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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we have a chance of winning a world series but you can't have that mindset of going out and winning in one game.ld >> in and look to lock up the first world series title since 1948. good morning on this tuesday november 1, 2016.94 thank you for joining us. i am natalie m4 kristi capel. >> and i'm todd meany in forat scott sabol. we are going to start to warm up stay with the wind picking up thewa the winds are now at 12 te starting more out of the south. that will increase our temperatures into the high 60s tuner 70. looking out widespread lower middle 40s into the western suburbs of clevelandeses. brunswick early at 48. high clouds are still
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look at the war that extends from clevelandd all the way back to chicago. the center of the war between kansas city and some sailors were temperatures are already close to 70. southwest wind continues and will drive that warmth our way.d we need to be in the low 80s to break any records. record high is 82 are forecast day still unseasonably a warm regardless break any records.he the winds will start to die down a little during the game. again gametime temperature will be 67 degreesga with a southwin. >> a nice-looking rush hour. i cannot find any accidents out there.
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cavaliers are going to tip at six. there's going to be a lot of traffic downtown. maybe avoid night and ontario and exit at carnegie.yb there are a handful of cheaper populace over near carnegie and 22nd and is a quick walk to the ballpark. no problems on the west side of town and 90 on the show way by 55th uris want to scylla down as you head around dead man's curve.ow there is construction on 76. slow it down to the construction >> game six here we go. clearly it is heather secondm chance to end the first title since 1948.
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the field with more on the playerss. >> good morning everyone. it is the calm before the storm. sassy not even that calm yet. everyone is excited about tonight's we are all putting a lot of faith into the pitcher josh tomlin. >> game six and we have chance to win a world you still can't have that my setup try to go out there and win the game in the first inning.yo t you have to take each pitched as this is start living a until your company gets the ball and then see what happens. c >> last of the tribe held an optional workout on the lights at progressive field inptio dese sunday's loss at wrigley they remain optimistic. a they have won two out of three in chicago. and they returned to cleveland for a chance to win the titleto and terry francona says a home
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hit lassie you get to use a bullpen differently. y that's a huge advantage. that's why so many good teams have better records a home. >> tonight's home game is at 808. and then the cavs, they move their game up to 6:00 so that fancy go to the cavs cavs game and then watched the mba. there's going to be a watch party right there at the game. it is expected that lebron and the players are supposed to head over to progressive field right after. it is going to be an exciting night in cleveland. >> it is going to be a great day. >> i am ready. i know patty-
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i have been a cleveland fan even before was cool to be a cleveland fan. >> thank you. 505. it is celebrating a win tonight. >> hotels are booked. ticketke prices off the chart. stacy fry is live with that part >> ticket prices a little bit lower than they were here at progressive field leslie.a 650 will you a standing room onlyly spot at the harvard if it goes to game seven that price
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are making a tide of money here in the last way. they been able to sell seats sea with faced by a three or $400 for thousands of dollars. tonight they top out somewhere around ten grand for the best seats in the house.e a ticket broker we talk to say lower price this week arewe probably a result of the short notice fans have that there were even be a game six s. >> are very small window for class coming in from out of tow> and people making reservations for hotels.nd after call monday morning. >> if this goes a game seven prices are going to pop up again.en ticket brokers would talk to say the average about $4,000 to get into the gameth if there is a ge seven here wednesday night that of the highest prices ever for it is tickets which is completely understandable because we had been waiting 68 years for this to happen. also ticket prices are for real again sevenls it would be the
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sport. >> i hope it is a happen to be honest the.. >> me too. wrap it up tonight.t. how many sleepless nice can we take.ho because you know we had to step and watch the game. k if we have to do it on wednesday, we might all be dead by the next morning in [laughter]g >> stacy fry life at progressive field. thank you stacy. l >> fox8 is your official world series station. >> fox8 is a disposable for game six of the world series for the schools of courage big game from prison build a 6:00 we are less than an hour away. >> no news a man and told of becoming a metrohealth medical this morningd after getting sho. there inside the car at the
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that's the vehicle that was damaged. investors say a 19 -year-old man was hit in the chest a a 19 monh old girl was grazed in the shoulder. still waiting for work on their conditions or any arrests have been made. >> a trial date is set for a man linked to the murders of at least four women.. shawn grat connection toha the murders of stanley a stacy stanley and elizabeth griffith and holding another woman captive.. police say he also led them to thee remains of a third unidentified victim in mansfield.rd his trial is set for november 6. >> a northeast ohio police chief is facing suspension from duty fori about four weeks to a lettr says chief mark wentz was placed on a paid suspension due to it for a contact at the rocksinosu
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>> the fox8 iteam learned dust suspension stems from pictures that she took with busy celebritiessp the city leaders e not coming out why the chief was suspended.d. >> good morning scott. >> no rain in the forecast today or tomorroww a lot of warmth and warmth that we have nothing this some of year since last her this time was in the mid- 70s. temperatures in the upper 60s eight-day forecast will we come
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flog him back to box they news in the morning. it is 5:11 a.m. on this tuesday.
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to win the world seriest. >> let's check in with gus able to see how warm is going to be. >> fox8 .com forecast online. we had the box a weather we will need out with rain coming into the picture tomorrow night. >> 45 degrees in akron. middle upper 40s in cleveland. when's now out of the southwest starting to come out is moreowou from about 10-15. we have lighter winds for the east of the at all of this going to stay
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game today. city 7 degrees. temperature by 8:00 this evening and was will die down but still about ten yesterday miles an hour.. this widespread warmth is going to start to slide for the ease.s cincinnati will be up above 80 degrees later on today. i don't think we will break an about 1970. >> here is the way. t notice how they start to die down a little bit.hti a nice warm day today. seventy-five.a where are very similar stretches
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year.he we had two straight days of daytime highs in the middle 70s.i temperature during the world series. er in the 60s. winds blowing blowing out ricer schneider the gamewi loads in te middle and upper 50s and another warm day tomorrow. warm and breezy. we start to factor in some showers around midnight tomorrow and it's going to widespread rainfall. overnight for night and throughout the day on thursday. especially before lashaya lunch has was come out of the northwestcialla i would you seaa cool down slowly.ou we'll barely make it about six yeah thursday and a widespread 50s coming into the upcoming weekend.ea t updated rain numbers. this might be pushing it a little. but still a good soaking rain. that is for the upcoming weekend.
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still, we can forecast is looking looking good. friday will have sunshine and be in the upper 50s.y >> jackpot on a casino slot machine. >> a woman even took a wife beater say she's entitled to much less. since how can hillary manages countryi when she cannot even manage her e-mail. >> donald trump last lloyd clinton t as the fbi ruses e-mal investigation.he f what he told a northeast ohiohi crowd about it.o >> as a hedge break taking a live looking at the innerbelt bridge.a traffic looks good right now.d patty will be back with a closer
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of course world series game inn the cavs are going to be tipping off essex for a telephones heading downtown tonight.f the lots will be backing up onto the inner belte bypass those and get off at carnegie this evening. it's easy. there's nobody doing that. i was up there last week e and it was an easy shot. their parking lots along 22nd. it was much cheaper to park therei that it was a long knife in ontario. w this is 90 over by east way east 22nd. this is 71 at west 25th.
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it's much easier now that there are two lanes on thes ramp for the inner belt. gas prices are $2.02. much easier to fill up. my dining is that $1.85 a gallon. >> thank you. hillary clinton is defending her campaign staff as the fbi reopens that h probe into her in she maintains that investigators are wasting their time.nt >> i said it was a simple mistake and i regret it but now they i probably want to looking e-mails of one of my staff members pt and by all means they should look at them. b and i am sure they will reach the same conclusionsu they did when he looked at my e-mails for the past year.
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plans friday to redo the e-mail following a review of e-mails between her senior advisersin ad her husband former congressman anthony weiner. the public and final donald trump criticizing the democrats. >> hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again.hee we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating. >> trump at a rally in michigan yesterday focusing on a new fbi probert he's praising fbi director james calmly saying the decision took a love gussets we have several former attorneys general from both parties are last him for bring this up a week before the election. seth and evacuation order amazing places were in a three hour radius e around the pipelie explosion happened how longg colonial pipeline in central alabama. shooting flames high into the
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one worker died and five others were injured.e the blast was a fairly set off whenever work group hit the pipeline with a piece of construction agreement.. alabama gummer says the crews are aligned the fuel to burn off. the pipeline has been shut down. >> researchers fear that the seeker buyers could have a damaging effect on male fertility. butg as they were affected with the buyers had lower sperm counts, lower levels of testosterone and their. men there are concerns that signifiers can have a similar effectnh on male fertility. >> a new york woman is being told that she is getting nothing but a slot machine show she won a big price tobu managers call t a machine malfunction. and machine takes the money when you lose issued pay when you win. i >> are treated took a selfie with a slot machine showing two
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commission says that malfunction making all paid place boyd as stated on the machine. her attorney now says she should be awarded the max payout which are $6,500 too sailor saved by law the feeling which ish entitled to is $2.25. >> stress they should give her something else.> >> weather and traffic every eight musicians had.d. >> the it is world series is causing havoc for the cavs.. of the chain is suing to accommodate fans. >> there explosive home of the
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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good morning everybody. temperatures are going to be in the 70s later today. it's breezy, not as cold as yesterday morning.'s strongsville currently at 50. westlake 51. masculine 42. our forecast keeps a thick blanket of cloud cover around.
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above or potion 60 degrees. since then he made up into the '80s yesterday.he high temperatures around 75. unseasonably warm. the winds have died down a little by early evening gametie temperature will be 57 degrees at progressive field. it will high temperature is low 60ss for early november. last november we had a stretch very similar to this.. maybe you're over it if you doubt, no big deal.ay i've just joined that out there. >> back to you guys. >> thank you scott. the second time in week cavaliers had to push up theree time to conflict with the indians next-door. >> and vi of her of the cavs across to start today's game at
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set for seven. after the window show the game on the hugh mongof television. >> they have really been supporting. >> i'm excited for them. i know the city has. i'm happy that our game got lived out. i don't mind living for the world series at all. itmind will be an exciting time. hopefully we can get a sweep. >> the cavaliers moved of last so the fans to see lebron james was named eastern conference player of the week for a record 54th time. >> the browns pull off a surprisingg trade with new england patriot.
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draft pick in exchange for the patriots jamie collins. he played in seven games for the new england patriots. therefore a three tackles. will willing to bring another prayeded with claimant was some big wins this time.wi >> was city must do to said though 108 -year-old title drought.08 and only living links the tribes last will series chairmanship teamvi is headed back to cleveland.s >> as a hedge break here is a blur a look at i 40 asa roberr
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