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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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field. enders game seven. are trying to erase the demons only one well placed the trend the trophy tonight
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when you have someone like oracle overer starting in game seven world series is only one to games and the opportunit to do something very few have done in baseball history to win three games in the world series. he had his last three starts he had 89, 88 and 81 most recently. i think that he can handle it and with the bullpen fully rested, the new can maybe get five or six, depends on deep into the game and then let the
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you have two squirrelly. looking ahead to game seven world series. i am excited us what we wanted this is what we want. we wanted to finish earlier but this is a dream come true. let's see what frankie lindor can do you have rajai davis played centerfield. the cubs have seen corey kluber
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pitches so itit , it behooves him to perhaps up? >> you can go to the stats, how he has been, second-third time even more proficient. that is what you're going to se tonight.ev help is on the way, but not from ais real player, is someone who is still popular mann tribe fans. actor c played the wild thing , ricky vaughn in the movie major league, recorded this video on a
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included a photo who said, fear not, my bag is back, and help i on the way,a with hash tag, get me rick phone. here is a live picture from burke lakefront airport where his plane is expected to arrive momentarily, and we will have a live report when it happens.ll maybe he wears the uniform and maybe that will play the song, this crowd will erupt . still have about 90 minutes until the gates open at progressive field for game seve world series, the fans have gatheredm the part of the exciting night.
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plazaza, we talk to you last ni around 12:30 a.m. and the fans were still positiv and still screaminga and i'm sure they're even more positive now. there is still optimism, going to get my rally cap. local companies here to cheer o the tribe. the gates open at 5:30 p.m. they are already lined up also some cubs fans are mixed in. let's go tribe. if you look at the other side, that isis gateway plaza, last night it was absolutely bananas
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there were so many people here for the watch partyer, the ener was crazy and talk to a couple ofen people about this team and why tonight isut going to happe. it is a party i can only imagine what was going to be like after tonight.a >> were going to explode. we had a taste of the cavaliers this is going to be huge. here in front of gateway plaza, gates open at 5:30 p.m. you can say that these fans are excited, optimistic,fa they are ready they say that it will happen tonight. and as we know, nothing is give in northeast ohio, everything i earned. they are going to do it tonight.
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can't wait to get inside. >> matt wright joins us with more fans from the left-field gatete. you can say it is a little bit quieter this is where many of those fans will come into standing room only spots. there are just a few staff members are getting ready.e they've got the boxes of the re rally. there were a ton of cubs fans. several sections were all cubs fans, they were loud and on their feet, mini-bat from our
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>> i am excited to get down. we will be waiting. corey kluber is going to do it for us and whatat the rest of t pitching staff, andrew miller and their awesome. francisco lindor is going to have a walkoff aced it to win the game. >> you got it all planned out. >> yes. jim thome will throw out the first pitch tonight.. there is a mystery as to who will be singing the national anthem,t mlb and the engines are not yet announced it will save the national anthem,m, they're talking about wild thing being here. should be a big night and we ar excited to see how this works outre ae . will be talking to jim thome coming up a little later on, thank you so much at right,th t
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game seven, corey kluber and arrested bullpen in home game, we are all said. it was a great night last night about 70 degrees and probably going to have another good forecast tonight? >> that is the question. it is hearing about a bit of rainfall ?ater on >> is going to start off perfect in the 70s with partly to mostly cloudy sky after 10:00 p.m., cannot rule outit a outlier. but no heavy showers.
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80 degrees, hopkins 77. and we had a record today at hopkins.. the heat is on. this will be the last day for these warmer temperatures before we transition tomorrow and then they will begin to fall, it wil be a huge difference on friday. looking at the lands between 15 and 20 mph from the south and west, i a southwest wind during the gam between five and ten mph.we a few raindrops possible name after 10:00 p.m. at first pitch it will be low 70s. you will not need your winter coats today.. it is do or die for the tribe, ticket prices are sorry,
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in person.llpa maia belay is a lot east 4th street with details.i it is a lot of money, i met a fan who let game six early for shot at tonight's tickets. >> i love the game. diehard fans event on their feet for hours, have been here sice inning last night. >> will be for tickets at progressive field, withth it al on the line for game seven, they're dishing out major cash. like $50 or $2,000, was more than $2,000? >> are going to get it going to buy it. >> the highest priced ticket wa not her city $5, i'll pay that.
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third-party websites at ticket iq they see some of the highest prices in years, averagingso $3,600 for game seven, they sel around $1,800. this ain't no price is too high to get inside these gates are even willing to change thei diet. >> i took out a second mortgage i am kidding, this essay that ww will be eating ramen noodles an cereal for the next year.l >> websites like hedge .com promised to give you the percent of your money back but the home team has to lose by more than five runs.eyt >> it would've been money well spent during game six. it is game seven, there is no tomorrow for either team, someone'sow drought is going to continue and the other will be ending of the excitement has been remarkable. >> all through the misery completed that these days are coming,
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an era . >> it will bring a new sense of pride to those who have been cheering on the team sport combinededo 176 years. i think that the engines will win in seveni. >> go tribe. third-party websites, most of the tickets are being bought by cubs you can see that i am surrounde by cubs fans. so and its fans, come out here. we want to see you out here. we want to drown out those cubs fans, they were really lou last night, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for so many people, thank you while i >> what does the betting line no,o, we know that it's going t be the indians.e invites you to stay with us as we cover the indians pursuit o the world series title or go i will happen with more live
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and updates anytime at fox >> ny were champions are made, local company that will be printing t-shirts that you want to buy when the indians when, a local bar is walking away with price momentum and remember the
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is a live look from burke lakefront airport. imagine wild thing walking throughld those doors it's goin to happen, earlier today, actor charlie sheen, who playsio the wild thing, ricky vaughn in the movie major league, recorded a video while on a flight to cleveland today the cup and the he tweeted a photo and said, fear not, my bag is packed and help is on the way,t with the
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we will make every effort to ge an interview here on our set with charlie sheen that would b remarkable . last week it was freezing. and out tonight, it is warm. it is toasting, everybody is concernedyb tonight so we want to get this game done early. chance of rain drops after 10:00 p.m. and it would be very light you can see them out there on the lake enjoyed this
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80 degrees. we do have quite a few clouds
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pitch it will be low 70sc, like yesterday. eventually, going to bring abou some showers, after the game, that will be occurring through midday tomorrow. and then witt will be much coolernd, a transition day thursday, it will be cooler on y,iday. showers mainly after midnight. could be a shower or two late i the game. we will be clearing out thursda night for a sunshiny friday. rainfall, between half inch and a little more. >> tonight 55 degrees.
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in breezy. on saturday night, daylight saving time ends clocks will
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what will work wild thing vaugh gave to the tribe tonight. >> act like it is game seven. >> to embrace all those childhood fantasies into hell that moment you had as a child,
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is good that those who do it for a living and not this guy. all the years after major league, have you followed the tribe ? >> i have indeed. in the middle of that 14 game winning streak earlier when iin said that , i said that there is a broad course to an alto look and here we are. >> are you going to celebrate?? >> with the team? although tsu's are now happy this is happening? >> i congratulate them all. and let's not disappoint. >> you said on twitter. i want to throw out the first
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nothing personal, so >> even though you did not get to watch outot the first that y work full go cleveland tonight? >> absolutely. got the glasses? >> yes, but i'm not going to pu them on yet. >> there you have it, charlie sheen, ricky wild thing vaughn, li f airport were his private jet just right,, b he says that the cubs are in serious trouble tonight.t he had sent out a message earlier to say that help is on the way to get fans riled up. and maybe just had a little bit more mojo to the fan base to like. >> what role will be played question what we know that the first pitch will go to jim thome, we will see what role he will play for game sevenw, taki a break from the world series
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the search continues for a suspect who stole the police cruiser after a violent competition with a police officer, oakwood police say it again yesterday when the elves or try to stop a suspected stolen carve later been used in a series of armed robberies.s. the suspect was pursued into cleveland in the land that jumped car, le he tried to arre him but man refused to comply and the suspect was tasered, a elizabeth smart an attempt to help the patrolman, the suspect eventually broke free, and jumped into patrol car and drov away cruiser was later foundece a neighborhood but the suspect was nowhere to be found. warm one is charged for plowing her car into a crowd killing two people appeared in court, senatorial donna chesney is charged with two counts of negligent vehicular homicide in augustnei, they say that she wa
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parking spot and hit the gas instead a break, two people were killed, six others injured. the suspect in custody for the murder of two policemen in iowa, scott grants run into place is mourning near des moines, they believe that he is the man who killedes the two des moines police officers, both were found shot to death in their cruisers this morning, they say that he had run-ins with the police in the past, most recently for displaying confederate flag at a high school football game r. election days just six days away, with millions of votes cast,jll both are wasting little timele have lapsed. that both are urging peoplee to vote and pledging everything they cant do in these last days of the election, national polls show clinton with a five-point lead over trompmp but in
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them to change their vote. >> if you live here, or in michigan or pennsylvania court minnesota, those four places yo can change your vote to donald trump.s a new quinnipiac poll showing donaldo trump with a five-point lead in ohio, hillary clinton holding a narrow margin in florida, a north carolina and pennsylvania. sometimes though matter what wh you do things just don't work out the w
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can they rally to win game seven as he joins us, this is a winner take all. don't think that expect them to win two out of three in chicago that put them in great
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great job by the cubs go to get some help there with tyler naquin company the indians cannot find it and as mentioned, they won two games in chicago millet is more aware of that them jason kipnis.m, we knew that it was not easy with you that they've got a great ballclub.
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said they have proven by one of these two games.s. it will be up to corey kluber to set the tone in the bullpen to looking at the indians. the season began, in april, they had whether convocations.. they play the game that the lov and they have fantastic weather. open then a few hours will be celebrate a world series victor
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stay with us after game so tonight for a complete postgame coverage for the cut laste well into the early morning. first pitch is set at 8:00 p.m.. local company has been awarded a major league contract as java joran joins us the movi making some big bucks. shirts will go into production, at massive graphic
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1988. there you go in the major league contract to create a t-shirt 5,000 will be printed on industrial machines, about 350 per hour. will be in stores tomorrow morning. what appears in front of the shirt will be a secret until it appears in the locker room.ha mass graphics credit the cavaliers temperatur t-shirt as well as the alcs championship t-shirts. they hope that thiscs winning spirit,
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tonight.t. basil fans of clock into cleveland despite the shortage of hotel they said they booked through airbnb, it is of those. airbnb, is online community of private accommodations for condos apartments. people renting out there privat
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$60,000 to the local economy in four night of the world series alone. says he averaged $300 a night t rent out his east 4th street department during games one and two. used as one ofofnd 1100 airbnb listings across town. is chased away cubs fans per game seven, just as he did last night for game six with an asking price of $2,000 per night. how does it feel that the cubs won't touch this apartment. >> for gamesesn six and seven i cannot rent to a cubs fan, the
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problem to rent to opposing teams fans o , i do that throug the first couple series, before this last world series, there's no way i was going to make myself rent to any cubs fans no way. despite that intentionally ridiculous asking price of $10,000, he said he still had some calls, although they're trying to to negotiate a lower price,,gh he is a loyal indians fan, said that no amount of money could get him to say yes. game seven is great for the local economy, keep it here on fox 8 is we get ready for thek seventh and final game of the world series, the pregame show begins at 7:00 p.m., i will be joined by tony rizzo informer tribe manager mike hargrove, fo
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rally here on fox 8, go tribe !!!. >> road series weather is usually called, it isis november and it is not called. what is in store for two nights game seven?? >> we had a record high in hopkins and akron-canton today. this has been fantastic for
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that was the indians theme song
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and this is a live look from progressive field, the gates open at about 45 minutes.h we have a pretty good assignmen here.. >> we do. we have a good time here to enjoy the seriest artane, our city and this will be our year. skywarn we need to rally together we have fans rallying worldwide for the indians this photo sent from africa, peace corps volunteer over there in his teaching thehe about baseba. the curse of billy the goat
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here is a viewer dressed as stephen barton, the innocent fans and cubs fans blame playoff collapse and he is walking a government says, here's to another 108 years, go tribe. >> and although we hope for a big way and come here some fox news crew pulled the tribe, they are behind the scenes in play a vital role in our coverage of
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so that that does go over very well is the nature that is cooperate with the series here it is november 2 andnd we still have seven days. >> absolutely. these are record high sprecher focus on the record high for th day. look at it shapes it does say 77 but we did earlier hit 78th aspect in the the title. mansfield is tied with their record. andt regardless if you beat at or neither, it is still a gorgeous november 2.
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and 20. showers moving and, after 11:00 p.m. tomorrow some showers a few downpours,s, then the winds pick up in some falling temperatures.
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even showers tomorrow. overall, friday sunshine return with much cooler temperatures. rainfall amounts should be abou one quarter-one half inch overall. tonight great baseball weather, with rainfall after the gamee tomorrow a high of about 60 degrees.o and then, upper 40s for highs on friday and sunday, saturday night turn the clocks back one hour, and then monday upper 50s for election day next tuesday.
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a baseball or autograph when they come to the ballpark. >> that he did one better, another fan is a big reason to
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what a crowd, that is a live picture from east 4th street downtown cleveland. we see a chicagorost cubs fan. and that's okay, they have been nice, just as long as , it will be a packed crowd tonight the indians, prove at has the power to energize the city and region. >> jack shea shows us how baseball has the ability to inspire. they find that a part of his life sincece he was born. the elementary student named
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comes from a line of indians fans, he was in chicago the family watching jason kipnis help lead the tribe to victory in game four. then when they were signing autographs met him. and some of the heroes. i walked up to him. francisco lindor had signed thi haddo also by jim th i put my hat in the dugout to b signed , and he cannot because did not have a marker, later he got another chance when jason kipnis walked by. >> i showed him the hat with a marker andho then he gave me hi batting gloves.
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>> it felt so good. it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. it was amazing. he predicts that jason kipnis will help the indians to win th world championship,hh his fathe is seven the glass framed to be a memento of the 2016 season. that moment that he remember. props to jason kipnis for doing that. we're not done, our coverage of world series, game seven continues on fox 8 with more reports coming up after this break live from progressive
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this is a look from skyfox, overlooking progressive field, it will soon be jampacked. >> this is from inside progressive field. it this is exciting, and a little nerve-racking. >> i have it producing relaxation tape inks and doing okay so far, but there will be morere excited, begin our coverage with john telich we will get a prediction, we know, you did s that this would go six or seven
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one of them, not necessarily to easy but you just do not do team like the cubs in for five games. >> this is, the indians have corey kluber who is on today's rest, three days rest for the second time. is pitch count was down in the previous game. is not throw a lo of october as opposed to earlie in the season when he threw on average about 200 more pictures per month. he is on track to be ready tonightr, perhaps in the fifth or sixth inning. and frankie lindor is one of those young playersrs. this is his mall and. is so excited to have the opportunity to play in game


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