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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the northern counties very briefly there might be some light snowfall acrossb burlington county's . excited about the precipitation in the area of northwest, that is where it will see snowfall andwh eventually be tuesday into wednesday . tuesday night, it will be cold in b-cell for about five days? hundreds gather to remember the
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. >> dave nethers joins the story since she was killed last week in joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.n. >> you need to know about her was captured at her funeral, otherer gathering to celebrate surmounted that included the largestle last alarm service by the city of canton fire department. they gathered to grieve. >> as the mayor i have ordered the flags of thed city of canton to the lord to have staff
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canton firefighter tonya johnson . >> i felt like i needed to come to support the family to click> important that everybody remember the special person she was. >> she was killed trying to crosspos route 8 in akron on foot after getting out of an suv when she was with her husband, many questions aboutae why she made that decision, on monday they chose to remember her alive. >> i think, only what i can word i can use as i am lost, she was a part of every single angle my life. >> the most caring person in the world, even if she didn't really .os >> shows that she was well respected and liked and
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made a difference. >> today we are standing in memory of our departed sister, who will never return from her last alarm, extremes tells us she is dead of human reason tells us she will be with us the t days of our lives >> the one person who was not in attendance was her husband of eight days was with her when when she died, and close friend close friend says that under the for the best that he was not thered . one theory is that she was running to the other side to be picked up by her cousin?s >> , there are so many questions
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make that decision. >> east cleveland police search foror two men believed to have conducted a man from hise mother 's home this morning, egotism east cleveland with the latest. >> were told that the police found the victim's car in cleveland a short time ago, they believe the body in the trunk may be the missing mane but they're still trying to confirm the identity . 46-year-old charles barnes has been missing sinceye this morning they say say his car found in cleveland these are pictures, the east clue police as well as pci or adheres mothers knowles street home today as of right now they do not have a description of the the two suspects also suspects also are not telling us the motive for the induction s that police say that they are working
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is of him. >> no arrests have been made and police are asking if you gather information to contact them. >> a child predator still at large in lorain learning fourth girl may have been targeted by the same man as lorrie taylor joins us. >> a fourth girl, five if you count a 10 euro elyria girl for two hours for the attacks began in this town . please say it's
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his mid- 20s -- 30s may have begans his attack spree while acting as a peeping tom not far from where two of the girls were approached . the 15-year-old girl told her mother she saw a white man in hermo yard about six -- 6:30 a.m. while getting ready for schoolol that he was either setting up or down his pants went to his car or a possible toyota corolla .nt rose mother says that she is doing good but is upset, the police department says that investigators are glad that the attacks have stoppedti worry that they could continue. >> she is more aware of her surroundings which is a good
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this to make her more aware. >> it is disturbing we are concerneded, that's too trying to approach or present himself to give females . someone who is brazen enough to continue to do this, we take them very seriously. >> the police are meeting today they have pursued over the last few days they have received many tips, but none have led them to the suspect.
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high school after a classmate was again and start shooting, suzanne stratford has the latest on the victims of the suspects motiveon. >> 14 alleged shooter is in custodydy on several classmates are treated after being targeted while eating lunch at the cafeteria becher says the suspect opened fire inside the high school cafeteria about 1130 this morning . the girl says they heard the noises but then i realized what was happening until he saw the victims he was caught a short time later none of the injuries are life-threateninge parents are shaken up including one man who was a boy scout troop leader in.
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they all go to the high school, is a really scary thing. >> saved e-mail gunmen gave a motive but they're not releasing that it isn't charged with attempted murder, inducing panic and could also face additional charges..d >> tomorrow voters will make their choice for the presidential nominees and a dozen in a dozen states, known as super tuesday,and the contents representing a key juncture in the primary race as jennifer jordan joins us with a preview and more on a front runner who will make an appearance in ohio and a matter of hours. >> the primary is still two weeks away,e. candidate donald trump will be campaigning early on a day that they will be getting a large number of delegates .on super tuesday refers
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hold their nominating contests . forgetting a large number of delegates in a new poll, cent percent of those polled said that, trumping it hillary clinton areg likely to earn their nomination . the other say they plan to remain in the race even if they don't come away with a victory tomorrow right now,t joe's closest competitors marco rubio been ted cruz, carson, john kasich despite being dead last the code remains optimistic . >> are doing okay, not great, we have a campaign plan and then we campaign our plan, our hope is thatou that we will go north then
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leading bernie sanders , super tuesday probably not decide the republicans because of the number of candidatese that could have a significant impact for the democrats, fox 8 will be in columbus tomorrow for the donald trump rally expected to and super tuesday in florida. >> louvain club was tomorrow donald trump making a campaign stop have live reports tomorrowow and also stream the rally live
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wal-mart we have been celebrating the sounds ofof black history and the list would not be complete without earth wind and fire, maurice white passed away earlier this month. it was an outstanding weekend. happy leap day. >> we won't see another one for another four years, not necessarily every fourth year because there are some
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if you are 16 then you are actually about four. >> they could celebrate on february 28 or march 1. that reminds me of the time, i was at northwest airlines, they want everybody to write down their birth datesyy so they could throw a party, i put downc for a 30 . don't try putting february 30 on an official document, will work out
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clouds that camewt floating by in less decorative this afternoon and then all of a sudden, it became overcast . the periodic cloudy interval is drifting by g part of a funnel boundary to the north, it looks like it will cause they wind shift across the northern countiesth that's about as far as it is going to go because tomorrow it's going to left back over not be an issue . if it falls to below freezing you see a fine mist, drive cautiouslyst . right now the front as to the north you can see it is a 48, 50 toledo and 52 findlay the
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shift briefly northeast before we see it shift back southwest . this is where it will be locked into that increasing clouds could be a wintry mix to the north but then it disappears quickly and then back north ridge so sunshine tomorrow with 40s and afternoon showers cold front will cause showers and much colder air . once this establishes, it will be below normal ., this over the next week increases a couple degrees ago from 46 tomorrow and then for
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before the covers back up to normal and above . at the end of the outlook climb out of the 30 s .. >> when the snow flies, fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . sign up for text alerts at fox one th you can count on for
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it's less a sideshow and one of the time come it was the third lowest rated oscars it has become from class and grace and style into this pathetic nonsense. >> my take is that the oscars should celebrate the greatest movie that she was going to turn
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in practice and getting messages heard, climate change and also thes biggest message was about the lack of diversity in hollywood. >> when trying to say is that we want opportunity, black actors to get the same opportunities . and not just once, copied when chris rock and hard place, his job is to be entertainingng . this is looking wes is looking for in hollywood too much ? or just enough ? he went from his grandmother'si ? hanging from a tree to selling
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cookies for his daughter, he is broad and wrong and that's why you hire him, people get nervous but that's why you hire a guy like chris rock, highlighttt is taken about that meeting to have hours of the same joke . old but at the end of the hour you hire him to be himself and. >> i do not think it was funny, there are some serious topics but i think they should celebrating movies let's go back to celebrating the movies, vi you cannot ask the women who they wear anymore because that is sexist, t so they can say the name of their desire. >> stacey dash came out. >> not one person clapped. >> those with the same jokes over the evening. for his role control of a big
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decision-makers and it felt like i that they were getting attacked and they were to some degree. >> i don't think they understand what is happening in cleveland ohio,nk there are some problems, but we're doing okayh. >> the one bright spot that i enjoyed wass leonardo dicaprio being nominated six times that has to be finally one for the relevant he was gracious classy, on point and then at the end he said that climate change is real and we need to do something to change our ways or suffer consequences.e again, you can make the argument that at the beginning of this speech he thanked all of the hollywood bigwigs and those who made his paycheck what it it is
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included this l . another thing, was lady gaga performance that cup of joe happens to you was focusing on sex abusej, it was powerful. >> she has become classy. >> they try to keep the timing down by running a thank youth at the bottom of the screen. the still and still ran till midnight . it was an effort to keep it moving.a >> a shorter time to be speaking .
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credit is due. . i have loved the oscars over the years i think they could get the audience back if they went back to being classy gracious and celebrate movies.
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had technical glitches with stagehands running into shots. >> during the lady gaga performance.. >> these are the biggest professionals in the world comes to
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since a a local school make sure that their police dog as extra >> attache joins us. >> miss anne duffield is the same danger as her partner and make sure that she has the same protection.>ng >> it is so much nicer to know that now she has this protection to help her, stills fearful we would go into some situations but at least i have the confidence that if something does happens c has that extra protection. >> sgt tim kitts with the ashland county sheriff's office and his partner meeko made a trip to black river middle school to thank students for the new ballistic vest they raise the money r and asked to pay for at the time cannot be bettered last month a police dog in canton was killed by suspected burglar and they want to make
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it is an honorable thing for them to do this it gives me hope for the future, that the young people, take that extra step to raise the money and something like this for her. >> so far this year eight police dogs have been killed in the us, they are placed in many dangerous situations and that's why they need this protection.em >> cleveland catholic bishop richard lennon is recovering after heart surgery this month he released a letter thanking everybody for the supportafaf as bill sheil joins us. >> what else did he say in his letter? >> expresses gratitude to the staff at st. vincent's party was treated he said that he plans to return to work soone he was taken
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pains undergoing surgery with two stents placed, he thanked the doctors and staff where he received caren and then continues to say. >> want to know about the support for strengthening i am looking forward to returning to the search and diocese he will consult to make sure that he return to good health.t >> the fox 8 dream home continues to take shape as they continue to work on it in the red tail golf community in avon
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to viewers it sold out but everybody has a chance to win that $2,000 in fish furniture by taking a tour of the house that will be finished sometime in late may and. recanting that taste the blackbirds are back out of receiving e-mails and voicemails so that is the true harbinger of springa.
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this is the cedar point webcam, just a few shadows at the detail and this is a backdoor cool front is trying to settle south to concede greater shows, . erie pennsylvania still overcast, most of this is aloft, right now the winds out of the west southwest,e 20 in hawkins it is still gusty occasionally up to 30 mph today a high of 39 . the record high and the record low, but looking at the year,
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four generally those are leap years not see a record high in 2011 because february 29 does not exist in those years . there is a light wintry mix and then it disappears tonight as the system moves back as a warmfront afternoon showerst along the cold front that will drag so much colder air in by wednesday and nd once it gets here we hold it there for a good bitt . show you the craft shows the normal high temperature, a bit above tomorrow and then for five days will be below that then slowly
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wednesday, could be snowfall it will be reluctant to get warmer till next weekek and then it could be filed mild again for about five day stretch ofil
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your plan to crack down on some hits a snag and the google self-driving car a presented is not crashproof. >> natalie herbick joins us for the starting with hulk hogan, in one of the biggest matchups of his career,o has a lawsuit against doctorsu, goes on trial today in florida, he is suing their gawker media for $100 million for publishing part of a sex tape in 2012,r it recorded in 2,006 show him having an affair with her friends wife friend's wife at the time, lawyers for the company argued that he made his sexual exploits a matter of public interest in the sex tape p had been the subject of new stories prior to
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australian recovers after his arm was stuck in a vending machine for six hours it was so far up into into the machine that became caught in ther antitheft mechanism to boy's father thinks his son became overwhelmed with the allure of something he never saw before. >> essay court temporarily stops in new york city from enforcing ng a a salt warning world it was supposed to go into effect tomorrow requiring chain restaurants to o have a graphic of a salt shaker encased in a black triangle next to menu items with more than 300 milligrams of sodium,meme the law goes into effect each restaurants within defined $200 for each violation. >> google self-driving car has a sensee in what may be the first case of the companies are hitting another vehicle said that it happened on valentine's day, they have been testing suvs
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silicon valley headquarters, thankfully there were no injuries in that if you you have an extra two half-million dollars, spend it on thisll brandon 17 bugatti . e zero to 60 in less than it has a top speed of 236 mph you insert the second key it goes up to 261 mph making it the
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the 2,016th cleveland auto show is underway, a carmaker once known for affordability now
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our last day sounds of black history weekend with one ofc those who started it, little richard one of the first class inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1986,c we have been celebrating
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month.n >> this week we take you you you inside the cleveland auto show and. >> would give you highlights from each car brand as matt wright is at the i. x. center looking at kiaia. we are back at the kia section of the auto show, filemaker highlighting two new redesigned cars of the 217 kia forte and the toy 17 sportage . the compact crossover. >> she's hunting for a new suv and given the toy 17 sportage and try. >> is easy to get in and out of it is nice and compact, it is not overly largeaa i like something more compact. >> starting at $24,000 in
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camera is now standard on a touchscreen stereo,w it is powered by a two . 4-literi, four-cylinder engine. >> it has lots of good safety features and technology.. >> is catching attention, the brand ranking second in initial quality by jd power and into 15. >> the stallion is time is second to none, and honda and toyota are afraid of his cars because they're selling some good.. >> kia forte sedan is newly redesigned starting around $18,000 features a standard 2- liter engine for improved performance and offers driver assistance features like >> to keep it fresh and they reinvent themselves every two or three years o'clockee in the days are not for you there's plenty more to see under one roof.
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wantnt with its the best and my family . >> these are not yet in dealerships together so new the month the kia forte in the summer you can testdrive them right outside the i. x. center. >> show runs through sunday. usage you walk around the i. x. center code you have any favorites, and you have one particular? d d >> the aston martin i think would be my next car . >> how did you spend your extra
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and leap day and if you skydivers celebrated by
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mental skydivers in parachute flyers touch down in kids sittingi one of the main skydivers says it's a great way >> leaping out of a helicopter on leap day, it is just a special deal to show our support to the public people who don't usually see this to educate them that were not just a bunch of yahoos that this is very precise sport and beautiful to share the love. at 6:00 o'clock, four students injured when a gunman opened firetu in the ohio school cafeteria and what we have learned about the suspect. >> vizio on the lake when people call 911 and we
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could happen to more of you. >> video shows the johnny manzielel living out the nightlife some try to pinpoint the time that this was taken. me beginning with the lather, we will see a little bit of everything. >> andrea joins us with the forecast is this winter's last blast squaring i love to say yes . but you know how things go march can still give us some interesting events . the next 36 hours, a nuance instead of a cold front comes through tuesday into wednesday it will stay cold
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days .c the clouds are increasing , you can see as we put this into motion, we have had a will work of cloud cover in some periodic breaks and the cover, the good news is that it has not beend overly productive, and to the north, there is some light snow .ro this is a backdoor cool front try to sneak in here but for the time being the winds are still southwest . watch the wind direction goes along the glacier, as soon as it moves northeast, there is a chance that we could get light rainfall or amex and that will happen early tonight is the bigger deal will be the smell tuesday into
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cooldown . we still have a little bit before the real chill down arrives . fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. pingbackk continued to search for two men they believe that doctor daman from his mother's home as peggy gallek has more from east cleveland,. >> the place, found the victim's car include a little bit ago believed that the body in the trunk is that of the missing man still working on a positive id, for this issue charles barnes of has been missing since early this morningb they and they said that his car was foundth in cleveland, these are pictures


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