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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  September 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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happy sunday morning. in this september 25th. blue skies across all greek our great cityre this morning. >> it is a little deceiving though because it is still chilly tiki what is it 55 out there right and are quick eye for the first time had to pull out a light jacket. >> or to bring it back to you who dwell there, do weather, sweatery weather there is great for is great for all things.r good morning and thank you for waking up with us. keep you and. >> when we get a first look at our weather.
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the city of cleveland, look at these temperatures out of the snow belt from geauga to central ashtabula county. mostly clear. the humidity is very low. temperatures dropped quickly as the temperatures went down we will easily lose a couple of degrees this morning. take a look at what is happening, the cold front is a very strong cold descends from the two central texas. not even just spending any of it here today but we are expecting showers to develop late tomorrow moving west to east across all of
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you'll watch the showers as they move throughout would say five or 6:00 o'clock and most of that range should be long gone. here is a quick look at the projection generally under a quarter of ant inch although we willu have two updates those update those rain members here but i highly doubt that's going to happen. a quarter inch or less from most ofof us. as for about 80 percent of us we will see some showers tomorrow. we will talk about the cooler air, even cooler than we have seen behind that front in just a little bit. >> not only the eastbound bridge connects you side to the west to
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>> box eight news reporter for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the bridge bridge honoring george the point of age. >> it has been a long blue but wait. the wage is weight is just about over. it sitting in the office. >> one i am proud to be standing on the georgia point of h bridge linking the east side of cleveland tosi the west part partially west part partially opened thist weekend. >> i think he would be very proud.y
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just the need to get around. it is a landmark. people are waking up early to witness the opening ceremony. >> spectacular viewing areas simply more than a breach of you people can't seem to get enough if you think this bridge is beautiful now wait until at night. i talked to a person who said it he can it can light up the same way l that terminal power >> monday morning rush hour a sieve the label / drive drive times and hopefully it will be l lot less time on the roads. cap's convention to the indians
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great time to g be from here. a cleveland police officer is recovering from cuts and bruises and set a downtown bar that ended with him crashing through a window. you can see the boarded boarded-up window at panini's bar and grill along east ninth street.' it started about 11:00 p.m. friday night when a 20 -year-old wan show her id and started arguing with an officer. that is when officers say 22 -year-old brian track set of punching the officer. the woman, destiny dixon, is also facing charges this morning protesters opposed to shaker heights plan called the plan inhumane and said it likely
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stems in part from complaints of their eating in people's garden and people's garden.n. protesters question whether that is a good enoughgh reason to kil the deer. >> there is a rebound effect when you start killing deer in the and they start reproducing earlier and they startrt having triplets. it has to be in order to keep be an ongoing calling year after year slaughtering the deer and it's just not effective and it is completely unnecessary. >> i think it is absurd just to shoot the deer.hi there were going to relocate and come back in the into shaker anyway.e i have friends in south euclid that have a lot ofu mick got a lot of deer in south euclid. >> protestersh say starting in december the deer population
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they say a better alternative is a wildlife friendly approach like people choosing certain plants of their gardens and using humane repellents to keep the deer away. would you be impressed if i made a prediction and wrote the magict number on your forehead? would you be impressed. think you can do it. look at that. i wrote the magic number. >> i did. >> you wrote wrote the magic number. >> are you impressed? >> beyond impressed and we will make today's magic number eight to. >>nht to quit how did you get t? >> that's amazing.
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>> i'm just hoping we quench soon and get clinchd get healthy for theen playoffs. >> it's been a long time sincein even within then the nineties. >> lebron got it done for us and
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appellees and we can get it done for the tribe. >> bottom line is cleveland indians just need to keep winning and drivers out here say they are confident they will. >> death would you need to do the cavs can do at the indians canh to we can go and win the series and have another parade. >> team goals here that don't seem like too much of a longshot anymore. it's veryry exciting year. >> it is is so excitingne and today could be the day the wind begins in the indians when it this afternoon and they can clench so fingers crossed and e willos see whether this past
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some four leaf clover's. it clover's. it willll happen if you seven oh 9:00 a.m. and still ahead. >> after five days of protests police in north carolina releasing footage of a deadly shooting. >> a deadly mall shooting leaving five people dead police say they have a custody innd a prop a the prop a suspect inpr custody. 80 percent of northern ohio well down into the forties. it's thehe first time we've had these locations in the forties
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protests police in protest police in northra carolina releasing footage of tuesday's police shooting. here is the latest from charlotte. >> wetware releasing are the objectiveve facts. police in charlotte north carolina releasing -- cam and footage in tuesday's shooting. >> what we are giving you is the most complete puzzle that we can without trying the case ouin >> it's shown on it shall normally a partial view of the incident that led to then death of 43 -year-old keith scott. >> the footage itself will not create in any anyone's mind absolute certainty as to what this case represents and. >> police say this shows but is recovered at the scene.
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complexities involved in this investigation relative to this case. >> scott's family held a press conference reacting to the news. >> >> there were two videos released by charlotte police, one from an offer officer who did notfi see the firing and another from a dashboard camera. >> police say they have arrested the suspect in the shooting rampage at a washington state fall.ho
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he managed to get away after setting off a a manhunt. police say they recovered a hunting rifle at the scene which they believe thehe suspect used. right now there is no effort evidence that it was an act of terrorism.d in indiana you have to have four legs. there were a reverie in greenwood near near indianapolis has a whole new menu just for dogs. the owner did some research and decided its patio needed a dog menu.d the entr?es run three to $4 and include many of the ingredients the restaurant puts in its normal ingredient normal foods for people and dogs get popcorn on p the house and because it is ont the patio in the menu was only seasonal but the restaurant hopes to be serving up the
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a good 82 percent of northern ohio in the forties i will show you some of the moresh localized
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rome ohio with 41 lake water temperatures look ahead here is the cold front extending all the way down and to central texas into central texas what we call a mid-nd latitude cold front that intersects the fronts these are the type of font set front sets becomeme stronger because you gt these pushes of cold air behind behind it and you stillc have a lot of warm air ahead of it. we will see the sun today.
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humidity will build but the dew point here is only deep point here is only at 32. the moisture content will increase highs in the mid to lower seventies. this takes us up until about seven or 8:00 o'clock temperatures in the lower seventies and buy five or 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening most of the showers will beorowe there could be some spot south of newso filly that could pick p a little more than that but i think over about a six hour time frame as the cool down into the sixties by late leigh day monday
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thate trend this low does not move very fast. in fact this low tends to move farther south. we will have an increased chance of some showers and if you cout on countdown the days until woolly n bear sunday which is t sunday, the forecast is looking good tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday with overnight lows in the lowland low and middle fifties. there is one i remember there's one i remember back in and the way the schedule worked out it was late in october and you start going pleading honest thy are so's not going to happen this weekend not next weekend. still ahead,.
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division and ground looking for theirlili first win down in mia. we will preview both of those
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howdy do good sunday to you the party is on hold for another day. indians did not clinch a playoff as they wrap up the note keeping the magic number two. white sox strike first and tim anderson scores one nothing white sox.x. next batter pops a single infield chicago to nothing white sox have a new lead and his 39th of the year chicago up four / one.
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>> there is no extra pressure. we just know we have to continue to when win andwe defend when we do clench we have the best of the leak on our mind and it's within our reach. we just have to go out everyo dy and do our best. >> indians can clench a postseason spot white sox and baltimore loses to arizona. those outcomes must occur for cleveland to clench. indians will clench the worst at a one-day tiebreaker in addition the clive tribe can clench client tribe can clench no worse
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shot to right and they score five times in the night ninth and stun the tigers seven for your alabama on the road jail and hurts fakes a handoff led seven nothing. blake barnett fined find o.j. howard for the 34-yard score clint crimson tide at the half 48 to nothing. send a addition to same dads
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down runs 42 to 12. homecoming at maple heights rolled into town third third-quarter 39 nothing on the two-point conversion johnson date in johnson and they roll 41 did nothing browns look for the first their first win of 2016 to the roster browser on their the third quarterback in
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phasing anyone from the task at hand. >> i can assure you we are going to get there.u still ahead time you can see what police see when they could to get to the scene and hear what they hear u with the birds dominate on the field dominate on the field today was the outlook not so good? we will take it to the ultimate
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>> i'm not going to get into it. >> you have to come here to make sure the sunrise 40 forwarded to rome 42 rome ohio atrec 41 believe it or not these temperatures are running a little below average. morning overhead lows obviously this depends on where they are
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these storms will jump up to 50 so here is the cold front. it is a very strong cold front but more than that you see these more in spring and fall then than you do in theri summertime. brain from texas all the way up into the upper peninsula ofu michigan seems like pretty severe weather marching from west to date today we will be in the upper sixties by noon. most of us will stay in the upper seventies. a quick look here and tomorrow we are anticipating showers
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in about 15. explains body camera taking you inside what happened moments after the crime. >> and gallic found the case ended with a surprise twist to you what's goi what happened?d? >> they came and said i want to kill you. >> police scrambled to the scene of a shooting. inside they find a woman who claims she shot her ex-boyfriend inin defense and a man inside te house backs up of her story. >> that's when he started
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>> he is a's videos on he is in you than i have to tell me one had to killo me. >> he was choking her down the stairs unintelligible. >> where's the gun at right now. >> is out in the kitchen and i calledin 911 geekier watching cleveland police body camera video just released to us. now that the cases move through the courts courts investigators found more to the story than what they heard at theut same. >> work wordage issued him at a mac? on the steps?oa >> he was talking to me deep >> the first clue what police did not find in the hallway. >> i can't even find the casing. i don't know how close you shot him. >> she's saying it was self-defense that she shot him?
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scene. >> and know you're going to be arrested right? >> cleveland police arrested her. remember all that talk of self-defense? later she was indicted for aggravated murder so how did it get to that? police at the scene did not even expect the victim to die but the investigation did not end with those questions.d investigators took a closer look. how did a man get shot in the house but house but no blood found?t cuyahoga county prosecutors say he did not happen the did not happen the way that way.y. they say there was no security camera outside and she shot the man outside while she walked away. >> shortly after the shooting loved ones. at the the scene. orton tried to explain why this happened. she shot an old friend she had
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>> he never put his hand on me never never never. he never put his hands on me until today. >> again the scene did not tell the whole story.he she ended up pleading to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 13ta years, the boy camera video giving us b a lookt what police see before they have it all figured out. >> prosecutors say the woman's brother also pled guilty to obstructing official business for he was sentenced to probation. changes coming to a popular game in portage county thispo wk the queen of hearts drawing that sky lane bowling is moving to nights trying to villagewl parkn garrett's bill, spell unlike prior weeks you do not have to be present to win 90 percent of the jackpot.t those interested in attending the park are asked to park roster pocket james a garfield
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the jackpot is expected to be more than two.$9 million. ball is certainly in the air and there is celebrating this season in barberton. park is filled with mountains of every size andf color for the 26th annual mom fast. >> we have water waterski shows, sand carving, chalk art, the women women's activity area, musical entertainment arts and crafts, food. there it is literally something for everyone here. >> gates open this morning at 10:00 a.m. end and the festival
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we know kerry irving is not be afraid to assist on the corridor off the court and off the court. his been ah buddy for best international for six years officials say saturday's tournament will go a long way >> kyrie irving basketball challenge hoping all the people with. coachesding celebrity coaches including boxing film
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put soit much into the cavs. time right now is 740 and stillll ahead geek if you have ever consider downsizing to a tiny house there is a house in portland that will help you take the latest on theat housing tre. with your fan of dc or marvel, today is national comic book day. just ahead by this hobby is not just for kids anymore. by first let's have a live look outside on a gorgeous sunday morning.'su it is cooler out there this morning so if you're pure out early heading to church running errands or whatever the day holds forc you you may have to weara a light jacket or sweaters
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if you are traveling by water today out on lake erie you might need a jacket. is that a boat out their? there? what is that?t? did you see that? >> it looks like maybe a small fishing boat. >> keep the debris at the boat is about an long piece of debris boating log or ab boat. have you ever dreamed of residing in a mini house with the mini house with style? interested buyers can take a test run in a luxury home. nora hart has more. >> they may be small, about 150
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style. >> with custom built a lot of doors and this. >> from a private deck outside to space-saving luxury touches inside. >> we worked with a couple engineers to make this loft up here. >> this tiny home away from home will have you living large. >> the showers galvanized metal. i came up with the idea of tiny house hotels. they're popping up all over the world movement is getting lots of attention. >> this was the first house that we built. it is a glassth top and underneh that they are seashells and sand >> there is a little something for everyone. >> we tried to do a lot of themes that would go along with the history and make up. >> tiny digs features six
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neighborhoods of in portland with more plans for the future. the latest business is happening onbu the latest real estate tred and they know it is all about e location. >> we transformed this car lot before we took it over a couple of months ago pud reception here in the kearns neighborhood is >> i don't know that i could do that close of quarters. >> it is a little too tight for i need some space. >> i appreciate the environmental impact of that reducing the carbon footprint but that? >> they're going to get a little testy. >> something is brewing in there. >> great idea. water temperatures of the lake are lakers like 74 degreesat whn other spots are in the forties.n sometimes it's the other way around. we will see what happens as we head to the next couple of days
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turning bad backup as is the cloud deck move then and we get rain tomorrow.e here is a look at the webcam time lapse. temperatures time lapse. temperatures dropped yesterdaye. evening during the overnight lows averaging around 53. that is a 30 year average. we call it our normals but it is the 30 year average.ou the high yesterday was 17 and.seventies in cleveland. record highs well into the lake waters temperature is temperatures 74 degrees. cloud deck is well off to the west west west. clouds will start to increase overnight tonight. look at the front. this things goes from almost all paso texas all the way to kansas and eventually ends up in canada. we are anticipating cloud covers
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the rain holds off until at least early to mid morning tomorrow. u right now the humidity is low and why we are seeing temperatures in the forties. high today around 75. clouds of her head tonight. small you start to see showers between tiffin norwalk for clinton a few showers around 8:00 a.m. to the west of lorraine and then the late morning or early afternoon the timing on the reins. we split the difference until midday tomorrow for most of us as the front finally moves on through. we will jump up close to the seventies by mid afternoon most of the showers should be: then we go back up to the sixties. around a quarter of an inch or less but this amount of rain which is not all that impressive will go over about a six hour time frame.
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this is not only monday but again on best thing about this front as is it movesa east then actually wraps back around this late showers tuesday but the rain starts to drop south wednesdayt and showers wednesday will become more widespread. clearing through the weekend is as well as well as sunday. we look ahead to the temperatures in the low seventies.a sunday lows in the lower fifties and we mentioned this upcoming weekend we will be in the low seventies and we should be around at temperature by parade time which is one ohby 130 as lg as next weekend stays sunny in the seventies we will bet perfet break out your comic books or stop by the local are stopped by the local comic book shop.omm
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day. we'd love to see what the fuss over comic books is all about. >> comic books book fans unite. december 25th is national comic book day. comics have been around until since the 19 century. 19th century. they became popularized with the book's fans know books fans know and love. the biggest names in the business to kickstart the comex comics golden age in the 80 years sense since comic book seven balled into a pop pop-culturele crazed been readig comics. >> blue devils of comic books companies and the fans we talked to have their favorites. >> and i'm a marvel girl the
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>> national comic book day is the day when a day when fans sei across set aside their differences. >> through a variety of mobile apps it's really cool. >> dc or marvel hardcopy or digital aquaman or iron man go out man go out and celebrate. do you we just brought.
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conversation. 752 your time and still ahead it is game day and the big question can the cleveland browns pull it off this week? we will find out next with the
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look at that. >> i love it. >> browns game day dog pound and we all want to know what the miami get gatecrashed by or will they come through this week? so many questions.
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>> so few answers so we've got to turn to when outside ultimate authority. >> it is the only authority that reallyte matters. >> are magic eight ball record right now is one and one. we are off to a good start. >> the whole thing as it could go either >> it could. both teams have a losing records. they have not won a game, miami oror cleveland face someone. >> there is going to have to be a winner.meer let's consult the ball kick you have two appear to shake here. >> will the cleveland browns miami. >> let's find out here. turning toward the camera to see if this will work. what does it say? can you read it? >> i'm going to turn it back
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>> let's look at ourselves we don't question the eight ball. >> avenue got another question to appear dwell two appear dweller a our quarterback make t to next week? becauseto so far that has not happened yet this season. >> will last through the game it was the same one i've got to give it another shape. it was the same one. >> this says my sources say no. >> out i owe. >> interesting out interesting. >> so there you have it. >> jinks. >> it is all magic. every sunday will be plot put in the magic eight ball to the test to see if it really has the t answers to life's biggest
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see if this record holds coming up this afternoon at 1:00 o'clock. >> we have a lot more coming up this hour sov don't go anywhere.
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