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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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emac in the air to center to his left as is a home gets a one- breast home safe as the ball gets away. >> major mistake in the outfield reduce the tribe in game sixixayut that must play ge the cubs momentum and forcing a winner take all game sevenub tonight. >> good morning and it thingsit for joining us on this wednesday november 2 another great start to the day weatherwise and thanks so much for being herearwi with us and waking up or may be going to bed if you're falling asleep
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many in for when dawson were checking with scott sable as we have the threat of raininsc f living over the rate came. >> absolutelya in fact we have some sprinkles on radar but it's a very mild with a high temp yesterday of 80 degrees is the only the second time in the last hundred 40 years with at a temperature above 80 after november 1 right now 66 cleveland at clouds of spilling over the front of these are daytime highs yesterday 80 cleveland andnd lower middle 80s ck southern illinois indianapolis illinois indianapolis 75 look at the want the still right overheadnn are forecast to this morning will be kind of a cloudy day today willasasm see e little breaks and overcast if you sprinkles a few intermittent showers s nothing really heavy it will continue to about eight or 9:00 o'clock in the morning the windsor will pick up again and temperatures will start to climb 74 in chagrin falls and bring bridget 61 notea is mostly goes for the west out into norwalk's two sprinkles in
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middle 60s are forecast today we mention the breaks of son would also havea sprinkles out there for the most part the afternoon late morning to the afternoon will be triedmmth and a very warm very warm record high temp today is 77, 76 to record high temp in akron and are forecast for the world series will give a pretty warm again an outside chance of aga shower memory after 11:00 o'clock tonight again and very warm and i don't think we'll have any weather issues during the courseill talk more about the rain developing an eight-dayheg in just a little better traffic, patty . >> good morning traffic wise for you are doing fine we don't have any accidents out there would have some overnight work to be aware of: 271 talking with local policeaw rockside road especially the ones in the overnight hours that road this will close again todayrn they think probably about eight this morning and will close at the
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the roadways and you can see the sit in a boat bridge quite emptye as you come into town or out of town this morning the problems is nice to have five lanes opened on the east a sure way has been trouble-free than i do not overnight work that they were doing yesterday a nice easy start can use into our use into our wednesday this morning todd analogy bacterial lebron james said after the cavaliers northeast ohio nothing is given everything is earned indians experiencing this e at slauson chicago setting up a decisive game seven tonight. >> this bryant smack in 02 curveball also charged from one short time later visited a fly ball to left left of center and other titanic when
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allowing two to score it was a three separate in the top ofo the firstt inning and the third comes loaded the bases before russell greeted 10 t or terra with a grand slam in a 20 picture making it seven nothing a it's the first granny grand slam that cleveland has ever allowed in the worldel series and the cubs take first after mike napoli rbi on the imfft or the indians load the bases to carry out a guard of the band by striking out a make when cubs went on to win nine ?-dash three setting up a winner take all game seven tonightasse more for the team.s >> from progressive field with the first inning mishap did not feel like mars inin the outfit for the tribe and in the bullpen faltered as wellll and they play catch up all night and lost by a ninth recount in game six here at the world seriesh with predicate run and another shot tomorrow we have a resilient team and were going to be
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there's only one game left a place everybody gets ready to playg 's we are confident where at home playing in front of our fans and are clever on the mound were second so work in a working to come up your shop to play do it with general year in spring of three and one is present in this positionrihr fortunate positiono be and in use lose two to and are still here were plants for game seven we knew itw wasn't going to be easy whether they got a great ballclub over of whether they were lined up monster pitching staff and it'll be a fun one was still very confidentti i'm excited this is what we always wanted there is not wanted no one of us when we were growing up
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this is what we want this is what we wanted would we obviously wanted to finish earlieranwha but it's it's a drm a dream come true and here we are so tonight in game seven cory clover will try to be the first pitcher to win three games in the world series hasn't been done since 19688 michaela which would be here toic have it all for you john tell which fox amy'sam progressive field thank you jt di key players from the 95 world series team at the first pitch honors tonight to ceremonial tour will be thrown outside the team home run leader kim told me b of course they honor for game six went to former 12 former indians pitcher dennis martinezamw by president as picture for the tribe from $94.96 looks great last night he was in the all-star team in
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fall classic because atlanta kenny lofton and carlos fire you up to the honors and games one and two a a of course fox eight is your official world series teaching coveringgh the tribe like no one else we are w pleased to have former tried manager mike hargrove and also tony rizzo joining them for the fox eight news team during the world series action of course fox he is the exclusive homeo of game seven of the world series with exclusive coveragemef th at 6:00 o'clock s morning rally together only on fox eight6: manhunt is on them for afo suspect who stole a police cruiser and oakwood village investigators telling our team has suspects tookve off in a cruiser early while an officer was injured in the incident to police a chase to the t suspect this aspect of the really road and harvard avenuethct before te suspect abandoned the cruiser on clover side avenue a few other details about this case right now are being releaseded the medical examiner identify the third victim of a suspected serial killerm are
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corner used dna to idaho candace cunningham the remains found behind a vacant home t in richland county back in mid-september after his arrest he confessed to killing five women he'sfe only been charged for two murders his trial is set to start next november m eric trump trump permits unadoptable campaign in northeast ohio on behalf of the republican presidential candidate the younger trumpet was holding rallies in several communities throughout the day starting in mansfieldda at 10:0e stops in worcester canton kent and farallonin to think his father's and supporters while encouraging early voting 408 a short time on this wednesday morning the weather and traffic t updates every eight minutes ahead tribe fever still catching on as an enough to cancel classes find out what local school districtsla have to say about a possible t championship parade a young fan was hoping for an autograph from his favorite player jason cap nextd did him one better i'll explain good morning everybody look at the
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60s already some sprinkles already firing up along this warm front of most of it should be looked into and out at 9:00 o'clock in the morning temperatures continue to go back up again upper 60s lower 70s byai noon had a high of 80 yesterdays could we do protect that that today will talk
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>> him game seven is getting bigger and thanks for joining us this morning your time is 41368 degrees outside with a check in with weather andhe traffic every eight minutes with scott semple joining us nower good morning yesterday was the warmest world series of this barn with efforts tonn lose like eight or nine years ago like in the low 70s to start the game and to 80 in cleveland yesterday afternoon and just acl smattering of clouds this morning nothingtt significant wt do have some sprinkles on rate are associated with the one front which is just to the north of cleveland is actually out of our lake erie it stretches actually south of detroit and in between chicago and milwaukee and notice the big temperature differences we will start to see the clouds one more been outa super warm day today as temperatures will climb well into the high 70s to near 80 des
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really heavyt most of us either things out our heads to the northeast by midmorningh when anticipating widespread coverage almostw as we look at local temperatures akron 59 look at the middle 60s current temperature at berkeleynt credit at 71 degrees normal high temperature is 57 we are running well above the normal daytime highrar your starbucks radar showing a few of thesesh loans sprinkles a couple of embedded maybe one or two minute showers but again the coverage will be pretty some breaks of son for sure but moresu clout than anything else please leave everyone image of the8 daytime highs today will be probably a degree or two under yesterdayyme record highs 77 in cleveland could break at 76 to record high in akron forecast for the world series if there's an outside chance of that this game goes into extra inningsu. run into some issuess with rain for the most part as a regulation gave nine innings temperature is at game timen
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with a southwest when at about 10 ?-dash 15 similar to yesterdayt formats for baseball we fall into the 50s when develops overnight tonightwe noticed the showers become really widespread as this will take a us right on through early tomorrow morning look at the showers of this willor be heavier rainfall for the north andr what we will see further south as we fall back in the was rain at least as of midday tomorrow and on theay showers begin to partially been out at northwest one will start to close down daytime highs oe will be back into your averageos with a good most of the rings thing furthermore then coverage on brainf generally under 30 percent also listen a quarter of an inch of rain friday partly sunny upper 40s to the 50sn we can forecast of mid-fifties per saturday and sunday and looks like slow gradual warm-uppe tuesday and wednesday monday tuesday wednesday of next week it is been a nice easy start
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this morning's rush hour right now we don't have any accidents can't find any basket overnighton north of rockside road to be aware of simply slow it down to this construction zones o and this will close again today much what will close the regular budget to 71 that will be closed to the ninth and currently is open to 71 at cedar north and southbound looks to be accident and trouble-free out there snd and t is also very quiet at 81 they're up that way gas prices dropped a penny than averagege 201 and the cleveland area of the sunoco station 150 of them. it is at $182.84 if you're down dina and a bug 85 if he remembers sam's club and 5600 5 emerald court on the side we've got a website put on the topic tab to see a construct that have hopefullyv when you do you will also see some lower gas prices in your
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is buzzing with excitement everyone wondering at there if there will be an indians z championship parade this week we hope so that's for sure there's a slight problem some of the biggest indian fans my emboli oute explains. >> all of cleveland wants another victory. but if it happens during school some it during school some of the biggest indians fansns the kids of cleveland might have to miss outth so we took to the streets to get your cake should schools cn definitely it would be so fun and my kids love sports more than likely yeah. >> it's history they should be part of it they should see itit explain to them why mlb something that would number all their liveses but it doesn't happen in our lifetimes so it'll be great for them to experience that we checked in with half a dozen major school districts including cleveland who all agreed school won't be
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world series the indians haven't won and 68 years that they i think it be a great 't about everybody to participate soon as we can do it again v and that our that our people go to the parade tell them i have that guy was 105 years old you know that.
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championshipis in looks good for hundred and five. >> it's now 418 your weather and traffic every eight minuteshe it just had an unforgettable night i for a young tribes and find out what happenedo when he met his hero by the way" is on hiatus theirs is school going on to the world seriesy"at we can vale
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storm parts of radar showing scattered areas of drizzle a littlee bit of light rain out especially south of sandusky shower near worcesterer most of these are really not intensifying they are starting to drift further east to northeast but the coverage again will not increasese whole lot this morning noticen of the thames dewberry from point to point given the differences in cloud cover chardon and 65 we have a 54 mostly clear in chagrin falls and 64 it is to make her at 68 and fox eight and 67 in strongsville forecast high temps at make it in the high 70sro could break the record record highs 77 high 77 we mention the sprinkles early on when we start to see breaks or sunshine s of forecast now for the world series will keep it
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temperatures will be around 68 ?-dash 70 southwest wind blowing out to center in right-center andc we put the 20r in there that would be primarily for later in thee game if this game goes beyond saying 11:00 p.m. the chances will be increasingly more likely that we could see a few showers time ofe day we do tend to see a lot of people getting pulled overwt they think no one is watching them for 80 and statest they're always watching the problems east or west bound
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across the inner belt if you're headed down to the ballpark this evening or downtown in generale coming across the inability you might want to bypass the easter east tonight and ontario acceptslgh it's a much easier ride you won't be waiting on theth rampant trying to get into downtown dry times are good for 80 between 77 and 270 whatt no problems for 22 westboundd from reporting for a 15 minute commute and nine minutes on 271 north between routes eight and 422 todd natalie back to you primitive eyespot has the power to energize theh whole city and energizing entire region jack shea shows us how the national pastime also has the ability to inspire s. >> baseball has been a part of task and that pet's life sinces the day he was born the nine -year-old granger elementary school student is named after the legendary tech cop there is a three walkmep hard drive into right back it's all at sotalol and it's gone tide
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favorite players jason kipnis delivered t his time at the tribe to victory in game four . >> then on sunday when kipnis and other players were signing autographs i got a p chance to meet the indian second baseman in some of his other heroes. >> i walked up to him and this francisco lindberg already signed that i put my hat the checkout area for him to sign it and she couldn't because there was pens anything were to sign my hat with the pen but i got another chance when kipnis walked by the checkout again and i walked out with a marker and lifted one and the air and showed him my hat and then he walked over and gave me his clubsatat ties reaction after jason kipnis gave him his batting gloves was priceless.
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it's like once-in-a-lifetime opportunityty s the momentum of the memento of the indians magical 2016 season exciting as a young boy he can onlyc imagine can only imagine be for 27 a short time is money keep it right here for more fox eight and foxy news in the morning including whether gh we have highlights from last night how the tried teams feeling with her coming down to the wirer if the indians and when it all you can expect a the party in the streets but maybe not the same as what we saw for the cavs for the fox
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>> at the game of the cliff saturday wycliffe saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m. which provides college scholarships empowerment programs in winter coats hasid an gloves for local students for more information
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>> him will good wednesday morning on this at november 2 10430 this morning bright and early 67 degrees it'll be another beautiful day thanks for natalie and for kristi keppel where checking with pepsi holiday will shape up on this wednesday good morningreg high temps yesterday


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