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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 2, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning happy what day is this wednesday i can't remember we all blended together in the last week and a halfca or a day to you all of you on stefanie schaeffer and i'm christy capel scott sable has ach look at the forecast for today it was a warmre t-shirt sandals the warmest world series game ever this far northhet world series is started in 1903 and even those world series w which were earlier in october 1 as warm as it is what willit check it out 68 degrees right now very warm here at progressive field and 64 the temperature in columbus
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starting to kick in some showers we got some raindrops on the windshield here especially to the west of cleveland these are high temps yesterday cleveland chicago widespread 60s and so are forecast to show a few ofof the spring goes at a couple of these very light showers nothing heavy this morning temperaturesav anywhere from 55 in chagrin falls a 65 in chardon again a couple of raindrops that was olmsted is 65 the forecast today breaks of sun and the winds will be be breezy today highs in the upper 70sto women to the record high in cleveland is 77 the record high in akron to 7670 degrees bike into most are to a most most are to come back the termseg a little install unseasonably warm outsidebl chance of the shower after 11:00 p.m. at this thing goes into extra inningsho hopefully it won't does an increasingly higher chance of seeing rain d it has been a nice easy rush hour we do have the one accident that is over here
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use caution if that is the way you're going to be traveling other than that ca it is been very quiet has been very quiet and volume is light b good time to remind everybody that i will close at whatdy you go to the railway bridgeh will close today this morning sometime after the ball to the rush hour until november 19 let's takeke a peek of the roadways for 80 this is jenny's if a freeway as you head into town of and traffic is flowing wellyo the problems of there the other roadways are looking goodto commuter problems out there accident wisen guy times are nice although of them with the dead man's curve or but just a nine minute commuteth or minutes and gratuities between 91 at 306 and 12 minutes and only 124-4290a let's send it down to the ballpark with wayne christie and stephanie. >> we are here live at third base line progressive field
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>> just makes it more and more exciting so the chicago cubs pushed to the world series to a game seven with the big win laste night as we saw progressive field so foxy stacy fry is down on done on the field with us we could whisper and you would hear us we could toss you a ball good morning who can write a better script than this when they make the movie about a cleveland inda the story they tell big win in game seven games six and got off to a bad start right away the cubs and scoring three in the top of the first inningi and error and him will do the tribe. >> in the air to center jews and all choose an hall neither blanket set one run scoreses are
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>> crisp writing in chicago one run lead in the first dayfi and what should've been an easy catch for tyler declan ord monitors and altered into ann era cubs scored two more runs in the third addison russell hit a grand slam and josh tomlin a to see the struggle on short rest. pull him before he completed three to be an exaggeration cap doesn't try to pull of a one-man rally withet a double ib the fourth solo home run in the fifth but it wasn't enoughol dramatic finish for one of these two teams game seven a showdown between indians ate quitete liberal one games one and four and cubs starter kyle hendricks every time he's on the mound he gives us a chance to win a ballgame i get he's
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doesn't matter if they scored 10 or they don't scorere like i said is pretty clean his unbelievable that's the guy you want to have corey clewellle birdwell attempted to be the first picture of the world series since 1968 to win three of seven games give confidence in him 68 and 1968 it's been 68 years of since we won alike that the job with seen a lot of those come into play especially since the championship monsters to where believing that thank you boy we all had
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walking out of this ballpark but the cubs fans were happy last nightouth when they left te ballpark and what what a great night unbelievable as the whole night the whole team with a great night in seven let's bring it go cubs that got the momentum of it's been a long time, and they apply to the cleveland fans down c anything comes with the world series we hate to disappoint them but we are going to say wait until tonight i think obviously pressure is on for both of these teams at the of the clubhouses and above the sensationalt white admitted to the world series i don't have a good feeling about tonight i do. >> we have our ace clippers on the mound
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not lost one and all of the other pictures on the pitchers arrested at thises in the bag to seriously get ready for it as we said earlier terry francona been here is not his first radio he knows what he's doing him we got this on the esprit be a believer the indians are continuing to honor key players from the 1995 world series team met with firsth ceremonial throw will be thrown outow by team home a run king at our good friend jim tommye what to the form is indians pitcher dennis martinezt alum presidente pitch for the tribe from 1994 to 1996 he was named into an
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helping guide your cleveland indians to the fall classic against the atlanta braves kenny lofton and carlos by our god did the honors and games one and two if you checked your histogram this morning you noticed a lot of celebrities in cleveland yesterdayhiin they were spottedn the crowd is a look at a few of them be going on the ballpark on the speakerphone nightgoth jim tommy our worker s here with the cleveland had oni theirs drew carey bill murray you know he's in the house watching his beloved clubs pearl jam is not on tour and he better back for more and chris chelios a seatmate 19 points tonight in a point when immediately after the cavs win player headed over to ballpark
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know it was a kid kick into the cavso it really was that they were great it's great to have all the celebrities visiting clevelander maybe they'll come back because they really get any better than game seven t. >> absolutely for either team it'll make it better but it will be our cleveland indiansorr simply know who president so we know who president obama but he was in columbus yesterday talking about the world series take a look how many cleveland indians fans in the house, he's being a politician he didn't really say ite we know who he's rooting for it though and he's been watching the game and because i've been watching the world series i'm aware that
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doors stole second base in game oneci everyone in america gets a free taco at taco bell tomorrow. >> he's up on everything president obama said when you go pick up your free taco pie. in early voting f location and test your ballot to you described is the perfectnd combo meal he has to be the coolest president we've ever had there's no doubt about that he is up on e sports offer one, someone is gone a lot of books are set live from the third-base line of progressive field but first we'll check in with scott sable who has a look atasro the forecast for today and tonight's game good morning everybody we have spun goes on reader cloud cover increasing most of this willn get to the t east and northeast and
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about 9:00 o'clock temperatures will struggle still unseasonably warm even at this hour will be wello up in the middle and high 70s in around 70 degrees at gametime eight day forecast in just a few minutes. >> and has been a nice-looking rush hour i'll give you the details of thel accident on the city's west side andnt just a moment cleveland clinic is ranked in the number to hospital in the nation in number one in her carepi for 22 years in a row access the number one care in ohio
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good morning everybody your forecast on the website you can check it out download the folks ate weather app and it use the interactive radar to track showers we will need that overnight today andd throughout most of thursday in the winter weather outlook posted online we go the other we talk about is unseasonably warm weather are 80 yesterday was only the second timebe temperature at or above 80 in november and december the last time it happened was in 195024 times we had 75p to december will be in decembere that's two hundredths of a person to chants that doesn't happen very often and today will be one lasting incredibly one day we only had one yearti so anyway a lot of numbers which basically illustrateswa that this warmth
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see in cleveland and look at the 60s are currentlyly you hadn't middle 80s in southern ohio yesterday one front already activating some showersouoh a few sprinkles here if you're driving on for a dealal on the turnpike to the west doest we will probably encounter a few of the raindrops on the windshield but nothing heavyllou are forecasted now as we look ahead it shows the cause increasing at 72 at per click friend 68 of fox 863cl akron and right now can't and 58 a couple of showers and your welling their norwalk are forecast will go with a 78 today the class will begin to increase more cards than sun today record high temperature in bca cleveland and 77 record high inn mansfield and akron at 76 will stay and 70 ?-dash 72 during the world series again with the warmest world series here in cleveland or anywhere here in the areas to the north whichrt had a world series absence of 19 early hundredsnd it doesn't happen often we mature in
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will climb if we go into extra inningso we could get impacted by somee rain as the rain will develop about 11 or 12:00 o'clock continue on that long it'll be widespread rainfall for all of all northern ohio that will continue to most of tomorrow is the fault fall to the middle and high 50sco with a break in the afternoon that there shall rainfall a half-inch of of rain asin temperatures and start to drop in friday's high temp up her 40s to around 50 a day forecast assures improvement over the weekend highs in the middle 50s close around the 40 mm 60s early next week traffic, patty overall a nice rush hour we have one accident on the city's westa side to be aware of two vehicles involved the one into a building here at brookfield and bel air ems and reporting there was some type of entrapment a police are still on the same brookfield and bel air on the west sidee have construction that will begin once again today it's been on and off it'll be on again mers will be close to the railroad bridgen over by
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mayt be about eight this morning they shut it down and closed at theo november 9480 starting to see more cars out there but still living along pretty wellin and we don't have any problems here to 71 at broadway keep in mind in the overnight hours or they tend to do some overnight work along 271 as you had threw him over wood and make your way towards the 422lolo. >> thank you patty we want to let you guys know what you hear in the background is lot to clean the cleanup and that's what that iss it's a process they start right after they everyone leaves' but they use the use of lethal blowers get all the peanuts and everything down and then in no start to power wash its it's like they went and picked everything out the one by one they do a great job they have a green team now with the indians as they go to the stands all evening if you're enjoying the game starting to collect things to an recycle which is fantastic it's quite
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wonderful job and he witnessed history at municipal stadium all the way backhe in 1948 in the form of usher believes this year's team has what it takes to do it againinof. >> we think so to dave and others hasn't has more from the man waiting for yes another world championship. >> joe barrett was a 26 years old and the indians beat the boston braves to win the last world series in 18 now 94 can still name the players on that team that was how mitchell left field case says he's always been a baseball fan but that special year he chose to make some extra money ushering in the old municipal stadiumso we used to like to stay tough thing give you it time or something
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was going to john carroll and had a part-time job one day after being the oldest person to undergo a specific heart valve surgeryert all he wants is to be able to witness history againllt i'll tell you with the pitch a picture they got a finger when wellii and where will you do when they win i jump for joy sure that his heart valve or procedure went well yesterday he says if we went to the it'll be jumping up and down weju want to make sure he's oka with that he knows what chicago fans are suffered throughwi i felt sorry for him but not that sorry wait until next year is all you're saying
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so great to see those we are number one whitaker jimmy holloway already coming up on fox eight days news in the morning so much more life u from the ballpark as we soak it all in on this last game of the world series be a gorgeous day thank you
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in the morning as we come to utilize it from the field of dreams progressive field's early in the morning and as you can hear this to cleaning up from last nightmoa there wasa party last night and there was a party last night andhe fortunately the clips to the t party it was in the party at napoli's unfortunately that we had hoped it was a party for thep cubs tonight a much a different story and we have you covered all the baseses covered with our coverage here at progressive field are the basic coverage when you don't sleep us what a want to pay the big buckspe we are going to send things back into theac foxy studios were natalie is standing by with a look at today's other big top stories we know a lot isot happening around us was not only very true i can tell you guys are running a little street sleep which are having fun down there they're doing a fabulous job that is for sure in the news this morning some shockingng ?-dash camera video of but the the junta for fugitives in oklahomaame check t
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automatic rifles went to the windshield he was chasing michael bands he's the man you see sure he's killed his aunt and uncle last weekhe and live streamed his getaway on facebook he also fired officers who set up a got out of the vehicles came towards the police and that's when he was shot and killed several police cars ended up riddled with four holes and officers were hurt. no children on the school bus when it crossed an oncoming traffic and slammed into a commuter bus in baltimore yesterday six people died includinger the school bus driver to another people 10 other people were hurt investigators ?-dash were what happenedp this good and there are no skid marks on the roadit with a school bus was blocks
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sports car police think it was street racing with severalit other cars at the time to people were taken to the hospital there is no word on their condition at this time here at home a medical examiner has identified t serial killer this issue strong grades ex-girlfriend at thet corner use to dna to idaho candace cunningham her remains were found behind a vacant home in richland county in mid-septemberme's trial is start to set next november a search is continuing for a a suspect to stall a police cruiser and oakwood village investigators there till the fox ai team the suspect took off from the
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officer was injured in that incident police chased the suspect on the road and harvard avenue before the suspect the band on the cruiser on clover side avenue a few other details about that chase are being released at this times it only makes it more exciting everyone watching to not just the cubsak we friend heidi from dunkin' donuts for deliveringhasw jewely in a box for us today and helping usry get motivated and moving on this day after no bump in the road you can just pick one doughnut and thanks for the pumpkin one by the way have that two days in a row
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right now lots more in the morning still ahead7 and stay with box a after the game tonight game seven tonight for a complete postgame show box eight year exclusive home of the 2016 world series as we let's do a rally together with
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morning everybody unseasonably warm where in the upper 60s here at fox eight and dealal attempt yesterday made into the upper 70s t and the johns hopkins 80 will check out the forecast it now now as we look out where this early november warmth as it only happened twice yesterday and back in 1950 notice again you start to get the raw company when you start testing y y together consecutive days about 75 it's italy have been a handful of times and the odds in the odds averaging 80 degrees even onceul does like to hundreds of the
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days we've had since 1871 does like to hundreds of the percent is the most of 9,000 days we've had since 1871 to two of the beauty that when do we hide it yesterday will have another windy day today probably not as windyer will also have more cloud cover temperatures yesterday were in the 70s and 80s in the cleveland all the way back into the midwest even done yestan forecastouth temperatures will be around 72 ?-dash 73 and in timeme organized rain at least not that into cuyahoga falls elsewhere the record high and akron is 76 and so we will make a i run of both of those in fact in most locations to make a run at their record high
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a gametime chance of a shower at this thing goes into extra innings we hope it doesn't it not a repeat of 97 the shower and rain coverage will increase here after 11:00 o'clock tonight will start to see rain spreading to the area mid-fifties middle be a soaking rain for most of northern ohio it will continue right on through tomorrow morning temperatures is stay steadyni in the upper 50s whener continues and eventually free tond play late in the afternoon with the will start to close it down and eventually dry as out there is your rainfall amounts we will get some pretty goodnf amount of rain out of the selected friday's high 48 ?-dash 50 we start to see the times on the eight day bounce back numeral highs above 56 will stay around there saturday and sunday. >> @has been a easy rush hour
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police and fire crews are still on the scene of this accident to vehicles involved in entrapment taking place in brookfield in bel air fire crews are still working to get the person out of one of those vehicles a please use caution if you have to go to this area and about looks good no problems it's nice on the outside nd works in either direction happened in 77 a zhu approached downtown also a smooth commute as you can imagine dry times that are easyme right now no skimming along i-95 avon 71 from strongsville and 77 northbound from the turnpike as turnpike as you headed towards 490 f tennis and get back to the ballpark with duane christie and stephanie went back your life at the field of dreams it's almost become our second home but that's okay we love it a absolutely no big deal its game seven this is what it's all about you know the cubs tos even up the series last night
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but it's not the result that we all hope to wake up to this morninges fox a stacy frey fry also like here at progressive field fr down here with us havig a great time with reaction from the team and fans it really disappointing for a cleveland indians last night that's okay it's making it more exciting for the entire worldint' i to watch the series absolutely the movie scripts here when they called in their heads is the bottom of the ninth bases are loaded two outs block up law this is a position we are and were down into the dugout because it's awfully noisy out there as a cleaning up hise ballpark in ready for this dramaticam showdown in game seven at every turn our cleveland indians have surprised uss unfortunately it was an unexpected surprise that we
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chris bryant smacked and go to curveballk out on the josh tomlin a short time later the big play with two outs and two on .-dot as in status and russell lifted a flyballll to right center another talent noro nor the caught it allowing two to score for a three zip lead in the third the cubs it loaded the basesiitw before russell greeted reliever dan a taro with a grand slam in and are too low pitch making its second set m that this was the first grand slam cleveland has ever allowed in the world series and the cubs first onei after mike napoli rbi single in the for the loaded the bases but jay gary added got out of the jam by striking out the cubs went on to win nine ?-dash three setting up a winner take all game seven tonight we've had a good rund at this thing of the thing we have no shot tomorrow so we
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written to be ready to go tomorrow and try to close at this thing out is only one game left a place everybody can be ready to playhi they do what they had to do tonight to force a game sevenen we are confident that we're at home playing in front of our fans who got clever on the mountains will computers show up to play will computers show up to play and get it to the back into the back of the birth of our bullpen >> and just do what they've done clue for is the first pitcher in the world series to try to winin three games a sense of curt schilling back in 2001 cubs will have it their starter kyle hendricks on the mound he has never pitchedd on the road in the world series here we go we can do this we've got our good guysys they've all done well but you know we have clue brought among its always a plus we've
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tough that first inning reruns for them good night good night going home at than seven or just a few hours away from the incredible game seven right now the complete finale we've been dragging this thing along and making it all the more exciting the lucky ones will be in the stands may be broke after purchasing these tickets have another sure jessica dion live on the skyrocketing ticket prices if you want to check out the game from progressive field tonightht good morning you guys i'm right over your heads here i'm on the standing room only sectionov where this is the cheapest ticket going today is going from $999ea test the cheapest ticket for standing room onlyti but you do get a court's view of the field especially if you're in the
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last day you or anyone can have a chance to go to world series game is herer but those that relate to get level dousing the indians play the cubs in game seventh as soon an they went up 77 game six of the world series tickets tonight's game exploded on the resale market but to get market tracker right before game six the average asking price was at $3,922 by the end of the game the and jumped over 19 percent of the9 tickets are actually selling about 2,000 per ticket after fees it's crazy expensive but there are a lot of peoplens willing to shell out the bucks to see these two games and game seven including the cleveland fans who watched it last night's game and refused to give up on the teamnd we are die hard fans were all coming back down tomorrow no matter what it does not matter this is game seven and we are cleveland were from the land belly until i died we had so much fun as it has came and we
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day at we lost but will get it tomorroww. >> albury how about that on stub hub of the most expensive ticketet that were sold in less nights for tonight's game it was a parent $19,500 each for each ticket in his right by the cubs dugoutch some of the most expensive tickets are going by the cubs dugout or check it out and see exactly where the expensive tickets areit you kidding me understanding and this is a $999ou and that's why pays to have season tickets exactlyha
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is a pretty serious when he read a book filled in bel air fire crews are working quite some time to free one of the people from the vehicles to cars were involved and they did finally free that person and being transported once againnaee at brookfield and bell air lets look at the pre- phrase getting busy out here for 80 more so the eastbound in the west byt warrensville center at the jennings freeway picking up a few more cars as you make your way into towny a and disclosure will take place today they thought m this morning that the shut down that road at ther railroad bridge and once they do it'll be close to two november 9 thank you patty alright working to get plugged in the game seven is the big day for a lot of people are talking about what happened last nightta he is reading your comments of this morning and hopefully fans aren't too depressedme
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are you confident your sum,yo secondment from diane obvious to get on page and team spirit we've got this we hope so he he came up to the right decision with cooper as a starting pitcher that yesee so are you confident the indians will when it were taking their thoughts and the thoughts and comments in today's plugged inth the leave your comment facebook you can twitter me at todd meaney on and stick them work proxy ms. cleveland and number (216)316-3088 voicemail and are open at faculty all i would love to hear from all of our indians fans and fox's viewers theremm like lucky charms and their good luck teams they can help us really rally together and really come together and do it tonight any of you have yet many of the special things to let todd know and share
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so exciting kerry kluger he's lights out he's been our guy shut them down francona did well was sending with saving him for the lastfr he didn't pitch cody alan last night we are ready to goid warming up still ahead on fox eight news in the morning we will check in with our good buddy kenny crompton ni taking it down here
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welcome back to fox eight news in the morningn am patty harkin is a nice rush hour now off the freeway's we've had this to occur accident at bell air and brookfield to entrapment in that the fire crews of nle cap that person out of the vehiclew and that person has been transported still a crash and brookfield and bel air south of i71 let's look at the freeways and see what's happening this is for 80 at granger definitely picking up in the volume department as you had eastbound from the value bridgetm which you see slowdowns this is it 90 over 90 mergers
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east 22nd always a tough merge point if you are going to begin this evening coming downtown for the festivities e-mailed to best buyngwn this definitely cheaper along carnegie near 22nd around $40.40 east and west palm between 77 and 271 or problems a 40 minute ride for 22 west numeral 44 and nine f minutes to 71 northbound styles here with the eight-day or as a quickhp look at starbucks or greater there has been a few showers that of the lightrr one south of oneself the agreement just a few locationso picking up more sprinkles it than anything else to the north of the dinermo living upin along the 71 south of brunswick if you monitor over land a few my if you marlon showers at her painesville again they're very light and anticipating thehe coverage to increase anymore than less in fact a lota of it will without fast the temperatures will be wellra into the middle and high
6:51 am
high in akron the most locations to middle and high 70s will easily make ae run at those records mention world series forecast it'll be try if this thing goes into extra innings we hope it doesn't after 11:00 p.m. that's when the shower coveragewh will start increasing to be fairly widespread after 11:00 p.m. and continuing overnight tonight a quick look at the eight-dayft p who will do that later on will do the coffee quiz coming upth everything going at progressive field is. >> it's warm out here gorges what a difference a day makes in northeast ohio feels great todayay him 80 yesterday how are you guys. >> doing very well where i came seven and this is when things geti interesting becausec everything is now consolidated into a nine inning game n and the pressure starts to
6:52 am
sevend here is the coffee quiz question is happened at 36t times the world series has been played since 1903 and a couple03 years where we can have one but over the 36 world series game sevens and this one would be the 37ther of the 36 how many ended in a home runt to ended a walkoff home run in the last play the game >> i'm going to say one a. >> am going to say b2 . >> i'm going to go with my heart says in one but i think you're sneaky so i'm going to say for what i'm going to go with one. >> let's cover all of our .asesm >> hearts is one you think i'm sneaky yokel for and then you want to go with everybody else
6:53 am
>> sarah what you think i'm going to go west be. >> okay the correct answer would be that happened in 1960 99 that ended it the question it'll be too tonightth it'll be so nerve-racking tonight. >> i'll wake up at 1030 go be that kind somebody has to work tomorrow if we win that we are went we are and it become right and t certainly one for tickets to see the illusionist of a nature to tell us all in
6:54 am
will have to earn in cleveland everything is owned that nothing is given when we come back we'll talk about the tribe it'll be a lot of fun it is time now for the career poor job of the day first of liquid having a senior loan processor for more information
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are here at progressive field for game seven we are taking
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on conan's carnegie and the lots are cheaper that is a very quicc walk to the ballpark later on this morning that it will be closed over night. i am for it to get a little slow then you have two lanes open also a clear shot a belt. tonight someone will be the world series champion it's going to be someone is going to be slain indians honest the indians and the congress will
7:02 am
to be a good game. t it has gotten a little quieter and here i am trying to bring luck and spread my happiness and joy here.. i think there was a lot of drinking and eating sorrows away got ugly early.
7:03 am
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was not going to be easy they are lined up in their grief we are still very confident and we will see how they do. >> i am excited there's not one kid not one of us when we were growing up more inside game three of game five, so this is what we were we obviously want to furnish the area that this is a dream come true, and here we are. >> corey cleaver will be the first picturere to start the wod series twice on three days rest since curt schilling back inn 2001. if there is anything this indians teams has shown us
7:05 am
they are incredibly resilient they are cleaned is able to shrug off their practice by injuries and everything else keep moving ahead they play one gamein a tie with scott.ot >> it was great to hear the fans last night because they are rowdy andgh rambunctious they we getting their chairs going and tribe fans were shutting them down it was good to see that is what we need all that energy 13 feeds off absolutely. >> we don't want them for one we are over at wrigley egg and so, tribe fans, be as long as you can be. >> they say they may be more fancier tonight but that is okay. they will be disappointed with the tear in there i with their head hung low. that is a
7:06 am
she's grieving her fans know she's got to sign autographs we will let her got . >> let the fight continue it all comes down to the starts to aggressive teams will play one final game forl fortunately for us and still in it still in front of her hometown jessica joins us live now i'm actually really close to you but i am receipt going for $9,000 still available g if you want it. tht one is illegal but the one i am in is only $9,000 she said she's going to stay therenl throughout the hall of fame is going to be exciting but we knew the
7:07 am
>> it was a packed house last night at progressive field the child filling out into the gateway plazain tonight, we tryt again people are spending big bucks on the final gameat, at te median the median game ticket pricet t is $9,000. you better believe a lot of those tickets areic selling to cubs fans, bute are clevelanders and i'm not give up yet. >> that will be totally different y it will be differen. >> you know the cavalierswi rigt over here they took it to seven games to give everybody the sae entertainment that is just the
7:08 am
here. even the cleaning crew who we love are doing a great job it is so fun to be here. but we want to let you know it is not just people selling tickets hotels that usually go for 1000 $30 hotel rooms are going for $1,000 $300 for parking off t we will be right back with
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will come back to breaking news to get him caught up on two officers dead and ion were to suffer ambushed shootings near to my in the first was in urbandale police officer killed shortly after 1:00 a.m. in des moines officer found that about 20 minutes later and 2 milesan away both officers were shot in theirn patrol cars a suspect is on the run rate make known as soon as we learn anything we will be sure to pass it onto officer shot and killed in des l
7:12 am
abandoning their cruiser on oversight avenue. >> donald trump's son will be in northeast ohio today expected to thank his father's supporters on early voting you will be able to cash in on the world seriese today part of the steal a base still a taco in
7:13 am
>> if you can find at the time to go to taco bell, youe can fd the time to go to the eye i have a vote .comey find your nearest early voting location and cast your ballot. >> i don't think you can vote at taco bell but you can get your tacos from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. today. >> of beautiful came to the temperatures are starting to go
7:14 am
first time and then of course yesterday that we are starting to see stretches of that is only happened once in 2003 where we had a couple of days above 75 ml temperatures started to draw. we keep drop. we keep it warm today clouds t t in the warm frt starting to spill over and 80s throughout most of the center of the country we are starting up again in the middle and high 60s 72 is the current temperature couple sprinkles already reporteds showers up ner painesville it will stay quiet with breaks of sunshine and breezy with highs in the upper 70s oin to near 80 degrees very much in the record high temperatures 77 in cleveland 76
7:15 am
8:00 o'clock the temperature will00 be 70 ?- 72. if this gos into extra innings, i'm hoping it doesn't, butfin after 11:00 . the rain chances will steadily climb and it will be widespread we look at the future radar as temperatures fall in the: middle and upper 50ss primarily a rain event through overnight and through tomorrow widespread absence of three quarters of an inch of rain and then a wave of cooler airsf friy site a couple of degrees and then the weekend forecast and we we will see sunshine friday, saturday, sunday and then into the 60s early next week. still highlighted this on twitter. and i'm holding to it that we will see some snowd
7:16 am
>> looking forward to that right now the roadways we are doing okay in the cleveland area ind spoke with akron police ana accident 224 eastbound between 77 off to the sidewalks for that if that is the way you will be traveling. a lot of volume out come up to strongsville making your way up to middleburg heights and then 77 approaching the left lane getting onto 90 eastboundle left lane is only one lane that's why you tend to see the backupon when i was talking with macedonia police i thoughtwa the was shot down a railroad shut down at railroad bridge would be through the night you see 271 during its normal think making its way through the normal commute. we send it back to the ballpark swimming thank you. okay are you guys ready to get plugged in? we're hearing hearing that indians fans are
7:17 am
seven. >> a little nerve-racking love it. no fingernails left. >> same underwear. >> are you confident the team will win? sanders is good luckt shake off the losses play ball. game seven users to win. done is as we can do this jeans is very nervous wishing and hoping it would've been a win for the team us f that kind of expectedo go to the seventh spectacular which isa very, ver true here chilly are some voicemails.he >> stick a fork into the indians they are donene their not goingo end the third time around for the indians is not going to be e charm. >> i really wish the two guys on fox eight sports but announce the world series john and joe or whoever they are i wish they would to shut their mouths the
7:18 am
and speculate on what everybody should do. >> not a lot of fans in cleveland are you confident to say we will win tonight ? we will have your voicemail comments throughout the show. >> very confident. very confident. in with kenny.l >> she is called samantha the human panther and she has the tribe stickers what is it? we will tell you when we come back kicking it with samantha. stay with us. >> it is time now for the fox eight stork report. cleveland's
7:19 am
this little cutie. look at her this is emma marie. i like your middle name. she lives in warrensville heights lna to upla picture just go to our website to havete your little one featud in error stork report and every baby including little marie here get the stork report shirt. i love your outfit. that is
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7:22 am
will come back. we are live from progressive field right along with third-base this morning thanks forw being with s today. a local couple propose professor love to each other and also their lovec l for the clev wedding day. >> they exchanged vows on saturday,he the same day they we playing game for the world series and they received two tickets to last night's game. >> it may get better. it was like a huge watch party with all of our favorite people. it was great. >> they had their dj play the game on the screenhe near theth
7:23 am
game while celebrating their life together. >> we made sure everyone had on their indian scare after dinner takein off the good dead them pt on dad sam put on the tribe carg and we had a big circle everyone stood and watch the game. it was awesome. >> they even postponed of their honeymoon so their honeymoon so they could go toaed last night's game. the only problem is we lost last nights of the indian should look at them up again tonight. a honeymoon right downtown uto there at the wedding that is really fantastic kenny is with another tribe bride this morniny >> yes i tribe bride indeed.
7:24 am
>> it absolutely as we got engaged here opening season last year april of 2015 after we got engaged we knew we had to have1 cleveland we are from parma we love the cityy as a big part of our days and we decided that we're going to take your engagement photodgo which would look at the end of july. >> we are beautiful images we will show right downwn in july r our engagement photos we were able to take pictures inside progressive right here really, really great our photographers did an excellent job. and then the following fall we cut married a week and a half ago we were married at st. charles and parma but our reception was just down the street at east ninth and lake state our bridal party we got thems indians jerseys with their names on the backs that's one of the photos iha have to show ver,
7:25 am
bridal party pictures around cleveland but the big one i had to h have was here. so in the front of the field we took an awesome couple of photosf somem was just writing and i but most of us with the bridal party you can see the cheers these. it was really, really cool such an experience at the same time, we are had just won the series against her want us to the city crazy. a really cool experience so progressive stadium give you grace guys great lucknow hopefullyi that let's you received will keep going for game seven you are telling me your family is a massively massively energetic tribe family. ma last night are. we were at my grandpas for a bat watching the game with tells me all the time i was 11 years old and the 48 world series i've got
7:26 am
but my mom, why was it a 97, we always talk about the 97 came in and last night she's going on it's okay with got this game seven were going to finally stop talking about 97, so we are very excited to clinch it tonight and make sure we have a big win. >> we have to say i do has your husband real quick.v >> good luck. i love the outset ra, so sam all when we come back game seven we are goinge to do it. stay with
7:27 am
7:29 am
did you know cleveland rocks? >> to carry in the stands here
7:30 am
to see. >> anyway ?- good morning, everyone and i am kc you. because you are the baseball expert. >> if cleveland can go for and remember these are all on short leashesnn all the pictures excet for tom are probably available i think we've got this in the bag i don't think you will go much we will see what
7:31 am
77 here in cleveland temperatures will continue to climb notice a few of these showers have still hung on here right along i 80 and a few locations there for the most part nothing reallyy organized temperatures running about 10 degrees higherga the high today. record high is 77 in cleveland 76 in akron imagine the world series that will be around 70 degrees a gametime. rain will start to move in after about 11 or 12 tonight. tov >> a couple of things to watch out for heading out the door we have an accident over at west
7:32 am
and in akron a two-car accident along 225 eastbound before 77 take a look at some of our progressak with a little stop ad go between for 80 and it downtowngo 90 over west boulevad we're seeing a lot of breaksk right now i just got off the phone withh cleveland police thy say there was a report of a accident definitely something out there slowing folks down were noth see plenty of slowdowns here at 90 coming in from the west side over by west boulevard if you look it look for a few drive timess the overall picture on 90 is not too badth 77 northbound n 18 minute ride you break it down most of the volume is from for 80 ?- 490 being an eight minute commutee back to the ballpark
7:33 am
it is going to be our big night the chicago cubs push the world series to game sevenicu was wita big win last night if you have been living under a rock, we lost laste night a lot of sad faces maybe people are just waking up. it was a tough one last night. oh boy. i guess they are ge going to happen tonight. we will check in with stacy right down the line here right in front of us. good morning. >> ra. you guys are right behind me we have just got over here. my shoulder kenny is outside the home run porch the game is all in here except starts we did not let him come down we needed him back there predictingmeme the weather deted very quickly last night in game
7:34 am
errorrs by the indians outfieldr really wanted the tribe one run squares safe as the balkans away in a big play and right-center it is three ?- zero. >> a one ?- one lead in the first inningg the cubs scored to women in the third and there was a plan grand slam they tried to pull off on one man rally in a
7:35 am
game seven will be a showdown. >> and later news an attorney is on the mound he give us a chance to win the ballgame but doesn't matter if they scored ten b are getting back on the mound for us for games one and for 90 handle that quite well in game four. if he wins, it will be
7:36 am
picture was none other than bob gibson. st. louis cardinals and that skyrocketed. we are rallying together most valuable ticket if you have a ticket to game seven of the world series tonight ti there aa lot of tickets missing people
7:37 am
7:38 am
any cleveland them but manyto he a good feeling about tonight especially with uber at the mound. >> they've got to win tomorrow no doubt about it. >> it is long overdue and they think it is earned. they worked real hardd i think it will be al right. >> the average $2,000 ticket prices higher than eight of the past ten super bowls we just checked the highest ticket going is going for over $50,000. that
7:39 am
e-mails asking just to do or locals call our viewers are begging for it. both of these are bad luck this is so embarrassing we will you lose the world is lose all of our viewers right nowth this is so embarrassing ever again. we are all in whatever it takes to rally our >> there are people taking self is southeast of me doing this if they went we will carry you
7:40 am
>> and how it goes through when he and the whole month is how you can also carry me through tonight because they just do >> such a team player we want to remind you to stay with fox eight is your exclusive home of your world series as we rally together with the indians.r let's to let's it together was
7:41 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
herb is the best we have the best group we want to give a shout out to all of our producers and directors and audio. >> any mistakes you see on the here it is not their fault it is our faultis all the wrinkles and sleeping bags under our eyes. asking if everyone is confident in the win
7:45 am
to bring their eight-game everybody wants to blame for the picture but is good to have that support two.e we have a best picture and player going in this situation he is the lebron of the indians. h spoke am sorry o say this but after the indiansh performance last night, i don't think they have any chance of the wind tonight. >> ?? i will tell you what is thell i will tell you what i see it's people who just don't believe ?? prorating off throughout all throughout the northeast ohio land.g when you
7:46 am
world series fun. son. i like thatat days, zoom wants to say things as well we want to make sure we mentioned zoom as well.
7:47 am
7:49 am
the first can you imagine this is his core is welcome song he is leaving the bullpen heading to the mound ice water in his veins. >> is that not the longest walk ever from n the bullpen? he wil do it tig >> i can throw a few if you need to 50 tonight and widespread
7:50 am
upper 40s to near 50 and then it looks pretty good. those in the upper 30s the next chance of rain afterch tomorrow won't e until sometime tomorrow in the middle of next week. >> if you're coming in from the west side this morning we do have an accident 90 eastbound before you getc looks liketh it's off the right side of plenty plenty of slowdowns coming ino watch for n accidents clearing there along 225 eastbound before 77 we show you a look on i 9025 and then plenty of brake lights and all the lanes out there nothing out
7:51 am
80 eastbound basically have a little glitch here because as you can see we
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
good morning, everyone we are here for game seven at progressive fieldyoe go tribe. i brought you my of a friend good morning. and stephanie you are a year ago clue really
7:55 am
to do ita i think it is a great time right now for fans to say i am stressed out at how can i clear my mindd so i am with you. >> we will take a seventh-inning stretch to yoga inspired seventh-inning stretch. >> that's right we want to make sure there s is a lot of stretching going on we are watching the game and sitting downoi weather on the couch at home or in the field you want make sure you stand up doing a bit of a roll up. s imagine you just stood upag from sitting don a while we will roll ourselves downomom arms have heavy keeping their knees bent all the way up around and into the way that men went to the parade. thenhe gre then went to the left.he those better already. >> yoga really helps to relax is
7:56 am
kids to stretch them out a little bit. it is such a stress reliever. >> yes, i love it.rss the nextn his we want to make sure we have a nice open back. we try out the shoulders down and then we make sure we want to reach four the peanut butter cold drinks to the left p and then a fireball. ra and we can release that. very good. give us a another one, to reset. >> then we want to make sure we are we're reaching up from behind high-fives to everybody behind. and then reach her arms
7:57 am
>> that is awesome tell us a little bit about your shop in ohio city. >> we are on west 25th street we will come you to come check us out we offer massage therapy i feel better already. >> a while. look at that has a special normally and yoga the state, state the spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you when today. when today. one
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio a wonderful wednesday morning in the city's second day of second day of november it is gametime. d game time at 8:08 p.m. right here. the beautiful confines thank you very much for joining >> hello. a gorgeous day for baseball people were here in cleveland in november in shorts


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