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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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president obama has chosen a nominee to replace the late supreme court justicece antonin scalia, stacey frey will have the latest. >> ohio governor john kasich isn't going out without a fight. >> tomorrow is st. patrick's day , city officials working to keept parade goers save that, we will have a live report. winds are gusty close to 40 mph, they anticipate any rainfall later ? the fox 8 news at noon begins right nower. >> president obama chosen a
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scalia. >> he made the announcement a short time ago in the rose garden,, stacey frey has more on his supreme court pick and the controversy it has created. >> senate republicans said they would not consider any nominee thatsa president obama put before them, this is a man it will be difficult to reject, named merrick garland a judge who is widely respected. >> of the many powers and responsibilities that the constitution> and asked him the him the presidency, few are more consequential than appointing a supreme court justice nc. >> at 63, he is somewhat old for a supreme court nominee he is the chief judge of dc circuit court the re second highest in the land and was in charge of the federal response
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city bombing and the prosecution of timothy mcveigh he earned a scholarship to harvardng, he graduated at the top of his class,, senator orrin hatch called him a consensus nominee who would win senate confirmation, he supported his appointment to the circuit court many years ago. >> republican senator orrin hatch was then chairman of the senate judiciary committee r supported his nomination, back then he said, i would like to see one person come to this port to say one reason why he does not deserve this position.crt >> this is the third supreme court justice thatat president obama has nominated, it was sonia sotomayor and elena kagan, they were both appointed by him it it is unusual for a present to have a say in three of them republicans say thats with less than 10 months left in office
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>> it was a big night for the front runners with both donald trump and hillary clinton moving closer to their nominations. >> the republican field narrowed to just three candidates has scott mcleanubie send dc with a breakdown. >> marco rubio said that he believed that the winner of the florida primary would go on to become the republican nominee, something he probably wishes he had not said because the winner of florida was donald trump.bad >> two them by that kind of number is incrediblele. >> in florida, and let's not even close, donald trump trouncing his opponents winning en all 99 delegates in forcing campaign . >> the fact that i have come this far isf evidence of how
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>> but donald trump cannot capture ohio,, governor john kasich won his home state easily but still has the very unlikely path to the nomination. >> are going u t to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> pawnshop picked up victories in illinois, north carolina and least interest in missouri where does too close to call. >> bernie sanders hope hoped to use his surprise victory in michigant last week as as a springboard to win in other midwest states but this wass not a turning point, he lost in hillary clinton and four to five states with missouri still too close to call. >> we have come a long way in 10 monthscl . >> sanders sanders is not dropping out anytime soon,. hillary clinton is looking past the nominationon. >> we are moving closer to securingng the democratic party
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this election in november. >> it might be a few days before we get the official results from missouri, less thanof 2,000 votes separate first from second on both the republican and democratic sidesse as we wait the candidates are moving on, on arizona, utah idaho and american samoa willl cast ballots next >> governor kasich victory in ohio changes the course of the republican race for the nomination,n,he he was banking on ohio and the state came through, this is a game changernk that it t shows kasich is a viable candidate especially in a contested convention, he celebrated with hundreds of supporters at baldwin wallace university last night, the race was called early in john kasich easily beating donald trump who had hoped to seal the deal with victories across the board yesterday. e
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don't do them because that because you're going to make me crye . to have people, believe in you andh believe you can bring people together and strengthened the country i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio . i love you .ess. >> now it's up to pennsylvania, where he grew up, the ohio governor is polling well in key states that still have to vote like connecticut andpo california and. >> stay with us for continued coverage of the ohio primary, what comes next and the results will be at the bottom of your screen also go to fox forou more info fox spinet statement preparation for the st. patrick's day parade. >> is lots of fun but also need
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us at the emergency operation center with what the city plans for the event tomorrow. the greatest fun, downtown ticket look outside, there's a lot to say everything is going to be okay to have fun but be aware the parade route will be the same . we'll see lots of canines walking around asking everybody to behave . but the weather is nice they expect a
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lake county sheriff's called the police,, those who help us out in this endeavor . we will beseech you to listen to the police when they tell you what to do on st. patrick's day,n they're not stopping you from going down the road because there are mean, we will plan,, it works, there are pedestrian closings, that are for a reason . we are asking you to keep this a family affair . we coming down the street we have close to 1,000 parade marchers. encourage you to use the rta will be tons of people downtown
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so enjoy and don't worry about the construction they say everything is going to be okay. out for allegedly breaking into an animal shelter to get her cat 's back, please call to the portage animal protective league-apl after reports of a break-in, they found that several were missing, they discovered a break-in at the adjacent water resources department building,is after reviewing video to apl staff recognized her, 48-year-old christine pascoe of camp arrested, her cats were seized last month she is charged with breaking and entering, vandalism and theft.ts >> develops after an
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about 4:30 a.m. at the gaslightht store at memphis on on west 47 th the suspects used a stolen minivan to break through the front of the store4he they then stole the atm and are still searching for them doesn't. >> the ohio supreme court has supreme court has ruled that a stake in trying yet again to execute a condemned killer who survived the 2,0099i botched execution, execution, the second inmate who survived a botched execution in us history and the only via lethal injection process to deathi for for the the raping and murder of in cuyahoga county girl back in 1984.o >> five children removed from their home after a drug raid in stark county, the couple arrested at the home on lincoln way and massillon another drug raid at the hillandale road restaurant and can't in the confirm that the involve crystal meth and other drugs.caca
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show you a live look . check-in was scott sabol. reassumed the cloud cover break out in a couple of showers on radar, currently, mid to upper 50s . some pretty good rainfall in ashtabula county that's moving out herent some clearing from cambridge down to strongsville . one shower just off of sandusky is pushing north of norwalk and more likely head
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it will be pretty windy and stay that way today with more sunshinene than some clouds hit is i
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kitchen graham veysey today, will be easy because entire metro rail system has been shut down for an emergency inspections are taking a look at 600 underground cables caused a fire the fire at the station on monday,, the metrorail system that serves hundreds of thousands has never been shut down before, it is supposed to reopen tomorrow morning . >> pennsylvania man facing charges over the big celebrity nude nude picture hack, and wooster, private pictures of jennifer lawrence, kate upton and others were stolen from their apple and google accounts in the timeline, 36-year-old ryan collins of lancaster agreed to plead guilty to one count of computer hacking the computer
12:16 pm c >> learn more about what they found in the home of chumley, from pop stars las vegas police report that they found a large amount of marijuana, xanax, and 12 guns, and aan room with a stripper pole, the rate in connection with the sexual assault allegation, they also took a blood sample, she is freedom bothers no comment from the history channel that airs his shown.m >> it is a world of pure imagination.. >> about the latest attraction coming to universal studios and>
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yesterday morning we were lock-in with the fog . we now and break apart the cloud cover . the lake water temperature in the mid- 30s, it usually lacks behind a couple of months of the air temperature
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to swim until mid-june . the eighth all-time warmest and then we look back last winter the 18 th coldest . so just to show you the last four or five winters they have been all over the place . we had some interesting winters, more info at my facebook fan pagege with a winter weather recapr , some pretty good rainfall in ashtabula and approaching 16 or strongsville and the forecast will continue to highlight some strong winds today the cloud cover will begin to increase .
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and increasing cloud cover to keep an eye on with wind gusting up to 45 most of that is moving into western ohio winds will get stronger looking at radar one shower near sandusky . today strong winds with near 60 degrees by p8 lone shower to the west but it will be increasing cloud cover that clear out tonight, 43 have been cooler tomorrow . four afternoon in the parade starts we should be okay . a lot colder friday could be a snow shower on friday not enough to accumulate . the weekend, should be dry, into sunday and monday morning slight
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good-looking next week, with rainfall possible early tuesday in some 60s next week fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. .fo
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the report shows where coworkers are roads,, the average commuter spent spends nearly 50 hours in traffic last year drivers in los angelesgic had to be the most patients, they spend spent an average of 81 hours in traffic, london is the only city in the world with worse traffic than latl , with drivers spending an average ofe 101 hours in traffic. >> avon moving operations from new york to the uk,, 2500 jobs will be cut, the maker of women's cosmetics says that the layoffs will save the company $50 million, the investment is two weeks after weeks after the 130-year-old company sold its north american business to a
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>> instagram will be just like facebook and twitter, getting rid of its biological feed,, people start using algorithms to personalize user fees based on their interest and relationships ,n on average users miss 7 percent of post and instagramf instagram hopes the change ensures in church that you see the post you care >> soon be able to walk through a willy wonka inspired paribas, universal studios orlando unveiled plans to open a chocolate factory, for those with a sweet tooth will feature a 19th century to court just like in the movieur, it will also offer twist on items like steak, seafood and pasta butwi no opening date has been announced .
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jealous, increased amount of time that new parentsnt can take off after having a child to six months of paid leave, change starts april 1, both men and women are eligible for the time off, it follows similar changes from companies like netflix
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president obama chosen a nominee to replace the late supreme court justice antonin scalia . >> he made the announcement and the white house rose garden and stacey frey has more on the controversy that it has >> said republicans made it clear they will not consider any supreme court nominee that president obama but before that this is a man who will be difficult to not consider, he nominated merrick garland,,fi the judge who has wide appeal, and 63, he is somewhat old 48 at dominate he is chief judge of dc dg circuit court which is
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the land response cu to the oklahoma city bombing and charger press prosecution of timothy mcveigh, orrin hatch, called him a consensus nominee who would win confirmation he sported as nomination so many years ago. >> a nominee widely recognized as one of the sharpest legal minds, someone who brings to his workrk a spirit of decency, of modesty and integrity .. >> this is the greatest honor of my life .. >> this is the third supreme court justice that present a mama has nominated, sonia sotomayor and elena kagan,
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eight cheerleading association treasurer has been arrested, shannon lewist is charged with mentor youth cheerleading making more than $13,000 worth of charges. >> eight with a mother looking for help to find the person who killed her 13-year-old 15 -year-old son, he was shot and killeded in the parking lot of burger king march last last year it happened after school time they say several teenagers were in the the parking lot when the suspect opened fire,n the arrests were made, she's urging anybody to contact police crime stoppers is offering a reward for tips leading to an arrestew.
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killed . we don't know if he was targeted for somebody shooting randomlyy. >> crime stoppers is offering a reward for tips leading to an >> tomorrow st. patrick's day, many of you hope to spend some time outside . st check in to see if the weather will cooperate tomorrow .. scott sabol takes a look at the forecast,ot right now it is super beautiful, how will it be during the parade tomorrow downtownl. >> probably looking at the 50s . the threat of showers will exist during the second half of
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this front because of the windm it is now approaching 60 degrees .pp so i don't see the winds getting strongeree gusting up to 45 mph . forecast today shows more sunshine and more clouds with the winds pretty strong and then after sunset you will notice a huge drop in the wind speed as
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the indians dropped one and the number one seed pierce john telichr >> three-point accuracy healthy akron zips the season but didn't last night in that it nit opener against ohio state . the buckeyes one in overtime . richard adams, the very attractive sedan and tied at 62 they had a chance to win it but then into overtime, he gets the
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the zips turnover of them scores off the class in the zips fired 42, three pointers and only had nine, ohio state winning 72 -- 63 . cavaliers at the q. tonight when the mavericks come to town, they return after losing to the jazz on the final game of their four-game west coast trip . try to stay ahead of toronto for the east number one seedt, does not matter who the raptors play. >> watch other teams whether toronto wins or loseses we had an opportunity and we lost so get ready for the next game.
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three hits from davis but the rangers beat the tribea five -- four in cactus league played in goodyear arizona, carlos carrasco in four innings and allowed seven hits and two runs, both earned,ar he took the loss he has ah two . 00 era for the spring, colin kaepernick saga at a standstill, yesterday ucla pro-day and all proteins were there including eight general managers and browns coach, hue jackson . the browns linebacker davis for a visit . he started all 16 games each of the last three seasons he was drafted in 2012,2, . la cage aux folles doing two-year deal, blue . $5 million wallace had an
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minnesota took a shot at teddy bridgewater he said i need a quarterback who has proven and gets things done getting new developments, from the browns announced the signing of the mario davisg spent the previous four seasons with the jets he has not missed a game
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39 -year-old and her two daughters, were trapped on the second floor of the house . nobody could say them . not even the man that she was in love with her husband brent. >> there's nothing that i can do , i tried everything i could, it was so hot. >> photo showing a picture-perfect family who did everything together, trips to the beach, celebrating halloweenhoi .
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girls havet been sprung mattresses on the side of the bed. >> it was the suspicious nature of the fire thatit interested the investigators they began a arson probe, they say they question his story. >> when the consistency started to arisee in the version of events that actually caught the attention of investigators. >> search warrant says there is probable causese to believe is a case of first-degree arson. >> regional results for items that will be sent to a lab for testing not been named a suspect or been charged in the fire but he does admit that he is guilty
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>> you can watch crime watch dailyly fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every weekday. >> people constantly refer their cell phones, may be anxious or depressed . eo the study of 300 college students found that heavier technology used was tied to greater risk of depression especially true if they applied dealing with feelings was not seen inot people who use their smartphone as a wayu to pass the time or for entertainment. i think that some people can use it as a crutch that theyi need to have it with them at all times . this movie is the story of a
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disease, her mom, looks for ways to save her. >> here's a david moss with more on the movie,, miracle from heaven. then jennifer garner stars as a from heaven, or the pains to make this gross story come to life. >> that the movie is hard enough and you are often and you're going to be bonded . of i feel like, she is my colleague .
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whole moving. it was important, petraeus s. girl that went through so much . it was helpful to have her by my side . it just changes the thing of the
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really happened . it was not like it happened to just one person and this happens all the time. >> you have to take joy in the small things that is one of the messagess of the film, that touches me so much. >> a heartfelt story in theaters now, david moss fox 8 news
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airbnb is a powerful
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it turned tragic for a familyay. >> as rich demuro explains in the tech report. >> it started out like any family vacation, and has a family questioned the safety of airbnb rentals . zak stone is a journalist in los angeles , last year, on assignment, then nobody would ask for . in articles on the story of his father's accidental death and airbnb rental . >> post titled living and dying on airbnb instantly went virall. >> goes into detail about the thanksgiving vacation at airbnb rental cottage near austin texas , retold the story of his father and how sitting on a tree swing ended his life.
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headad. >> is not looking for sympathy by use of the article as a way to question the safety standards of airbnb rentals.ot >> and it was important story in terms of talking about safety , regulations and liability and sharing economy. >> city section of airbnb website says they hosted over 16 million gueststs and the emphasis seems to be on the protection protected person listed in the rental there is a one million-dollaronp mp for hosts and they did not respond to the request for a comment.a >> they make incremental changes but only when something bad happens or when people find out about it.o >> some people read the article and say that this could have been on craigslist but it was airbnb something that we trusted .et >> he was able to tell his story
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settlementst with airbnb, they settle directly with the host insurance who rented a cottage,
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uber driver in connecticut, goes above and beyond for her customer's. >> mama kaye does whatever she can to help. >> with a home-cooked meal, laundry or gets into the doctorsrs
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she picked me up . and she told me that she'd left work early to pick us up. >> della pagano has a full-time jobb and drives over in her spare time, she says it is fulfilling reaching greeting her customers with a hug, her customer love her as much as she does them. want to start your day with st. patrick's day treat tomorrow morning,d bruegger's bagels is
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today on "the real" -- >> situationships today on girl chat. >> the situation is i want to wah "scandal" by mysf. >> some hosts have got it. others don't. which of us is the hostess with the mostess? >> pick right, you cou win g. >> and the sexy star of rosewood, morris chestnut. this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time grab ahold of time and get it


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