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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 19, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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this sort are looking at the home opener when the blood and it as the heartbreaker good evening and thanks for joining us at ten. on jennifer jordan the cleveland browns had a 22 nothing first-quarter lead that lost the game and perhaps another starting quarterback. fox 8 sports anchor joining us now him giftware young and inexperienced inexperienced football team. the other teams have to learn how to keep their composure and how to close out a football game when they have the lead the browns not able to do that up by 20 points in the first quarter but never scored again the rest of the game as the ravens done the browns and cleveland's home opener that the baltimore ravens stunned when corey coleman carter second touchdown pass of the game to give the browns a 20-0 lead the point after traffic try was blocked by the
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first part of the game that turn the momentum baltimore scored 25 unanswered points including two touchdown passes by joe flaccus to mike wallace to give the ravens 2920 be. metro par push their bounce out of the red zone and lost her josh mccown interception to seal the game ravens lead cleveland for the 25-20 win. we have to learn how to finish that's my job that the get them to do it. i won't make any excuses. two football teams. a lot of work to do to get better x-rays taken on a shoulder mri tomorrow cam irving
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while more on this debt is coming up later and sports as for the o into brown's that will had to south beach next week to face miami dolphins. where you're more about this loss today later on in the show. when our lose expect a big part before each and every brown's game in the lot as you can imagine thousand showed up today for the home opener fox 8 meyer has more on the celebration. all these broadband say they're it only comes once a year. is the home opener it's amazing. there's nothing to lose coming
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district out bus is the unofficial's gateway entries to tell getting fun. we went to philadelphia last week it's a good game the fans we're way too nice we need the cleveland browns to play harder so we get some respect. i can express how much i like the atmosphere right now. were so hopeful it's not december. we still have a little bit of hope. and cleveland fox 8 news. thank you maja and before today's home opener a huge honor for a browns hall of famer jim brown was honored with the statue unveiled outside first energy stadium this debt she
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features brown's career stats and timeline of his hall of fame and post career honors brown who is now 80 years old led the league in rushing and eight of his nine nfl seasons ceremony attendees included several browns players coach you jackson and browns owner jimmy haslam. i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the friendship and for the dedication to the work theyou was 8 feet 6 inches in height and shows the brown and struck his body contorted in apparent to the emotion i was before the unveiling brown could behind saying i hope it looks like me after the unveiling he had just one word fantastic. the legendary jim brown is only one. turning now to our weather we
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summer temperatures wait intel this week. and third jed she joins us now with more on a work week forecast. comfortable outside on this sunday evening hard to say goodbye to the region good thing a beautiful work and school week easy to get up and going as you head up on your mondy 72 at hopkins right now many areas and comfortable bitter and upper 60 range tell right now i 70 do points are still a tad on the higher side but they will be dropping our remaining pretty low for the rest of the work and school week take a look at the store parts radar many of us did enjoy our gorgeous day to the south a different story including right now near canton and brewster right now. otherwise things are pretty
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quarter most of the rain stays to our south and east that front was just too close proximity southeastern county which we have about 20 to 30 percent chance of a shower our storm continues to fade just before midnight they all should be set it done tomorrow morning and where you live it will be a dry one we could also have patchy fog for areas that clear out and did have some of the moisture content of the rain and tomorrow it's going to be all about the sunshine. will start to clear out partially will get some patchy come to a new 60 and tomorrow temperatures running above normal between five and 8 degrees above the abundant sunshine highs low 80s but also with low humidity. the remainder of your a day forecast in a few minutes. of beautiful time a year. and after deserve ball shooting that ended with the death of a
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tonight the resident pulled an assault rifle on them fox news reporter allison brown was in akron allison please are saying this started as a fight between neighbors. that's why police came to the scene initially they say the suspect slammed a neighbor's arm in the car door. they got even worse once please arrived. kimberly watkins in a ten -year-old daughter watch as akron police and bci nbci investigate on florida avenue. outside just down the street street an officer involved shooting his neighbor say sadly they are used to the violence and crime here. to come home and see this is heartbreaking lieutenant rick edward says initially responded to a fight between neighbors on sunday around 330. the suspect in that is all a 61
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where software for was. at the point he reached in pulled the sought rifle out and turn around. nothing else to do but the fire shots at the suspect by one officer behind this apartment complex on ford avenue he later died at cleveland clinic's akron genetical medical center. that officer takin life from me are playing for both families feet away from this violence on sunday as' prayer guarded as a safe use them for people this trinity. a symbol of hope. something needs to be done we all need to stand up and help our committee these neighbors .-period of violence stops.
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all around. a temp officer has the bold the weapon a very dramatic experience that only for the officer other people may witnesses. young eyes watching other people who are working to protect and serve no one wants to see violence like this happen. , this is the preliminary stages of investigation the suspect or the officer are being released tonight i'm told to officers responded to this call on the one fired bill officer on paid administrative leave tonight he's been at the department for almost two years you just have to wonder how something like this escalated so quickly. a story will be following. the disturbing finding a local high school the message filed by an employee where it not a bathroom stall has go officials are handling this. that the local state trooper the
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itunes report can we do more to protect our first responders on the street. dozens of people injured the new york city explosion tonight what
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welcome back to fox a attack clark of beautiful time i scams are on sunset the exact it at 730 if and high clouds by carry the sunshine with a beautiful spectacular and to our sunday what a lovely day it was for
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a few of those storms around looking at high temperatures that reached 83 degrees to hand 4 degrees above normal the low wasn't that cool this morning the upper 60s to near 70 way above normal and the low department not quite that record high 94 degrees and 1955. right now the parts of the rainfall above normal for the month. seventy-two right now and hopkins 70 and mansfield 67 and then the beast of low 70s across the board in the southern half of the state. do points right about 60 and 65 still a little bit slightly humid but we will notice the dewpoint drop 60 and below for basically the rest of the work in school week we have those temperatures and the 70's in this quarter back to cincinnati paducah in indianapolis also 60s where it's clear and some dry air conditions in terms of 68 milwaukee chicago right now in the mid 60s. here with the front is been
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county just enough and stability with the dew points kind of high in that area that did have though showers and storms fire back up justin spots most of us cannot be lovely for tell getting in the brown's game. until the end result. looking at the showers and storms, very weak front. got a head in our direction tuesday but because it so we can moisture starved i expect the deck of clouds with it as opposed to any rain. this is how it looks will see the showers dissipating over the midnight, mostly sunny to start will be patchy areas of fog otherwise a beautiful full-blown sunshine kind of day. here comes that front you'll see a little band of clouds here but that's it basically unscathed and you won't even notice that front passing by on tuesday. temperatures about 50 degrees a spot storms are fitting all have that patchy fog low 80s tomorrow with sunshine and look at this a day forecast.
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wednesday we have fall beginning on thursday became forget friday night touchdown week number five. this one looks dry. so far we're really striking a hundred percent what that so far. there's always that one rainy are wet cold. still ahead tonight a celebration 52 years in the making some little too hard after they calves championship went high school students are stepping up to get a please car destroyed and a celebration back on the road. mom stopping at nothing to make
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authorities in new york have determined a bomb was the cause of a large explosion thar the manhattan neighborhood sunday messier's entry an explosion as an intentional act and haven't ruled out terrorism fox to correspondent in new york with the latest. a powerful exposing rocky manhattan set in a injuring 29 people sending panicked people scrambling for cover by sunday morning all of those injured
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around 8:30 p.m. on west 23rd street fisher say the explosion was intentional but does not appear to be linked to international terrorism. there was a bombing. that much we do know. we know there's a very serious incident. we've a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this. less than three hours after the explosion a second device was found on west 27th street that appeared similar in design contained his cow the areas been evidence as they try to pinpoint exactly what and who caused the blast. at this political social motivation we deftly had a bombing last night and 23rd straight a suspicious device on 27th street. governor angie pledged to find whoever is responsible and bring them to justice. weber place these bombs we will find and they will be brought to
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we will not allow these types of people and these type of threads to disrupt our life. is encouraging new yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual and says a thousand additional law enforcement personnel have been deployed throughout the city as a precaution. in new york city brian fox news. officials say a stabbing at a minnesota mall was a possible act of terrorism last night police a man dressed in a security uniform entered the ball and started injuring nine moments later and off-duty police officer shot and killed the attacker investigators are not digging into the attackers background and possible motives the attacker mentioned allah and asked one victim if he was muslim. we've executed to search warrants. we did the sever the suspect's vehicle on them are parking lot that vehicle was clear out and and patted and other words
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the violence calling the attacker a soldier of the islamic state and got a bit of a known as iced his plan the attack or even knew about it before hand the grabbed his occur so-called loan worth attacks. a home and arizona completely destroyed after his hit by a small plane saturday night officials say the plane was carrying a pilot and four skydivers when it crashed the ntsb is investigating a cause a spokesman says the planes occupants we're able to parachute out before the hit the house miraculously everyone survives. a husband and wife inside the home we're able to escape. it's a home usually only see in the movies that is intel now. why as owner getting kicked out the problem city officials have with her treehouse. prepare for a tearjerking story special needs his mom was battling a van stage cancer how not one but two high school teams help to make this water
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it's that time of year. joined brown's legend brett pruett tomorrow morning for monday morning running back as he breaks down today's game
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excitement downtown cleveland their cans became world champions the thick of the cloud the police cruiser was heavily damaged in those celebrations wristed it right here. some local high school students are bringing the total vehicle back to life while at the same time learning some life lessons. students getting their hands dirty preparing rack to vehicles and this auto collision class and on the high school in cleveland's westside. any refinishing small thunder benders shop we took them to do here. doctor greg says his wise we're glued to the tube the cavaliers won the mba world championship back in june. even washed as thousands converged on downtown cleveland with this 2010 cleveland police cruiser getting heavily damaged in the middle of the celebration. one of our students we're watching it he will graduate
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work. the visited the city garage they got there which. i think is ever going to be fixed. just for the school board coming along very well. instead of selling scrap from the vehicle as a total loss the wreckage was given to students to work their magic and rebuild. just like the cast with a rebuild a 3-1 and finals. makes me feel good doing something that people can sit to be done just like they calves winning something's people are saying can't be done happens. this is an example the kevlar miracle be something to our kids. castillo kids and teachers that work so hard with materials donated by safe line and sherwin-williams the ones damage cruiser will be as good as new and about two weeks from trash to treasure thanks to the students who are passionate
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passionate about their class. once repaired and given a green light police cruiser will once again be patrolling the streets of cleveland and hopefully another calves championship. we do that and cleveland we rebuild. millennial's playing a huge role and this year's presidential election. still to come huddy tenets are as the election approaches. a community on alert parents concerned after britain threat
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the eye team is found in a highway patrol troopers debits put the spotlight on how officers pull over speedy drivers. how at can be a deadly job no matter how they do it. i team reporter with more. state patrol traffic stop a day after trooper got hit and killed by driver as malaise tried to flag down a speedier the eye team found only chased down a speeder in a patrol car other officers would rather clock speeders that way them over we also found both ways dangerous. often deadly for cops. the state highway patrol meant emergency just got hit. a trade highway patrol meant got hit. we showed you this drupal is searcy hurt during a traffic stop clear that officer jim
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hundred thousand tickets and his career point drivers over and a car like the others down along the highway ceremony hit and killed on the roads to. no such thing as safety and when you're doing traffic enforcement. there is no defense against an impaired person is driving a vehicle whether it's imperative alcohol or drugs they plowed into the trooper high on drugs. police believe gaspar swerved when the car in front of him hit the brakes meantime simoni in a retired trooper tell the eye team most drivers flag down to follow orders but even stops and patrol cars risky. they pull someone always a try to use their car as a barrier angling it towards the highway like this. even turning their wheels tour the highway like this that way the please car gets hit it won't simply barrel into the car that
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now was an experienced is a very confident and great officer. in the end of many ways to do traffic enforcement but no golden rules to keep it 100 percent safe. fox 8 eye team. lakewood high school officials say they have extra security on hand for classes tomorrow afternoon employee discovered a threat with in a bathroom stall on friday night the threat made reference to the columbine shootings was immediately reported is under investigation officials say the school will go on and scheduled tomorrow and safety is their top priority anyone with information on the threat is asked to contact police. the race for the white house recent polls show hillary clinton continuing to struggle to be let your boat as we had ever closer to election day.
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because just last month she held a huge lead among the millennial's take a look at this poll from august at the time hillary clinton was a whopping 27 points had a donald trump passport to today and you see a much different picture and the latest fox news poll released today that 27-point beat has almost vanished and nasa's ahead by nine points almost within the poll's margin of air at the same time nationally clinton now these trump by a single point in the c realizes that losing millennial's has played a role in that. this week they campaign is putting on a full-court press to went over young voters dispatching surrogates that played particularly well for the demographic like bernie sanders elizabeth warren and michelle obama. this morning on nbc's meet the press clinton's running mate laid out part of the campaign pitched millennial's. let me just late on the line. do you believe in climate
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millennial's do hillary clinton and i do donald trump doesn't it's on our shoulders to make the case but on at least five witness test. hillary clinton and donald trump is fast. though mcadoo dreck page for money voters. that her agenda will help them particularly her plans to make three for can be caught and debt-free college available to everyone and washington i'm gary penny fox news. donald trump will be back in ohio very soon his campaign will roll into toledo on wednesday september 23 weather republican presidential nominee will speak at the theater. doors open at 930 in the morning event is scheduled to start three hours later. a little brain over this weekend turning to whether i think before we get to fall and especially winter this prize. it's like the best kind of day.
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sleeping and afternoon not to humid. i can't wait for the full beautiful to drive around and look at the beautiful scenery. hollow weekend. hence the giant jack-o'-lantern. the sprinklers are typically one when it's a very hot outside. in a day for a chance of rain? like that. isn't much of a chance if all does arrive on thursday at 1021 in the morning high temperature 83 low near 70 so obviously of very warm start in that covers in the low 80s. running about 10 degrees above normal we had some for this evening at 731. take a look at these temperatures looking at 6970 in brunswick. most of us anywhere between the
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you can see with little clear and do points temperatures drop a little bit more like detroit milwaukee and chicago in the 60s. our nations capital is currently at 80 degrees. do points are 65. know is behind the front takes left the dry air to work its way and do points falling between 55 and 60 and staying put for the remainder of the workweek. here's a look at the showers as well as to the east of downtown cleveland what's happened today with the game and it was such a nice day clouds and sunshine and arose included. north can a long 77 macklin and just south of fulton a few raindrops otherwise a downpour just been outside and north and east of millersburg and the rest of the area is all quiet. you dig a lot of rainfall
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quarter inch of rain and can in the tenth of an inch in youngstown less than a tenth of an inch and the western area. as all because of front was dripping right about here just enough of the dew points where a focal point for basically development of the spots storms it did happen during the afternoon hours our next systems right about here it's can a be a week front and it went on tuesday it won't be a company rep rain showers just by mayor band of clouds. basically show ad depicted on a rbi mile. tomorrow has patchy fog in a low-lying areas otherwise full-blown sunshine tomorrow more sunshine on tuesday differences that week front a little band of clouds thinking towards the south and east otherwise partly cloudy to mostly sunny temperature still about 80 degrees. temperatures about 60 those tiny little cells are fading away giving way for beautiful day near monday and low 80s just a beautiful week over all tuesday
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this is true 86 and week in a row. they help to make a water boys dream come true. and speaking of a dream come
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coaches are calling it a moment way football a high school team in detroit coming together to do something very special for their water boys. that special needs with his team found out his mom had a van staines cancer this suited him up and help to make his dream come true. the high school football t takes the field outfront waving the wildcat flag proudly. is number 24. on the sideline mom debbie think she's here to see robbie in
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while cast aside to give debbie more than just the picture. with the timeout no one's new start takes the field. to a roaring crowd. robbie run 20 yards his mom breaks down as she witnesses robberies dream of scoring a touchdown come to life. it was incredible i did not know you in the opposing team take time to honor robbie. way more important football.
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put that helmet on tonight it brought tears to my eyes i'm pretty sure tears all over the place. cheering on a champion mother overwhelmed with the joy in a true example of a wildcat. robbie's mom says she's always been proud of him being the water the hydration manager leslie she called him the notre dame football story. it is a dream for many for one moment her reality living in a tree house. what were saying about her
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a home like you've never seen before may be only in the movies officials in miami say they're going to tear it down shawnee chester a self-proclaimed hippie lives at a tree house in miami dade county. she says she's koster phobic and cannot live with her home or doors and windows the city does not agree saying the home doesn't need code demolition day is in just a couple of months
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says the sun help build the home until he died at of a heart attack. my paradise for him by reason to go on after he died was for him. that side by: for the st it may seem like an extreme measure con they cubs on a three -year-old mom said she had to take a drastic measure to teacher about seatbelt safety her three -year-old on buckled her seatbelt during a ride home on monday they pulled over explained to the girl why seatbelts are important about the mom they decided the lessons b2b and rain forest they called
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by hearing from police officer who was a person of authority my kids are respect i knew that was a drive the point home. this tragic themes to work mergers daughter policy officers that she would always keep her seatbelt on. some states across the country no longer need to use the excuse that the dog ate their homework that's because they're teacher is in a signing any and massachusetts teacher that one elementary schl assigning homework instead of homework students spent after two extra hours a day in the classroom to improve great at the lowest performing schools in that state the actor homework that is catching on some schools say know we can work other it completely. researchers been unable to prove that student performance. she's onto something.
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homework advocates say ten minutes of homework for each grade level can help kids learn experts warned too much can be detrimental and they case of one school educator they say they will assess the no homework possibly at the end of the term. check in with pj for a look ahead and sports. passing grade coming up next and sports the indians produce a progressive field plus a controversial call and a young ?? this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin
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started out the bank for the cleveland browns and ended with a dead after the browns give up 25 unanswered points in news the home opener to the ravens 25-20 browns cannot ask for a better start corey koman his first career fo touchdown we're josh mccowan and 7-0 cleveland i duple outbreak of an 85-yard run the second longest run and browns history and the longest run by any nfl player against the ravens. the browns get his second touchdown of the game the browns led to my does zero after one quarter the ravens did not go away mike wallace got his second touchdown of the game and the third quarter a 17-yard pass way vince within one the browns trying to at a late touchdown to seal the win against baltimore but to rope fire it was fried for questionable taunting penalty.
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the browns road 20-0 and allow the visitors to run off 25 straight points. special teams is awesome. is very comfortable and confident in his game. he's able to mature mentor do it and make a you really do see a team get blown out. there always good keep fighting the fighting the moment as good a switch and we have to build to keep the foot on the gas and the second half find a way to finish games. other get any easier for the browns. starting with a date in miami next week. fox 8 news first energy stadium. depending on the outcome of josh mccown the browns could be starting a different quarterback
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roughed up by the ravens defense he left they game with a shoulder injury and later returned he finished the day 20r 33260 yards two interceptions and the rating of 80.4 we did receive x-rays on his shoulder following the game. i think it's fullest. we are young team. how to ride these ways back and forth. grab some momentum back and go for the ball and in some. everything was going the browns way in the first quarter and tell the point after attempts falling coal he korman second touchdown of the game the browns led 20-0 the point after was block and return for two points that tuna momentum of the game the browns never scored again. we look at the point swing. that's what people point to as the difference it has a huge effect on the game's only other place that i saw that we're step
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what everyone is talking about tonight's row prior taunt our ravens player after making a catch in the final brown strap of the game they clearly looks like is trying to flip the ball to the official to be spotted the ball such with the hand and falls onto the plate official took that as he was taunting and move the brownback 15 yards he was asked for the first but the game he will let you jackson answer those questions irving less by ambience he has been diagnosed with a pulmonary contusion will remain in the hospital overnight for observation. reigns at seven tonight after the detroit tigers avoid the sweep being the tribe the progressive field things got heated at the ballpark between these two clubs abraham get the rbi single. they own 2-0 lead the tigers open up a three run late in the
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run 5-2 tigers and carlos santana tried to make it again with the solo shot to right is 32nd of the year 65 tigers detroit closes the door and the ninth with a three run shot and they leave town with a 95 when. for more games against the titans coming up will be a crucial stretch for the next couple of weeks. see if they can finally clinch the division title. wake up weather. temperatures in the 80s and lots of sunshine. basically for the entire eight days a slight chance of a shower early on saturday what they are friday night touchdown number five looks dry again. thank you for joining us all the time we have at ten the rizzo show is next the sure to join the morning crew.
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