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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  September 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is the 19 today of september it. happy monday. >> we want to get a check on the forecast period of beautiful start to the weekul hopefully it will continue. >> for quite a while actually several days in a rowe.e. expecting the sun and temperatures way above average this time of year. probably a good 10 degrees or so. visibility is improving a smidge. not by much at all. a half a mile visibility lorain has had a quarter-mile visibility so there is a good portion of it land areas that
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pretty rapidly the sun coming up laterh so it takes longer for te sun to do its thing. we are also training drier air that will help with the cold front showers in a few rumbles of thunder last night southeast f a wider view showing use the rain you the rain has headed off to the case.aiou this weather sysm is actually going before it gets here. yesterday we managee and 83-degree high lw '80s today with patchy fog or around that will love. tonight the overnight lowon as 60 mostly clear skies, call and inquire mostly quiet unseasonably warm with our temperatures in the low
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>> over all advocate rush-hour nothing big>> plenty of slowdows average speed of 21 miles per hour 77 northbound under a 30 mile-per-hour averagege somethig out of the east side route 44 way upde now close the next 45 days still seeing delays for 80 and beyond plenty of slowdowns like a parking lot before west 25th around the curve up towards the inner belt. twenty minutes for 80 eastbound between 277 and to 71 and 271 between route 8422 a 20 minute ride. between route
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>> we began with breaking news out of cleveland were police responded to four separate smash and grabs and a half an hour one happened before 4:00 a.m. at a gas station or east 89 and buckeye state would smash through theye way. the next was flomax had alarms on euclid avenue your chardon road a minivan smashed into the building police found the atm of the parking lot they got away in a black suv at the same time someone attempted to get into family .org t street. the try to get a few security gates without much luck. the family dollar at east 34th and superiorat tried to get have that they did not have any >> a sergeant actually heard a vehicle crashing to a gas a yous a red across the street fromas e station on euclid avenue in east 120 third officers chased at the vehicle a short time before
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did not get the atm also investigating and parma, akron in parma, akron and in liquid we continue along with more breaking news this morning out of elizabeth, new jersey and at a train stationof. >> this comes a day the day after an explosion n outi every few minutes investigators have identified a man from the new york city bombing scene over the weekend. they are actively searching for himth take a look at this pictue just-released by nypd the 28 -year-old is being sought in the connectionei with the bombings n chelsea on saturday he is from elizabeth, new jersey where a backpack was just backpack was
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explosive devices inside. the bomb squad coming into the device and it exploded. >> experts say based on the backpack it was found in our garlic garbage damage can outside a pubge the city's mayor says whoever threw it into the can was probably trying to get rid two men from theun backpack and alerted police when they sawn wires and a pie. no cell phoney by electronic devices found connected to it a bomb squad arrived on seed and a robot examined. >> the robot that we are going in to into design what kind of wire and it exploded. i don't know the technological aspect of that. i know there were other devices. i don't know what they were made of, but they will have
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fragments of the other will have tof try to be picked up so the fbi can investigate. >> police did not know if it is connected to the weekend blast in t the neighborhood of chelse the basseterre caught by an explosive device in or near the dumpster that and that injured 299 the bombs found a very similar suggesting there may be a commonly care. the mayor of new york city says they will know aot as things are moving quickly a number of people connected to the chelsea boss provided and taking taken in. >> thank you so much for reporting. >> back here akron police investigating an officer involved shooting that ended with the death ofin a 610 man. police say he pulled an assault riflepu on them. we are told hr
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>> kimberly watkins in your turn -year-old daughter watched us akron police and the cia investigating on florida. >> when i had woke up i heard the path then i fell to the ground and then picked up the windows. >> outside just on the street an officer involved shooting. these neighbors say sadly, they are used to the violence and current there. >> today i just came out of come home and see this it is heartbreaking. >> lieutenant rick edwards says they officially responded to a fight betee sunday tee around 330. >> one had his arm slammed into a car door by another neighbor. a 61 -year-old man who, after the altercation led police to aa man one assault rifle was inside. >> the guy openedifas the car dr starting to reach themca for the assault t rifle the officers dia lot of verbal commands to stop and not touch the wife or that for you pull itc out and turned around at that.the officer had nothing else to do but to fire shots at the suspects to make
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complex in florida avenue he a later died at cleveland clinic akron general medical center. >> two people c involved the officer ended up taking someone's life and the person who lost her life up to me, i'm praying for both families. >> there is a prayer garden as if even for people in this community. a symbol of hope. >> it is to spend so much going on around here, and something needs to be done. we all need to stand up to help our communities. >> these neighbors just pray the violence stops. p >> it is just not good. not for our children around here. >> a situation like sundays it is tough all around. >> anytime an officer has to pull o up at him fire shots of someone is a very traumatic experience not only for the officer both for others around. >> whether it is a young eyes watching for those working to protect and serve no one wants to see violence like this
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others have not been released. they are on paid administrative leave entering a not guilty plea no bomb was set. it now goes to the grand jury police arrested him tuesday after a woman at his homehi called 911 with cops arrived, they freed her,s say they want him it to a third-partyw his next hearing is set for next thursday. >> and injured shoulder with a bruised lung they pushed hard in the first half they took it after hit after hit and it
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offense looked great until the second halfok with ricky coleman but we just gave up.y >> and the second half we did not make as many plays we have got to do some soul-searching this week and find a way to finish the gameo because these nfl games are so close >> this will. likely be the scee at brown's camp this week working harda we hope to get updatese on irving and town today.g >> still ahead on fox eight news in the morning ?- learning about thear real wire fault in our sts and do you think this season is
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thoughts and comments coming up. >> good morning. good morning hope you are off to a great start this monday morning. the weather is terrific. bottom linehe the eight hour forecast with these temperatures really quite stunning considering average highon is our if the low 70s this time of year. how do we hang onto on to the summertime feel? we will have
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all monday morning. aj is here for scott is vacationing and will return on wednesday picking great days if you decided to take this we got. fantastic. this is theta webcam our time lapse you canm see it having te
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two points.standard 70 and over new philly you step back into the dryer and we are in the 50s back here can we see that on our craft? we were close to 70 in the dewpoint yesterday you could feel the stuffing us now they have dipped into the 60s it is alled downhill from theren the dewpoint clearing out our skies they will quickly dissipate and we are expecting the week ahead to be quiet. good news if you want to be outdoors getting things done in the yard taking in and last in my house to beautiful days of summer in cleveland. an
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chance of rain maybe saturday. only a slight chance of a shower, but really, the weekend is not look to support that many patchy fog this morning. it will looks pretty quickly later this morning temperatures in the low '80s mostly clear and uneventful tonight clear and quiet lows around 60s tomorrow, 83 and mostly sunny. gorgeous it could be used to describe the weather right on through with the first weekend of a fall. highs in the mid 70s looking absolutely gorgeous we send it back to you investigators say a a stabbing i 70 that i met us at letting people hurt with a man dressed inn a security uniform walked in and started stabbing
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police say here mentioned the all lot and asked. >> brown the daughter of whitney houston bobby brown died after she was unresponsive in a bathtub in her home. according to court documents filed friday in superior court current state is seeking at damages from her boyfriend nick gordon who did not respond to the court ruled the motion unopposed. the court has no ordered a now ordered a trial date. t the husband from the rl lives has passed away family says he died in hospital in st. louis saturday was able to help time with his wife katie lewish and hospice care of the
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nothing they could do about persist excited fibrosis he had the same condition which have them me on facebook they cannot married. >> an actress who played one of the children in the sound of music is died.of >> she sent one of the most famous sons after> business got married and raised two children to started in interior design business of became very successful she diedr from complications of a rare form of dementia at 73 years old one of her best-known clients is michael jackson. >> i had nott seen her in so may years he still looked wonderful. >> so beautifuloo beautiful is t something you could describe te
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just got beat up. he got beat down yesterday over and over and over. >> waiting for the results of the mri coming in later finding out if you can go and camera in the hospital with a bruised lung. a lot of comments coming in talking about and maybe quarterback the maybe quarterback this weekend just go maybe the code should instead of all the commercials he's been doing. it's not like hisit doing commercials every dy they were done at the beginning of the season is not saying he can't coach he is to do a must to a hero about cases when i die i want themi to carry my coffin this wouldrr take a look me down one more time. oh well. the violence but pound spent all this money but need a new front offense of line to protect the new quarterback we have the best from snatching the beats of the
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first half and then i don't feel sothr bad monday morning. >> this is break from parma the browns the first half was beautifule but then the second half they fell apart on the account of the quarterback's arm. they need to italy three quarterbacks in case one gets hurt. >> this is pretty calling from cleveland. good morning, todd and wayne and then my favorite in my favorite girl t talking about them browns i was the happiest man in the world with that when that game started. man, has said did i come back to reality. >> a lot of reality. to jackson have that jacky. jacket on and e looked like a jedi. >> ii wish it was we needed the forceas i don't know what happened. >> patel and says he is playing
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it kind of looks like it's running off his body. >> i don't know if the coaches will let himuns play. facebook, twitter, instagram the voicemail we will do it againn quarterback for the browns is brown's is like a sacrificial lambac ra. thank you. twenty minutes after 8:00 o'clock on a monday morning in the city. coming up this morning ?- we take a look shows in the actors that were honored. >> will see i share want to ?- i just think the lady cock at halftime for all fall is almost here that the most here that means it is timeishe to stay tud for planting tips with who else
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need more caffeine. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard.
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because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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start of a gorgeous day in cleveland. of course, ajda kolby, nothing t sunshine heading our way. >> welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning thank you for joining us when dawson. happy monday stefani schaefer, stacey frey them and for shape it -- all good news for us. perfect news, my goodness what an incredible forecast. have you seen these numbers? way above average. check it out, first of that we are contending with and a quarter miles visibility, oh my goodness youngstown dipping down gosh 1.3, trying to do the conversion quickly but that is getting close to peace soup frog out there. that is no fun to drive him but the good news, working and dryer air from the west and warming temperatures of this is
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toledo, assembly 59 can see the dewpoint's dropping as well down into the 50s. a whole lot more comfortable and it was really youhole mid- thist weekend. showers, thunderstorms up and down the east coast and still raining heavily around the big apple right now but in the meantime, any clouds that are around will dissipate and get to pull sunshine today without mucm ofuc a problem. here is the plane are, scatteree clouds at noon, time. most of us will not see a crowd bit to the southeast, there will be leftovers because when the fogth lifts many times you get e scattered clouds. sunny and warm, five o'clock 81 degrees, low 70s by 9:00 o'clock. a day is coming up but until then we shall send it back. thanks so much we begin with breaking news out of new jersey.
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items explodes well while investigators are examining it. what we are learning about the possible connection new york cityng bombing as the suspect here. law enforcement said a probe into the weekend blast in new york and new jersey have led to signs of possible terrorists and they have a suspect of the explosion actively searching for. take a look at this picture just released by nypd 28-year-old is considered armed and dangerous. he is the bombing new york city saturday. he was born in afghanistan the last known w address elizabeth, new jersey very backpack was five explosive devices inside a. cutting into the device last night and exploded. experts said the blast was so big people nearby there would have been a lot of injuries but fortunately
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the backpack found c near train track and shutting all new jersey transit links nearby. investigators are looking to see if this could beee connected wih the other suspicious devices over the we can. the governor of new york sing the bombs to have big similarities. the devices and the garbage can detonated marine corps near seaside park new jersey c and saturday night the blast in new york city injured 29 people. the explosion coming from the device and/or near aex dumpster number one whoever placed these bombs, we will find and they will be brought to justice, number 2 we will not allow these types of people in these types of threats to disrupt our live in new york fbi agents arrested five men connected to saturday's explosion in chelsea after stopping their car in brooklyn last night and headed to the
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fbi in manhattan. sent out a wanted alert on their phones moments ago warning everyone the suspect. back here at home lakewood high school officials saying theyak will hae extra security on him for classes today after employee discovered the threat ten a bathroom stall friday night. the threat written on a wall made reference to the columbine shootings. it was immediately reported and is under morning. officialdeve say school will gon today andw safety is the top priority.toy. anybody with information asked to call the lakewood police department. the battleground buckeye state another high-profile campaign stop this week republican presidential nominee donald trump's campaign pulls intod toledo and the nominee to speak at the center of the doors open 9:30 an event to begin around 12:30.
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famer honored, jim brown's statue outside of energies tatum. local artist david denning on a brown career staff, and aunt led the league and eight and several browns players browns owner jimmy on hands answer that affair. i want toan thank you all from e bottom of my heart for friend ship and dedicated to the work you know i love. the browns statute 8 feet 6 inchest high and shows brown n stride his body in motion almost before the unveiling i hope it looks like me. one word, fantastic. i think they did a pretty good job. baseball the indians magic number remains at seven but that
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tigers, things got a little heated at thehe ballpark, abrahm got, rbi single her lead 2 hit late but the tigers three number -1 lead, to run home and that was 5-2, tigers. carlos santana try to make a game with a solo shot to the right 32nd to theho year 6-5, tigers but detroit close the door with three run shot with 9-5th everyone who came out for a concert with a purpose on saturday night. that is the music who appeared fox 8 news in the morning show about two weeks. the band put on quite a show saturday night at the mitchell lounge in ultra lounge come i
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with music. i've only been there 25 times but it was for the scholarship my brother and i founded money and my mother, providing college scholarship in caught -- for inner-city students. thank you to everybody mitchell's for inviting us and inputting on the concert. love the big picture. that was actually little cars we handed out. we try. they certainly appreciate it. if you are just getting the time, 20 minutes until 9:00 o'clock on monday morning still to come problems at the pump. coming up thousands along the east coast are unable to fill up their cars right now plus a better way to celebrate nationau honey then upside down apple cart, the recipe and certain desserts tonight or for breakfast.
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ladies? our best friend? our best friend? our best friend wade. log onto fox, -- we will announce the winning score thursday and feature next week right here are on the morning show. we will be right back.
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welcome back fox 8 news in the morning and he made him a name in the kitchen and others to get started. extremely excited to be cookng one of the students jonathan mcguire this morning welcome, guys and thanks for stopping in. you know how much love we have you have been doing. but you have something that is kind of new endeavor to talk about right now. the campus, like our little home, the fitness center,e library test kitchen and our current students living for graduates from a
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all off, the top of the roof we have honey, honey calm here today. chicken come a lot of fun. absolutely. how doo you find the young man and women as well to take part in this program? we open our doors to anyone, touched by the justice system. and it fits. that comes to word-of-mouth inside the prison. it comes through the death -- the today show, probation officers, judges and comes through good food. doing great work, man, what are you cooking today? johnson has prepared it in yesterday night the finished part in show you how we go through today assh well. jonathan my partner stephanie said you were her waiter when she stop by stopped by the restaurant a couple of weekswhwh ago about two weeks before i moved to the back of the
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up -- what do you mean the back of the house, the cooking, the front of the houses surfing, bartending and the back of a housean will be cooking and crafting. that is what you want to do. i have beenwa doing that a long time. i kind of like the front of the house and th the serving and the bartending so it was something new for me. i enjoyed learning. good stuff. boy, hit smells good. and it a couple of steps at the end, this is the beginning phases, the sugar, the spices and it will look like thisli mass after 40 minutes. is there something you surf at the restaurant?te he wille now, authentic and old-school tableside. print legs, wrapping anything in your backyard wee cook. and open six days a week for dinner. dinner only monday through
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minutes, essentially upside down heart if you would so i will guesstimate here one of these. right on top in just a little bit tighter if you would like. and of course, how long would you put that in the fun. you been cooking for an hour and how moist the apples this is one hour in the oven. that the key is, upside down, so you have to flip that, right? that is the key, correct. you are welcome to flip it. but we also have, -- we can flip it. we can flip it. ladies, you want to come back?
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not going to flip it. no, there we go. wow! you did the cooking. so you go ahead. i will do that. and the request from the audience to flip it. that is good, man. talking about the crust that should but should be a thick crust, then crest? we like it a little bit thicker. wayne likes whatever you have going on. a man who knows what he's doing to flip it. come to life. i'm going to try. really
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wonderful place andyo i think i theit most special thing in cleveland, the farmers market on the square, get your apples and then make this, right? >> exactly. absolutely beautiful. if you ever get sugar on the plate, just eat it. who complains about extrat. sug? not us. there you go, get you a plate. i don't have a fork. great job. great job, grea good luck. you guyso are doing great work over there so keep up the goodre work. we have margaret out there. we will do it. we love it, great food in the atmosphere, make sure you feel really right out home. lev it. thank you very much. if you are interested on the recipe fox and the pinterest page. making higher education a reality for more students.
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give those with criminal past a seat in the classroom. thank you, thank you so much, getting plugged in talk about the cleveland browns andg if joh mckellan should not go who should quarterback the team? your thoughts and comments coming up. (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
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time morning across northeast ohio stilln contending with some fog and for the most part, expect sun today. the last of the really thick cloud cover exiting out and wet virginia panhandle on into the commonwealth of pennsylvania 64 cleveland and akron/canton mansfield 6967 currently state capital columbus. you can see there is still some cloud cover that lingers this
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sun basically sunny with high-pressure in b control. the cold front that is dropping through iowa, wisconsin and michigan to fire up a few showers and storms so bring off the front come a pretty much it as itch moves our way. definitely going to the dry weather, several days in a row at least for the whole week ahead. saturday makes for brief showers of 78, only six on sunday but all and all a great looking first week of automaticl well. guys, we will sendd it back your way. great aj cash shortages hitting the southeast with long lines gas stations after pipeline break in alabama. the prices have jumped including alabama, georgia and north carolina declaredin sit -- state of emergency which preventsnt price gouging, delivering back to the pump ins warning not to run out of gas, by it often which is easier said than done
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stations more people filled the air tank the worst the problems becomes i hear the prices go. with it -- the pipeline company to build bypass around thisin week they can't say when the line will be back up and running. and filedud against -- wells fargo, three plants in utah suing for invasion ofin privacy and breach of contract. this follows the recent news collecti t an authorizeded accounts, sales numbers and wells fargo fired 5300 employees as a response to the scandal and when hundred $85 million in fines every pundit $5 million to customers, those with a criminal past may not have an easier time to going to college 80 colleges and university has signed on to fair chance for higher education and those schools
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disqualify applicants because of criminal record and also commit to and job training available and roughly one in five americans have a criminal record. we are talking cleveland browns and they have been doing it all morningo just to make us feel better about what happen yesterday. who tt should -- josh mckellan cannot go, the quarterback. come of course your rookie, and didn't play quarterback for a well. we don't want to bring up a rookie. where could you trade somebody and in somebody, we are taking your thoughts and comments. frederick says you cannot score 20 points and a quarter and expect to keep winning, got to keepsin pouring. people need to stop buying tickets when they can watch on tv for free.
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paid regardless. support a team that matters. that is very true. -- . [overlapping voices] and the man o'clock hour, some voicemail that cameoc in. i woud like to comment on the browns, i love with all my heart, but it, would b say the last couple of years every time i've been able to watch the game they lose, so this is for you commit i will not watch any more browns games. cherry park my think jerry parkg quarterback cank do a better job for the browns my but i still honestly believe the browns will eventually win someday. about the same time the pope's wife starts shopping at kmart. by the way, did a little myself trying to figure out who should go, 43 percent said cody kessler, terrell, somebody coming out off the team. so maybe just throw cody out
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then they just damage them. he will be damaged. i don't think it's any secret the browns will look for franchise quarterback. got to protect these guys. appreciate it. still to come it she and or ishii out? the nfl is saying this morning about lady gaga show when we return.
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why am i not surprised. i have never seen it either. i will follow powerpoint presentation later on it is mondaynt september 19. welcome back from the week and we the week off not so great the indians are still in first place and magic number is still seven so that is okay and injuries here as well.
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happy monday hope you're doing a rain and a good start to youroi weekend and major developments after an explosion in new york city in thent package containing five suspicious devices in new jersey. and we have the latest and happy and how this could be connected t in the ashland case with a t man accused of killing three people to latest at a court appearance whichla happend this morning and also, had h th. of local high school soccer team takes on a viral challenge and see their skills asnd we invite th tried that live on airth in deal of them bouncing and i said heads up because they are found to miss soccer balls its is jut incredible to see. we have followed that and many people are supporting these young kids let's look at the forecast on this monday and whai a great weekend. >> this is fantastic about the best forecast which you could possibly have this time of the here and temperatures in the 60s right now and 69 at hopkins 66 in akron, canton and


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