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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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are in the lives lost 15 years ago today. september 11, 2001 while the attacks may have happened a decade and a half ago01 emotion are still very high in new york as well as washington dc andnd shanksville pennsylvania where somean eyes we're also held to honor the fallen. thanks for joining us at ten i'm jennifer jordan andte i'm bill shows the nation pausing today commend the lives lost in september 11 at the terror attacks 15 years ago as an obama sign of the attacks didn't change as rather helped us
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the nation marking 15 years since the september 11 sarah tax.rk present obama participated in error wreathlaying ceremony paying tribute to the 184 victims who died when american airlines flight 77 slammed into the western side of the massive building.ig non- magic and seem like just yesterday. 's steadfast love and faithfulness has been an inspiration to me into our entire country. entire c the flight 93 nationall and shanksville pennsylvania 40 passengers and crew members are behind jack planes that crashed are on it with a reading of names and holding of those. forty heroes the flight 93 well the collective strength of our nation iund in a crew for this going.
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thousands gathered at ground zero to remember the lives lost in the terror attack family members begin starling reading the game of the almost 3,000 inctims. ryan yanez fox news. back here in north of your thousands gathered today to pay th the attacks happen in new york city dc and shanksville pennsylvania andil emotions are still very heavy here in the buckeye state fox 8 has the look at some of the touching ceremonies. september 11 a day to remember. of brown never to forget. those who distefano harms way
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fateful day t we come together across northeast ohio to honor a pledge. to mourn those who we're lost to say thank you to the men and women who committed their lives to the ensuing fight to terrorism might never again find americansto on american soil. and brook park more than a thousand motorcyclist joins heartsot and minds to honor the nearly 3,000 people lost in the attack towerst the pentagon and on the passengers of flight 93. to the 24 reservist from the third battalion 26th of maine regiment based in brook park for never p made it home alive a salute to their bravery and their sacrifice. are honored to call my friends
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they gathered and cleveland. they stood shoulder to shoulder across the north coast that no sacrifice bornth out of the day ever be forgotten. we are nation of ideas and idealistbe or found nomination f freedom and equality for all. of course attack could control flight 93 over northeast ohio before crashing. much monetary ceremony in northeast ohio and across the nation we are continuing coverage on our websitea just go to fox 8. not ask for a beautiful fall
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beautiful outside today as you head back to work on school tomorrow have we seen the last of the summer heat. standing by with the answer and the first look at our forecast. do not have a 90 degrade in my a day forecast but i do have a lot of 70smy so we're talking about some typical frost like temperatures over the next seven eight days there to fluctuate. tom a little bit warmer our average high 76 degrees and touch a little bit above that file afternoon sometimes tomorrow on 705 will be chilly for some some areas could give down in the mid 40s tonight. low 70s by noon lots of sunshine and will continue with backup the bright blue sky throughout the day tomorrow you can see on a satellite map herey nothing in the way o'clock cover
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that matter a lot of the surrounding states are our temperatures drop to 62 in clevelandoust lot of mid to uppr 50s on the map 56 and the rain upper 50sth and akron and canton how about ashtabula there one that's can a drop in the 40s air coming in at 63 degrees a i guarantee you you really notice that different from yesterday to today. anywhere between five to 15 degrees coolerer than what we we're yesterday at this time. where flirting with fall plenty of sunshine this week unfortunately we are tracking more weekend showers next week all have the a day forecast coming up a little bit of everything for those records fall i am more summer as well. 2016 and's our transition month. we've had they kids.
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officially kicked off today o opening just like it has the last 12 games the brown start off with a loss. fox 8 joining us live with more on the browns opening day versus the philadelphia eagles. we have seen this movie before 12 timesvi before the browns opn up on another season withth a ls for the 12th straight time as the eagles beat the browns on opening day in philadelphia it did notda start well for the browns did the opening possession was offnd after cards and once makes heckuva throw in his nfl debut. the rookie for the eagles traded at thetr browns to get outplayed the better the first ascent of thece season for the browns 2-yd run to make it 10-7 games they have a chance to take their first lead of the game but they stopped stop the bar oval are g3 saidhe the results are safety in
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wends 29-10 on that safety play. about momentum was coming the wet but been nice to finish that drive with the touchdown and dinning get it done i take totl responsibility for thatn this team elyse we have to get better. the browns return home next week for their homeme opener and they will welcome the baltimore ravens to town more on the loss coming up later and sports will check and on the indians in the rain goc have .-period jams and his big night last night at the cube.nd i know is monday morning quarterback but the talk this i week will be in part right at the browns passed on the quarterback the rookie quarterback for the eagles he took them to victory. is one gameacv everything will determined by how the whole season plays out he certainly looked prettyer good and made te browns organization that bad today but again one game a lot
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was see how they parts bounce back.gaeey another year begins and people are hoping for more successful season than in years past as we heard from pjuc the first game think i was acquiesced plan. fox 8 news reporter allison brown on the first energy stadium and i'm assuming the fans are taking this lost pretty hard. not too happy today but they say you have to remember this is a brand-new team with a brand-new coach and they're not going to give up just so it begins the chanting the orange and it's all about the faux pas, innings in orange makeup. imax a known for my orange lipstick. not just about football on
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and this browns town was on display in concorde township. a brother had sisterhood kind of thing.hi of the games are going to go home or away when our lose a diehard fans are going to tailgate. a organa be fans continue to tailgate because is tradition. this browns fan has been a season ticket holder for last 44 years and he knows all about staying moyer. stay the course and just fight through better days are coming after son's first loss of the season against the eagles that's a good attitude. were of very young team running go through growing pains. they agreed that we have faith in the new head coach you hckson. in fa thing coach you. you got to believe. t next week will be better. like they said they have to
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hopefully things will turn aroundhi next week at first eney stadium the home opener e againt the ravens. it is let's hope we have a reason. still to come on fox 8 news at six scary n moments for hillary clinton. the h candidate leaviea a line 1 sammy early and appearing to think more for campaign is sayingge about r held tonight. the candidates making the rounds with plenty of stops and northeast ohio and i team reports how much the security is costing you. can stay breaking barriers how the university is easing the adjustment for a group of students who need some extra
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big-time changes yesterday 90 degrees today 73 and tonight some of us will be dipping down into the 40s. most of us writer on that 50-degree mark staff i'm going to be a cool may be chilly nightma depending on w you feel low 60s by 10:00 o'clock that me started to rebound a bit ill be a little bit cooler at the busstop for the kids tomorrow morning keep that in mind are overnight low 51momo some inland spots again l drop down to the mid 40s clear cool very comfortable at least you can keep the ac off the wends will be light out of the
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as far as cloud cover goat not a lot of it high pressure in the regiono that is keeping us card fee and drive also moving to the east. a warm up tomorrow right now is 62 degrees and 56 and the rain upper 50s and over into mansfield ashtabula you're right are cool spotyo coming in at 53 degrees. and they continued to push along the east coast there was 6 degrees below where this time yesterday i want to showte you on this map here taka look at the warm colors we have temperatures at least at agree to 10 degrees above where they we're yesterday at this time and this is what's coming tomorrow our temperatures will be back into the upper 70s. here's that area of high-pressure continuing to flip off towards the east coldgh the windt shift wends more out of te south they're going to be very
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will warm up with that not a lot of car cover with that high sticking around will see nothing but sunshine tomorrow sunglasses needed and maybe a jacket tomorrow morning by j the afternoon you won't need it. this cold front is eventually going i to push into our area wednesday so that's our next shot of rain for us. 78 degrees bright sunshine seasonably warm our average high this time of year is 76 degrees wends will be calm out o are less water temperature at 7e continues to stick with us through tuesday but bump up by f sunshine tuesday and wednesday will start off the day drive than that front pushes. possibility of stronger storms that and the afternoon evening and timeframe another cool down temperatures back to 70 degrees overnight lows in the 60s and
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saturday is you pick day will have scattered showers and thunderstorms on still to come why a first grader was sent home over the pricey products and how his parents are not fighting back as scary scene captured onsc camera hillary clinton stumbling while leaving a 911 ceremony but we are now learning about her house. the family favorite. yoplait.
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as the cringe in the entire world remembered the word terror attack ever hit american soil the tribute in light still deeming tonight over ground zero. those beams now an extraordinary 911 you museum part of american history as we remember 91115 years later. hillary clinton leaving early today from a 911 ceremony earlier her staff said she was heat exhaustiony tonight we are learning she is currently being treated for pneumonial the scary sight captured on camera located
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van senior correspondent has morent tonight from new york. this video shows hillary clinton standing on the sidewalk outsi o the world trade center site is a van pulls up on westridge is moving a 911 semi icons a male unexpectedly early she appears on steady as she stepped off the curtis age and a productive deay to buy nearby arm she stumbles at his close a van with one of her she is falling off forges helped inside. law enforcement sources 15 feet away from the democratic nominees there were caught offguard by premature departuree why mr. clinton had to wait for her motorcade to the pull up he saw her knees buckle and watch us olympic governorship david your inches and one of the two ninety minutes later herr campaign released a statement saying mrs. clinton lapse because she felt overheated was feeling much better and just before noon she emerged from her daughters daughter spelling
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they have been extremely hot and humid in new york city for the past week are so very uncomfortable intel today when the weather finally broke it was just 82 degrees at 9:00 o'clock with a nice breeze blowing and 31 percent humidity not the kind of day you'd expect someone to overheat.da a young child being held as a hero coming up his bravery captured on a 911 call saved his mother's life during a medical emergency. the restaurant holds a fundraisernt for charities and g supplies from complete strangers they we're given in coming up later and sports the indians wrap up a series with the demands a tough day and philly and ufc heavyweight title will stay in later and sports. it's that time of year join us tomorrowof on fox 8 in the morng
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join browns legend tomorrow for monday morning running back as he breaks down today's game against the eagles it all starts
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as a no life on a college campus can be difficultlt adjustment fr
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mom students identify with the lg bt q community safer than they can be more difficult but for now can't state is breaking new ground crating a living l space for those students. dave explains. will be away from home i called campus can be challenging for most anybody the studio identify with it f lg bt qk for them the expectations can be worse my fear is that not having friends are anyone to support me i just being very uncomfortable that i feel like i probably drop ou i want be able to study i went be able to do my day to day schedule without having to worry about what bathroom or what people thought of me. fire whole hands with the girl or boy.y. can state university hopes to relieve some of that anxiety by creating a living community a
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identify with the lg bt q community together on the same for. this is everyone's home for the next nine months. the goal to create an environment no one feels like they're not welcome at home.nino it's nice to be in a community where you can kind of feel like a part ofof a family. growing up i did not havef that community at all. so college this is where you're supposed tois start a new life t is coming and having a part of a four be dedicated to.d i was set those my college decision. the whole experience is unique in so whileue the students are living together and study the university will be studying them. iv how i feel about themselves how they feel about they campus is the community helpeded them feel
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while they share the fourth more than 20 other students those and the lg bt community say they have only one requirement. i can't force you to love and accept everyone on this world but i can require you to be respectful and campaign others fox 8 news. several stops in northeast ohio this election's event they pay the price aty fox 8 eye team reports the tax my that's going their security.s chipola leg going high-tech why lucky customers will have food delivered straight to the door. rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire.
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attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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the road to the white housei running straight through northeast ohio what several
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and donald trump and just the past couple of weeks in fact we're getting so many visits from the presidential candidateg are led to the fox 8 eye team investigating we found those campaign stops are costing year in tax money as well as police protection s a gallic with more. tenants are present come to northeast ohio even how the events can pope pull police from found lorenzo brian marking his son home from school. that came just attains the crux dollars security here monday a visit from hillary clinton and her running mate more than $16,00000 throw police officers
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plus the kosovo police command bus and a communities helicopter.o the eye team found the security cost for this rally fbi accent and marks more than 68,000 is see how all these campaign stops affect your wallet what about police protection. they impacted the neighborhood that cleveland police union presidentic and other say the campaign events the city first that don't answer 911 callsc but steve says often patrol officers needed to. were terribly short shortstaffed right now. a catches us. the men and women of the police departmentc u did the absolute t they could do. the trump campaign did not respond to us the clinton campaign says it does not control security and does not request any additional security
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the campaign stops grateful for a chance to meety candidates fae to face others like lorenzo could do without it. that gallic fox 8 eye team. please are investigating the shootinge death of one people overnight and to supper incidences officers called to east 86 straight to find in 200 man and 26 road woman shot later pronounced dead at the hospital a hundred and 16th street e and 18 your man was shot and killed anyone with information on either shooting is asked to contact cleveland police. high school and akron will be closed tomorrow after a fire damaged a portion of the building over the weekend firefighters we're called to the high school around 11 last night once they arrived they called for backup and other fire officials including out firee investigator school officials
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school will be closed tomorrow. turning to our weather we had quite a change yesterday with summer early yesterday afternoon and then y they opened up. if the transition will be get those temperature swings we get the big stormsms and no snow and september. not here at least. let's take a look at th little sunset tonight. gorgeous blue skyky and were gog to see a lot of that this week i have lots and lots of sunny forecast for you today we had 7a below are average and 76 nowhere near a record at 95 we we're at least 15 to 20 degrees below where we we're yesterday that big changes here no rain tod t but at least our departure fore the year for the month actually
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unfortunately but yesterday the brain we picked up anywhere between three quarters to an inch and a half it really helped us out. speaking of the rain you guys sent me and some wonderful shots take a look at this carry shot over lake erie wasting a lot of those clouds moving in over the lake. after the storm beautiful sunset this is mark and b they sent to us. really beautiful sunsets as well. those are the headlines chilly night tonight some of us will be dropping into the 40s thehe average low for this time of year in the upper 50s plenty of sunshine this week are pic day is tuesday we are dry low 80s expected above average and our brain day this week will be on wednesday unfortunately will be talk about we can showers are pic daywe saturday only a slight chance of a shower are two
10:37 pm
have scattered showers on tap. let's talk about that temperature change we have the cool air continuing to push towards the east coast but look to theas west of us artie startg to warm up here and visit where it's headed in our direction were going to be at least a couple degrees above where we we're today and this is a reason why high pressure pushing to the east in a bring in a wind shift out of the south they are going to be very light keeping us dry and sunny our next shot of front that front eventually pushes to our areaon late afternoon evening timeframe on wednesday. let's talk about those temperatures tomorrow mid to upper center days all across the board. 7879 degrees. hover right around 75. 51 degrees and inland areas will be dropping into the 40s would we do have a waxing harvest moon
10:38 pm
wends out of the southwest ten the gnats in the water temperature 74th how about 78 degrees our gorgeous afternoon tomorrow all you need is your sunglasses kids might need that jacket at the busstop temperatures falling into the 40s. eighty-three on tuesday fl as tt is the pic day of the week low 80se this time of year wednesday mid 70s. starting off dry but we see scattered showers and thunderstorms another start fire on wednesday afternoon and the weekend. will have a fewew more rain chances here saturday your pic day upper 70s to low 80s.ha not only no 90s 180 and the whole a day forecast. yesterday i did have that
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the backlash over happy pen prices not letting up still to come on fox 8 at ten the parents of one young boy fighting back why the sun was sent home from school over that pricey product. chipotle fans rejoice by lucky customers will soon have burritos delivered straight to
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the price of epipen's continues the wayce washington was sent he if he didn't how one scores family was then stunned and him out there asked to pay matt markovich with the story. on the second day as a new fourth greater carl sambergg elementary naked quezada was told to leave. is a mild peanut allergy par are treating it with benadryl the den satisfied the school. she exposes said he can't guarantee becausese he hasn't epipen. is allergy was gone they get into an allergist. teixeira neck are still had a peanut allergy therefore the school neededed to parents to supply epipen before he could come back. the doctor told my wife the cost of the epipen i couldn't believe
10:43 pm
500 percent increase from just a month ago making mylan it's make it a target of criticism. we spent the whole morning trying to get the price reduce why all the coupons insurance pays for fourth that's a year supply the school took to. i get where they're coming from state law says students back where medication must have that medication on campus to attend. this is life sitting medicine we have to pay the ransom for which is our king's ransom same county minutes of alternative that caused only $15 unfortunate it's not available this schoolson are students like nicholas who felt ashamed when his pulled there is this company does behaving like likes right now they either greedy. nicholas felt better when he
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the plan to fight they cost like batman mylan says the jury make a version of the pen that cost half of the brand name patent campus says the panel have the same medicine and work the same as the epipen but at a cost of $300 instead of the 600 it's now cost. spun up and cover in the past 30 days. unbelievable display of bravery from a seven -year-old boy. how his quick thinking save his money life. was a fundraiser for charity the big surprise from complete
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real 100 is grateful his mother is still alive printing put a big part in saving her life. to didn't know she was going on i thought she was tell mom that's helps coming. everyone's coming. recognize his mom kristin was
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calling 911 for help it in left their dog outside say when get away. that open door for paramedics please say they are overwhelmed by his bravery same most adults don't know how to put their dogs away in an emergency.p christine says she is grateful she wasn't home alone it had just returned from being with his fathermeha and north caroli. they are did people in the world. restaurant michigan open up on this day holding a fundraiser to earthquake victims in italy turns out there on the receiving endqu the big donation as well they recognize the couple and for the fundraiser she remember the couple asking her weeks ago how me employees she had when
10:49 pm
plus theve stack up $50 bills fr the entire staff donated their type and tips for the special event as well. the gentleman could get that is a big gentleman. a good christian. hopefully could have him are like people like that we need it. i think they're pretty much did it not to be out of the goodness of their heart. the owner says she also has three new employees she is adding to the staffw andhey couple left a few after 50s and the opulence for them as well. drone delivery coming faster than you think google teaming up with a popular restaurant while aul partnership will soon main flying burritos of one college campus. hear from the people's champion
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ending standings extend their lead and new team and new quarterback same old browns will
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are caused her dream come true. flying burritos.a students employees for the able to triple they burritos a special kiosk that we made eligible live food truck on sitw and then delivered to a confined area. the self navigating drone will lower the burritos using a tetheraa google says it shows to test for delivery to learn how
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if google enter polling plan to expand the delivery new regime new coach new players new quarterbacksew same opening day result fall day opening losses for the browns at the eagles and rookie quarterback carson wends gets the when so to oakmont 2016 season g he did not start well for the browns a took the opening drive down the field someone toward a method for 19-yard touchdown 7-0 eagles they only delegation of the game in the second quarter pulled off the close of that out in the fourth quarter cause and was dropped the ball in the bucth for the photo you touchdownier y beat the browns 29-10. the defense is falling hard.
10:54 pm
better. we need to keep working i saw of things being better. we have to take the good and grow from that ine a limit the bad the guy the browns past nine on draft night outplayed the browns veteran quarterback as carson wends had one heck of an nfl debut are g3 said after the game he sprained his left shoulder and will be okay for the home opener next sundayhi he had a very active this day 12 of 26 55.90 no interceptions in a quarterback rating of 101. we want to get the when. became i'm sure today today is started with me.e. have to play better. the look on those little things to make sure that was her mom
10:55 pm
288 philadelphia dominating the time of possessionss game nearly doubling the browns time of possession cleveland could not sustain a the drive two of ten on third downsns 0-2 on 1st downs. turning point they game came in the fourth go to brown's down by threein over are g3's head they went to the back of the is on for safety safety that gave philadelphia five-point lead and the footballp responsivity for the snap after the game. k the browns return home next h sunday at first energy stadium the walking the baltimore ravens to town they brought the defense today against buffalo bills we're held to just 160 total yards ga on the day and quarterback joe flack go through touchdown pass the raven settled for two field goals as they open the season at home with a 15-7 rent.
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lead to seven games in the american league central after big day from corey clover and carlos santana and the twin citiesa unions get all the need in the second any when carlos santana blast as 31st home run of the year. corey clover looks phenomenal he struckl out ten batters in seven innings of work and unearned run and for his bypassing at 20000 strikeout mark for the third straight season and the inde bit at the twins cleveland remains the city of championsur northeast ohio natie knocked out from the hometown crowd is crowds a usc 203 got knocked out in the first round but regrouped over when the tennessee. have a right title that's a look. two straight knockouts these
10:57 pm
the browns are fighting the baltimore ravens tough next week the need it to bounce back and get this feeling. we have they calves and the indians are in first place.h of us dropping in the mid 40s that's going to be a chilly start 78 degrees tomorrow by the afternoon a lot of sunshine going into recess tomorrow low 80s on tuesday a neck next shot of rain coming as wednesday afternoon the evening hours and then drafted temperatures again and upcoming weekend looking like this. not so great dayay sunday. will see as well hold off the
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that's all the time we have for fox a news at ten the results show is next to join the morning crew at four we are remembering 911 tonight have a great weekend.e i don't care for surprises. they induce needless excitation and unseemly emotional outbursts. that's why i like techtracker from time warner cable. it sends me an email or text that maps exactly where my technician is and when he'll arrive. no long waits.
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shed. [rustling outside] he'll be fine. time warner cable.
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picks up a really were jot the browns are so bad might provoke brought his own bartender the results of shirts right now. welcome to the what's not had hit the panic button addition raspberry jam super bowl champion with major rod i've got my resident canadian as internet


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