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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. the advisory or also chicago . that figure might even be, tomorrow morning, a very brief period of time could be some light candy coating of freezing rain or light snowfall in the southern three fourths of the area, none is anticipated most of the precipitation tomorrow will be rainfall before changing back gorgeous oval so it is a complicated forecast . but make no doubt, it will be colder for at least five days mentor marsh council happy leap day. east cleveland police searching for a procedural man who was
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>> peggy gallek joins us. >> were told that two men forced their way into the home sunday, injuring 71-year-old they found the victim 's car by another trying to find the identity of the victim inside the vehicle, 46 euro has been missing since early this morning the police said the suspect took him in his buick, the police as well as bci were at the mother's home, right now they do not haveer a description of the two suspects not showing us the motive for the abduction but that they're working to determine exactly what happened and also trying to determine if
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himty smack at this point, the question out of him and the residents and back into the vehicle back no description of the suspects if you have information call the east cleveland police runaway. right away >> for students recovering after a shootingng inside of the school in southwest ohions suzanne stratford has more on the 14 world suspect statement that happened about 11:30 a.m. at madison local school in cincinnati the suspect in the cafeteria began firing, the high school students were having
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others hit by shrapnel trying to escape butler county sheriff richard chung says the fortune of suspect toss his weapon aside he was caught a short time later ,s parents are clearly upset , concerned for the students inside the building, the shooting victims were taken to a nearby hospital with non- life-threatening injuries the suspect, he is a student at the school and said that he had a motive,ud they are not releasing that at this time . much more on this coming up at a later newscast. at least the police arrived . >> in at this point, no life-threatening injuries. child predator
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possible fourth victim emerges as a lorrie taylor joins us from lorain. >> the police are not ruling out that this poor girl is one more in a number of victims targeted last thursday in lorainf she was still in her own home when she told police that she saw the suspect watching her. >> she is related, and still worried after days of living -year-old daughter may have been targeted ofk by a young during the early morning hours last thursday in >> the 38-year-old mother, who asked that we not show her face or her home for fear that the suspect might return and retaliate,e,
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told her she was getting ready for school between six and 6:30 a.m. when she saw something outside of her bedroom window .e. >> police sergeant buddy sibert says that the suspectb ran to his car possibly a toyota corolla,n when he realized that the girl was watching him it was during that same time frame when another girl was grabbed and punished,gg two others would be approached about an hour later, it could be someone under the influence.. he says it's possible that the suspect liveses nearby or is related two someone who lives near west eighth and ninth streets that is where three of
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suspect struck close to elementary schools it is conceivable that sojourn into the neighborhood.d >> we're glad that it has stopped, we are concerned that it would continue . >> it is scary, we have to keep a better eye on our kids. >> the place are meeting today with the elyria police and fbi to compare notes,h no doubt recall, last thursday about 3:45 a.m., ten-year-old girl from illyria was nearly pulled from her bedroom windowow by a man fitting the description as the suspecte in lorain a white male,
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dark clothing possibly a mask. >> is the card information? >> this is new information in lorraine, those who saw the suspect did not link him before to an automobile so this is the first time we're hearing of a vehicle, possibly a toyota corolla . pay final respects to a firefighter, paramedic who was killed unders present circumstances her funeral attended by hundreds including colleagues from several different area fire departments, dave nethers has been covering the story joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of >> tonya johnson was eulogized in north canton as a woman who dedicated her life to helping othersa who care deeply for her family and her faith big crock
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firefighter paramedic honored honored with a last alarm alarm ceremony at the first christian church first christian church and north canton, the largest such service or the canton fire department, many who did not know her nystianhrpa attending, she was killed trying to cross a busy route 8 in accra last week on foot after her husband of eight daysysw polled the suv over to the side of the roadth . the police say they have been arguing, the 18 year veteran of the canton fire departmenter walked into northbound traffic where she was struck,to her son spoke with us about what it means to see so many people pay respects to her. >> she really impacted everybody that she touched,r she dedicated d her life to helping others. >> two have this many people
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time out of their busy schedules it was amazing, and it occurs what she was doing this th community. >> one person, not in attendance was her husbandnd, who was with her just prior to her death, this was supposed be a d celebration of her life, and privately people who her where very close to her, said that it is probably best under the circumstances that he was not there. ohio primary two weeks away, a presidential front runner making his presence known in the state,imo donald trump will be in columbus tomorroww on super tuesday is jennifer jordan joins us with morere on how the candidates are getting ready for the big day . >> the trunk campaign announcing the front runner for the
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hamas airport tomorrow morning a new nationwide poll shows drop in hillary clinton ahead of the closest competitors in the hours leading up to super tuesday . >> that refers to the day when a nominating contests they look at a large number of delegates to the democratic and dd republican nominating conventions, 70 percent of those polled said that lorain clinton-gore likely to earn their presidential nominations, the other candidates are still saying that they will stay in the race even if they don't come away winning,d as it stands, donald trump's closest competitors marco rubio,ss then john kasich,t despite being dead lastk the ohio governor remains cautiously optimistic . >> i think that he will probably
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then go north with his message, we will do okay but not great butt that was not our plan we have a campaign plan and then we campaign our plan, our belief is that we will go north and then begin to see things change. >> on the democratic side the same poll showing hillary leading sanders 55 -- 30 percent , super tuesday probably will not decide the race for republicans because of the number of candidates0 l that it could have could have an impact for the democrats,ld fox 8 will be in columbus tomorrow for the donald trump rally is expected to give super tuesday in florida .d >> will be be in columbus tomorrow and ask as donald trump makes a campaign stop will haveto w live reports tomorrow on fox 8 news also stream live on fox
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>> since joining a local sheriff department office has taken pounds of drugs thousands of dollars in drug money and numerous criminals off the
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we are on the edge, thanks i think, that if you forgot to do it then it says no big deal . and then the sun came up . this is time-lapse thanks to premier flight academy . all of a sudden , no sooner than the sky
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back . this is the cold front . the nuance to everything . after tuesday evening, that it will be called the leaking onto that even to the first part of the coming weekend the second will ruin things for the rest of the
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weather on sunday . we are celebrating late day 2016 . record height 60 arrugalo minus four that's typical but looking at the years in which they occurred . they were in multiples of four because it is a leap yearu . but it's 2012 and 1884, increasing clouds may be a light wintry mix . give me the
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i need to .ll they've got to do some buttons magic . tonight 46 degrees tomorrow some sunshine . once we get beyond that, stays cold . we had some periodic snow showers wednesday . have been disappearing thursday, . at the end of the outlook, sunday monday tuesday, 4050, 62 and the super long-range computer model suggesting ng it could be close to 70 at the end of next week . that is a luminary, but it is like this
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from a controversial monologue to a fan favorite finally getting his due, wrapping up a
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. >> the idiot adult awards are over and the shortsighted people doesn't not because of who won but also proposed a mac chris rock posted despite calls for boycott, some african american leaders, due to the fact that no black people were nominated singer did not take long for the outspoken comedian to address the issue head-on in his monologue . ress they were too busy to protest too busy being raped and lynch ly to care who was nominated for best cinematographer, when you
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worry about best documentary short. >> he did not pull any punches even those who call for boycott, did admit that there is racism but not the kind that you usually see . t is the story of president obama to explain. >> asencio these writers producers andci actors and they do not hire black people and they are the nicestac way white people on earth, they are liberal . is hollywood braces ?, right,
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commented that complemented his performance . whitney said, the mama was why there is an actor and actress category split. lots of feedback and the question is did he go too far ?. >> despite his monologue to show was about the winners.
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awarded. >> after six times, finishing as the bridesmaid, leonardo dicaprio won an oscar for the revenant,t, it also won an oscar for best director for he is only the third person to win back-to-back oscars with a best director,.w >> the big prize of the night, the best picture win went to spotlight the true story of the boston globe reporters who uncovered sexual abuse by catholic >> b. larson took home the oscar for best actress, best supporting actress award goes to alicia vikander for the danish
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best supporting actor. >> s. animated movie went to the pixar hit, inside and out the out the best original song went to the sam smith, james bond movie specter. the hollywood honors the best of thehe oscars another awards show announces the winners didn't like of the golden raspberries were handed out, singling out most of worst performances in this year the big winner was the moving 50 shades of gray for worst actor actress, on-screen combo, screenplay and the worst movie, it actually shared the worst movie award with another box office bomb,, the fantastic
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one for worst remake, ripoff, or
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weather department . no more '60 s, alize forte bent. >> their cell phone forecast, but when how much ? here is andre bernier.
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selectt northern counties basically in the snowbelt, perhaps an just a teaser, and we will show you . most of the area should be okay, started out with sunshine, webcam e time-lapse from cedar point . it is a system upstream and the cold front, it does not have a lot of precipitation it will move southward enough, so that a couple of backyards andso lake county and northern ashtabula county might see a light coating of freezing rain or light snowfall . yesterday, in the 60 s . the second front, moving through tomorrow . increasing clouds tonight . a light wintry
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tries to move in will make it all the way down and then tomorrow partly cloudy. afternoon showers arriving along the second cool front on tuesday and wednesday it will be cold and snowing we will see a bit more chelation.we wow factor a can simply stop was killed in shooting students make sure that the county police dog hasas extra protection. >> but jack shea joins us. >> lyce e police dogs face the same danger and want to make sure that she had the same protection..he >> is so much nicer knowing that she has this protection, it is, still fearful in some situations , but at least i have some confidence that if something happens the extra protection is there.f
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church took office and has partner made a trip to black river middle school for their newmama posted rants they raise money to pay for the timing could not be better last monthh he can simply stop was killed by a suspected burglar in the students want to make sure thatin nico is safe. >> proud that we can do something, to make a difference . >> such an awful thing for them to do because we hope for the future that these young people, take that extra step to raise moneyurle and do something like this for her.a >> so far this year a police dogs have been killed in the united states they are placed in many dangerous situations and that's why they need protection.
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question ordersrs. >> lots of times, they are the first officer in the door and oftentimes they faced gunfire i think that's what happens in these cases that we talk about. >> bishop richard lennon is recovering after emergency heart surgery this monthth> he released a letter thanking everybody for the supportsed is bill martin joins us . >> he expressed gratitude to the doctorsrs and staff at st. vincent charity medical center where he was treated he also indicated that he plans to return to work soon , the 16-year-old was taken to st. vincent's just after three weeks ago's suffering chest pains undergoing surgery had two stents placed in his cardiac arteries, says he is grateful for all the support received an says that -- want to
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support has strengthened me through this time i have been resting comfortably in the forward to returning to the surface of our church and diocese, does not give an exact timetable to return back to work he says that he will consult with a doctor to make sure thatte he returns in good health. highest honor, the president gave the medal of honor to senior chief special warfare operator edward myers junior, the first active-duty member of theo navy to receive the award in four decades, he participated in at 2003 that rescued an american hostage in afghanistan is member of thean seal team six and the sixthea to receive the honor. >> i care the st. jude dream home is taking shape as they
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under construction by cleveland custom homes in the red tail community of avon . it is designed over half a million dollars thanks to generous viewers, tickets are sold out, but once the home is finished everybody will be able to win $10,000 worth of fish furniture bya taking a tour of the home it will be finished sometime in late may.i >> from sensible sedans to hot
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they've been hot and on in on four wheels will be at the i. x. center d. >> was so new and exciting things there to check out the
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inside the auto show with highlights from each car brand. >> matt wright is at the i. x. center with a look at kia . to see a lot more of them on the streets these days. >> there some watcher of the auto show here in the kia section e some newly redesigned cars this is the 2,017th forte , also a compact crossover is the 2,017th sportage. >> she is on the hunt for a new suv and given the 2017 sportage and try. >> it is easy to get in and out of it isto compact it is not overly large unlike something compactar. >> starting at about $24,000 features a fresh newt look,
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standard camera, touch scrwer by a four-cylinder engine. >> thursday lots of good safety features and technology. >> it is catching attention, and kia kia ranking second in initial quality by jd powerio. >> it is second to none, if honda and toyota, they are afraid of these because the cells of good. >> the 2017 kia forte is starting at about $18,000 a standard 2-liter engine but also offers driver assistance features like a topless emergency braking. >> to keep it fresh and they reinvent themselves every two or three years.. >> interface are not right for you there's much more to see under one roof. >> i can get an idea of what car
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my family. the 2017 sportage should be at dealerships in about a month and the 2017 forteh in the summer and another feature is you can test drive themr outside the i. x. center . you can see them you can test drive and the auto show runs through sunday at the i. x. centeru. fox 8 dice versus the fox 8 gals , who will be reign supreme? >> want to know who rules in the battle of the sexes car giveaway , a chance to win a
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crv, download the fox 8 app register to read and cast your like the guys better or the girls appearedpppp can answer even if you only have our news and. >> fantastic promotion you watch thee destination cleveland to get the best car thatl money can buy it as the as is the honda crv indiscreet four-wheel-drive,e it's great in the snow gas mileage and the car of the year. >> contest runs until march 6 for more details
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notice that started to get a little clout especially toward the end of the webcam time-lapse from lakeshore . at least it is indicative not productive clouds , at least not right now . that may not be the case this evening, some of tho may try to move southward . some of the computer models suggesting some of the northern counties by c. wintry mix, but at this stage
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glancing briefly shift northeast behind the back door cool frontnt could see some light snow or freezing drizzle, it is possible , if so then just be on guard especially . that it disappears tomorrow moves north has a warm front . back into the milder air, partly cloudy with rain showers . this will be the second more important front. looking at all of the blue snowfall for wednesday . tonight increasing clouds, polite wintry mix possible . it would be along the northern counties . plans
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akron-canton, predicted that yours will be an tomorrow cloudy , 50 -- 55 the afternoon showers arriving, the colder air moves in the flow will be out of the northwest . we start a bit bit above normal on tuesday and then after that five days,, friday through sunday, will be slowly working our way back above normal of monday next week . next week, monday and tuesday,
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see a nice five day mile stretch coming close to 70 at the end of next week .mi is just speculative for want to throw out the the next five days will be seen at after sunday the cavaliers get a chance to bounce back the clock there are home at the q. after two straight losses as john telich joins us to talk rest of lebron james on sunday should help the superstar is not marking the backend of back to back games, he watched his teammates are not toe into the contest against the wizards, reports thate kyrie irving is not happening won't help, he he is productive offensively but
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and still lost by a heavy margin , with six weeks left in the regular season, since bt oklahoma city payday zikare they have lost three of the last four . nfl combine is wrapping up today andfl ohio state got a lot of attentiono in indianapolis, linebacker jeremy hylton stock ran a four . 4740 r. -- that with his speed we should see a talented college player excelled in the pros . tonight the pacers will be at the q., lebron james
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estimate that more or fear of losing the number one seeded as a conundrum.ofof >> most of us spend a weekend
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people continue to dump garbage in a creek in her
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stop but they did not and she let you call the city they threaten toto find her for the mess that's when neighbors helped her clean it up. >> our elders do not deserve this . it was unfair that this one did everything,. >> and then is likely that she would be would be stuck with the bill and she cannot trust her to
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google self-driving car gets into its first accident,f and the the irony of the day that it
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the second check tuesday night into early wednesday, and in between we have a backdoor do cool front? of them, and for a couple hours itou might give that the webcam time-lapse, as seen from cedar point shows the cloud cover increase . to the north we see a bit of precip . overall, not something that is getting our
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the northern counties very briefly there might be some light snowfall acrossb burlington county's . excited about the precipitation in the area of northwest, that is where it will see snowfall andwh eventually be tuesday into wednesday . tuesday night, it will be cold in b-cell for about five days? hundreds gather to remember the


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