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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a look atca this perspective. it was enough rainfall to producenf one age of rainfall a a herd of 1m concord township 1 inch of rainfall and about one half hour she said that it handled it just fine because we have been so dry behind the front, the first win showers. this morning overnight low temperature was only 2 degrees away at 79. that time it was that warm when i was a long time i will share the info as we take a loo
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with the second day, two dozen schools are closed becaus of heat >> son did remain open because they said it is notot hot enoug as my life here with more for us in euclid high school it was very hothi superintendent says they do not have your condition he said it was not hot enough t cancel class. >> the using fans at euclid hig school >> on a day when all two dozen the cousin of the excess heat here at euclid hig high school remained open it is not air-conditioned so how much is too much for students? >> dwe look at the heat index a that when it approaches 103 degrees it is added danger point.. >> so dangerousd that you could suffer from heat exhaustion. >> i check almost a minute to
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feed index was 91, that is uncomfortable,ee it is not grea for learning but it is also not at a point.that we have to cancel school.. parents have schools include them said that no air conditioning is acceptable. en >> i feel for them they should haveve air conditioning and passing out bottled water, we get hot and cold in cleveland s they should be prepared for the stuff. cleveland in euclid school picture that students are cool. >> were taken steps with air-conditioned zones and water stations so that students and teachers can teach inner. they feel that they get too hot they can come inside the auditoriumn one of the cooling centers it is secure degrees an it feels comfortable. >> we get into a situation wher
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be worried about how many days we have used are notwe we will make the best decision for the students and teachers and families. euclid has not canceled because of the heat, the school superintendent says that paren about the complainant too much about the decision to keep students in classo. >> will talk about it yesterday we are accused of two school being canceled in winter but not in september heb. does and on days but then student safety is top priority. fox 8 cam were welling as fbi agents in placece knocking on doors looking for clues in recentng child abduction cases peggy gallek joins us from the newsroom with the. t more than a dozen fbi agents were in north ridgeville hoping to get informationabi to determine
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also elyria. >> will do the diligence to ask neighbors for any additional info? >> one a fbi agents in north ridgeville place, surprise thursday knocking on the doors asking questions abou april 2015 abduction case. >> i was shocked to hear it happenedhe , i have not seen it in the newspaper or on tv in june, the i-team that the north ridgeville case was sent to the fbi to determin if it is connected to the may abduction of a six-year-old cleveland girlrl and attempted abduction in elyria. have been investigating since april 2013 but no arrests yet.e >> fbi special agent vicki anderson says investigators to notot know if the north ridgevi case is connected to the others. >> this individual in north
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adults sleeping in the house an walked through the house conducted thean girl from her b and took her out of the house. >> the girl escape and return home.. >> i am nervous because i don't know why they would come back t the same area >> i came around the corner and i see all of these cars not what it was in reference to that i think it has something to do with theeer a dirt bag gentlemen, who appeared to be abducted kids. fbi released video of a person of interest that they wantaer to talk to her connecti with the cleveland abduction an attempted abduction in elyria they believe he was driving thi vehiclele. >> within the public health before this guy strikes again.. >> if you have information aske
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they say if you know anything t call because even something you think may not be important migh benca. >> donald trump returning to cleveland today his second visi this week brought the platform including giving inner-city children the chance to attend school other choice is is dave nethers was their enjoins us. this is a inner-city public charter school in cleveland spoke today the school fits neatly into his vision of what education should be under his presidency we had the only
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a closed-door roundtable meeting with local educators and one school student theti academy he has more than 400 students from a number of area cities claims to outperform city schools nearby with fewer dollars, trum told the audience that if elected, he would push for teacher merit pay and invest $20 billion into a grant that will give each childve poverty the chance to attend th school of their choice.. won every single inner-city child in america, who is trappe in a feeling school, to have th freedomom, the civil right, to attend the school of their choice. >> parents will choose , the finest school, they will attend that school e. 's message today covered all
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clinton. the school says that this is not a political statement is not a endorsement from the school, their door is open to anyone who wants to tal about education , and the head the school says she views this as a a chance to share her thoughts and priorities in education with donald trump. hillary clinton is also talk about national security today i picking up support from two elizabeth noreika joins us. while serving as secretary of state, she was very involved in the hunt for osama bin laden and todayan she says that the us should not rest until they hunt down and kill the leader of the islamic state. >> we should make it a top priority to hunt down the leade vices,ty abu omar al-baghdadi. justice as we did with osama bi
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she spoke to reporters outside of her campaign plane i white plains in new york today promise and hunt down the isis leader, said that t no one dire or inspires attacks against america gets awayay with it, is also picking up support from tw retired army generals, brigadie general larry gillespie in cincinnati and genera wilson the lorain held a news conference in cleveland both taken donald trump isisra short tempered endangers him praising her for being a levelheaded leader. >> she is a very compassionate person at the same time very decisive, she is a person who will sit at a table with us and receive input then make the decision, but i think donald, i he says, he will sit for the cameras, but he will say that h or he knows what he wants to do because he has a good brain he
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both believe that donald trump were threateneded our nation's security by underminin nato allies they say the hillar clinton is the only candidate who has the experienceay temperament in judgment to serv asxme commander-in-chief, this s good news for the hillary clinton campaign a survey showe that military personnel preferring tromp over hillary clinton. sunday marks 50 years since 9/11 honor america those who died especially northeast ohio soldiers families of both of these men attended the tribute. >> we love these people here an they love us to come a feeling of loss that you feel especiall
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he was a very humble young man probably wonder what the big deal was they offer services and empowerment to children and adults with learning and development disabilities. mentor schools and not together academic year until after labor day in the past.t. today son had to cancel classes because of excess heat, we're going back to a later start help solve the temperatur
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no complaining we had an overnight low 79 degrees, do you know how many nights that even a miami doesn't go under 70? >> > note that i liked it, it i perfect summer? >> that's why there is no need for weather forecast , why would forecast is coming next week. >> i think i will be very frightened, but not really. this talk about this, i did som digging this morning andnd i thought that 79 degrees has to be one of the warmer overnight low temperature sufficient hopkins airport. >> the more that i've looked th more i realized that this is somewhat unusual i had to work
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10 years before that i was born. best time we saw an overnight low that warm it was 79 degrees and hopkins airport and has onl been one or two i think that were 80 plus for the overnight low temperature. >> this is somewhat overly rare thing thunderstorms did not
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this line took over from a dime to northeast with the heaviest rainfall and still some rainfal to the last because the front has not made through it is a dying front you can connect the dots. this front basically is washed out the second front saturday and a third during nex week, midweek down to very autumn like levels seventy-six is rain-cooled air in youngstown. the dewpoints are feeling still like key west. the lower temperature may make it feel a bit more comfortable
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68 but most of the night i think will be in the 70s with showers early than tomorrowe monkey, 8 it will be a little bit less tropical. on friday we will be in between basicallyly partly clou skies tomorrow into three. has been advised of the temperature knocks it down with a high of 70 on sunday low 50s at night which means the birds would probably be in the upper 40sds then another front thursday became simply astounded
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their still time to vote for this makes friday night game of the week, the polls closing adds 9:00 o'clock tonight and announcing the winner at 10:00 p.m. tonight.:0 >> join j.t. pj and danny coughlin for friday night touchdown, this week's guest host is jessica dill, and less like, when they take the field after newly renovated stadium wasum the action it has friday night touchdown tomorrow,
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last week he tried out for ever major-league team.. today, tim tebow has a visible contract find out which team picked him up. >> jackass jones,donkevious mins up next, your pick for the newest sports anchorman. >> join aspartic audits second pet telethon on thursday september 22 from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. you can make a pledge by phone or money raised that that's a include an apl the telephone
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many southern that's not what you're talking about how a columnistt decided to attack a tv reporter had channel 11 minneapolis, she covered the story for every coach knows the family and those the painin th this story has caused a lesson on a number media types found i inappropriate and downright charming. the star tribune poll of the column the backlash said that it was insensitive and they apologized to jana shortal and
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accept the apology that feels thatsat the anonymous miss cj e bullying tactics needs to be
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tebow has been signed to a mino league baseball contractbe the former pro qu?bec will get a shot in the minors the instructional link in floridaes , ten days with no guarantee he will get a shot at spring training next year they say that this is not a publicit strictly driven by his god-given talent, he showed batting power, his arm is weak but he has competitiveness bein that it is a marketing opportunity, he is 29, no word
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he has not played baseball in 12 years whe he was a junior in high school . he is 6-foot 3 inches, two and 60 pounds, the bike is attitude maybe scott five, seven years i think it would be maybe a one shot and i realize it won't work and then be out. if you have got it that he would make it. y >> if not then they would even sell a whole lot of jerseys. we have a donkey helping us with browns highlightsa and no lights and were looking for a name for itit in the asked yesterday to pick from theories
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you the options were jackass jones,donkevious mingo, donkey mcdonkeyface, mr noodlesj and which one do you think? >> nmike ferik was mr. noodles? >> and was just thrown haphazardly. >> it has from domino. >> iraq donkey next donkey face. the name of a maoist browns mario edmonds mr. noodles. we have lots of viewers on the in trending segment professionally, the browns borough is
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do you know what were doing? >> noy, not at all, it is a delightful afternoon it hot and steamy as you slice and dice several ways it is still hot and stuffy with the
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we've got a saying about rain, too:
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mestic. not domesticated. doesn't the local schools without ac closing because of heat. >> it is renewing calls to star the school year later as from 2
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mandated to start later. >> some arete moving the date u earlier in august and now some say enough lawmakers proposing statewide mandate that schoolsl begin after labor day. >> always quite in cleveland at michael white elementary, lobbing thousands of schools closed because of hot, classroo temperatures some calling for a later school start date. ohio senate bill introduced last month require public and private schools to start after labor day september. >> is going to be hard for them to focus and concentrate g. >> senate majority leader tom patton strongsville is a cosponsor. >> i think it is huge for , more importantly for kids to learn on a send it grea day the first week in june thant 897 degrees day in august.
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date earlier so that finished with first semester by motorbik and more time to prepare for standardized teststs, the school board association says the current system workssa and pose state-mandated calendar but he says that difference can start earlier they hold a public they can opt out we require that they meet with families to let them know why they are opting out and then ge feedback. w >> a similar bill failed four years ago some hope for a different outcome. the need to go back to the drawing board and start schoolo i would vote to start school after labor day . lorain school leads to start after labor day. >> the bill is as early stages it has to go through a lot of debate in columbus but also excludes districts with
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collective bargaining agreements. i don't remember schools shutting down because it was to hot. >> seem to be a new phenomenon that we seek, so we will see what happens maybe thisw bill will gain tractionis. to those runs came on a crazy occurrence as j.t. has a latest in looking at the highlights. >> the indians led two to one i the third lonnie chisenhall with multiple runner on base when dana plato fired a ball into th dirt look like lonnie chisenhal may havebrt found it off but te that to the umpire.
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not signal a wild pitch and the catcher did not go for the baseball, so there were two run scored the astros manager protesting gets thrown out of the cave those two runs t prove pivotal in a four-run inning to help the indians to win-r by ten-seven count it look like it did get his bat, the indians hold a six-game edge over the tigers in the division and the magic number is at 18 hit the road to take on the ad trends on friday, it looks like those two runs came at an interesting way. saturday nights ufc title fight featuring stipe miocic ha been so out at the q.. they are meeting the media for the final time before saturday's showdown h as p.j. ziegler was at the q. with more on what the two fighters had t
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in his hometown to defend his ufc heavyweight title against alistair overeem has been waiting to hold the heavyweight crown, or continues at the q. as the ic getsts it prepared for saturday night fight,s to then matches has been in situation o war except it was on the other foot i, he went to brazil to st the title from fabrizio for the was fighting on his home turf, peacekeeping has preflight routine the same he is sleeping at a local hotel for 52 years we
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i think of my 86 bytes and mymy years of competi i have handled it very well will be interested to see how he handles it, he seems profession but we will see saturday, it will be great to see him fight his hometownt >> after nearly 60 years on the job, mr. kleem is taking an extended vacation.. >> a search for a replacement i on, legendary icon has teamed u with kellen lutz to help a replacement the twilight star tried his luckhe and scoring th role but was unsuccessful to ge that part treatmentco to th mr. kleem was a dream because i am clean, hard-working and superstrong and he has a very
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my hair does not hit until you hit 47 knotsy , this is gea county airport, you can see a heavy shower that works through a lot of places got between hal inch and 1 inch rainfall. that was within one half hour people had to slow down when that line of thunderstorms came through this is a super long line, it i not solid but if you connect al of the dots, it is a pretty war front. you can see already it
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is partly cloudy, 81 and hopkins and 82, and akron-canton you get into the mid- 70s it gets really sticking and upper 70s like gets day for a short timeme your attention just standin
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clean forecasts, 68 that will b into the morning i think at the night seven days the night will be 70 degrees i think it will be the warmest nighttim low has same in city souvenirs, tomorrow 83 sunshine with a little bit less humid and the next front, will take away community and will give us the clean sweep. sunday saturday and other front wednesday that in the low 70s with 50s at night so real september like
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is written some of the most uplifting songs and broadcaster. >> detailsb on a new autobiography paying a differen picture of bruce springsteen, but he said that has some stunned.tu a fine line between bravery instability, after you see a man's attempt t break the world record for spee
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a section of interstate in delaware became insaneat after a tractor-trailer the us maine philadelphia crashed overturning and caught fire spilled thousands of pennies under the interstate closing trafficpih the truck dr suffered minor injuries and was treated and 51-year-old woman is recovering after being bitten b a shark in hawaiild say that sh was in the water about 300 yard offshore wind she was bent another person on the water managed to get her two safety she's being treated at the
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with springsteen cover says he has been battling depression most of his adult lifeeen detai ongoing battle with depression in his autobiographys says he being treated for depression with talk therapy in antidepressants to be says he worries his depression will become unmanageable like as lat father's mental illness ' memoir, margarine, comes out later this macon on one of the romano's most iconic dresses, the one that she wore when she performe herne rendition of happy birthd ton john f. kennedy in 1962, julien's auction house as they address is expected to sell for several million dollarsasas it will
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plc can break his own record that was anyone, coming up a special edition of the tech
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apple will unveil the next generation iphone seven. this year was at the event in san francisco and goes hands-on in the tech report. at first glance iphone 7 does not look very different from th predecessor. they added several key features but it is what they take away that has people talking the most.tat look at the bottom there is
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>> include our headphone that plug into the light and jack ar you plug in the chart and now you can go wireless. >> these new air pods look like typical earbuds retail for $159. >> it has better camera for dark conditions it has two lenses an you can see the dual camera set up both are 12 megapixels want is wide angle the other is telephoto.elel >> both models are now water resistant withstand splash but not a swim and has stereo speakers and two new colors matte black and super glossy je black. it is a fingerprint magnet you have to spend at least an extra $100 and also gone is the 16 megabytes it starts at 32
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pictures videos and apps starting price does not change $650. football is back and so are the jabs at the groundst.
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there since winning the championship bud light but as reminds us the fall season is herere. that is tim couch a former browns qb, it spotlights the ne nfl camp that includes the browns the new cans are in
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the record he ushered in some major downpours today and there could be more tonight melissa myers is tracking it. >> they came around the corner and i see all of these cars not knowing exactly what it was in reference to.. the feds go door-to-door and local suburb the it management answers they were hoping to >> and while play at the plate leads to t controversial runs. a few hours ago there was nothing but torrential downpour. ? music playing ? has been tracking all of this coming in
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stopped because of minor flooding, there were some areas of minor flash running lots of moisture in the atmosphere ther points are very high think of that as a wet rag looking at some of the storms providing downpours across the southern counties loop some getting downpours wi akron to north canton, and mogadore getting hit hard and just between hartville and nort canton also creston and equipment.
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we have no watches/warnings the front is in the process of moving toward southeast malingering shower three overnight most of us will be hi or miss early overnight the drier air will be working in frontl it was hot today but not as much as yesterday anyone to graze currently youngstown 74 still hot humid wild thing


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