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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  September 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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a legendary meaning transcended sport died. seven-time major champion by the impact of the gauntlet on the television age neighboring pennsylvania palmer had legendary duos in the 1960s the young marble from columbus ohio. palmer was known much break races off the court as force competitive on a magazine says palmer's 24 living in cleveland and selling paint when someone
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1954 palmer hired a young cleveland attorney mark attorney mark mccormack has his agent essentially giving birth to what became the img sports empire the cause of death has not been released the man known the king of golf on an palmer is dead at the age of 87. we are also following breaking news closer to school football player has died after an injury he sustained in friday night's game allison brown is live outside the high school and joins us now with the details. bill and jennifer just a tragedy out here at lincoln high school tonight a school spokesperson told me through the players name is andre jackson junior at the high school number 48 on the football team should also tells me the injury happened friday
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talked to head coach jeff he says jackson was an incredible kid playing special-teams that night when it comes to what happen he said jackson may have been need rk khanna pooch big-play arethusa medicus and beachwood after the injury today the team's family it is code is devastated out of the news of his death jackson just had the best smileot strong will to always do better on the field and in school as well.
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you quit school district tonight it says in part andre was a hard-working student athlete that brought smiles to all those with whom he came in contact the city school district would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the jackson family during this horrific time bill and jennifer i've been told that grief counselors will be made available at the school all week we also know there is a homecoming game plan for your friday but after all this happens everyone just focusing on this family hopefully the family gets more answers to an exact cause of death. they are still investigating everything from friday night. live in euclid.
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cleveland street when it is believed the man overdose the aftermath on camera fox 8 talked to one man currently and recovery who says he's thankful he was there to help. dramatic viewer video shows cleveland paramedics working to save this man's life moments before unlikely heroes rushed to the rescue. irving cuts such a mature american terrifying experience waverley willis the owner says he noticed a car driving a little too slow headed towards brooke park. he was slumped over and wanted to be but really went out besides the car open the door and jumped on top of the guy. once reporting of a cart kart wii new here's a odinga look waverley knows all too well
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i have 11 years of sobriety waverley started doing cpr until paramedics arrived the skill he says all his barbers know. my heart was about to explode out of my chest. i feel like he is deafening on his way to die he was literally turning blue i never witnessed anything like that in my life this moment shedding light on a bigger problem drug use and hope it county medical examiner issued a public health morning saturday after seven deadly overdoses and one day. so far this year 350 people have died due to heroin fat milk and some combination of the drug. fifty-two people died in august alone. the medical examiner's office says it's the highest fatality rate for opioid overdoses and a single month this man possibly
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fighting against the pull of addiction. in cleveland fox 8 news. an exciting day for drivers as they got the pass over the new bridge for the very first time a live look at the bridge thanks to one of our own .-dot camera looking east and about bridge officially open to traffic this morning on the two lanes open right now and it was still be several weeks before some of the on and off ramps are finished. finally someone and kirksville is making big plans to spend a big jackpots a woman took on the $3.4 million jackpot tonight in the famous queen of hearts raffle the contest began a year ago the jackpot growing each week she wasn't was the only big
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hundred and $30,000 to local charities take on the other half of the prize. congratulations. back-to-school forecast if you like fall temperatures just wait a jake and weekend joining us now with a look at the forecast. could evening to you guys. beautiful weather that we've had this weekend was preceded by some very cold mornings 41 degrees southwest part of ashtabula county and the next there think it's called air drainage and temperatures dropping to the low 40s we we're in the mid 40s here in along the lakeshore in the 50s of beautiful time lapse showing a high level clouds and boat traffic out there. braving a white cap are to look at that sailboat are going away there. that was punctuated by a
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floating by and that's about it small craft advisory goes into effect on lake erie tomorrow be very cautious water temperature is 74 that's pretty toasty 65 here and downtown and also down to the south a 64 akron and canton. down to 53 dewpoint is still a loser. plas chilly for some folks. an extra blanket but there's plenty of dry air to go around that breeze will mix it up as well. going to the overnight hours meanwhile you can see how this rain which is assembled last of chicago makes his move on cleveland though showers to begin the day eventually dry air's place behind the front not before potentially dropping a quarter of an inch are so.
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details are ahead stick around for that in the meantime a set of back your way. just when you thought you have seen it all. they find another way to lose a football game is played by injuries turns out the biggest injury came on friday afternoon when kicker patrick murray hurt his knee that injury force and a brand to make a roster move that cost them of victory. ziglar joining us live with another heartbreaking loss. here we go again the browns are started the third quarterback in three games they have an injury depleted lineup and a cake away from getting their first went on the 2016 season under a minute to play ryan tang hao gets a sac fumbles the football the browns recover and take over with great field position four seconds to play. the newly signed kicker to when
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overtime and nothing good ever happens in our time dolphins come back and beat the browns 30-24 and he one of them what a given the browns of victory on sunday. everyone can set it came down to fairgoers not can a put the pressure on cody just got a plane with us i don't know as well as i know him this chair journey came out they tempted to do in front of the world and country. he was added to the roster on saturday he was a one time pro bowler speaking of the browns much more on tonight's game including the indians pursuit of a central division title coming up later and sports. indians fans hoping for a celebration the need to wait one more day the magic number now at
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they hit the road to when the division. violence in chicago becoming a national issue how is hoping to curb the bloodshed. baseball losing its most
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welcome back to fox a nude on this sunday evening hope you to traffic weekend is a beautiful are what these temperatures so pleasant we did start off in the
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inland around rome as mentioned earlier 41 degrees let's move it along a look at what's happening across the buckeye state and our 53 degrees star and it up with a 76 degrees finish in cleveland there are showers out here to the west down and illinois meanwhile we are sitting pretty in the buckeye state nothing going on weatherwise at hot cars airport 64 and akron downstate in the low 70s. that air is heading in our direction with the one front that's traversing into the ohio valley the cold front came through yesterday swiping us with these beautiful numbers do points in the 40s starting to juice up around since he though wends blowing out of the southeast will eventually become south and tied up little bit
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the cloud cover around and will do too much 73 and since he as we said in the mid 70s you can tell the realm of the cooler air behind the front. maps and motion showing our weekend weather system high pressure taking off towards the labrador meanwhile met then wedge of warm air is pressed eastward meantime high pressure what is in behind system notice was going on over the upper great lakes with upper-level low pressure system that is going to dive into the middle of the week. these are the morning showers coming through a rumble of thunder there you see five are 6:00 o'clock a pretty much departs the area and will see the skies clear. the wends are lost showing that big of her lover cool people that settles and on wednesday
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unsettled on the end of the week. otherwise were setting in the state friend quite a nice weekend outing over tonight and continued dry through the overnight hours of breezy wends at times of a dusting maybe up to 15 to 20 miles per hour sustained around ten. and then 9:00 o'clock reading 64 with rain showers around maybe a little thunder doesn't look like a big issue right now rain at noon and the rain ending by 5:00 o'clock so the afternoon rush could be rain free look at that a day forecast and it looks like sunday might be in pretty darn good shape a week from today. we would love to have that. , we took an oath to protect and serve nice been hailed as a hero of the dramatic moments caught
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from getting hit by a train.
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the 20 -year-old man and coast in washington state after shooting in a mile on friday night arrested last night after
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location and were able to easily identified and arrest him. for women in the men we're killed in the shooting. violence had played the city of chicago for months. with the story of shooting and murder rates at, national issue fox news correspondent matt simms of the latest. chicago mayor struggling to repair his scattered image unveiled this week's conference of plan to fight the city's bloodshed. we cannot afford to these another generation. the gangs and the streets. the mayor fighting back tears of rams that chicagoans murdered and recent weeks including a six-year-old girl playing on a stoop in the mother walking with her children to register for school. a murder might of been prevented
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been given the sentences they deserve for previous crimes the three-part plan includes enforcement investment and prevention the large his part at a 970 new police officers to the force by 2018 and struggled to recruit and keep up with the attrition rate is now down several hundred officers from one emanuel took office. the mayor admits he has to rebuild trust after of racism and even murder but is putting where chicagoans to support officers whose morale has plummeted. low resource. will match the resource of an officer knowing the neighborhood they work in supports their work. chicago's crime rate is now on pace to match figures not seen since the crack cocaine wars of the 1980s and early 90s more
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this year 545 people murdered the manual underline his support for holding guns to accountable for salads and known criminals and he is reinforcing his support first a bill that would ensure repeat gun abutters get the strongest prison sentences. critics wonder how the city will pay for the nearly 1,000 new police officers the city says their critical investment and noel identify all possible savings to ensure their in in chicago fox news. and a euro girl wise beyond her years coming up why she is now being credited with saving her mother's life. the school coming together to put a smile on the students faced by this homecoming ceremony was extra special for the senior class. it's that time of year join brown's legend greg pruitt tomorrow for monday morning running back as he breaks down today's game against the
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and eight euros girl and maryland knew exactly what to do after her mother suffered a stroke the girl happen to learn recently how to recognize the warning size and is can borrow report she ended up saving her
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they love to talk. which is in a bad think it's an eight -year-old communication skills saved her mom's life. chose county is giving her an award for it which is pretty proud about. and her mom we're at home and are moms face started to twitch. just e i don't know what it. likely she recently looked up the word stroke shoot should a hunch that such is witnessing. the road, call 911 that we played they call further mom for
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all i remember her face twitching. doesn't even begin to explain. wise beyond her years. the magic number now at one. twenty house miles still's down a progressive's field what's next for the tribe and their fans as they anxiously await the celebration a live look from our roof cam following a beautiful
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a growing problem across northeast ohio after another atms smashing grab in cleveland and wording for celebration was nice for the tribe with a magic number now at one. could ask for more picture-perfect day get ready for changes aj has the forecast they continues right now. let's talk baseball still waiting for the tribe to clinch the al central division loss against the white sox today the magic number rains at one fox 8 many fans help to get the word at home. only a matter of time. put on sunday the missed a chance to win the al central
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last regular-season game. the team is injured chicago white sox three days in the stretch some waving progressive field after 30 wash. our offense cutting get it going expecting a huge turner gap was the team clinches the division the magic number is one and one cleveland plays the tigers and detroit monday there hoping for the big when. this is cleveland's year we saw what the cavaliers did. wenning at home was a little bit more exciting. deftly want to see it at home. sweet enough to take the title on the road those go tribe. in cleveland allison brown fox 8 news. it's coming we have you covered tomorrow were hope to clinch the
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coverage of the tribe on the road live reports the afternoon and evening newscasts beginning at four tomorrow afternoon. were down to one. the nice to clinch it at home if he said at the beginning of the year rookie clinch the al central i went care where we did it. joe aj with the beautiful sunday forecast. the weekend as fantastic have some beautiful days in the a day. a few minor glitches which will be looking at momentarily first of all you heard of hollow weekends. have a look at a gorgeous sunset. these high level clouds added to
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their 25 to 30,000 feet where commercial jets front and color and there too long with jack contrails of beautiful scene from down there avenue burke lakefront airport let's talk about the sun and its tracks southward. losing all these minutes every day two to three minutes of daylight continue to be lost it's a notable change good buddy j reynolds from cleveland state capturg over several day .-period and will start with the sunset right there on september 11 watch as we advance two days notice where the sun is in relation to the terminal tower all the way to the right will go a couple more days on the 15th note how is getting close to king and five days later look at the sun. it's traversed 5 degrees just
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we can continue to lose that do that 65 degrees buffalo 5470s downstate along with the proud of moisture out here that's been john northward by a weather system that's up in the upper great lakes. in the cold front right along that system will bring in a chance for rain showers tomorrow notice how dry the air has been starting to see a little bit of a crime in the dewpoint there was provides moisture for showers tomorrow a rumble of thunder to 6458 and worchester western and really rain right now we show you are wider view of the showery weather with the cold front itself showers also developing over parts of indiana those rain showers associated with this same weather system can see the whole thing swiping eastward we get into a little low and action on tuesday but there is a main parent
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that will get involved in the matter of the weekend looks like one of the slow movers if you will clouding over ten night it's going to be dry and breezy temperatures around 60 quite a bit more mild than yesterday tomorrow's high 71 showers are likely we could hear thunder here's the cold front driving through and that secondary system is right there this is the one that is going to spin up and sit over the ohio valley that lingering cool pulled key is pretentious for rain showers going into the week ahead they good news is it is going to clear just in time. first sunday weekend beautiful weather is on the way. looking forward to those sobered
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he gets the weather he deserves. these getting away with atm after a smashing grab on cleveland's westside this morning run 5:00 a.m. the suspect drove into clifton boulevard near west 117 street and stole the atm the suspect was driving a 2,006 of blue dodge caravan with a hanging is asked to call cleveland police. a beautiful day to get outside an and experience but northeast ohio has to offer. anchored by the westside market retail shops and nonprofit organizations hundreds gathered on the west 25th street for games and activities. from the best brewery in the area. today was also for the dogs as well members of the lg bt q
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pride day suffered 90s and the flats many four friends came and costumes for the celebration following the event does also dinner with the dogs held at marlins war. one of the call that left first responders pretty confused a woman rush the hospital with a stab wound why she says her dog is to blame. tragedy in florida the miami marlins remember a young pitcher
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enjoyed baseball mourn the loss of one of their still young players marlins canceled their game today after their ace pitcher was killed in a boating accident this morning many fans coming to the field today to leave flowers and pay their respects with the latest. what a baseball's brightest stars killed in a boating accident early sunday morning their ace pitcher jos? fernandez was traveling with two friends and a boat have full speed what ahead the on the jetty off miami beach number wearing life that's at the time no evidence drugs are arco we're factor in the crash the fire but arrive that applied to divers amuse they found two bodies underneath the
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the south side this was just his fourth season he had the promise of a hall of fame career a two-time all-star went 38-17 and his four seasons with the marlins won the national league rookie of the year award in 2,013th his team remembering him today. you just seen the little kid that you see jos? played with and the passion he fell about play that inspired bad story defected from cuba three times make it to the us and a vote on his boat attempt and 27 a harrowing journey in which he jumped into the water to save his mother from drowning.
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against the atlanta braves was canceled fernandez was just 24 years old and was about to be a father to a baby girl. in new york brine units fox news. a new jersey transit officer is being held as a hero still to come at ten is efforts caught on camera how he saved a man's life. easy decision for students at this minnesota high school why
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the new jersey transit police officer being hailed as a hero saving a man clinging to a train tracks. for utilities would just minutes from clocking out we found a suicidal man holding onto the tracks ortiz worked desperately to pull the safety is the train going 60 miles per hour was heading in their direction. i looked up to see where the train was. pretty much halfway in. i have to let this guy go there is no way i can one more time. every life to me matters. he put himself in harms way my job is to protect and serve the public.
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officer now facing several charges. talk about a bazaar call woman in colorado say she was stabbed by her dog linda hayes says her dog me is told up to reach the kitchen counter recently she picked of a freshly sharpened paring knife they tempted me it would trees to drop the knife but it didn't work seems was slashed right across her arm as she is can see the domestic violence a step of the hospital contact to service it was a pers had to make sure heard that correctly my initial thought was what's really going on. i bet and law enforcement a long time can't make this stuff up. did some writing nerve damage in says she just needs time to heal and find a good place to hide her kitchen knives. bad dog indeed students at a minnesota high school didn't
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should be homecoming king this year when durand ask is he's having a senior year. the yes and a smile but his senior year got even better earlier this week when students had to vote for someone to be there homecoming king one name repeatedly came off and a monday in front of all of the students he was rightfully crowned king of the school. when you have a special needs kid as a parent how she going to be accepted by his peers. i was surprised. i felt like i won a million dollars. i was just and i'm very proud. loosely he's always ready with a smile and a high five and there more happy for him but if they
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you won't see any more of the many cards why they card sparked a backlash that even a blog online. coming up next and sports the indians magic numbered windows wasn't enough to clinch a
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you might say talk is becoming a little less kid friendly this is the real story the story is dumping what some have referred to as demon many cards target is removing kid size shopping carts and stores after facing backlash on social media the many cards introduced in several stores
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blogger calls the stores new kitty kitty cards of vehicle of mass distraction shoppers quickly join incomplete about bruised ankles and chaotic children the target spokesperson says there we're a mood because of customer complaints. just when you think you seen a all the browns find another way to lose of football game this time a one time pro bowl kicker sign da for victory the browns rookies coming up with big plays today he picks up prime tenet help returns it 27 yards in the browns have a 10-7 lead fourth quarter dolphins with the lead to immune waves for the 10-yard touchdown third of the game miami up 24-13 browns we're backing down trail prior lines up at quarterback races towards the pylon gets the 3-yard
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under a minute left in the fourth ryan ten a get sacked by the browns defense he fumbles the ball it's recovered by the browns defense cleveland with a chance to win it by new kicker this is they game-winning kick sending sunday into overtime and miami wends it in the extra frame on news 11-yard touchdown run. and i game that they let get away. i'm not doubt i think you guys know me pretty well. there is a lot of season left in a lot to do will come out and fight like we did today and keep working like we have every week. i keep watching this team. were playing a lot of young guys. the only question to ask about trope are was kenny kick a field ballpark a wide receiver and quarterback and yes even safety they finish the game at a catches 144 yards 35 passing
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he became the first nfl player to register and three passing attempts three rushing attempts and three receptions in the same game since billy kill more did it for san francisco in 1964 a tough day to be kicker and cleveland. the one time pro bowl kicker finish three of six on the day including a big mess that gave the browns a victory in the closing seconds of regulation they officially added him to the roster murray was placed on injured reserve with a knee injury. here's some good news the browns finish the game under center. it's a bit has that happened the last two weeks cody kessler made his nfl debut and finish 21 of 33244-yard sacked three times was not picked off but did
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they kept believing in me i kept believing in them. it was a great effort and they guys just kept fighting down 11. no one second-guess themselves next up for the browns the washington redskins next sunday on the road a tough nfc east game against the new york giants on the road they did at save the redskins season at least for now they did it despite making of 37-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter his fifth of the game as the redskins beat the giants. to avoid the dreaded 0-3 start next on his game kicks off at 1:00 o'clock. the celebration rates another day for the indians who did not clinch the central division despite detroit's loss to kansas city they get on the board and
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lead than carlos was sensational for chicago eat ending struck out 11 tribe bettors the white sox go out to win 3-0 after the game the team a little disappointed they could not wrap up the central division at home. me rather do it here then fight do it on the road. we ran into a pretty good picture today had all the stuff working. sometimes it's tough luck. get this thing done. we have to go out there and compete. despite their loss to the white sox in ended's clinch a share of the american league central division today detroit lost
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the four-game series with detroit tomorrow night at 710th will be in detroit and bringing you are champagne party sometime tomorrow evening. they glad you shared some of that with us. that was my birthday gift obviously. temperatures are very pleasant tomorrow. the rain of been issued you'll need your own brother on the way out the door 67 on tuesday low
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at least apart just in time for the weekend. that's all the time we have the rizzo show is next.
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good evening cleveland and all of northeastg ohio. it's 4:00 in the morning and chilly out today. >> i'm filling in for cableo. we have scott here this morning with the forecast. breeze and clear sky and temperatures are anywhere from 49 to the upper 50s. and chardon, clouds increase th west. the curcumin cold front comes through some time later this afternoon. we're seeing thei showers and


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