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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 18, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now", the white house is being asked to explain another comment made by president trump. hear what he told the widow of a fallen soldier. and the president is not worth as much as he was last year. dropping 92 point the on the forbes list, find out how much he's worth now. and a new twist in the harvey weinstein scandal. >> a woman has come forward to accuse his brother, bob weinstein of sexual harassment. and letterman on late night tv, returned for the first time in two years, talking with jimmy kimmel about retirement and the beard. it's wednesday, october 18th.
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"world news now." >> i knew he was going to go full santa. >> it's almost christmas. i wonder if he's been growing it since then. >> since he left the show? >> yes, exactly. but it does look trimmed up. we start things off with breaking news. the president is facing accusations that he made insensitive comments to the widow of a fallen service member. >> the young woman was reportedly told that he knew what he signed up for moments before seeing his casket as it returned from west africa. >> reporter: overnight, the widow of la david johnson, six months pregnant, visibly shaken as she leaned against his
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moments earlier, she sat on the phone in a five-minute phone call that was meant to console. trump reportedly telling her, he knew what he signed up for, but when it happened it hurts anyway. >> you don't say that. he is the president of the united states. this is a soldier, who gave his life for his country. he is a hero. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman frederica wilson listened by speaker phone to the president's call. >> i asked them to give me the phone and i was going to curse him out. >> reporter: he was one of four soldiers killed in niger. the president remained silent on the death of those american fighters for 12 days. when pressed during a news conference about the delay, he said he would be reaching out to the families at some point. and then this misleading statement. >> the traditional way when you look at president obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls, a lot of them
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appropriate, when i think i'm able to do it. they have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: now it's mr. trump's own words to that young mother of two drawing anger overnight. the white house releasing a statement, the president's conversations with the families of heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice are private. >> and the congresswoman by the way that was there is a staunch critic of mr. trump and admits she did not hear the entire conversation. the sergeant's widow has not commented on the phone call. and the president and senator john mccain have septembersent a view more volleys in their spout. >> on monday, the arizona republican spoke out against, quote, spurious nationalism. mccain denied the comments were a swipe at the president, however, the president fired back saying i'm being very nice, i'm being very, very nice, but some point i fight back,
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the president's response didn't seem to phase mccain. >> i don't comment on what the president says. i comment on what he does. and i will say that i have, i have faced some pretty tough adversaries in the past. i'm not interested in confronting the president. i'm interested in working with the president. >> after clashing with the white house and the gop over health care mccain said he will back the republican budget plan as a first step toward tax reform. two senators from different parties say they have a plan to shore up the nation's health care system. but the president is sending mixed messages about whether he supports it. earlier tuesday he said he was in favor of the plan. to save subsidies designed to help lower income americans. those are the subsidies that he cut last week. but then last night he said congress should work on a different kind of fix. he added health care is not as easy as we thought, but we are going to get it do
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the president's words. mr. trump is a little less wealthy this year than he was last year. forbes magazine says he dropped 92 points this year after his net worth shrunk by $600 million. he's now ranked 248 on the list. making a mere, his value is at a mere $3.1 billion. bill gates has topped the list for the 24th consecutive year with $89 billion. the founder of amazon held on to the number two spot. warren buffett up there as well. turning to the harvey weinstein sexual assault scandal. one of the company's staffers has stepped forward accusing bob weinstein. of sexual harassment. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: harvey weinstein has officially resigned from his company. this after the board fired him last week from h
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co-chairman. weinstein has sought treatment in arizona but is still pursuing a claim that he was wrongfully fired from the company. now a woman has come forward to accuse weinstein's brother bob. according to "variety", amanda siegel who worked for the mist says weinstein's brother harassed her multiple times and made repeated romantic overtures to her, a request that she come up to his hotel room and repeated invitations to private dinners even after she had said no. bob weinstein's attorney said there is no way in the world he is guilty of sexual harassment. now other hollywood a-listers are coming forward with their own experiences. actress reese witherspoon spoke out about abuse she says she suffered by a hollywood director. >> that anxiety about being
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honest, the guilt for not speaking up earlier, for taking action, true disgust at the director who assaulted me when i was 16 years old. >> reporter: at the same event, jennifer lawrence described how as a teenager she was asked to pose in a lineup nearly naked. >> i was told i should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet. >> reporter: and now the head of amazon studios, roy price has resigned after being put on leave after an allegation of sexual harassment. >> thanks to lindsey there. and the university of florida bracing for an appearance of richard spencer, set to speak on thursday in gainesville, the governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of the speech. and the school's president has denounced his message of hate and is urging students to stay away. security for the event may cost as much as $500,000.
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two aviation cops have been fired for dragging a passenger off a plane in chicago. david dao was dragged off the united airlines flight after refusing to give up his seat. two others were suspended. d apartment o was injured jurg the incidence and reached an undisclosed settlement with united. federal investigators are blaming the pilot for the crash that killed 16 people. the ntsb found skip nichols had several medications in his system including oxycodone and benadryl in his system. the balloon hit power lines before crashing and burning in a texas field last year. a big move on wall street. the dow opened three points below 23,000. it briefly passed that park during trading yesterday and then fell slightly, still earning the 50th ror
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the l.a. dodgers will have their brooms ready tonight. >> now a three-game to none lead over the defending champions. chris taylor was hitting, was the hitting star as the series shifted to wrigley field. he hit a homer and the triple and drove in two runs. dodgers are on top, 6-1, one more win sends l.a. to the world series, first time since 1988. >> now to the american league. the yankees win. the fans all rose, thank you, jack. aaron judge helped them pull it off. he drove in a tying run in the eighth inning and gary sanchez knocked in the last two. the series is even, two games apiece. sound familiar? yanks win, 6- 2. >> game five of that series is tonight. >> sounds like they have a problem there in houston. turning to a high-flying surprise for a skydiver over
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>> shortly after his free fall last month a fellow diver made his way over to mortensen and ripped his pants off. >> he got pants in the air while free falling? >> he did. >> mortensen shared the video on his facebook page saying, just a casual video helping me tan my thighs. >> he was patriotic. revealing there his american flag boxer briefs. who doesn't have those? we're all thankful this morning that mortensen was wearing those briefs. >> yeah, that could have been awkward otherwise. maybe that would have been his way of pranking his friend back. if he didn't have them on. >> he had to have known that was going to be planned. >> that's hilarious anyway. the wild scene that played out right here in new york. a bull running loose in the streets of brooklyn. >> what? >> we'll tell you where he came from. i know it was a bull market.
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but still. this is ridiculous. the viewing habits of the most famous 4-year-old in the world. it seems prince george watches royalty. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by points of light. the forecast. brought to you by points of light.
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quite a scare in one of l.a.'s most upscale residences. firefighters say it's lucky there wasn't much wind at the time or the fire could have easily spread. there was a strange sighting on the streets of new york yesterday, the running of the bulls! or the bull, anyway. it escaped from a slaughterhouse and wandered through the city for hours as millions of people watched its every move on live stream. >> keep going. so now many americans would know right away that this of course is a bull. but since they're in brooklyn, the city slickers there couldn't figure it out.
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dumbfounded by the strange creature. the new york city parks department tweeted, hey, has anybody seen a cow? >> jimmy kimmel is live in brooklyn by the way, and he took responsibility saying if you are in brooklyn and you've seen my cow please bring it to the brooklyn academy of music for a reward. >> all right, so the bull -- >> they finally caught the bull. >> okay. >> the bull has been tranquilized and sent off to an animal sanctuary in new jersey. >> so saved. escaped slaughterhouse, get a free ride. coming up, david letterman returns to late night. >> "the skinny" is next. ride. coming up, david letterman returns to late night. >> "the skinny" is next. ly pret. surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny our big skinny lead this morning. david letterman's return to late night on jimmy
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>> it's been two years since the former late show host signed off, and he came back with that retirement beard that we've got a glimpse of. >> letterman plopped down on the other side of the desk and couldn't contain his excitement. >> it's so good to be here. it's so good to see famous people again. just to be out of the house, ladies and gentlemen. you are looking at a man who's laughing on the outside, crying on the inside. i don't know if you've had this problem for a year. i've been looking for a shirt that looks good untucked. i can't find one. for the purpose of this conversation, i have nothing but the highest regard for all of the talk show men and women. even jimmy fallon. i'll include him. i look like a civil war statue. >> there's talk you might get removed. >> i have been removed. >> i do have something for you.
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>> oh, please. >> i have a little something for you. >> don't do this. >> it became available today. i think you'll like. it's a baby bull. >> he's referring to the bull we saw there running all around brooklyn. >> now we know jimmy got the bull back. >> jimmy in brooklyn all week long and he brought out santa claus a little early. so good to see david letterman. his joke writers have been working. >> they're on it. now to the award show mishap. the star of independence day, bill pullman was receiving the excellence in acting award in kingston, new york. >> he was about to speak when this happened. >> i'm getting two awards tonight. [ applause ]
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>> he broke the award in half. and then he said now i got two awards? good recovery there at least. the artist who made the award later repaired it and presented it to pullman the next morning. >> i hope he doesn't break it. prince william has revealed which movie is most popular in his household. at least among the kids. he was asked which films 4-year-old prince george likes to watch. now he's in school he has less time to watch. according to dad, the favorite, appropriately, "the lion king." george has watched the classic tons of times. nice choice for a future king. >> yeah, i would say so. >> his other favorite apparently is "the lay gego movie." they try to keep him from watching too much tv and he likes "the octonauts." >> and finally, paying homage to the queen of reality tv.
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>> this cover came out a few weeks ago to mark the tenth anniversary of their show. >> now meet "keeping up with the librarians." a group of librarians posted this photo to their facebook page. and it has more than 9,600 likes. >> they said they wanted to celebrate the anniversary with a totally impromptu, definitely not planned photo shoot. >> who do you like better, the librarians or the real kardashians? >> that's difficult. >> do you think prince george sings that song around prince harry? >> awkward. awkward. >> too soon? too soon? >> does he sing back to him? like zazu? coming up, we speak with stev
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♪ ♪ oh, yes >> so that is fifth harmony there bringing us back for a skinny bonus round, they performed in brooklyn. at the star-studded benefit that was put together for puerto rico. >> our team was there for all the action including the red carpet filled with some of the biggest music stars. >> i feel grateful to american people and people all over the world who have bought a song to help puerto rico and really grateful to all these incredible artists. i can't imagine -- i can. people all over puerto rico say
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in addition to raising money it keeps puerto rico in the conversation and i feel grateful for that. ♪ "despacito" >> i was just there on the island. i was able to go there and help out as much as i could. and i saw the devastation. so i'm just here that we're happy here for puerto rico and mexico and for you know what i mean, houston, florida. i was hit twice, in puerto rico and in miami. this is a great way to celebrate music, see amazing artists do their thing and do it for the people. >> we've already sent 600,000 pounds to puerto rico, and we plan on sending another 600 to 800 pounds to puerto rico. that's why it's so important.
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>> you know, the only solution to negativity is to get rid of it. we can't have any sort of divisiveness by our leader or leaders. by people. we have to use the internet to encourage and inspire people. i think if we came together in the spirit of positivity so many incredible things that can happen and will happen, you know. >> beyonce was also in the house by the way. >> yes, she was. >> she didn't perform. she did hit the red carpet. >> looks amazing. >> but well after the concert started. so everybody was already inside. may be the first time she wasn't surrounded by people on the red carpet. >> everybody got excited when jay z started performing "bonnie and clyde." they thought she would come out. >> no, not at all. i do realize i've been
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puerto rico wrong. puerto rico. this is abc news "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, a widow's grief. president trump speaks with the wife of a fallen u.s. soldier. but this morning that very call proving controversial. hear the comments causing the growing backlash. health care deal. an agreement on capitol hill to pay insurance subsidies for obamacare. >> this avoids chaos. >> this morning the uncertainty surrounding the deal. breaking his silence, the hotel security officer who confronted the las vegas shooter tells his story. >> i saw the blood. >> jesus campos explains what happened. a wild crash. wh


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