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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 1, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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fox8 news at six stars. >> right now. ? music playing ? we're rallying together. for back here at our favorite progressive field. third base. we are ready for and indians world series victory. is going to happen tonight. [laughter] good morning. i'm stephanie schecter says and i'm kristi capel the want to check it was scott fable. we here is nice and toasty today.y. >> we are going to get temperatures up in the mid- 70s.> very similar to the once we had late last week.e right now sussed up her warm in the wizard winter went to start to pick up.t
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here in cleveland, we are currently at 46 degrees. i kant and 42 and barberton 47. and make some clouds and sun. the core of the warmth is still over central illinois. that starts to slide for the east over the next two days so the winds coming out of the we are anticipating maybe do a record high temperature but that is only happen once this time of year. a high of 75 is a realistic goal. sixty-seven is a temperature for game six of theix series. >> it has been a nice looking day so far.> we are looking great as we head out the door.w we have no problems. axing at night in ontario will be private bypass those and exit at carnegie. the exit is now open. it's easier and there are
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22nd. >> brands remain close off of the west shoreline.. also this westerly is a 35 mile-per-hour every coming downtown public transportation is probably your best bet.t. >> the rant 77 getting onto i 80 eastbound-slow. -going to send it back to the ballpark with stephanie, wayne and christie christie. >> thanks much folks let that countdown begin. >> we are just hours away from what could be an epic night in the city of >> and we are all a little nervous but how are the players
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jessica dill is live with a preview of game six tonight. >> hi jessica. >> good morning. can you imagine being one of these players right now getting ready for probably the biggest game of their career f coming up on game six. the players seem to be pretty calm.he and really excited about playing inut front of their own home to. >> they're hoping to snag a world champion title. their only other time was in 1948d with the indians beat the boston braves. tonight they try to take out the chicago cubs. we all know that one sunday.. tonight it comes down to josh tomlin who is on short rest. setting a game three against their comes to gave the 54 and
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>> is just about executing pitches. kind of understand the game plan going into itn but making game adjustments because again kind of roles on. and the game dictates what to do concern guises or situations.d >> gametime tonight is 8:08 p.m. and the cleveland cavaliers play tonight.t. they got their game lived up to 6:00 so that fans can watch both the cavaliers and the indians game. ifif you're lucky enough to hava cavalier to get you to stay watch the rest of the game on the q. th and then wayne i'm here that lebron james and the players will be making the way across gatewayy plaza in progressive feel so they can watch the game as well . >> that is awesome. >> they are our good luck time. they really are.
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series they played and they have one. i like this relationship.ey >> they all need to show up at the browns game on sunday. >> yet ready for mayhem. downtown is going to be rocking tonight for game six. >> all the hotels are about to bars and restaurants restaurants are going to be jammed and if you still want a ticket to gave you might be able to get a discount.. >> sa live [laughter]rs >> we're speaking in relative terms. though standing room only tickets to games one and twot yu can get them tonight for $650. the average retail price for tonight's game is $2,000. that's what fans are plain over
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this easily could have kill ended in game five.y or they had to make a real quick decision. and that's if they go to game seven in central to water source clenching of fun of the home crowd. if the perfect storm but you pay what your clients because it is fable with the value.t >> take a probers we have seen say this is the highest>> prices they have ever seen. >> they also say those we talk to that game seven in ago say game seven i be the most extendd
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>> we know won a game seven. thank you. >> no. no we don't. fox8's official world series data covering the tribe like no one else can. we are very pleased to have former tribe manager mark mike hargrove and tony rizzo joining the fox8 twosd news team. >> a course fox8 is this wasn't was at home for game six of the world series.uh but this lesson covers beginning to progressive field with us this morning. all the way until 10:00 as he rallied together t only on fox8. >> we are your station. stress coming up. a celebration kind of coverage continues all when a longerce sy with us. much we're come. >> and whether you're just being home or maybe waking up, we appreciate you being with us this morning. we are going to check in now or discuss table. stress cavorted sky. >> to morning everybody.
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the forecast day or to roll. temperatures are rising nicely well up into the mid- what a low mid 70s and is eight-day forecastha were come back from the brave. >> it has been an evening to you so far in the coming into downtown it will be crowded cleveland clinic is now ranks number two hospital in the the-accessible carried ohio
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hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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him and will cloud cover and wins rpf rpl. ways being up in cleveland and temperatures in the high 40si with against a strong wind that will only get stronger as the day goes on. temperatures will fall a little but generally they 60s should do a by 8:00 p.m. this evening. for the orientation a
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more blowing up to right center. approaching 60 in cincinnati. we'll start to increase our wind but'l will start to shift furthr east and we're looking at today's we can have two straight days of of 75 degrees. as and early november that is only have a five times in record high temperature is 82. that was set back in 1950. again unchartered territory. look at the core of the was trying to pull back a little bit.k i get 75 should be a good estimate fori forecast. we fall back into the middle of high 50s tonight. mostly clear. winds pick up again tomorrow. a chance of some showers.ds i we call front to the north. notice the cold air behind in the supercold.d. it takes a couple of days for us to get back to still take the today's to go
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there is the rain. and we have game seven rain will off until we havee game seven. stay rain tomorrow night. first half of thursday a washout. a pretty good amount of rain but i think he did three quarters of an inch of rain is a pretty good estimate.s as you look at the forecast, a little taste of reality this weekend friday, saturday and sunday. mostly sunny with highs in the very little wind and that will start to dropp 30s were overnight low generally middle monday and0s tuesday. patty harken with a look a at traffic. >> a great-looking forecast.t. a little better rain on thursday but it will all be over by then. hopefully it will be over this evening.ho if are heading downtown it will be packardi continue along an accident carnegie.
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and i sayr only but otherwise there lots are about 80 and $100. it's about a ten minute walk and there are some lots at 22nd carnegie. look at something non-ballpark related there's construction out there. i that ramp is still closer of .-dot says november 11 is what they're shootinger for to have that ramp reopened. traffic right now is well and 271 at broadway starting to get more crowded as you head north and southbound in the area. construction by just be careful. 480 east and was found no problems.4 >> senna back to the ballpark with wayne, kristi and staff.sen >> thank you so much are we are at the ballpark having a great
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als we will strive for. the principles we will live by. and we need to make sure that they can be proud of us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. while combat. i'm patty harken. things have been peaceful so far. no issues so far. led road will close at the railroad bridge beginning tomorrow through the night.. it was close for a while and they reopened and now they're going to close it again tomorrow.. critically drive is close at route 18 tori do this month and
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271 and she ran no problem. everything is money well. on the east side. seventy-one at bally started to see a few more cars up and out ofeed so far was like a speed lt ride and please don't forget about this a good-looking forecast. >> temperature in eastlake at 40. forty-seven in painesville.. we just hit 15 in cleveland over the last hour. slightly cooler. look at the core of this warmth. it is still not even in northern ohio. windstream i'm give us indication of where these come from. by out of the southwest. record high temp of 82 in
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this was the only time we had temperature above 80 degrees after the november 1. seventy-nine is a record high in akron.nt strong south of land at 10-teen gusting.h watch the high clouds began to move out. game six of the world series forecastga since the aid graze t 8:00 p.m. last said about you guys now. >> is going to warm up later today. >> don't let this o [laughter] everybody keeps telling us we look so cold. but it's fun. >> as a dark as the kind of middle of the night early morning.a can't see our breath so that's a good thing.n' oh wait, i guess you can. just kidding. want to thank duncan does for
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we will keep you covered with what's happening here at progressive fieldh right now lit of these back to the studio wee natalie is standing by with a look at today's top storieslie . good morning. here's the story. s a man and tyler are becoming a metrohealth medical center a afr getting shot in a car. happened before 5:00 on harvard avenue le mode yesterday.ef this is video of the damaged vehicle.t invest scarce a a 19 n was grazed in the short. 1 no word yet on the conditions or if any if arrests have been made. halloween hayride in a small county mississippi left three people doubt dead inquiry to children. what a half-dozen other victims are seriously hampered. they're all running together on a that was being towed by another vehicle when a truck plowed into it. to children and one adult who died we're related..
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close-knitl t was a population f just 325 people. a huge gas flame pipeline killed one person in alabama. >> a look like it was a plane crash.h. i've never seen anything like this.v >> there working on the colonial pipelinene system with a hit the pipeline with heavy machinery. the explosion sparked several while pfizere it could lead to gas shortages and price increases. hillary clinton told a crowd that the latest news about her e-mailsth will turn out to be nothing. t >> i said it was a mistake and i regret.> now they apparently are probably want look the e-mails of one of my stafferss and by all means they should.d
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last year. there is no case here. >> hillary as the one who broke the law over and over again. w we can be sure that what is in those e-mailsha is absolutely devastating. thank you. >> james coming revealed that a search of former congressman anthony weiner's conviction of thousands of e-mailsan which may pertain to be investigation into of a home server. no word yet on if any of them are new e-mails. o meanwhile we know who governor john kasich photo four.. no surprise here. if not don't try. he told reporters he wrote in theh name of john mccain. instability that boat won't count because we came to out rua and not file here in ohio. that's elbow was making headlines morning.g.tha less than a back down to
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>> will check back with you in just a short minute.> so much coming away from fox8 news in the live from third base says we are going to talk about someone who will give us the game on game six. >> game six is going to be tonight. complete toes game coverage. fox8 user home of your world
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ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit,
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i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. him and today isdy game six of the world series at progressive field. it is going to warm up. southwest wind is going to kick in and temperature will go up.g it's only have a 24 times we had its imager at robe of 75 degrees after november 1. a couple times last year and this will be one of maybe two. we'll check it out as he was going on curly and look at the forecast online.e.
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online. i'll go into greater detail. how we come up with winter weather outlooks and how that has changed over the past 15-20 years.t twenty years ago we didn't have as is dated to pull from the june havel's massive amounts of information at your disposal. we'll talk more about that later.w current temperatures climbing. currently at 50 degrees at fox8. light winds will be picking up up 5-10. when gusts now start to pick up especially around noon time. temperature in cincinnati approaching 60. today we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine.a overnight lows will be warm and daytime highs will be running almost 20 degrees above normal both today and tomorrow.w.
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back in 1950 that was a record high of 82. that's the only instance we have had a high above 80 degrees after november 1 too 1950 was also a very interesting year because the pattern did a complete 180. nothing is going to happen this year but can happen even after a warm start in november.n forecast high temperature unseasonably warm. we'll stay in the middle and high 60s.' game time around 8:00. upper 50s tonight. right sitter during the game today another warm day tomorrowi with a high around 75. we increase the chances of rain after midnight there's a cold front as it begins to the line of shower will continue.he
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fairly decent. most areas will we had a good three quarters of an inch of temperatures begin to cool down on thursday. saturday and sunday highs the middle and upper 50s was overnightas lows and in the uppr 30s and lower 40s. i don't think we will break a record that we will come close. >> let's take a quick check ofck traffic. well. starting to see more cars andg cleveland please have a car into acleve pole south of lorain. be cautious if you're traveling that way. there are two lanes now from 71 getting onto the air about. n we no longer seek out parking lot effectively have been for the past three years that they
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drive times are good. no problems on i 90 from avon. going to send us to the ballpark with way, kristi and stephanie. >> scott sables forecast for friday is looking really good. looks like mother nature- >> game six is night right here at progressive field. here we go [laughter] cleveland in his head in her second chancei to bring home the teams first title since 1948. b >> we are just keeping our fingers crossed as and save lots of prayers. jessica dill is right up there. >> i can hear you guys cheering
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i was going to say the calm before the storm and so-called with you three and i love itef. everybody is getting excited for the game all of us putting a lot of pitcher josh tomlinn. >> game have a chance of winning a world series but we still can have that mindset of trying to got and win the game in the first inning..e he had to take each pitch at this and live that moment and see what happens. >> last night the tribe held an optional workout> under the lights out progressive field despite sunday's loss at wrigley the players remain optimistic or they want to at three at the combinet and returned to cleveland for a chance to win the title. at terry francona says home-field advantage is a big deal.r >> the biggest thing of all is when you're the home team unit last. so you get two years or bullpen differently.t
6:33 am
have better records a home. >> that home game starts tonight at 808. as a cavalier game as well but they got pushed up to 6:00 as in the cool thing about that is you to stay at the cavs game and watch the indians game on the humongous screen as well.i you to see both teams play and hopefully we will come out with two wins tonight.te >> we are so excited because we are on tv right now. [laughter]ex can i put you guys and my and? >> i think you're in my hand right looking back. i've always had you in the palm of my hand. v
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downtown >> hotels book and bars restaurants packed game six.x. marvelous for the cleveland economy. >> safety fry is live with more on >> good morning. nearly 40,000 people will be as i progressive field tonight,y another 20,000 for the cavs. with all those thousands of people willl come down to the bars anddo restaurants is goingo be part of the you know they don't have tickets for this to want to be around, it is going to be crazy in downtown cleveland lacquered ticket prices are off the charts but also hotels are but and you'll be playing pain accelerated rate for those to her dollar rose going for three is forrao times as much. whoever the cavs game when they ran out of beer and liquor. they know better this time. >> we are prepared because last time when the cavs onene euro go
6:35 am
stock.s no beer in the city. we are stocking up for tomorrow. >> everybody game ready before a celebration. one game at a time. coming up by to talk about ticket prices. >> they had been given the day halloween with her family very nice.ha
6:36 am
fans last night. >> that's really great. you feel for them because they beenou in that drought like we'e been through. we want our indians to win. fans scrambling to about yesterday. >> i can't get enough of it. >> they have some major league baseball has a merchandise store setup all throughout our city.b people really trying to get all the shirts that they can.a there is one brown shirt now the people cannot get enough. check it out. it's inspired by what went wrong
6:37 am
>> the cells for $26. it sounds up over going through this whole season.t not winning a game. it is what is. >> is time to get plugged in. what are we talking about today? >> th over political issues. [laughter]it what i like about that shirt is a didn't say-a did not say what was. were talking baseball. we are talking tribe. it is game six of the world series taking place tonight. we'll doubt world series trophy be coming back to cleveland tonight?ll will that be in the hands of our
6:38 am
what are your predictions for the game.w higher coming downtown to watch the game. what i doing for tonight's game? i place i celebrating the cleveland indians. one of our regular twitter fans will not be watching the games game because she fls is a here's how you get a hold of us to participate. facebook fox8 facebook page. on instagram fox8's is cleveland is a username . kelly's many the phone today. we will have more coming up throughout the show. >> everyone still has to do the
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>> everything. you name it. >> we are all in right? [laughter] we are live at progressive field.d. right on the third-base line. we will be right back. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine.
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and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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he actually had a two day stretch/about this time but temperatures in the mid- you need a lot of when is going to get windy later today. look at the warmth from paris much all points now. game time forecast. we'll turn talk about the wind and temperat the will be around 674 gametime. we'll have more warmth again tomorrow.w
6:43 am
coffee quiz on the a day and just a few minutes. a >> it one accident is off the freeway west 117. a car hit a pole so be cautious. other than that we loved god. it is trying to slow down as you approach 22nd. that ramp is just one lane that's why we are seeing congestion. l if you're driving around gas is cheaper.r if you do have to philip west siders h seem to be seen cheaper prices.
6:44 am
>> we have one and only johanna with us today from the indians. >> thank you for coming in. no pressure but we have to do this tonight. >> we do. i need my life back and i think my players are ready to celebrate.d >> why do you think about the watch parties a habit why you guys are gone? >> they were amazing. yet our 70,000 people here. all thosese proceeds are going o i was in chicago see the views back home and it's just incredible. t >> are they doing that in chicago tonight? >> they are at the little different dynamic in chicago.o. i think it ought did not do that. >> i think assessor much of our citya. we heard from fans.
6:45 am
>> what can we look forward to tonight out progressive feel? says a lot of the same stuff. wear red. cavs move their game. we urge everybody to get down here early. use the rta. >> you guys have such a great option for folksy here. it's fantastic. >> if had fun showing all the new stuff. >> who is pulling out the first pitch?
6:46 am
>> we just have to wait for that. >> which her partner in crime? i bet you met curtis. >> he had a busy weekend and he sleep in thehe he will be readyo go. we won the division and we went the ncs almost i think the all spoke upup every got a did a hoe then it will be fun. >> make the more special. obviously it was the cavaliers were done that too.ou fans are hungry now.
6:47 am
>> i will sleep later. it's okay. all the good. >> the wear red tonight. get here early. first pitch at a. >> thank you. >> take it with kenny crumpton.
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while come back. i'm patty harkin beenen things e going very well. seventy-seven is seeing some delays to we'll see tons of them later on the city as both come down for thel tribe game.
6:51 am
as andy last week we're flying over the tribe game. exit onto carnegie those parking lots are $40 much cheaper than 80 of a 100 the ballpark. was my 17th we do have a car hit a pole so be cautious there. we are starting to see some slow to be traffic as you head into the innerbelt bridge now has two lanes to get onto it so that has eliminated a lot of construction. the weather is going to be awesome with the eight-day forecast.eath >> partly sunny. breezy. temperatures in the middle 70s.unun gametime temperature this evening will be in the middle 60si and will start to die down a little.
6:52 am
center. a few straight days wereer temperatures at or about 75 degrees. that have the last year and then and 2003. it's only happened a handful of times the last 140 years. thursday is going to be having some pretty good rainfall. in a friday, saturday and sunday or seasonable temperatures. s normal high temperatures 57 and wishes say there friday, saturday and sunday. i a quiz? >> kristi capel is making us look bad.. >> more layers are coming off. >> i'm a little under the weather. >> she's only 29 and she's got the onset of menopause.. >> i want everybody a home to know- >> i really okay.
6:53 am
>> we have with that kelly colbert of avon. how are you doing this for a? >> the guide. >> we're going to talk about baseball. a more about the manager. terry we talk about him and his history with cleveland. he was a baseball player alone his dad. he's also been a coach any manager for a long time.o what famous athlete did he manage in the minor leagues?t was a michael jordan, was a michael phelps or tim tebo? the answer is not obvious. >> michael jordan. >> i have no idea so i'm going to go with you guys. >> christie you didn't say anythingg.
6:54 am
>> the correct answer would you you're right, it is michael jordan. >> i just said that to throw you off a little bit.i >> kelly you and for tickets to see the aleutian is. and some mcdonald's didn't get certificates and a gift certificate to hudak dental. down there?? >> when did that going to warm up? [laughter][l >> we did drop a little bit of
6:55 am
>> can we just tell you the pumpkin donutsts at dunkin' dons are so good? >> kenny crumpton is having a great time this morning at the ballparkrk showing us that list of. >> we are going to check in with kenny right now.we game six and we are full of when we come back we are going to show you all kinds of stuff. >> is time now for the careerboard job of the day. they're hiring a part-time service advisor. >> click the jobs tab at fox8 .com. coffee quiz is brought you might
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written
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from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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is into this afternoon and 45 and chardon widespread 40s physique your brunswick 16 52 in brunswick 16 in nc the warmthre inside the east it indicates those are starting to build aphrodite is a need to 82 setback in 19507 new line in akron i don't think normal on
7:02 am
couple of minor accidents to watch out for. when i'm not a
7:03 am
procedure ticket prices are off the charts ticket prices are also a feature it's a little bit lower than they were for last weeks week's game one and two 650 will get you into the ballpark average price for ticket toig about $2,000. f the first five games have been outstanding obviously for any ticket holders who wants to read so from that
7:04 am
there is a very small window for clients coming in from out of townwn would you like to go to e game we know it is for sure now. >> kim seven prices will pop up again the average price to themp is about $4,000 that is the highest and nba and indians in and indians ticket has everd sd for only waiting 68 eurosea game seven they will be the highest ticket prices of any will every deal is. >> is a is a part of me wants to come just because of what it will do for the city. >> listen i can't keep taking
7:05 am
man who does not have to do hair and makeup before he comes in it must be nice. it must be nice. and then the layers you have to put on. really need to talk about becausek that is finally here. >> that's right it could be the cleveland indians champs to take the title right in front of here in front of our own fans. and that is right up there. we'll let her turn on the field with
7:06 am
willha be back in the lineup. >> it gives them a little more that theyhethunder will situated situate right in the middle quartz you have to respect. >> excited to be back home in
7:07 am
start for today starting pitcher he says that he is pretty it is pretty calm about itg he will take it one pitch on pitch at a time i to handle the pressure and it is just a normal day for those two and that is going to be a mess
7:08 am
from the watch party will help those in need here at home. it severalsplit up among grt with between 200 and there's and 30,000 thursday 30,000 fans packing andhehe two outs games 4 and five. all of that money raised will be here and including the boys and girls club of cleveland. i think that the fact the dedicated some of the proceeds to the cleveland indians indian security sweep in working with them for more than
7:09 am
one of the longest and that is keeping baseball all live in the alive in the city supporting baseball then the boys and girls club. or exactly an amount they will be receiving at this . how much is been raised during all if you figure it out, between 20 and 30,000 fans we can do the calculations with tens of thousands of dollars with that person coming in. look at the video. it is incredible we wee blown away when we sawre that happened with the cavaliers. same thing here. because are
7:10 am
them on the national media when they take a shot of our stadium it's awesome. >> were talking about the largest big screen probably big-screen probably in america. >> stay with us as we cover their pursuit of the world series don'te forget the only place you can watch the indians and comes in the world series is right here at your favorite stationc fox eight. still to come f party. heard the saying that started up a somewhat is a of a joke and t has grown into something the tribe never would've imagined. >> plus good a win in the tri- tribe year the numbers? a look at stats. interesting statistics for you coming up
7:12 am
7:13 am
good morning welcome to fox eight news in the morning. accident affecting folks off to the right hand side that is busy here this issy where 90 and 77 march together here. it is a tight spot this is over near
7:14 am
along 22nd of them from east 30th as you head into town the other highways are checking out okay if the weather will beil gorgeous. here is scott. there is a whole lot of wind here todaye there will be some warmth we don't november three of them in 2003 a.m. in 1982 and 1987, winter
7:15 am
7:16 am
on our doorstep that midnight it continues through earlier thursday of right t now though rainfall amountsgh will be fairy substantial is only three quartersly of an inch of rain you're heading downtown for the brady won't have any wind to deal with.heow we are talking t a new species of alligators and here you go what's talk about some of the comments that come in's next is no am not going to
7:17 am
then an e-mail from signs in the yard from one of our viewers here are some voicemails that came in. >> i'm calling i want to share my story and neck 1848 i had justry moved to cleveland we adjust moved to cleveland i was 16 years oldd and then i went to central high school think what is out they let us out for the parade. i walked from trying to find the parade all i install was the paper and stuff that was left but it was so exciting. b >> i want to get too excited there, fox eight people, golden state was up three teams to one of the could and look what happened to them. >> while. the haters are coming outng this morning. that's alright here's the thing with
7:18 am
golden state we are up three games to one butc golden state t one of the most games that year just like the cubs of one the most games that years of the underdog is a team that one more plugged in coming in a pretty face.o >> go tribe. go tribe. go tribe. now we can to kenny hill is outside the ballpark kicking it for us. good morning, kennyd it's a party having a good time parting it up with this guy as we get ready for game sixg when we come back we are hanging out with me because it is a party. kicking it with kenny. stay with us. >> cleveland's own welcoming
7:19 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
one of the prettiest perks. parks. i have been around.rk good morning how are you? good morning. you talk about going viral.
7:23 am
fa >> it really started as an inside joke we want to went to our game in april they made a vigil@and here we are the cavaliers used it as a referenc >> it's crazy how one little thing that started all father of three. and so now you have been interviewed by the new york times i thought it would be over an hour and i week
7:24 am
crazy to sit there and here from now are they are talking about something you did. his new. but you have turned it into something completely positivetu you have raised over $200,000 for charities.20 for the cleveland clinic one of the nice thing is i got to go meet a few of these those kids a small child ten -month-old gustav on record just to see and talk to their appearance is a really hard touching moment. >> i do single process work? >> it is all tied to the shirt that goes directly to the cleveland children.
7:25 am
the same thing behind you. it is actually on my first base side in right fieldba it can to hold this up. >> there we go. thank you so much game six more of fox eight news will continue when we come
7:26 am
7:28 am
if we've got to do better, we've
7:29 am
while come back with a nice couple of days. good morning, everyone 51 degrees but the wind will or eight and boostwi with a million driver this time of year
7:30 am
progressive field crowded in the area that ramp is still just one lane those are
7:31 am
bad most of those are from for 80 and for 90 being a nine minute commuter wayne christie andch stephanie back at the yar. if you come to downtown cleveland tonight a better have your hotel booked. game six is great for the cleveland economy we check in with all of that for us. it is good to be here in cleveland today. good for the heart and soul and economy you are nearly 40,000 people in
7:32 am
those others milling about who don't have tickets and just want to be part of the atmosphere. here in the city of cleveland took the presence of been reflecti than there were fourrle they wee for games one and two also downtown if you're going to stay downtown rooms are jacking up as welle we talked to a browns fan they told them it would be 800
7:33 am
even playing at homem and he sa a perfect saw them live and it will it will be a little insane game six back here thank you s ready for the skin. hours away from what will be an epic nine and we all maybe a little bit nervous. how are the players feeling? jessica is live with us this morning previewing all the players. no i'm kidding. good morning, good morning could
7:34 am
pressure on them they seem really good about itt just realy wanting to finish it up to 90 game six. hoping to snag the world champion title. cleveland's only other world series titlepiti will make it me it got the boston braves they've made three starts with
7:35 am
just up as a superhero they were just up as indians players. a lot just up as foreverr lower and put a caught cut on that p.m.ut kind of fun. >> i think josh tomlin some josh tomlin should dress up as the
7:36 am
product called cool products because the secretary of state and found go tribe was available.. >> it is an amazing probably the most widely known and historic trade type name in the united and so do the indians have to pay every time they say go tribe? technically they could go after them up you never half and says from zero to sprout they are are using thatr
7:37 am
last world series indian will be herere and he is 90 years old is in fort worth texas and in the fall classic when they beat a yu the sox. myself the indians beat the boston braves it back then. with the national team there you go. that was nice. and then e
7:38 am
we ride together. still to come ?- the world series edition with our champion todd meaning. we are taking your thoughts and comments
7:40 am
7:41 am
you can always so when it is seller it looks good when it is emptyit and that is progressive
7:42 am
big-time awesome. we could be their right mind
7:43 am
painting tomorrow will be wednesday when we win. feel free to get those comments in in any way. still to come we will explain with our live look outside from our fox camera while the weather hold on especially if you're heading down to progressive
7:44 am
7:46 am
does that song just to make you want to get up and started dancing? well come back. you don't want to get too excited
7:47 am
last two months is friday they will be winning saying with got thisg we have the best to pictures going in that it is a very. bei in taking a look at te forecast t first win. mostly sunny high clouds earlyy breezy a high of 5 pouring out to hour to out to marry and right center 75 again
7:48 am
first half of thursday three quarters of an inch of rain fall high thursday of 60 normal highs of 57 the weekend forecast of that is that feature any wind and then back above 60 by next tuesday. getting into downtown an earlier accident off to the side before dead man's curvea and then a big accident talking to someone
7:49 am
7:50 am
the last six games one on to win the title 24 the last 28 world series champions one game one. and they made the magic disappear on the same night with game four in chicago. they played the rockets tonight at the queuee with the start time t
7:51 am
start not as strong as our cavaliers put a good luck charm only five teams have been down three games to one and if come back have come back to actually win candy bar. can you buy. i ama in my happy place. when we come back, we will tell you p how the massages are going to help the tribe and youss get all relaxed for game six. candy bar. when we come back. kicking it with
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> good morning. i love going to i lie. we are here in frontf progressive field introducing new tracks for game six. yes indeed we help the tribal take it tonight. there you go very good. very good. so while allison is going to do the voodoo thathe she does i will tk to shelley good morning. where
7:55 am
>> we are from sue's basically we bring massage therapy to you to your home. >> uses the the world one person at a time by going to them and you bring a really cool chair. yes and you are coinciding with a tribe victory tonight. how do we introduce bringing massages two people.
7:56 am
massage take? >> anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours. there is that coupon? and this is allison. this will be would be a typical set upso when they come to your business longer and more relaxing chair massages and marathons get a massage so far in advance if they pull something at work how does that work? >> so if the stress is got you down to people will see that i
7:57 am
how are you doing in there, chris? she is the professional
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning cleveland and all of the northeast ohio it is aa tuesday morning. not just in ai tuesday morning a terrific tuesday morning. and it is the first day of november. want to thank you for joining us we are we're coming to you liveo the third-base line and all is well. and they use the restroom


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