middle
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alison: steve, thank you very much. city ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we take you to the gulf coast to survey the damage left behind by hurricane nate. >> columbus day shif alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing
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♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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jonathan: a lot of folks are off today, it's to holiday. emotions running high in the na
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effort underway to ruin the reputation of a great man. nancy: others think it's time to abandon a holiday as a man they describe anything but great. stephen tschida has what is sparking the debate. stephen: the statue of christopher columbus in new york city is under guard. and there is a move to make it the last city sanctioned columbus day. today members of several organizations united to praise a man with three small ships gave rise to the largest mass migration in human history. >> we have a group of individuals that are really trying to rewrite history. they are trying to take heroes of the past to make them villains of today. >> some member of the city council believe it is time to abandon columbus day and re
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people day. they say columbus day perpetuates an incomplete version of discovery. some local members of the native american community support the effort. >> it shouldn't be a source of ethnic or national pride for people. it's beginning of mass slaughter of our people. stephen: regardless of what the city council does, people at the statue are celebrating and say they will be back next year on the second monday of october. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: hurricane nate the fourth to hit the united states and making landfall over the weekend. we take you to the mouth of the mississippi where the clean-up is getting started. nancy: another white nationalist protest in charlottesville this weekend. ahead, city l
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fuming. alison: coming up tonight. cost of breast cancer. a new diagnosis can be life changing but it could be job changing. especially for a working women. we will explain when i join you at 5:00.
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose.
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ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. q: i'm q mccray at the "live desk." we have new information in the newsroom having to do with the fires burning in california. we know now that at least one person is dead and two seriously injured in this wildfire burning north of san francisco. you have take a look at the flames for yourself. they are ferocious to say the least. we are talking about napa county. the napa valley wine country where that is renowned for the vineyards and the breweries. at least 200 acres have burned so far. at least 1,500 structures have been destroyed due to the fire that continues to rage and has been burning for a couple of days now. firefighters have an issue putting it out. gusts, the wind gusts upward of 15 miles per hour right now. that is the latest information in the newsroom. we will keep you posted with the new details as we get them. from the "live desk," i'm q mccray. jonathan? jonathan: thank you very much. hurricane nate became the fourth hurricane to hit the u.s., slammin
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coast by the mouth of the mississippi river over the weekend. nancy: while the storm moved quickly, there is still plenty of cleaning up along the shores. maggie rulli in biloxi with a look. maggie: nate came in fast. making landfall twice. first in louisiana and the second time in by loss xy, mississippi. heavy rains and the storm surge battered the coast. flooding many casinos in biloxi, mississippi. filling up parking lots with five feet of sea water. car left behind tossed like toys. turning up water spout off the coast of alabama. as quickly as it hit the storm mauves on. traveling north -- the storm moves on and traveling north. bringing more rain and destructive tornadoes in the carolina. >> it's overwhelming. >> very scary.
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>> in the latest of the hurricanes to hit the u.s. this year. fema saying the not stop unslaught of roughware has been a challenge. >> 98% of my agency is deployed right now. we are working massive issues in harvey, irma and the issues in puerto rico and the virgin island. now this one. >> some local officials criticize fema and the trump administration for not doing enough. notably mayor of san juan, puerto rico. >> we don't have time for political noise. >> thankfully scenes lake this one are not that common along the gulf coast. the mayor in biloxi said his city prepared after katrina and they were prepared for nate. in biloxi, mississippi, maggie rulli, abc7 news. nancy: in the weather center now with steve rudin. we have seen effects from nate as well. steve: the rain earlier today and the soupy weather and the winds from the south. chesapeake beach,
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afternoon. in the everything hours. surprised more people are not using the boats considering how warm it is. nancy: nice weekend out there. steve: nice. changes are on the way for us. it will take time. temperatures stay above average for the next few days. show what is going on now. national harbor. a lot of people enjoy the boardwalk out there. temperature wise look at this. it feels more like the end of august around here rather than the second week of october. 87 in martinsburg. the feels like temperature in the lower to the middle 90's. leesburg may be off a little bit there. any way you look at it, if you have to go outside for the next hour or so, make sure you take it easy and stay well hydrated. the kids with the after-school practices with sports and all. make sure they have plenty of water. the hourly forecast moving through the everything hours. slowly fall in the middle 70's by1:00 tomorrow morning. we will se
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patchy fog to develop. i don't believe it will amount to much of a problem in travel delays come early tomorrow. tomorrow we make it to 85 degrees. mix of sun and clouds. chance of a few passing showers. but once again the chance is only ten to 15%. the rest of the week, more timing of rain on wednesday. we'll talk about that later. jonathan: the first phase of the wharf opening happening this week. but with it comes a lot of big changes for the commuters along main avenue. melissa dipane is showing us you will notice some of those todayment melissa: the long awaited opening of the wharf of is here. thousands of people will be around the southwest waterfront. the department of transportation released a plan on how to manage influx of visitors in the congested area. today signs will warn southwest commuters on what will take place and suggest taking th
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traffic control officers are in the area. they are going to use the traffic signal timing to ease traffic. people are urged to take public transportation. in southwest, melissa dipane, abc7 news. nancy: now charlottesville where the city leaders are fuming after another protest by white nationalists. >> three dozen people with torches gathering down the street from where jewish community was worshiping. >> it was unexpected. i hadn't heard any chatter or anything about this happening. how do i make sure the jewish community is safe? >> they are not back in large numbers but
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>> charlottesville mayor hinted legal action against the group. but city spokeswoman says such protests are protected by the first amendment unless there is a legal or a safety issue. >> well, meantime, there is new information about the unite the right rally and the counter protest in august that eroded to chaos. they identitied 200 white normallists who participated. they came from 35 states. they believe it drew five times as many white nationalists compared to any other in past decade. you will remember heather heyer was killed when a man drove his car in a crowd of protesters. nancy: first lady melania trump is not happy made by the president's first wife ivana in an interview on "good morning washington." >> how often do you two talk? >> once to 14 days. i have the number to the it
4:37 pm
melania is there and i don't want to cause any jealousy. i'm first trump wife. i'm first lady, okay. nancy: referencing the first lady line melania trump communications director called the comment, "attention seeking and self-serving noise." ivana goes on to talk about the president's role raising their three children. >> i believe the credit for raising great kids belongs to me. full credit? >> full credit. he is a good provider but he is not the father to take a stroller and go to central park or go play baseball with them. >> she says she encourages the president's frequent use of twitter. they went through a bitter divorce in 1992. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> i
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questions. what happened? >> "blaze runner 2049" wins the box office but still a loser. just how much it cost to make. >> plus going home by chopper. we go behind the scenes for the coast guard effort to reach the most isolated communities on puerto rico. jonathan: here now is a look at how to start tomorrow with "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- computer scans are nothing new. >> but your computer alerted us it's infected with the virus. >> the frequenting new talking scam that could cost you everything. >> i let them go into my computer. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 on abc7's "good morning washington."
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i want to ask you some questions. what happened? jonathan: that is the same question the movie studios are asking now. what happened? "blade runner 2014" wins the weekend but disappointing $31.5 million. the sequel to the 1980's hit cost $155 million to make. the bulk of that audience was the same as the 1980's crowd. i know. right? kate winslet and the adventure romance finished second. the remake of
4:42 pm
clown that killed kids. is that a spoiler alert? nancy: how about this? if you were not gripped by the last jedi trailer that dropped a few weeks back a new one comes out tonight. jonathan: this is cool. episode 8, the tease for this thing will air in tonight's monday night football game. i didn't know that the monday night crowd was the same as the "star wars" crowd. who knew? right after it airs, the tickets will be going on sale. so if you haven't marked your calendar yet, september 15. "the last jedi" hits theaters. nancy: people will line up for that. jonathan: my sleeping bag is already on the sidewalk. >> harvey weinstein is fired over the sexual harassment allegations but how did it sake so long for this to come to life? a closer look at what could
4:43 pm
nancy: not a rescue. delivery from puerto rico. as so many communities are isolated after hurricane maria. how much money the island governor says it
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nancy: welcome back. the news of harvey weinstein firing put politicians in an uncomfortable spot. many of them benefited from winestein's wallet and now have decisions to make. abc7's chief political correspondent scott thuman explains. scott: hollywood scandal with plenty of washingtonian repercussions. weinstein's alleged history of rampant sexual harassment has many on the hill under the microscope. according to business insider, since 2000 a who's who of democratic leaders have been cashing in on his donations. he has given almost $1 million in his own name and he has collected $1.5 million more. quickly the politicians pressed to give it all back. >> this is a bad guy. who did some really awful
4:47 pm
probably a smart move. >> others wanted to check the checkbook. >> they contributed to you. are you giving back the money? you look like a startled bird and say well, let me look and see. that is the best i can do for you today. >> the r.n.c. is now sending out a rolling tab of who has purged the of coffers of weinsteins connected cash and who hasn't. with the president, who too, once faced accusations of harassment chiming in. >> i have known harvey weinstein for a long time. i'm not at all surprised to see it. >> republicans had the delegate debate themselves. in the 2016 campaign, rand paul, rick santorum and ted cruz announced they were returning the donation from leader of an alleged white supremacist group praised by the suspect in the charleston church shooting that killed nine people. some republican claim the weinstein scandal hadn't gotten enough tv time and it was absent from the late night talk shows that
4:48 pm
they blame democratic alignment for that. on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: texas man in critical condition after being shot protecting his daughter in a driveby shooting. shine shielded his 3-year-old from a hail of bullets early saturday morning while his daughter wasn't hurt, shine is fighting for his life. >> his injuries are critical. he has some damage to his lungs. not able to move his lower body. he is in a lot of pain. jonathan: the family attended a birthday party, stopping a at club so shine's girlfriend could go inside to see her brother perform. police have not made arrests and they don't believe the family was the target. nancy: clean shower plant put in place to hope to reduce globe warming will soon go away. e.p.a. administrator scott pruitt will withdrawal that rule. expected to say the previous administration plan
4:49 pm
standard and power plants could not reasonably meet. jonathan: general motors continues a march to a driverless car. buying up a small laser company. they build sensors for autonomous cars. they will join the g.m. automation team in san francisco to build laser sensors that pair up with the radar and the cameras that are needed to send other vehicles and the objects surrounding a car. so they continue to move this way. i'm sure you will see people driving without someone at the wheel. all over the place. nancy: go to the "live desk." larry smith has a look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: hello. we continue to follow developments in northern california. wildfires through wine country causing damage and sending thousands from their homes. plus, you
4:50 pm
pallets of food, supplieses to puerto rico. now a look inside the truck that will take the aid to those who need it most. you might live in one of america's coolest neighborhoods. where you find the number six spot on the list ahead when alison and i join you at 5:00. nancy: quite the tease. thank you very much. we are a month out from the virginia gubernatorial election. tonight ralph northam and ed gillespie will face off in the third and the final gubernatorial debate. we carry it live on the sister station newschannel8 at 7:00. they will square off at the university of virginia college. jonathan: today is the first time to grab home game tickets should nationals make it past the cubbies. presale for insiders went on sale today and for the rest of us is tomorrow morning. if you are superstitous
4:51 pm
given if they don't make it past the cubs. they will make it past the cubs. crisis in caribbean. as aid arrives in puerto rico supplies need to be flown in the hardest hit areas. that is what you are looking at here. the u.s. coast guard. the chopper team delivering food and water by air. entire communities remain stranded after mud slides washed out roads after hurricane maria which hit december 19-20 as a category five storm. the governor of puerto rico is requesting from loan programs and federal agencies to help those in need. nancy: a month-long interactive exhibit. showcasing women and their art in southwest washington. running through november 4. the super fierce exhibit features dozens of painters, photographers and sculptors. >> it is founded on three
4:52 pm
exhibition, activation and mentorship. nancy: it will fund mentorship programs for up-and-coming artists. for information on ticket goes to some of the artwork really very detailed and beautiful to see. jonathan: absolutely. nancy: today is the day you want to stay inside and look at artwork. jonathan: yeah. cool gallery. steve: i went to walk my dog. it was raining. not a long walk but it fell like july and august. soupy. jonathan: i don't know about gus, but i walked bo and he was like i'm done! steve: quick walk today. humid moving through the everything hours and it will improve a little bit for the day tomorrow. belle haven country club. the sun will set in an hour yeah. the daylight hours continue to shrink. we will see a cooldown through the mid-evening hours. 85 at reagan national airport. 87 at martinsburg. 84 at winchester. the coolest spot on the map.
4:53 pm
maryland. over in oakland. feels like 92 in manassas. 92 in culpeper. feels like the lower 90's inside the capital beltway. for this evening, the sun sets at 6:38. we fall through the 70's around 75 degrees. 9:00 tonight. great night, maybe grab kids. head out to the ice scream store and get sunday or a -- get a sundae or a cone. this will not amount to a lot. but rush hour on columbus day that is quiet. it may slow things down a little bit between georgetown and clarksburg on 270 heading through the next half hour to 45 minutes. the forecast for the wakeup tomorrow morning, another warm and a humid day. highs around 80, 850. we can't rule out a chance for passing shower but limited to 10 to 15% risk. most of you won't see anything at all. better chance of s
4:54 pm
heavier rain moving to late wednesday and then into thursday. a look at the weekend. upper 70's on saturday. lower 80's on sunday. weekend looks awesome. jonathan: thanks. you cannot hack cash but it is safer form of spending compared to credit cards? coming up for us, the three pros and cons of both coming up in a "7 on your side" consumer alert.
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john: with so many data breaches lately a lot of people wonder if it might make sense to go back to cash. paying for gas and groceries with greenback us instead of plastic. it seems safer. but is it? every day police find credit card skimmers inside another gas bump. stealing the card numbers and selling it who knows where? at stores there is something you call shimming where the stores stick a device inside the chip card readers to copy the magnetic strip. so pay with cash? no, says the website similar mr. thrifty living. it says credit cards offer better security because you can dispute any fraudulent purchases. credit cards let you rent a car or a hotel room. cash does not. credit cards build your credit score every time you pay a bill. credit card give you rewards for spending, as much as 5% cash
4:58 pm
but from the doesn't that stink file the biggest downside of paying with cash. if you lose it or if someone grabs it, it's gone forever. doesn't that stink? a bad credit card charge can be reversed to give you, you heard earned money back. paying for gas with cash avoids a chance to be scammed with a card skimmer but walking up with a pile of cash may not be safer. keep that in mind so you don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: at 5:00, devastation in the california wine country. we are monitoring the struggle to protect lives and community. d.c. last columbus day? the city council hits resistance as it tries to separate the namesake from the holiday. costly side efect of breast cancer treatment. how mastectomies impact the job market. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: breaking news from california. wind whipped
4:59 pm
the wine country leading to emergency declaration. alison: thousands of home and businesses have been destroyed and thousands of homeowners are being evacuated. q mccray following the breaking developments from the "live desk." what is the latest there? q: we just got the latest number 30 minutes ago. one person is dead. two people are injured. at least 1,500 structures are destroyed and fires raging in the california wine country. these are the numbers that the officials believe will grow like the wildfire itself. >> at least 200 acres ablaze as a raging wildfire rips through napa county in california. >> i don't have the time this started or we don't know what the cause is. right now we are just focused on trying to get people out of the area. q: high winds and dry conditions causing the flames to spread rapidly targeting the heart of wine country. is there my wife and live in downtown napa and it's raining ash in the backyard as we speak. the flames that
5:00 pm
feet tall as they crest the hillside. it's frightening. q: ashes fly as wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. >> there is a plethora of the premium wineries all over the place. a lot of the people haven't picked grapes yet. >> threatening the silverado resort that hosted a p.g.a. event over the weekend. california governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for napa and sonoma. to streamline aid to firefighters and recovery. you are looking at the live pictures. at least 1,500 structures have been destroyed because of the fires you are looking at right now. that is the latest from the "live desk." q mccray. alison? alison: quite a scene out there. keep us posted. meanwhile here it's rainy, gray, dreary day at home. this was because of nate after the hurricane came ashore on the gulf coast this weekend.


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