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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  February 28, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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hello. >> were both so happy because it isis sunny. >> we are so excited. happy are sunday. >> happy sunday to you and happy sunday to everybody out there it's 8:00 o'clock and sunny skies and we are all giddy and hear. >> wean are giddy. i don't know why. there is no good reason to be giddy because we were all dragging this morning when we came in. >> the sun changes everything.thi >> doesn't it make a difference? >> it does just like aj makes a into >> thank you.han >> he is our own personal sunshine.hin >> have got to tell you, we were talking we about battening down the hatches and what does that mean.out i got a tweet from johnny cleveland who says it originated in the navy preparing for storms
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strips of wood called battens and that was in the late 18 hundreds geek it sounds better than move theund tarp over there jimmy. >>ere i asked john if he just made that up but he hasn't responded yet. >> it sounds to details to be made. up. up >> i think he used over 140 characters on that one. i appreciate that.ia >> we will be battening down the hatches as the wind crank wind cranks up.cs here's a view from our front airport down at the premier flight academy you can see these clouds that aree very thin and decorative those high level cirrus clouds, serous stratus they are making anloud appearance and coloring our sunrise this morning.a 42 is the current temperature. thath is a really mild start. akron canton there is some windchill out of the southwest
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the gusts. d sustained wind by 1:00 a.m.a.m tomorrow the wind coming in out of the west and northwest stretch overest the lake and by the afternoon on monday they switched switch to more of a southwests batch and by the evening on monday out of the north so these winds will bewill coming around the dial quite a bit with a little bit of action in terms of rain and snow out there in the of dakotas and western minnesota.
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two brothers are dead after an early-morning shootingng in canton. police say it happened around 6:00 a.m. saturday. several people called 911 to report what they saw. >> i seem got i heard gunshotss and i seen a person run across the parking s lot but i didn't seee where he went. >> did you say see somebody with the gun? yes we see them all the times in these shootings. >> police are not releasing many details but the victims have h been identified as 40 -year-old christopher trant and 41d 4 -year-old alan trend. the family rushed to the scene once they got the news. they say they are in complete shock. >> right now we're still in shock..s i never thought it would happen. i never felt the pain that other people
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>> gabrielle is christopher's ex-wife.ri she said the men did not live at this apartment complex and she is not sure why they are heat he were here.s not they also hope whoever did this is caught and soon. >> they are still out there and why we don't know but hopefully they are caught up with and this crime is not just one that is unknownisot right. and emotional vigil for canton firefighter killed while trying to cross routee eight. >> family and friends say it'ss hard to believe latonya johnson is gone and there are still so many unanswered questions about why this tragedyans happened. >> she loved each and everybody just like we love her.
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loving mother. >> i am i'm lost man. kazan got my mom here no more to give me guidance. >> 43 -year-old tonya johnson who touched so many people here outside of her home saturday night. >> she always tried tor ho make it seem possible what we think is impossible. >> much sorrow and confusion whennd it comes to the loss of this mother and of three, a canton firefighter and paramedic >> authorities say on mondaymo johnson was driving along route aide with her husband but after she got out of the suv she wasu in and crossed lanes of traffic she was hit by a pickup truck, tr instantly killed, according to authorities. >> i didn't believeding it from the beginning. there is some questions that weth have that have yet to be answered.atat
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i know myi'v sister, i know her character.e there was something going on in that car that is was unknown to us is unknown to us at this time >> you are our angel. >> funeral arrangements have been scheduled for> monday in north canton at the first christian church. no doubt church. no doubt it will be emotional for so many people who knew her and loved her dearly. plus rhett frustrated residents gathered outside city hall and lyndhurst wednesday afternoon think in lyndhurst wednesday afternoon saying their trust habit hh of trapping and bolting gear is inhumane and they want the city to consider other options. >> our first goal is to stop this brutal metal.
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on record ofhum saying that this is the most inhumane and brutal method of killing deer and secondly, it is cost prohibitive trump will be speaking at a rally at the port columbus international airport. th his campaign is's ride riding a wave of momentum at after wins in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada and friday's unexpected endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie. you can c find more at across town people dressed to thee nines for one of theof biggest parties of the year. the 25th annual event the biggest fundraiser for a the white
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everyone is dressed to impress. to enjoy the evening of food, fun and plenty of dancing. the cleveland international auto show is underway at the i have sent center. thousands of folks toward the general motors and jeep displaysp this weekend all to have a little bit of fun. they show this is a family-friendly event with plenty to see and even some classic cars. millionaires row features everything from rolls-royce is to lamborghinis. if you missed it this weekend, the good news is the auto show runs all the t way through next sunday so go look at those cars that you -- lyo >> go look and dream. >> or buy something. they like that. 18 at 8:10 a.m. and still
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t does. >> he found a 5-foot tall inaudible. we will let you know why wh you may be hearing morgan freeman sang take a he u-turn and a how he may be helping you get to your destination. >> first, let's take a look l outside. look at those beautiful blue skies. >> i love it. >> it might be a perfect day to get outdoors and enjoy if you cannj put up with the wind. aj will have more after the
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what a lovely shot. some high-level clouds out there in the sky this morning.leve nothing going out on storm fox. we will widen talks. we will widen the view and it's a in canada. more rain and snow out there in the dakotas that will eventually be in ourta neck of the woods. 45 degrees. we will add 10 degrees to thath by noon time at least. and if the wind chill you can grab a light wi jacket or maybe not so light on your way out the door but you should be able to shed it as the afternoon wears
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41 in brunswick, barberton 38 home of the magics. is anyone here a magician magician? no.. nyone 39 in willoughby, 46 at north olmsted 41y, 4 so we will top out close to 60 today. the record high as 67 degrees.. probably won't tie that or break it for that matter. wendy and mild. the wind's will be gusting 40 miles or more out of the wi south sea may want to think about a little too to pay glue or get ready to fasten down all those small foreign cars. thirty-two at hopkins 39 akron canton 40 down and over new philly.t mid forties denied a chance chance for rain than a little smell snow after that. t
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south south and west. we are expecting gusts to be around 45 is the front blows through to smile. blustery and clear. maybe some snow shower activity especially in the morning and westy wind is become southwest at 20 and we are expecting the gusts to calm down come down a littlee e bit. this system is bringing in some shower chances b overnight and it could be bringing in some periods of wet snow. the second system is a little bit more we think there could be some snowe mixed with this initially some rain t and snow mix otherwise wins winds sn aloft and we aree starting to see signs that that cold stuff hangs around the enden of the week for a couple of days..of andre's a look at the eight day outlook. highs in the twenties for thursday and friday.y.h lake effect snow possible as we
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aroundrc 40 with the morning morning lows in thewi teams. a missouri jury has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $72 million this week in damages in a lawsuit over talcum powder. the suit brought by a woman who wh died of ovarian cancer claiming that was brought it was broughtian c ont wa by their company's product. they said johnson & johnson was aware of but neglected the dangers of the talcum powder. these are the first awarded damages over similar claims. johnson & johnson's released a statement saying that stands by the safety of its talcum the family makes a big discovery and neighborhood of massive hornets nest inside a vacant o trailer know and used it for 10 years of the insects had a lot of time to build. k i the owner plans to bring in anri
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5-foot tall hornets nest. >> that's a good idea. an expert is a good idea. sam son has unveiled its first ever virtual reality device. the tech company showed off the new galaxy sh seven edge and the 360 camera. reality t images and transfer themm to a samsung phone for editing and the finished product can be viewed with a special headset. he the gear 360 will go on sale later this year. go no word yet on the price.pric ceo mark zuckerberg medrg surprise appearance at samsung's mobile world congress press conference too support to promote facebook's new partnership with the company. they're looking for waysbowi to do
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a big surprise. one family was stunned when their newborn came into the world weighing 14 pounds. her name is olivia and she was delivered by c-section due to the unexpected size in the newborn the family has found it difficult finding clothing that fits and that as c a whole lot of bolivia. olivia. >> good for them.. he has been everything from the voice ofof god to the voice of your gps now? morgan freeman is well-known for well known for narrating movies buttm now he can narrate your commute. he is the newest voice option on the wave navigation newe map so the oscar awardso winner can guide you tor work, home or even to your local theater. >> after a while i would get mad at morgan i freeman. >> i would just type in places that i'm ty not even hearing just so i could hear his voice. ev >> he is so incredible.
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long. cul >> turnaround. [laughter]aug >> i can do it.. >> i can't either. >> no one can. >> except for morgan. >> bats rides. still to come, miracle on the course.rse. >> up next we will show you the shot to end all shots and you
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welcome back.we march madness alwayslc and the song one shining moment but that moment came early for a local basketball high school came player. >> jennifer jordan reports he sank a miracle shot of his class was winding down on the team s season.on >> it is a movie in the film really a young man facing great obstacles has dreams o of playing football at the university of notre dame.e in his senior year and the final playyea of the game he sacks theth offending quarterback to win the game.fend
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night inside rocky river's gymnasium.stiid and different sport but different sport but same emotional excitement. dirt in the final seconds of the last varsity game of theof season a packed gym witness the shot of a lifetime made by senior daily clinic not a player but thebu team's manager. ma he tried out for jv basketball his freshman year but despite not making the team he was still to stilted or determined to be ai part of the organization. >> it th was going to be a great experience for me to hang out with some friends of mine and have some team bonding. >>ve so in the four years he served as team manager, he never missed ahe practice and never missed a game. friday night's dedication paid off. de the coach made a promise to let bailey suit uppr on friday night never imagining the impact he would have on so th many. >> it was a great moment for ourfor school and community and for our
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they felt that togetherness and for him to be out thereelt i felt it was very appropriate for himhim to be out there with his team. >> he hit that miracle three-pointer and the final three seconds, the tired entireent gym exulting and his team cheering himim on. >> we will never forget thatat moment for the rest of our lives.s. >> a dream fulfilled for a team manager who finally became an official team player. >> excited, loved. everyone from the school lovede it. >> .-dot fantastic.n >> didn't miss all during the story. every shot he made, he made it. 8:27 a.m. and still ahead, it might technically still be winter, but many are thinking about flea m season. >> it could be a bad year but thee>> good news is the doctors in the house this morning to let us
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its back.
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outside.and >> it looks pretty nice outside. get outside but aj says. you might take off. it could carry youryo weight. >> welcome back everyone and of course, aj will have all the answers. >> he does have all the answers.all i have a whole list of are really high once s again. >> more about the hatches. >> don't get carried away. have you guys noticed a little bit more bird chirping going on >> yes. >> either that or it's justs extra noises in my head but i'mm pretty sure.sur >> it could be either way. >> maybe there's something we don't know but th anyway, the sun is out and a few decorative
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out just a tiny windchill but that won't last as temperatures are moving storm fox all dry this morning. let's check on windows windsind which will also be a big story todayy starting with sustained winds close to 15 and some wind gusts 23 at hopkins gusting to 22 at the lakefront. crib cam courtesy of the city of cleveland showing our gorgeous sunrise this morning. sho somewhat bumpy lake erie no surprise. b 42 at hopkins, 39 akron canton pretty mild all around the state. these temperatures are already above the average high temperature for this date. on the climb. from outer space it's kind of tough to find. off to the west is where we find our next system coming out of the dakotas and heading southeast.t s ou this is how the system spreads the rain and later on tonight. the
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stays on target and the wind behaved themselves as we always hope they do and the next system comes at us as we get into otherwise,. windy, mild temperatures flirting with 60 at 9:00 o'clock.tempera still in the low fifties so it should be quite a fine day in cleveland with the only th wind.w >> you can hear them. >> you can hear them already. fox eight id. exclusive, a local family has been waiting for years for justice after theer death of their child. >> that weight is likely to continue.e. >> at galek investigates the delayed push to get justice for nathan.inaye >> they're pumping at there pumping at him doing whatever they puere could to get him to breathe
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said nathan please wakeup. >> a seven -year-old child with autism gone soev quickly but now an endless fight for justice. five and a half years ago nathan drowned in thef pool here attending a summer program at the leonard perks school in austin town. summ the family found filed a lawsuit but i team found the case temporarily stalled in court even though there has been no trial yet. nathan's parents spoke through video their attorney prepared fort the case in. >> when you send a child to school, you expect them to come home. >> i said what do you mean he was in w the pool? >> a deliberate disregard of safety. >> hisf attorney the family's attorney said nathan drowned because the lock onn this pool had been broken for years plus the pool had a safety cover but no one put itt on and he says staff members had been report warned repeatedly nathan would often take off on his w own. >> here we have someone on a
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the camp director but nothing was done. >> vi team found the case on hold due to appeals before the trial. but look o last court entry last june. the administrator for the above mahoning county court of appeals says judges there have beenuy swamped. >> my heart is broken. >> so a family > waits, but their t attorney says the push to get justice for nathan won't and. >> there has not been accountability to date, but ultimately these agencies andg these employees are going to have to face aenen jury. >> if i could see him one more time, i would tell him that i lovewo him. >> the mahoning county board of developmental disabilities could not comment on the case and an attorney defending someone else in the suit also declined to def
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two people are dead after a car accident last night just outside of akron. l the state highway patrol saysl the car went off the road and hit a tree. the victims are alec letterman from wadsworth and 19 north kellie schmitt from copley. that crash is under investigation but authorities say speed was a police are searching for two suspects wanted for murder at a downtown hotel. wa look at these surveillancec photos that were taken as the suspect and entered the university hotel is shortlytly before joshua was was shot and killed. anyone who has any information or recognizes these two suspects should contact police.h the father of an infant whose daughter was found dead inside a crib will stand trial this s spring. eric warfel is facing several charges including abuse of the quartz and tamperingab with w evidence in the death of his 21 h -month-old daughter amber. he pled not guilty by reason of
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competent to stand trial.ay the cleveland international auto show is underway now at the i ask center iraq center. thousands c toured this weekend. it iss a a family-friendly event with plenty toend see including alln new models of classic cars, and one of the main attractions of courses the millionaires row which receiveses everything from lamborghinis to aston martins and if youo a missed it this th weekend there is good news. the auto show runs through next sunday.ow the son may have been out this weekend but it is not quitet summer yet. many are at lake erie for a good cause. dozens teamed up with the annual geneva polar plunge for special olympics that money will go to year-round sports training for 23,000 athletes in ohio. this is remarkably the 20th year for this re event. >> this is the 20th year of
8:38 am
state of ohioirs but this we have nineut others but this one started in 1997 and that was the first year. we're still going strong 20g years later. >> special olympics ohio raised $20,000 yesterday. they have had far worse years that when it comes to the far cold so they got lucky. >> i will write a check and stand on shore. sh >> the time now is 8:38 a.m. and still to is 8 come in. >> flea and tick season is fast approaching this year-end coming up wehis will talk with that about the best ways to protect your furry friend. t and fox fox eights krista capel is having a baby but she doesn't know if it is a boy or girl.esn' tuesday morning during the 8:00 a.m. hourin of fox to news in the morning of f where going right tog the r doctor. she will learn the gender of herer
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been told the sex of the baby and he will reveal it to everyone, including christie. don't miss this life chain life-changing momentss th tuesday at 8:00 a.m. a beautiful light look outside on the sunday morning. if you are headed out and about this morning aj said he will still need a jacket out there because it's windy. he will have a full check on
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i can't get enough of this thi song. every time it sucks me end. look at those beautiful blue
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we have been really lucky this winter if you can even call it that.if it's not too soon to start fighting off fleas and ticks and all of those pesky fl things. here's someone to tell us about the best options for your pets andbes why this year could be particularly bad. th you said yourself that was thee winter which never really showed up this year which we don'ty mind. >> we had some cold weather but not enough to really knocked down a en bug population. b >> i know one winter rolls around what kind of stop the treatment because you think you're safe. >> y they don't know what was supposed to be winter so with the coldd weather the bugs persist and then with his mild weather that we are having now it's going to be we an early flea and tick season. >> there e really thriving unfortunately so how do you get a jump so on a? >> hopefully didn't stop this winter but if youef did you need to make sure you get fired back
8:44 am
there's a lot of good products and a lot of bad products. some of the bad product to at a cheaper product. some clients say if you want to buy cheap products by yesterday's lottery tickets as wellster because they just don't work very well. there there'seca just some topicals and worlds that work well. i keep a give. >> this is your dog. >> this is my dog. this is our farm dog. >> so he gets the next guard. >> he gets g the next guard because with a topical application like a wi revolution which is great, revolution does heartworm and fleas but i need to add some tick prevention inev there as well. i use this once a month with him. this is ant a tie flexes as flex this is a great product for fleas and parasites but it doesn't do the ticks so i always a ask my clients what are you worried about?t? iue worried about fleas are you worried about intestinal parasites of are you worried abouttestin ticks lots of good
8:45 am
got to makects o sure were using the right ones for that bug bugs lifestyle. >> when youbugs talk about lifestyle do you mean as thea dark mostly indoors or outdoors. >> where are you walking withking the dog?g?t is it a controlledhe environment? in your backyard of their a lot ofh deer that carry deer ticks are things like lyme disease. >>e that has been on the rise. >> it has. a very preventable disease through vaccination thoughha v so that's why we need to make sure we use thet right preventions. >> what do you do in the event that you take your animal to the groomer or your washing them and you see fleas? a lot of these are preventatives but are once you actually see thet fleas on them that's a different ballgame? >> the betterr product like these is the first step. when we see those fleas we can fight a revolution and when we see the fleas we can try other things. the only thing that is not goinger to fill fleas flea kill fleas it'ski on the table as sentinel. those fleas won't be able to reproducet but it won't kill them. >> thatll is more of a
8:46 am
>> exactly. >> what do people do if they'vef noticed fleas what do you want to pitch or attempt to wash? >> anything you can longer wander. if we get some cold weather weath can freeze it out sometimes those big dog beds we can't wash so we need to take them outside and hope to freeze them. the other thing is for flea eggs can persist in an environment for a whole year so a we are we getting ready for people who had w fleas this fall to have a reemergence this spring because they've stopped they are flea prevention when the cooler weather set in but because setting but because of heat and humidity is flea eggs start hatching and we have a re- infest station. >> that's the bad news of the best options to keep your petpe flea free had to and you will find a link to w thehe doctor's animal clinic with all a this good information that you saw today. thankssaw for joining us. >> thanks i have enough down. >> ha you are so sweet. you know this guy, aj colby
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>> you're just meeting brutus. >> i just met him for the first me time but what a laid-back that keep the kids on the preventative all in oct year. all three of my girls have beenav on it. there will be wonderful dip in temperatures later in the week with highs in theer twenties so that may be the day to take the dog he doggie that outside and freeze out last year freezeout last year's population.reeze out this is down the long i 77 and they'll belden village here. you can see out to the south there's very s few clouds therehe and a lot of trumpets shockingly but here are the clouds from how it looks in the outer outerspace realm.f t you see a few of those filling in a northern ohio and meanwhilee
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rain on the eastern flank and then back here to the northwest it is snow. not so long a cold front that willod come in late tonight under and early tomorrow in morning which will start with some rain showers late tonight and that could end as a little wettsho snow as the whole system pulls off o otherwise today feels like spring. it said it's right around the corner and meteorological spring which begins march 1st. it would've been tomorrow but it's a leap year so we have an extra day of february in there. why couldn't we had an extra day data like day to like in june or something?ke oh well. temperatures are closing in on 60 degrees and gusts may be even to 50 miles per hour but at least 5 showers will be possible as we said exiting quickly tomorrow morning andd then the middle of the week may sport some wintry weather forome us once again. it's o a little too early to call
8:49 am
they're certainly could be some lake effect associated with that associate with that system as well.fetw 59 is a conservative estimate on ati high windy and just extremely mildnd ju sunshine. clouds increase late. temperatures now 39 akron canton 43 at lorraine. when does still coming out of the south and st a bit of a westerly component out at lorraine att 15. wind gusts about 20 - 22 currently. mid- thirties tonight. wendy has well gusts of 45. rain showers mixed with a little snow and there is all snow early tomorrowere morning and there is is our first front that comest through late tonight and early tomorrow as we said. number two is on the way for tuesday and associated with the it rain and snow showers and the winds will be turning outt r of the
8:50 am
some lake effect snow.hi monday and tuesday's in the mid-- forties in tuesday's week tuesday we find ourselves in the twenties at o night, and a littleitt lake effect as we get into friday as well.f highs only in the twenties with lows downn to 12 flows down to 12 for friday morning.n to 1 the weekend shapes up a little bit better. fox agency or official school closinge station and of course you can find those not only at fox eight but of course online and on your mobile device. co cruise crews are puttingre the final touches on the red carpet for tonight's big 88th annual actors celebration.rat >> diane gallagher reports from the location where hollywood's biggest stars willthe be arriving. couple hundred of my closest media friends along with me getting ready for the main event here.
8:51 am
it all starts here back behind that silva silver curtain curtain andr that is where celebrities go through security before th they come out of the red carpet the smile for to smile for theeyh cameras and you can see there pointing at people setting up p their shots getting a look at where they want tottng be but they're not going to be on the carpet. the media will be over here and that's where you can see each individual camera gets to be. tight quarters, shoulder to shoulder, nothing glamorous aboutde the prep area during the academy awards. a all that glamorous on the red carpet but the fund funded fun is happening to my right. the risers will be filled with all sorts of of adoring fans who'dillorts been waiting to get a assaulted with leo.ait they are still working on thethe red carpet itself. you can see there making sure no onee trips for an embarrassing moment as they an make their way
8:52 am
80 80th annual academy en awards. >> red carpet coverage starts at 7:00 p.m.m. and that's just before the awards are handed out. >> i haven't seen a lot ofhe awards the oscar night's. >> i have nights. >> i have seen aar few, not the time that a time that i have to watch movies.. i've seen very very few of them. i've heard they are f fantastic. >> that's my pick. if you like it. >> i don't even know if it's nominated. how sad is that? still ahead,. >> this is terrible, a dog mutilated and left for dead is now getting a second chance atand life thanks to international
8:53 am
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that is my mega millions car. >> is it? g >> it is. i love that car. the orange, everything in the suvs right there that's what you cane get me for my birthday. if you save up now. >> if you start now saving youry >> save up now and probably by a couple of years you can get me no that. >> you would look fantastic in that car. that car is calling to you. >> it is callingcal me welcome back everyone. next is a serious story that hast a happy ending. the dog was left mutilated and left for dead in the south korea left store and will soon have a new life in arizona. >> the second chance is all part of an international se effort to rescue the dog. the two -year-old golden were to
8:57 am
meet.. when her paws became infected theame butcher thought the meate would be infected to him literally threw her in the garbage inim but the right people found her and amputated all four legs.. they gave her the care she never had before and she is now being fitted for a prosthetic leg prosthetic leg.he she is reportedly set to move to the us where she's being adopted by a loving sh family. >> dogs never give up.giv >> goode for her. >> is isn't that great?e >> they never give up. there is still another hour ahead ofere fox eight news just ahead. >> you don't want to miss it.
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saturday night shooting ones manh is dead after shots ring out at a birthday party in east cleveland.rt showing support, dozens attended a vigil su for a canton firefighter who tragically canton firefighter who thi billionaire in the buckeyeye state state that donald trump is looking for support for the tuesday. > r the mercury is about the sore today. we will be flirting with 60 degrees as we head into march.
9:01 am
the winds have changed perhaps? >> that only blows when ages out there. >> blue skies it's going to be a relatively decent day to get out there. >> good morning and thank you morning. a >> of course he is aj. >> the man. >> he knows. >> there is a lot of hot air. >> is that what it is?. >> we weren't saying that. anyway winds are definitely the story today. the wind advisory kicks in at 11:00 a.m. and that means the wind gusts could be over 40 miles per hour may maybe even approach 50. the wind advisory goes until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow for into 1:00 a.m. tomorrow for cleveland and thrr 10:00 o'clock for lorraine, medina, and points west. cleveland also up in the lake
9:02 am
in themen lake a decent amount ofoun push coming in at 17 miles per hour at hopkins. >> 44 and men turned around the state were men also hitting 50 at huntington and parkersburg this
9:03 am
windchill in the thirties otherwise look at the lack of clouds around the state. the next system is coming at us from the western part of minnesota where we find rain and snow mixed.n we will detail some timing on that system as we get into the next eight days.s. marches on the way and that is meteorologicalal spring. we will have the details comingi moving in this morning with breaking news out of east m cleveland. >> one man is dead after east cleveland police said they 11:00 o'clock last night and responded toock the 1400 block of euclid avenue where they found an 18 -year-old man with gunshot wounds. he was transported to thert hospital where he later died. the victim's name has not been released though police sewed police are investigating the scene and we aree tracking that story and will bring you updates as they become available. canton police arece
9:04 am
>> someone shot and killed two brothers and we have more onr this investigation. >> 911 emergency. >> i have a house full of children and somebody came down here and shot some people.opl >> two brothers are dead are are deadare after an early-morning shooting after in washington canton. it happened around 6:00 a.m. saturday. several people called 911 to report what they pel saw. >> i heard gunshots and i seen a person runots across from the parking lot but i didn't see where he went. >> didd you see somebody with the gun. >> yes we did see him. he was here shooting. >> police are not releasing many details at this time, but the victims have been identified as christopher chris hemsworth was 40 years old he and alan chrisis hemsworth was 41 years old. the family rushed to the scene once they got the news and say they are in complete shock. >> right now we are still in
9:05 am
initial shock..>> a it ain't right. i never understood how people felt until now. >> gabrielle trent as christopher's ex-wife. she said theist men didn't live at this apartment complex and she is not sure why they c were here. >> right now i know eventuallyy it will all come out why they were here. >> they also hope whoever did this is caught andw soon. >> they are still out there. why we don'tu know but hopefully ho they are caught up with and that this crime is not just one that is >> meanwhile two people are dead after a car accident lastanw night just outside of akron. a the state highway patrol says the car went off the road and hit a tree.
9:06 am
alec leatherman and 19 real euros hallie schmidt. the crash is under investigation but authorities say speed was a factor. in canton and emotional vigil for a firefighter killed while trying to crossr route eight. >> family and friends say it is still hard to believe tonya johnson is gone ande alisonis allison marie allison reports there is still many so many unanswered questions about why this tragedy qu happened. >> she loved each and everybody. >> so full of life and heart, a loving mother. a >> i'm lost man because i got mygot mom hears no more. to give me guidance. >> 43 -year-old tonya johnson who touched so manyye people remembered here outside of her cantonre home saturday night. >> she always tried to make things possible when we think it's impossible. >> much sorrow and confusion
9:07 am
this mother ofo three, a canton firefighter and paramedic. >> lord watch over her and her family, her sons and her daughter. >> authorities found monday she was driving along route eight with her new husband but afterbut an argument she got out of the suv she washe g in and crossed lanes of traffic. an she was hit by a pickup truck and instantly killed, according to authorities. >> i didn't believe itng from the beginning. we have some questions that have e yet to be answered. i don't believe anything i've heard. i knowve my sister and i don't know her character.nd there was something going on in that car that is unknown to us at u this time. >> you is our angel and you just keep continue to keep watching wa over our angel today and we will make sure that your legacy lives on forever.o >> funeral arrangements have beenemen scheduled for mondayts ind canton at the first christian doubt it will be dramatic for
9:08 am
some lyndhurst residents calling for an end to lynd the city's frustrated residents gatheredth outside city hall yesterday afternoon they say their method of trapping and killing the deerhe is inhumane and they want to consider other options. >> our first goal is to stop this brutal method. spca humanel director has been on on record of saying this is the most inhumane and brutal method of killingt i deer, and secondly it is cost prohibitive. >> the city's deer management program has been in effect since february 1st.deen i donald trump is coming back to ohio. he will be in columbus on super tuesday. voters in texas, virginia had 10 other states are casting ballots
9:09 am
aile t rally at the airport. his campaign is riding a wave of momentum after wins in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada and yesterday'sy's unexpected endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie.pec you can find more information about tuesday's rally at and trump picked up another big endorsement thisnt weekend from former arizona governor jan brewer. illegal immigration a major issue on the campaign trail brewers that she supports trump's plan to secure our southern border with mexico. ohio's governor john kasich also picked up a new endorsement saturday from a former us attorney general. albertoy gonzalez threw his support behind thezal governor atv iner nashville. he was attorney general under george w. bush and is now dean of belmont's law school. hebelmo says well kasich is trailing in the polls he is leading in faith and freedom. coming up. >> democratic voters in south
9:10 am
yesterday and we will have the results and what they we mean heading into super tuesday just two days away. su several people were injured when violence broke out during a kkk rally on saturday and we will have the latest after thesa break. hackers exposing the financial data of more than 80,000 students. what the schools and the fbi are doing to fix this glitch. you are looking at blue skies and less traffic. it's a good day to get outside and drive around but there willhe be somer wind and aj will have
9:11 am
9:13 am
welcome back to fox eight news in the morning on a sunday. i hope you are enjoying the sunny start of the day and to the day and i think we will stay mainly sunny throughout the day.
9:14 am
the wind to send a very warmm temperatures another aspect of that they are kind of related for sure.e this is a high raise risk webcamm review it burke lake front airporturk and what a beautiful sky. check that out. some high-level decorative additions to the blew blue up there.n we will look top topside now down toward the look ground with thin clouds moving in toward geauga anddcu ashtabula. there will be increasing cloud cover later thiscre afternoon, and especially overnight tonight. wind advisory kicks in at 11:00 a.m. for the county counties shaded in the brighter beige or brown color i here. that goes until 1:00 a.m. for cuyahoga, lake and northern ashtabula countiesand until
9:15 am
counties you see here with wind gusts to maybe 50 miles per hour expected later this afternoon. it is certainly not out of the question as you see the cloud cover increasing and potentialtial for some scattered showers along thee front end badly after midnight tonight if the front stays in its current velocity..mid winter's note at the sticks 21.6 inches for the entire season, not even 2 feet of snow officially but of course the snow belt is different.ici that is over 30 inches below our average which bears repeating. r the record high as 67.e i don't think we have enough oomph to get there but we willl see. 43 in akron canton same inin worcester and over new philly wind 44 coming in with put a good gusto out ofn the south.
9:16 am
21 miles per hour and we have us some gusts already over 25 in the area and expected to push higher. gusts over 45 tonight. thirty-five the nighttime low end t for low-end foreign f overnight.ght we could have a little rain and snow mixed tomorrow certainly the potential was there for is there for wet snowflakes to fly. southwest wind is eventually as the front goesi through and thisnd is the second weather system where watching from the middle of the weekg f especially, maybe even some lake effect snow behind that sme system for wednesday. and on the eight day outlook say hello to march.t mid forties mid- forties hello march.h.mid dropping into the twenties for wednesday morning with that snow, possibly some accumulation and thursday some lake effect afec behind the system both thursday andd
9:17 am
in the thirties. with low teens thursday night and friday morning but somewhat milder air coming in for the weekend, maybe even 40 degrees. de fox eight is your official school closing station and we probably won't need closings this week but may n be maybe some delays not out ofe the question. >> theyt will take whatever they this a couple there's a couple hours c left. hillary clinton posted a big win in south carolina primary yesterday. in bernie sanders says the democratic campaign is not over yet. >> here's a look from columbia with a look f at the numbers and what they mean going into the super tuesdayean contest.. >> not just a win, a decisive win hillary clinton in south carolina. >> we have now gone through for early states and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race, and
9:18 am
national..tom >> the campaign looking at south carolina results ismpa an indicator of how she makes her way across multiple southern contests on tuesday. they hoped south carolina would w show strength among minority voters. african-american voters counted for more than six in 10 voters v in south carolina and they will also be key in southern state supers tuesday states. clinton now has wins in three of the first four contests, like donald trump and the republican field. >> america has never stopped being am great. [cheering] >> but we do need to make america whole again. >> sanders is not yielding yet. he spent primary day away from the poll event first in texasn and then in minnesota.t >> i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strongng victory tuesday.esd over 800 delegates in our state
9:19 am
them. >> she took the big win in the momentum in the last contest before super tuesday.he >> that was karen cabell reporting. three people were stabbed during a violent clash in a ku i klux klan rally in california. police say the victims are part ofv a group protesting the kkk and they sayote as soon as the members arrived in the park p protesters confronted them in one momentpro later a man fell to the ground bleeding. he is in gro critical condition. one person said he used a flagpole to defend himself. two other people were also stabbed in separate incidents. a cyber hacker exposed financial data of more than 80,000 caltech students alumni current and former employees. experts say there is no evidence n the data theft of is beeno used for other crimes.
9:20 am
more ahead on fox eight news ahead this morning.ea the fox eight guys versus the fox eight gals. who reigned supreme? honda dealers want to know who rules in the battle of the sexes car giveaway for a chance to win a two year lease on a 2016 honda crv just download the fox eight abend register to win. cast your vote. you can still enter even if you already have our a ramp. the contest runs until march 6 for more details head on over to >> today has your full how to do
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aj always comes out looking quite fashionable. >>
9:24 am
perfect. pristine but perhaps today may not be the best day. be >> it's always a good hair day for me. >> itt is. it looks flawless. >> and pjs hair harass flawlessfl all the time. >> it is. >> lets get a look at sports. good sunday morning to you. y it has been a rough weeko for the cavaliers. they are glad toav be out ofe toronto but they could use a change of scenery. the lost both season both games at air canada. they beat the series two to ones t but the trailer cavs by two in the eastern conference standings.g if these two teams finish the regular season t tied that's why friday night's loss is tough to swallow. >> would get so caught up in the physical side of things we s just ju
9:25 am
got a good team toow get betterer tiki cavs are hoping to land bill johnson by this weekend and it looks like they were and up upper jordan mcrae instead. he's expected toe sign with the team as early as today when they face the wizards later on. they broke the team scoring record in january meanwhile joe johnson will be taking his talents to south beach. he was the guy the cavs are hoping to sign after he signede with the mets. he got 11 rebounds and four assists for brooklyn thish season. all eyes were on indianapolis saturdayes afternoon as the college quarterbacks ran through and try tot impress. hugh jackson said earlier this week that the browns will draft
9:26 am
a 47730-yard -- that was subtype for second among all quarterbacks att the event and many believe he was the frontrunning quarterback headed into that draft and a quarterback out of towel had his own throwing developed a running back in and threw the ball with the ease no matterth where the target was to run a 48240 and did nothing to run his draft status.s memphis quarterback had a solid day especially on saturday he threw the ball with good velocity but his lack of a prostyle offense showed bu up the 40-yard dash in four.86 seconds. not so good of a day for cornell jones -- attempt jones did not participate- in any at other drills following the race and ran a four and fived in his second dash. and indians are s having an abbot
9:27 am
they're asking who is in the outfield instead of who is at first.t.ou suspended 80 games are violating thea league'sme performance enhancing drug p policy and the number of office bradley to start of the season and shoulder surgery.s what started all this starting attention which is ready to just throw to the left and carry the r team on tuesday. >> known as one of the best in the league i think for good reason. there are guys who can go thewh distance, geyser throw strikes and guys who put out pitches. you can't find that you maybe have one or two on staff but not three and then the possibility of 45 and six. >> castlef 4 tried to put their one-game losing streak out of the way later today. 9:27 a.m. and right now much much a more coming up. >> poll to give full of tongue twisters this
9:28 am
>> earning a good living these days so good at is raising some questions. the idea of investigation's next.. local law-enforcement braved some lo bone chilling temperatures all for a good
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> forget the porsche. if you see me seem each willing see me tooling around i now. >> he is behind the wheel. >> get out of my truck. get out of my truck. >> we see of what you doing down there. >> just making the rounds a little bit there.s >> i want to be plow king. p >> it has been a tough year for. >> i think a little bit of snow would make a lot of difference for a lot ofke folks. >> it is hard when you're
9:32 am
people may have lost out a little bit because of it. aj het knows. >> he knows. >> haven't helped a whole lot ofwh people who push the stuff around.d.peo >> i love cars and vehicles. that's something i just love looking at.thi the wind is the only spoiler today.he temperatures very pleasant near 60 and of course the wind advisory kicks in at 11:00 a.m. you run the risk of power lines and tree limbsrun t being dislodged from their proper locations so with that inlo mind 49 degrees at the the lakefront and a little bit of a chill factor feels like 39 and hopkins with a 36-degree windchill and at the airport
9:33 am
59 degrees.ans when you look at the 24 hour differential now we are 16 degrees warmer than we were yesterday.y. look at that whole chunk of mildld air with temperatures to two tenths of a degree warmer. here's a look at here is a look at a weatherer flight that system has assembled over the dakotas pushing through western ov minnesota and just about ready to get some snow out of the twin cities and push them back in thee arrowhead at minnesota.m that weather system marches quickly our direction. early tomorrow we have some chances of m snow in the pipeline for tuesday and we will be dealing with some rain and snow mix as well. look at these wind. blustery out of the south end and then they switch to the north and outo of briefly on showing mo up and colder air coming
9:34 am
looking at highs in thehe twenties can you hear those wind? pronounced now than they were last hour. p later today showing lots of sun right around 60 and continuing mild into the evening hours as well.l. the john s knight center in akron and in the afternoon hours check out the bobble heads dick goddarde bobble head dolls and the fox eight in the fox eight weather calendar.heig chocked full of great information. >> itt is. >> of course that helps the animals as well. >> that's a great cause. acidic painter of the eye team teams team saw an opening for cleveland city paintertea and they wondered why theain pay was a p lot different than many people would expect and that galek has more.d t >> pretty good job become aco theater in the city of
9:35 am
which saw this job posting the pay 33 to 41 bucks an hour, two years experience needed and that pay adds up to 69 to 86,000 per 8 year, much more than typically made and the i team reacts to these findings. >> its way too much. i don't think that's fair. >> why that much money for a painter?y they're part of the building and construction council. >> we went to the city's chief operating officer whooe w says painter pay is set by union contracts. the city pays workers for couple dozen trades the same way. 80 percent of prevailing prevailing0 wage 80 percent of what people get for 8 those jobs in the private sector plus benefits. >> we based on what is paid statewide. >> so when you consider what
9:36 am
city buildings we wondered what w about firefighters rush rushing ru into burning buildings or police dodging bullets were paramedics saving lives out here on the streets.ts these salaries for cleveland c firefighters and police officersrs up to 55,000. emergency medical technicians up to 47 and again, a city painter at 69 to 80 69 to 86,000. >> i'm shocked. >> we shared our findings of councilman kevin with councilman kevine shi conwell and look at we look at our different pay ranges may be compared plumbers painters. >> the city onlymber has two painters, but again, other workers and trades also trade also making more than you might n think. >> they make a lot more than a lot of folks in private and public sectors but i again, that's the matter subject to collective bargaining.
9:37 am
issued a statement that painters deserve an honest day's paper pay for an honest days work but he says this shows priorities of city leadership, painters making much more than officers out of thers mak street. the son may have been out this weekend but it is not quite summer yet. dozens teamed up for the annual genevaeam polar plunge for special olympics hi oh. ohio.ial this is remarkably the 20th year for this t event. >> this is the 20th year. this was the first polar plunge in the state of th ohio, and now we have nine other ones that but this one started in 1997. that was the first year and we are still going strong 20 yearsnd later. >> special olympics ohio raised about 20,000 ohio-based about $20,000 yesterday. police are searching for two suspects wanted for murder in a downtown hotel. wa surveillance photos were taken
9:38 am
university hotel suites on january 23rd shortlyniv before joshua maskell was shot and killed. anyone who recognizes these two suspects should contact clevelandgniwo police.. a medina man whose daughter wasn found dead inside a crib will stand trial this spring. eric wilson faces several se charges including abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the death of his 21 -month-old daughter amber. he pled not guilty by reason of insanity, but experts say he is competent to stand trial. the cleveland internationalnat auto show is underway and we've been showing it to you all morning.ddb thousands of folks toward the gm ford and jeep to plate display this weekend. the auto show is a family family-friendly we event that day. one of the main attractions of courses millionairesin row featuring all kinds of cars and
9:39 am
it this it weekend don't worry. the auto show runs all the waye through next sunday and i want once one i want one ofro everything. >> one of each. much more ahead. the film industry's best and brightest will be recognized that night at night's oscars and comingng up we will take a look at some of the favorites to win. a black-tie event in cleveland and coming up next weup will take you to the 25th n jump basketball done donna playhouse square. a live look outside. donnhous blue skies and warmer temperatures but with them a littlee bit of a win day and windy end aj will fill and aj
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
he can't think they need to watch that guy. t he may be driving out of there withhh that but you've got sunshine today top-down may be. >> may maybe. >> keep running. keep your eye on thehe camera. >> sir, please get out of the car. [laughter] pls >> like i said, keep the key keys away. >> bets are right. it was a night for people to lick their wounds. >> they certainly th did in cleveland heights. >> the night was denied was a convergencet of many faith communities and is the brainchild of caleb munit wright who thinks it is an event that resonates with many people local choirs performed many numbers
9:44 am
including steviecan wonder. across town people dressed d to the nines for one of the biggest parties of the night. >> music and dancing the 25th annual event is the biggest fundraiser for the playhouse square theater district and everyone gets dressed to impress more than a thousand folks put in their glad f rags and black enjoy an evening of food, fun and music with plenty of dancing. proceeds benefit playhouse square, the second-largest theater district in the entire, the nation. >> good weather also. >> good > weather to get out. ou very mild. they didn't have to wear theirar furs. >> it's fun to see. >> downs and black ties and thingse like that.t. >> are kind of black-tie todaytie right? >> what's that can? kick ass if at your if you're a littlef black-tie today looking very dapper. >> we were supposed to wear pink today. we were told. >> true.
9:45 am
that. >> more salmon i guess according to > alisha. let's have a look at this beautiful's shot from down that at the airport. you see some high-level clouds streaming in gorgeous blue sky as well and no precipitation.e s we will confirm that as we have a look from outer space and zoom back out.ouer we will superimpose a radar to showmpse you the rain out here and evenin snow on the western side of this system that wraps in the t cold air behind the system. this weather is going to be here later oneh tonight so that front is moving with the vim and vigor vim and vigor and headed our way for some rain. feeling like springr s today for sure. temperatures climbing to around 60. it's not a record but still quite warm.e w the record high of 67 for today.
9:46 am
advisory kicks and 4:11 a.m. for1 basically1 cleveland and pompey's counties west. lake county and northern ashtabula county also includedd in that wind advisory from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow00 morning and exiting quickly as our wintry mix and snow. s warmer tomorrow. it doesn't look like a big deal but something more important to watch as the middle of the week and beginning tuesday a second weather system with a wintry mix tu light likely and perhaps some accumulating snow as well. checking the numbers around the area, 46 at hopkins 42 ashtabula 44 youngstown. akron canton 43 and tomorrow would've been the first day of march but not this year. it's ah bu leap year so we are expecting february for another day. but spring will arrive as it always does.s.b a wind chill out there but not too th bad.
9:47 am
forties set there briefly a sat there briefly a little aftert the 4:00 p.m. and then not much of a temperature slide. we stayed in the low forties right on throughout the evening and now we are climbing once 59 today, when the end that wind will be coming coming indecently out of the west.o tonight cloudy, windy and chances of rain showers picking up for ch everybody, eventually changing over to snow. tomorrow it's 44 and i think the mid- forties will be the a warmer temperature on tuesday as we head for the twenties tuesday night. wednesday will likely have some snowwedn early than we are looking at hopefully a decent amount of sun thursday and friday with perhaps some lake effect snow. i think that will be veryl scattered into the weekend. talk favorites are official school closing station.avor
9:48 am
entertainment'sding finest take-home the globe. >> here is a preview of the film industry's biggest night. >> a mother and son trapped in captivity irish an irish immigrant finding love andndi independence peek at which i could stop feeling that iing want to be an irish girl in ireland. >> a frontiersman frontiersmen seeking revenge, room brooklyn and lebanon are just three of the films j nominated for best picture at the 88th academy awards. the leung at leona darts alumni odin audio led julio dicaprio leonardo dicaprio's led dramas at the top. mad max fury road the marshall anda spotlight in one of the tightest races in oscar history. >> they're their legitimately three maybe four> they' potential best winners so it's very rare that you come down to that last
9:49 am
what's going to happen. >> the best actor category is full of a-list act talent like bryan cranston, matt damon, michael fassbender and last years winner eddie year's winner eddie read a me. >> this oscar wilde peaked this time for the danish girl wi but the focus is on dicaprio and whether this role will get the six-time nominee his first oscar win. w >> he's had some of the great performances and nominations. this will be the year that he will take it. a be >> the best actress race has clayton blanchet for carol and jennifer barnes for joy going up first orr bar sharon and for brooklyn and first-time nominees charlotte lamb plan for 45e years and lorraine martin for room geek it feels like i'm part of i some tribe. having already snagged the golden globe and sag award for herd performance, larson has momentum heading into hollywood's biggest night.
9:50 am
time as host of the oscars iss chris rock, known for his in-your-face comedy, many are ma wondering how he will do with the elephant in ho the room. >> the one thing everyone is expecting the sows associate going to handle the all white nomineeh issue and is he going toing be merciless with the academy. >> a congratulatory ceremony filled with lots of controversy? it must be hollywood. >> that sounds about right. snake hunters caught more than 100 serpents during florida's annual python challenge.uring wildlife officials started official start of the officials started the sink stateetat sanctioned hunt in 2013 as part3 as of the plan to stop the invasive burmese pythons which are taking over parts of the everglades national e park. more than 600 hunters spent january hunting and trapping the hugenti snakes including one that measured nearly 16 feet long.
9:51 am
pythons and took on the five and $5,000.5 a pennsylvania man learnedle a very very painful lesson. >> look at what happenedry when he triedpee to get a free ride on the surveillance cameras were rolling as he tried, it failed miserably to jump over the turnstile without paying of course so he eventually crawled to the bars but transit police are waiting for him at the next stop. now he is facing a $300 fine because he didn't want pay the $2 and $0.25. >> i wonder if he made his train. that is always the key. if you got it real quick. >> he did make theo train. >> and he lost 325 bucks what a difference. much more fox fact satan is still to come.e. >> some shelter dogs get a new gig during a tennis tournament, and they've got plenty of experience.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:55 am
peaked at honda civic. i want thatt ed also. >> added to your list.r li >> my list just keeps growing. >> why not quit the party got glitzy party got all those fabulous wh cars. the adage they said the adage isn't true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. bulldogs trained to retrieve dog that went retrieve balls that went out ofat bounds they didn't like the giving back part as much as the getting the ballke part. >> a local shelter help raise awareness for the small dog
9:56 am
awardx ceremony. >> but those are the real winners. >> hasre little water wings. >> they didn't give them back. >> no they didn't. got to chase them. >> exactly. >> we're chasing 60 today? >> that's that's exactly right. the wind will bey the big story also today. t we could have gusts as much as 50 miles per hour. wind advisories post for cleveland but medina soaks up folks up to the west as well a little cooler tomorrow. th we start with may be arraigned snow mix change totart snow and as of march 1st rain to snowo perhaps and accumulation as temperatures really dropped. typical march weather. re >> in like a lion. >> things are joining us this we will be back here at 11:00 a.m.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
10:00 am
i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio on fox news sunday. >> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best foern beat hillary clinton is donald trump. >> donald trump joins us tloif explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. marco rubio and ted cruz finally team up. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation onz lies. >> we'll talk live with senator


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