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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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ted crews is hoping to help to make the rally in columbus. lucy millions of high-paying jobs were going to see young people coming out of school was two, three, five cap petunias. took shots of donald trump saying if trump is the nominee hillary clinton will win the
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we will have a work related bring you covered it wasn't for another debate hillary and hillary both have quite a bitit annual legacy tenant todd meany is life with the details. it's that unifying the party. the competition was evident with ohio's primary to knowing the
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his presidential action. to get votes. he's encouraging violence and chaos to give folks his pitting americans against each other to get votes. this campaign is about ending a corrupt campaign finance system that allows designers to buyne elections pretty wide margin that i could change as candidates crisscrossing the state of ohio.
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of the campaigning it include the very great honor to lewis told him how they been kind of today is the last chance to vote early before tomorrow's ohio's paintings. you can strip out the person who local privilege between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there must be postmarked by midday. production will hope for the
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reaction on fox 8 news at ten p.m. the heartwarming gesture from barker howfr she worked at the church a local police officer after his police officer was killed in the line of doing. details coming up in sports. you know what is.
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officer ryan davis says he was going through thousands of letters that he had received but this oneed especially touched his heart the above in -year-old
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mailedy in her allowance money to helpe pay for a bulletproof vest he was having trouble getting inti touch with her and he reached h out to other police departments for help were happy to report housen and her mom were identified and they will be in contact with davis very soon. >> one private returns rehome and her cortnei retriever just pitchmen to basic training and oklahoma straight to texas after she graduated. but it is merely death and suffers from arthritis but was meantime she texted the pups through skype.e.
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4:00 a.m. some of the stars in los angeles weta have a highly event taking on the clippers next in sports e log on to to vote for the next fox 8". one of the whole on thursday and feature them next week on fox 8
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good at morning. is this nice break your we do have some fog. pretty humid air moving into thevi picture later on today. the rain developing on the lower left-hande corner of the screen it won't make it in here until sometime 6:00 this evening. that will be enough to support some rumbles of thunder.t
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newscast. we're doing pretty well. we are seen some shots south of us. westbound service was not affected. we don't have any issues with traffic but it is in deficit visibility it is not this is on the run that starts tomorrow.
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resurfacing projectt after spending the last few days in los angeles the cleveland cavaliers got back to workrk taking on one of the top teamste in the western conference p.j. zigler with your monday morning sports. it would have been the golden state warriors nba. another sluggish start for the cavaliers. at the third quarter for jr
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several three february so far. they tried to close out the verge of the right way. i now wear plane sent great basketball. for the production will greatly decrease of the next few weeks as the ncaa tournament the winner of the back trevor received a 14 feet they will face off against that miami hurricanes on thursday in
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ohioe state and akron received in and bite to that and 19th in they will face each other they will play at ohio state the three seat on tuesday at seven kent state men's basketball team has chosen not to participate in the postseason.anitwipat sixteen teams will travel to columbusn hoping to leave town with the state championship in hand five teams are from northeast ohio garfield heights withd ro face the south. they've those will face new client.
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will face cincinnati. it doesn't get any more perfect for notre dame college is joey davis from this past weekend he won his fourth straighte is the first rose the in history will also going undefeated in the
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at the actual to it. 4:28 a.m. is your time. keepis it right here for much more fox 8 news in the morning including weather and traffic updatesn th an officer gunned down the latest details after suspect opened by an attacked a police the buckeye state taking center stage at minus primary election where they will be campaigning
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and we need voters who want safer gun laws and who are disappointed in leaders who stand in their way to remember come election time. i share president obama's outrage. it's time we had leaders with the courage to stand up to the nra. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. in the senate, i'll fight for commonsense gun safety, criminal background checks, ban assault weapons. i approve this message because ted strickland will never stand up to the nra.


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