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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we met this morning a teenager is dead after a s what police say led to that shooting. two brothers are found dead inside an apartment building and the searches on search is on for theiri killer. the firefighter remembered family and friends gathered to remember her memory. we are watching as temperatures soar> today debuted not to record levels, but you will like what you see. foxy he was in the morning starts now.e wa it is.
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february 28,. >> temperatures are soaring. so >> temperatures are soaring. >> i like that. it takes a minute to think in but what a difference between yesterday morning and this morning. twenty-four hours. >> we hadfou all the great skies it looks blue and by the time you get out there and do wonderful things. >> it feels like it is on the way. >> of course, aj is soaring. >> do great things. >> splendid wonderful things. >> that sounds like a great way to spend the day. anything legal is fine. >> that'san right. >> another great day in cleveland. temperatures will be warmer butu a wind advisory kicks off at 11:00 a.m. and this time of year when you have temperatures
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count on gusty wind. the wind advisory starts at it goes until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and 10:00 o'clock tonight for western and southern0 counties and that the somethingso about which some folks will be concerned but checking the current wind it's still gusty out there but nothing compareded to what we expect later. winds south at 17 miles per hour. bright sunshine today and noontime temperatures 55 degrees that's a good 5 degrees warmer than what we thought we would feel today. th that is good news. mostly cloudy at nine. here is our beautiful sunrisese this morning and we continue to seee
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cam 41 one hopkins airport's 37 akron canton entities temperatures are not too tough toca take for late february. forty at february the larry of 40 seven and around the states you can see the mild start. a little bit of wind chill out therehil in the twenties but other than that here is our quiet weather scene and some assembling out through the dakotas and we will bring in thehr chances for some rain showers later this evening and the forecast as we get into the much month of march coming uping shortly. >> hard to believe. we begin with breaking news from east cleveland. >> one man is dead after of one of all places a birthday party. >> they respond please respond toy the 1400 block of euclid avenue and found an 18 -year-old
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ems took him to the hospital where he later died. we are tracking this story and we'll bring you updates as they become available. date this morning canton police are investigating a mysterious double murder. >> someone shot and killed two brothers inside an apartment early this morning. brittney harris has the latest in the investigation.. >> nine 911 what is your emergency? >> hi i'm in the house andou someone came down here shooting. sh >> two brothers are dead after an early-morning shooting at washington townhome up home apartments home apartments in canton sometime too around 6:00 a.m. 6: saturday.0 several people called 911 to report what they c saw. >> i saw a person run across in the parking lots that i p didn't see.. >> did you see somebody with the gun? >> yes and they were just
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>> police are not releasing many details any details at this time but the victims have been identified as christopher trent was 40 years old, and alan chris hemsworth was 41 years old. their families rushed to the scene f once they heard the news and fair in complete shock. >> were just in shock. i've never felt the pain that other people felt until now. >> gabrielle's christopher's ex-wife and she says says the men did not live at this apartment sayn l complex. she is not sure why they were here. >> right now that news hasn't come upi but i know eventually it will all comeo out why they were here. >> she hopes whoever did this is caught and soon. >> there out there right now. we don't know why and hopefully
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that's thi unknown. >> and emotional vigil for canton firefighter killed while trying to cross air busy out. >> it is still hard to believe tonya johnson is goner and alison brown tells us there are still so many unanswered th questions about why this tragedy happened. >> she just loved each and everybody. >> so full of life and heart, a loving mother. >> i'm lost man. i got my mother no more. >> 43 -year-old tonya johnson who touched so many people remembered here outside of her canton home saturday night.tsid >> she always tried to make things possible, what we think ishings impossible to get sorrow and
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loss of this mother of three, a canton firefighter and paramedic. >> lord watch fihter over her family, her sons and her ov guardians. >> she was driving along route aide with her new husband butbut after an argument got out of the suv she was then and crossed lanes of traffic.f she was hit by a pickup truck, instantly killed according to authorities. >> i didn't believe it from the beginning. i know there is some questions. qu we have questions that are yeta to be answered.t i don't believe anything i have heard. i know my sister. i know her character. c thereh was something going on in thatome car that is unknown at this time.. >> youti is our angel and we will make sure that your legacy will live on forever. >> funeral arrangements have been scheduled for monday inn north canton>> f for at the first christian church. no doubt it will be emotionalmot for so many people when who knew
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meanwhile some when hearsthe to the city's controversial dear:: the program. >> frustrated residents gathered outside city hall yesterday afternoon to sende ci a message, me they say to city leaders. they sat say the practice of bolting and.. >> r bruce first goal is to stop this brutal method. the piece sb aspca humane director has been on recordecor saying this is the most inhumane and brutal method of killing deer and secondly it is cost prohibitive. >> the city's deer management program has been in effect since february 1st. donald trump coming backck he will be in columbus on super tuesday while voters in texas, virginia ten other states are castingng ballots..b he will be speaking at a rally.
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momentum after wins in new hampshire, south carolina and nevadada and friday's unexpected un endorsement from new jersey's governormen chris christie. you can findch more about tuesday's rally at speaking of endorsements, truck picked up another big one this weekend former arizona governor jan brewer. illegal immigration is a big issuee on the campaign trail and she secured us approves of his h plan to secure our southern border against mexico. >> john kasich has already also picked up an endorsement from former us attorney generalne alberto gonzales who threw his support behind kasich. he was attorney general under george bush and is now dean of belmont law school. he says well kasich is trailingli in the polls he leads the race
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seven oh 9:00 a.m. and still:00 ahead. >> what is next for super tuesday. two people stab stab at a violent crash of the ku klux klan rally and weolen will tell you what led to the violence. do youvi have a penny? now you can afford something at jcpenney where the deals are rolling in. wher we will let you know exactly howxac they work. >> first here is a look at one of our fox eight roof cam's. it sure looks good but you can see the sun starting to comed up with what aj says will be a day flirting with fifties. it should be nice outside and we
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welcome back at 713. hillary clinton is celebrating another big primary win. >> our correspondent has the latest from south carolina and what is next as we approach
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>> thank you so much south carolina. u the get all polls had hillary clinton projected to do very well incnt the palmetto state it is welcome news to her campaign after losing this primary to barack obama in 2008. >> when we stand together there th is no barrier to big to break and tomorrow this campaign goes national. >> the clinton campaign is looking to harness thissn momentum that started with her win in the nevada caucuses last saturday. sa senator bernie sanders did noto hold any rallies in south carolinay today, focusing instead on key states ahead of super tuesday. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friend friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas. t [cheering] >> on the republican side, jabs from all camps are turning down d right nasty as donald trump holdmp solidly on to onto his lead and
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for second place. >>'s not even a spray tan it's up perhaps the worst i've ever seen. this isve a guy who can afford to get whatever spread and he wants and he is a forwardr s forward-looking a guy who can afford tong sue whoever did that to his face. >> have never seen any human being sweats like this guy. thank god he has the largest years i've ever seen because they were protecting him. >> the campaign focused onon individual states. super tuesday is three days from now and this campaign truly goes national.ampaig three people are stab stabbed during a violent crash at a clash at a clue ku klux klan rally in california on saturday. there were part of a groupa protesting the kkk. witnesses say as soon as the clan members arrived at the park protesters confronted them and it almost immediately one person told to the ground bleeding bleeding.on
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flagpole to defend himself. twofen other people were also stabbed in separate incidents.s the former girlfriend of a man who went on a shooting spree in kansas isg facing federal charges. prosecutors say cedric sarah hopkins gave cedric ford the guns he used to kill people. hopkins is now charged with knowingly transferring a firearm tos a convicted felon. police say she knew about ford's criminal record when she gave him the rifle wh and the handgun. the fbi says cyber hackers broke into university of california berkeley's computer system. this exposed the financial data of more than 80,000 current students alumni and former employees.s.tu they say there is no information that the data has been used for crimes but the university is been warning potential victims. star wars may be introducing gay characters.
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episode eight could boldly go g where no one has gone before. they say abrams says his edition inclusivity so don't be surprisedd if he puts to men or two women together in future installments ofh the film franchise. wars is exploring the possibilitiesars soak seems extremely narrowminded to sayay they would not be a homosexual character in that world but he hints. we will have to wait and see one star wars episode eight hits theaters in december 2017. jcpenney's living up to its nameing with its newest campaign. they will start offering certain items in its private labellabe collection for only 1 cent. the penny days promotion kicks off penny days promotion kicks off today and will offer customersdayksp and arizona brand adamant second at full price and a second item for 1 penny. the campaign goes all year.
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out of the hole it found he itself in after former ceo ron johnson's abysmal attempt a few years back now.n >> i've got a penny you've got ae g penny out of three pennies wepen can get three things. >> weekend. ge we are in the money. >> like mister miyagi's belt he says was $3.98 at jcpenney's if i you remember that in karate kid. >> is that what he said? [laughter] >> jcpenney 319 is how he said it. >> that's what he said. >> and if he had another penny he could've gone in and got another belt.her >> the wheels are falling offli already. a penny for your thoughtshts perhaps? your weather thoughts. >> that is actually pretty weath generous considering my thoughts on any situation. >> ono. >> but what a nice day today if you can deal with the wind. the winds will be nutty. >> al little nutty. >> l a little wacky.wa >> like good for kite flying ori
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>> you have to put on your coat. try. >> you might just take off. >> the kids especially. >> the kids will take off.e >> lets first of all have a look at what is going on currently. this . is a look from outer space and we are finding a few clouds floating over the lakefin currently good currently. nothing going on across thes state and no precipitation of note. a wind advisory kicks off at 11:00 a.m. and goes until u 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the rest of the county's till 10:00 o'clockckthe wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and not out of the court are not out ofut o the question
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today. the advertised 67 i don't think we will hit that today. i 9:00 p.m. that's what it looks like. the rain holds off the western arease before midnight then intoo the overnight hours we are expecting bad dream to come in. 30.1 inches of snow below where we usually are by this time of year, and that would be 51.7 inches. nowhere close. so far we have so far we . have 21.65 inches of snow. fifty-four yesterday was today's high but we cranked it up to 59. windy, very mild. sunshine.e. clouds assemble very late this evening for most of us. 41 degrees right now and that is
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37 in akron canton 36 was 231 in mansfield and look at these wind is already coming in.and modesto 37 miles an hour out of the south of cleveland and a a little more southwest southwest in akron canton sout currently at 12 miles per c hour. cloudy, windy with some rain possible tonight that could endld as a little. period of wet snow by tomorrow morning.g. most of us will see rain showers..s wind south becoming west at 20 to 25, and gusts may be over 20 to 25 miles per hour. i'll gusts may be 40 to 45 miles per hour. tomorrow blustery cooler showerr s possible and may be mixed with snow early on but that will be a quick shot.r another such system comes in on tuesday with another rain and snow mixed and that snow mix and that should end as a periodi of rain and snow snow mix
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forties to thee twenties and we stand the twenties for the first few day of my days of march then m starta a little recovery for the weekend. partly cloudy with highs near forties. >> as we said march is a as opposed to come in like a lion. >> quite a roller coaster for the month usually. >> always. >> wely. are up and down. >> the manic month of march. >> it always is. >> the three m's.hre >> and it is a tongue twister. >> to boot. 7:22 a.m. and still ahead, pj has a look at sports and there may be a new leader in the quarterback sweepstakes after the nfl combine. >> and calvess there may bea n out of toronto after a rush rough finish north
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how to do good sunday
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cavaliers were proud to be glad to be out of toronto. they could use the a change of scenery. could they lost both games that the season including friday night's game. toronto won the season series two /to one. they would hold the tiebreaker t of these two teams finishing the season tied. that is why saturday night's loss is tough to swallow. >> we would be so caught up in the physical side of things wef just lacked momentum right now and we've got to continue to get better momentum. >> calves were hoping to land joe m> johnson and mcrae's secular side 10 drake m on contact they broke the single-game scoring recordngl with 61 points in january. he is currently playing with the
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joe johnson meanwhile be taking hisns talents to south beach's that's who the guys are hoping to sign up after he negotiated a contract style with mets. four assists for brooklyn this thi season. all eyes on and on indianapolis on saturday> afternoon as a college quarterbacks ran through and tried to process ran the the nfl combine. carson went out of north dakota state's draft status continues state draft status continues to climb.t he was tied for second among all quarterbacks at the event and many believe he is the front running quarterback right ta now heading into the draft. and the quarterback out of towel held its owna throwing saturday afternoon and threw the ball with ease no matter where the target was. he ran a 48240 and did ta nothing
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day especially on saturday. he threw the ball a good velocity but his lack of experience showed up with some of his footwork.ow he did a 40-yard dash in four.86 seconds. and jones is suffered a right hamstring injury whiles s running a -- attempt. he did not participate in any of the other drills following the injury.cipapa indians are having a bit of an abbott and costello moment except for asking their asking who's in the outfield instead of who is who's up first. abraham al ponte has been suspended 80e games. they likely will be out without the services of michael bradley to start the season as he recovers from shoulder and the starting's rotation ready to carry the roles.
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the league right now i think and guys that can go the distance, guys who throwat c strikes you can't find that. you might have one won maybe to one maybe two it staff notve three or the possibility of 45 andnd six. >> castle tied with their one game losing streak when they out of the waytrea when they take on the wizard wizards later today. we are out of sports time. have a great sunday. 7:29 a.m. and still ahead, it is and i teams special investigation. >> i team reporter at galek investigates the delay push to get justice for the nathan. the auto show has not run out of gas yet. a look at millionaires row. we can dream right? >> i will take to.wean and fox city guys versus fox eight cows. who will reign supreme? box aid in northern hot ohio honda dealers want to know who
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chance to lead inar g the 2016 honda crv download the app and cast your vote to win. you can win even if you already own the app.
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it's the bottom of the hour.>>i isn't it nice to see the seven thirtyish sunrise?to you still have the glow of pink. >>e g are those shadows i see? is that fun? >> it is son and those are in fact s shadows and a screeching >> orng something. it could be a buzzard ord o anything flying over. >> the buzzards aree coming. now. >>ovt they've got hinkley on the radar.i >> it's coming up soon so that is a sign off> i spring. >> it is a sign of spring and a really delicious pancake breakfast down here inn hinkley. >> they've got pancakes all day long to get all we havet to do is mention it and they've got
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>> i know ajo has been thinking > always. >> sunshine birds of prey what more could anyone ask? >> be careful out there. it's a danger. the gear good. >> thanks for checking it out guys. i appreciate that. first ofof all our temperature from yesterday. we made it into the mid- forties, 46 degrees, above a average by five.y a record 47 67 and minus nine just last year we had a record low temperature. what a difference.. 30.1 inch deficit in the snow department for thech month. that is almost half the snow for the entire season just this month..t we pick up three more minutes ofmi
7:35 am
oh 3:00 a.m. and setting u at 6:18 p.m. there is a little wind chill out herei and it feels like 36. look at the warmer temperatures out of the west west.e when we look at the 24 hour temperature change it is 27 degrees warmer at kansas city. we are a dozen degrees warmer right now then we were yesterday at this time. we w you can see this showers moving out that system number one overnight tonight and earlyn flakes. a second system is coming at us for tuesday but thesem wind made gusts to 50 miles per cost to 50 miles per hour and 11:00 a.m. we start our wind advisory. sunsets around 60 and mister god it will be down there in akron
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early this afternoon. check it out early if you can. no excuses. it's a great day to be out and about. it's a fox eight eyed himed exclusive, a local family hasi been waiting forly justice for years after the death of their child. >> that weight is likely toy continue. at galek investigates thet delayed push to get justice for nathan. >> they're pumping at him there pumping at him doing whatever they could to get him totomp breathe and he just that lifeless. >> said baby please wakeup. >> a seven -year-old child with autism pond gone soyear quickly, but now an one endless fight for justice. five and a half years died in a pool here attending a summer program in austin town. the family filed a lawsuit butut the eye team has found the case
7:37 am
even though there has been no trial yet even though theg attorney prepared for the case. >> what do you meet i said what do you mean he wase in the poor? >> deliberate disregard of safety staff members had been warned me repeatedly and said austinan would take off on his own. >> here his we have someone on a daily basis with calls repeatedlyyd made to the superintendent camp director and they said nothing was done. ca >> arguments over people and agencies asked to be taken off the case but look theaske last quarter entry last june. judges there have been swamped with lawsuits who were willing
7:38 am
>> my heart broken. >> so a family waits. but family waits. but their attorney . says the push to get justice for nathan. >> if i could see him one more time i would tell him i love him. >> ed, thank you. in florida and attorney defending someone else in the suit also declined to comment.e s the. police are searching for two suspects wanted for murder in a downtown hotels. take a good look at the pictures that pop up on the screen. these are surveillance photos taken as a suspect popped up shortly before joshua masco was killed. anyone who recognizes him as the
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a medina's mom at medina me man whose infant daughter was found dead in her crib facese several charges including abuse ofh the court and tampering with evidence in the deathmp of his 21 -month-old daughter amber. he pled not guilty by reason of insanity, but experts say he is competent to stand trial. it was a night for a lot of folks to lift their voices. >> they certainly did that of the forest till church inch cleveland in cleveland heights rather.urur >> tonight was a convergence of many co faith communities and is hillll member he thinks it is an
7:40 am
people. >> across town people dressed to the nines for one of the biggest parties of the year. >> i would like to see those folks and those nines. >> there always that the 20 month annual event and as you can see everyone gets dressed to impress.y more than a thousand people slipped into their t best ballroom gowns and b black-tie to enjoy an evening of fun music and plenty of fun. international cleveland on her show is underway at the i havecle center the auto shows a family
7:41 am
attractions as millionaires row. if you miss it this weekend the
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>> the director and the crime they're not what you hear the th noise there. >>o we we're used to it. i was so used to that sound
7:43 am
i'm so excited for christie. ch i can't wait to find out. >> we will find out. 7:42 a.m. and still ahead, lucky to be alive. >> ofy next find out who one woman in texas thanks for saving her life.xas he went to great lengths not to have to he's going to get a heavy fine. >> but first let's take anotherer live look outside on this beautiful sundayay morning. just how warm will it get today. we will have a full check of the
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riding down the front roads
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little sky. >> a pretty pretty nice view.e it's almost clear right? >> is unless you've got really goodunl eyesight. that. this is a premier flight academycad down there but check that out. is. you can see those high-levelat clouds adding enough texture to the sky for a beautiful sunrise this morning.hes that is just grand. meanwhile let's have a look at our three-dimensional flightli flying out of the clouds here and some of those are spillinge in a little fringe of cloud cover there.sttl most of the buckeye state state
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next weather system is going to beste coming at us from the dakotase d and western minnesota. we will highlight that area andt ar it will march our way. it won't hit ohio until late tonight. overnight there's a better chance for some rain showers and on the backside of bad weather system there could be some gusts as well but feeling like spring for sure.but very windy gusts of 40 might be conservative.usts we could be close to 50-mile per hour wind gusts and the wind to gusts picks out at 1119. we may want to batten down the hatches. i don't know what that means. what is a bat?on't k >> is when you have bad weather. >> so it is a maritime mariner situation. >> doesn't it sound like one of those old things.
7:49 am
chiming in on that. >> i did nothing but you're welcome.. >> will you shook your headw yes so you contribute. [laughter] thank you very much and alicia actually chimed in also quickly mixing with snow it looks al like as this system to parts and it will exit pretty quickly monday morning.will e the midweek storm is something to keep an st eye on.. we will obviously be tracking it starting tuesday we could have a wintrys mix and it will wrap up with lake effect snow on wednesday. could be some snow effect. forty-one at hopkins 47 akron canton ashtabula's 37 and factoring in the wind winds they are a factor wind they are a factor this morning. wi it feels like twenties out there akron canton and worcester this morning.
7:50 am
60 very mild sunshine and then clouds. these clouds will precipitate upon us it looks like with a chance of some rain showers afterof midnight. could mix with a little less snow in thec morning when does a gusty and otherwise tomorrow we're looking at a blustery day, cooler, a showery wintry mix possible. a sh this is our first weather system. a break in the action withe our next weather system coming at us tuesday and there could be some snow with this.ld temperature wise mid forties monday tuesday we are going with we're going with mid forties as well.esdayin there is our rain and snow mix as temperatures drop. mid twenties wednesday we will scratch and claw her way up to around s 30 not bad for that first couple of the first couple of
7:51 am
mid twenties thursday, friday and we put onthur 10 degrees and sunday's high around 40 with a little winter wintry mix there that is a pair that is a ways off.ntee computer models some are saying it will be dry nextr mode sunday. >> i want to believe the dry model. that is what i'm thinking. >> me too. sometimes it pays to be pessimistic and if it turns out better people are glad. >> no one is going to complain. no one is going to say aj callsa for 10 inches of rain. >> it should be a typical forecast foror me. a woman confined to a wheelchair so lucky to be alive this morning. >> she was trapped inside a burning building until her son risked his life to saveburning her. >> has at no group in the houses and house isn't on fire and he
7:52 am
his an shoulder. >> giulia egan said she smelledd smoke but didn't realize her home was on fire until her son ruben came down to save her. the red cross is now providing shelter for the family. is snake hunters snake hunters caught more than 100 pythons. wildlife officials start of the same state sanctioned in 2013 as part of the plan to stop the invasive burmese pythons which are taking over the everglades. within six more than 600 hunters spent january trapping and hunting those snakes including one thatose measured nearly 16 feet long.meas the winning team caught 43 pythons and took home. look what happened when this man try to get a tried to get a free ride on the subway.okwho ge
7:53 am
rolling this intoxicated man tried and failed th miserably. he eventually crawled under the bars transit police were waiting for the $300 fine all because he didn't want to0 f pay the $2.25 they are. >> the thing2 is he5 said when he did that inhe s philly you heard they have that right over the platform whenave people do that kind p of thing. >> they push a button. >> then they give you a $300 fine for being cheap. 7:53 a.m. and still ahead you mayand know him as a star on the walking as dead. >> yesterday he was really live livening up our morning show and did something very cool.p o we will let you know how he managed to make the day of a
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you may remember yesterday and the man from the walking dead on our show an but when our studio lights went off he kind of hung around. >> he did. >> how are you doing their? >> i'm from the walking dead. have a good one. say hi to kenny. goodbye.say >> that is of course michael rooker saying hello to fox foxy viewer 19 -year-old kenny otto who has muscular dystrophy and is a huge walking dead fan. d brooker here is of course to present was a wizard world cleveland comicon and you can check out all the fun at com the cleveland convention center. thatco wraps up today. he took u the phone and he took
7:58 am
photo of theour studio. >> and he kind of hung out with the crew afterwards. >> he did ande cr he was very sweet. we've got a lot coming up in got the next hour.
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