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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," it is hot in hollywood for the world series. >> oh, yeah, record-breaking temperatures are making last night's game a sweaty one for players and fans. and overnight we're hearing from the game's bearded hero, justin turner, why he thinks the heat should get credit for the dodgers' win. and politics taking an unprecedented turn. two senators slamming the sitting president within their own party, with jeff flake saying enough to the president citing his flagrant disregard for the truth. will the tough talk stand in the way of the republican agenda? >> and if this isn't the standard protocol at airports,
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a dancing worker feeling the groove and going with it. and it's a loaded question, but how do you like your french fries? >> loaded. >> see what we did there? >> mm-hm. >> if you liked it with everything on it, just wait. you're about to find out what everything really and truly should mean when it comes to fries on this wednesday, october 25th. it's national greasy foods day. >> let's celebrate, baby! >> woo! from abc news, this is "world news now." >> da, da, da, da, da, da, greasy food day! >> oh, wait, it's actually national pasta day. >> it's both! >> national pasta day, yeah! >> it's also national chucky doll day. >> okay. >> the doll. >> do we clap for that one? two of those i expect to celebrate. >> we'll get to that later. usually when you're discussing heat and baseb
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pitcher's performance, which was the case, but also -- >> also the thermometer raead 13 degrees when the dodgers and astros got going. in the bottom of the first, chris taylor gave them the lead with the solo home run, that makes 1-0 and it stays there until the fourth when the score was tied with another home run. >> dodgers' starting pitcher, clayton kershaw is actually pretty good. he was smooth through seven innings, struck out 11 astros. but the biggest play came when the bearded wonder, l.a.'s redheaded nome slammed that in the sixth. >> i knew it was about 98 degrees. when it is hot here, the ball travels a lot better. if
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a routine ball left field. >> i didn't know that applied to baseball. last night wasn't only the hottest world series ever. at 2:28, it was the fastest played since 1992. >> very fast game. game two is tonight in los angeles. justin verlander, you may have heard of his girlfriend, he's going to face off l.a.'s rich hill, relatively freezing temperatures in the mid-90s. >> the guy's an all-star pitcher and he is most famous for his -- >> best known for kate upton. so it got us thinking, what's the coldest world series game ever played? it took place in cleveland on october 22nd, 1997 between the indians and marlins, 35 degrees with wind chills dipping to 18. indians won that game
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did lose the series. no help from the weather in those home runs. >> what was the heat index at that game? >> 93. for sure. more on baseball throughout the morning because it was a big series. now to the politics and the astounding rebuke of president trump by two leading senators from hess own party. striking a tone of defiance and some say frustration. >> jeff flake abruptly announced that he will not run for reelection, citing the flagrant disregard of truth and descency. and corker slammed the president for being untruthful. lana zak has more. >> reporter: the blistering indictment of president trump by his own party in washington. >> when the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something? why didn't you speak up, what are we going to say? >> reporter:
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announced i would not run for reelection in light of the undignified behavior of the trump era. >> the threats against principles, freedoms and institution, the flagrant disregard for truth and decency. the reckless provocations, most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons. when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else. it is dangerous to a democracy. we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. a return to civility, civility and stability right behind it. we know better than that. mr. president, i rise today to say enough. >> reporter: the white house dismissed the comments of both flake and another republican senator bob corker. >> i think that they were not likely to be reelected. and i think that shows that the support is more behind this president than it is those two individuals. >> reporter: earer
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senator corker said president trump who he had supported in the election failed to rise to the occasion as president. >> do you think he's a role model for children in the united states? >> no. the constant non-truth-telling. just the name-calling. the things that i think the basement of our nation will be what he'll be remembered most for. >> reporter: the president fired back against corker on twitter calling him lightweight and the incompetent head of the foreign relations committee attacking his size am tweeting that he couldn't get elected dog catch ir. now these unbridled critiques of president trump are coming at a crucial time for him. he's trying to win over senators to support his tax plan. by most accounts, republicans can only afford to lose two votes. >> and new images have surfaced of a militant group that may be behind the ambush that killed four american troops in niger. the video shows heavily-armed men with motorbikes in the area of the
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great" in arabic. abc was provided with the footage, and it was shot by a local militant leader loyal to isis. they were tipped off when they stopped in a village to get food and water. the video is being examined by u.s. intelligence. and the florida congresswoman who criticized president trump's phone call to the widow of one of the soldiers killed in niger has received a death threat. an illinois man posted a meme lynching her. it called for ten good men to occasiony out a lynching. he claims it was a joke. and this was the scene at malaysia's airport as a judge and the jury and defendants inspected the site of the killing of kim jong un's brother. now the purpose of this to give
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happened. the suspects, one woman from indonesia, the other from vietnam, accused of sneerimeari toxic nerve agent on kim jong un's brother's face. now a report says that the sandy hook killer may have planned the killing at the elementary school more than a year and a half in advance. he killed 20 children and six d educators. he had severe emotional problems well before the massacre five years ago. the naacp is warning african-americans about traveling on american airlines. it lists four specific incidents of what it calls troublesome conduct by the airline and passengers could be subject to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions. the naacp is calling for a meeting with airline officials. american says it's disappointed by the travel
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willing to meet. let's move on to the real friendly skies. we know traveling can be unpleasant at times, but this one guy was trying to make it more fun. >> check out chiron ashburn moving and grooving. i works for southwest airlines. this was posted bay passenger on a departing flight. this is actually going on. >> the moves are great, but the pilot said he had no idea which direction to go. he says he's just trying to brighten people's day. but as we look at that, something, it needs something else. >> it's missing something. ♪ everybody dance now >> there we go. >> yeah! >> we needed some music. now hit it. ♪ everybody dance now >> by the way, if you want to make another part of the process more enjoyable. he scans boarding passes in the terminal. maybe you can have a little groove
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issing in -- checking in next time. sign the passport. [ laughter ] >> thank you for that, chiron. >> i was worried about his patdown at tsa. that would be -- >> that's awesome. >> that's more action than we can afford. more dancing on the job, please. coming up, the first major city to pass a distracted walking law. are these stories related? it's illegal to cross the street while looking at any electronic device. we'll show you where it's happening. and we are celebrating national greasy food day. and with the ultimate greasy food being french fries, but these are not your typical fries. the folks who redefine the french fry join us in studio. >> yes! woo-hoo! >> now you know who booked this segment. and you can find us on
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so that deer must have been in a hurry for a quick trim. she didn't use the dear. she crashed through the window. moments later, she came running out the door, deciding this place wasn't for her. the salon owner now is also out of a lot of doe. >> okay. it's going to take more than a dollar and a dream. the multi-state lottery is doubling its ticket bryprice to. but it will turn into bigger jackpots in the future. megamillions will introduce a $3 ticket that will give players two chances at the jackpot but no second chances at the other prizes. starting today, if you're caught inside a crosswalk on your phone, you'll be issued a $35
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shell out nearly $100. >> it seems pref leavalent with younger people. everybody, you know, anybody can be stopped. >> laptop computers, hand held video games and digital cameras are also off limits across the streets of honolulu. >> distracted walking, guilty. >> we've never been guilty. >> i'm 100% guilty. >> coming up, why have french fries on the side of your meal when you can have them as your meal? we're checking out some over the top fries next on "world news now." that cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night!
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♪ that's somebody who's been stealing from my play list. >> a little fries with that shake, baby? >> it is a day we have been waiting for, national greasy foods day. with moves like that, we need to celebrate this day more
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as we focus on the king of food groups, the french fry. >> it's elevating the potato game to the next level. check out insomniac kitchen. ♪ >> hi, i'm mckinzie foster. >> i'm mark, and we are the owners of fry guys. >> come on, we'll take a tour. >> we came up with the idea a little over two years ago on our first date. >> second time we met. >> she was over at my house, and my brother came home with a burger and french fries and said he wished he could eat fridaes forever. >> and i said where's fry guys? and i
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should do this. >> we design pretty much everything here. >> this is our famous lisa frank wall. people come in and photograph and get to shoot their fries. ♪ now for the main event, the actual french fries. we're going to cook our two best-selling dishes, one the drunk guy. >> the other one's the southern guy. >> let's get cooking. >> so the key to getting the perfect french fry is first frying them at 300 degrees. and to get a nice and soft on the inside. and the second fry at 375 deg e degrees so they get golden brown and crispy on the outside. here we go. >> now we're going to make a few of our signature dishes. we have our cheese fries already, which has a three cheese on it, the fryuy
3:20 am
is pulled pork. this is our drunk guy. we like to add a steady plate of fries, then queso here. more fries, of course. more queso. >> always add more cheese. >> seriously, who does not love cheese in this world. >> that's really good. >> so a nice mountain of guacamole. i call it the crown of the dish. and last but not least we like to add some bacon. we do not give small portions at this store. ♪ this is our drunk guy. now we're making the southern guy. the southern guy is our play on chicken and waffles. so this is our maple gravy. we make it all in house. and it's this incredible mixture of sweet with our salty fries. we add red spice to give it a kick. just a little more maple gravy on top.
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to give the chicken a nice southern flavor and now i'm i have, very hungry. >> i think we're all hungry. >> yes, yes, yes. and we have mckinzie and marco here with us. thank you so much for being here. >> we're excited. >> thank you more for bringing us food. >> you have no idea how much diane has been craving this sufficien stuff. >> can you walk us through some of these dishes and how you came up with the names. >> i'll start with the side, the american classic cheese fries, the own three-cheese queso. everything is super fresh. yes, please dig in. you guys must be hungry. >> that one? >> that is our fry guy that has our pulled pork with a smoky barbecue on top many one of my personal favorites and anyone who loves pulled pork. >> these guys, really quickly? >> this is the southern guy with maple gravy and fried chicken and the drunk guy with bacon, queso. >> the drunk guy.
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duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. ♪ the other two are already gone. >> we are still celebrating national greasy foods day, but it's also national pasta day. >> yes. >> and lest you believe this isn't an appropriate time to eating fries or pasta, nutritionally many argue it makes more sense to have a big bowl of pasta in the morning and have like spinach frittata at night. and listen to the log
3:26 am
olive oil. that's what most people put in their breakfast. so just eat the pasta. forget the french toast. go for the pasta. >> that's what the summary of this monologue is? >> yes. or the cheese fries. >> or the drunk, the drunk fries. i already have, jack, you know this. want do show you this. i'll get to the fries in a second, but this guy has taken disney's movie "up" literally. this is tom morgan, who soared over the skies of south africa with his balloons in a chair. >> this is quite an operation. >> it is quite an operation. it took a lot of work for him to do. he did it, he spent two days inflating the balloons himself before his 15 1/2 mile solo flight. >> 100 helium balloons. >> imagine if you had
3:27 am
were like, let's just teach him. >> take the bb guns away. let's head to texas to dawson high school where the kicker there is making quite an impression. there she is. >> she made it. >> she made it. it was a record kick for dawson high school. the kicker also just got elected homecoming queen. >> that's not fair. she's getting everything. >> she is indeed. her name is claire jeffress. they kind of don't pay attention that she's a girl. it doesn't matter. and most of the time the opposing teams have no idea until the end of the game. >> doesn't matter at all. there are a lot of men who miss kicks all the time. >> there you go. take a page from claire jeffress. >> he's an icon to so many and an inspiration, especially this time of year. take a look at this carving. [ laughter ] >> that is the scariest pumpkin i ever
3:28 am
en >> did you try this one? >> the fried chicken one? i think it'
3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," flake's out. the arizona senator says he's not seeking reelection after a skate scathing rebuke of president trump, calling out his colleagues as complicit in the coarseness. the new fallout overnight. and while one side of capitol hill battles the white house, the other side turns its attention to hillary clinton. and new this hour, the prank that ended in murder. >> five teens are accused of throwing rocks off an overpass, killing a construction worker on his way home. what police say the boys did after the


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