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two and eight -- a record of one yearrs tied for third best record their best record since 2,002, he is 50 years old, fill various coaching positions with the washington redskins ravens falcons raiders and bengals. >> he embodies the qualities that will provide strong leadership for the football team he is experienced, passionate about winning and relentless to find ways to put his players in the best position to succeed backuc cleveland to meet with media at will bring you that press conference, hue jackson is the new head coach of the cleveland
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a thing about him, has head coach and experience comes from the the afc north he knows how to develop our backs as we did with andy dalton as well as a.j. mccarron and the bengals won the afc north last year so you're taking the coach who helped the team to the title and bringing them to your organization, so we'll see how this shakes out iraqak >> exclusive video of a robbery police are turning to the i-team for this to get this person on the streets. >> texas hold - so that someone will recognizeze this robber and call the police.ob >> the video shows a robbery suspect tackling the store clerk then putting a gun to his head demanding money happened around
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station in garfield heights the robber is stuffing money and items into his pockets the customer walks into the store, we talk to the customer wednesday asking that we conceal her identity. >> my heart was pounding, i was trying to rem >> she was was told to put her phone and wallet on the counter. >> with the clerk cannot open the safe, the robberwi threatens them then please. >> police say they does when the suspect fled from the store. >> garfield heights detectives are asking for anyone who knows anything about the crime to call the police.> >> is probably done this before
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and he's going to do it again, but his actions you can tell how violent is . you're going to save a life if we get him off the street. >> police say that they believe the suspect fled in a silver car> and once again if you know the suspect or anything about this robbery please call crime stoppers or garfield heights
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it happened between frost and pike are quite everybody expect to be okay but not sure what caused the three bus crash . 9 -year-old north ridgeville boy hospitalized after serious injuries during a sledding accident as matt wright is here with all the neighbors are showing support. >> it's called devastating, the 9-year-old remains in critical condition at metrohealth this family is asking for prayers . he was sledding on a hill on meadow lakes boulevard tuesday about 5:00 p.m. . tonight the neighborhood has rallied behind
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more than $5,000 . as a candidate we stick together we have a mothers support group and will be there for the family. >> it is devastating. >> you just pray and hope that everything is okay. >> chris nagel we have included a link at fox . doctors say this is a reminder to check where your kids are sledding for hazard . . that called a macro for the attack taken aftermath of a car accident during his punishment as jack shea joins us with historic.a
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conduct but was hammered by the judge.yeye they been asked to treat this like a simple trespassing case flexibly walk into a yard to pick upin their frisbee and i should treat this like any simple trespass case but it is not in this well beyond that. >> paul pelton faced criticism from around the world when he videotaped the aftermath of the accident in july that claimed the life of a 17-year-old boy and quickly entered the 17 -year-old driver . investigators say that he would open the car door to videotape inside the vehicle, but do not offer aid to the victims, glee said he tried to sell the video to the media andai posted it on
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charges including vehicle trespass, today the judge told him he wanted to throw the book at him but that his hands are tied.icjunt >> instead of offering these two individuals some systems were at least some comfort, you have someone trying to profit to make a video to try to sell it on the internet and then to try to intimidatehe the other juvenile to change a story . totally outrageous behavior. >> paul pelton must now serve 30 days in jailil and a fine of two and $50 . the house explosion and fire in which four members of a local family found dead has been ruled arson, dave nethers as new details tonight from investigation joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron..
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knew the family, firefighters were called to their home about 8:30 p.m. on monday in northfield center, they heard and felt the explosionhf within minutes the house was engulfed by flames, but fire chief frank risko said it was most intense the most intense house fire psc, they found they bought a something family, his was found near the patio doors, the state fire marshall's office determined it was arson, those who would dare say that they are not surprised by the ruling. >> there's no surprise by the intensity of that fire that the fire that night we knew right awayury th it was not in the natural gas explosion. >> had to be five minutes before i came outside and the whole house,, the roof was burning, the
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>> just a sad story, lots of questions to be answered, which is also the cause of death, the medical examiner still working on thatt . but it's fairly well-liked by those who knew themut and by those who worship with them at the church that they helped to found , this news has been very difficult to accept. it was a rough morning for people in the snowbelt after the were hit with a a overnight store.wi >> moscow between six -- 11-inch of inches snowfall, closing schools andh then digging out was the order of the day,gg how does it look like a mark hasse
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groundfox and joins us.. >> on the eastside, this is the parking lot of great lakes mall .k to give you an idea of how much snowfall has been moved, mountains of it you can see some ice in the areas, this is the
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streets were impassable for many it took a while toe get down the side streets . in some cases they got it down to the pavement as quick as they could. >> and the guy beeping at me because they can down the street with a big truck and then they can tr be have lunch or traveling. >> it's not bad bad but there's still a lot of ice in my car this on itt. >> is a deacon say, they made sure that they got it out . they have consulting the streets in snow plow in getting it ready for the next one, we will hear more about that coming up . they have done a good job to get
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local husband-and-wife indie pop group released a new album called caught cotto tied to get your copy go to fox >> plant,o so i could be the largest powerball jackpot winner . >> it is that one . $5 billion . , brittany harris is in part one where people are purchasing tickets for tonight's powerball jackpot . here at lucky's beverage and deli in parma they been stopping in to purchase their tickets people cannot believe that the jackpot is that one . $5 billion . this is the biggest in history, without
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important to know your options . you can do a one-time lump sum was about nine or $30 million or you can getn annual payouts you are allowed to remain anonymous in ohio, is not as easy as saying he did not want identified by the lotto you would have to get an attorney, a spokesman for the lottery explains. >> you can remain anonymous in ohio you have to claim your your prize in a blind trustim recommend that if you were to win tonight, ticket someplace safe where it will not beme lost or forgotten, then talk to an attorney, or someone who can help you to digestst, it is a large sum of money and you want to know exactly what to do with it. >> also the bb is putting out a
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people receiving phone calls
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i think it's more exciting with more people winning.p >> she said that is a great idea come from someone, from someone who just this morning was skimming his pool again. >> don't like to talk about it because the eastsiders would want to move to the west side.he >> we had some sunshine today . about east and west side, catch those pretty clouds look like the side of a fish . what more time-lapse
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interstate 77 . the cloud cover has taken over you can see the next system to get into move-in . the second clipper would be much weaker and here isis as i pointed out, in the wintertime you notice the shape of the east coastst and the shape of the clouds, the colder air is picking up the ocean moisture . it takes ab this to happen then it starts to condense it shapes mimicking the shape of the coastline as the east coast ghost . take a look
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check in and tomato. >> is still topher grace topher grace toledo and 13 mansfield, 18 columbus . . temperature averages in 19, it will be rising with mid-teens and eventually by sunrise about 20 -- 22 and a little bit of snowfall abouta 1 inch average . the snowfall ending tomorrow morningg and then some afternoon sunshine you can see the snowfall working into the northeast with partly cloudy skies behind it the next clipper , basically not affect us it will movet north we might see some rain showers friday with a temperature of 40 degrees and
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mondayoo, very similar to what we experienced with high temperatures in the mid-teens andhe at night single digits with the windchill below zero with the th clipper snow fall into lake effect snow home as we get into some colder air saturday afternoon and saturday night . in the snow starts to fly, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. andnd sign-up for
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who cares about the odds ? somebody has got to win the. >> talk about this before, i would like to have a personal chef,ute then i would bet will for he do who do not have this or that. the jackpot is at one .
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cash option ? at about $900 million before taxes, pay official says more than 85 percent of the possible number combinations have been selected tonightib also said that if nobody winds tonight the next jackpot would be about $2 billion, som mark cuban is offering tips for the winter . first off, he says to hire a tax attorney . he says don't take the lump sum you want do not want to blow it all at once
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he says tell your friends and relatives know,, if you only know that you know what they need and nobody needs $1,000 for anything ,ndbo you do not become a smart investor would you win the lottery you can put in the bank and live comfortably forever. >> cleveland shocking thing is love
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yachtsman the ultimate in the powerball is one out of 292 million, the team at at at an early night came up with up with a list of things that are less likely to happenen then when the powerball, but first, your mother leaves a voicemail that does not say,, it's mom coming back .ay or a balding man with a long ponytail was assured other than tie-dyeded. >> and, in the habit of tossing regularly enough that your dentist comments on your significantnt gun help improve and
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p.j. ziegler joins us from fr browns headquarters with this developing story.ds >> the browns to introduce their 16th head coach he is the more offensive coordinator for the cincinnati bengals, hue jackson .. as he arrives at the facility in bereaar hereunto a crowd in the lobby . he was greeted as he as he walked into facilityt right
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first time he got the first choice of his candidates, hue jackson but the bengals . he does have head coach and experience lead the raiders to a page and a record . tie the records of their 6,002 is 50 years old has held various coaching positions included the redskins and raiders and cincinnati bengals. >> by this make sense ? does a good job of developing quarterbacks coach has aj mccarron and andy dalton . he knows the afc north very well andno . hue jackson help to lead
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and playoffs take away from the bengals team and adding him to the ground you have added a important position that needed to be filled. the browns hired hue jackson, not overly. and the tsa tsa showed some things that people try to get past tsa.. >> kucinich like about 200 pounds of banned items each month for passengers try tried
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include liquids and aerosols people have in their carry-on bags here's a look at some of the items that have been surrendered at hopkins airport along with weapons such as knives and brass knuckles some things including a bottle of alcohol, a frying pan, and a weed wacker, the weed wacker is not the strangest item that tsa agent has seemed. >> the first time i saw a weed wackert and we've also had chainsaws earlier . on the craisans was a gas can want to fill up your car at their destination that was out of gas and they brought a gas can.
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found at hopkins last year, twice as many as the year beforere even today a passenger had a loaded 22s handgun in his coat he said he simply did not know it was there . the tsa does not confiscate items people are given the option to take him ke back to their cars but most just render themb, most of them are he taken to the pennsylvania state surplus on this to be destroyed or auctioned, they urge people to visit the website to find out what is or not allowed on airplanes
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at our website fox >> there's a link we have some snowfall on some of the webcams . go to michigan, with low visibility this is in western michigan, visibility is the visibility is increasing thereby reduced in toledo,is you can watch the visibility slowly disappearing there is much
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on the doppler weather radar and with 20s overnight, about one half inch to 1 inch just love to slicken-up roadways . and in the morning with some afternoon sunshine there will behe above normal friday with 40s . looking at this . this is the january departure . we're pretty close to normal thanks to pay a lot of up-and-down action . on the 8 -day outlook another chill down that brings the averages
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will be the coldest day coming . all that beginning saturday and into at least wednesday next week at least we get a break, tomorrow and friday with a high of about 40 degrees . so will not be continuous . drink the water so bad about
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while the biggest pop bands is bands is now going through directions andb a fellow case a heartbreaking move. >> lou maglio has today's edition of the update. >> bought shares in place helping out in an ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan, going door-to-door to deliver water filters and bottled water,r four months they have experienced lead contamination from old decision to switch its trick in
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president nominee john edwards wants to represent victims of the volkswagen emission scandal,dwse he sent a letter to a federal judgege in san francisco asking to join the plaintiff steering committee, volkswagen is facing hundreds of civil lawsuits forv reaganesque arthur chi'en emissions test reuters says he is want of more than 40 attorneys competing 140 attorneys competing to lead the lawsuit. >> st. louis louisans are losing their nfl franchise,, they're going to los angeles, nfl lets them move for the 2016 season, la is the second biggest city in the countryes but without a pro football team for more than 20 years,ba they will get a new stadium to be completed in 2019, until then play at the la coliseum. >> what direction is going it is
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,go last year the group announced it would be taking d
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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lots of gadgets unveiled at ces ces.o >> in the tech report rich demuro takes a look at what you can expect from sony and sheer.he >> a lot of the items will not be on store shelves till later that you can make better decisions talk with their top executives in the united states to see what they've got for 2016 . >> lots of innovations from sony . >> this is a wireless projector, it will project 22 inches up to 80 inches you can see it is in the column i hand palm of my hand you can put this anywhere to project on the ceiling, wall
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tickets to a business meeting it is wireless with hdmi. >> and this is the speaker liable . screw this up to the light socket it is also a bluetooth speaker, from your smartphone or wtc etc. you could have music anywhere. >> this is a new line of wireless speakers it is great performance and colorful you can collect with a ton of music. >> this is our latest 4-k handicap we changed the structure adding a new image sensor is one . six times more pixels . it will be crisper and also has steady shot.
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it looks like a lightbulb. >> this is organic led light speaker the cylinder vibrates to create sound it is wireless bluetooth you can have music and any device that has bluetooth capability.ev >> we don't have price of how many of these products i cannot wait to get our hands on one of thoseto cool speakers as long as the price is right to know more for more about the gadgets go to
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report.w+1a remember snow day. when the schools were closed and the day was wide open. the first step into fresh powder was like stepping into a new world. the crunch of the snow as it packed under our boots. the drip of icicles melting in the sun. so pull the hat
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cup of hot cocoa waiting. because this winter, every day is snow day in pure michigan. your snow day begins
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such ipod is worth an estimated one . $5 billion in back at 6:00 o'clock, the rams hire a new coach . we are expecting a news conference tonight. >> i-team worms that they're looking at how long it takes for ems to respond based on how long
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begin with breaking news, they search to find the next head search, the browns went down to cincinnati to get their man.ei >> p.j. ziegler has the story . for i saw the video, he is in the house. >> he becomes the 16th full-time head coach dan browns franchise history and the paint since the link returned in 1999, hue jackson, as he arrived at the facility and bring them right into a crowd in the lobby . welcome him as the new head coach of the brownsas jimmy haslam
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