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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it is the dawn of yet anotheran wonderful dayo on the shores of northeast ohio. the secondhe day of september 2, 1665 degrees outside. we will get a check of the forecast with scott sabol.he especially here in cleveland and here at the prancing get inundated 15 minute down pat that is:in fact there's confusiona as daytime highs will stay in the sentence for the next couple of daysctday we mend the play with those continue to about five times as high as
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the seventh is still coming in shifte lake will start too they just kidding aside the site is starting to expandg a and ths also true a little further too the east it's going to discuss the hurricane that mean for usr we will be to the core overnigt low 70s so we can forecast a good basis. we've had in months.. the longer stretch of daytime highs in 70stre since the middle to end of may.y. will look ahead to next week is 5:01 a.m. >> touching clue police are looking for an accident. twoo parts of the alternate. we're going to try to figure us
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inappropriate to still close.e. they're usually. ted up.. that azure reopen at 6:00 this morninge wayne and jessica back to you.. top story this is the first time in 11 years s for fun in the
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areey a person is to create a complete assessmentre states officials have higher than normal storm surgest even before landfall this video shows they turn this can cost lot of money to some of the king'sh important they are reporting it. that will begin to back out as the storm's ahead. out we're looking for to morning get
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it will continue to move up the east coastll c there down that a to that marilyn post as well is unclear what led up to that accidentcl there's the controvey
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felt a complaint claiming up to 300 something to support the set out.upp it was 15 letters almost and a
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he fared over out of the november election.he this liver one of the eventual action without opening ohio. of will now prepare for ther regular-season after the season with a loss to the chicago bears.s. the dinners with retake the lead in the second keep thinking 21-7. p.j. zigler has more on thet start of the regular-season.h first energy stadium where theye losere preseason game number for as bad as it may have looked lt throughout the preseason ha bros players of the coaches also things will be much different c
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i felt good about where we are we do have that we can.a to be consistent.n. all comps spring out was done even with the more consistent. of theon friendship everyone against the philadelphia eagles.
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jackson was the only new perch on the sentence for the province last nighton the we can forecast to talk about that down. check the hurricane up there and
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an rem fan. i do not have not been my i do appreciate their music.d are you there. i guess that is in i wouldn't
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five years ago. what does audience team what are the 80s are 70s for 60s for brother hector that the storm fox radar their persons on radar in cleveland earlier. for going to give you the force as for the of the netet couple ofof hours coming up clear out the forecast are hoping the rain would not developar during ther
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the browns in the there with sellbro about a mile how high st that all the suddenle it it downtown cleveland and the thing to. all this thing with a pretty potent showery they came at the time of day.ey that's when the developer the middle of the evening. that the flex the remnants of the hurricane which isex now a tropical storm keep it mainly on the east coast.ic temperatures state generally stay in the middle 70s with have 15-25 here.- of lake erie2 it will stay prety
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that's where the sun is sitting a lot earliere s all the way upo cedar point . should stay the lower 60s. with a high of around 77. this is the still prevent holdingtil together look at the rotation as is moving into central allopathic going to be pushed off the east coastlo will hold together and watch this over the next several days that .ontinuestcc
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anticipating anything from that here's the high asreic growing r through the weekend perfect brother upper 70s and lower 80serouken thursday for friday f next weekrs has fry is in my voice. thank you for that.g is your time is now 5:16 a.m. cold sore he submitted a violent you what police areso the adult the
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welcome back. my name is patty harkin a couple things happening as we step outt the door talking with police they say that accidentthe for 9r east over it was seven. he does not appear to be that these overdue. b the good news is that has reopen that though. trump is so are freet h to grow. you can see traffic is slowing lot was grossly and mental the issues the also looks good for 90 and 77. how long for 90 gas prices are
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you can put our website click on gas tracker tab click on that and hopefully when you do you'll in some lower gas prices your neighborhood. continuing his process but once again to refusing to stand during the national anthem. involving stood when he saidid founder national anthem i think racial injustice andcia police house in.n. >> i think it's a misunderstanding. then immediate payment this as it inside an american and tonight menican and women of th military that's not the case at
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they have the state in boot here's a moment of appreciation he did joined that crowd in a pause.i he talked with the former player of the players protest. how can get the message pack contract and not take away from them military not take away from pride in our the focus on what the issues really are.ey k k as we talked about a camera taking there many issues there back concert need to be he says he's an officer organization and the does plan to donate his first million dollars to some of thosi
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former stamford summer whowho received a six-month sentence -- sexuallyly brock turner has served three months of the sentence the 21e -year-old is putting released really. they hated the judge the six month sentencengg he for the 2015e crying because 2 he was first defender he will need to register as a offender when he returns to his parents home near dayton, ohio.pare find ways to stop the violencece has more people have artie been killed by guns and 2016 and allof last year. of the suspects arrested for homicide 40 percent of them do have prior convictions involving guns officers say more must be
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off the street. the company was feeling the rocket will prove. for a testfiring being an artichoke quarterback in shows great string to become
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