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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from the get-go, scoring in a variety of ways. the low-scoring and the crowd was getting into it. and power from roberto perez with two home runs in game one of those world series. and then you had a starting pitcher who was phenomenal, corey klub, guys in the first time to do that in a world series game.. want to see that from josh tomlin.. but today, tito has since obligations to speak to the media about what pitfalls could befall the team, what he said
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we go about it as we have done every game. that is to win the game tonight. realize that their could be again tomorrow, but the best wa is that if you have the chance to win than try to win. because if you worry about tomorrow, you don't have the lead anyway. that's how he manages. people say, you'll put off the opportunityt . if he does not fit to get
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he is still probably the mvp because he won two out of four. you get the early lead and then you'll see andrew miller and those guys. >> spoke earlier about starting he said not going to try to win the game in the first inning justw one pitch in one inning a a time, he said that we've got to get ahead of arrieta. they need a bit more patience. he is an outstanding pitcher as he was in his last game forie nights of postseason or he is
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as much fun as we are having, and i'll be in town last week a it anymore them melissa reid. >> she's got her lucky red kicks.ks she joins us from the plaza. is not the world series without the budweiser they're getting ready to come out to entertain as well as to watch the game themselves. we have
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plaza it is amazing we deserve a championship. >> gates open, 530. meantime there is music down here. it is a party atmosphere here a
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it is a party here, and go tribe. she knows how to get the crowd going there at gateway plaza we have seen the fans com together, very reminiscent of game one last week. there is a guy there, he is wearing the red coat that is matt wright. here on the field, the players are getting and their
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here were starting to get more action, justst a few hours away with gates open in about half an hour, their said enough food stands and the bear. is the fans wait for the gates open.wa they will get their red rally towels. we' it is still involving. we have waited since we were kids. >> i moved up here to go to clu the state partially because the indians or go this is amazing t me. tonight is the night for sure. >> i feel good about tomlin.
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hunter hayes seems the national anthem tonight. they will come and as soon as gates open, expect some of them tog run to their stand it feels wonderful out here. on november 1. with 70s. almost breaking a sweat.
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chicago cubs. and you are out. show you the numbers. 77 degrees cleveland. the 72 ashtabula is the coolest. we had some 80 plus downstate in all rainfall close to . north will bring in some showers late wednesday to thursday. so we are in great shape. will have the first pitch forecast, which is outstanding
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looking again at the price of parking, it is high prices is e gallek has that part of the story. chances are that most of you are not walking with in a bind wallet to pay for parking downtown. 19 has been looking at parking some of it may look familiar.e >> last week, it was in the dollars to park across the street from the stadium.he down the block, it was $100, this afternoon is said that was full, they say that they kept i close to downtown workers so they could squeeze in more fans later f. >> of the prices are 50 and $60
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down. is 50 bucks, that's not a good deal. read that it was $100 for earlier gamess so i will pay th willingly. that lot that was closed, waiting for the fans to arrive, recently opened at $60. the streets are pretty busy. if the indians win they will be jampacked. coming up, i team has learned how the policeup are preparing a huge crowd of the indians win tonight.. trevor crowe be even more of a headachehe during the indians parade, but some of the biggest fans may have to miss out. >> were talking about school
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calling the school district to see if they will cancel so the kids can come downtown, maia belay is on east 4th street. if a victory parade happens during school, some of the biggest events fans the kids will miss outut. should schools cancel for a parade? >> definitely, that would be so fun.. by kids love sports, so more than likely. is history they should be part of it is something that they will remember all their lives. g >> this is not having their lifetime it's great for them to
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we checked with half a dozen major school districts includin cleveland who agree that school will not be out for the parade. >> tell them to lighten up, it is theit tribe, world series. >> cannotl won world world seri of 68 years i think it would be great if they participate.8 had been walking all across cleveland and for the most part they say that their will be a pare would have run into a few who said thatat up so fast. >> i think that the end and scott shot.. >> if we have the parade, do yo think that schools should cancel. >> they're not going to win. >> i spotted the biggest cubs fan near the ballpark. don't think that there's going to be a parade in cleveland, you already had one
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some say, stop with that although they talk because we will chase the team, but some say, celebrate a little early they say that we have this came in the bag. maybe they could make it something like a holidayay or just startrt coffee with maybe they could put together a special project. of what the indians have been t include.o stay with us as we cover the indians pursuit of the world
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were getting ready for game six of world series you saw althoug
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united states and mexico. they are and the field , all over. and incredible amount of world series coverage featuring the indians. >> great night. we are shoulder to shoulder. we talked to a lot of people wh are abgolutely loving the weather. it is terrific. just think of the people who come heret they think that is it is not that we will take it especially since the spotlight is on us.. take a look from burke lakefron airport. don't know if this is a good indication. i don't see a lot of corporate jets from chicago. i see maybet one and a few othe that are coming in and out, i
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games one and two. maybe they know something, mayb you know that they should just stay in chicago because we're going to give them the clean sweep.. with high clouds, there was a halo around the sun and also today with some additional things i will show you in the nexti weather segment from one the webcams. unproductive a few stray showers norfolk virginia, well north, they will not be an issue. it is 77 degrees. record high was 82 degrees, these are a bit higher than we thought, we thought it would be mid '70s.nobody is complaining
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there was no humidity so this i the kind of warmth that is simply ideal, tonight 70 degree first pitch. a light southeast wind. is seized to be light enough.ou i think that the wind will be between five and ten. tomorrow, partly cloudy in sunshine, 75 degrees the rainfall will probably move in tomorrow afternoon and night as far as the temperature, we g to a bit abnormal for a stretch of friday it appears as though we will be in the relatively
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one of the reasons at the end i mated to the 95 road series, that ism dennis martinez, el presidente. he will thrownt out the first pitch, and we will chat with hi
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welcome back, a live look from the pickwick cam. you're looking at your watch, d you needed someplace that you n to go, are you running late? >> i was thinking about the indians game is at italy pm and the cavaliers game at 6:00 p.m., the want to win that players want to come here to watch the indians win the world series.c and right now we have a special guest, he is one of the most regal names in baseball history, l presidente. >> shut down the batters in the big lake. we have dennis martinez herere.
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jacob's field open. and i remember that it was snowing. >> mccain here the first time, in 1994. when i signed with the indians. it was unbelievable. he was a hell of a guy, i admired him.l those were like the golden years. the teamt was so good. they got so good so fast, what was it like for youou to play w those superstars? >> i was on my way out. when i came here, i was 41 so i was there the end of my career. i had some left to help the tribe. i remember he said to me,
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six good innings and then the bullpen. i did what they wanted me to do. the goal was about every five days into the reliable. and they brought me here to to the world series.t you got two starts in the 95 world series, what was the pressure like? >> it was, like the job. in some ways, the more you play the more you get used to it.
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common to live up to expectations. is great and i love it. >> you are living the good life what are you doing these days? >> i run, every other day, i play golf and take care of my family. i have four kids. i go back to nicaragua. i am unity. i try to reinforce the mindset. i believe that we need as as much as can. >> it's great to see you back
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>> we want to do it tonight. we got this great miami weather here tonight, gave six, the world series. >> he will throw out the first pitchthl. it's great to see you. >> got some great energy tonight. and its fans, try to get the goat of cubs fans. see what happens with the new high peace equipment the
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the gates are open, game six is officially on.. matt wright is alarmed them with excitement on the other side of the stadium.m. >> the party has started. you can see that the gates have opened the gulf they are run over to the standing room only seeds. especially the carter near the
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11:00 a.m. to be the first to get the prime locations to watc the world series tonight teache on the tribe and thrilled to be inside the ballpark. >> this is a look at the fans celebrating they have a wedding for this moment. they have a chance to clinch the world series and nearly 70 years. there is a dj set up in centerfield to get the party atmosphere going heard i would call it controlled chaos. they want to make sure that the get a good spot as they have
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we all rallied together to get this game six, world series. >> a great while it for the city, for the fans and the playersty come to talk more abo what that means to the players, john telich, you talk to dennis martinez about this and what it's like to play in a world series to take the ball for your team. bacony had that opportunity.y. you have to get into the zone early. you got to block out everything else. with people talk at you from al different directions justt probably the case for josh
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you saw what he did friday nigh in chicago. he have that great duo. they got the offense, to take the lead to win the game. he was spectacular. l in game six, with a chance to win the world series.w it's like typecasting, he is th everybody because loves him and here is terry francona. when you come up minor leagues and you don't throw 100 have to prove yoursel at every level. whether fair or not that is the way it is. he has done that and then some. and for him to start this game tonight.. i think it is an honor. he embodies so much of what i think our team is. we're thrilled that he will be pitching tonight.ha and that is not a manager
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he is they think the right guy tonight. and will do what is necessary t keep the game tied , and to keep the cubs from doing damage and then turn it over to the bullpen which has been a hugen start for the team. they don't think about game seven, when you believe in josh tomlin. there is no tomorrow, enjoyed tonight, if you win this game, the celebration will be generational. the generation after generation. >> we have heard the cubs curse of billy the go and is still in effect.s
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terry, brought us one for the wind chill, we also have a camera to its head, i give you the goat camera. it is a goat feel. this what happens when you put livestock with cutting edge technoly as way countdown to first pitch, stay with us fo the pregame show, with the trib fan who travel to chicago to watch the indians and came hom
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here is today's time lapse from chesterland. yo dogs. you also see the arc on both sides that happens with ice crystal record 82 we had a high of 80 degrees.
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sabol he said the game tonight will be the warmest world serie game, this far north. in the distant second place after start time of the 2,009, in philadelphia. eventually 59 degrees, it will be mostly clear and then tomorrowit partly cloudy 75 degrees. there is a shot of cold air and we will get a glancing blow tha begins thursday with showers, 5 in the low to mid 50s friday-sunday. then climbed out a little bit with the next front. affected the wednesday next week. generally, it will be dry for
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it is november in cleveland and it is wonderful.. is breaking our hearts, but nic swisher said about the indians
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i think it will be an amazing nightht played for the indians last year and is he for the cubs cubs? >> and a look back at the great city when wewe last won a world series title, in 1948. is covering trending stories fo us. >> has been 68 years since we had a world series title. back to late 40s realize how long it has beenb an long-overdue. back in those days of bob satchel paige and larry doby became, satchel paige the
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black picture to take the mound in world series history. these from the university. that he remember the old municipal stadium, with capacitive 80,000 people. the indians beat the boston bravesea, four-three in game si in yet the streets of clear that the well-dresseded tribe fans wi baseballs greatest moment. >> in 1948, east 4th street madelyne blunt like this. only dr. the middle three the bookends are from the actual photograph. nick swisher, one of the highest paid players in its
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last yeari. >> he said this this morning. what you think about tonight , you played with the indians recently.. >> i think in general, i think that the cubs will blow this thing out. you just blew my mind. >> i have so many good friends on themy. cleveland king, i wish luck but with f the long drought in chicago, if you do whence is going to be a lot of happy people. you're going to go with the longer drought. i am not going to move for a king think what most people wan to see, and a game seven. >> you do not flat out say that he was rooting for the cubs, bu
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he is from ohio, he played for the buckeyes in indians he had huge contractbu, he was injury riddled until he was, traded to the braves last year he earned more than $26 million over thre years , never hit over 250. said that he talked to our guys and they are feeling prett good, that he and his dad grew up as cubs fans. this is a guy who is technically still being paid through atlanta and clear them and says that he is rooting for the cubs.tlcl >> he played here, we cheered for him, and now this, it is an
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he says he's cheering for what everybody wants. let's forget about that and think about when he denied. >> go tribe. still ahead, on the big show, the girl is picking a perfect time to go to her first basebal
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welcome back, at progressive field for the pregame festivities. her participation will be seen by millions because of her affiliation with boys and girls club of lorain county. jennifer jordan i more of her story. and what an amazing experience, she has never attended an indians game. first time that she set foot on progressive field will be durin the world series. said something she never though possible but will soon be reality. just seconds before first pitch. world series, game six,
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progressive field, taken center stage, as dennis martinez throws out the ceremonial pitch to she will be in the spotlight by putting the baseball on thehe pitchers mound there waiting fo the crowd. >> it is super exciting. she does not have a lotto sport memories but does have a passio lorain county that she will be representing,, that moment her into the wall and she today. she battled self-esteem issues with a skin disorder. they just encourage me, does not matter what you look like o the outside. got a heart of gold. >> a freshman at lorain county
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club back in april. when mlb asked if they wanted t send a representative to highlight the partnership between mlb and the boys and girls club,, the director said that it was a no-brainer. see how she is an asset to the younger children.. initially, that's what i wanted to do. >> since the age of nine as a member she is now an employee during children she has memories that will last a lifetime. she will soon have a memoryil , it just so happens to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience feel like i have been a role model.. of a film like this is basically i am a prot?g? of what the boys and girls club of america notches lorain county,
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at progressive field entire game six. did an episode of the simpsons from more than ten years ago predict the outcome of
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will come back to progressive
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there is more than just a world series at stake, the outcome could affect all humanity, that is according to the simpsons.a your a-game six world series, the highlight so far has been a cloud shaped like a giraffe tha floated by during the rain delay. >> would you like in fact, they better just called timeout again. c >> the water music sure shooting, fire the accelerating. fabregas pops its right field, as some sort ofop ray ba the stadium in an eerie green glow.. >> it is still barring. >> fabric of the universe may shatter >> good, only then could the cubs finally when.
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simpsons treehouse of horror 16 episode back in 2,005, the cubs will when i if the fabric of the universe shatters. first pitch for game six tonigh is as italy pm.
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the cavaliers are tipping off a the kill, the indians about two hours away from the one in the first world series and 68 years. fans are ready. this is video from when the gates opened at 534 standing room only a great spot. it is welcome chaos the energy is electric this is the beginning about two hours away from first pitch from dennis martinez.
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practice. tell us what you think about tonight >> potato bowl tent will play a huge role in this game, josh tomlininol will do what he need come in quito may be more apt, to go to the bullpen. that has been his mantra. you have someone who can tilt the balance in your favor


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