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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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not looking at any major issues here early on.. the temperatures climb middle and upper teens a couple of local temperatures as resume in over the strongsville is in danger at 16 and 19 right now north olmsted. see how to fill brothers to south that's going to beo a focal point of heavy rain and someso snow watch the snow developable this is going to be panhandle low in the temperature kentucky and eventually through western pennsylvaniaia temperatures will be climbing were anticipated that snow to lift north and eventually most of us but not officer good 80 percent of
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ball months of snow overnight event as the snow should be moving out good news is yours ticket out in trouble you can see traffic is moving well on 71 or i 90 moving in from the westside m m let's take a peek at some of our area roadways to 71to local center and express look right there no issues and i 90 coming in from the east 18690 crews are out and about the trees treating the services hopefully we'll have a good-looking morning commute this is a new project out there continuing in north ridgefieldpr along route 83 and traffic is maintained in both direction wayne and kristi back to
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making her way to cleveland.l jessica dill is life on good morning chelsea clinton will be here today she wasn't paid part of her mother's campaigne she's doing it again this should inches hoping for a different outcome for her mothernc she is cominge at 2:00 p.m. speaking and she's expected talk to primary voters about how they'llim make a difference for president and a what's at stake in the selection hillary was a pig for a run ath big beginning of this political campaign season the bernieb sanders has been giving her a run for h her money and her recentce polls and caucuses today's event that is full
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to go your can't tickets are out for fox 8 and will keep youu jessica dill life. residents can get registration forms online at my ohio voteh .com work at local libraries mailed and roses frazier forms must be postmarked by tuesday night county board of elections will stay open until 9:00 p.m. b early putting and ohio will start on our wednesday. the search continues for cleveland man wanted in connection inn connection to an deadly shooting and akron. then it done down a man early sundayrl morning. police have arn warm for his arrest and officers describe himh as armed and dangerous. they say has last address.dd is there to serve as a trick here in the city of cleveland. anyone with information on his
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akron police.ed he crashed into a car by a 28a -year-old over near richland she died at the scene and police have not released the names of
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struggling to pay the bills. i think i were deathly pay more to have our village police officerso here. >> the mayor says it would cost $836,000 to fully staff that the police officers it along with policelo substation located in other things that they can't afford at this point such as touc took to sue investigate any serious crime the proposal be presented to council tomorrow night there beou plenty of time for public comment before any final decision as the counselor would like to make that decision within the next six
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weather and traffic every eight minutes is just that the death of supreme court justice i scaliaal has cost an arty political to be on both sides are now saying and in the story about the couple caught having have seens sacks on a las vegas fares well. why do you see this guy was incident city.l.wh there's still highlighting a couple shows that the day very little in thell way of accumulation. these temperatures are startingar to go backup bit we wanted a high 20so main mid- 30s bys sundown tonight. when will the real snow. we cane will have a look at that eight-day in a few minutes. good at morning. the freewaysni are in pretty good shape. was see you
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on saturday she said it happen and his hotel or two of them when after spending some time at the park the 25 filled woman told police he was her boyfriend she admitted to hospital self-inflictedo cuts stewart risk that sheew was released in has now left the country and gonew back home to russia he's not been charged a spokeswoman says there's no truth to the allegation he is divorced resign as new york's governor in 2008
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prostitution scandal. nearly 100 people were killed when a gunman opened fire on the concert hall with the group is performing theu panel play at a different venue olympia hall tomorrow beforeen a sellout crowd the audience will include a lot ofof survivors of the massacre three months ago. back out for you have the joe's trying totoc find the suspect who shot two people walking across the golden gate bridge with blow gun darts.n a man was hit in the torso whilee woman was hit in the length of the same timehe investigators believe the shots become fromr north on the bridge the chp says it appears to be random case in both people were hit are okay.ka the story of two people arrested for having on the loss phases they reduce fares who has gotten a bit more bizarre apparently these two people just met eachc other he was in talent marrieda another woman his girlfriend of two months but then he she believe that she was pregnantre
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had a few drinks and he met of the other woman. they went to the high roller window overlooking the strip in surveillance video shows them having inside the cabin police one person recorded it on theirt phones the man's fancy says he's a good guy and she feels him out of jail and despite everything he has a good heart. i'm sure i knew there was morew to that eighteen minutes after 6:00 a.m. stay with us an update on weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead if theer deal billion-dollar drug bust it's not the only reason it's getting attention for the creative with them's's messages hidden. saying i do on a very special day see how tower city was taken
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good morning.rn welcome back. i'm patty harkin. we're doing well on our monday morning commute.
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good at morning. some accumulation spoon into the northeast as the temperatures have begun to to go backup again.t at 21. hudson at 2121 when will the snow
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will it be it will be a very wet packing type of snow.e t we appreciate it. >> it's the k. that has the.
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approximately was $90 million.s though do anything to smuggle including women surprisedl if the liquid meth was found in the gel inserts of dozens of surpriseend it's a bust bust as they're calling is the largest seizure oftr meth today in addition to being hidden in the provinces
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supplieses that is a lot that there's a lott going on in that story. itst is 6:26 a.m. we have an update on your weather and traffic avery eight minutes. chelsea clinton will be coming to cleveland trying to drum up support for her ch jessica dill has very latest lives report straight ahead and will a local community dispense it's entire police force see
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we've had about a dusting up to
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these things start to become very aggressive like we are in right very similar to what happened back in 2010.10 that was six years ago, buto, we've had these type of panhandle wet snow is the second half of the winter and now were starting to see another one southern it wet snow will be very wouldl have more to packing more today as temperatures will start to climb in the lower to middle 30s as a spoken tends to tractor western pennsylvania on and off snow showers today
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temperatures dry out. a dividing line between the pain in wet snow we will go 1-2, 3 inches for-2 portage countyco 3 inches for portions of geauga county were going to get a little more than that theha
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dividing line between those amounts will vary from place to fit place but further west hardly anything under an inch. snow will continue through the morning commute tomorrow andnd taper off by midmorning stay in the lower and middle 30s underer cloudy skies notice of arctic aires we had over the weekend is nowhere close to northern ohiohi on this eight-day forecast person it'sei thursday and 32 chance of rain on fridayu upper 40s to near 50 rangers early 50sto where they are very small because the normal high start to climb into the 40s. we'll see what happens.
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that's good news if you have to come into work we are seen some slowdowns on 71in we have oneh accident off the freeway in thehe cleveland area just came here office east 93rd and harvardju 90 and 77 come together and east 22nd folks are merging well quite busy have seen a lot of trucks going through thereus averaging 65 miles per houre that's good news this isolated travelingod a 13 minute ride. will send it back to wayne and kristi. chelsea clinton is coming to cleveland. hillary clinton's daughter will be in town today.da
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preview of the big event. >> good morning chest. good morning political claim pain season is well on direct and families become a really big part of campaigning for hillary clinton's daughter chelsea clinton will be making a stop in cleveland today. chelsea isda expected to talk to primary voters aboutto how her mother willer make a difference for families as president and really what is at stake in this election hillary clinton isn currently on the campaign trail and nevada. the family is looking to convince any kind of voters before early voting begins the event will bens held at the terrace communityhe center at 2:00 p.m. doors open up at 130t according to the ceo of the senate local katzman rented the states out space out for the event. it will be about 100 senior citizen that that is as for unfortunately his sold-out pick you can't getting tickets if you still need any was his right before early voting starts in early wednesday few do want toto fl behaly
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to makeh sure that you arey registered by tomorrow. jessica dill life. also in our headlines in northeast ohio manicso is looking to eliminate this police department. we'll check in once again with stacy fry who is here to explain at all. nobody wants to hear that their police department might be a limited especially when a president philly fedpe are paying very high taxes to support what they half.e e it opened resident -- in an open letter to residence they're letting them taket over the police duties in a community that right now is been underserved madison village has three officers at $666,000 they should have which would cost 836,
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spin on everything. let's a lot. love is in the air at tower city
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courtrt officiating the weddings. we can see that the love is there and the commandment for one another and the respect for one another that are really is the foundation a festering
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11 it should be a very interesting conversation. aco reminder to head over to to vote for the next fox 8 cool school. weh will vote -- we will announce the winner on thursday and feature that school
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some snow showers on storm fox
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things up and looking pretty good for your monday morning commute it's presidents' daynt we are starting to see somee slowdowns coming up here the metrohealth curve.e.
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will there be players. a possible kevin love trade that might'vea included it's a carmelor anthony over to cleveland they were talking about maybe k love going to boston you might need a third team eight. theseintoto you talk about that's theth thing i would not get rid of
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can give him an shot they can be golden state i'm not sure what he could do beat them. preference is to run through kyrie irving and not lebron. brunswick regard the people sayop that kylie is the one that needse to be facilitated his another comment that came in just leads
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golden state wasn't scary already. he is 245 three-pointers this yearh he leads the leak the next
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tonight into the beginning of tomorrow 1-3 cleveland 3-6 further east this is a letter snowea in the snow that we've had
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variety i'll post the snapshot. and there was a guy with cutoffc jeans on fox. that's a great idea.ea how could even luck. you guys are off the chain.
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dean towards very entertaining. were trying to keep her energy level relative if three hours plus.s. we all do. here's a quick weather question and that will get back to more
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here are heckuva guy. it is the c.
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moreli snow from 2001 to 2007. it is what does that mean. >> it means nothing. jodi come a whole bunch of stuff here two tickets to see the never ninene headed a man survive the fall into running
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find out how he wasn't even had.i we're going to talk about some of the new exciting features a half. to stay fit like this. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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>> while i was looking forward to seeing kenny crumpton but it's technical difficulties. everyone's like please know. what have it on her weekend.e valentines.
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now.w. happy day after valentine's day. my name is wayne dawson. she is kristi capel. let's check in with scott who was feeling outside eastlake 19s and painesville 18 hudson at 17a and madison had 21.
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forecast of mid-to-late evening we are we don't have any
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delays coming through 71 thank you very much. ournk top story this morning the democratic race between bernie sanders and hillary couldn't becoming a tight one with both candidates pushing for your vote.t b
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soil can isd she's going to make us stop through cleveland i'll get out and vote event before early voting begins through 17th chelsea clinton that will attend this organize event is expected to talk tooor primary voters about how her mother will make a difference with families who is president and with that
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we can get registration forms on line. they say his last known address was on east 97 street here in
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the driver is being treateded brooklyn police say 40 -year-old man was driving is the westbound lane to think crashed into a car dead at the scene police have notot it's unclear what charges he could chase. that's the proposal and mayor has presented. it's all about saving money
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that's already this situation with the fire department the mayor says the makes the mostmo economic sense that residents don't like it. they would like to make it within six weeks.
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time. that's a lot to put him threehi officers to put on 247 political chaos. former new york governor eliot spitzer did to her. when we come >> good morning.or look at our eight our forecas now.w. to midges continue to climb we cou be into the low 30s by sometime today although we do have a couple ofw snow showers that are not anticipating major accumulation's until tonight. check that outil a few minutes.
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children and 28 grandchildren his funeral arrangements have not been yet george w. bush will hit the campaign trail today to help his brotherhe he will appear was just better rally in cap south carolina. jebbap bush is hoping to get more
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finish. maiman oregon is lucky to be alive aftery he was pulled into working what shepherd rescue crews say that it was working sunday when his harness cutss duck in tree limbs that we're fed into the chipper. he cannot late mcginty into theth machine that this lake trip theri safety bar in the last moment and shot the chipper off thet blaze were inches away from his
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recovering from a broken leg and head injury.nj that could've been a lot worse. at the very beginning of rush hour traffic because this is a holidayus
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at them.k we will go to scott with a look at the forecast. days are numbered with the snow. our seasonal snow numbers so far
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as it happens is going to pull some very wet snowow a few slipping zero high and eventually through northern ohio will have some general snow as it develops was
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effectw a very slushy wet snowe and by wednesday by noon tomorrow the snow shouldno be gone the trend back the temperatures on wednesday and jump back up by
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16 minutes after 7:00 a.m.ut
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here's a voicemail now that came in. >> good morning.ic i felt lebron the site everything for the cavaliers. i know who unc get rid of. some people are saying we artyr have a new coach as you can have
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all-star player coming up.u sure thing. 7:19 a.m. still ahead had seven or st. jude's dream home self fell upon is 7: s promising says jump that has brick and mortar stores rejoicing after a long slumpg when we come back right here it's part of your lake
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i put on my snowshoeing shoes. metroparks. i'm hanging out with brain. skiing. were talking about how crazy the climate is and how has that affected you guys in the i activities people can do area. you can ski one day in the next saturday you may be doing you're going to get pictures still stuff to do out here. dictates.
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ch skiing and snowshoeing. we call this the river of fire.
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we put the adirondacks to right. we are here at the force which is part of the lake we are having a lot of fun we hope you give we are giving you guys a lot of nice ideas to
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family.s we have more details and chelsea clinton's trip toa cleveland today. >> the police department on the line pick reaction to a controversial budget proposalpal will get any warmer for our
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it presidents' day on northeast ohio.
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over the grill. we had chicken and steak breakfast sausage.
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some white give you the snowfall forecast now comingu up in about tenb minutes and we will also give you the forecast fore the rest ofs the week for going to melt off a lot ofof the snow that develops coming up a little bit later on
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traffic time with patty harkin it is 7:32 a.m. let's go down to akron and see how they're doing thata way. this is 77 at jet boat and traffic moving well in both directions along 77 and he over by 7 west 25th that's for the stopping go begins the center lane is ans limitation to the in about purge nothing out of the ordinary that nothing to see. nothing to five times look fine. coming in from avon 71 from
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farsv as his 77 northbound the only child of bill and hillary clinton is making herer way to cleveland. jessica lynn is making be in support of her mother'sn bid for president. she's back doing it again this year hoping for a very different outcomen and what is at stake the selection. it was a bigt front runner at theh
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campaigns said that bernie has givenh her run from anything on for july, today's event is artie fault fox 8 will be watching every moment of a they're paying very high taxes to support whator they have that that mayor of medicinea those is that the rally in open right better to residents then brown proposes contract and police services act of medicine tensionroon out of them take over the place to eat he'se
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underserved. residents are not row pit. >> ino think an excellent things happenhi local police force this issue need someone they arel there. >> i think we pay high and attack that that it should bee able to afford have been a policen department. >> council will get their first look at the proposal tomorrow nightm>>ir argument turned it broke pick how much he he says he owes and trade rumors are flying down at the q todd is taking your comments about the carmelo if you think kevinar love tradeov
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let's check in with todd meany and get plugged did on this hold rumor mill. the trade deadline for the nba is this thursday were going to hear ag lot of things going onoi over the next few days and vaulting possibly can have them laughing carmelo anthony but he's friends with lebron. here's a chance to win a championship. if he stays in new york this probably not going to happen the way the next have been pit they
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let's get my hope their offense of scoring and keep of the cold and states you may not hold them to that many points.aou here is live with me got a it was a splash when it comes to the media he was done.s he was on his way out was the shack farewell tour around ther nba a princess we've the team alone it's ases good as it is suppose are fast approaching. they're starting to go the first intent to pursue so they have
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is there another greyhound out the allen out there.i would it be huge. this would be huge. comments. for pearsall. is that huge or huge. facebook twitter and instagram deadline. to the cavaliers need to make a move. will probably add somebody a name we've never heard of thank you 7:41 a.m. is your timeou here cnce to win a dream home isea just days away. they go on sale this thursday at 6:00 a.m.
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$500cl and avon tickets cost they include a car from -- and a hardtop from pools and spas bit for more information head over to our website at still ahead,ox bookstores are making money again. plus, ikea could old billions in syntaxesld. the eye-opening report that has launched an an investigation. kanye penniless. what he's revealing and movies asking for help.he and snow is making a comeback.
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the avenue there and two cars involved also pulled was hit of flux themof to have this two-car accident at 116 and kinsman. i 19 and 77 where they come upo at the inner traffic is moving well for 30 at state and next on the shore way. you can see a lot of police activity there in the fire trucks it's not actually on i 90
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lotrgi it's not affecting any traffic unless of course you're looking at the lights. other than that were doing pretty goode on have any issues on the freeway so we will deftly take that.. in the headlines this morning ikea has been accused of taxed fraud and a new report big green party in your as is the swedish furniture store shifted money from the stores run europe toro avoid taxes. ifxe it's true they could 0 billion for the beard report estimated that in 2014 a lot. mr. on $49 million in the fifth tax revenue france lost out on 269 and the uk 13 million. the bill looks like more people are going back to bookstores. the census bureau shows that book sales rose by two and half percent last year from $10.9 billion to 11.2 billion. that's the first year over year increase for that industry that
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since 2007. >> kanye west drops his new up and he confesses he's been dead.d the polarizing hip-hop artist released the life of pablo just before performing on saturday life please pray we overcome this iswe my true heart. it'sea not clear if kim kardashian's husband is actually and debit a year ago he did say he owned old a lot of money after o watching his clothing line. he also tweeted facebooked cofounder back marker sucker burke asking him to invest $1 billion into his ideas. the time not is 7:49 a.m.4 coming up a gets remember the couple arresteda after allegedly having on a ferris wheel in vegas now finding outvi w what the man was supposed tos be doing with another woman on the day he was caught.he >> and it's true, is a test ray
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now the movie leonardo could beco on his way to making history. kenny carpenter, good morning.rn >> good morning. we're putting ski gear on. it's time to do a little cross-country skiingl when wewh come back lots to show you all probably fall because his cross-country skiing. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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we'll see you goodbye. come a reminder to stay with us with a lot more ahead on fox 8 news in the morning on this monday morning in the city. good morning, jess. >> good morning everyonees it'st all of the family on that clinton campaign trail. chelsea clinton is going to be on the campaign trail in cleveland. >> eliminate the police department. that's a police department in our area to deal with budget constraintsme we could touch it 30 degrees by the middle of the afternoon there will be a couple of snow charlotte that the rope overnight tonight will talk more about that int a few minutes. >> i'm todd me will talk in
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be in thelk market for a move before the nba trade deadline. kate loving carmelo anthony a couple ofdl c names being mentioned will take your thoughts and comments ouch shut coming up. we're going to show you the damage after a stage catches fire because were taking a ride on a honda's unique up.. think subway that sitting down. we're giving away tickets to see journey don't go away all of
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8:00 a.m. hour.ll (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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cleveland zone fox 8 news in the morning. good morning cleveland and northeastern ohio, presidents' day across america, the 15th day of february 2016, 8:00 o'clock. thank you for joining us wayne dawson. kristin capel -- kristi capel, some good, still looking at snow in some spots but the temperatures coming up 18, light snow beginning to finally moved back out again but the forecast is going to bring in another panhandle, deepening system in the deep south and it will start out arkansas contract through kentucky through western pennsylvania. what will happen the temperatures t into the 30s so the initial push into southern ohio rain first and eventually transition to snow late this evening and overnight tonight. began, this will be tricky with a lot of my old they are in place so mixture of rain, wet
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