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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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and save big during their inventory sell off. simply call the number on your screen for a free brochure and a list of sell-off sizes and prices. but don' t delay. all buildings are sold on a first come, first served basis and no reasonable offer is refused! you' ll love your new future steel building. it is a decent morning. >> it de is a decent morning. now reality comes back like a
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>> we're going to try to bask in the warmth as long as we can. >> of course aj is around somewhere.. he is just wandering in. >> his wandering he's wandering the building somewhere. >> i found him.m. >> i haven't seen roosevelt at all this morning. i hope you enjoyed yesterday you guys were talking about how beautiful itu was and we were well into the sixties but we tied several high temperatures not here in cleveland buthigh boy we came closer than we thought. yesterday we predicted a high of
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fork i'd rather go the other way and forecasts a lower temperature and have it be higher. today mostly cloudy and noon sun a lot moreclou limited than yesterday even though we are kind of between weather systems, it's pretty chilly as we get into the overnight hours and we here at the hear the highs from yesterday.overer what a mess. in 67 at hopkins and akron canton. akron canton is the only officially reporting station that actually broke their record highbr temperature.ure otherwise it was a series of tied a record that a man fieldth young town and even up at erie pa. here is a look at the web time time lapse webcam time lapse. pretty light winds. what a change.ight
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checks in at 38 around the state.e. you can still see some mild air southern showers and even someen thundershowers with that weather system but the good news is we are not completely devoid of d sunshine for the week ahead as we will definitely see some colder temperatures and we will detail that coming up.ure for the first time in the 2016 presidential race saturday brought multiple same day.ay. >> democrats weighed in on a tight contest in nevada andva republicans cast the first about ballot in the south. kevin kiper has a look. >> the balloting started at 7:00 a.m. but out west brought the day wrote the days first results.t hillary clinton and in a tight battle with bernie sanders came out on top. >> i am so so thrilled i am so and so so grateful to all of my
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some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. [cheering] >> what this entire campaign has beent about is the issue of momentum issue of bringing more and more people into the political process. >> from first in the west towe first in the south, donald trump led by most digit most polls headingost into saturday's contest and sa he posted his second victory ofs s the 2016 republican race to get let's go have a big win in nevada and a big win at the sec. let's put this thing away.ay >> but with trumps trump's victory one. >> jeb bush.
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and southf carolina and i will have spoken and tonight i am canceling my campaign. >> party caucuses on tuesday democrats here head here to south carolina for their primary next saturday.r it is a site all too familiaris a in northeast ohio. once it warms up there's a good chance your car will hit one of the countless potholes / caves that aretle in the road. last week's deep freeze did not last long but when all the snow andl ice wears away as it reveals a lot of deep into dangerous holes. if your car is damaged by aa pothole, reported to the city of cleveland, and they may reimburse you for the an damage. cleveland police investigating after a security guard allegedly security guard allegedly shot unarmed ag suspect
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yesterday. the security guard told police hehe saw the suspect, 23 -year-old the shaun larkin shoot at passing cars, he allegedly ordered him to stop, but larkin turned andp, pointed the gun and him and that is when thethe security guard shot him in the wrist, shoulder and leg. paramedics rushed larkin to the hospital where he was under arrest.ares he will face several charges including stolen property becausele the gun was reportedrt stolen in middleburg heights. h cleveland police investigating another shooting down the street. witnesses say and started when two men got into an argument near western lounge after pushing and shoving the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and shot 24 -year-old antonio cummings in thee leg then jumped into a car and drove away. it was brought to the hospital whereh he is recovering today. anyone with information on the
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a driver makes a gruesome discovery when he told police he found a body in the back of the truck early saturday morning. >> the question of course how did it get there and where didn it comed from? britney harris has the latest in this confusing case. >> bizarre case with a lot of unanswered questions. >> he discovered the body he actually saw it but ihe d can't comment much more on that. a dead body was found in the back of a truck on saturdays morning the driver called police about the discovery.hdr they are investigating what happened. >> all we know at this point is
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we would have to wait to notify next of kin. >> the time now is seven oh 8:00 a.m. and still ahead of shooting spree. thousand set to washington to say their final goodbyes to to a supreme courtal justice. a record number of applicants. i guess you could say it is one small step forr man. >> but first here's a look at our own steps here on the ground. aj is and after the break with a a bold leap and a look at the
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welcome back. one manme is in custody in michigan after a mass shooting i their in kalamazoo county. officials say it was alllam random. at least seven people were killed two people wounded. this is the tw car officers say that the person was driving.. they put over the car and arrested the man th in his forties and now police are h looking for a looking motive. for a >> there is nothing to link these things. >> authorities say he shot and killed five people and crocker bell barrel, got gunned down three people at barr a another placepl killing two of them and three people in an in three people in an apartment complex. people to new york city police
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suspect crashed his car one officer was shot in his bulletproof vest and the other was hit inbulle the hip. fortunately both are expected to survive.ive this morning is a reminder of the importance and dangerous and crucialimpo work that our police officers do. o they put their lives on the line for us every singlen t day and that is why the city is kept safe because these men and women step up for us.hese salvage teams have recovered the helicopter that crashed and sank into pearl harbor. five people on board when it suddenly lost altitude onlookers, tourists visiting the uss memorial jumped in thers, water and amazingly they were able to get everyone out safely. only one person suffered serious
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saturday someone pulled the p wreckage from the surface and hold ituu w away so experts can determine exactly what went wrong.g. thousands in washington pay respects and celebrate the life of justice antonin scalia who died last week at age 79. >> thousands gathered yesterday at washington's basilica of the shrine the largest roman catholic church in north america to bid farewell to antonin scalia one hundred third justice to serve onn the country's supreme court and c it wasoun presided over by his son, father paul scalia. speaking of his father, skelly of the f sun noticed his father's
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focus on god in the gospel guard thans o the them the deceased. both critics and supportersrte agree he was a powerhouse and his impact p on the court will be feltt for generations. >> hope does not fo disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holyy spirit that has been given to us. >> vice president and mrs. biden who would long had aesi friendship with scalia represented the white house. >> your faith is banned from the one faith is banned from the public square or when we ba refuse to bring it there, so he understood there is no conflict between loving god and loving his country between one's faith and one's publicunt service. >> it was a private event for family only at the burial. collects will be back colleagues
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monday to review a new round of public cases. >> meanwhile president obama's spending part of his weekend reviewing nominees to fill the vacant seat. he carried a heavy binder of background information and several potentiall candidates in the put their threatening to block the president'sheir nominee but some think you should wait until thee t next president is in place to find a replacement.emen nasa says replacement. nasa says they got a huge response to their actual number is 18,300 baker at almost three applicants as many as nasa got for its last applicants and want to a f 12 that 8,000 people signed
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nasa will others of their sly 338 astronaut since 1959 the 60 -year-old collapsed in a groceryy store and that is one high school a ends sky high schooler and scott highschooler and several nurses ran over to sc help. >> the young man was able to do d chest compressions as first responders made their way co to the store. one of those first responders, a, a firefighter, also happens to be thee victim. >> i took over assisting with respirations. the chief asked me if i wass alive no way i was just thinking thank the lord for these people that helped me all the waynk t from the beginning all the way to the hospital and now.. i can't express how much i
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he spent 10 days in the hospital but is now back home with a clean bill of health. >> that is a little quirky thing but how cool. >> how grateful that his son happened to beate there. >> really strange cool things can happen.real >> the day was so beautiful yesterday. >> you said flirting with 50 and i think it got married flir to >> not only flirting but exactly. i think they even had some kids. we handed up with 67 ended up withed 67 degrees and. >> it was fabulous. >> with a clear sky so we also got aky very good look at lake erie. high resolution high-resolutionake image to check out the lake ice. it was 90 percent was 90 percent icee
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it was so fast and we are going to zoom in on this and show you what's left over.his not much, cleveland right there and this is the area of ice of course the most in the western basin of lake erie but the rest is ice free. this is not that much to speak of either.hi it can be much more than 10 percent of the laket or less. on the canadian side they can see a lot more than we can butan it crunched the ice northward. a couple of little areas right near the shoreline there hugging the shore s line where we find that the thicker ice but wee ended up with some record imaginee that. yesterday the record high 69 degrees and yesterday we made
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red ring pulsating here includes mansfield, akron canton, ca youngstown and erie all tying record highs. h it only exception is akron canton. they outdid it by 1 degree some breath to record their 67 degrees.o what a day. the middle ground of their allowed our temperatures to warm war meant there is another system to the north that has a fewllowed wsyst snowflakes. there are some flood issues in parts of west virginia, northern virginia heading toward washington dc but we've got h some - -dash that would be dense foge advisories down their neurology ories room so those are the only weather issues for this morning. let's have a look at the cloud cover. you can see it hangs in there
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there will be some bright spots but sunshine will be br more mo limited than what we had yesterday. l west winds becoming north at five to 10 miles per hour with temperatures topping out in the low forties. 36 right right now akron canton dover new philly youngstownn ashtabula is currently 30 with not much wind chill.u 26 denied and that is a seasonal chill in the air and 35 for tomorrow. some mixed clouds. maps are in motion and you can see headed off to the east this front doesn't settle southward will dissipate and a high pressure high pressure builds in.l d couple of dry days they are. the weather system to watch is coming in on wednesday.a we figured it would be a weather concern for the end or middle ofof
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48 wednesday. right now it looks like rain to start wednesday night as cold temperatures change over to snow possible on thursdayera windy so most likely some some accumulating snow and we will w keep you posted on the latest theree but everything seems to be coming together for winter weather event if you will.for something to watch. >> snow event? >> fairly substantial.s it is not going to be huge but it's a little too early to talk about accumulations but it will affect aut large portion of the ohio valley and even up into new england.oll a panhandle hook. >> that's what they call it. >> weey will look at that in the next weather segment. 7:22 a.m. and still ahead coming up, a look at sports and day two of spring training for the tribe.
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as they goover for a fourth straight
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good sunday morning to you. the fry debut will have to wait another day if he will is has not yeto completed his physical. he was but the orlando magic on thursday just before the tradeh being thorough with frey who had a heart condition during the 20,122,013th season that kept him out of the lineup but he played all hee20,1 did two days the following year. if i did not practice on saturday and the cavs tabs are not concerned. >> we had no concern at all. we had until tuesday and got it done. >> cavaliers had practiced on saturday afternoon ahead of
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thunders, the first road game since february 3rd. shumpert is questionable for today's game is with a strained left shoulder. lebron james says oklahoma city presents a lot ofys challenges. >> there are matchup problems like i said when you have two h guys that give you 40 of 50 on 50 any given night it's a matchup for our team. we just had to defend the best way we can. >> a tough saturday afternoon for the tsu rockies basketball team 88 / 54 and flanigan posted po his sixth double of the season. buckeyes were looking for the fourth straight b win as they took on ohio state who scored just scored just 21 total ate points. the second half ohio state opensate
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was 18. lyle came upsta big with two free throws in the second part of regulation that allows them to th go into overtime and then in overtime ohio state hangs on and they win in overtime 65 / 62. james berger was his night as he steals the ball from matthew gonzales and saint ignatius hadna a high fire going. they lost to wildcats in control than on the field of burger again faces off with the lay in and wildcats beat saint dead's 52 / 59. the weather was so nice on saturday the indians could've played twice some progressive field. they were in goods it good seat goodyear arizona. the firstgo week of practice terry francona p said he watched his teachers working on nothing but on strength and strengthened as far as that rotationgtrengt goes the
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starting rotation is up for grabs and they have several options on have several options on the >> if what happens at the end of camp and we send somebody down or send them to the s bullpens i can certainly understand how that can aggravate a u player, but if that's what we end up doing, that means our pitching is healthy which is a very good thing. >> don't forget daytona 500 at 1:00 p.m.da right here on fox aid and chase elliott will lead the cars to the green flag. have a great sunday. nascar's biggest weekend and fox aid is your exclusive home yo for the great american race day.for t ladies and gentlemen gentleman's gentlemen start your engines. the 58th annual daytona 500 days thish afternoon. it starts at noon with the greene flag set to drop at around
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7:29 a.m. and still ahead, under investigation. >> surveillance i video of vi cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel has surfaced andn what it reveals is next. breaking the law. one ohio city officer is cashing in on officer is cashing in on speedingicr tickets, but the way
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more clouds band sunshine expected on this sunday and much cooler temperatures assu well after a 67-degree high yesterday. a what a great day. thirty-nine the low. the average high as 39 and at . -ellipsis.and at that .1 year ago we had a record lowandd l temperature i believe that was 15 belowe zero in february of 2015 so watch a difference ac year makes i guess to pull outpul the old cliche . sunrise 7:13 a.m. tomorrow and down at six oh:13 9:00 p.m.. we pick up three minutes of sunshine tomorrow and three weeks from today it will be the first day ofl b spring, and three sundays from today we will set
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springks ahead into eastern daylight time. 27 and a half inches below our seasonal in snowfall where we ought to be this time of w year at least according to the record books. 35 right now at the lakefront 37 at hopkins airport in deep toin the south 52 currently paducah is 51rren and that mild air has gone away. showers even some thunder riffling our along our front that moved through and it will continue to move to the south and east.c the cold front will move our way when should be relatively light and it continues out of the north so ad it bit of a brisk windnd they are talking about the panhandle hook forming over texas. on tuesday watch as it travels the mississippi river and cuts
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depended on the position of thatsi loweti was will definitely dictate wherefin the snow will set up andse we will have that full forecast for you coming up shortly. fu the fox eight i team has traveled a northeast ohio city collecting cameras from red like kick video from red light cameras but not following state law. >> how can they get away with this?an >> that jeep busted by a red light camera, the driver moreore determined than ever fan effort to fight the ticket after what we've uncovered.terto red light camera spitting out tickets and fines finds that this cityts is not following stagein rules for having the cameras. eileen is furious. she drove that jeep. >> i'm i am not supposed to follow the law but you aren't going to follow the la law i should sue you for doing something
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in a letter to the state, east cleveland said the city is not operating the cameras. ca instead, a private company does but the company runs the c cameras for east cleveland. >> they are trying to skirt the law. you don't want me to skirt the law but you are? aree t l not following ohio revised code. >> you guys have the camerasve there for your benefit. it's not like they have them there on their own. >> well it's not like the law as it is constitutional. >> the statecons law director believes the laws are ar unconstitutional and they say they should have copsunc at these cameras. east cleveland thinks cities own traffic t laws. l >> why is it fair for joe driver to how to obey that law but the city doesn't have to obey the state law to have those scammers they cameras they are?ate >> we have our laws that our people include in the doors. >> so what's the penalty for towns not following state law? the state tells us it could
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state notlan doing that at least not yet until court cases over the camera get decided so eileen left with a $95 ticket. she is appealing. >> i feel it is extortion. dallas police have released newve details on their on investigation on johnny manziel browns quarterback.i his ex-girlfriend has accused him of assaulting her.. investigators are looking into surveillance video of the night of january 30th when she called police and said he hit her several times and dragged her into a car. herr i attorney says his client suffered a ruptured eardrum and the he threatened to kill both crowley kill both crowley and himself.he hed the incident led to a judge issuing a protection order borrowing man cell from contacting crowley but police have yet toont conduct a major part of their officers have not spoken spoken
7:38 am
>> we would like to finish the investigation as soon as possible that detectives work aroundet schedules which canan sometimes delay the process. as of today there has been no determination as to what charge if any well be filed against mister men's l-letter. >> have you talked too him? >> no. we are letting the detectives do their duee et diligence to make sure all the facts are there and to clear. >> to recap, dallas police have both surveillance video andeo medical records from the alleged assault but have still not interviewed johnny manziel and they hope to jo wrap up their investigation by early this month. browns have indicated they plan to release manzella soon as the calendar allows which would be march a local man trapped inside his burning car facing certainan death. >> i thought to myself i'm notmy
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>> tomorrow on fox eight news at 10, out of nowhere a stranger comes to his rescue. now the victim is certain it wasi an angel who appeared and saved his life.ho the amazing story of a rescue that even first responders can't explain. angels among us, a fox eight news exclusive tomorrow night at 10. e it was a bowling bash for many who might not be able to go g bowling often end and they had a blast. the corner alley uptown park special wish foundation opened their doors early for over 100 wish children and their family who got a free day of bowling. one mom of a special needs child snuck away froms moment to tell us just how special the day wasth for alle of the children. >> it is wonderful to see my kids altogether.
7:40 am
bowling its just it's just amazing. >> many of the children face a million german issues can't which can make it hard to take part in public activities. the alley opened a early and made sureearl the children were in an environment that was safe for them.env special wish currently serves 54 children at the hospital and ronald h mcdonald house. >> so nice to see all of those kids having a goodod time. >> very cool. 7:40 a.m. and still ahead, making history. >> the kidss at st. jude's s children's research hospital are benefiting from your generosity. a look back on this special morning. >> if you are goingo on to steal something you may not want to take too many self exhibits. how police identified their man next. >> but for us to first a live look outside from one of our fox eight roof cam's of the foxy roof. [laughter]
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[l actually and ag will have the full weekend forecast when
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something sad for sidebar sunday but we will have a nice day today so it will be h good. >> very nice. northeast ohio has done it again sold out in nearly 19,000 tickets in the saint jude dream homenn giveaway.. >> someone has a chance to win to and a new house, a car and a hot tub. todd meaney has the recap of the amazing o moment morning.nin >> it was another historic day for saint jude children's children's research hospital.
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ringing. >> that's how itart goes here. we've been doing this for many years and we are happy to be part of this again. 18,888 tickets are up for sale f to win that dreamr home. >> it didn't take long before thousands of tickets were lo sold than were more than halfway to our goal. your generosity made it happen. in the past four years you have helped raise nearly $6 million for st. jude's children's research hospital. located in memphis tennessee te patients and families don't have toami pay for anything during their stay because of people like you. patients like this one was who spent almost five years being treatedst at st. jude's. >> i was telling my grandson we need him to come to these eventsse so he can inspire other people.
7:46 am
pools and spa recently visited the hospital and it's one of spa the reasons he and his companyy donated a hot tub to a lucky viewer. >> it is such a great experience to be part of this. in 90 minutes or so to raise that kind of money to support that church.ofo >> michelle was amazed at what st. jude's has been able to do and what northeast ohio has continually done to help out. >> the excitement in the air here is amazing. i have never seen anything like this before. the people of cleveland are wonderful. >> the phone bank went nonstopo for an hour and a half until the last ticket was purchased. >> are we sold out? we are sold out folks. thank you thank you. and this is what it is all about right here. this personnr has been with us for w ath couple of years.
7:47 am
>> i wanted to say thank you to everybody. >> if you are not able to get a ticket soon you'll be able to. it's a credit to our sponsor support of st. jude's and to your generosity. without all of you we wouldn't have been made able to make this year'se a telethon. >> it means more money to make sure no families pay for anything at st. jude's. thisis is huge for us. >> amazing.azin >> the drawing for the dream home and all the other prizes will take place on june 23rd. if you have questions about your ticket had to and click on seen on tv. >> it is always a good time. >> it is. and our viewers never fail us. the support is just overwhelming.the >> that is why they happen the
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furniture what a great prize. >> fabulous. just great. the whole bit. >> i love it are 18,888. >> nicely done. >> next year maybe we can shoot for 88,888. your chances or decrease the. i don't know much about math. >> that just means people buy more tickets. goodbye warmth it's out of here but we enjoyed highs well into the sixties yesterday. the breeze was by all evidence definitely taking away the nice toasty field but still, record high temperatures set in northeast ohio.. that was worth looking at down
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cleveland up in lancaster. i worked in the columbus market and i went to ohio co state and that's not newark, newark. so you know and rose he also knows. that's where the rain is is what i'm trying to point out. here is a look back home if you have a gander at your webcam and time ga lapse and the son sun is a lot more shielded today by cloud cover upup their and no eyes to to report on lake erie at the least here. west end north is where you would find some here as the snowt this morninghe and it stretches all theand way back to the dakotas and thebac minnesota gathering south rain and even some thunderth this morning pushing through parts of virginia but yes, y
7:50 am
25-degree drop from our temperatures but still low forties today abovee normal 39 degrees is the average high. the next system comes out tuesday night and s wednesday and could mean business. this is something to watch for your travelis plans. especially overnight wednesday into thursday. the winds that wind will definitely begin to ramp up and our rain snow mix will change to all snow it looks like as we end february cold and snowy. we are back in the low thirties and upper twenties with a chance for some lake effect snow as we head into next weekend but i want to point out three weekendst thr fromee weeke today we will be setting the clocks ahead one hour and then the next a week will be the first day of spring, march 20 at the bernal equinox arrives at 12:30 a.m. so almost a full day of spring.
7:51 am
at our temperatures into the mid-d- sixties from a nice window here between about one in the afternoon all the way through four and there you see the slide is the front front moves to the south. partly to mostly cloudy today,ay 43, much cooler and a seasonal 26 the overnight low tonight. tomorrow in the mid- thirties and back into the forties on tuesday ahead of the nextthe weather system and that panhandle hook forming over theve panhandle of texas and you see that spinn up as we approach tuesday then head into the ohio valley almost follows thehe mississippi river. let's put them all together and we will show you one more time what happensill sh here. close to 50 with rain to start wednesday than wind andrain snow and by thursday the whole thing will be winding down. he highs in the twenties by monday. it was nice to have a
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and went to thebreak playground. >> did?id? >> yes. >> just to get outside and walk around. >> enjoys. >> we need that. i am curious to see at the endd of the season how many recordsor we broke over the course of the season you know what i mean?he there's been a lot. >> good suggestion for some research and i will put scott save a lot of. >> amm sure he will appreciateate that. >> he is our researcher.he he is phenomenal. check out his blog. he's always got good stuff on it.'s a bus full of students has a terrifying encounter with a speeding train. take a look at this video out out of houston showing a sh speeding train barely missing the school bus. you can see the train passing buys by inches from the rear of theb bus. the driver reportedly pulled across the tracks and barelyepor made it through before the train passed by. >> we were all screaming and
7:53 am
reallyvery terrified. >> i can imagine. the score released a statement school a released a statement saying the driver was let go for notyi following proper procedure. in california a few days after a candle kendall was stolen from a car the owner noticed a new photos of a man and a women who that will were automatically uploaded to the cloud. the woman had an #-number-sign on her for head indicating to #- police that the photos were taken after theh theft which happened before ash wednesday. the man who said he stole the kindle turned himself in after the photos werene released byby police. the woman is the suspect's mother and had nothing to do is with the theft fact. >> really have to th like a dumb crook right? >> police have to like them to get makes life a lot to simpler. 7:53 a.m. he. >> still ahead it is the stuff that memories are madeti of.
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her brother that brought two
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will come back. his story will certainly leave you with a big smile on yourn face. >> a little girl should get the sister of lit the year award for her gift to her brother.the >> i paid for it. [laughter]i you crying? because i am. [laughter] >> after the little girl got a hamster for her pet her brother decided he wanted one too so he started doing chores to pay for
7:58 am
she used her $55 and birthday money to surprise her her brother with his new pet. [laughter]l >> i love it. >> very cute. >> it's so sweet. >> sometimes a big sister will taunt i've got x hamster you a hamster you didn't. >> so selfless. very selfless. >> andss nice kid. ni we have a lot more. >> i need to compose myself
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