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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to drive off the highway through a parking lot and into top of the hill restaurant. her blue toyota camry remains inside as they try to figure out how to get it out without further damaging the building. the popular lunchtime spot was busy with not patrons inside when the unthinkable happened. a car came plowing through the wall spending brick and cinder block showering debris on people seated, eating. >> a lot of prince george's county employees were inside. it's frequented by the firefighters a lot. >> there were a lot of first responders inside. if there is anything good, that was it. >> he was inside and heard boom, saw tables and debris flying. >> the man that fell on top of me was unconscious. it took a couple detectives to get him off of me. i had trouble getting up. they helped me after that and we took everybody outside to wait for branses to arrive. >> seven people were injured
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hospitals. two in serious but non-life threatening conditions. >> by the grace of god nobody else got hurt worse than they did. >> i can see you have blood -- >> i am okay. >> blood on the sleeve there and the other sleeve is ripped. >> i used to keep a clean shirt here in case of trouble. i took it home. i should know better. >> the judge said after the excitement here he went back to the courthouse and tried to resume the trial. but he said after a while he gave up and told people to come back tomorrow. as for the driver, the woman who drove the car in the building, she is was not among the injured. she stayed here on the scene we are told and assisted the police. reporting live from prince george's county, maryland, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. new information on the hour that killed two people and the family dog in a hagerstown
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were an elderly woman and her son. we have learned that the son stayed with his mother to care for her three days a week. it was also her birthday. the neighbors tried to help but they just couldn't. >> by the time it was too late. you couldn't get in. you couldn't get close. therer with flames everywhere -- there were flames everywhere. therca was on fire, the house was on fire. jonathan: there is no word on the cause of the fire. investigators don't believe it's a suspicious fire. michelle: arizona senator jeff flake stunned capitol hill today by announcing he will not seek re-election next year. he said president trump's actions and behavior are a major reason. >> i believe there is a section of my party that anything short of complete and unquestionable throughout my president is unsentable and
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suspect. if i'm critical it's not because i relish criticizing the behavior of the president of the united states. if i have been critical is because i believe it's my obligation to do so. michelle: flake joins another critic of the president republican senator bob corker of tennessee. he now becomes the second to announce they are not running for re-election. jonathan: demand for answers at this hour after a protester got close enough to president trump inside the capitol to nearly hit him with a handful of russian flags. watch. the man had been standing amidst journalists to cover the president's senate luncheon aimed at tax reform. it turns out that same man ryan clayton had run-ins with the trump family before in july. >> will you sign my russian flag? sign my russian flag, please. sign my russian flag. jonathan: that is clayton again. now he is in jail answering questions
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it's not clear how he managed to get such close access when he known for the antics. michelle: a pair of house committee launched joint investigation in the obama era justice department. the probes will focus on the department handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. and the 2010 sale of a urainum company to a russian president. one of the panels in the investigation said democrats were not consulted before the announcement today by the republican chairman. jonathan: crime alert to tell you about tonight. rash of home burglaries from steriling to herndon. each case they have seen the thieves use home technology against you. q mccray joining us from herndon with how the thieves get in and the video place want you to look at. q? q: i spoke with the herndon police. they confirmed they are looking for one man they believe is responsible for two crimes in the city. on monday between 2:00 and 3:00
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this is what he looks like. herndon detectives want you to look at the man creeping up the back patio stairs. he tried breaking into the house and failed early monday morning before paying the family an unwanted visit next door. >> i forgot to close the garage door, which is stupid. that is on me. q: if not for the encounter the season had with the suspect it could have been much worse. >> in this case it was a low tech expense way to learn an important lesson. q: we told you about a rash of burglaries in sterling. there have been 11 incident since october 13. the investigators have not made a connection yet but when we compared the surveillance pictures the suspect lookings eerily similar. they will do anything to get in your home.
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the detectives said they have thieves go in your car and get the garage door opener to get in your house that way. >> you cannot take your -- [inaudible] there is always somebody out there who wants what you have. >> michael mcbrady isn't taking chances in the future. >> he told me that from now on he will make sure the vehicles are locked up tight from now on. the same for the police department. they want to make sure everyone does the same. no matter where you live. if you have any information about the suspect you are looking for, give them a call. herndon, i'm q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: an important reminder. thank you. police in bowie are looking for a man a woman says sexual assaulted her monday afternoon. the woman told police it happened while she was on the run near general igs mill drive and jennings lane. she fought off the attacker after he is jumped out of
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woods. anyone with information should call police. jonathan: the opioid epidemic seems to be worsening. recovering addicts walk us through the warning signs of drug abuse from missing spoons to shoe laces. michelle: fighting back against crime. caught on video, the moment a man decides he is not going to let a bank robber escape unscathed next at 6:00. bill: good evening, everyone. i'm chief meteorologist bill kelly. 61 this morning. tomorrow morning a little different story. we'll take 52 in the metro. some of the outliers in the 40's. we have the forecast next. we'll be right back.
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jonathan: a volunteer fire chief faces two dozen charges tonight because they say matthew fowler threatened to slash his girlfriend's tires and led the them on a chase not once but twice. he was offduty when they arrested him but he was driving a fire department vehicle at the time. michelle: now must-see video of to a man who doesn't have much patience for these. the hotel manager says not on my watch. he grabs him from behind and throws him to the floor. the thief has had enough. but he ru
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jonathan: the plane doesn't have landing gear but it's not a problem. he pulls off the belly landing. then he walks away. michelle: "7 on your side" on your side to get you straight answers about your car problems. call 703-236-9220. you can ask the mechanics tonight. we have mechanics standing by to help you figure out what is wrong with the vehicle. jonathan: it can save you money and it's free. just ahead for us. that is a nun with a chainsaw. the no
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internet sensation after hurricane irma and she gets a big honor. what is brewing for her coming up. michelle: the opioid epidemic takes another turn. ahead how to spot hidden warning signs that someone you love may be
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y2ktqy y5yy jonathan: it has been 15 year since the reign of terror ended in our area. 15 years ago today the police captured john allen humid and lee boyd malvo. they terrorized the area for three weeks in the d.c. sniper shootings and by the time it was over they killed ten people in the region. humid has been executed. malvo is serving a life sentence. michelle: the full scale fight against opioid epidemic in maryland isn't slowing the surge of people dieing from overdoses. look at this. between january and june of this year more than 1,000 people died from opioid overdoses. that is double the amount in the same time period as recently as two years ago. looking at the five-year trend on the screen. the surge in fentanyl overdoses driving the surge. the growing toll of overdoses is visible in many places
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the signs of heroin abuse might not be as easy to see unless you know what to look for. jonathan: a lot of parents are looking for the signs. cheryl conner spoke to two recovering addicts to find hidden signs of heroin. cheryl: sean nicholson knows all the tricks. he spent 15 years using just about every drug including heroin. >> the way it makes you feel is immediately addictive. >> two years careen he wants parents to? -- sniff out drug use. >> it's cotton. take a piece of it out and use it as a filter to draw out the heroin. >> he volunteers with the up and out foundation in frederick to provide assistance and education. he says straws and pens with no ink inside could be a sign that someone you know is using. >> rolled up dollar bills used to snort. >> another sign missing shoe laces. addicts use them as a makeshift tournique
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belt around the arm, not a waist, have the same effect. >> cut off the circulation to allow the veins to show better i.v. drug use. >> roll over. good girl! >> freedom, the puppy is in training to be a therapy dog for addicts. calvin lives in the sober house run by the foundation. he says parents should pay attention to certain behaviors. >> i went through sexual abuse as a kid so i had a distance from everybody. >> now he is keeping close to friends who are trying to live a clean life. and hoping others learn from their mistakes. jonathan: happening right now community meeting underway focusing to get help to fight the opioid crisis. among those expected to speak are those who lost loved ones to epidemic. meeting runs tonight at the stonewall jackson high school in
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>> storm watch video tonight. that is impressive. sheets of rain. wicked storms whipped across the carolina overnight to leave damage on the screen. this is at the airport in hickory, north carolina. state of emergency in effect for some western north carolina counties. no death or injuries reported. that is good news considering the damage. but popular leaf peeping destinations like the blue ridge parkway is a big one and chimney rock park closed. jonathan: this will make you smile. nun who became famous in hurricane irma aftermath adding another page to her growing legend. i could watch it all day. she is handy with the chainsaw. look at her go! sister margaret ann gained worldwide acclaim after she fired up the chainsaw to remove storm debris. she is being honored with a cold one d
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chainsaw." hope. pale ale. due south brewing company is putting it out. they wanted to honor the "we can get through this spirit" that she showed in storm's aftermath. i love she is out there in the habit. not even getting dirty. michelle: after that hard work you want a cold one. >> i am not sure there is a higher honor than a craft beer named for you. jonathan: i second that. bill: beautiful day today. stunning. since we had a front roll through last night. it would have been worse. we had wind and nothing crazy. >> fun! >> beautiful. we are in maryland, that sun going down now. right around now. 6:17 tonight specifically. looking across. traveling on over, here it is. chantilly. excuse me, belle haven country club. across the river. gorgeous conditions. another shot, chantilly
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beautiful. 68 in chevy chase. falls church at 67. widespread areas to the upper 60s and the low 70's. we have 73 for d.c. down in andrews we have 6al degrees now. in terms of the rainfall, nothing in the area at all. you don't need the umbrella. you can leave it at home. the front last night off to the east. near ocean city you have a line of the showers and the possibility of thunderstorms. not a big thunder maker but bringing the rain through the eastern jersey. that is as close as it is to us. that is moving away. some of the showers to the west early in west virginia, ohio and the areas that are farther back west. those for the most part triggered by the afternoon sunshine. they will go down with the clouds. stop at 11:00 tonight. the only thing
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the incle meant weather wise is a light -- inclement weather is light clouds. temperatures will drop. this morning was 61 men you went out. we are dropping it by ten degrees. the farther west you are the cooler it will be. we could see the low 40's. tomorrow we have clouds in the morning. afternoon, a lot of sunshine to go around. it should be gorgeous. it will keep us dry. a couple of clouds tomorrow everything but that is it. no major weather problems. this evening we keep temperatures dropping. we take of 5 degrees. it's get -- 65 degrees. 40's and the low 50's as mentioned. recess dress in layers day. 58 by midday. 64 at the end of the day. that is the normal temperature for the day. we will drop to 60 on thursday. for the high. notice by the weekend we will rebound to
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temperature of 6 a on sunday and that is the next weather maker with the rain coming in as early as sunday morning. make plans accordingly. erin, to you. erin: thank you. redskins won't have much time to think about the loss. monday night's loss to eagles may be a little tough to take. but washington better shake it off quick because it's dallas week. game planning for the co
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erin: the redskins don't have much time to think about monday's night loss to the eagles. a short week and it's dallas week and a lot on the line. it's early but this could be a swing game for the cowboys or the redskins as they go forward. despite being swept by the eagles this season the players are confident they can put last night's disappointing division loss behind them and bounce back this week at home. >> i'm very, very confident in the team. i feel like we have all the pieces we need to win games. it's just have to take it one at a time. >> get over the losses. got to bounce back this week. whatever we got to do to win on sunday. we need to prepare well. get the job done. erin: today was media day for the maryland women's basketball team. terps are projected to finish in the top three of the big ten in the preseason poll which is really
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brenda freeze has a younger squad this year. they lost three starters from last season including destiny slocum to a transfer but freeze isn't looking back. she is looking forward to a new season. >> putting all the pieces together. we had players silently waited for their turn. we are excited for them and the opportunity that presents itself. also being patient and understanding that it is a process early. erin: finally game one of the world series between the dodgers and astros is tonight at 8:00. jonathan: i know your brother played for the dodgers. who are you picking? the erin: the dodgers. jonathan: better if you said astros. erin: no. no connection to houston. jonathan: think a sweep? erin: i would love that. i'm a dodgers fan, though. bill: grab your jacket for tomorrow morning. chilly. michelle: there you go. "world news tonight" with davi
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. two republican senators taking aim at president trump. what one of them did late today, standing before the senate, and what he declared. also tonight, abc news obtaining new video. who was behind the deadly ambush of four u.s. special ops soldiers. why did their mission suddenly change and was the cia involved? the severe storms right now. the dangerous commute. and nine reported tornadoes. the passenger plane losing radio contact in san francisco. air traffic control telling the cockpit six times, do not land. fearing there was a passenger plane on that runway. the standoff right now. the fugitive officer who cut off his gps tracker.


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