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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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one of them, not necessarily to easy but you just do not do team like the cubs in for five games. >> this is, the indians have corey kluber who is on today's rest, three days rest for the second time. is pitch count was down in the previous game. is not throw a lo of october as opposed to earlie in the season when he threw on average about 200 more pictures per month. he is on track to be ready tonightr, perhaps in the fifth or sixth inning. and frankie lindor is one of those young playersrs. this is his mall and. is so excited to have the opportunity to play in game
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exactly. i am excited. this is whatat we always wanted. there is not one kid, not one moment, when we grew up, nobody said gave three or gave five, this is what we want.n want to finish earlier, but, this is a dream come true . he said, two years ago he had a dream that he was a member of the indians, and the world series, and winning the world series.
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depends on how efficient his innings, we brought him in game earlier this year that we would maybe have them go one on the third but after eight and is kind of silly to take them out, plus, it's not like he has to pitch tomorrow. this is a two-part question, not talked about the outcome of the game, but during the game, do you enjoy the gameal ?me >> yes. in chicago, i had some anxiety because there was so much going on it was a national game and we were running out of players, i would say, i went to the dugout about 45 minutesto before th game, from that point.on,fo i
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felt liking, i love it. desert inn kind of take their cue from you?? i think that the whole staff, i think that we over to them to be prepared and to not, to feel anxiety. to remain calm. because they can get emotional, so i hope that is the case. we try hard, we aspire to that. i do hope that is the case. which are probably better off asking them. i think we know the answer, there is no doubt that terry francona has been inspirational to all of the players and he
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to watch it into the part of it and to be on the journey with these >> she is a players manager, jason kipnis as he has thought of thus he is a friend and manager, the play cribbagea and the clubhouse with mike napoli, he is a basal guy ando he just has fun with these guys. they respect to which is a critical part of the equation. the tribe is looking for that special x-factor tonight. >> may have arrived at burke lakefront airport an hour ago, jack shea, there is a familiar face returns to cleveland. sounds like a hollywood script, it is real life, of game seven night. many wanted charlie sheen for game seven.
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this is video after he landed, charlie sheen played the character, ricky wild thing vaughnct in the movie majo league. many fans have asked the team t invite him to throw out the first pitch at one of the home games but the decline charlie sheen is in town as a guest of the owner of the restaurant group that includes the barley housee. and also the owner of fresh brewed tees. said that every time i watch get chills, we cannot let this opportunity slip by, we brought him out.m this is what charlie sheen said about tonight's came. the calvary has arrived about this guy. the cubs are in serious trouble. i think that what is supposed t happen, it will happen, just
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>> are great to be here tonight? >> going to deal with this obviously. in the movie, the indians won the last game versus the yankee but not the world series, he says he believes that with his presence,ss the indians will be the cubs in game seven, as lou brown would say, give them that he. he had a bag of good luck charms. and he does have the classes. to get chills when he gets
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>> i have seen the movie about 40 times i . here we are a progressive field, the gates open at about 20 minutes, and we have meliss reid who is at the gateway plaz with all of the fans cheering on the team in game seven world series.s. this is the watch party, gateway plaza, it will bebe absolutely crazy. if you do not have tickets this is the best place to watch tickets. gates open at 5:30 p.m. if you love down there. you can see the budweiser clydesdales are here. ii talked to the fans why this game is so important and how th
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there's no question we have corey kluber on the mound, their fresh, and the seven is in the bag >> this is it, the last game of the season, go tribebe. this is the big watch party care i am alone here with all of
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matt wright is on the concourse are you getting hungry? >> ponte-vecchio hot dog. >> will save you some food they've got some great stuff here,e, cleveland has one the f battle. regulated not have mazy things that we have at progressive field. they're getting ready for the fans in about 20 minutes. ride and dine a chant for the players during batting practice. >> they're also very fired up expecting a big win tonight. i have been here every single day,, for watch party now gave
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>> i cannot say much does excited to get down here. there's no doubt my mind that they're going to win. >> it isis historic. we know that jim thome will do the ceremonial first pitch. the orchestra will perform with wi the national anthem as they do the background music, the fans will be saving. this place that are being allowed to drive out those cubs fans to say that will be this is it tonight. with a win tonight, they have forked over major cash to see the champions. maia belay with lots of action
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i am surrounded by cavs fans. this is downtown cleveland. this is the hottest ticket in town. people who have been waiting fo ticket since the middle of game six. bill huffman to get a ticket, a london number were sold at the ballpark today, you may have better luck online, asking price on many sites is around $3,600, there actually selling for around $1,800, thos i talked to say that no price i too highgh for game seven. >> i love the game. >> i have been here since the bottom of the third, last night. would you pay more than
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when the stakes are the side, they say that you have to pull the trigger. are going to payu prewash to se the indians when it ultimately. know that prices are almost triple for game six and progressive field. to pay $6,000 is perhaps the highest for a world series game. anymoreld fans try to get into game are being taken by monarchists. it has been happening throughout the series, ed galle is here with the last minute warning. >> watch out. we have learned last night many fans were burned by fake ticket scams, two people were arrested
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up to dozens of fans, had counterfeit tickets for game six. arizona wallin has been charged with using stolen major league baseball pass code to actually get onto the field. another guy arrested selling fake stadium passes, charging $350.0. met a cubs fan here street deals. you get approached by a bunch of different people, they want to buy or to sell you ticketsre you just cannot trust people,ke you have to buy from those you trust or a trusted website. the police say to beware of people with long distant area codes offering sweetheart deals on tickets and do not buy from anyone but the indians or
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that you're not taken, and coming up we take you insidey a couple of the latest con games. table at the us as we cover pursuit of the world series. have more lab reports. you can also get updates at fox >> . . tonight jim thome is going to throw out the first pitch, the
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charlie sheen landed at work a while ago. he will be visiting ballpark.
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many chicago fans pay big bucks to watch their team to lose the world series tonight. lots of traffic there at burke lakefront. here are a progressive, ready for game seven world series. here is andre with a look at the forecast. >> last night we were contemplating what to do about your lucky time. >> this is a change in, pj and our new director picked out the same time. the dig in th and it is the indians colors, navy blue and red.
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72 degrees with increasing clouds. had watch out for some scattere showers late. i think they will get the game in without any problem most of the showers, after midnight ago you can see this is actually blocking there are so many planes got to put them somewhere. i imagine they're using it to
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rain should arrive after the game code today 76, the record low was a easier to obtain. we had a record high temperatur at akron canton, tonight 55 tha to and then it will be much cooler friday. about fernanda grace and then 50s this weekend with fair skies50. the next front coming through next wednesday. mel out the ballpark. the red time was good for a whilele but i'm glad that you m
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it was a needed change in. p.j. and her new director picked out the same time, i noticed that, it is a safe striping, good deal. >> we are certainly rallied together for the indians. what lebron james others say
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cleveland is mason city, two of our favorite people,, are covering trending stories onlin tonight. is not the worst thing this is national media publication said that cleveland is the hottest place in they say that the city is sizzling hot for posting the rn wherever hotel room was booked to top chefs. cavaliers cut indians, the musi scene, it has evolved even spoke about the world-class hospital thehe cleveland clinic. >> they say it is a gritty city with smart ups that will youngest in bribes from cities like boston . they said they would not be surprised if they ended up posting theey 2028 summ
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>> thanks for taking notice forbes. >> lots of levels social media from favorites like lebron james. ja says he took his words is game seven. good luck in the game will play itself out.. >> terminal tower, it's clear the guesswork. and george washington is decked out for his watch party after his game seven.n. charlie sheen, is in town, what role he will play at the
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but. that's the latest now back out to the ballpark. us feel a certain sense of pride because you put out the toys inviting charlie sheen >> i don't want to brag, but maybe, it's nice to see that it has all worked out. >> local business owners make i happen. we know that he's going to be i the dock out in some, that will he give the first pitch to joe thomas to throw out that is to remain to be seen. >> no matter which team when it's not, fans will pick up championship merchandise. and a local company will benefi
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another picture perfect night for baseball. at the end of the game so showers will move in,at that is perfect timing as long as they don't go extra innings. glad that the planes are here, i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob...
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza
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welcome back. here at progressive field. that is the live picture of the ballpark. openedve the gates, at 5:30 p.m. it is as always i'm obscene. >> matt wright is next to one o those gates, running to get the
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almost got knocked down, as they ran to get to their spots. braces on. to get to those standing room only spots. there are thrilled to be in the ballpark foror game seven. there is a bunch of cavs fans, would say maybe 50/50. there is a lot of tribe spirit. we need that, we slow to some who were here there ready and you could see the atmosphere. you can tell this is a special
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troubled by the volume of these cavs fans last night. several sections that were entirely cubs fans.
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they got corey kluber pitching. not to pile on last night with tyler naquin and that soft line to right center field wherend it became a double for addison russell. that open the door for although the stuff thees it became a through came. you saw the home run by kris bryant. here is the snafu that you have seen ry multiple times. launcher this guy out there in center field, that god rajai davis. i think that is important
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that he was maybe he could play through it. tonight is the last game. and with corey kluber pitching, to make sure that we have those on the field. we do not have a crystal ball, but we should al play a clean game. that was terry francona. with tyler naquin the bench, possiblele pinchhitting duties. he could be a pinch runner and with his spade we saw what he did with that walkoffff inside park earlier it was one of the most exciting place in baseball he could score the winning run other world series and then
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your shopping, that all of us will be celebrating a world series victory. stay with us out of the game, for complete plusquellic in coverage, first pitch at 8:00 o'clock. you can see the game of fox 8. >> when the indians when it all tonight, they will have the latest apparel here. >> local company has been awarded th baseball contract for the championship t-shirt, jennifer jordan joins usus. after the game, lakewood confit will go into production making official world series championship t-shirt. the players will get the first twowo wear them.
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for the champagne to the hugs and tears. the indians locker room celebration after weddingnd the alcs was a saint to remember. we can expect a bigger celebration after a world serie victory, this time, the team attire will be an exclusive original. the indians world series championship t-shirts with some gold production att madison graphics all liquid. in business since 1988 the company was awarded the major league baseball contract to create the shirts. >> we have a great relationship with all of the big licensees across the country including mlb and nba, the count on us to get the job done >> 5,000 of them will be printe on these machines with about 350 per hour beginning wednesday night.t. they will then be at store shelves on thursday morning, he
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top secret until the final out. they printed the alcs t-shirts back in 97 and also watered the championship t-shir contract with the shirt that never saw the light of day. they say that this will be our year. allow the fact that we are in it and we have a good team and i'm very comfortable going to win tonight. madison graphics could of the cavaliers championship t-shirts as well as the alcs shirts last month. the hope that this trend will continue.
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everybody's dream come true tonight. now deal. he had the news director pick out his time for him today. that is a huge compliment. >> here is andre bernier thursdayay lucky time. and bring us a wedding forecast. i pulled out a taxi diagram from burke lakefront airport as a pilot, they are park airplanes herere that is a taxiway to get for takeoff it is so full they had toto park the planes they a. that that she wouldt like to se that, that is taxiway golf publication or a pilot.
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they had a bit of a halo. but not as amazing as yesterday. i posted that all my facebook fan page it had quite a few interesting things that you do not ordinarily say. showers approaching, eventually will be productive. record high today of 78 degrees. down to 55 tomorrow morning. the clouds will thicken and the showers will arrive it will be rainy tomorrow morning, 59 degrees and falling.l it looks like it will be a chilly friday, 49 degrees. near normal pick of the weekend.
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and mostly sunny. wait to see how much cold airir comes in at the end of next week. it could actually be colder than friday's 49 this week. i have a good feeling about his new good luck time. is part of the exclusive 600 ho while wearing a tribe jersey, jim thome joins us before throwing out tonight's first pitch.oi judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge.
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en and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. z25eiz z16fz
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jim thome blast of his world series home run in game five of 95 classic. he is here with us tonight. welcome home it's good to see you. >> thank youu, alunni to say on time. you here to throughout the first pitch must be so excited for you.e >> it is exciting. this postseason, watching the indians,s, to just enjoy it wia my son, who loves baseball. and to just be in contact with
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and the guys that i played with them to see the lofton and mike hargrove last night, just a great time is been so much fun. but it was to play in front of a packed house every night? >> it was a dream. we are blessed to have that for many years. >> you see now the excitement, the joy, of the postseason that it drains to not only them, the families and so many kids across ohio. they cannot relate to these players andto the team. 19 years ago, you were in the world series, got to be feeling what they feel.
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nervous. >> was the game starts i think that we will be okay. it is the buildup. game seven, and miami in both the same thing. in love so much fun, and heartbreaking at the end. to be in thatt arena to experience it was incredible. we asked them how they felt to throw out theh first pitch, they said that they were a bit on the nervous side. >> i'm not a pitcher. i threw on flat ground, not on the mound, i would be better of hitting the ballul. >> to be chosen to do that is a honor.o it is going to be so much fun t watch the game it to be a part of this. >> and to share the experience with your
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waffle-bar to progressive field. that are coming all the countryr despite the shortage of hotel rooms. >> lorrie taylor says that more
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through airbnb. >> joins us tonight with more o how this is a news for the economy.b airbnb is online candy of privatedy accommodations such as homes and apartments,s, the ren out there homes that brought and $30,000 to the economy and just the four games of the worl series, dino vianos sales averaged $300 a night to rent out his apartment in games one and two. just one of 1100 airbnb listings across the city. has a funny ad that says it
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champagne from the cavaliers will be the warriors. he is chasing away cavs fans. game seven is a different game sex-ed with an asking price of $10,000 i per night, no way i could rely cell to read a cubs fan for but no problem to win to the opposing for the first couple of series f before the world serie i was not going to make myself went to cubs fans. says he still get calls from cubs fans trying to get a bette
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walk on thousands no addition, it is the interaction of photography haddi with a roc legend that proves fox 8 is
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tom morello stroller tour photographer, is a diehard cubs fan, afterward it was there to see that the line was drawn. >> one day we got a team of underdogs come to the city to do the underdog test to get it don is our hope. >> you got a great team, got nothing against your team that you are in the way. >> and so are you.
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>> for us 1940. it ended peacefully. that's all the time we have for fox 8 news, the news at six is up next. a live look at while fans, as we head into tonight's game, just hours away from the world
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brought in all the stops, while plaintiffs are talking about his prediction for tonight's game,arki and look at fans, the gates opened half hou ago, and when they leave, we will have new world champions. is exciting, the pressure is on. and there's no doubt we have a good feeling tonight turned john telich is here. it all comes down to 2 million. you expect this team to be
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but not getting bad vibe. i think it comes from the attitude of terry francona. he gets them to respect the game now they play this game on the biggest stagee season in the cold. now and november, it's warm and they are enjoying baseball. terry francona talking about th team.


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