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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  January 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> it will be devastating . while reading, we have been struggling financially because of last year . this'll be another big oil for us . the city and the county and the state is a domino effect. >> republic steel's president and ceo released a statement that says -- the cup because this a temporary idling . no indication if and when operations will resume the union says that these layoffs are indefinite but nobody says
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union president says that they have had many sleepless nights wondering what news could come the next thing and today it came . has been a tough week for browns quarterback johnny manziel, we have video of the latest trouble for johnny manziel. >> seems, every day this week something else was putting the 23-year-old in the spotlight, peggy gallek has what is the latest. >> says all of the distractions maybe he forgot to renew his license plates he was pulled over for the infraction on saturday. >> even though he has not been on the field for days, on saturday morning, north olmsted
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was on i-480 around 830 . the dash-cam video was released on thursday it appears that he was alone in the car the time of the stop, was given a ticket for having expired license plates and sent on his way . he can either pay the 125-dollar ticket or appear and mayor's court to fight the charge. >> i think he is a cloud, he seems to be more interested in the lifestyle of that in a velcro backed them being a good nfl quarterback. >> fans alike brendan webster said that they have had enough. >> his head is in the wrong place place, 1 foot out the door and he stopped carrying. get himself together, we are investing too much money and season tickets to lose. >> on wednesday, lebron james lrmr management company decided
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lebron james also called rumors about manziel wearing a disguise in las vegas last weekend a distraction . espn las vegas said manziel was in vegas night before the browns season finale against the steelers . the second he was reportedly wearing a disguise telling people to call him billy . the browns are not commenting on that report, and former browns coach mike pettine has been justly praised manziel but said that there are problems there. >> . let me gather the information it would be disappointing . i will leave it at that, disappointing. >> lessons that was a traffic violation i am concerned that he's not focusing on what he
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he they will not play sunday against pittsburgh after his concussion last week he is on the nfl concussion protocol. >> not clear if the team has a policy for prohibiting players from traveling when they are out with an injury, he reached up and did not receive the restaurant. >> this license plate may not be the worst thing that the bad news just keeps coming. this is just a minor infraction, he can pay the fine, he can pay that stand get the sticker renewed . another local teenager facing charges accused of threatening to kill a man using a fake gun with the orange tip
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the victim and got a close-up look at the gun that was used he joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.. >> victim is a 20 year of college football player who says he had been raised around guns, those guns and and until we told if they are still still have no idea that it was not real. >> tyler butler, a football player the football player at notre dame college in south euclid, just pulled onto the driveway of his parents akron home wednesday when he says a young man, who he thought was 17 or 18, took a a ceramic bird ornament that belonged to his mother, he says that says that when he confronted the teenager asking for it back, the gun was pointed at him and was threatened, he says that he shattered the ornament and ran away, police caught up with him a few blocks away but even as they responded, feel information they had was that he was
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rack for this and so would you be able to tell that say bb gun and you can see what has has been shipped and chiseled coming to see some of the orange inside , for the lack of better term, the safety to let people know that mistake has this fake has been renewed. >> the 14-year-old boy complied with police orders when he was caught a few blocks away and is in custody facing charges told police he found the fake gun on the sidewalk a couple houses away after he picked up the ornament and denied using it to make threats. could be a time for all parents to talk to their kids about the dangers these are . explain to them how this could affect them
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don't happen to. >> resendez so much you would think by now that somebody would get at. >> gaitan 19 astounding cuyahoga county prosecutor wants to step aside the case of a former officer charged with rape and this means a question about the tamir rice case you're ed gallek is live, what have you uncovered about this today. >> kelly prosecutor gideon outsider appointed to handle the case of jeffrey martin . the prosecutor refused to step aside for the case of 12-year-old tamir rice, jeffrey martin, a former police officer for pepper pike and east cleveland accused of rape in stocking, pled not guilty . found that the cuyahoga county prosecutor's asked for a special prosecutor to citing conflict of interest and a prosecutor has been approved, in
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tim mcginty face calls to step aside and the tamir rice case but did not, a grand jury decided last month not, the grand jury decide last what not to charge two officers involved in the boy's death, prosecutor mcginty said he saw no reason to appoint a special prosecutor for that. >> has offices in the martin case file turnover, compromise the county's ability to stay on the case and do not see any conflict in the tamir rice case, coming up, what is next for the jeffrey martin case back. the key is what is in the file that was turned over for this rape in stocking caisse. >> lakewood hospital will soon cease to exist plans to close that are now in motion, the martin joins us with the latest on that process. >> just last month lakewood city council approved the politically
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hospital turned it into a a family wellness center they call it a new era in health care for healthcare for the city but it is the end of an era for the hospital part of the community for more than a hundred years process of transitioning inpatient services out of lakewood in two other facilities beginning immediately, by the beginning of february there'll be no more overnight stays for patients the emergency department will stay open 24 sevenths the center, along with a new emergency room will be built across the street from the current hospital construction on the 34 million-dollar project will begin towards the end of this year. >> is important to keep in mind that we have the same emergency department all along so we can meet the acute care needs most of them can be taken care of in the emergency room but now that we could get them into care quickly. >> the cleveland clinic is making a major commitment to lakewood with a 34 million-dollar family health
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fall of this year to start a new emergency department in the middle of 2018.out 1,000 employees at lakewood hospital, 200 will continue to work there while the transition occurs over the next two years. >> westlake police need help to identify a group of thieves stealing vacuum cleaners, jack shea says one of them escalated into a violent confrontation. >> westlake police said that the shopper at the bed bath and beyond and the promenade is a thief in the market for high-end vacuum cleaners. >> they say the suspect move them to a spot near the front door and then someone an accomplice to position himself in front of the electric eye
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back you see that a stored close stored close to his back to make sure that it stays open he figured out where he needs to stand. >> short time later he walks out with two vacuum cleaners with a total value of $1,400 turns out that they are hot on on the black-market. >> a number of people who wanted by high-end vacuum cleaners or no questions asked from someone who is not a retailer to. >> retailer saw them and chased, during a struggle she was able to recover one of the vacuums but was struck by the suspect's car as they made their getaway smack she suffered injuries which elevates the theft the theft of a strong-arm robbery,, and that incident demonstrates that he not recommend confronting criminals. >> got to ask yourself is it worth it even it is expensive vacuum cleaner, don't get hurt,
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anybody is going to put the hurt the hurt of these guys and probably should be us in same-store struck earlier by a man wearing a bandage bandage, as his female accomplice kept the doors open he still two vacuum cleaners they say that they also hit stores at north olmsted and perkins township. >> they say that over the years opportunistic thieves have switched from cigarettes to baby formula to razor blades to eyeglasses and the vacuum cleaners. >> indiana, private subject to the laws of supply and demand, nobody is stealing hubcaps anymore . but these vacuums are something very desirable. >> jack shea fox 8 news. doll depicting all walks of life
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here at this line of rainfall associated with low pressure . this'll pressure . sabrina sabbagh chance of rainfall get ready for those umbrellas . early tomorrow morning, between eight -- 10:00 a.m. could be next southwest of the city . for most of us raindrops from late morning through the day . about one quarter inch rainfall, shows here quickly as the initial onset and at that point is liquid precipitation . tonight was a was a car tomorrow morning 's commute less you live way far west . with thickening clouds . could see some icy mix between eight and 10:00 a.m. . . tonight nothing, the morning
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as your heading home . the one tenth inch or more and then we have rainfall before snowfall on the forecast . tonight upper 20 s . with rainfall with some next to the west, the highest level of normal in the 40s . we have saturday, scattered showers than 50 degrees . the lilo beams falling temperatures sunday transitional day . then have lake effect snow as well as general clipper systems for everybody a couple days next week on top of that, the coldest day wednesday . fox 8 the official school closing station
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online.. with a wine and cheese is better with age was not a vintage bottle of beer
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edinburgh born in florida with heart defect. >> a request to help thousands, she was born with half of a heart . has gone through three of our surgeries leaving her with scarring her chest . she's asking them to make a doll with a chassis cars lacquers . to start a petition on and has more than 100 signatures
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to help kids with the same condition to find comfort. >> if they feel overwhelmed they can look at the doll and feel like they're awesome brave and cool. >> the american girl doll company has a history of embracing diversity in last week they started selling a doll with a diabetic kit. >> we know that wine tastes better with age but what about beer ? canadian scuba diver found an ancient bottle of beer during a dive and took steps to find out if it was safe to drink . that woman dies deep to find a . >> today he works in a warehouse , but on nights and weekends he is a treasure hunting scuba diver who sell lots of bottles, bottles, will search in the bottom the halifax
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>> is unprecedented and not expect not expect that sort of a special is an uncracked bottle worth upwards of 100 years old . we think that the lakewood in the bottle is as valuable as the bottle itself well to arrange to have it analyzed. >> they have the contents tested on lab . the help with the help of an assistant professor . look at the density the color . after the testing pointed to it being filled with beer in a seawater, to. >> it tasted surprisingly good. >> would i want to drink any of it . for sample has been on the bottom of halifax harbour it was surprisingly filling familiar as
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i see what looks like, the court seems to have sealed that really will. >> there was a fair bit of acidic acid, it was jeff larson saltwater . maybe some folk and some bitterness at. >> don't expect to find it in any of the cakes at the downtown bar. >> that women recording.
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we have a 50-degree degree and 8019, but not going to tell you just yet because going to focus on the here and now . looking at these fishermen . this is mid-january and there is no ice on lake erie and still embracing the efficiencies of . 49 degrees cleveland . and 46
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42 . the winds are pretty light but eventually looking at rainfall moving in . overnight tonight, thickening clouds cover after midnight, initially, mostly clear skies but overnight, will be some predawn clouds . between eight and 10:00 a.m., would it would've moves in there will be some mix that only very brief . tomorrow above normal and the
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nights powerball drawing, that means that the price is getting bigger as harris has details on how much is up for grabs and the next drawing. it seems people are motivated more than ever to purchase a powerball ticket, some customers who normally don't play but with this much they had to get in on the action . the joe-pa no worth $700 million . that number could go up before the drug saturday night, this is the largest jackpot in us history nobody want on wednesday on wednesday is why it is so big it was originally worth $500 million . if you decided to take a lump
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$430 million . some people i people i talked to would know what to do with that. >> if i win, i would help out the family, charity and it's just so much i don't know what i would do with it all. >> i would side. >> nothing fancy, just divided between all of the family members, down to kirk cousins and everything speak been a bit of a cold streak with a powerball, last time all six numbers was november last year that is 18 drawings with no winner . did you buy our powerball ticket ? >> i could purchase some for the entire station, bought some yesterday, but maybe our luck will turn around. >> allegedly went last night, maybe $12?
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that's better than nothing, be back at it again on saturday at. >> are adding eight new firefighters to the the department while saving taxpayer money, they were sworn in today, federal city grant will pay the salaries for the first two years , saving the department more than $1 million, the mayor credited the fire credited the fire chief or cutting budget costs through innovative through innovative grant source at grand source of. >> go out to find grants to say the city money while providing quality service to residents of. >> they received other safety equipment and several i-pads through separate separate grants cutting billing and administrative costs. >> man who shot and killed by the police in france a terrorist , that's the question today . his tracy mccool. >> the paris prosecutor's office says they're opening a church
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butcher's knife in very fake explosives showed up at the police station in northern paris , he was shot and killed killed by police after he threatened them with a knife . his body was found with the fake explosive belt, cell phone and a piece of paper with an annual of islamic state group claimed responsibility written in arabic , . he threatened police, 1130 this morning, was almost one year after the attack at charlie hebdo, went to islamic extremists burst into the the offices a year ago killing 12 including two officers, france remains on high alert since the november 13 terror attack that left 130 people dead. >> a dozen miners safe after spending hours trapped underground in upstate new york 17 at a cargill salt mine were stuck in elevator 900 feet underground last night, they were able to radio for help, they were then brought to the
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rescued around 8:30 a.m. nobody injured inspectors will now check out the elevator as they try to find out what went wrong at. >> el nino storms are are still drenching the west coast of the last is moving through southern california today, heavy rain has been causing flooding and low-lying coastal areas in san diego and los angeles, the weather weather service says between eight -- 12 feet waves are battering the coast line, thunderstorms is passing through the area to be, skies expected to be clear by tomorrow. >> they went from el nino blame for for what are the one of the warmest years on record the national oceanic and atmospheric administration announced today that 2015 was the second warmest in third wettest and 121 years of record-keeping for the lower 48, 54 . 4-degree average last year was second only to 2012 . they blame a combination of
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nino the us also set the record for the warmest and wettest december. >> man best known for doing their jobs has to clear his name , video of a bank robbery in oregon last released this week the suspect bears a resemblance to tv personality micro . when they were posted online aspartate frenzy on social media , he even commented that he is much taller than the suspect and was not anywhere near oregon at the time. >> police officer motto is to serve and protect into our honor for protecting a precious wife, was at her home near columbus december 28 with her mother and her daughter when her daughter went limp and stopped breathing, they call for help the police officers were first on the same day rushed inside and able to revive her before paramedics
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okay. >> i really truly think them from the bottom of my heart for doing what they did, because they definitely save her. >> i could see that they were tearing up a little bit, they just kept saying, come on. >> it was a pretty rough day emotionally, lots of different things going through my head to have a newborn who is three months old for me it was pretty close to home. >> the city gave officers a special commendation this week, recognize their efforts to save the girl. little more than a month away from the nba all-star game. re p tt james will be there. >> but what about some of his teammates, one of the cavaliers victory is making the case to
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today it is the perfect day to nod your head
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,. >> there are always a popular knickknack, here's a collection taken from desks all over the newsroom. >> a few bobble head facts and figures, that devers bobbleheads were actually chinese head figures made in the 1700s ?. >> but first papier-ma che and ceramic outlets are made in 1960 featuring baseball players like mickey mantle, roberto glen day and willie mays, one of the biggest bobble head makers in of the nation's located in louisville ohio . bosley boppers . they made the dick goddard bubblehead. >> in case you're wondering a national bobble bubblehead hall
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later this year in the walking.
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hook in texas, arctic air returning starting sunday with falling temperatures . we're still in the warming trend through tomorrow and saturday . fifty-one currently paducah . you see some clouds that will thickened up and the lower flu levels coming up . it will we'll be moving in my morning between eight and 10:00 a.m. . could see some mix initially they mostly be about the rainfall scattered about for the day . the low pressure of circulation and rain showers with a mixing . the best timeframe between eight and
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clear with more clouds predawn . he was the drive for driver of the viewing area . the chance of mixing early scattered rain showers . upper 20s tonight . it would be more like this predawn hours, mid '40s again tomorrow . cloudy with a but it makes possible early on and looking don't think it's very likely it will be such a short period of time . the warmest day 15 . say goodbye goodbye to warm up the warm-up with falling temperatures sunday , ray snow mix with also but also may be that some lake effect monday wednesday on top
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for everybody today thursday . they been much colder . kelly lovell of a winning streak and the browns to use you their coaching search john telich joins us from the newsroom. >> blue streak is now at five games and fun to see how explosive kyrie irving can be coming back from injury . but he did on in the fourth quarter last night in washington dc,, cavaliers allow the wizard to tie the game at 95, and then kyrie irving takes over scoring 19 of his 32 points in the final two healthy cavaliers beat the wizards last night . that was game one of a six-game road trip
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all-star voted for the guard is the key to moving forward, uber x is that defense is the key down the stretch that stretch where we were tied at 95 and then we went off a run . get some stops and used our switching defense probably the difference in the game at. >> the five person search committee went to see doug marrone and then john mcdermott . they search and search. >> of the make them make the right choice, it seemed seems like everybody wants him. >> he's going to have a second interview with the eagles really happening this weekend and the browns have quite a few
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if they find the person in the fourth or fifth interview how it will affect the rest, jimmy haslam said it will be exhaustive and expensive and we will will hold him to will hold him to his word for. >> when you go out, much did he order, that's on how hungry you are. >> that necessarily, but researchers at cornell university, the weight of your server may play a part of in how much food ordered . examine customers in 60 restaurants found people who were certified heavier servers were four times more likely to order sorts and 23 percent ordered alcoholic drinks and the study shows the heavier servers have the most influence over the skinniest customers to its electronic show in las vegas every year they got
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toys. >> robot that gets around like like a sickly looking headlights , intel shows off the latest creation, it recognizes voice commands and has an internet connection camera, they've have not announced when it will go into commercial production but there's no word on what it'll cost if you are interested to get one pack the skywalker not the only person who took on the entire
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no expression that you cannot fight city hall, is also difficult to take on a major power in the entertainment industry celebrating the victory of galactic importance, 1976 are by george lucas to create a storm trooper helmet for star wars movie was shot in britain and he needs a needs a constant as he came up with the iconic design in two days . his money he needed money to pay for education needs a more storm trooper helmets and was promptly sued by the star wars creator george lucas . now that's back down, he thought george lucas in court because we believed that
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you are, they can cut off your hand so the city cannot use them in what was was that ridiculous to us it was a no-brainer you have to defend it back to case last nine years before the court ruled that it was a piece of industrial design and not covered by copyright. >> is now selling the hell it and thanks to the popularity of the movie force awakens persona for about $750 apiece he's not a consistent theme for legal bills thanks to george lucas constantly appealing the decision . and and, hopefully hopefully it will work out okay but that'll do it for fox 8 news . check in thickened up bill martin tracy mccool to see what's coming up at 7:00 o'clock . >> almost 200 million last year
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people will soon be out of a job in wayne county. >> republic steel then going on tour workers at the mill the mill in lorain as matt wright was the first to get reaction and is live with more. >> workers have been through a lot they still say that they are shocked by the news, announcing today that it is idling its ruling operations to way of 200 employees that work at the plant will be staggered over the next few months after layoffs in july and march of last year this facility supplies the auto industry . they say that they have struggled the last year due to falling demand and cheaper foreign imports miss steele that operates out of the same plant struggling the local union says it is laying off workers . to give a sense of the scope of thousand people work your henrico they say a couple of months no more than 100 will
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