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look at your forecast from scott of the country pretty decent day today with high temperatures right around 42. we should be the normal high for lunchtime this afternoon will talk more about the story of a particular coming in for the we can just a little bit of time for traffic with patty. it has been an easy thursday commute. we to have this water main thing
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the no caps have been selected there's no big win the jackpot keeps getting higher. we are live at the shell gas stations were many have one before. if you put all lottery ticket master the bad news is that news is you did not went the good news is used to have a chance no phosphate and now the jackpot is even higher overrun has a chance to run sixers over five months of the lot of people have lining up all week they're going to have you back in mind if you want a chance to win this new jack posted have 400 million over the weekend after another winning and saturday and then
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armored targets 675 million people are dreaming of what they could do it says send it to a little a couple of tests and they said 75 for them at the machine choose as the fourth two people for the numbers they do fit them a position to hear you if we did such a great job yesterday. 5:32 a.m. the cavaliers through through express concern for johnny manziel his marketing campaign
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stacy fry is life outside first energy stadium with more on that decision and what it came to this. lebron's for lr mr site him back into 552,014th at the shooter of the versus wizards game on wednesday looks of that he did not everything that went into the desert different ways with johnny mans that's but also says he's worried that the supportive fans of cores has been rumored for days to live in las vegas instead of attending the season finale against pittsburgh on sunday he also missed him up with the team doctors of the video or pictures of the that service this decision also likely has a lot to do the fact that they are shifting away from endorsement from focusing more on his prior business dealings feeling with the timing johnny
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got on the field. then we manage for which had a deal is no longer assist in man's a. >> i think it's more conservative an individual. i don't know all all the details on that i haven't i've heard a little bit of it is just a distraction for him south and for everyone else around him with family. therefore presented and people can. took it out of the home. another little tidbit here for johnny manziel was expired takes on those cars saturday morning north olmsted like white on both facilities useless in this saturday morning as for what ever happened after that stacy fry lifers this morning.
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one carry continue to be conservative with. the matter how much know snow may fall. the city says high cost the ecological concerns to them from focusing on third street from residents question is through the city should rethink will policy that have been on the books for decades. >> i do have to teenagers that are worth the movie first ball in the morning or worth whatever the case may be at the roads are very slick your second ice-skating rink. his voice under the secondary routes for free. why do you think you say now they've never done people who live on side streets try to continue their fight for felt. it is 5:35 a.m. ken griffey junior making history as he
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fame building for the first time
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we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. it's time to see what's happening as far as our weather is concerned. scott sabol good morning. check it out behind the recent some rain and some stones cold air the whole collage of weather.
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of the next eight high temperature today fortitude will have a couple of passing showers tomorrow with the passage of a warm front will climb into the middle and high 40s tomorrow it looks like saturday if we keep most of saturday afternoon drive will get rain develop saturday evening heavy rain saturday night rain to wet snow into sunday physical high 40s on saturday into the low 30s on sunday some accumulation sunday night and then tuesday into early on wednesday this remarkable widespread probably several inch accumulation type event heading into thursday a lot of different elements after adjustment elements over my right shoulder. and sports washington wizards the handled the cavaliers their only loss of the season in cleveland the cavaliers return
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capital last night. lebron james fit for three pointers in less than two minutes early in the third. up in the cavaliers about turn 18-point lead he loved them with 34-point that wizards rallied rose early in the fourth for corridor event check control for cleveland and scored the next 21 of the 32 points in the fourth chair smith added 25 as the cavaliers knocked off washington 121-115. they played the tomorrow's tomorrow night. the browns coaching search continues after many. earlier in the day the browns and reviewed out of currently the offense of coordinator with
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position with the denver broncos the browns consider him back in 2014 before when with mike patton. the baseball hall of fame will be welcoming but not one that she knew members. karen k griffey junior was near a unanimous -- he broke into the pics and in 1989 seattle is a all-star for 11 straight seasons been stellar defense two. great play. after the 99 season here's traded to think that he struggled and had some injuries and why he was the toppled for a pick in 1987 have all my fiance
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by the dodgers. he is looking for two going into the hall of fame the severest first time ever issue don't know i'm really superstitious. it never looked of the front of it further wontons logical and that i wanted to be a member of it. they will be inducted the hall of fame july 24 meeting and 75 percent of the vote to get in. it's about 330 votes some pleasure close in the meantime very bonds and roger clemens
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there still 130 first short i wonder if barry bonds and roger clemens will ever get into it as a go on time. 5:43 a.m. crews are building something new and uncover something really old that's ahead. a lot of single moms will talk to each states can be a challenge. tickets and from sleeping at night. scott is back with eight-day
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welcome back a live look at the shore way. it is 553 steve 60s who ruffles and zero start on the hollywood walk of fame. surrounded by family and friends and several actors here is the start wednesday afternoon he is known for being a comedian 50 is
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acting right now he's doing a hedge fund manager called the big short edges based on the 2008 the field housing collapse. that's the number one film of all time in us indicated look just lost his rights to them. he has ruled that the 16 -year-old could not be declared the conference owner of the photos lawsuit filed last year five. thought a corporate into below the organization to represent the monkey and administer all proceeds from the photos the photos are taken during the 2011 curved africa. unattended camera.
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was almost picked out down is is packed have hoped for. an animal rescue group found the dog last month she was scheduled to get them before that that pass for microchip that led them to the family who now lives in arizona and they were three years ignited on 5:55 a.m. is your time right good morning. eight-day forecast today for the dressed up next a partly partly sunny 42 on saturday under have some passing showers along the front it looks like saturday might see dry but the timing on the ring is a little pick in question the way fissile i think the 15th into the evening and then that rain will be pretty heavy into early on sunday as we fall back to the 30th know it's going to get much closer look at the temperatures staying
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looks like some lake effect on monday in a prefer early tuesday at a cliff or snow late night into tuesday another chance of frank gifford front that the lot of stuff that end of next week. weather and traffic is just ahead. a team of the stories are not examining a virginia hotel
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they were found buried underground. was unearthed in alexandria were
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hotels it turns out that area used to be in the potomac river prefer with the backfield san francisco to extend the water person is outside it is 6:00 a.m. begins right now. let's get right to scott because change is in the air. back down into the doldrums of winter. check it out will close the other direction through saturday
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and upper 40s friday and
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