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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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[music playing] good morning to you. one more chance. that's all we need. a little bit of rain kind of clans does any bad mojo or karma that would m have been here. that's what they say on a wedding it's a good thing blessing. put a wonderful blessing from mother naturein rather it happed now than during the gamet flesh the field bless the ballpark. we are all wholly ready to go for game seven thank you so much for being with us.s.for game and other great morning. last night a heartbreaker for theea indians. to start of the first inning with three runs for the cubsst t was tough. reaction from the players and if you're hoping to head to the gameo is there a chance to get
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for some sort of chance. apparently may be releasing some today how much do they cost will take a look with jessica.leamuc at least you can afford them it's when other people buy them scalpersh and they are just putting them sky high. don't think everybody in that line willrybody i get one whates left. they've been out there all night long sleeping. how can you survive the world series stress?ghhsleg it's very stressful. we've all been keeping late hours even the kids. getting up and rallying for school. we have have personalized indiansa food like our own survival kits. comfort foodliur like popcorn d ice cream. all the that good stuff. may get a special pack. a great job of putting thosettit packs together. charlie sheen still upset he is notp throwing out the first pith for the indians tonight.ngndis see why some are saying he may have just put a curse on the tribe.e. y maybe it was asking for a private planene . could have been some of that.
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but, first hopefully, there's no curse when it comes to our weather.irsthre'no rain came in and it came down hard our poor crews scrambling to keep our expensive equipment safe.e. hopefully the rain that wash it alllho away.away. can we expect more tonight hopefully not or more of the same from last night.tpefu what can you tell us aj? hi todd and got to tell you the rain potential is diminishing rapidly storm fox doppler radar this is a good sign obviously. very light scattered showers. i like the clans you are talking about there.ight t rain heading out of chardon and thompson toward ashtabula and no nothing goingst chh on.n dry air heading our way and it should continue through the game. 66 degrees cleveland 62 akron canton. were almost a dozen degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. record highs todaya t yest 77.
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that record high temperature today. toasty again bt the cold front coming in late t and that arrivi will likely bring in that rain potential late in the game perhaps the last third of the gameth. the cold front will arrive and will set the stage for some rain on thursday. there you see the showers assembling there by 10:00 out to the west. her.zy breaks of sunn warm with a few sprinkles around. those are clouds on the increase for game seven t at progressive field.fild showers after about 10:00 and partly cloudy skies. full forecast details d in mere moments so stick around for that as weor head to the first weeked of november.ea thank you aj. in all comes down to tonight. yes we are less than 12 hours 1 hours until gametime tonight. 1o world series to a game 7 with a big win last night at rl to a ive field. it all takes place right here in
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staceyc frey taking a look at te big game seven.y t hi stacey. like you were saying about kidss my son has been staying up watching these games i hope they're not giving kids anything important to do this week at school because they are not performing there best i'm sure watching all of these games. going to a game seven iall stork stuff. game did not start off that great. it got ugly very early the cubsu struckf scoring three times in the top of the first inning.g. an error by the indians outfielders wounded the tribe for the entire game. in the air to center.
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in a big misplay in right center, it's three nothing. kris bryant gave chicago a one run lead in the first inning. then what should have been an easy catch for tyler naquin or lonnie chisenall turned into an error and cubs scored two moreer runs..coretwo then in the third, addison russel hit a grand slam. manager terry francona pulled josh tomlin seemed to struggle on short rest and terry francona three innings.anag ter jason kipnis tried to pull off i one man rally with a double ini the fourth and a solo home run in the d so it's on to a dramatic finish for one of these teams. game seven will be a showdown between indians ace corey kluber who won games 1 and 4 and cubs started kyle hendricks. every time he's on the mound he gives us a chance to win theithh r .l be ind wo ball game, he's our ace i think he's looking forward to it. he doesn't show his emotions, if they score 10 or they don't
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unbelievable, i mean, that's thy guy you want in a game seven. i expect big things from him. it's his first start on the road for the postseasons this is his third t start in the world seri. with on short rest seem to handle them quite well. counting on and again tonight. yes. somebody is whistling at you. who was blackhawks trying to get our attention. was that you people over there? someone with less. thank you so much. it is the most valuable ticket right now. if youf o to game sevenen have your hands on a ticket for tonight keep it really close to your. and maybe keep security around you. jessica dill is live with morere ecurt on the skyrocketing ticket
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good morning. good morning everybody. close to where todd and stephanie are sitting right noww and thesi ciai men right now ise most expensive ticket that is ut for sale right now don't know if you can see look behind me butlu this seat seat one in rodeo section 165 is going forea $25,$ on,0 stub hub. earlier this morning it was going ss for over 50,000. at 9:00 it dropped to 25,000.0. lot in order to see tonight's game against ww the cubs. people who do anything a high paying game that's for sure take a look at the watch party outside the field last night. to get in those gates tonight it's going to cost you. sn average a pair of seats isto costing fans $2,000 per ticketpc after tickets 10 to 15 rows back have a face value of $300 but they are selling for $4,500 on the open market.lingor
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start to game 6.6. iceo it was a tough night for any cleveland fan but many still have a good feeling about tonight, especially with kluber at the mound.d. many stiha hopefully we win it in 7 ge ta good pitching performance by kluber on short rest.. they've got to win tomorrow. no doubt about it we have our best pitcher up there. her it's long overdue and it's also earned. thehe . they worked hard all year all post season i think they'll be all right. p want to let you know there's a line forming out of the boxbox office outside progressivegrss eleld.iv because there is a limited number of tickets going to be releasedgo today however the peopled that are in-line not everyone will get a ticket not enoughg for everyone in line probably shouldn't bother to come down and stand in that line that $2000 ticket price that is more than eight of the past 10 super bowls. the most expensive seeds $25,000
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who bought that state? i did. i don't know. it's not that great of a view. a little obstructed. can't see home plate. o i'm not complaining i would wu still sit if someone wants to buy it for me you can see a little bit of the field you can't see home plate. all right. i really think the best seat in the house is your house. ly. that's right. watch it on fox8 for free you yo can see the cv tou come downera here with the s a great experience if you canu c experience it but there's nothing quite like being at of course those fans are still thrilled walking out of here last night and talking smack an getting into it with some of the indians in starting their chance andww it makes you mad. what a great night. unbelievable.w a clutch again. the whole night the whole team
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game seven. let's bring it.nt. go cubs. got the momentum a long time coming.. u cleveland fans down. give me a score. top three indians to. i thought six and two. in any event cubs win the world series. yes.u we hate to disappoint them but we're goingap to. were going to have to say wait until tonight we're kind of leading you alongha wai until ge seven. should get interesting. the indians continuing honor key players from the 1995 world series team, with first pitch honors. tonight's ceremonial throw will1 be thrown out by team homerun leader jim thome.99t's ill best great. how about that. the honor for game six went to former indians pitcher dennis martinez. el presidente pitched for the nor g toos p994 to 1996. he was named to the all starch49
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classic against atlanta.5,wh kenny lofton and carlos baerga did the honors in games one and two. a great winding up there. it's great to see him the guys last week tell me they were the fan favorites. we felt like we knew them soso well. this team is feeling like that. you feel like you know them he'll get the crowd pumped up. congratulations to the family. l talk about president obama he was talking about the worldou series everybody excited about the the world series in columbus yesterday. take a look. that meett wstera ask a sensitive question for a chicago how many cleveland indians fans in the house?n we know who he's rooting for. and that he's been watching the games. a and because i've been watching the world series, i am awareusee
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stole second base in game one, everyone in america gets a free taco at taco bell tomorrow.eveye that's today. mister obama said when you go pick up our free taco why not stop at an early voting location, and cast your ballot, too. cco why nst there is a message there. of course.rse. he described it as the perfect combo meal.he des i can see that. stay with fox8 after game seven tonightgm for complete postgame coverage pregame coverage aso well. your exclusive home of the world seriesmame crage a we rally togh the indians. let's go tribe. all right. cleveland is ready to see another championship victory parade. but, is winning the world series a good reason to cancel schooli so students and teachers can participate?
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kristi capel who will be heremo for two hits today.ts all right. not one but two. da the fox8 our forecast and as you see temperatures coming up u pretty quickly into the 70s. and someme son as well. how about the rain situation fo the big game seven of the world
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endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. [music playing]
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welcome back to progressive field. gorgeous. the billboard says cubs and an indians should just say indians that's all we have to worry about.ians s making sure the field is absolutelyy sensational.atio i love when theyl. open the big door behind us like the team is coming out. t you think the hot dogs a that's where they come out. welcome back. catch-up mustard and onion right here. an the three of us. ready to roll.. i'm so fashionable. i like catch up. i will be mustard i do love mustard. good morning. we're talking about parade.vv if there is one. when there is one. yes. the indians bring home the title
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might miss out.s those kids. the kids of cleveland likely bee inside the classroom in the event of ar world series parade. six major school district say they has no plans to cancel school so students can take pat in this big party. something interesting web checkd in last year when the kansas city royals won thewhe world ss several school districts and colleges canceled classes in the city. a last-minute decision due to staffing concerns thr teachers would be there. substitutes would be there wouldn'twoul have anybody to teh them will keep you posted of local school districts change their tune when the indians when i said that indians when thes world series tonight we'rehonigw talking about thate' with kristi my son's school said it's a hig school they said if we want they would cancel class. i would pull the kids out anyway. ancei w i think i would think as an administrator i would love the kids to experience that. i think that in itself is such an education a wonderful a experience.eriece if you're going you have to
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one page report. that's like an internship. coming down for the parade. i think such an experience and that somethingng don't ever say remember sitting after we won the world series in class. so great. and we learned about thisies cas and this.. they'll remember i remember being with my family at that parade. there's nothing like it. such a great lesson that day. i remember what it was.t all right. we are asking you on our fox eight facebook page should they cancel school? joshua saysook th that is takig things a little too far remember when air ist coming to the schools needs all the snow days they can get.ingsc joshua says class is canceled? no way.ay. features the kids education is not important. it's also sad people are supporting this.. let's cancel school because onee
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than the sometimes they walk. lakisha disagrees she says why w not. the more the merrier they don't want to miss out on the festivitiesmi a the. let's go hashtag indians. id mimi writes they need to have any parade on the weekendrite so people can go. mainly the indians need to win w before we plan for celebration. i think they're making the indians stay in townc i'm sure they want to get away on vacation been a l may be. a weekend would be great. it really went.t. crystal says i think parents will be i pulling their kids ot of school for the parade if we win i think there should have sh they should have school buses bring the school kids to the parade. that want to go.oo s t teachers would want to be a part of that. joyce writesato wait until theyn don't jinx the tribe don't plan that parade he had. don't get me wrong i want them to win justtaret m very nervous.
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i can't. i agree. i felt like yesterday we were too muchch what's happening. we thoughtwh they were going to sweep it. yes we did.hewer that's how excited we are. we have such a great fan base. believe in the team how much we believe in these players for any of the teams.. we'll see.e. how would wew feel if we are listening to the chicago media planning their parade. they doing the same thing.o t m they are.y are. put yourself in the player's position. happen kind of thing a cheerleader.perhappe plan that parade. they are watching. guys are watching us i'm sure. that's what they tell were going to read more of your comments coming up interestingtn topic. forward too look possibly. psi that would be awesome should school be canceled if we have a world i series parade for theor indians?thians? thousands of comments write a. people areco voting.vo
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nothing else i would rather do. check in with a.j. colby see on the c forecast is going to be. todd kristi stephanie you guys look fantastic. you to. your a sweetheart. you're in the spirit of things. yes. that rain your experienced earlier in.s. it's out of here. good. because our harry is aa hot mes. they brought that tarp on in thn back they don't want to do that again. ey todd is good to go. it's always perfect. exactly. perfect weather to for our world series game seven and you can seeo the cloud cover down there burke lakefront airport asou sporting some color some hues o red from time to time. there are the sprinkleshured let over could there be a passing sprinkle? not out ofssi the question but nothing substantial.ntia in our forecast. 66 right now in cleveland.d.
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dover new philly checks in at 57. some 60s out at north olmsted thetford solon at 56. 59 in canton. will i be at 71 degrees. cooler inland rock creek inland nooks and crannies 58. pierpont in rock creek. from outer spacer here is the cloud cover superimposed radare showers may be even a rumble of thunder around chicago as it heads ff in our direction. we can say in bye to our tuesday temperatures that front will swipe us u tomorrow with its associated rainassoc showers. s that high-pressure tries to imagine after that eventually i think will be in good shape weatherwise entuly on into the . meanwhile a pretty chilly flow aloft is going to keepin temperaturet school to the weekend at high pressure willhol have to be watched for early next week. may buckle the judge cameeched. today's high 78. breezy.. for the big game seven.
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showers are possible after about 10 . will be the upper 50s tonight. the fox eight day forecasth keeping the call numbers aroundd for a little while. 49 on friday. sunshine into the weekend and early next week and for election dayshieke i'll tell you what ste and todd and kristi if she is still there. no excuses not to vote.n it'soto going to be perfect. excellent. weatherwise. good to know. excereat.ways great. still to come on fox8 news did charlie sheen just try to dit a curse on the indians?s? see what he did obviously still upset the tribe didn't call him to throw out the first pitch during the world series. apparently there were some talk suggested and go so
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you feel for the folks out there. kristi capel is joining us now what happens tammy writes all you would be doing is taking his
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world does not revolve around sports and life still goes on. my children should attend school. m canceled for the bottom 95 onward and even whenttom markete being left out of school for two caughting on whatever the reason
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i don't think this will be an issue. >> a lot of already out for election day.s they might not be able to. that's true. not canceling work now life is still going on.w still to come here on fox 8 news in the we may have spotted a few familiar faces will take a look at which henson celebrities were
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getting progressive field readyp as we are here at progressive field hanging out with a greatat
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doing some great stuff.tu explain why you're here is are i cool little thing that happeneda this year we heard to francona's story he was so nervous before game five preorder birds room service we got this great idea the papers presented here to
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lushes. great that you taste beers.s. these are the recommended flavors for any iceman survival kit that you haveny the kitchen. we hung watkins they pursue a better sherbet. yes.
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the sounds really good. it's also in the survival kits
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welcome back there is a really
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i think the indians did very wel at all rocher is here lebron and immediately after the the rethinking a lot of people have heard about you see there's a woman on the slab theater you know each other
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the last-minute ticketnny untill hurt or at the box office for which likely ticket there is a ticket for the seat next to the rain moved in and the rain moved out. that's right. here's the foe this is game seven the warm night for baseball temperatures
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we are interpreting hurricane today.
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celebrating the indians in the you can always watches hear froa home or wherever you are with your friends and familyer we wi have highlights for you. al going on.n. todd, i looking ahead. we want you to know that with picard's for the cleveland
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and i'm ready to go again after game it's getting taters together for everybody it's a good idea to call ahead. one of those meals might be stuffed peppers. i have to feed is tough some


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