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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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alison: that breaking news out of fairfax county where a grand jury just indicted a man in nabra hassanen's death. lisa fletcher -- anna-lysa gayle at the "live desk" with new details about what happened the day the 17-year-old dieed. anna-lysa: court documents confirmed what some in the community speculated for months. today a grand jury indicting darwin jamie martinez torres in connection for rape charges and in connection to hassanen's death. they believe that hassanen was a victim of road rage but this is the first time we are learning about the rape charges. court documents showed that torres chased hassanen and a group of teens as they walked back so their mosque in june. he then grabbed hassanen and beat her with a baseball bat before dumping her body in a nearby lake. on friday, her mother threw a shoe at torres when he
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death penalty in this case. at this time police repeatedly stated they do not believe that her murder was related to a hate crime. torres is due back in court thursday at 9:00 a.m. at the "live desk," anna-lysa gayle, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. these people were out for a dwight hour of the nation's capitol. alison: but someone tried to carjack the bus, passengers became heroes as they came to their aid. stephen tschida has more on this story and what a story it is. stephen: this is something. witnesses here tell us at 8:30 last night they saw a man on 16th street in the street running through traffic. they were worried he was about to be hit. then he headed down eighth street. just as he got past the intersection a bus coming down 8th street came to a halt.
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up. a double decker tour bus. saw the passengers screaming and yelling. then they say they saw a large man come to the driver, a female driver's aid. he grabbed the man who was choking the driver. they say dragged him off of the bus and onto to the sidewalk and then held him there until the police came and arrested him for assault, attempted carjacking or bus-jacking and resisting arrest. that is the latest. we will stay on the story and get you more information tonight on the "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: we'll see you then. thank you very much. the anne arundel county woman injured in las vegas massacre is back in maryland this afternoon. tom roussey takes a closer look at tina frost's road to recovery. tom: 27-year-old tina frost is here at johns hopkins hospital now. that is as of yesterday when she was flown here from the las vegas area. she is a maryland n
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her mother outside the hospital who says she is happy to have her back in the home state. with her mom on board, tina frost was flown from las vegas to baltimore sunday. on friday, she woke from her coma and was able to give her boyfriend austin a thumbs up when asked. back in maryland saturday -- >> it's still really surreal, the whole situation. anything we can do to help. tom: friends held a fundraiser for her medical bills. she graduated from anne arundel high and moved to california a few years ago and worked as a c.p.a. in las vegas she was shot in the head and lost her right eye. her mother wasn't ready to talk on camera but in an abc7 audio interview said this -- >> it is going to be such a long road but we are in it for the long haul because she made it through this part. tom: when we talked to her mother mary outside of johns hopkins earlier this morning she did re-emphasize that the recovery is just beginning. although technically her
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steps in las vegas on friday, she said it was only with a lot of help from hospital staff. right now she is in the i.c.u. at johns hopkins and she is expected to remain at the hospital for her recovery for quite some time. reporting in baltimore, tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: we are all wishing her the very, very best. meanwhile, memorials and tributes to the victims of las vegas massacre will now be preserved in a museum. two weeks ago, of course, stephen paddock opened fire on the outdoor concert, killing 58. injuring dozens. next month, wooden crosses honoring every one of the victims will be taken to the clark county museum. the county commissioner says it will memorialize the strength of the community. nancy: turning now to california where crews are starting to turn a corner as they fight nearly two dozen wildfires. tens of thousands of people now being allowed to return to their homes this afternoon.
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winds forecast this week could make all the difference here. karen? karen: you are right, nancy. there is cautious optimism on behalf of the fire officials that they continue to battle the wildfires. here in sonoma county, you get a sense of how uneven the wildfires have been. just up the road, there are businesses that are opening their doors, turning the lights back on. here at this apartment complex, no one is coming home anytime soon. but diminished winds allowed firefighters to make progress over the weekend. that is allowing some counties to turn the attention to the long-term recovery. there are 11,000 firefighters on the ground in california. battling more than a dozen deadly wildfires. >> you will come to see cal fire presence and fire crew presence for a while. they are not going to depart today. they are not going to depart tomorrow. we have a long road ahead of us. >> fires that burned more than 200,000 acres, destroying thousands of
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>> we till have extremely -- we still have extremely dry conditions, low humidity. there is still a chance we could have fires come out of the fire. karen: tens of thousands are still under mandatory evacuation orders but those allowed to return the stories are devastating -- >> time to find which house we are. karen: -- and miraculous. >> we found her and took her to a vet to have her checked out. aside from being covered in soot and ash, she was in perfect health. karen: meanwhile, officials in california and washington are making progress. >> you have contain levels coming up. it's good in our gut. we are priorities. president trump: we have made a lot of progress in the last couple of days. karen: in washington the senate is expected to vote on an emergency numbering bill to provide money for the
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wildfires recently. the weather here today is warm and there is low humidity, which isn't ideal for fighting the fires but they feel if the winds stay low they can continue to make progress. there is rain hopefully in the forecast, the national weather service saying it could bring rain here late wednesday to thursday. back to you. nancy: needed rain, karen. can you talk about the potential hot spots and the small fires reigniting after the firefighters move on? >> this is why the firefighters are cautious in the optimism. trying to attack the big spots for sure. with the humidity staying low, it does deliver potential for fires to start again. so that is why while some evacuees are allowed back in to their neighborhood, they are cautioning people to take their time. not only for potential of other fires but the dangerous conditions that exhibit arod
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everybody expressing the utmost caution. they did say they turned the corner this weekend but again with the heat, the conditions and the temperatures in the 80's this weekend, also the low humidity, there is potential for these things to reignite again. so cautious optimism while they continue to make progress nancy: karen, thank you. in europe, nearly 40 people are dead in portugal and spain after late season wildfires broke out there over the weekend. 56 people were injured and nine are still reported missing. this as more than 5,000 firefighters are working to put out the flames. 5123 wildfires were -- 523 wildfires reported sunday, the highest number in a decade. alison: let's look at the weather here. the day started cool and dreary around here but the sun made an appearance by midafternoon. steve rudin with a check of
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steve: we got the cold fronted out of here and now high pressure slowly filters in across the midatlantic. breezy out there this hour. wind gusts of upward of 25 miles per hour. sustained winds around 20. temperatures are below average. 65 at reagan national airport. 66 in warrenton. 61 in winchester. a frost advisory north and west of d.c. overnight to tomorrow morning. northern montgomery county, fort loudoun, fauquier, all the points to the west of us. panhandle to west virginia overnight. this does not include the meet metro. more on what to expect in a few minutes. nancy: now to a developing story out of orange county, virginia, where a softball coach facing 34 counts of sexual assault. the investigation into cathy rothgeb started in the summer of 2016. she has
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teams in orange county since the 1980. alison: the weinstein company may be up for sale. harvey weinstein has been revoked from the studio and today the weinstein company says it is in negotiations for a potential sale. so in the wake of the scandal you may have seen a lot of people posting on facebook or tweeting the phrase "me too." lindsey mastis is here with a look at what it means and why. lindsey: actress alyssa milano got this moving. she posted a tweet and it reads -- she got 47,000 replies including from other celebrities. others are sharing more about the
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javier writes -- this one says -- others are replying to each other. this one says -- the conversation is continuing. some share details and others are writing "me too" in sal darety. back to you -- solidarity. nancy: very powerful. president trump meeting with the us who with the topics of healthcare, iran deal, border wall and welfare reform. he had lunch with mitch mcconnell affirming they are on the same page. >> what we'd like to say contrary to what
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reported we are together totally on this agenda to move america forward. alison: new developments to tell you about regarding bowe bergdahl. he pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy that could get him life in prison. bergdahl left his afghanistan post in 2009, was held captive by the taliban until the controversial prisoner swap in 2014. his lawyers argue bergdahl could not get a fair trial a sentencing haring has not been scheduled. alison: what the investigators believe may have sparked an explosion on an oil rig. but first, what caused a sky over a major city to turn orange? >> a personal story in d.c.
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alison: nearly a month after the crisis in the caribbean began, puerto rico is starting to come to grips with what is described as a massive environmental emergency. raw sewage has been pouring into several rivers and reservoirs since hurricane maria made landfall. and at least six wells on a super fund site contaminated wi
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tapped now for drinking water. >> so this is it. no other water. take a chance. >> if i don't drink water i'm going to die. might as well drink this one. >> we are not saying someone is in immediate danger if they drink the water. we consider it a long-term risk. alison: wow! signs are putting up to warn people not to enter but it is not stopping some of them. they are trying to get to the wells. a team from the environmental protection agency spend the weekend gathering water samples to do more testing. nancy: even though the government response has been criticized, individuals and the charities have been doing what they can to help in puerto rico. today richard reeve spoke to a woman just back from the island after helping deliver medical supplies. >> even from the air, she could see the devastation. >> it was heartbreaking. i could see the small businesses destroyed.
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>> the co founder of friends puerto rico, last thursday went to her hometown as part of a relief mission. >> we took a lot of insulin. we took sir rings. we took -- syringes and hundreds of antibiotics. >> it was organized by bethesda based precision medical, c.e.o. ethan leader, one of two plane trips carrying $310,000 worth of medical supplies. >> knowing we were going to puerto rico to bring them to where they really could be used and not lead them on some port or in some airport without any designation. >> 4,000 pounds of supplies donated by johns hopkins, medstar washington and others. >> he was on the news, seeing what was happening on the island. he wanted to help. >> no running water. no way to transport medicines. >> you could see in their
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she hopes it will make a difference. >> if agenda is to save lives. richard: in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: puerto rico isn't the only place reeling this hurricane season. some waited six hours in the heat for things like food assistance. thousands were turned away without any help at all. alison: listen to the winds. hurricane ophelia turned north in the atlantic and battering ireland of all places with 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. at least three people died. school closed there. plenty of people lost power.
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nancy: this is in london. skies turning orange as they carried the smoke from the wildfires in portugal and pape over the british capital. incredibly unusual to have damage like this from a hurricane in that area. steve: it is amazing. 75, 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts. you think of the hurricanes hitting the caribbean, texas, gulf coast and florida and ireland. it sounds off. thankfully the storm is continuing to track to the northeast. it will improve for ireland and the u.k. over the next 24 hours. alison: it felt more like fall today than yesterday. steve: it feels nice. not as humid or sticky. this is rehoboth beach, delaware. the reason i'm showing you, the clouds from earlier this morning are pushing off the coast. part of the cold front. that is why our skies are clearing out nicely. temperatures are going to drop quickly as they move through the overnight hours. stormwatch7 satellite and radar. you see
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southern maryland. off east. the skies begin to clear as highs settle in from the north and west. temperatures out there now, 64 in dulles. 65 at reagan national airport. look at oakland, maryland, they are at 46 degrees. elkin, west virginia, at 48 degrees. a good sign of the cold temperatures that are on the way later on tonight. wind gusts out there about 25 miles per hour. down d.c. that is adding an extra chill to the air. at least for right now. the winds will settle down later this evening and in the overnight hours. then the temperatures will plummet. temperatures for this evening if you have outdoor activities will fall through the 50's quickly. under mainly clear skies. we do have a frost advisory. northern montgomery county, washington, frederick and washington counties. panhandle of west virginia. points toward the west. that is for the overnight hours and a freeze warning well to the west of us. that is where you see the darker shades of purple. that is not in the immediate metro. as far as we are
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d.c., arlington, alexandria, southern maryland, not looking for frost overnight. temperatures on the chilly side. 35 to 45 for an overnight low. frosted a risery to the west of us -- frost advisory to the west of us. make sure you have a light jacket or a fleece. upper 30's to lower 40's early on. future cast keeps sunshine in the forecast throughout the day. highs will make it to the lower 60's. grab your sunglasses heading out the door. you will need them all day long. you need them wednesday, thursday, friday. look how temperatures rebound for middle 70's on friday. howard university homecoming on saturday. mid-to-upper 70's. repeat performance for the day on sunday. marine corps marathon, a little warm for that. i'm not a runner but at least it will be dry. alison: thank you. still to come, cosmic crash now p
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sparkling part of life on earth. nancy: we will explain that. what made the people happy for a local school district today. alison: but first, how nurse navigators are helping make
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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nancy: welcome back. abc7 working in partnership with the parent company sinclair broadcast group to keep yo
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important health matters. one of the frustrating things after a breast cancer diagnosis is processing a flood of new information. as we explain, that is where nurse navigators come in. >> it was like the life had been just sucked out of me. nothing can prepare you for that. >> it was the worst news of amanda cornell's life and it came with a mountain of questions, fear and anxiety. she didn't know anything about breast cancer or what to do next. team at the ruth j. spear breast center at providence st. vincent medical center in oregon told her to call julie. >> i had thought, oh, gosh, one more person i have to talk to. >> julie is a nurse navigator, she guides people through the scary world of breast cancer. >> i always say i think the patients get a mini medical degree with the medical diagnosis and they are asked to make all the decisions which they have no history of making those decis
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program launched in 1990. they are now in hospitals around the country but not all available to every cancer patient. there is a growing movement to change that. by training more nurses and expanding program. amanda knows how critical a role they play. she says julie was like a life coach. helming her take back control when it seemed impossible. >> i found out i was going to lose my left breast, that was harder than anything. so i did go to julie. she showed me pictures of patients who have gone through mastectomies and things like that. i thought oh, that doesn't look so bad. >> that is what i do what i do. to help patients, take them off the ceiling after the horrible diagnosis. bring everything down and put it in the framework they can move forward. >> after a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation, amanda is cancer-free. she feels lucky. she not only survived but came through it with a new friend who turned out to be a
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to just help somebody's day be easier. ease their way in a difficult time. it's amazing. i love it. >> for sinclair cares, i'm angelica thornton. >> coming up, 'tis the season for bounce houses but we have a warning after unone goes airborne. >> it's national teen driver safety week across the country. here in prince george's county, local teens are getting important lessons. i'm sam sweeney. i have that story coming up. alison: also ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- he is accused of robbing a bank. then making a shocking mistake. the call for a ride that sent this man behin
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michelle: "7 on your side" as a nationwide push begins to keep teens safe behind the wheel. in prince george's county students from as far away as florida and wisconsin came to learn safe driving tactics. sam sweeney went along for the ride. zams wearing alcohol impairment simulation goggles the prince george's county high school students learned tough lessons today. >> it's blurry. you really can't see how to get through the obstacles.
4:31 pm
teen driver safety week. more teens die from car crashes than anything else. in today's demonstration, it didn't take long for things to go south. so i decided to try it out. thing goals simulate . -- goggles simulate .8 alcohol level. you see double. multiple cones. this simulates only the part of vision. not the physical part. it's not just about the alcohol. teen car crash deaths continue to rise. the reason? fatigue, not wearing seat belt and distraction. today the teens explain what distracts them? the most commons, phones and snapchat. >> a couple of seconds looking at the cell phone or trying to enter something in could be the difference to reacting to the unexpected event or not reacting to it. sam: experts say teens need at least nine hours of sleep a night. those getting less than eight hours are
4:32 pm
to get involved in a crash. >> this isn't just your life. it's mine as well. everyone else on the road. sam: in prince george's county, sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: time is running out to register to vote in next month's gubernatorial election in virginia. you have to register in person by 5:00 p.m. online by midnight. or get a written application postmarked today. election day is november 7. nancy: prince george's county public school getting a boost with a $25 million grant annoyanced at green belt today by senators ben cardin and chris van hollen. it will be used to improve teacher recruitment, placement and retension as the 40 high need schools in the county. >> we know that we need to do better in professional development. this allows for funds for teachers, and educational professionals to get
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of experience, the type of help, the type of sharing of information. so they can excel in their profession. nancy: the grant is one of the largest ever awarded to prince george's county schools. michelle: all right. in the weather center now with meteorologist steve rudin. this feels like a case of weather whiplash. yesterday was in the 80's. steve: it was humid and sticky. we knew a cold front was coming. strong cold front overnight to this morning and it ripped through. now it feels like autumn around here. it's sweater weather. michelle: it is. i have long sleeves on. steve: you need it. this is at chesapeake beach, maryland. birds taking flight. clouds in the front are moving off to the east. good sign that we are going to clear things out moving through the next several hours. look at temperatures out there. 65 degrees at reagan national airport. does not get better than this. the only issue some may have is a little on the breezy side with the wind gusts upward of
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hourly forecast as we move through this everything. temperatures around 60 by 7:00. middle 50's by 10:00. late tonight early tomorrow morning, especially north and west of the d.c. metro, we are looking at a frost advisory. northern montgomery county, all of loudoun, fauquier, frederick. what this means is if you have plans that are still outside you might want to bring them indoors to keep them around a little bit longer. we have a hard freeze to the west of us in the mountains but nothing for the immediate metro. we will talk more about the rest of the week and of course we are looking ahead to a because upcoming weekend. howard university's homecoming and then the marine corps marathon on sunday. more on both of the events in a few minutes. kimberly: every 46 minutes a child is injured in a bounce house. with fall festivities, fairs and parties in full swing, here is a "7 on your side" consumer warning tonight. all it took was a gust of wind at the may festival in u
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new york sunday and the inflatable trampoline went flying. >> injuries at the corn maze. kimberly: the bounce house style jumping pad lifted 50 feet from a corn field. several children playing on it at the time were treated for minor injuries. >> it's somewhere between 20, 25 kids in there when it flipped over. kimberly: a 76-year-old was also hit. dragged nearly 20 feet and knocked unconscious. >> it appears to be the one injury. >> authorities are investigating whether the giant inflatable was properly secured at the time. this accident is the latest among a number of recent incidents involving inflatable attractions. experts say remember the three w's for safety. number one, the wind. an light breeze can be trouble. >> at 18 miles per hour you need to shut it down and completely deflate it. >> number two is workers. monitor the bounce house and make sure the heavy stakes hold it down. finally, warranty. ask to see the company's current insurance policy and state inspections before you book them.
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recommendation. only one child for bounce house. we know that is no fun and it will never happen. a bounce house is not a babysitter. you need to stand and watch and be aware of the wind. nancy: absolutely. thank you. search teams looking by air and by see for a worker missing after -- by sea for a worker missing after explosion on a gas rig that exploded sunday night on lake new orleans. seven people were hurt. three critically in a sonic boom that shook homes miles away. so far there is no evidence of an oil spill. >> we have been able to board the rig just this morning. there is about a two-inch valve pipe, natural gas pipe still burning off residual gas. it's not a live feed. it's very low pressure. coming from that. it does not appear to be any environmental concern at this point in time. >> the cause of the blast is under investigation. >> but it's believed cleaning chemicals ignited on
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platform. michelle: north dakota welder feeling the heat over a controversial creation. most of brett hanson's work features cartoon characters but it's this one depicting the september 11 terrorist attack that has people upset. while many call the fire pit insensitive, hanson says it's his way to remember. >> most of my friends are military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, so my dad was a cop. i thought about a lot of my friends that went there to help out with security and different things like that. i don't know. i wanted to do something that commemorated them. always remember, never forget type of thing. nancy: hanson took up welding after a work place accident says he doesn't profit from the creations. next at 4:00, taking a meeting. the company bringing new meaning to getting some time outside. >> he is the new york bar tender everyone is talking about. austin rogers from
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s michelle: how would like to have the next business meeting right there? get a job with microsoft and it could happen. they have three tree houses they are using as meeting rooms. they all have wi-fi, benches and electrical plugs. microsoft says it built the tree houses after employees asked for outdoor work
4:41 pm
that treehouse has a lot more technology than the one you spent the weekend in. nancy: yeah. i spent the night in a treehouse in linden, virginia. it did not have wi-fi or plugs. this look nicer. we should do a newscast. michelle: that would be fun. let's put it on the calendar and see what the bosses say. now to this. a good camping trip, you know, typically comes with s'mores, of course. nancy: absolutely! melted chocolate, anyone? peru there is plenty of chocolate to go around. over weekend a group of pastry chefs made a record setting bar in lima. look at it right there. so big the dark chocolate bar made of 70% pureco -- pure cocoa, walnut and chestnuts. it's 226 square feet, five cent meters thick. guinness certified the record and it was cut up and handed out to kids at a chocolate fair. the po
4:42 pm
around chasing after the hyper children. michelle: you have to pull out far to see all of it. speaking of chocolate, always at a favorite at halloween. with just two weeks to go, the national retail federation predicts americans will spend $9.1 billion to celebrate. most of the money will go to costumes. $3.4 billion. candy and decorations tie for second at $2.7 billion each. so that works out to $86 per household. nancy: wow! $2.7 billion on candy. ohio man spent far more than that decorating his home. than the $80-plus bucks. he build replica of the walker from the "empire strikes back." he spent months planning and then six weeks building the display out of wood, hard foam and plastic barrels. walker is tied to his porch for support. michelle: when i see
4:43 pm
thing comes to mind. i hope he didn't skimp on the candy money to build that. nancy: got to have your priorities straight. michelle: absolutely. still ahead for us at 4:00, it's global cat way. wait until you see how a feline decided to make a splash for some attention. nancy: oh, man. but first, the spillover from the nfl and controversy and
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nancy: today, president trump criticizing nfl players who have take an knee in the national anthem. more than a year than former quarterback colin kaepernick started the protest he is suing the nfl saying owners colluded to keep him out of a job. we look at the case and where it goes from here. reporter: former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick still out of the game. one year after kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. in a lawsuit, kaepernick is accusing all 32 team owners of engaging in conspiracy to keep him blacklisted from the league for his anthem protest. if he can prove it, that would be illegal, says sports law expert seth
4:47 pm
a collective bargaining agreement, c.b.a. among other things the collective bargaining agreement has a restriction that says that teams cannot conspire or collude with each other to try to freeze somebody out of the league. reporter: but he believes that kaepernick's case is difficult to win since the burden is on him to prove two or more teams colluded against him. >> the standard for what the teams are going to apply is a subjective standard. colin kaepernick was a good player but unfortunately after the super bowl his win/loss record was not very good. reporter: the anthem controversy has been intensifying in recent weeks after president trump attacked nfl players for not standing which he says disrespects the flag. president trump: wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a [bleep] off the field right now? out. he's fired. reporter: kaepernick's attorney bla
4:48 pm
administration criticism as part of the reason why owners haven't hired him but it's not that simple. >> unfortunately for colin kaepernick, the facts for this case don't relate to this season. they go back to last season, which is the last tame he was on the field in uniform. that happened even before donald trump won the election for president of the united states. reporter: this could come to a head wednesday when all the nfl owners meet to discuss how they plan to deal with the national anthem protest. in washington, i'm michelle macaluso. michelle: scientists say a cosmic crash is shedding light on orange and gold. they caught a glimpse of star collision and it sent a ripple through space and through time. you can see it right here behind me. some of the debris combined to make heavy elleapts likesh -- elements like gold, platinum and urum. nancy: if
4:49 pm
spinners are a big hit on earth? how about in space? this video and with zero gravity will keep spinning until some one stops it. no word if it's still going. i love these things. i have one of them but they won't let me play with it on set anymore. michelle: i wonder why. austin rogers, you know this guy. he won 12 games, more than $400,000 and became an internet sensation overnight for his wacky antics on "jeopardy." this weekend, kidd o'shea spent time with him at the bar he works at in new york city. >> and our returning champion, a bar tepider from new york, new york, austin -- a bartender from new york, new york, austin rogers. kidd: you only worked here for two years? >> yeah. kidd: what did you do before that? >> digital advertising. before that i was in corporate event planner and sales for cultural institution here in new york. id
4:50 pm
decided to become a bar tender. >> i got laid off and decided to become a bar tepider. the -- bartender. best layoff ever. >> what was your goal for game one? >> just to win game one. that was my only goal. to win one game and go like cool, i won one game. kidd: you went on and had a plan to be known or something. >> not at all. no, no. this is completely unplanned. it's a game show. i went to have fun. kidd: how much longer are you going to work at the bar? >> i love the bar. i don't plan to leave them in the lurch but things are in the works. kidd: agents calling you. >> acts -- agents calling me. >>
4:51 pm
>> yes. love you, selfie, want to have your baby. typical things. >> have you taken anybody up on the baby offer? >> no. i'm not saying she's a gold digger but -- nancy: so he listens to kanye west. michelle: i'm caught up that kidd o'shea pitched a story to go to a bar in new york city for a story. nancy: looks like they had time. austin rogers got a little bit of a haircut in between this. i like his demonstrations for the names, though. michelle: so memorable. watch "jeopardy" weeknights at 7:30 on abc7. this is live tv. anything can happen at any given time. nancy: any given time. in mississippi a reporter found a house cat stealing the headline. >> i'm sam, live in mississippi where there has been spottings of a cougar. that is not it. that looks li
4:52 pm
[laughter] nancy: cougar in his mind. it turns out it wasn't as big as it seemed. the reporter said he called the station and asked for the shot to be taken before a break. before that house cat left. the actual big cat spotted around the neighborhood, we are told, is still on the proud. i don't know, the face that this little house cat has given seems like a cougar. michelle: getting a bad rap. steve: today is global cat day. nancy: all around the world. holiday for everything it seems. steve: yes, there. nancy: outside it is gorgeous. steve: it's nice out there. breezy and wind gusts that are 20, 25 miles per hour. look at the skies clearing out nicely. daylight hours are shrinking. it's sad to say that our sun will set tonight at 6:28. 65 at this hour. reagan nat
4:53 pm
to the west of us, we are talking 40's in oakland, maryland. in elkins west virginia. 63 this hour. the dew point level and the measure of the moisture in the air. yesterday we were in the upper 60's to 70. felt sticky. cold front moved through and presto! dew point in 20's and 30's now. the commute cast looks a-okay. temperatures fall to the 60's. upper 50's by 7:00. we have a frost advisory north and west of the district. northern montgomery county to loudoun county and frederick county. this is overnight to early tomorrow morning. if you have plants on the porch bring them indoors to keep them safe from the frost later tonight. tomorrow upper 30's to lower 40's early on. highs on the chilly side. only in the lower 60's. but sunshine throughout the entire day. grab the sunglasses heading out the door. marine corps marathon, lower 60's to sta
4:54 pm
folks wind things down. fall color change on the back doorstep. head to frederick. we have moderate color change at this time. michelle: thank you. next at 4:00, avoiding frustration with furniture warranties so you don't sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. i'm pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone.
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john: if you buy a bed, couch or dining room set these days you know the salesman will probably offer to sell you an extended warranty. do you know what it really covers? more importantly, what it excludes? did ed the parrot dodge barbara's new couch? it's not talking. but barbara swears he had nothing to do with the cuts on her sectional. >> they wrote in a statement my pet bird had done the damage. >> did your pet bird do the damage? >> no. my pet birdied not leave his cage. john: it's important because she spent hundreds on an extended warranty. she said it would cover any damage to the couch, even damage caused by the young kids. >> she said i got a warranty, that we could cut the knife and cut the whole thing and they had to cover it. >> but the fine print says scratches and tears by pets is not covered. >> barbara says her children cut it with scissors
4:58 pm
it's going to fix it. >> that is from my son fixing what my other son had done. he tried to fix it and he made it worse. >> we contacted the warranty company. a spokesman promised to ream barbara's claim. >> i would like for them to fix it. that is it. i paid for a warranty. why can't they fix it? john: the lesson for everyone. does warranty cover damage from kids, pains, stains? check exclusions before you check extra for it. is it worth it? the parrot is still not talking. the two exclusions are pets, especially dog and cat claws and wear and tear. when the leather starts cracking that is often considered wear and tear. so read the fine print and don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00 -- >> what she has shown us so far is unbelievable. larry: a local woman shot in the head in the las vegas shooting is back in maryland. smash and
4:59 pm
scale. and equipped for anything. d.c. says it is not prepared to tackle another snowmageddon with the shiny equipment anytime soon. >> this a breaking news alert. alison: as we come on the air, new information about the murder of a 17-year-old fairfax county girl. the police have called a road rage killing. we are now learning the victim nabra hassanen was raped. richard reeve is following this at the "live desk." this critical new information comes from an indictment that was just handed up. tell us about it. richard: that is right. the fairfax county commonwealth attorney says he intends to seek the death penalty in this case. the indictment includes capital murder and we are hearing about the rape charges against 22-year-old darwin martinez torres who was already facing second-degree murder charges in the june 18 beating death of 17-year-old nabra hassanen. state law allows
5:00 pm
to pursue death penalty under certain conditions, including premeditated rape. nabra hassanen was a group of teen chased by martinez torres after road rage confrontation. he caught her and plunged her with a baseball bat and dumped her body in a lake near his sterling home. the indictments handed days after a friday court hearing which hassanen's mother and father shouted at torres saying, "you kill her" and "he killed my daughter." the mother also threw a shoe at torres. before the judge ordered the courtroom cleared. martinez torres is supposed to make the first post indictment appearance thursday. we are shifting through the indictments now. this is the first death penalty case in fairfax since 2008. we have the latest details at "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting from the "live desk," richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. a reminder to get breaking news alerts anytime on the news app. it is


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