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game one of the playoffs.ayo jessica live with more on theorn game and what fans can expectec heading down to progressive field. those gamess heading do one and two sold outu within an hour. and standing room only tickets. four years black friday startin earlier and earlier. done a littlestarli bit of chrit shopping. sho ipp inbought a t-shirt. trying to get more prepared. this year one ofe the nation'sti largest retailers alreadyre announced a huge what it means for shoppers and take your comments and ihn thist morning's download with stacey.. you remember tha now the question what color isht this co bag. we'll show it to you and see what you think coming up.u check in with scott sabol see se what's happening as thatha hurricane matthew really getting closer and closer.ser. now it's actually intensifyingsi quick look at the hurricanenge r winds of 125 miles an hour. this is forecasted to becomeed e anotherc category four hurricanr was a category for it weekendrio put this in historicaltori
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major hurricane make landfall in the us since hurricane charley in 2004. category four or five. indd they've never had a category four hurricane hit landfallnd north of west palm beachh florida. never happeneded since 1851 when851 w record-keeping began.began they've had hurricanes butes bu nothing like it is forecast to make landfalll around 10:00 p.m. right about there and it continues to go right up the east coast there an withwit those monster wins. a very tight hurricane.rican the hurricane force winds w without 35 miles of the eye go outside of that in the winds dropped but a a situation not only have to eye of the hurricane passing over a believed area but also have hav winds in excess hundred 20 miles an hour occurring at night whenn people don't see what's comingho with monster amountsmi of rain n from west palm beach up top to savannah.. localize amounts of more than a foot of rain that would take us throughze amou actually tonightd through friday into early saturday. this will be a historic event
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affected by this.ed by mostly sunny today.ny to nice day up to the low 70s i knew an average high today inay the upper 70s to near 80. 65 should be the temperature foo first pitchr later on thishi evening. the eight day coming up in about 10 minutes. the eighyou. scott has been talking about the hurricane all this morningni present obamnga urging people ip the path toeopl take the storm r seriously. morereser than 2 million peoplem florida to the carolinas haveav been urged to evacuate ahead off the storm. the highestn evacuation orders sincenc hurricane sandy in 2012.n 2012. could sustain a direct hitt hi matthew making landfall as earlr as tonight.ton florida's governor telling theig states 1.5 million residents gee ready for what could be very devastating storm.c likely start to see impactsac within the next 24 hours.. and last through the we can. let me people have less than 24 hours left to prepareple hav evu and shelter. matthew hit the island nation of
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hurricane tuesday. leaving at least 10 people dead and more than 1500 homeseast 10p flooded.oded. you can just imagine what'sa going on the people of haitiai with these homes being blownwn out.out. my goodness. elelmoping newsne regarding the hurricane.i we'll check in with wayne righti now for a lookth at what is jun on hurricane matthew. absolutely. just and local volunteers arere getting ready to head to thed to east coast to help those in thos need.e. take a look at live pictures ass red cross workers and vo are getting ready to leave the t city of cleveland the clevelandd office on euclid avenue.. heading down to florida south fo carolina northrida s carolina ad georgia. among the 500 disaster worker standing by to help as needed an emergency situation a and evacuation shelters.tion the red cross is also pre- position 30 trailer loads ofadsf sheltering supplies ready to eat meals as well as cleanup kits kt and comfort kits containings coa personal hygiene items.
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as they head down to the the southern part of the us as theyh get ready for hurricane matthew. that's what's just and now backc to you guys.u wain thanks. big night in cleveland. windians take on boston in game one of the playoffs. and it all takes place right here at home. wiam we're so excited for this.or thi if you're heading downtown to cheer on the cleveland indiansaa expect big crowds.nswds. of course and a lot of people will be at the ballpark but a lot of p trying to soak in all and ifand they could not get tickets bars and restaurants and clubs.getan. jessica dill is live at progressive field with a preview.l a day we've been waiting for foi such a long for so excited about as is the entire city of cleveland. a big elgame tonight tons ofs of people expected downtown.xpect i think everybody already was excited and then they released the roster yesterday and we saw that catcher the is on it. it's been a roller coaster ofoao
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a hospital room with my handl r broken, crying my eye out because i wasn't going to be a part of this team. we all feel like we want to be part of this team. part of this team. we all feel like we want to be part of this team. tens of thousands of fans expected to flood downtown tonight for the indians red sox showdown. the city is already preparing expted tonflux of traffic. tonig those orange, no parking signsks have already started popping up along major roads throughoutreoo downtown. there will be no parking today between four pm and two am and friday from noon until midnight on several roadways. city leaders saying it's all about making the 2016 cleveland indians postseason more enjoyable and less stressful. there won't be basically cars parked on the street, we we'llll be able to get some traffic controllers out there, move those cars along. get them in and out of the cityr as they need to go and we won't have to worry about cars being parked on the street when moving around them. tonight game start time is 8p.m. with gates opening up at six ang
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they say get there early they ty want you in your suits by aboutu seven or 730. winner read they want peopleante rocking the event tonight.g the even if you notto going to then game so exciting out here theoue stage is set urp and a lot of stuff out here s on the plazapl they'll have musicaz. and you guys really interesting destination cleveland did the te math they say each post gamegame brings in about $3 million for the cityri the economy for the city. gooicingy coming downtown to theg restaurants.ur the workers everything. it's hopefullynd we will win. so exciting.itin thanks. appreciate it. get youk caught up on other news at 9:06. u investigators are reopening a two decades old missing persons case, after getting a tip of bones found in a yard. christina kingsley was 17 years old, when she was last seen on , after june 22nd, 1995.riina kinen the fbi recently received a tip they might find her remains in t june 2 2the fbrecently re the backyard of a home on westky tenth street in lorain, where she once lived.ard of a hom the current owners apparentlypat discovered some bones, while boe installing a pool in the backyard about ten years ago..
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basement and things.e i told them there was a newhe ba basement but there had been some bones found in the backyard. i remember my father finding bones in the back yard.n th the fbi did not find any human a remains in the backyard duringcf past searches, but they are still reopening the 21 year old cold case. case. two miami university studentsuns are recovering this morning,tudg after being shot in an apparent robbery.,, police say one arranged to buy a car on craigslist for 4,000aigs dollars.4,00 officers say and another person drove from cleveland to meet the students at an oxford home.ce selledrform the victims were both shot in a leg, and are expected to be okay..leg, and are expected to b leg, and are expected to be okay. police are now looking for the suspects. back here in cleveland, policee oka.. say the suspects involved in a drive by shooting that left two children hurt tuesday, were dre by shovenge for a robbery.s a three year old girl was hit in the forehead, while a nine year a three year old girl was hit in the forehead, while a nine year old was hit in the back. officers say a car with four mea inside stopped in front of theer home, and someone opened fire.od
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still to come on fox8 a very sad story after three year old girl dies after being left alone ina the back of a police we'll tell you why her mom isis now being investigated here and who else is in trouble for this. christmas tale over two months m away but some stores already making headlines. hear the announcement of one of away but some stores already making headlines. hear the announcement of one of the country's largest shopping center with what they just made regardingg thanksgiving and blak friday shopping and it might surprise yoey just made regarding thanksgiving and black friday surprise you. when we come back. scott. the temperatures rising well tot e youis the 70s again this afternoon.ino one more day of warmth before we get back down to reality. little taste of fall this week and we'll talk more about the hurricane matthewttle taste updu
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form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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beautiful day outside on the north coast. the voters kept ththe boats and. you are smart keep them in the e i fantastic. the mall of america i've neveree been there i told the boys i want to go to mount rushmore and go across the top of the of holiday shoppinghe letting it waitting it wa this year. this is shocking.. th it will be closing on thanksgivingl where the firstirt time. black friday shopping has beenn slowly creeping into the holiday over the past few years. creep last year them all open onn 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving that
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but the 520 stores there will ss have the option to stay open. i love to see this i think it'ss great that employees want to bee with there families to and toano make these mandates we have to be open. be o they have a roller coaster there and putt putt laser tag all kinds of stuff.f thousands of employees thissand impacts. it really this doesn't bother me. cherish the holiday and then go crazy the next day. they're also saying mall management is saying that theyah find it's not the people areeope spending more money if you are open on thanksgiving day day the money is spread out ope for an extraex tday. now that you're not going to spendd .. the other big box stores kmart thinks what is target is openop and we are not.t. they worry about losing money competitively that way. exactly.y. eou kind of understand that butt let your employees stay home.m i think it shows respect.ct. respect for the family.
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on facebook regina says anyone e remember what stores were closed on sunday.em this is an american traditiontri some people get up at 3:00 a.m. to put the burden the oventitisp the veggies after you have tou wash the dishes take up leftovers put the furniture back into position after moving iti around for the additional bodieb that peopleod take this day of f thanks by helping the host with the prep and cleanupanks by heli rto go shopping on thursday. friday if you must. now if only my mall with clothe my family super early because of black friday. the only other types plaza bpes closes easter and christmas.stm still going to be open blackn bk friday. just going to close on friday.iving day stores haveve been opening on thanksgiving day's. linda says family shouldld be moreore important than how inexpensive you can get aan gift for.or plenty of time to shop for gifts prioritize people and some of the wind has been taken out of thisnd black friday shoppingy sp
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a lot of the deals are just as good as i stores as they aree online. onle. sometimes there really greatreat towards the end for all of youyu procrastinators out there. if you don't hit it in thet beginning wait a couple of weeks and then you'll hit videinosegh again. cautious as does anybody readyby the title of the mall is closing but individual scores could optp to otpen on thanksgiving.ksgiv probably a few.inroba they have a race in their thanksgiving daybly a a race ty the have to have certain number nof security inside the mall. trying maybe someone will be distracted maybe that's the theory. be distracted and go mayb and just ju walk over from the race. i will buy that coat. matty says that's the only holiday should be celosed for tt others are not as importantrt people of other faiths can work and may want to shop to sh thanksgiving as a familyving asi holiday.lyly h cheryl says that's the way ito t should be those that stay open not doing it for convenience buc greediness lining their own pocket. very hot topic for people we
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news goes on police and fire hospitals. so manhy people have to do it. do you have to be opens as a retailer? it's a choice to be continue the conversation. thank were going to get an update onon what's happening weatherwise talking about our local forecast and what's up with a hurricane.a such a national thing that'sat's happening everybody's concerned shaeepp enwhiangt'sat's happening. just looking at informationha hurricane hunters flying the hurricane they have a piecec of instrumentation theyth literally drop it right into the hurricane inte it sends backds b information and one out of the recent dropsrm had a win of 133 knots translates borderline category fiveknots t within aboo couple hundred feet of theof th surface.e. surf this isac going to be a monsters it continues to intensify be a i will be the first time if this makes landfall north of westest
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a category four or five of west palmth beach.. i know hurricanes have hit hit florida before bed for the eye wall to hit those locations it t doesn't happen very often.en. and it's happening in october on top of this. 65 degrees with a temperature first pitch this eveningegre foe indians game is clear.ea light breeze will continue today right now were already up to the middle 60s under mostly clear skies. cold front to the wester it wilw be another big issue for us because we haven't had cold aira like this yet this year.a we're going to get a couple ofup showers llate tomorrow night mainly overnight.nly oveight into predawn right now this frontay seems tot weakening in the coverage willgl be really small.a today mostly sunny. it is thursday got a couple ofnc days befoore we can nail that down high of 70. 58 tonight mostly clear. tomorrow mostly sunny high of 78.78. quick look at future radar. pencil thin line of showers tomorrow night. mightcin line o be 20 or 30 pers see any rain from it.
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saturday.. satu onsunny late and 50s sunday. su there's a hurricane now given yu an update later this morning but it seems to be a strong category for. there's west palm beach look a tok a the i have the hurricane as it starts to just skim the shortim line from west palm beach alslhl the way up to jacksonville.sonvl this is not only going to produce hurricane force windscew for a good 24 hours up the easta coast of florida but monsteronsr amounts of rain will see look way more than a foot of rainfala d post frequent updates on twitter will have it at you can go to the national hurricane center website and you can getat updates there.e this is certainly not somethings to mess with because again florida has been my than 10 years in florida has been hit by a category four or higher hurricane in 2004. ican hurricane wilmae and then thete east coast of florida in 2004.. this is a big one everybody and it's hitting a part of florida that typically doesn't get hit with hurricanes like this this
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all keep us posted scott. getting more informationu by the hour. we'll keep you posted.d. friends and family say goodbyeo to a six -year-old boy killed ii a school shooting. this funeral very different find out why a bite of superheroeserr showed up to pay their respectss little girl goes to school and filter teachergirl go shocking . find out what police found whenn they went to her parents home. a warning for parents disease spreading and schools across thh us. also big time hereools acros cleveland northeastern ohio area..clevel how you can protect your childrenw from hand foot and
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welcome back everyone. such a sad story to share with you today. a three year old girl in mississippi died after she was .such a sastory u today a left alone in the back of a police car for several hours. story. aory. the child's mom is an officer. and investigators say she leftti the toddler in the cruiser whils she visited another officer's home. now he and the mom are both on o paid leave. investigators say the child wast in the car for four hours and likely overheated.ors say the ci the air conditioning was running, when crews found her.r the results of an autopsy are
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so sad we've been. talking for a few aw days about the six -year-old bob killed and a school shooting an south carolina and a funeralnera full of superheroes. now were able to show you some of the video from that event inn south carolina. jacob hall died saturday three days after he was shot while on the playground.l fox's sarah danic has more.ic h. they came by the carload even the batmobile to pay their respects.s.respects. in six years time jacob has taught the world the mostorld t valuable lesson ever that life is about tolerance and patience and forgiveness.a a fitting theme today as those who knew jacob well continue to talk about his live for about we are wearing it for jake up all he died so he likes batman superheroes and we are going to sponsor him what happened too remember him and what happen on wednesday.d to jerry goes to townvillerry goes
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jacob during school l he says jacob was someone who was nice to everyone in true hero fashion.e he helps people he helps people in need and he takes care of them. inside the oakdale baptist church a steady stream of people stopped by the small casket to t offer comfort to the family.r cf and it seems those who packed the church today have all been left with a lesson from the small superhero.ort to the famid the innocent in the beauty andct the love that he had and in thiu t and outside a special gift toraf jacob, from batman himself.t tal a plaque inside the batmobile, with the 6 year old's name on and i drive this thinghis t 20,000 miles a year. whatever this car goes i drive a 20,000 miles a year wherever it goes they will see his name andi he will live forever.s name and batman echoed a message this crowd already seems to know. there is hope here this is a celebration jacob i always say this little heroes never die they just go to heaven too know
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this to heav to them how to do it right. the pastor said jacob's story was a miracle and a happy endini even through the darkness andad evil it's been replaced with hope and love.evil it's been. a 14 year old boy is in custodyy in connection with the shooting. another sad story. this time out of pennsylvania. the little girl noticedttle gi something was wrong with mom and dad but got hersel school all on her own and headed to class.n should hold her teacher something wasn't right and the teacher notified authoritiesah police went to the little girl's home and found her mom and dadh dead from aome anfound dead fr heroin overdose. a there are also three other children in the al the mother's sister will try to get custody of the children. she said she had been trying to get police involved for months.
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school. despite all of that. my goodness..l. an international agreement to fight climate change will take effect one month from now. and if we follow through on the commitments that this paris agreement embodies, history mayo llw thron the well judge it as a turning point for our planet. ten months after the so calleded paris agreement enough countries have ratified it, for it to go into effect. 55 countries approved it committing to submit national plans to reduce emissions report on their emissions and updateiso their progress.ns and u still to come on fox8 news at 9 a.m. a local bridal shop was forced to close after an ebola scare. kind of moved to our ou. now, find out what the owner is doing to try and get compensated for all of her losses. after she was forced to duck, duck, thieves. forced to,c police are searching fork, teve. suspects accused of stealing and injuring some local ducks. good morning scott. good morning.
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70st looking really good even through the weekend.. the week in early early saturday morning. not much rain with it. check it out and try again tonight hurricane matthew when
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item. i'm so tired nobody stops too think about who has to work onrk thanksgiving unless they work iw stores who cares how the police out of the fiber at the rear
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businesses were closed at least half fit in -- some employees ever to the casino no such thing as holidays were open 365-24-7. everybody's happy because the t mall will be close on how this webe can spend how do you havev health care workers nurses all of that. we know there are some jobs that dictate you have to be there like us here.e sou but shorten up our day a little bit they try to be as generous as they canli visit turkey bowl. yes. and it usually aboutyy come been stored someb stir that's open on thanksgiving day. it isn't that busy though. person people who get up and gea the dragon than they headnd out for that one item that they want and they can easily go back, gea
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open w on an eight hour shift. it's a hurry upigh but didn't because you have to gout in because black friday circuits midnightid it's a nice move but the mouth america night like it. amateurs to see if any stores will open up there are 500. you would think that the pressure of other stores not opening would bere relying on te
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the district is set at least five other schools not considerededf an outbreak yet bt they want to make sure they stop the spread.outey wash your hands often make sure your w especiallyds if you are changinn diapers makeg sure you are wanta practicing good handwashing techniques. they can help put a a lid on then spread through the contact witi worcester and nasal flu is so live it and can't even stay and feces up to 1 11 weeks after symptoms path great information that they are finding that now
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that you affected younger ones even teenagers and parents y are getting itts for the first tenth two. keep those hands washed.a as warnings about this fitness tracker they match the network researchers examine that a hundred full-time workers for a if thisti on a matter of improvement in a person's health and ring those devices is no evidence they promoted weight loss for they lower blood pressure for that they evenev improved your cardio.ur the study also found that most peop trackers within six months ofar buying one.mon it's interesting to find how many stitcher taking it becomes a little too much iodine know what i'm doing. heavily to his and superset for secret conversation located in the messenger app that means is here chatting is the garage and
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wo't use the new feature cap on the conversation icon on the right. by the way even if it secret tot use the other person could be capturing that on their found. but you think it might go awayha be careful who you are speaking to. he got his foot and mentornd stepping into ten of the top sn francisco bay area added agencies with this you're still young enough morning may not be becausee you're sleepy might mean you're very smart that's versionce stn to be smart a new study shows
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your brain can actually handlede that shows that human downs last longer than any other animal about seven secondsther on avere researchers say this might help explain why we gone in the first place. i loveplafir when the dog or cal you and then one of us will yards it's tediousw your body just doesn't.oe not your averages ride in an elevator coming up, c with someo police offices -- they werememe dozier partners to the covers in the middle of the next there's a way todl to stop him or her from
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my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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welcome to new day cleveland thank you for joining us today does we're david is? italy. i feel bad for him right nowd more for us on flying solo today be forwarded to the show i wanted to show you some of our video that we took from our


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