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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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now at 6:00, bundle up because it's bitterly cold. temperatures could dip into the single digits tonight and more snow is on the way. >> i'm talking lake effect snow right now and just how will theec temperatures go -- plus, not even when chill that -- emil what is valentine's day without a little love. we will break down the trade rumors that could break some cavs fans hearts. fox 8 news at six, starts right
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>> it's 6:00 and the temperature is twice that. t a bone chilling 12 degrees and dropping. >> a live picture outside our fox 8 studios, where cleveland is locked in a decrease tonight., >> we will get to the frigid weather and just a moment, but we begin with breaking news tonight. goodg evening, i'm jennifer jordan. >> and i'm bill sheil. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. he was found dead duringur the resort in texas. details her limited right now but federal officials say the 79 world associate justice was found deadi t inside his room at thef the bolo creek ranch resort. doctor say it appears scalia died from natural causes. when he did not appear for breakfast, staffers went to check on him and that is s when they found him unresponsive. scalia was nominated to be as us supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he's been its first six years
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cleveland-based law firm of john stay. again, breaking news from texas, were supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. you can read more about thedi developing story on fox 8 .com and will have much more tonight at ten. now to our bitter cold weather, it's a good night to stay inside the fountains again. >> temperatures have been in the teens alla day and could dip into the single digits tonight. mineralogist jenn harcher is in the weather center with a frigid forecastr. it's cold out there jen. >> it is a depth of deftly not stepping outside. stay indoors by a fire. if you do have to venture out make it quick. it is cold. we will wind chill advisory that remains in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. -- the winds are really going light after midnight tonight. there are still lake effect snow warning until 10:00 and i won't
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i'll show you thatat coming up on storm fox. wind out of the northwest from 5-15 and making it feel bone chilling cold out there. it feels like zero. cleveland and lorraine as cold as zero across the night. that. will continue through the evening hours.t when chill between 5-7 below. i want to show you where we are seen some of the heavier snow. it can review'se visibility at times. a quick won-2 inches out of this with a snowman's persist and another one right to the heart of downtown cleveland. solon down into garrets will end towards newton falls in the heart e near chardon and middlefield.
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clear. lake effect snow lines down and it will be a cold valentine's day. like i said, there is a late at the end of the tunnel. we will get this hea much-needed talk m coming up next week. >> sounds good. >> here northeast ohio we are used to the cold, so when the sun peeked throughn the clouds today, plenty of people bundled up to head outside. >> these conditions are ideal for cold-weather sports. fox eights p.j. zigler joins us. pj, you found some local people who are l definitely and their element, is that correct? a long time. today was a great day to stay in spain, cuddle near the fireplace and enjoy the winner seniortin scenery throw window. dangerously cold temperatures blanketed the wheat region but as wees learned, that wasn't enough to keep northeast ohioans down. >> i really enjoy it. >> winter has officially arrived inin northeast ohio. >> integrate data be out. >> cupid brought more than just love the fountains weekend, he brought cold, blustery weather to northeast ohio.
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on saturday morning. these are the coldest temperatures we have seen this year.thar in the dina, the arctic blast was justti right for the ice festival. >> we are very happy about it because the biting cold in recent snowfall made for excellence gain conditions. at brandywine ski resort. >> you'll be hard-pressed to find any skier or snowboarder complaining about saturday's cold and snow, theyer have been waiting for a day like this for quite some time.a >> it's been like a month and a half probably. >> in strongsville, the temperature wasn't the only thing going downhill. the shalala shall lay toboggan shoots were hot commodity. >> the bitter cold temperatures
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runners from trotting through the streets of downtown cleveland in their underwear as part of cupid's sunday run. all the money raised from the event supports the children's tumor >> there was more snow limit on the last year but this year was colder. >> it seems nothingli can stop northeast ohioans from enjoying and embracing what mother nature is serving. >> the good newsws for those who don't like these bitter cold temperatures, the cold snap will only be around for the weekend. we are expecting more seasonable like temperatures as early as monday. i don't mean to spoil jenn harcher's forecast coming up but for those of you who need to know you know little bit. >> you do sports, weather, news. >> renaissance newsman. >> that's where great team player.
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deal with the heavy blowing point snowing earlier this week. i got a little bit of it driving home last night but there are some trouble spots today. >> alison brown is live and ground fox . allison, where are you and what is the condition right now? >> well billing jennifer, thankfully we have had a pretty smooth ride out here with cloudy where we are. we'reeaea talking about the east side on i. here headed westea into lake county out of ashtabula county where we were expecting to see some snow but as you can see everything is pretty clear right now. this is obviously refreshing to see was traffic being normal especially after seeing so many accidents on the interstate earlier in the week. i will sayats that it is great to be in the car. the minute you get out, it really does take your breath away.e
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honestly though, things are not looking too bad at least where we are. if your valentine's dinner plans or wherever you are going tonight it doesn't look like weather will change the drive time, at least for now. >> dry where you are now but there are slushy conditions out in 480 earlier today. a flu that gets cleaned out in time for people to get out and enjoy valentines we can. >> of course the deep freeze is especially dangerous for the t sick and elderly. >> so free warming centers are open across northeast ohio. in cleveland, the city's rec centers were open all day for anyone who is homeless or does not have h he in their home or apartment. and with temperatures only expected to climb into the upper teens tomorrow,y the centers will be open again. down in akron, nine warming centers will be open all we can this includes the summit{ lake community center. we will have the{un{ complete{{ list on
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crash that cause the major backup{ on i 71m adioq county.{{ this is the scene about 12:45 this afternoon on{{ everyone south near load i.{{{{ vehicles were involved in the accidents for vehicles{{{{, including two tractor-trailers in the scarlet ended up in a ditch{ on the side of{v{ the road.v{ the road. several miles and there's no word on any injuries tonight. >> a formal glenville and college sports star is under arrest after an armed robbery in eastar cleveland. back in 2010, laquan anderson made a name for himself on the football field, hoping lead the tar blowed her's to the state can beach again. he then accepted a track scholarship to the university of miami but tonight anderson is behind bars, accused of robbing a family dollar store in east cleveland. police say just before won friday morning, he robbed the store at the corner of euclid and strap more.
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around the store and arrested anderson about 15 minutes later.t and the fox 8 i team has learned that laquan anderson is also the prime suspect in an armed robbery in garfield heights. fox 8 obtain the exclusive surveillance video of e the armed robbery at a shell station on tourneysh road back in mid january. investigators reviewed thee video, which shows the suspect tackle the clerk, then pointed a gun at his head. garfield heights police issued a warrant for anderson's arrest in connection with the robbery and also issued this year he warning. >> he's probably done this before and he's going to do it again. and just by his actions you can tell how violent years. you're going to save a life if you can getto them off the streets. >> anderson has not been arrested or charged. garfield heights police say their investigation is ongoing tonight. >> a cleveland man is behind bars tonight's, accused of
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inside an elevator at hopkins airport. fifty-four -year-old children beard is charged with onet. count of robbery. the victim told police o beard watched her withdraw money from an atm, them followed her in the elevator, where he punchedwe her in the back of the head and demanded money. when the doors opened, the woman waswo able to get away. beard has a long criminal record that dates back to 1981. >> a grieving community is rallying around the family of a kent state student shot and killed last weekend. >> it's just tragic. it's beyond words and everyone is heartbroken. >> 18 -year-old nick massa was at a friend's apartment off-campus last sunday when three armed suspects barged inmp and shot him. calling hours were last night and while wellness family was away, their wesley neighbors brave thesl elements to put out more than 100 luminaries around meadowlake. organizers say they just hope lift the families spiritsnd during this tough time.
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able to bring them light in such a dark time. >> at least they know we arere all behind them. >> nickh massa was laid to rest today. two teenagers have been arrested in connection with this murder. police are still looking for the third suspect. >> for kent police officers who shot and killed a man armed with a machete are back on active duty tonight. back on december 17, officers responded to a call at a home on virginia avenue. when they arrive, they found 25 -year-old douglas font holding a large knife. officers say on a more their orders to drop there weapon and charged at him so they open fire, killing him. can police and in on internal investigation cleared all for officers of the wrongdoing.i they're still trying to determine if the shooting was legally justified. the ohio primary election is just over a month away. >> and chelsea clinton will be here in cleveland on monday to support her mother's presidential campaign.i the former first daughter will speak at d a get out the vote
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motorist taylor center on can see in avenue. doors open at around 1:30 in the afternoon. chelsea is scheduled to speak at 2:00. her music comes just two days before ohioans can start casting early ballots for the march primary. >> if you would like to hear chelsea clinton speak, you have to rsvp through the clinton campaign. the link to the event on and you can find it under seen on tv. t t the cavs are enjoying a much-needed weeke off for the all-star game. >> and while lebron and company are away, the queue has been transformed into a giant dirt. there's plenty of four-star on display as the annual monster jam roars into the queue this weekend. the fan friendly event features plenty of souped-up monster truckck but the famous gravedigger, along with all types of off-road vehicles like >> right now is a monster jam party in the.
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close and personal with monster trucks. >> there are threeee more monster jam sessions this weekend,we starting tonight at 7:30, and then again sunday at 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> still ahead tonight, more life team coverage of the deep freeze. >> plus, we are learning more about that possible terror attack in columbus. what fbi agents found in the suspects background and what may have set him off. >> in a driving to disaster. what triggered this massive chain reaction crash that shut down an entire highway.. >> and a puzzling problem at the south pole. what scientists blame for theth deaths of thousands of penguins in antarcticaa. a jen. >> stay close to your loved onee tomorrow. it will be a cold valentine's day. the good news is temperatures
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will go back to fox 8 newsck at 6:00. a live picture now over the lake. the deep-freezere n is just beginning. temperatures possibly going down
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how low will they go. there. >> that the first thing you noticellt and you finally see some ice on the lake. >> this is what i noticed first. i noticed there is a little bit of light on the horizonon at 6:15. >> i saw that light and it let me see the lake effect snow band. i was like oh, i can still see that little and i can see where that is o set up on storm fox. >> -- -- here's a look at your headlines with lake effect snow winding down. it is still out there right now but it will be winding down a little after midnight. an additionaler 1-3 and the heavier snow bands but more snow is on the way3 a great day to just hang out doors indoors.
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the teens. it returns to normal's next week with 30s and i even have higher temperatures in my eight-day forecasts. the snow, wind and rain, we have it all. today we hit 14 degrees and we shouldd be at 37 degrees. it was deathly a cold day across northeast ohio. we're sitting at lebanond into the lake at effect snow bands with moderate to heavier snows. you get under one of these bands and disabilities will be reduced a little some white out conditions at times and that can be taking place and portions of lorraine county.
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and over and over lind. in getting into warren. the wind chill is called for everyone. cleveland. ashtabula right now. actual air temperatures over the next eight hours will bee well. eight at 10:00 and 8 degrees at 11:00. lake effect snow continued and after much of the day we saw time and then here comes the ice. the next couple of days before we trend warmer. high pressure is building in tonight and that is going to allow winds to relax tomorrow. will not be a windy day but temperatures in the teens. could be worse if we have the
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this area of t low pressure will be swinging in the most of your day on sunday will be dry but youou will notice the clouds increase throughout the day tomorrow. tonight, the lake effect snow bands wind down and tomorrowe clouds thicken up as we head towards 5:00. after that the snow will arrive after midnight and continue into your monday. i'm looking at 1-3 inch range for snow. for tonight is bitterly cold was scattered snow showers in northwest wind at 10-15. tomorrowhw 18 degrees and calm winds to start off today. they look at your eight-day forecasts about ten days cold. temperatures warmrm with back to 35 degrees on presidents' day. you can enjoy the snow without the cold. 35 degrees and tuesday into wednesday is still the mid- 30s and lots of sunshine on thursday.
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rain. >> thanks jen. >> and of course schools aren't in session this weekend but again there could be delays for any church services or other events. >> we will have updates on fox 8 .com. still ahead tonight, february isn't usually prom season. >> but then again this wasn't your s usual prompt. tim tebo helps to crown kingsg and queens last night. >> plus it's q hard to wear your heart on your sleeve when you aren't wearing sleeves.r we have full coverage of the annual cupid undies run. >> could kevin be taking his talents to being town? we break
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in sports it's nba all-star weekend in toronto and plenty of rumors are swirling around the cleveland cavaliers. the latest trade rumors and balls carmelo anthony. the daily news reports that the cavs discuss a blockbuster trade that wouldus send kevin love to boston. the council get carmelo anthony from the new york knicks would also get top draft picks timofey mozgov, anthony told sirius radio on saturday that he is not going anywhere.di >> in new york they always report. there is always a report. it's always who is next, what's next. i don't care about the rumors. >> the 65th annual nba all-star game is sunday at the air canada center in toronto. kobe bryant will start his 18th in final all-star game, lebron will make his 12th all-star appearance. the path is sunday night m m set for 8:00.
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is planning to transfer fromfr akron. warren ball was a star running back inu columbia's area enjoy the buckeyes with high hopes but he couldum e never be out carlos hyde or ezekiel elliott. now ballel is on track to graduate this spring and plane stranded zips for the final season of eligibility.plz a preseason ranking -- ellis you is in the top five of most preseason rankings. it is r hard to imagine with the weather outside that we have right now but spring training begins t this week in goodyear, arizona for the cleveland indians. pitchers and catchers officially report on figure 17. their first official workoutwo will be on february 19. position players report on the 21st of theo month and the first fullh squad workout is fiber 23rd. the indians home opener is scheduled for april 4 at 4:10 against the boston red sox. by the way that is just over 50 days from today .
6:28 pm
hoping newis technology will help protect pictures from line drives. the league is testing out lightweight pturo helmets for pitchers. about 20 pitchers will wear this new hybrid of the captain helmet h in spring training. right now the new protective headwear is optional, but it could be required for minor leaguers sometime in the future. still ahead here tonight, was at a terror attack or did he just not? >> coming up, hear what columbus police are saying about the man who attacked thousand customers with a machete. >> plus, what triggered this massive crash that left sevenn several dozens of drivers to the hospital and turned a busy highway into a demolition derby? >> and the danger one driver never saw coming. what/through her car's windshield and what the police
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back, let's update you about at the top of the hour. supreme court justice antonin on scalia has died. >> the 79 -year-old wasd. found dead at a resort in texas. federal officials say the associateia justice antonin and about last night, but he did not appear for breakfast this morning. so staffers went to check on him, that's when they found him unresponsive in his room. doctor say it appears the justice died from natural causes. scalia was n nominated to the us supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he also worked right out of law school in cleveland for the jones day law firm. again, breakingf news from texas, where supreme court justice
6:33 pm
you can read more about the developing story on fox 8 .com and we will have much more tonight at ten.or other news tonight, police in pennsylvania are stillin cleaning up after the massive crash that killed m at least three people. >> it started when a sudden way out made it almost impossible to see. this was the scene on i 78 near harrisburg just before 10:00 a.m. this morning. as you can see, more than 50 vehicles were involved in a chain reaction crashe that sent more than 40 people to the hospital. the crash shut down a five-mile stretch of the busy highway. police h had to use emergency vehicles a buses to transport dozens of people to a temporary shelter nearby.bu investigators say could take another day to untangle all the wreckage . the bad news is, there could be more snow on the way tonight. >> back here in ohio, dayton police are investigating a wrong way crash that killed five people. it happened around 3:00 a.m. on i 75. officers say it appear alcohol was a factor. a man in his 60s, was just
6:34 pm
the car that slammed head-on into an suv, killing all four people inside. several other drivers had called 911 to report the car going the wrong way, but they were too late to prevent the crash. >> boston police are securing manhole covers across the city. after one came loose and somehow flew through a car's windshielde, killing the driver. as you can see, the 200-pound cover smashed completely throughly the vehicle. the victim hasn't been identified ase caitlin clavette, the 35 -year-old was an art teacher at a boston elementaryry school. the metal cover had been over a storm drain. it is unclearar how it came loose andw flipped into the air and into her car. tonight, police are reviewing video from traffic cameras trying to learn more about what caused the accidentic. we are learning more about the man behind a machete attack at a columbus restaurant that same for people to the >> the owner of the delhi told police he believes he was
6:35 pm
but as bryant summerville reports, the investigation is just beginning.u >> i thought he was coming come behind me in crush me up. witnesses have described been inside's the nazareth restaurant, thursday night. >> i believe that they were just randomly attacked, spontaneously, without warning. >> where four people were injured at the hands of one man with a machetete. >> we are very grateful that are victims that sustained wounds last night are all expected to >> the suspect, 30 -year-old mohammed berry believed to have acted on his own. >> we believe he acted alone andnd we are not aware of any other accomplices at this time. >> according to owner connie bronte ,s barry entered the nazarethre restaurant after 6:00, thursday and asked an employee about the ownership and where he was from. about 30 minutes later,d e barry returned, machete and hands. chief jacobs says the fbi is now
6:36 pm
because of potential terrorism we certainly understand that thosew possibilities are out there in the same age. and so it was prudent to bring them and to determine whether or not that was part of the factors. >> with no immediate motive known, deputyy chief michael wood says the fbi's involvement is on purpose, given certain red flags. >> loan individual, machete going into a public place, committing an assault on people that he apparently does not know. >> as for barry, please say information, including where he lived, worked and where he was born and when he came to this countryh, are all under investigation. according to police, barry left the restaurant and his vehicle and a short time later was pinned l down by police. they say he exited the car with a machete and fillet knife in his hand.d. in attempt to use a taser was ineffective and he was shot when police say he jumped over the hood to attack officers. the officer who shot and killed barry, 25 year veteran john
6:37 pm
volatile situation, a dangerous action any dead and we are very >> that was brian summerville repointing. columbus police say the fbibr and -- >> the pair nuclear plant was shut down earlier this week for officials are working on automatedd valves and high-pressure streamlined a. and vsu another nuclear plant in pennsylvania. and this getters a somehow the lines into thehe reactor open, sending scalding steam to a condenser, which then turns the steam into water. federal nuclear regulators say the automated valves responded to false temperature and pressure signals and the condensers water would continue to heat up until the reactor was shut down.o >> we are not getting up at all. at least not for the next few days. the deep freeze in full effect tonight. >> dangerous conditions out
6:38 pm
>> bring in your pets and don't let them stay out too long to do their it is going to get better. we just have one more day and it is a great day to have cold temperatures, valentine's day. when chill advisory remains until 10:00 in the morning and has been dropped for a few counties. when chill of five-10 below are possible. there is no lake effect snow set up for ashtabula. wind chill and feels like zero in the rain and five and akron, canton area. 2 degrees below -- wind chills will stay 5-7 degrees below an actual digits. we continue to see scattered snow showers so a greatat evening
6:39 pm
5 degrees tonight and bitterly cold. we are dropping inton the single digits and winds will be out of the northwest at 10-15.d the lake effect snow showers will wind down particularly after midnight. speaking of lake effect, we do have ag little bit of bending going on. one in the heart and primary parts in chardon and middlefield -- we do have a third -- high pressure continues to buildd an tonight which will shut down the lake effect snow and the wind chills. winds will go calm tomorrow morning and this is up to bat. area of lowp pressure will push snow into our area starting sunday night into monday. we are not talking lot of snow. reallylynini i'm a just around an inch. not bad for snow totals as we head into sunday night and monday.wls
6:40 pm
temperatures after that will start to warm up c cs on presidents' day and temperatures will be at 35 degrees. a really good looking snow day there. mid- 30s on wednesday and lots of sunshine on thursday. those that want to get rid of the coldd, we will do that. fiftys and 40s in the upcoming weekend. >> this was an unforgettable night for people with special needs and northeast ohio. >> several local churches invited them to a prom, sponsored by the teama tebo fox 8 melissa reid was there for all of the fund. >> the stars were out friday night in cleveland.. a red carpet entrance, filled with flashing lights from the friendly paparazziil at the cuyahogaa valley church in broadview heights. >> tonight we areei doing a night to shine. >> according to pester chad allen, the cbc as one of three churches in northeast ohio
6:41 pm
friday night.n >> we are one of 200 churches partnering with the team tebo foundation simultaneously hosting this and 48 states and seven countries.t >> christine boyle and her daughter courtney spent the day pickingng out address and getting their hair and makeup done.pi >> just been such an awesome experience. just something that all kids usually get to do and sometimesme the special needs kids don't so we are so grateful. >> i want to be a princess. >> grinning from year to year, some evena having a twirl. they each got to be in the spotlight as they received a crown or a tiarai because they are all queens and kings. >> fun because i want to be a dancer and i love it here. >> and under the party lights ofts the flashing disco ball, each
6:42 pm
it was a night to rememberecn. >> i love the spirit of the teboeb foundation. they want to take valentine's day, a day of love, and really extend thattf to be a celebration for god's love for all people. >> youfo can see the site smiles and they have so much joy. much gratitude for everyone that they are serving and it's amazingaa. >> in cleveland, murray melissa reid, fox 8 news. >> they look like they had amazing time. >> still to come tonight, pope francis in mexico. >> see how he arrived in style and the the inspiring message he shared with what has killed more than
6:43 pm
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penguins are dropping like flies and antarctica. about 150,000 of the flightless birds have died since 2011.1. scientists say the problem started when shifting ice at the south pole. in late 2010, a massive iceberg that had been floating for almost 20 years, got lodged into the penguins natural habitat.
6:46 pm
from their food supply, forcing them to walk almost 40 miles toto find fish. tonight, scientists are trying to find an alternative food supply to save the remaining 10,000 penguins. >> there is a similar problem in a much different climate. >> see animals are dying in hawaii, due to careless fisherman.i swimmers found the illegal fishing nets your wildlife reserve off the coast of oahu. when they wield the net income of a found too large sea turtles and several fish dead inside. police say it's illegal to use fishing nets in the area and say poachers havend killed off dozens of her animals in the past two p years. now they aret trying to find the people responsible. >> brazil says the zika virus will knowpo longer affect next summer's olympic games, even asen the nation to place its military to ballot battlets the spread of the virus. more than 200,000 troops are fanning out across brazil today to show people how to eliminate the type of mosquito that
6:47 pm
many health officials believe it is linked to sever severe birth defects. the troops are working with health officials to educate people on how to eliminate mosquitothth breeding areas. the government says the soldiers will visit more than 3 million homes this weekends to hand out pamphlets on the issue. so far, pope francis has read this did calls from catholics to approve contraception to stop the spread of the zika virus. >> tonight the pope is making another story visit to mexico, where as mary maloney reports, he delivered a message of tough love toe the country's leaders. >> pope francis stopped to meet the adoring crowd on his way to the national palace,s handing out rosaries and embracing several sick children.hut >> mexico's president welcome
6:48 pm
where pope francis later delivered his first major address, aimed at that the country's political and religious leaders..a >> experience teaches us that each time we seek the path of privileges or benefits for a few tos the detriment of the good of all, sooner or later, the life of society becomes fertile soil for corruption. >> the pope also spoke of how mexico's riches lies in the you young people. >> a people with a youthfull population is a people able to renew and transform itself. it's an invitation to look to the future with hope. >> francis will wrap up the first day of his visit with the math at the basilica ofofda waterloo bay. >> today i come as a missionary of mercy and of peace. a but also, as a son who wishes to
6:49 pm
blessed virgin of waterloo bay, and placing myself under her watchful care. >> i mary maloney, fox 8 news. >> this is a live look from mexico right now.w. pope francis is celebrating mass at this hour and as you can see, a huge crowd is in attendance tonight, for mass in mexico. >> united -- tonight the remaining candidates will spar often another debates before voters head to the polls tuesday. fox news correspondent john roberts has all the action. >> -- the state department is releasing 1,000 new pages a flurry clinton's e-mails from the time as secretary of state.
6:50 pm
electronic communications from clinton's now famous home server are deemed classified. most of them at the lowest level of sensitivity. none of the e-mails or top secret. the state department plans to finish releasing the rest of clinton's e-mails on cyber 29th, just one day before the important super tuesday primaries.e ernie sanders is also getting down to business and nevada with an event in reno. >> and now, now we are in nevada. this is another state that people say for variety of reasons, bernie you're not going to be able to win here, well, it e may have to rewrite their thought process and this day as well. >> most of the republicane candidates left standing ourg cramming for tonight's critical debate. special attention will be focused on senator marco rubioec to see if he can come back from his seemingly prerecorded answers at the last showdown.
6:51 pm
never going to happen again. >> while rubio's promising to variousio answers, front runner donald trump's promising to clean up his act, or at least his language. the colorful donna a donald says he will refrain from making off-color remarks. >> i won't use foul language, i'm just not when you do it. they're all saying do it but no. >> but donald trump, the man who could potentially be twitter in chief released themma nasa saying that he may sue ted cruz over whether cruises legally able tobl assume the presidency if elected. former florida governor jeb bush is taking a low-key approach to debate prepme. he says he spending the last two hours pain out with his four grandchildren. in greenville, south carolina john roberts. >> of course, the advice was to stay out of the cold and stay inside. >> but some, comedy we call them brave souls choose to run outdoors and next to nothing for we'll take youou to the cupid
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6:55 pm
finally tonight, today's barely cold temperatures couldn't slow downow a group of determined runners. >> as you'll see, they stripped down to their skivvies and pounded the pavementhe for the annual cupid undies run. >> we are going to run to east ninth and back. >> 700 runners gathered saturday at the house of blues in downtown cleveland to of all things, race in their undies. >> yet it's a little chilly out here today. >> it is very >> the race in the arctic temperatures called cupid and he run is not just for fun. it's an event that raises money for the children's tumor fund. >> children's tumor foundation
6:56 pm
find a cure for neural phibro mitosis, which affects more than 3,000 unfortunately there is not a cureis yet, but we are hoping with money that we've raced there will soon be one. >> saturday's big event was a four-time it's been held in cleveland.d.s it has been around since 2010 but what it started in one city has grown to 39 and raised $8 millionn but having a good time, supporting a good cause. >> freezing our brands offer great cause. it was well worth it. organization and a great cause. there really isn't anything today. >> i love the cold. >> we are freezing for a reason. >> following the 15 minute run, races were treated to a party hosted by the house of bluesin where they were able to celebrate and most importantly, >> it's getting bigger and better every year andnd we hopeig it will continue.
6:57 pm
support here in clevelandnt. >> raising money for good cause and several warming centers out there tonight for people that have toc deal with the bitter cold and don't have a choice >> there is still wind chilll advisory and no effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we still have oneff more cold day ahead of us on valentine's day.or 18 degrees and presidents' day where a lot of kids have off maybe some sled riding or skiing. it's looking good with temperatures back to near normal in the 30s. a rain/snow mix coming tuesday and wednesday is more snow. thursday is looking bright and by friday we have 50 degrees back. >> that's what i want. thanks for joining us fort fox 8 news at six, both at home and online. >> willl be back about three
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
(laughs) i wish you could all be inside my head. the conversation is sparkling. fine, i'll tell you. a lichen is an organism made up of two separate species, fungi and algae. if you could merge with another species, what species would you pick and why? hint: there is a right answer. none of you will get it. okay, i'd pick swan because, uh, the resulting hybrid would have the advanced industrial civilization of a human and the long graceful neck i've always dreamed of having. wrong. leonard?


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