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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  October 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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4:00". jonathan: the man accused of shooting six people is held on $2.1 million bond. alison: and radee prince is accused of killing three coworkers at a granite company and brad bell is live there. brad? brad: so radee prince is in a delaware jail and i want to bring you up to speed on something going on here at the scene of the crime. a lot of people are focusing on the victims. you can see a little bit of a memorial has grown. people brought out candles and a teddy bear. trying to focus on the victims. but yes, radee prince is also a focus in this matter. he was arrested last night in delaware and we are told he was walking down the street smoking a cigar when he was apprehended by a trio of a.t.f. agents who were able to bring him into custody without incident. he was seen disposing of the
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weapon in this case. now, as for the victims, just a little while ago, a spokesperson for the company where the shooting happened advanced granite solutions called a press conference to bring folks together and basically say that there is an outpouring of support and that it is much appreciated. >> i don't know how an individual person is feeling. i talked to a few of them. they are struggling. everybody is struggling. we are happy to have the community out here supporting us and lifting us up. brad: that is something the manager of the business told me last night. in fact, he very much appreciates the community. so a lot of people want to help and they have set up a special way to gather that support. if you go to our website, we will get you linked up with that. we are continuing to work the story. when we come back at 5:00, we are
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been behind the shooting here. we are looking into the accused kill killer's past as well. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: one of the people killed commuted from edgewood to arlington every day. ryan hughes spoke with his daughter and find out why they already say they forgive the accused killer. today the family of bayarsaikhan tudev is holding a prayer service after the 53-year-old was shot and killed wednesday morning. >> he was the best dad that anyone could ask for. he never drank. he never had any bad habits. he was a very nice soft-hearted, a good-hearted, easy going. ryan: one of the three victims killed after police say disgruntled employee radee prince opened fire shooting five employees inside the kitchen counter top company in edge
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tudev worked at advanced granite solutions for five years and he woke up extra early to beat traffic making the long drive from arlington to harford county. his daughter says she can remember her dad coming home from work and talking about prescription being a problem. >> he didn't really get along with the other employees. he did seem like a cold person. ryan: tudev is described as a hard worker and the ultimate family man. he was married to his wife for 32 years. they moved to the states from mongolia in 2005 and have three children and two grand children. his only daughter says she forgives prince. >> it's hard for us, but we can only forgive him through god's love. it's hard to gor hiv bum we forgive him. ripe: in arlington, ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at 5:00, we will
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that is now up outside advanced granite solutions. they are paying their respects. michelle: i'm michelle marsh at the "live desk" with new developments out of today's press conference in the white house. a rare appearance by president trump chief of staff general john kelly minutes ago. kelly spoke on the controversy over the phone call president trump made to the widow of sergeant la david johnson. he, of course, one of the soldiers killed in niger. he said he was shocked to learn congresswoman frederica wilson of florida listened in to that conversation and then talked about it on tv. >> i just thought that that might be sacred. when i listen to this woman, what she was saying, what she was doing on tv, the only thing i could do to collect my thoughts is walk among the finest men and women on this earth. you can always find them. they are at arlington national cemetery. i went over there for
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and a half. i walked among the stones. some of whom i put there. michelle: deeply personal for general kelly. he knows all sides of this. his son was killed in action in afghanistan. he said he told the president, president trump, what to say to that family and the most important call the family receive are from fellow soldiers. at the "live desk," michelle marsh, abc7 news. alison: very emotional, michelle. thank you. now a month into the crisis in the caribbean, new power generators are starting to arrive in san juan. the turbines from a florida-based company are expected to be able to generate enough power for 300,000 homes. less than 20% of that island, though, has power right now. today, puerto rico's governor met with president trump at the white house. the president was asked to rate the much criticized u.s. response after the storm. >> it hit right through the middle of the island. right through the middle of puer
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like that. i give ourselves a 10. alison: the president says he has given congress his blessing for recovery funding fan but emphasized the governor should know that help cannot be there forever. nancy: now for help on the ground, rain hampering efforts to get clean drinking water distributing on the island. the dam burst on wednesday and the river behind it swelling 30 feet wide. that forced the national guardsman to stop operations and move to a safer location. jonathan: what a contrast for our weather. nothing but clear skies in the area today. meteorologist steve rudin in the stormwatch7 weather center with a check of the forecast. this was one of the beautiful days. steve: if you like this afternoon you'll love the next three days or so. looking from the torpedo factory. not a cloud in the sky. but the temperature is 71 degrees at the reagan normal
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normal -- reagan national airport. warmer to the west of us. warrenton is 75 at this hour. for this evening, if you have outdoor plans look at temperatures in the 60's by 7:00. we will drop down to the upper 50's by 9:00 p.m. a light jacket moving through the evening hours. the sunset can you believe we are now at 6:23? talking about the rest of the week, we are looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. we have the marine corps marathon on sunday. more on that, plus we are tracking the next big weather makeer that promises to bring us rain and thal cooler temperatures by next week. the timing on that in a few minutes. alison: thank you, steve. meanwhile, a guilty plea in the murder of a man on a metro train. jasper spires admitted to stabbing kevin sutherland on a red line train on july 4, 2015. prosecutors say spires tried to rob the 24-year-old but none of sutherland's possessions were taken. doctors determined spires suffered from a mental illness but he was and is competen
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january. nancy: police are looking for the driver who hit a montgomery county officer last night and did not stop. this happened at 10:30 on new hampshire avenue near piney branch road. the officer was hit after stopping to help another officer in a traffic stop. the officer's injuries are not life threatening. jonathan: the d.c. council doesn't want people who evade metro fares to be criminals. sam ford is covering northwest washington to explain why. sam? sam: jonathan, we are near the closest metro station to city hall where today councilmembers said they don't want a young person to get a criminal record simply for jumping a turnstile or in some other way avoiding paying a fare on metrobus or metrorail. ward eight councilmember white introduced a bill to make it a citation-only offense where the police could write a fare-evader a ticke
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jail time. in a hearing today on the bill, the police chief and other metro officials insisted no one gets arrested now simply for fare evasions. but have outstanding warrants or other issues as well. >> we would much rather you issue the citation because i will lose that office out of service for two or three hours while they have to process the custodial record. >> this is a charge. let's be clear. people are being charged in washington, d.c. for fare evading. sam: metro transit police said about 800 people are arrested each year. at least that many were arrested last year for fare evasion. but in half of the cases, they said the person had an outstanding warrant. and in the other cases they said either they had well, improper i.d. or belligerent behavior. we'll have more at "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live
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news. alison: all right, sam. thank you very much. today marks one month since that deadly earthquake in mexico. a moment of silence was held at the time the quake hit killing 369 people. thousands of rescue workers and volunteers scrambled to try to save people from collapsed buildings in and around mexico city. nancy: the commemoration came as countries around the world mark a great shakeout. the global event is held each year on october 19 at 10:19 in the morning to help people know what to do should an earthquake hit. i had us wondering for repairs after the national cathedral after a quake hit our area in august of 2011. the repairs are split to nine phases and could take ten to 15 years before they are all complete. when all is said and done it will cost $25 million. jonathan: well, you know the old song "going to the chapel, going to get marryied"? still to come for us what got more attention than the couple ty
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alison: later, called for love and not hate. the controversial figure speaks on a college campus. jonathan: negative coast rider. remember that? the pattern is full. how about a movie moment coming under investigation in real life? whoa! nancy: but first, the last landing. what makes this arrival at dulles so my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control.
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jonathan: imagine waking up to this. looks like someone is spraying a hose. not! this is a geyser blasting water at a house in staten island, new york. the problem is a broken water pipe. windows broken, some folks had no water for morning coffee. no one was hurt. yikes! alison: not a pretty picture. different water display at dulles airport in honor of united airlines last 747 to land at the airport. sam sweeney was there when it did. >> she is known of the queen of the skies. it's the most iconic and recognized plane in the world. she circled the globe for united airlines for 47 years. now she is fading into the aviation history books. >> she looks so good.
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>> today, united welcomed the employees on board to say goodbye. >> it's such an iconic airplane, end of an era. we are all going to miss it. it's like a whole generation is going into the past now. >> one of the unique parts of the 747, you can sit in the nose of the airplane because the flight deck is up on the second floor. most people never saw this part of the plane because a ticket for one of the beds runs about $10,000. >> all u.s. airlines will retire the 747 this year. united will fly its last commercial flight october 29. from seoul, south korea, to san francisco. employees get their last ride november 9 to honolulu. as dulles airport, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. nancy: a great sendoff. investigators in germany trying to figure out how an air berlin flight afforded a landing to the tower. look at this. lying low. thea
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look here. watch. there it is goes. right over a tower. low pass there at a german airport. that flight came in from miami. the last time for the route before the airline sees the operation. so perhaps a special occasion you might say. abc news reporting that the tower had approved the salute. >> in this time of terror, in this time when we have seen a german pilot deliberately fly an airplane in the side of a mountain, this is unnecessary, uncalled for. there was no reason to scare the people on the airplane the way he did. nancy: the pilots have not been suspended but they have been taken off flight duties while it was investigated. jonathan: who thought it was a good idea? alison: did he tell the passengers ahead of time? jonathan: we are going to buzz the tower. look to the left side. nancy: get your cameras ready. steve: rather be on the united flight. the 747. very cool. the last flight from san francisco to hawaii is a retro flight. th
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retro uniforms and served the meals on the original. jonathan: good food then. steve: the big trollies. not like here, take this! we'll take the weather out there now. it is beautiful. it's only going to get warmer and nicer over the next three days. a lot of folks are taking advantage of the next and a half of daylight out there at belle haven country club. shooting a few holes there. looking great. potomac river in the background. not a cloud in the sky. if you look up see the crescent moon and the stars. 72 at winchester. upper 70's in luray. charlottesville at 76. walking the dog looks great. close to the capital beltway you will drop to lower to the middle 50's for the temperatures. it's cooler west of us. the stormwatch7 satellite and radar is
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there. it's hard to believe that was moving. tonight temperatures range from 48 to 55 degrees. mainly clear skies. winds are on the light side. waking up tomorrow morning a light jacket early on. don't forget sunglasses. you will need them from morning to the noontime hours to the early evening. 50 degrees wake up temperature in college park. 50 at middleburg. lower 50's in leesburg. you get the point. cool start to the day but a nice day for the food truck friday. noontime temperatures around 70. lower 70's moving early afternoon hours. then we will build on that a bit. see daytime highs around 75 degrees. bit cooler off to the west of us. it looks stunning and we do it all over for the day on saturday and on sunday. and then monday is more humidity out there. that is ahead of a cold front to bring us the next best chance for welt weather. the marine corps marathon is this sunday. it starts at 7:55. temperatures are just around 60 degrees. we will st
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lower 70's by the noontime hour. ten-day outlook shows great weather for the weekend. howard university home coming on saturday. the marathon. late-day showers on monday. cold front on tuesday. to bring us the next chance for showers. look what happens when the cold front moves through. temperatures for the daytime highs only in the lower 60's. nighttime lows in the 40's. jonathan: thank you very much. coming up for us today at 5:00 -- >> ♪ i'm going to let it shine ♪ jonathan: the backlash against what one company thought would be a good sign of unity after the las vegas massacre. >> a growing number of d.c. restaurants getting a mention in the
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alison: we're back now with an update on the fallout from this year's michelin stars in d.c. we told you yesterday that the elite ranking added just two local restaurants this year and up in of the 14 spots on the list earned more than two stars. stephen tschida found out while some establishments are pouring the campaign, others might breaking for a struggle. stephen: the michelin guide is out and two got stars. a
4:23 pm
prestigious michelin guide can bring in business. >> we are honored to be part of michelin and the fact they recognize us is amazing. >> they noted the new restaurants for good food at good price. the japanese restaurant got another star. that is great but there is a down side. >> there are good restaurants all over the world. who doesn't want a star? >> he says his business went up 10% when he got his first star last year. he says sure it's good for business, but it can cost regular customers the access they had prior to mishlip's accolades. but he is fine getting the star again. >> maybe we don't need it this year. stephen: others wonder why their favorite eateries didn't get am
4:24 pm
difficult even for the most respected connoisseurs. stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: taking you now to nebraska where a special guest could have stolen the show at a wedding there. as it turned out, the bride was thrilled. he served as the honor on the special day. he is not just any camel. oh, no. he has a history with the happy couple. >> when he sees marcus comes to the ranch he comes running because he knows there are treats for them. >> surprise! >> ohh! >> the wedding party also included three mini donkeys carrying flower baskets. the animals came from a ranch where the couple volunteers so it all works out. but you don't need to
4:25 pm
rice afterwards. jonathan: no, they would eat it. like a petting farm going on there. alison: nothing says romance like a camel and donkeys. jonathan: still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how this porcupine is becoming an unlikely advocate in the fight against breast cancer. nancy: but first, raising the deadline to try to land amazon second headquarters. alison: coming up at 5:00 tonight is the amazon/whole foods deal really saving you money? "7 on your side" went shopping for weeks to find out. the results you d (upbeat music) - [announcer] presenting the shark ion flex 2x. the free-standing, cord free vacuum that can live anywhere because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. with duo clean, multiflex, and powerful suction so you can go, and go, and go again.
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welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark.
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jonathan: midnight pacific time or 3:00 in the morning our time is the deadline for 100 cities and counties in the running for amazon new headquarters location. this is a big deal. including eight proposals from the d.c., maryland and virginia area alone. tom roussey spoke with one today about last-minute chances of actually landing this deal. tom: properties all over our area are being pitched to amazon as possible places for their second headquarters. let me show you one of the ones pitched. behind here you are seeing the new carrollton metro station.
4:29 pm
land off in this direction over there toward route 50. one of three areas near metro station that prince george's county is pitching. a lot of other areas are trying, too. check out the map here. all of these locations throughout our region are trying to lure amazon to build its second headquarters. almost all of them confirm to me today they did, in fact, meet today's deadline. which ones actually have a chance to land this thing? i'm told our area is likely to at least make the finalists list. but that said, we talk to a reporter from the "washington post," who covers this. he says the one to actually really keep an eye on is baltimore. >> if you look at what kevin blank has done and the coverington neighborhood of baltimore where he has put time in getting zone in and the center build in to what he is doing there, it would be easy for a company to show up on day one and start going really fast. tom: coming up at
4:30 pm
will hear more from prince george's county here about what they said in the pitch to amazon to lure the company here. the final decision we'll know sometime next year. nancy: all right. we could pitch the nice weather we are having on the beautiful fall day as part of our appeal, too. steve: picture perfect. this is frederick, maryland, breezy out there now. but not super cold and warm. it's still bright outside. sun will set at around 6:23. the daylight hours continue to shrink by two and a half minutes a day moving closer to winter. what can you do? right? temperatures, 73 at quantico. 76 at warrenton. 75 at fredericksburg. hanging out at madison regatta -- reagan national airport. overall it's really nice moving to the end of october around the d.m.v. for thi
4:31 pm
7:00, the sun is down. temperatures are middle 60's. 60 by 10:00 a.m. by 1:00 in the morning for those up late and out and about the temperatures are upper 50's to the capital beltway. upper 40's to 55 degrees downtown d.c. anywhere, whether annapolis or the district or arlington or alexandria, or the i-81 corridor, mainly clear skies. check out the crescent moon tonight, it's a pretty overnight. the temperature trend for next seven days. we will build on the temperatures moving through the day on saturday and sunday. monday is the warmest of the next seven with the highs in the upper 70's. added humidity. cold front arrives. you can see what happens once the cold front clears. lower 60's on wednesday and thursday next week. michelle: thank you.
4:32 pm
is on the campaign trail. right now he is with new jersey's democratic candidate for governor. this is his first campaign event since leaving office. stumping for candidate there. later on tonight he is due to appear in virginia for gubernatorial candidate ralph northam that will take place in richmond. we have a preview of that coming up tonight at 5:00. people in descending on the university of florida campus this afternoon. most were there to protest against a message of division and hate by a white nationalists with ties to charlottesville. maggie rulli takes us inside the protest. maggie: a college campus on lockdown. white nationalists leader richard spencer prepared to speak. drowned out by protesters.
4:33 pm
refusing to let him share what they say is a platform of white nationalism and hate. >> this is not where he should be going as a nation. >> i'm embased for gainesville to even host this hater. maggie: the visit reigniting the debate over what is considered free speech. >> it blows my mind. yes, it upsets me. it upsets me that the school president is not doing anything to stop this. maggie: the president of the verticalled spencer's beliefs abhorrent but legally he couldn't stop him speaking on campus. just the presence of spencer in gainesville sparking concerns over potential violence. this is spencer's first planned visit to a college campus since august when he participatedded in the unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, that turned deadly. authorities in florida say they learned from that event, bring in extra federal, state and local resources. authorities say this extra security is going to c
4:34 pm
least $600,000. right now it's the taxpayers of florida the ones left paying for it. in new york, maggie rulli, abc7 news. nancy: hours before spencer's speech the former president george w. bush taking a strong stance against bigotry. >> we have become the heirs of martin luther king junior not recognizing people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. so every race, religion and ethnicity can be fully and equally american. it means that bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blas blas -- blasphomy against the creed. michelle: las vegas working to recover from t
4:35 pm
music festival earlier this month. it happened outside the mandalay bay hotel. now its owner m.g.m. has a new commercial designed to send a message of unity. >> ♪ i'm going to let it shine ♪ michelle: the company is widely criticized for the spot on social media. lindsey mastis is here with the posts. lindsey: some see it as commercialization of a tragedy. take a look at this tweet right here. this reads -- lindsey: another person calls it gross. but i am also seeing quite a few people on social media who approve of the message. look at this
4:36 pm
so far m.g.m. has not tweeted about this. back to you. jonathan: what is giving firefighters the edges in the battle against the fires in california? >> you can talk way better. nancy: but first what happened to this boy that has doctors baffled. michelle: now adrianna hopkins with a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." adrianna: thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- we are live at howard university to kick off the 150th anniversary homecoming celebration. >> plus even ways to feel less stressed at work. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 on abc7's "goo
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fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. nancy: back now with a health alert. maryland reported the first flu cases of the season three. adults in the baltimore area. one of them was hospitalized but now released. this is another quick reminder to get the flu shot to help protect yourself. jonathan: most parents are happy when their kids sleep. a kentucky family just wanted their son toic what up. doctors are baffled why the 7-year-old wyatt shaw slept for 11 days straight. he had to take a new type of seizure medication to get him to wake up. >> they said we will probably ner
4:40 pm
him now, just work on rehab to get him better. jonathan: his doctors say blood work, x-rays, body scans all came back clean. the good news is doctors say he should be able to go home in a few days without any lasting impacts. nancy: that is good to hear. michelle: october is breast cancer awareness month. men and women can get the disease. did you know it can affect animals? now a prickly patient is helping send home the message that you should check yourself. bam-bam is a breast cancer survivor. there she is. trainers at the zoo noticed a lump on the indian-crested porcupine's chest in june. she had a double mastectomy and now she is cancer free. >> i think she would be quite happy to know that she is helping to raise awareness of breast cancer to hopefully prevent or help with curing people as well. michelle: trainers will continue to
4:41 pm
carefully but she is back in her exhibit area. nancy: good for bam-bam! coming up at 4:00 -- how this 5-year-old knew what to do when a fire broke out in her home. >> of course you heard of the marine corps marathon but have you heard of a swear blue mile? a place of honor and remembrance. you wa
4:42 pm
cnarrator: ed gillespie and i wants to endis ad. a woman's right to choose. ed giof a woman'sd put thpersonal decisions,rge not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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4:44 pm
michelle: signs of this weekend's marine corps marathon going up all over maryland and the district for that matter. but have you heard of the wear blue mile? we are introduced to the effort. >> when jimmy died i would go out for therapy, the long runs. >> this year she is not running because of an injury. instead she is volunteering along the wear blue mile. >> four years ago this may, my
4:45 pm
stationed at ford hood. >> he was her husband's kevin's best friend. they met when they were deployed to afghanistan in 2003. >> he was not a brother to us. he was a brother. >> after two tours of afghanistan he suffered from ptsd. may 27, 2014, he texted them before he took his own life. >> he just said i can't do this anymore. forgive me. there is nothing that you could have done. i love you. >> so she started running. 13 marathons. the marine corps marathon twice where she discovered mile 12 along haynes point. the wear blue mile is a place of honor and remembrance. for her, it was the exact right spot to pay tribute to her friend. >> it caused some to kneel, some to pray, some to weep. >> i didn't feel alone. not only
4:46 pm
but she is coming up to me. >> she is now wear blue a non-profit running group to support the military. >> it does give people the opportunity to reflect, men and women putting their lines for us every day. >> in arlington, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: learn more about the road closures ahead of sunday's marathon on the abc7 news app. search wjla in the itunes for the google play store. jonathan: talking about marathons, how about this? this left a lot of runners angry and confused. you will know why. those who ran a good time at the sunday p.n.c. milwaukee marathon were expecting to qualify for the 2018 boston marathon. that is a big deal. instead, their training went right down the tubes because the course was too short. by .8 of a mile shy of the standard 26.2-mile race. >> it was actually about mile three. the g.p.s.
4:47 pm
off quite a bit to the mile marker. running with a 3.25 pace group and everybody was like you know these miles are a little bit off. jonathan: it turns out there was an error on the route certification map causing a turn-around to be marked in the wrong spot. literally this happened. unbelievable. it made it 25.4 miles long. get this. this is the second year in a row that the distances for the marathon were off. last year the course measured too long. i'm guessing they will have new folks running the race as far as organizing it next year. nancy: you really feel for the runners who trained for so long to qualify for the boston marathon and other elite marathons and to come so close and have to redo it all over again. jonathan: they have the technology. michelle: hard to digest. jonathan: they know what the course is. nancy: speaking of a mixup, here is a mixup for you. facebook users in pittsburgh were
4:48 pm
philadelphia for a day. a glitch caused them to receive notifications welcoming them to the city of brotherly love on wednesday. facebook says there was a bug with the location services application but they are fixed. >> in the last ten minutes, california insurance commissioner says preliminary estimates are that this month's wildfire caused a billion dollars in damage. 42 people died and thousands of homes were destroyed since the fires started october 8. they hope to have the part fully contained by friday but others could take longer. >> a bizarre twist near sacramento where a home barely made it through with the wildfires is now left in ashes. house at the edge of one of the fires that burned more than 8,000 acres of land. this is two weeks ago. on wednesday, a fire starte
4:49 pm
jonathan: how do you protect yourself when your car or house catches fire? nathan baca has a simple step to save your life. nathan: this is not a normal house fire. they set the safety standards for a slew of industries. now u.l. is creating a controlled fire to show the importance of closing your bedroom door before you go to sleep. >> when you can't get out, the most important thing you can do is close that door between you and the fire. it could save your life. >> alexis king survived a house fire that killed her parents and brother when she was 10. the home smoke alarm battery wasn't working. she believes closing her bedroom door saved her life. >> the door helped me to still have clean air. and to really figure out a way to get out. >> u.l. now relaunching a safety campaign, close before
4:50 pm
service as a test facility. it's why with camera and sensors to track temperature and gas level. all the info fed to this control center to monitor the fire. two bedrooms have the doors closed but the other -- >> we leave that one open so get to see the difference. nathan: with the fire department standing by a fire is set on the living room sofa. back of the control center. look at the bedroom with the open door. >> see how, you can see the smoke. >> absolutely. it's not survivable. nathan: check out the room with the door closed. the temperatures are lower. >> you have 97 degrees in one. 69 in the other. those are the closed door rooms. >> very survivable. >> there you go. the top of the window came out. >> after ten minutes, u.l. puts the fires out. temperatures of the room with the open door reached 500 degrees. the carbon monoxide reading is 6,000 part per million. industry standard alarm goes off at 70. what a difference in the bedrooms with the doors closed. temperature got up to
4:51 pm
the carbon monoxide were ten times lower than the open room. nathan baca, abc7 news. nancy: good information there. a 5-year-old is being praised for her quick thinking when her family's home caught fire in michigan. michelle: she saw the flames and ran to wake up her mom and dad. her dad tried to put out the fire with buckets of water and while he did that, she alerted the rest of her family. >> i was in my room. jonathan: great job. nancy: remarkable. jonathan: fast thinking there. nancy: steve, wonderful fall day out there. steve: look at the picture behind us. not a cloud in the sky. here we are. almost to the end of october. we are talking temperatures in the upper 70's. not only tomorrow but for the
4:52 pm
folks are still enjoying themselves at the beach. dulles is at 73. it's 72 at winchester and 77 in luray. it's cooler for extreme western maryland. lower 60's. the forecast this evening we fall to the 60s and then upper 50's. mainly clear skies. few passing clouds. look up to see the crescent moon and the stars. it looks great out there. 53 waking up tomorrow morning in bethesda. 50 in college park. we're will be around 54 or 55 at reagan national airport. tomorrow a nice warm-up. upper 60's at 11:00 a.m. highs around 75 degrees. howard university football homecomeing this saturday.
4:53 pm
university. you can watch in the afternoon hours on saturday. marine corps marathon bright and early sunday morning. temperatures to start. middle 60's by 10:00 a.m. 12:00 noontime is 72 degrees. great time to download the stormwatch7's weather app. if you are going to the mountains this weekend the best color to the west of us. garrett and allegheny county. we need rain to help brighten it up a bit. through the weekend it should be warm and humid on monday. upper 70's. tuesday, added clouds. cold front will roll through. we move to the middle and the end of next week, the high temperatures in the 60's. night time lows in the 40's. >> all right. thank you. next at 4:00, being prepared. when we come back a look at whether active shooter drills should become as common as fire drills.
4:54 pm
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nancy: active shooter training is common and now the businesses are practicing for a day they hope never comes. we look at a growing trend. >> police racing to the scene. >> watch the windows. responding to the calls of an active shooter. >> in front of the building. nancy: the goal, stop the
4:57 pm
then help the victims. this is just a drill and not real life luckily. >> we assume some day it will be here. we want to be ready for it. >> they try to create a chaotic environment to make the situation as real as possible. >> we add noise and smoke to it. we add extraneous communication to it like in reality. >> after the recent shooting that left 59 dead and hundreds injured and the mass shooting in maryland that left three dead, the law enforcement wants the community to practice active shooter drills. so they can be prepared, too. >> if madness of being in the environment. the only way to help us is say these are the things you can do to help us out. >> the prince george's county police department outside washington, d.c. d.c. say they are now receiving more training requests from businesses, schools and churches on how to respond
4:58 pm
>> in the interim, people have to do their best to survive until we get there. that means run, hide or fight. nancy: fight with anything you can. >> it can be a stapler or a rolled up newspaper. or my fingers to the eyes or the throat. alison: a lesson they hope americans never have to use but can be prepared for the worst. alison: right now at 5:00, a new picture of yesterday's mass shooting from the people caught in it. amazon promised to mange groceries cheaper so "7 on your side" went shopping. check out what the receipts say. and a runway retirement party for the queen of the skies. a last look at the iconic 7:47. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> as we come on the air
4:59 pm
accused of shooting six people in two states is being held on more than $2 million cash bail. alison: radee prince faced a judge this morning in delaware. maryland bureau chief brad bell starts off the live team coverage in edgewood where prince is accused of killing three of his coworkers. alison: we are getting a picture of what happened at the shooting. alison: the sheriff department has the whole thing on camera. capture by cameras and in this part of the building. so much pain. the other thing is people in the community focus on those who drove the trucks and survived the attack and those who didn't. this afternoon lawyer for advanced granite solutions speaking of the company's pain and appealing for help.
5:00 pm
individual person is doing. i have talked to a free of them. they are how you can imagine. everybody is struggling. brad: abraham is the manager of business and was at work when the shooting happened. >> we are a family. working together for a long time. it's tragic. now a day later from a variety of witnesses we are gaining a picture of the terror inside the stone fabrication shop. we are told suspect radee prince had been at work for an hour and a half when he called a group of the fellow workers together and opened fire. killing three and severely wounding two. survivors saying prince was angry that others were, "talking about him." a relative of a survivor who didn't want to be shown tells us that in a few months he worked here, prince developed a reputation. >> prince was arrested in delaware last night and is being held in that state. $2.1 million bond. long criminal


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