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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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fact, that were all missed. jonathan: let's start off with the maryland bureau chief brad bell in edgewood, maryland, where it all started. brad? brad: jonathan, the shooting happened this morning in this business. advanced granite solutions. this is in an office park off of i-95. we can show you video of what it was like when the police were crawling all over the scene. still a kraime scene tonight. what we understand is this. the suspect in this case, mr. prince, radee prince, alleged to have arrived at work. regularly scheduled today in the marshall kitchen counter fabrication operation. the father of one of the survivors told me that prince called together the coworkers in the shop area. once they were together thinking they were having a conversation or a meeting, that is when he opened fire. you said, five people hit. three killed. two in
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>> this is what the sheriff told us. >> i was listening to this happen from the front of my office. >> i heard the screaming and the running and the jumping. >> an armed killer out there. certainly he is a danger to anyone he encounters. so we should be aware. he is mobile. >> so he is mobile. police want to still put out the lookout for the vehicle which is a black 2008 gmc acadia. a small s.u.v. mid-size s.u.v. with delaware tags. the tag is pc64273. it is
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unspotted. in the last hour we witnessed a terrible thing here. a lot of the employees that ran for their lives this morning were able to come back and get their cars and get belongings. they were hugging and they were still in tears. i talked to one off-camera. he told me that they knew here that this man prince was someone to be avoided. he was not getting along with his coworker. in edgewood, brad bell, newsom. >> shots rang out inside the granite company. neighbors knew something was wrong. we spoke to a woman who looked out the window and saw a man running for his life. >> he was walking and looking over his shoulder. then he stopped. i opened the door and i said can i help you? he was s
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september nearby schools to lockdown for an hour. tonight the lockdown have been lifted. the frazzled nerves are far from gone. michelle: tonight we are learning more about the second crime scene across the border in delaware where the gunman drove next, confronted the man he knew and shot him in the head. >> when the police arrived at the wilmington used car lot they spotted prince driving off. but they lost him in a short pursuit. this is as the gunshot victim here this evening is alive and talking. >> a tiny town. many with the bulletproof vest kept watch at a distance.
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>> he lives next door to the killer. >> i've been beat up, shot, stabbed, hit by 2 x 4 and baseball bats. but that doesn't scare me. what scares me is someone like him with the mentality of just going off. boom! >> after shooting five coworkers at the granite warehouse in harford county, police say prince drove to wilmington where he shot a sixth person at the used car lot. the male victim hit twice. once in the head. still alive. this is as the police swarm the northeast corridor. we spotted around a dozen unmarked police cars parked along i-95. presumably keeping watch for prince's black s.u.v. >> he comes home from work. >> neighbor hoping for a quick outcome. >> this is just something that is not normal here but something that is probably normal in the world.
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5:00, i spoke off-camera to a woman who has known radee prince since he was a young boy. she said, and i quote, "he is a firecracker if you tick him off." i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. the "7 on your side" i-team has been digging through the suspected gunman radee prince's path all day long and they have found a long criminal history filled with warns over his rage. investigative reporter scott taylor from the newsroom with what he has uncovered. there is a lot to uncover. scott: you are right. we talked a about the 42 arrest in the delaware probation violations and the 15 felony convictions including burglary. now we have his resume. a copy of that february restraining order. let me break it down for you. prince worked at ten jobs in the past 14 years. seven of the jobs in the state of washington and three since he moved to delaware back in 2014. he says he is an extremely hard worker and won numerous awards for
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we track down that protection order. that was filed by prince's former boss. it says prince was fired after punching a coworker in the face. his boss told the court he felt threatened and prince yelled and cursed at him. his boss told the court he didn't want to wait until prince attacked him. he wanted protection. but the judge denied the order in february and this guy is still on the loose. jonathan: stay connected with the abc7 team as we track the breaking news. we are updating the social needia and you can get alerts on the smart phone by downloading the free abc7 news app. great resource to have. michelle: this is just in from fairfax county where police arrested a man accused of preying on women just looking for work. investigators say he lured a woman to a building in reston using a craigslist posting for administrative assistant job. when she
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he sexually assaulted her. police believe there are other victims and more charges are likely. jonathan: look at this. this is the aftermath of an explosion that happened inside of the olive garden restaurant in laurel. debris flying hundreds of feet away from this. it happened at the tail end of the lunch rush hour when 70 people were inside the restaurant eating. two employees have minor injuries. late this afternoon the investigators say it was caused by an electrical problem. he heard a crackle coming from there before the explosion. michelle: a local chef reaches a milestone to help those fighting to survive after hurricane maria. jonathan: caught on video, how a police officer's ingenuity and quick thinking helped save a teenager's life. steve: looking good out there. temperatures in the upper 60s and the lower 70's. the sun is about to set in 20 minutes. warmup on the way. wouldn't you know it, just in
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more on that. plus looking ahead to marine
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jonathan: check out this video. oil refinery lighting up the sky. huge fire. it was not running at full capacity and they did get things under control. we checked with a gas buddy analyst who says this isn't likely to affect the fuel prices. but you can see there it
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service. >> a quick thinking deputy saved a teenager's life. look closely here. y can see the 15-year-old wedged underneath the car. he grabbed his heavy duty jack and lifted the car allowing him to breathe. firefighters arrived seconds later and pulled him to safety. he is now recovering. jonathan: tonight another twist in the year long battle over a war memorial. federal court ruled that the bladensburg peace cross violates the constitution. that overturns a prior court ruling that the american humanist association argues that the cross is a government endorsement of religion. supporterrers of the cross which is 92 years old says it commemorates lives lost in world war i. just ahead at 6:00, a truck's wild ride caught on video. look at that. what the driver said
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realized seconds before he slammed head on into the ocean. michelle: we are tracking breaking news of accused mass shooter still on the run
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michelle: breaking news. multistate manhunt for the accused killer. this guy radee prince. police say he shot five people, coworkers killing three of them. he went on to shoot another person in delaware. he may be driving a black gmc acadia with the delaware plate. you can see the plate number on the screen. prince is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him or the vehicle call the police right away. jonathan: caught on video, the driver's nightmare. a truck. the brakes go out and this goes flying out to the ocean. it made it 30 feet out before it escaped. he is not facing any charges tonight. michelle: it has been two months since hurricane
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hit but the people trying to get help are faced the the long lines. this is the view in houston. it's causing traffic problems. hurricane harvey hit texas at category four storm. jonathan: milestone in le coverry amidst the crisis in the caribbean. the local chef andreas spent three weeks working to feed the victims of hurricane maria. >> we are about to reach, today, 1 million meals cooked by the men and women of puerto rico. big day! i love you all. >> that is something else. thaw have 15 kitchens run
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powered by 500 volunteers. michelle: great teamwork out there. today in northwest, breaking ground on the major redevelopment construction. the clinic will specialize in hiv and aid care for the lgbt community. whitman walker will open a ground floor community sulchural center surrounded by dozens of apartments and retail space along the 14th street corridor. jonathan: trees, hundreds of them are planted across the roadway and the massive push isn't just for aesthetics. i could affect your safety. >> block by block, hole by hole. trees are going in and the streets are getting greener. in southeast, 27 trees were planted today. >> we'll continue planting until we got every available space
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>> the urban tree canopy is a percentage of the city's land when viewed from above is covered by the trees leaves. >> but for the program to be successful, they need your helps. they are asking residents to water trees twice a week. if you want to find out there are trees near you, they have an active map. >> if you have trees on the both sides of the treat, it narrows the field of vision. most drivers it tends to walk their driving and it slows people down. it will tell you when the trees were planted and if your neighbors are already watering it. thousands have signed up to help out. reporting in southeast washington, sam sweeney, abc7 news. >> the marine corps marathon
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flurry of activity to get ready for the race. 3,000 set to run. security will be tight with up to 900 police along the route and 1,000 medical personnel on standby. trucks and the concrete barriers will be in place to prevent potential vehicle attack. metro will open early sunday at 6:00 in the morning. steve: looking good for the marathon. it's on the warm side toward the end of the race. 72 degrees by the noontime hour. and the start, upper 50's to lower 60's. look outside. it's gorgeous. the sun set in eight minutes or so at national harbor. temperatures on the comfortable side in the mid-60's at dulles. 67 in reagan national. 66 at manassas. temperature change compared to 24 hours ago making progress. we will build on that in the next couple of days. the temperatures tonight will
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skies will be clear. this will stay dry for the roadwalk. milder temperatures inside the beltway. colder to the north and west of us and colder in the mountains. tomorrow upper 40's in bethesda. 44 in college park. 42 middleburg. light jacket early on. but you won't need it long. nice warmup for the midday and early afternoon. don't forget your sunglasses. sunny skies and lower 60's. near 70 by 2:00 and lower 70's by 5:00 p.m. but it will stay dry all day long in the day thursday and friday and the judgment coming weekend looks fantasticment -- looks fantastic. it's dry this
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weather will warm up. howard university homecoming sar. looking for the fall color change. it's not as great this year as previous years but still looking okay. out to the west. head to frostburg and peedersberg where the control -- petersburg where the color looks the best right now. moderate color around the immediate area and to the north and west. extreme southern maryland not so much. not right now. hopefully rain by the middle of next week. we will improve things a little bit. the average high for this time of the year is ten degrees colder. the countdown to halloween. 12 days to go. 17 days until we fall back. the temperature trend looks like this. we have a cool on the way. clear skies for the upcoming weekend.
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we have a lot going on in sports world. erin? erin: steve, we are live outside capital one arena. coming up, find out why john wall says plans like these play a big role in the
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erin: i'm erin hawksworth live outside capital one arena where the wizards are getting ready to host the sixers in the home opener. tip-off in 30 minutes. the fans are ready. they are excited. the wizards are back. except for that guy who just yelled "76ers." look at the fans lined up. many inside the arena. there were outdoor festivities going on here before the game. give the fans some credit. they stepped up last season and gave the team homecourt advantage. the wizards won 30 home games last season. including 17 straight home games which was the second longest in franchise history. >> you always want to have homecourt advantage. throughout the season. be one of the top two teams with homecourt a
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homecourt to close out the games if you get to that point. without the fans we aren't the team we are. we use them. we have a chance because our crowd is so amazing. erin: kreusching news for the redskins. rookie jonathan allen will miss the rest of the season due to a foot injury. allen is a local product out of stone bridge high school. the defense really had been better. partly because of his presence. now the skins could be without three key defensive players in philly. that is who the wizards play tonight. tip-off is 7:00. back to you in the studio. jonathan: thanks very much. what a beautiful day it was. steve: cooling down nicely. tomorrow is warmer. lower 70's. look at the weekend. mid-to-upper 70's.
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"world news toni
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cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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tonight, several developing stories. the deadly workplace shooting. the urgent manhunt across state lines in the east. the gunman allegedly calling for employees to gather, then shooting and killing coworkers. then, accused of opening fire in another state. the outrage tonight. president trump beginning the battle over what are normally solemn calls and letters to the families of the fallen. tonight, one of his own calls now under scrutiny. one family's outrage. the president says that's not how the call went. the american gymnastics star. what she's now revealed. alleged sexual assault, even as she won the gold, describing what she says was the scariest night of her life. tonight, passengers horrified as they watch pilot


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